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    THE OITlfKIf, Fill DAY, FEBRUARY 11. 1010.
WANTED -Foundry Stock Clerk;
steady work and good wages to right
party. Apply to National Elevator
i. .Machine Co., Honesdnlo, Pa. 12t2
H'U CAN SAVK YOU big money
It you wish a Plro and Burglar Proof
Safe. Write or call and be astonish
ed nt the saving. WYMAN W. KIM
BLE. lrao2
ATTENTION! The Klmblo plan
'ing mill Is always ready 'to plane
inntcli and rip lumber oi any Kinu.
Also estimate on cabinet work. WY
FOR SALE A heating stove, In
good condition, suitablo for ofIlce or
house. Inquire of Mrs. H. Wilson,
307 Fifteenth street. SOtf.
Remember to vote ne.t Tuesday,
llu- tnth int. t your township or
llOI'Ollgll I'llH'tJOll.
Ttio Honesdnlo Milling Com
pany hist a valuable horse this week.
Theodore Hoosevelt will he back
from his big hunt on the 15th of
General Fred Grant Is to bo
made an old veteran of the Civil war
bv an act of law.
Wo have several bags of seed
sent us by Congressman Pratt for
distribution; call or send for some.
The Hev. Edward D. .lohnson of
West Piltston will preach nt Grace
Episcopal church on Friday, Feb. 11.
at 7 30 p. m.
Prof Oday made the announce
ment on Tuesday morning that Miss
Grace Hanlan had been chosen vale
dictorian and Claronce Bodlc salu
ditorian of the Class of 1910.
The following young men en
joyed a slelghride to Wayinart on
Tuesday evening where they at
tended a Pre-Lenten dance: Edmund
K'nncrty. John Disch. Henry Quin
au. Walter O'Connell and Wm.
The following unclaimed let
ters remain at the Honesdnlo post
ollioe Airs. Anna Coates, Mr. .lohn
Gi'le.i. Mr. Harry Jenkins, Mrs. Mad
den. Mr Frank Williams, Mr. Wal
ter Williamson, Mr. Ford Dodge,
Absalom W. Dieter, Clarence Tuthill,
Mrs .1 P. Wilcox.
First Baptist church: Morning
worship at 10:30. The pastor will
Dread) the first of three sermons on
rcwvale. subject "Their Origin and
Spirit " Evening service at 7:30,
subject of sermon, "Essential Vis
ions" Sunday school at 11:45.
Young People's meeting' at G:30,
subject. "Bible Texts That Help Me."
Leader, Miss Leila Ridd.
In addition to regular Sunday
services at Grade Episcopal" church
during the next six weeks there will
be services on Wednesday and Fri
day evenings, 7:30 p. m., Thursdays
at 4 13 p. m. and a service especially
for children to which, however, all
are invited, Tuesday afternoons at
4 15 Out-of-town clergymen will
preach each Friday and Wednesday.
All are Invited.
Mrs. Henry R. Shirley very
pleasantly entertained a number of
her lady friends on Tuesday after
noon at her pleasant home on North
Haw street. The afternoon was
spent in playing Five Hundred, the
prizes being won by Mrs. I,. J. Dor
flinger and the Misses Florence
5 Wood and Dora "Conger. After
dainty refreshments were served, all
departed to their respective homes,
declaring Mrs. Shirley a delightful
A rare social treat is in store
for the patrons of the Lyric Theatre,
as manager Dlttrich has been fortun
ate In securing the presentation of
The Soul Kiss," at this place. Date
announced is Monday, Feb. 28th.
Favorable criticisms have already
reached this place, which proclaims
it to be a musical play that gener
ously provides an abundance of real
music, real pictures, wholesome, de
cent, genuine fun and a coterie of
feminine beauty.
Our next township election will
be held in the fall of 1911, conse
quently those who aro elected this
year in any township, to servo one
jcar will servo until December of
i On a period of nine months longer
than the time elected for. One of
the ballots reads "Mark 2 for 3
years, and one for 2 years." The
two year man will serve three months
lera than two years, or else twenty
one months longer than he is elect
ed for making tho term of the two
and three-year men end at tho same
On Wednesday evening the Pres
byterian church held their annual
congregational meeting. E. C. Mum
ford was called on to preside and W.
II Lee acted as secretary. Tho
Treasurer's report was read, show
ing amount of monies received and
disbursed, also a statement that tho
church society was practically out of
debt Miss Charlotte Lane, who has
chargo of tho envelope system of
collections, made her annual report
which was vory encouraging. An
election of threo trustees was held
to fill tho vacancies caused by tho
death of (Jeorgo S. Purdy and tho ex
piration of torm of service of W. H.
Stono and A. T. Searle. Tho election
resulted In tho election of A. T.
Searle, Wm. H. Stone, and John E.
Hlchmond to servo for threo years,
Charles T. Bentley was elected
Treasurer, William J. Ward, and W.
J. Yerkes were elected an auditing
corninltteo, nfter which the meeting
Peary Is now n Bear Admir
al and will be retired with full pay,
Mrs. E. C. Mills of Brookllnc,
Mass., Is visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Win. B .Holmes, of Upper
Main street.
Frank Stclnman nnd M. J. Kelly
hnvo just become the owners of
hnndsomo nutos, and a number of
others of our citizens nre negotiating
for cars.
At tho meeting of the stock
holders of tho Fnllsdale Creamery
Co., the following were elected o fil
ters for the following year: Presi
dent, G. Schmlth; vice president, S.
D. Noble; treasurer, C. W. Lovelass;
secretary, Geo. Knorr; mnnnger, A.
Cnrbondnlo increased her pop
nation 100 this week. The D. & 11.
Co. changed its policy of having all
the train crews rendezvoused at
Wilkes-llarre. Twenty crews will
now have Carbondnlo as their head
quarters. There are now nt rest In beauti
ful Glen Dybcrry the remains of
1014 persons, In which are Included
the remains of sixty-nine soldiers of
the war of 1S12, tho Mexican and
civil wars. Tho first interment in
the cemetery was November 21, 1S59.
Mrs. J. B. Evans, of Cnrbondalo.
who took n distinguished part in the
Installation exercises of Captain
Ham Post, and the Ladies' Circle of
the G. A. B., last Friday evening,
during her stay here was entertained
by Chief Burgess and Mrs. John Kuh
hach. The ladies of tho Presbyterian
church will open their bazaar in tho
reading room of the Chapel on Sat
urday, Feb. 10th, afternoon and
evening. Those who have not
brought their articles will please
bring them to tho Chapel Thursday
afternoon, Feb. 17th.
Members of trade unions and
nil worklngmen and the public gen
erally, particularly non-church goers,
aro invited to attend Grace Episcopal
church Sunday, Feb. 13, 7:30 p. m.,
when an address given by the pastor
in Grace church Sunday morning,
Jan. 23d, and again before the Arch
deaconry of Scranton, in St. Luke's
church, Scranton, Jan. 25th, on "The
Church's Broader Vision," will be
The following transfers of real
estate have been recorded at the Re
corder's office: Margaret W. and Por
ter E. Swingle of South Canaan, to
Edith Dershlmer, of the same place,
land in South Canaan; consideration
5000; John Randall and wife of
Buckingham, to Florence M. Kra
lund, of New York, land in Man
chester; consideration, private; exe
cutors of Wm. C. Conkllng of Haw
ley, to Christina Brelthaupt. of the
same pla.:e, plot In Walnut Grove
cemetery; consideration ?30; Alyn
Rockwell and wife of Canaan to O.
Wells of W'aymart, land in Canaan;
consideration private; Wm. H. Run-
yon and wife of Scranton, to Chns.
W. Rose of Havviey, land in Havviey;
consideration, $850; Carrie M. Purdy
of Sunbury to Clias. C. Dempsey and
wife of Chicago, land In Paupack;
consideration $1350; Wm. J. Davis
and wife of Wllkes-Barre, to Chas.
C. Dempsey and wife of Chicago, land
In Paupack; consideration $100; C.
C. Dempsey and wife of Chicago, to
Chas. Frlsbie of Paupack. timber In
Paupack; consideration 750.
Miss Jessie White is spending a
few days with Scranton friends.
A. G. Rowland, of Rowlands, was
a business caller In town Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thompson
left town Thursday for a few days.
Mr. William Jones, of Carhondale, 1
was a business caller in town ou
John Welsh of Scranton, was a
business culler In Honesdnle on Wed
nesday. Miss Elizabeth Schuerholz Is mak
ing a short visit with friends in Car
hondale. Mrs. W. M. Fowler and Mrs. T. B.
Clark are spending a fow days In
Miss Mercedes McDerniott wns tho
guest of Havviey relatives several
days this week.
Robert Craig has returned to his
Scranton homo after spending a few
days In this city.
Miss Agatha Rlolly Is spending a
fow days with her sister, Mrs. P. A.
Carroll, of Carhondale.
John Colwoll and wife, of Scran
ton, recently spoilt n fow days with
Honesdalo friends.
William G. Foster, of douldsboro,
mado Tho Citizen olllco a pleasant
call yesterday afternoon.
Austin Lynch, of Brooks & Co.,
Bankers, Scranton, was a business
culler In Honesdalo on Wednesday.
Emerson Markham Cook nrrlved
at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank
E. Cook of Boston, Mass., on Fob. C,
Miss Alice Klmblo has returned to
hor homo In Carhondale after spend
ing a fow days with Miss Laura Van
Horn of East Extension street.
Mr. Edvyln W. Osborne, of Scran
ton, General Agent for tho FIdollty
Mutual Life Insurance Co., was reg
istered at Hotel Allon Thursday.
Mrs. Mary Simpson, who has been
spending several days at tho homo of
Mrs. James L. Lindsay, returned to
her homo at Kecne on Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Hawken,
of North Main street, leave tho last
of this week for an extended visit
with their daughter, MrsC Thomas C.
Key, of Wllkos-Barro.
Mrs. Chas. E. Mills, of Court street,
gave a card party to about forty of
her lady friends on Thursday after
noon. A very plcnsnnt time was en-Joyed.
C L A R K E On Tuesday, the I
8th Inst., at Buffalo, while attending j
a meeting of tho vestry of Gracoj
Eplscopnl church, of that city, An-j
drew M. Clnrke, n former resident of !
Honesdnle, was stricken with npo- 1
plexy. Mr. Clark removed from
Honesdnlo to Now York Clty.f After
live years' residence there he reniov-
ed to Newark, New .lnrsey, and serv
ed Bevcrnl years as clerk In tho Now
Jersey Senate, and vvhllo In Troiiton
ho founded the Sunday Advertiser.
He then removed to Buffalo, where ho '
held a city clerkship, llo was a
veteran of the Civil war, having en
listed in Co. G. 77th Regiment, Vol.
on October 11, 1801, wns mustered
out of service April 1 1, 1802. Many 1
of our older residents will remember
his fnther William Clarke, who kept
a shoe making shop in tho old slab
Josephine Olcszefski's suit against
William F. Taylor, formerly of
Prompton, for alleged breach of
promise, took up all of Wednesday
before n board of arbitrators. Tho
arbitrators were Thomas J. Fln
nerty. John Erk and Buel Dodge.
Tho case was tried In the grand Jury
room'. Tho plaintiff was represent
ed by District Attorney M. E. Simons
and Peter lloff, while Frank P. Kim
ble and R. M. Stocker had the inter
ests of tho defendant in charge. Tho
plaintiff is nineteen years of ago,
while the defendant is seventy-four,
and at the present time is totally
blind. The plaintiff claims that the
defendant promised to marry her.
Both plaintiff and defendant testtlled
very emphatically to stories that
were directly opposite. The defend
ant claimed that she was a servant
in his family and treated as a ser
vant, while the plaintiff swore that
Taylor repeatedly promised to marry
her. Almost the entire population
of Prompton were present as wit
nesses. Tho great bulk of the evi
dence went to prove that the plain
tiff had the reputation of lacking
ver.Kuty and truth ln-hor statements.
The damages were placed at $10,000.
Tho arbitrators brought in a decis
ion in favor of the defendant.
Ono of the stories which Levi
Hutchlns, the old time clockmakor
of Concord, N. H., delighted to tell
related to the youth of Dnniel Web
ster. "One day," said the old man,
" while 1 was taking breakfast at
tho tavern kept by Daniel's father,
Daniel and his brother Ezekiel, who
were littlo boys with dirty faces and
snnrly hair, camo to tho table and
asked me for bread, and butter. I
complied with their request, little
thinking that they would becomo
very distinguished men. Daniel
dropped Jiis piece of bread ou the
sandy floor, and the buttered side,
of course, was down. He looked at
It a moment, then picked it up and
showed It to me, saying:
" 'What a pity! Please give mo
a piece of bread buttered on both
sides; then if I let it fall one of the
buttered sides will be up.' "
Secretary Hayward of the National
Committee Is Against Cannon.
Lincoln, Neb., Feb. 10. - William
Hayward, secretary of the Republican
national committee and chairman of
the Nebraska committee, announces
his candidacy for congress on an In
surgent platform from the First Ne
braska district, now represented by
John A. Mngulre, u Democrat.
Mr. Hayward says he will oppose
the re-election of Speaker (Million and
will favor amendment of the house
rules "to the end that the power to
legislate may lie taken from the few
and restored to the many."
Ho says that If the tariff bill does
not prove a complete redemption of
the party pledge it must be amended:
He stands on the national platform
save that ho will oppose ship subsidy,
lie will be opposed In the primary by
former Congressman Pollard.
Auxiliaries For St. Paul and Mobile
and Bishop of Louisville.
Rome, Feb. 10. The following ap
pointments are announced by the
Rov. John Lnvvlor to bo auxiliary
bishop of St. Paul.
Rev. John Shaw of Mobile, Ala., to
bo coadjutor bishop of Sun Antonio,
Mgr. Dlonyslus O'Donoghue to be
bishop of Louisville, Ky.
An Example.
"Some abjectlves," said tho teach
er "are made from nouns, such ns dan
gerous, meaning full of hazard. Can
any boy give me another examplo?"
"Yes, sir," replied the fat boy at tho
end of the form, "pious, full of pie."
Got Away In a Hurry.
"My wlfo didn't believe I was holp
lng decorato for the celebration, and
Bho mot me at the door last night
with frost in both eyes." "Did you
run?" "Run! I aviated!"
The Philosopher of Folly,
"Our family Is getting up In the
world," says the Philosopher of Folly.
"Wo used to have a hired girl, but
now we hare a maid."
Realizing tho demand for particu
larly good attractions during tho re-j
tnnlnlng winter months, when sleigh-'
lng, skutlng nnd dancing are some
of tho opposition fcsu..vies, Manager
Dlttrich of tho Lyric theatro has se
cured for his friends' and patrons'
approval that over popular Howell
Kolth Stock Company, which up to
the present time have done a record
breaking business this season.
The company will ho nt tho Lyric
nil next week. This popular company
broke nil records at Gloversvillo, N.
Y., and Rutlnnd, Vt., nnd will vvlth
'jjtit a doubt repeat the same perform
ance here.
N. Alvarez, whom all remember
ns tho original stage director of tho
Fiske players, lias most carefully
cast the productions and his many
friends can rest assured of seeing
the best dramas ever presented In
this section.
Miss Ethel Desmond, everybody's
favorite in this section. Is well sup
ported by such artists as Nelly Lyon
Italy. Ralph Merchant. William J.
Dyer, the little comedian, whose
weight Is 205 pounds, and whoso
every blink of an eyelash means a
laugh. Edwin Hubbard, Frank
Priostland. William Hall, Ruth Mars
ton, and Mildred Bell. These artists
everyone of them, nre all well known
to you.
During the intermission of scenes,
six largo vaudeville specialties will '
he Introduced for your approval, i
There acts alone aro well worth the
price of admission.
Monday evening "A Soldier's Vow" I
will bo presented. The play is one
of the most Interesting military
dramas over witnessed In this place.
There is not a dull moment from start
to finish, and those who witness tho
performance aro assured of far more
than their money's worth.
Price of admission 10, 20. 30.
and 50 cents.
Following will bo the different
piays during tho week:
Monday evening "A Soldier's
Tuesday evening "A Mountain
Wednesday Matinee "Slaves of
the Orient."
Wednesday evening "A Jealous
Thursday evening "Tho Day of
Friday evening "Forget Me Not."
Saturday matinee "Saved From
the Sea."
Saturday evening "The Girl from
Savannah, Ga., Feb. C. Once more
the wireless telegraph has done won
ders in bringing swift aid to a sink
ing vessel and in saving many lives.
Tho steamship Kentucky, owned by ed to tdiem by Birdsall Bros, the lot
the Eastern Steamship company and I of land on which this building stands,
bound from New York for Seattle, is I also the use of a strip of land 15 feet
at the bottom of tho Atlantic ocean wide along the south side of the
off the coast of South Carolina, aud building to be used as roadway only,
her captain and crow of forty-six The lease is to run for a period of
riien are on hoard the Mallory liner ninety-nine years, provided the build
Alamo making for Key West. I lngs on the premises are used for a
Bulfetlng seas opened the seams of I ,lro company. If a change is made,
the Kentucky after tho vessel had ! l"e Birdsall Bros. Co. will have the
fought through a gale off Cape Hat- 1 "rst privilege of buying the build
teras. The rescue of tho crew was ! ln6s erected on the land at a fair
effected just before the steamer went
down. Rising water had drowned
out her dynamo, and the wireless
that had been sending out an insist
ent call for aid for hours was stilled,
but not until Captain Moore aud his
crew knew that a battleship, a cruis
er and a liner wero rushing toward
The transfer of the -crew of the
Kentucky to the decks of the Alamo
was attended with danger, but no
one was injured, and no life was
On tho decks of the Alamo, Captain
Moore turned to WIroIess Operator
W. G. McGInnls and congratulated
Before the Alamo reached the
Kentucky the wireless appeal for aid
had been received at tho Norfolk
navy yard, and the battle Louisiana
and tho cruiser Birmingham wore
sent to tho sinking vessel. The reve
nue cutters Yatnacrnw and Seminole
also joined In the race to rescue.
A Dark Outlook.
Heggs, Okla.. ix uld to be 'ho
place where a miiiisier, mariyinn n
negro couple, asked the vvomr.n: Ho
you take tills man for better jor or
worse?" She Interrupted by expk n
lng: "No. Judge. 1 wants hint just as
he Is. If he gits any better he'll die
nnd If he gits any worse I 11 kill htm
by local applications, as thoy can
not reach the diseased portion of tho
ear. There Is only one way to cure
deafness, and that is by constitu
tional remedies. Deafness is caus
ed by an Inllamcd condition of the
mucous lining of tho Eustachian
Tube. When this tubo Is Inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or lin
porfect hearing, and when it is en
tirely closed, Deafness Is tho result,
and unless the inflammation can be
taken out and this tubo restored to
Its normal condition, hearing will
be destroyed forever; nlno cases out
of ten aro caused by Catarrh, which
Is nothing but an Inflamed condition
of tho mucous surfaces.
Wo will give Ono Hundred Dol
lars for any case of Deafness (caus
ed by catarrh) that cannot ho cured
by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars, free.
Tolodo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 7Gc,
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Owing to our not receiving these
plates we were unnblo to print them
In our last Ibsuc. Tho Carbondnlo
representatives performed their part
admirably, and while the Judges
awarded the honors to tho other ,
schools there wore tunny of the nu-
The Seolyville Fire Company hav
ing purchased the building formerly
owned by tho Honesdalo Glove and
Mitten Company, have now had leas-
valuation. If the parties fail to agree
upon the valuation, the fire com
pany will have the right to remove
the buildlugs within six months. The
lire compauy must pay $20 a year
for the privileges afforded. The fire
men agree to build a sewer passing
under the Iron Hume through an
opening left for that purpose at a
point about 110 east of tho bulk head
and to lead direct to tho bottom of
the river. Work to be -completed
within six months. The lease pro
vides further that the lire company
shall not sell or allow any Intoxicat
ing liquors to lie sold or drunk or
bought on said premises. The fire
company will also have to pay all
taxes on property.
As n mutter of nuslness we earnest
ly solicit the accounts of Individuals or
Firms, cither for Savings or Checking
Farmer, Mechanic, Merchant,
Manufacturer, Laborer and
Professional man
a ::
Money loaned to parties having reliable
Safe deposit boxes for rent in our lire
proof vault.
When in Honesdalo do not fail to givu us
n call at tho corner of Tenth nnd Main street.
$ Farmers & MeGhanics Bank $ 1
dlcnco who did not agree with the
decision and believed that Carbon-
dnlc won at least ono honor. Those
who exp.ersed this opinion did not
know nr.y of the contestants and
coneecjiu itly were not biased by any
home or town sentiment.
Rci uat.i.nist
St. Louis, Mo.. Feb. 4. When
Thomas Herbert leaves the city hos
pital he will have a brand new face
Half a dozen physicians and sur
geons are now making it for him and
they promise such an Improvement
over the face that nature gave him
tli a t even his best girl will not
know him.
He fell off the wagon he was driv
ing Wednesday and a wheel passed
over his face. The hospital physi
cians found thirty-three fraiturosin
the bones in ills face. In tixing him
up it wns necessary to remodel his
face entirely along new linos. They
are now wiring the bones so they
will knit, and readjusting the llesh
so as to give the face symmetry and
One of the largest grapefruits ever
exhibited in Scranton was grown in
the grove of Dr. G. E. Hill, a Scran
tonlan, at Indianola Island, Florida
Tills was the only island in the St
John's river not touched by the cold
wave that swept through the south
last winter.
Tho fruit is two feet around and
1s eight inches through from the
base to tho stem. It weighs fight
pounds nnd six ounces. The grape
fruit was on exhibition In front or
Dr. Hill's parlors, 340 Lackawanna
avenue, Scranton, for a few days