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JANUARY 10, 1010.
Bring Good Prlcos and tho Demand
la Increasing.
All kinds of rood fruits havo
brought food trlcog during the past
tew years, and the demoaa 1b In
creasing with tho population. Tropi
cal countries excel In the varieties
of fruits, but with Its delicacy of
flavor, tho ptnoapplo Is lnforlor In
point of quality and tenderness of
flesh to tho peach of tho tomporate
sono, and tho familiar apple of our
climate has no equal In the tropics
for combination of desirable quali
ties. We Import .argo quantities of
fruit partly because wo desire somo
kinds that wo cannot profitably
grow, and also because wo do not
supply the demand for our own na
tive fruit.
In no year within tho past qunrter
of a century have we been supplied
with a sufficiency of npplos. During
certain periods of the year they
bring larger prices than oranges, and
the bulk of tho peach crop Is now of
ten sold when the trees are In bloom.
Tho demand for pears has been very
much Increased of late years, ow
ing to tho great Improvement that
has been made with this fruit and
the great difficulty in combatting tho
blight. When the buyers find a
good article of fruit they care but
little for prices, and thus tho Bart
lett and somo other varieties hold
their own, with no limit to tho de
mand, and tho supply Is always
The curcullo has almost obliterat
es tho plum In some localities,, but of"
late tho pest has been fought suc
cessfully, and with a steady improve
ment being made with the fruit It
"will no doubt In a few years resume
Its place by the side of our most
favorite delicacies. The best fruits
are thobt) which combine quality,
flavor and hardness, and the Middle
States can compare favorably with
other sections In the production of
high-grade fruit. Farmers who have
lcrgo o.chards, especially of apples,
And a ready market for all that can
be grown.
Hemp Plant Along Gulf Coast.'
Tho valuable nature of the work
now being carried on In Texas by
the United States Agricultural De
partment Is again shown by the dis
covery that the "abaco" or hemp
plant can bo successfully grown In
the Southwest Gulf Coast country.
Experiments have been carried on
and tho horticulturists are convinced
that this valuable addition can be
made to the list of Texas crops.
It has long been the theory that
the hemp plant would not grow suc
cessfully In any section of the world
except tho Philippine Islands. Ef
forts have been made to transplant
It to Africa, India and South Ameri
ca, but with little success. Here
tofore Manila has had a monopoly of
the hemp trade and the finest ropes
and cordages come from that city.
The hemp plant Is a variety of
banana and has exactly the same ap
pearance as the broad leafed plants
found growing In many San Antonio
yards. It was quite by accident that
tho discovery was made that the
hemp plant could be successfully
grown In Texas. San Antonio Ex
press. Pasturing Spring Wheat.
A subscriber wents to know wheth
er It will Injure spring wheat to
pasture It off with cattle or sheep.
It depends upon the condition of the
soil and the season. If the grain
crop has como on early and shows a
very rank growth, pasturing It mod
erately will no doubt do It good.
This will naturally Induce shorter
straw, and the crop will not be so
apt to jodge. When rhcat or any
spring grain for that matter are
sown on ery rich ground and the
early growing season Is favorablo
the grain Is apt to grow too rank,
honco (he straw breaks and much of
tho crop Is lost. .Ve would not pas
ture these spring grain fields with
sheep, for they are apt to bite down
too close. Of course tho sheep
would razo over tho field more even
ly than cattle. Another thing, don't
allow stock on the fields when tho
ground Is soft. Indiana Farrier,
Scab in Potatoes.
Even with the greatest care It Is not
always possible to grow potatoes frco
from scab, but It surely pays to take
all the precautions possible. It Is
decidedly an uphill Job to attempt to
grow potatoes on soil Infested with
scab germs and the only way to
avoid this la to put tho ground Into
some other crop for two or .oven
three years. If possible obtain
seed tubers freo from scab but un
der any circumstances they should
bo treated beforo planting, The pro
cess Is very simple and Is easily ac
complished by soaking tho seed tub
ers for two hours In a solution com
posed of one pound formalin to each
thirty gallons of water. This prac
tically Insures a crop freo from ecab
If the soli Is not Infected. Field
and Farm.
Plant White Clover.
I would add two or three pounds
of white clover soed per aero for
permanent nowlngs, as it makes a
thick, rich, bottom, writes W. A. Ford
of the Massachusttts Agricultural
Of Interest
to Women
Simple Taalee of Prlaceaa Victoria
of England Shrinks (rem Pomp
and Display and Prefers tbe Simple
Life of an Ordinary Woman Prin
cess ts an Accomplished Musician.
When Princess Victoria of England,
daughter of Queen Alexandre, was a
girl of fourteen It bocame her duty
one day to act aa hostess at a juvenile
entertainment at Marlborough House.
In tho mlddlo of It she suddenly dis
appeared. A messenger was dispatch
ed to Buckingham Palace to boo if tho
truant had run away to "grandma,"
but she wasn't thoro. At last a lottor
from her to tho Princess of Waloa was
discovered In the schoolroom, bogging
"mothor" not to bo angry; sho did
"hato parties" so, and sho had gono
to stay with tho Duchess of Teck till
this one was ovor.
Not liking parties has been a char
acteristic of this princess ovor slnco,
though, having a strong sense of duty,
which developed a3 sho grow oldor,
she doesn't run away from thom any
more. But thoso who know her know
that If sho could chooso her life It
would bo on far from court, a Ufa free
from demands of etiquette, and spent
among tho friends she loves. When
ever she can escape from the formali
ties that surround her sho does so.
Stories aro told of her planning vlslti
Incognito with her sisters or othor
members of the court to somo tea
room or shop, whero for a littlo whiK'
she can do just as other women do.
Sho likes to drop anonymous sur
prises on tho children sho encounters,
as once when she was shopping in
Penrith, and saw three small tfoys
looking longingly at tho toys In a win
dow. The princess immediately took
the part of Santa Claus, and for onco
In tholr lives thoso small and ragged
boy3 had all the toys they wanted.
Princess Victoria has a good deal of
tact, says "Tho Gentlewoman," nnd
whllo sho caroa little about court life
her Influence has brought about sev
eral needed changes there. The
Queen's ladlos-ln-waltlng have special
reason to be grateful to her. Up to
the time of King Edward's accession
the breakfast hour for the ladles-in-waiting
was 7 o'clock In the summer
and 7.30 In Uie winter. They didn't
llko It, of course, but In so great a
household changes aro not easily
made. Princess Victoria, however, go'
the hour changed to 8 o'clock for all
the year round. It was she, too, who
secured a much more comfortable
breakfast room for thom than tho one
at their disposal during Queen Vic
toria's reign.
The princess's own boudoir at Buck
ingham Palaco was arranged entirely
by herself, and Is said to be a delight
ful room. The walls are lined with
rare pictures, mo3t of them gifts to
her, and there aro hosts of photo
graphs which she has taken In ram
bles around Balmoral, Wlnsor and
Sandrlngham. In this boudoir she
likes to spend much time, reading and
writing. Sho knows several languages
and Is a very good musician.
True to her nature, she has always
refused to have a lady-ln-waltlng
When she goes to any public function
sho is accompanied by ono of th
Queen's, as etiquette forbids her ap
pearing alone. She has, by the way,
several faithful attendants, who al
ways llko going nbout with her when
they can. These aro her nephews
nnd nieces, with whom sho has been a
great favorite ever since they were
little things.
Head of W. C. T. U.
Tho most Important event on the
programme of the 36th annual con
ventlon of the National Women's
Christian Temperance Union was the
oloctlon of officers and the report ol
- -J, Cf
Jho resolutions committee. The six
general olllcora wore re-elected as fol
lows: MrH. Lillian M. N. Stevens, of
Maine, president.
Miss Anna A. Gordon, of Illlnol',
Mrs. Francis E. ParkcB, of Illlnolu
corresponding secretary.
Mrs. Sara H. Hogo, of Virginia, as
slstnnt recording secretary.
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Hutchinson, ol
Illinois, treasurer.
Mrs. Elizabeth Preston Anderson, ol
North Dakota, recording secretary.
Collapsible Tub.
The thing most desired by young
mothers these days Is a bathtub for
the baby made of sheet rubber that
Is attached to a campdtool foundation.
It can be folded up and put out of t'ae
way when not in use, and it telescopes
Into a small bundle when ono wants
o travel.
A recent article from a careful
French writer estimates the wealth
of the people of Franco at 1 4 6,000,
000,000, or more than $1,100 for each
man, woman and child. In the last
fifteen years the French have loaned
about $521,400,000, and yot the gold
imports of the country have amounted
to $785,800,000. In the year just
closed the gold held by the Bank of
France increased $200,000,000, mak
ing the total $700,000,000, the largest
in the bank's history. The othor
banks of France hold $833,8800,000.
Each year the French receive about
$380,000,000 from their foreign hold
ings, which are chiefly Government
bonds. This form of wealth has dou
bled since 1894. The population of
France is about half that of the Unit
ed States, and Its area is 60,000
square miles Iobs than Texas. These
figures of French wealth rest on the
ulnversal French habit of saving
money. As soon as a French child be
gins to have an Income of its own it
lays aside something for the future.
The French have firmly reached tho
sound proposition that If nothing Is
saved In productive years the indivi
dual Is running behind and Is certain
to be overtaken at last by want Yot
the French get as much enjoyment
out of life as any people, both In ordi
nary material affairs and in those of
an artistic nature.
The ruthless extravagance of the
rich would be bad enough If Its influ
ence stopped with tho cities, but It
does not. Tho desire for luxury
which It fosters puts Its stamp In
more or less pronounced fashion on
tho lift of tho wholo country. The
cities becomes disease centers from
which the germs, of rlotouB living are
scattered throughout the land. The
smaller community naturally patterns
after the latter; the country mer
chant, after viewing life as It Is lived
in New York returns often dissatis
fied with the simple manners of his
own town and endeavors to Introduce
in thoir stead the customs of his city
friends. The habit of living beyond
one's Income thus becomes a more
or less national vice. One need not
be pessimistic about It, or conclude
that the country Is going to the dogs.
But there surely Is an epidemic of ex
travagance which seoms to grow
more, rather than less, serious. The
blame for It traces back to the cities,
and back of them to the worthless
rich who flaunt their wicked waste
beforo the eyes of the world.
The Florida forest has an area of
201,480 acres, of which about one
fourth has been taken up under vari
ous land laws. It covers a plateau
between the St. John's and Ochlawa
ha rivers, and at no point Is an eleva
tion exceeding 60 feet abovo sea level
Fire has played an importatn part
In bringing about the present poorly
forested condition of the Ocala, as
year after year large fires have
burned uninterruptedly over this
tract, killing all vegetation and con
suming the humus of the soil. Nat
urally protected portions which have
not been subject to the flames provo
positively, however, that the soil will
rapidly respond to a little caretaktng
and that the prevention of fires would
eventually mean the reforestation of
practically the entire area.
The woman who created a fire
panic by shouting "Meyer" at the
Star Theatre, In New York, was not
the first person to have that exper
ience. Some years ago a man banged
furiously against a locked door In one
of the upper corridors of a hotel at
Sharon Springs, and shouted "Meyer 1
Meyer!" It was a warm Sunday
afternoon and most of the guests were
In their rooms, many of them nap
ping. Immediately there was a great
commotion In the house and panic
stricken, scantily dressed people rush
ed through the halls and down the
stairways. When the cause of tho
alarm was ascertained the proprietor
told the man who had shouted that if
he wished to remain In the hotel he
would have to call his small boy John
whllo his visit lasted, and "John" the
boy remained to the season's end.
It is a rather extraordinary thing
that the exact height and chest meas
urement of a mule can be a matter of
any particular Importance to any one.
Yet a British officer is now busy In
America buying mules of fifteen
hands high, with a so-called "empire
waist" of sixty-three Inches. The
point is that it Is vory Important for
harness to fit exactly, and the har
ness for the battery mules that are
UBed In India has been ordered for
these precise dimensions. Women
will most certainly be Interested to
learn that tho empire waist Is fash
ionable in mule society as well as in
the beau monde.
A German scientist has discovered
a means of making men tall by manip
ulating tbe legs and ankles. If there's
anything to that, we may expect to
see pretty tali statesmen in a decade
or two.
They construct dwellings out of
blocks of building glass In Silesia,
but they seem solid enough so peo
ple who lire In them can throw all
the' stones they wish.
Lumber is becoming so high priced
that the man who discusses politics in
tbe corner grocery store cannot af
ford to whittle while be talks.
Colloquy In a Railway Station Ending
In a Draw.
An Irishman was sitting in a depot
smoking when a woman came, and,
sitting down beside him, remarked:
"Sir, If you were a gentleman you
would not smoke here."
"Mum," he said, "if ye wu a lady
ye'd sit farther away."
Pretty soon the woman burst out
"If you were my husband I'd give
you poison."
"Well, mum," returned the Irish
man, as ho puffed away at his pipe,
"if you wuz me wife I'd take It"
Justice and Lucre.
Judge Giles Baker, of a Pennsyl
vania county, was likewise cashier of
his home bank. A man presented a
chock one day for payment. Ho wns
a stranger. His evidence of Identifi
cation was not satisfactory to the
"Why, Judge," said the man, "I've
known you to sentence men to bo
hanged on no better evidence than
"Very likely," replied tho judge.
"But when It comes to letting go of
cold cash we have to bo mighty care
ful. Some Thoughts on Sheep and Goats.
Sheep live higher, but more is ex
pected of thom. Goats have to do
without somo things, but they've less
on their minds.
It's a groat distinction to be a
sheep, but it wouldn't be, only for
tho goats.
None except sheep get Into society.
None except goats know what a parcel
of foolishness society Is.
There are sheep who wonder If It's
worth all It costs. Goats would bo
fairly contented If It wasn't for their
wives all the time dying to be sheep.
No Assistance Needed.
Luclnda stood In tho presence of
two famous surgeons who had Just as
sured her that her present condition
demanded an operation and that un
less It was performed within a short
time she would In all probability die.
Luclnda listened respectfully.
"I'm jes as much obliged to you
gen'mans as I can be," she assured
them, "but ef de deah Lord has done
made up his min' to call me home, I
thinks he kin translate me wldout no
A Work of Supererogation.
Henry dislikes being bathed and ar
gues with his mother over every
square Inch of his four-year-old ana
tomy. Ono night, when his patience was
especially tried by what he considered
wholly unnecessary work, he exclaim
ed: "Oh, momma, couldn't you skip my
stomach? Nobody ever sees my stom
"That new girl breaks everything!"
"Yes; she even cracked a smile
this morning and then broke Into a
His Standard.
Mr. Purist I tell you our modern
llternture is deteriorating very rapid
ly. Uncle Hiram Well, I guess. You
can't road tho patent-medicine adver
tisements nowadays without having
them all broken up by these blamed
continued stories In between.
The Thief of Time.
Teacher Johnny, what Is the
meaning of tho word "procrastinate?"
Pupil To put off.
Teacher Right. Use it in an origi
nal sentence.
Pupil "The brakeman procrastinat
ed tho tramp from tho tramp."
No Idolater.
Miss Simper Do you know, I sim
ply worship D'Auber's landscapes!
Mr. Crimper Well, there's no com
mandment against It. They certainly
bear no likeness to anything' In the
heaven above, or the earth beneath, or
tho water undor the earth.
Getting Even.
Miss Passay What a lovely gown
you have on! But haven't I seon It be
foro? Miss Tartlolgh No, I think not
You see I've only worn It at a few
very smart affairs this season.
One Theory.
"Why was Sisyphus," asked the pro
fessor In mythology, "compelled to
roll a stone up a hill?"
"I s'poso be hud made a freak elec
tion bet," answered the student with
tho bulging brow.
Judson Baxter's wife looks like a
Tory determined kind of woman.
Madison She Is determined; Bax
ter Is the fifth man ehe has led to tho
Padcrcwskl Worka Ht.d.
Paderowakt frequently sits at his
Instruments until well into the small
hours of the morning, says Tlt-Blta.
Hence he soldom rise until 9 or 10
a. m., and immediately ho U dressed
he gota to work, generally practicing
on the piano, but often composing.
He keeps to his task until 1 o'clock,
and not a minute earlier does he
break his taBt,
Output of Tokay Wine.
This year's output of tho famous
Tokay wine has been entirely lost
in consequence of an unexpected out
break of phylloxera. Tokay Is made
from grapes grown In the vineyards
belonging to tho Emperor Francis
JoBeph at Hegyalja, Hungary, and It
Is now used chiefly for presents to
other heads.
"Mnry Said Nothing.''
Justice Brewer of tho United
States Supreme Court is said to be
the author of this Btory: A witness
testified In a certain caee that a per
son named Mary was present when
a particular conversation took place,
and tho question was asked, "What
did Mary say?" This was objected
to, and after some discussion the
Judge ruled out tho question. An
exception to this decision was Imme
diately taken, nnd on appeal the
higher court reversed tho verdict and
ordered a new trial on the ground
that too question should have been
answered. At the second trial the
same Inquiry was propounded and
elicited the Information that "Mary
said nothing."
Worse Than Noah.
Mamma (to Willie, who has been
playing with Noah's Ark). Don't be
rude, Willie. I'm sure that Noah
wasn't whining and complaining when
he put the animals into his ark.
Willie. No; but I'll bet Noah didn't
have any baby brother to lick the
paint often his animals.
Telephone Announcement
This company is preparing to do extensive construction
work in the
Honesdale Exchange District
which will greatly improve the service and enlarge the
Patronize the Independent Telephone Company
which reduced telephone rates, anddo not contract for any
other service without conferring with our
Contract Department Tel. No. 300.
Foster Building.
(lie Storaadis andBowiisor
ncss and ItestContains neitter i
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral.
Not Narcotic, i
JlrfMt Sird-J&cMtUtx-
Apafect Remedy for ConsHf-'
tlou , Sour Stomaeh.Dlanhoa
i t- r . i.
worms ,tarTiisjoH5juiiiir
nessawlLoss of Sleep.
licSimfc Sigaaiure of
i I Ml MfssTrssssTssssT ITTssssssssss"
yiGuarenteed under thodB
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Roll of
Attention Is called to tho STRENGTH
of the
Wayne County
The FINANCIER of New York
City has published a ROLL Or
HONOR of tho 11,470 State Banks
and Trust Companies of United
States. In this list the WAYNE
Stands 38th in the United States
Stands 10th ,n Pennsylvania.
Stands FIRST in Wayne County.
Capital, Surplus, $455,000.00
Total ASSETS, $2,733,000.00
Honcsdale. Pa., Mav 29 IPOS.,
Represent Reliable
Companies ONLY
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
a jf.r
fxr aU