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    TJIK CTREE If, WEDNESDAY, DEO. 98, 1000.
YOU WILL FIND the largest line
of sleighs, prlcea right, at B. T.
Smith's. 1120 Church street, Hones
dale, Pa. 89el8.
Tllle Bridge Company will bo held at
Mllanvllle, Pa., on Monday, Jan. 3,
1910, nt 10 o'clock a. m. ChaB. E.
Beach, Secretary. 2eoI101
PHOTOGRAPHS taken up to and
Including Wednesday, Dec. 22, nnlsh
ed for Xxnas, at Charlesyrorth's
studio., f9t3.
SIX FOOT show case full of La-,
dies' Gent's and Children's Solid
Signet and Stone sot Rings. Fif
teen hundred different styles to
select from. SOMMER, The Jewe
ler. ALL GOODS sold engraved free
of charge. SOMMER, The Jeweler.
OIL HEATERS make nice Xmas
presents. See our now styles.
all kinds of men's gifts at MURRAY
Carpet Sweepers or Sewing Machines
will make mothers happy on Xmas
and all the New Year. They are not
so expensive If you buy them at
OUR show windows will give an
"idea of what the Interior of the
store looks like. Step In nnd con
vince yourself. SOMMER, The
Jeweler. 96eol6
ways makes a good Xmas present.
See them at MURRAY CO.'S.
WE HAVE a wonderful display
of Clocks all the leading makes and
latest styles. SOMMER, The Jew
eler. HEAVY BOBS and farm sleighs
in large variety at MURRAY CO,'S.
MAIL or telephone your orders
to G. P. SOMMER, The Jeweler.
PLUSH ROBES and Horse Blank
ets make handsome gifts for horse
owners. Large variety at MURRAY
CHAINS, Lockets, Lavelieres,
Brooches, Fobs, Belt Pins, Veil
Pins, Collar Sets, Back Combs,, Side
Combs, Scarf Pins, Cuff Links, an
endless variety. SOMMER, The
KEEN KUTTEB,1.tool3, will make
father or brother happy
morn. You will find them at MUR
FOR SALE A heating stove, in
good condition, suitable for office or
house. Inquire of Mrs., H. Wilson,
307 Fifteenth street. 89tf.
appreciated. Murray Co.'s Is head
quarters for this kind of gift.
WE CARRY the largest stock
this side of New York and Philadel
phia of Sterling or Solid Silver
Ware, staple and fancy pieces, beau
tiful designs. SOMMER, The Jew
eler. FOR THE CHILDREN, boys'
wagons, skates and flexible sleds at
iv imAnuiiETS wo have every
style new thlB fall, in Gold and Gold
Filled. Quality guarantees &um
MER, The Jeweler.
Carving Sets make useful Xmas
presents. MURRAY CO.
AT.nnn hnvs best stock farm In
Wayne county. Between 600 and
700 acres. Would make a great
club resort for city boarders. A
lake covering about 200 acres. Best
of fishing and hunting. 14 build
ings, lumber, wood, etc. 1 miles
from Beach Lake; 6 miles from
'llbnesdale. Good roads. Come and
ftok at It. Inquire of
f gttf Honesdalo, Pa.
Purses, and Leather Goods of all
kinds at MURRAY CO'S.
PIANO quality for a King, price
for a Peasant. Where? At Mcln
tyre's, of course. 2t
IN Comb, Brush and Mirror Sets
anaf 'all other toilet articles we have
an Jndless variety. SOMMER, The
-A charter Will bo applied for by
Hose Company No. 1 on January
7th to the court of common pleaB.
-The skating hero is very good
and a great many are availing them
selves of the opportunity to enjoy the
Sunday night was the coldest bo
far this season here In Honosdalo.
The thermometer registered two
degrees below eero.
Tho person who shall do the
most to cheer tho hearts of the needy
poor will have the merriest Christ
inas and the happiest New Year.
Try It and seo.
The Beelyvllle Hign scnooi win
i an wioroBwun juvtiwiumvu.
' a.oiOTiiia nhRtiel on Thursday
BtBS, Doc. $8, at 8 o'clock, Ad
rian 10 BU1
J i--- itun raAlr4 af the
i " v.a. nlMi Mm4 at the
-The Honesdalo National Bank
will be cloaed Saturday, Christmas,
day and evening.
Oi M. Betz has been In business
for over 30 years and this Is tho first
time ho has offered goods at cost.
What Mr. Bete bays he means. Read
his advertisement in tb-day's issue.
ii ,
Members of Grace Episcopal
Sunday bchobi aro-practicirtg a bright
Christmas, cantata entitled "The Re
volt of Ihe ToyB" to be given In the
Sunday school room Dec. 31, at 7
p. m.
The Herbeck-Demer Co. have
contracted for 1050 square feet of
skylight to bo put In the roof of their
factory, so as to get light for 50
more frames. They will ateo put in
a show room 40x20.. This concern
has 'seventy-nine on the pay roll.
The following young people are
home from school to spend the holi
days: William F. Relfler, Jr., from
Chester Military School; Albert
Krantz, of tho University of Penn
sylvania; Fred Suydam, from Potts
vllle School; Miss Dorothy Menner of
Vassar College.
Rev. W. H. Hlller, pastor of the
M. E. church, performed two -marriage-
ceremonies Wednesday after
noon at tho.parsouage. Tho contract
ing parties were: Forest Wod and
Miss Harriet Rosevear, both of. Boyds
Mills, and Herbert Sherwood, of
Cream'ton, and Miss Gladys Miller, of
Whites Valley.
. -Thos. V. Cooper, veteran state
legislator; formerly collector of the
port at Philadelphia, was burned to
death at his home In Media, Dela
ware county, on Sunday. While smok
lng- a cigar he either fell asleep or
had a paralytic stroke. His bath
robe became Ignited and he was dead
before ihe flames were put out by
members of his family.
"Of course," he said, reflectively,
"I am. not making any complaint
about It. All I desire to say Is that
I can't understand it." "You can't
understand what?" inquired his
wife. "Why you can put gilded
spheres and gaudy fabrics all over a
Christmas tree six feet high and four,
feet thick for 75, cents, when it costs
at least $18 to trim a bonnet four
inches In diameter."
Mrs. John Canlvan. wife of Oft!
cer Canlvan, oi this borough, who
underwent a very serious operation
at Doctor Thompson's hospital In
Scranton last week, Is reported as
recuperating very nicely and will
soon be home. The operation was
performed by Doctor Richard Gib
bons who has a branch office at
Scranton, being there two days each
Bregsteln Bros, report an ex
cellent trade and feel encouraged
.over. the. new departure they made
lately of sharing profits with their
customers. Their plan Is to pur
chase only the best of goods, add a
reasonable profit and from this profit
a 10 per cent, discount Is deducted
In favor' of the buyer. The result is
that they are clothing more satisfied
people than any concern In Wayne
The Maple City Camp of Modern
Woodman of America were visited
by George W. Rlelly, of Danville,
111., National Lecturer, M. H. Wye
koff, of North Glrard, State Deputy,
and D. D. Finn of Scranton. The of
ficers for tho ensuing year are: Geo,
Ross. Consul: Fred J. Tolley, Ad
viser; H. M. Miller, clerk; A. C
Lindsay, banker; Thos. Andrews, es
cort; Clarence Bond, watchman;
Clarence Harris, sentry; F. W,
Schuerholz, member of board of
managers; C. J. Miller, auditor.
The Wayne County Medical as
sociation met at tho Allen House
Thursday. It was the fourth meeting
of tho year, but not the annual ses
sion. A fine dinner was served at
1:30 p. m. and at 2:30 a business
session was held at which time pa
pers were read and discussed. A
good representation of the profes
slon was in attendance. Dr.
Charles W. Parsells, of Narrows
burg, was elected to membership
County Medical Inspector Ely read a
paper on "State Medicine."
Judge C. B. Staples has filed his
opinion In the case of Gregory vs.
Perkins. A rule for a new trial was
disposed of by the opinion. The case
was brought by Mr. Gregory for
damages which ho alleged ho suf
fered by reason of the unlawful flow
of water on hlB land caused by the
raising of the dam of the grist mill
of Mr. Perkins In Berlin township.
The case was twice tried In the
Wayne county courts, tho palntiu
winning a verdict the first trial and
the Jury rendering a verdict In favor
of the defendant the secoml trial.
While standing in the postofflce
one evening we wore amused at a
conversation between two of our
prominent young ladles who were
discussing their Christmas beaux.
This 1b what ono of them said: "They
come," sho says, "right along the
yoar around until about tho first of
December and then you see them
thin out. First one and then another
disappears' until tho first thing you
know you don't receive a call in a
week. That is a sure sign that
Christmas Is at hand. Oh, we've got
the thing down flno and we know
what It means. This time, though,
when Bomo of these fellowa come
sneaking back after New Year's and
Invito their old friends to take a
two-dollar Blelgh ride or a seventy-flve-cent
show ticket they'll think
something has dropped. The times
may ba bard, but I know a doien
girls who are -not. so herd up (or
beau aa to overlook & cam of spy
t'wiotw dlaawMramea at OhrlatMM
time, TUc U t bmp t taa jwar
wbw a youac laajr eu aiwara
A marriage license has been
granted to Charles Weeks of Torrey,
Pa., and Miss Ida May Tompkin of
Freeman's orchestra will hold
two dances In the Lyric theatre on
Xmas. One In the afternoon and
another in the evening.
The annual election of the
Amity Club took place at the club
rooms last evening. Name of the
newly elected officers will appear In
our next Issue. '
For falling to support his wife
and deserting her, George Whltmore
of Hawley, was placed In Jail. He
was unable to give ball In the sum
of 300.
Another fraternal organization
is under consideration. State Organ
izer H. Haves is in Honesdalo and Is
meeting with success In organizing
the "Owls."
Myron E. SlmonB, president of
the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank
of thlB place, has been elected a di
rector in the New York, Lackawanna
Realty and Bond company.
H. B. Plum, tho Seventh street
liveryman, is soon to retire from busi
ness. He has leased his barn to Fred
Rickard who will connect It with his
holdings, as a boarding stable.
Allen C. Stewart, who lived In
Honesdalo at one time and was edu
cated at the High school, has been
appointed postmaster at Union which
Is one of the growing towns near
Bingham ton.
The "Gang," an organization of
two winters, will hold a banquet at
the home of Ralph Brown on Tues
day, Dec. 28th, and on Thursday,
Dec. 30th, they will entertain trlends
at a dance in the Lyric hall.
The business hours at the post
office for Christmas day are as fol
lows: General delivery window open
from 10 to 11 a. m. and 2 to 3 p. m.
The carriers' window and money or
der department will be closed all
The Carbondale contestants at
the High School Literary Contest to
be held here In February are: Miss
Margaret Murvlan, essay, "Pennsyl
vania In Music"; Raymond Bellamy
in the Declamation, and Miss Marie
Seaman in the Recitation.
A double-face clock will be
erected In front of the Farmers' and
Mechanics' BanK on Main street.
The clock will be Illuminated anu will
be mounted on a pedestal about 15
feet high. Martin Caufleld Is doing
the erecting.
On Friday, Dec. 24, the Erie and
Wyoming Railroad will run their
regular Scranton train from Hawley
to Honesdale, stopping at White
Mills. Train will reach Honesdale
at 3:45 p. m. and leave at 7:10 p.
tn thus, giving' the sameV' service'' as
they do on Saturdays.
The Indian Orchard Sunday
school will hold their Christmas fes
tival on Thursday, Dec. 23, at 8 p.
m., in the school house. There will
be a Christmas tree which it is ex
pected that Santa Claus himself will
visit. Carols, recitations and invl
vldual pupils will complete the good
Attention, Veterans! The In
stallation services of Capt. Ham Post,
G. A. R. and of the Ladies' Circle,
will be held In the Post room on Fri
day evening, February 4th, 1910, in
stead of at the January meeting.
The regular meeting of the Post for
January will be held as usual, on
Friday evening, Jan. 7th.
Chas. H. Dorfllnger had a birth
day celebration at his home last Sat
urday evening. Hon. A. T. Searle,
Hon. E. B. Hardenbergh, Drs. E. T.
Brown and C. R. Brady, T. B. Clark,
T. M. Fuller, Carl Prosch, W. G.
Blakney and L. J. Dorfllnger were
present with their congratulations.
The visitors made the trip in auto
mobiles. Mr. Dorfllnger leaves for
Europe In a few days.
Honesdale council, Royal Ar
canum, elected tho following officers
Tuesday evening: F. P. Kimble, re
gent; John E. Krantz, vice regent;
Charles W. Deln, orator; George P.
Ross, secretary; M. Bregsteln, col
lector; Otto Taeubner, treasurer; W,
P. Schenck, chaplain; E. F. Charles-
worth, guide; Fred C. Keen, warden;
Conrad Roeschlau, sentry; A. T.
Searle, E. B. Hardenbergh, B. F.
Haines, trustees; George P. Ross,
delegate to associated councils.
The following students are home
from their respective schools and col
leges to pass the holidays: Milton
Russell, Fessenden; Margaret Green,
St. Agnes School, Albany; Florence
Brown, Wellsley; Marcey Ely, Bal
timore Medical; Wm. Donnelly,
Medlco-Chl, Fred Hlller, U. of P.,
Max Plum, Lackawanna Business Col
lege; Florence Rlefler, Wilson; Mar
guerite Dolmetsh, Wells; Constance
Kimble, Blalrstown Academy, Flor
ence Dunning and Harold Van
Keuren, State College.
The following transfers of real
estate have been recorded: Horace
G, Young and wife of Albany, N. Y.,
to Frank Hollenback, of Carbondale,
12 acres of land at Farvlew; con
sideration, $90. Emmett Swingle
and wife of Prompton to the Dela
ware & Hudson Co., land at Promp
ton; consideration, II, and other
valuablo consideration. The Dole
ware & Hudson Co. to Emmett
Swingle of Prompton, land In Promp
ton; consideration, 11, and other
valuable consideration. Mona Rlehn
of Texas township, to Herman Utegg,
of the same township, land In. Texas;
consideration, f 1600. Mary H. Wes
ton of Honesdale, to Emma E. Tay
lor, of the sanje place, property sit
uated on If ark street, Honesdale;
consideration, $3600. Martin S,
Oalrin and jwlfe of HonUl, to
Rom HeKetan ot Uo.aasM !,
M-OMtiy atnuttoi fttvti oomor of
Miss Helen Ward'' Is visiting
the Maple City.
Jesse Wonnocot of Waymart, spent
Saturday In town.
Ralph Brown spent Saturday In
Scranton on business.
Will Donahue of Wllkes-Barre,
was In town on Sunday.
Dr. and Mrs. Perkins, of Carbon
dale, spent the week end In town.
Station Agent Dibble and son Ray
spent Saturday In Scranton.
Miss Georglana Martin spent Sun
day with her sister in Scranton.
Benjamin Gardner is spending a
few days with his Bon In Scranton.
Edgar Brown has taken a position
In the O'Neill stores In New York.
Nicholas Lorls and son, Paul, of
Scranton, are spending a few days
In this place.
Walter Watts and wife, of NeW
York, are spending a few days at the
home of the former's father at this
John Torrey Fuller, of Little Rock,
Ark., arrived In town Monday to
spend the holiday with his wife and
Norman Farnham has returned
from a Bhort trip In the Interest of
Ulrdsall Brothers, whom ho now
John Canavan and children will
leave Friday to spend the Merry
Xmas with his wife and their, mother
at Scranton.
Mrs. Delwan Woodward of Hawley
spent Saturday and Sunday with her
aaughter, Mrs. E. W. Burns of
Tenth street.
Ray Brown, who has been on a
business trip through the west in the
interest of C. A. Cortrlght & Son,
returned Sunday evening.
Joe McClosky, of Hawley, who Is
attending West Chester Normal
school, was In town on Saturday on
his way home for Xmas.
Irving Kreiter, who Is employed at
the National Elevator Works, had
several of his fingers quite badly
mutilated on Friday last while at
work on a machine.
E. M. McCracken, of tho Bell Tele-
phone Co., has spent the last week In
Carbondale, soliciting new business
there. He reports that up to Satur
day there had been 150 new subscrib
ers secured.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Willauer of
Denver, Colo., arrived in the Maple
City Tuesday evening and are stop
ping at the Allen House. Mr. Mil
hauser Is here in the interest of the
Honesdale Footwear company and
will represent that company In the
v. , Special Christmas Dinner
' at
Allen House,
50 Cents.
Little Necks
,l Cream of Chicken
Celery Salted Almonds Olives
Fried Scallopes, Tarter Sauce
Broiled Squabs, Currant Jelly
'Roast Young Turkey, Cranberry
Long Island Duckling, Apple Sauce
Browned Sweet Potatoes, Mashed
Asparagus Tips, Sweet Corn
Lettuce and Tomato Salad, French
Mince Pie Pumpkin Pie
English Plum Pudding, Brandy
Neapolitan Ice Cream
Cheese Crackers Cake
Nuts Raisins
Coffee Milk Tea
Holly wreaths at tho Maple City
Green House. Both phones.
Lewis Claims Ho Is Elected.
Wheeling, W. Va., Dec. 16. T.
L. Lewis, national president of tho
United Mine Workers of America, to
night declared before leaving for In
dianapolis, that he had been re
elected president of the union min
ers. Mr. Lewis produced figures in sup
port of his claim that in the No. 1
anthracite district of Pennsylvania
alone 41 locals had given him a ma
jority of 3,000, and that in 20 Ohio
locals the vote showed a proportion
of four to one in his favor. Mr.
Lewis says that Tennessee was practi
cally unanimous in his favor.
Two New Foremen for I). & II.
The resignation of M. F. Barrett,
general round-house foreman of the
Delaware and Hudson company, went
Into effect Wednesday. He is suc
ceeded by Thomas Holmes, who has
been assistant to Mr. 'Barrett for
some time past. Mr. Holmes Is one
of the most popular employes of the
Delaware and Hudson company nnd
his promotion to the position of gen
eral foreman will be pleasant news
to his many friends.
M. Downs of tho Delaware and
Hudson shops at Oneonta, N. Y has
been appointed foreman of boiler
makers at the local locomotive shops,
succeeding W. H. Hamilton, who re
signed a short tlmo ago, Ho has en
tered upon his new duties.
HoBosdalo Girls Win.
Tho contest of the Scranton Trlb
uno for a trip to the West Indies and
Panama ended Saturday night, and
Miss Jeanetto Freeman with 336,700
votes to her credit wins tho trip to
the West Indies and Panama from
this district, and Miss M. A. Igo
with 160,180 votes wins a trip to
Washington. Mlas Blanche Van
Brunt, of Moscow, was third; Mbw
Agnes Baahen, of Hawlsy, fourth,
and Mica Ktlla Bartnow of Mania
wood, Sttn., Tkaro war mIm dla
trtota, a-Mdata ym in Um
Had Two Wives.
Mlddletown, N. Y Dec. 17. When
Pension Agedt Edwards of Goshen
came here yesterday to claim tho
pension papers of William H, Wood,
war veteran of this city, and for
years an employee in one of the city
departments, who died a few days
ago, ho brought to light tho fact
that Wood had two wives, from
neither of whom he had been di
vorced. Wood had been living in
this city with his second wife, while
wife No. 1 lived eight miles away.
Agent Edwards claimed Wood's
pension papers on behalf of Kathar
ine Delancey Wood, Wifo No. 1, who,
he stated, was married to Wood
Dec. 8, 1868. Instead of nroducine
As a matter o! business we earnest
ly solicit the accounts of Individuals or
Firms, cither for Savings or Checking
a a
Farmer, Mechanic, Merchant,
Manufacturer, Laborer and
Professional man
Money loaned to' parties having reliable
a a a
Safe deposit boxes for rent in our, fire
proof vault.
a ,a a
When in Honesdale do not fail to give us
a call at the corner of Ninth and Main street.
Farmers & MeGbaniGS Bank
All kinds of Factory-made Har
ness at cost.
About 100 Sets of Factory-made
Single Harness.
The only fine line of Trunks and
Dress Suit Oases, Hand Bags and
Ladies' Pocket-books in Honesdale.
Linen Tabic Sets
Damask Napkins
Hemstitched Towels
Battenburg Squares
Ladles Dress and
Misses Lined and
Children's Wool
and Leather
Gsnts' Knit and
tho pension papere, Mrs. Emma
Wright Wood, Wife No. 2, who says
that Bho married Wood Feb. II,
1889, and, who had lived with him
over Blnce, stated that she burled tho
papom with tho body of Wood at his
"I put tno papers between my hus
band's left arm and his body, as close
to his heart aa possible," she said.
Sho denied she had done this to pre
vent the other Mrs. Wood from bo
curlng a widow's pension.
"I did not know of the first wife
when I married Mr. Wood," Bald Mrs.
Wood No. 2. "When I heard about
her, I gave my husband $300
to give to her, bo that she Bhould not
be penniless."
Embroidered, Ini
tial and Hemstitched.
Ladies' Fur
Rug and Pillow,
Collars and Boas
Rugs, Portlers,
Curtains, Table
Covers, Mats,
Blankets, Sheets
and Pillow Cases
Etc., Etc., Etc
WMMt CriM, II. M7, OI MT
rath and conn
i MonnerA Co.
mU Utt sJVa