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Illinois Man and Companion
Stake Their Lives on Flip of
Coin in the Desert
Son of a Rich Man Wagered Hlo Ex
Istence with a Desert Rat, or Tramp
In California's Grim Sinkhole of
Greenwater, Cal. David Eldridge,
Bon of B. Eldridge, President ol the
National Sewing Machine and Bicycle
Company of Belvldere, 111., perished
in Death Valley after having staked
his life on the toss of a coin with a
"desert rat" known as the "Rattle
snake Kid" when the two were lost
In the arid desert
The "Kid," who Insists that he has
no other name, and says that he has
not slept under a roof for thirty
years, reached Greenwater Monday in
a delirious condition and told of the
two men having tossed a coin to seo
which should take the burro and one
of the Ave quarts of water. He won
the burro and escaped. Searching
parties immediately went out from
here, but tho wall of the Panamlnts,
guarding tho valley of the West, still
holds the secret of the fate of the
missing man. It is through this but
tress of rock that Eldridge must have
made his way to Telescope Peak, and
as no trace of him could be found In
any of the passes leading out from
the West, it is regarded as certain
that he is lo3t.
The men went forty miles across
Death Vailey a month ago from Green
water to Tolescopo Peak to Investi
gate a proposed power site for the
Brocklngton Company of Boston. On
the return trip one of the burros gave
out Tho possession of the remain
ing beast was the Issue upon which
the two men staked their lives when
they realized that both could not es
cape. They were 250 feet below sea
level at the bottom of the valley when
they separated.
Hollow-eyed and emaciated, the
"Kid" gave an account of his adven
ture at Greenwater to-day. Although
two days have passed since his re
turn, he Is still barely able to speak
and told his story between long lapses
into silence.
"We were lost down there," he said,
"and the wholo place looked like she
was belched up out of the bottom of
hell. Dave was bo thirsty he couldnt
talk. He could just squeak, and final
ly he could only whisper. One of the
burros was gone. One night I lay
face down on the sand and I felt
Dave's boot against mine. "We'll toss
to see who gets the burro and one
quart of water," he whispers. I got
upon all fours, and he watched me
throw it up. "Heads," I says, "and
she come heads. We split up the
water and I crawls on the burro. I
got out but I had to walk most of the
nest day. There was always a lot of
steam and mist down there at night,
and I could see Dave following me
aways and then I lost him."
Astronomer Corrects Calculations en
Providence, R. I. Frank E. Sev
grave, the Providence astronomer,
whose calculations relative to Halley's
comet have attracted world-wide at
tention, announces that the correc
tion of a slight error in his calcula
tions has developed the discovery that
on May 19, 1910, the comet will reach
the samo plane as the earth In Its or
bit It Is thereby determined that the
tail of the comet will sweep across
this plane instead of clearing It The
earth and comet will meet on the
same plane, but not on tho same path.
There will be a distance at the near
est point of 13,W0,O miles between
the two.
Mr. Beasrave said the earth would
not be endangered, but that tt will be
swept by "star' dust" similar to the
display at Juae 30s, 1S01, when tho tail
of the comet of 1861 caused socoo ftp
prehension among the superstitions
shortly after the beginning of tba
Civil War.
Head of Chicago Police Substitutes
Ammonia for Ambulance Emergencies.
Chicago, An order' was issued by
Chief of Police Bteward- decreeing
that henceforth ambulances and pa
trol wagons 'shall carry spirits of am
monia for reviving victims of acci
dents, instead of brandy.
"I think the ammonia will last long
er than the brandy," explained Chief
Steward, with the flicker of a mnlle.
"The brandy is sometimes gone by
the time an ambulance crew reaches
its destination. Also, ammonia is
cheaper and Just as effective."
Reasons for Names Given Calves.
Washington, N. J. Edward J. Voa
ler's farm near here has been visited
within tho last six days by thousands
of people who have heard that on
Wednesday one of his Holateln cows
gave birth to triplet carves. They are
sturdy little youngsters and bid fair
to thrive. Mr. Vosier has named the
calves Cook, Peary and Bryan. One
of them Is always first to dinner, the
ether ts invariably eeooad. ao6 the
third is sore to he Utt H
does sot help nit
Made Up of Groups of Islands and
South End of the United States.
Monroe County Is tho most unique
county in Florida, if not in the United
States. The larger portion of tho
county Is made up of a group of isl
ands, or, ns they are called, keys,
both on the cast and west coasts. The
only part of Monroe County on tho
'mainland Is tho Cape Sable country,
the extreme south end of the United
States on the mainland.
Tho larger portion of this land ia
what Is known as the Everglades, and
but a limited number of acres are
now under cultivation. What effect
the proposed drainage of the Ever
glades will havo In Monroe County ts
not known, but it is doubtful If nny
large areas will be drained because
of the flatness of tho country and
being so near sea level. In the vicin
ity of Cape Sable there are large
bodies of rich alluvial laud and a con
siderable quantity has been under
cultivation for several years past.
All kinds of tropical and semi-tropical
fruit trees grow luxuriantly on
the keys and bear full crops of fruit
each year. Every key Is surrounded
with water and the great portion of
them havo clean white fand beaches
with bluffs varying in height above
high water mark. All of these build
ing sites are in full view of either the
ocean, gulf or bays.
Man 6,000 Years Old.
At a reecnt meeting ot scientists
In Dublin Pro'. G. Elliott Smith, the
Egyptologist, said that the earliest
known human remains found In tho
Nllo valley, when compared with
those of later tlmos; demonstrated
the fact that at a very remote period
Egypt and Nubia were inhabited by
the same race, which had persisted
In Egypt with little or no change In
physical characteristics throughout
the intervening 6,000 years until the
present day. They had been and
still were a small people, the aver
age hoight of tho men being about
Ave feet threo inches at evory period
of their history.
Their hair was very dark brown or
black, usually wavy, but not "woolly"
or in any sense negroid; their heads
wore long and narrow, usually oTotd
or pontagonoid or "coffln-sheped," as
the result of a frequent preseace ot a
protuberant occiput. On the whole,
they shared those characteristic
which distinguished the majority of
the peoples fringing the Mediterra
nean. As would bo expected in a group of
people that had lived from the d&wn
of history on the fringe of the negro
territory, there was some slight evi
dence of an Infusion of black blood,
but this was very small la amount
Wickedness of Clothes.
There is a great truth underlying
the fact which the governor of Ugan
da has just proclaimed, namely, that
the more elothei the Bakedl women
wear tho loo? moral they are. Among
all the unclothed Nilotic tribes, he
says, a notable degree of morality ex
ists; whereas those who havo always
been greatly addicted to wearing ap
parel are of notoriously lax habits. It
Is the same everywhere. Clothes, of
course, have their uses In such weath
er, as wo are enduring here and now,
but who has not envied and admired
the wisdom of Walt Whitman, who In
summer days was wont to assume
the sartorial economy ef Mebuchad
nozzar when he ran at grass and
inarch along In hia neighboring wood
In unity with nature T
Phyoloal Proweea ef Gtstee.
Tho city maa weaders at the
weight his Maine or New Brvmswick
guide will carry. The "pieee" of tho
fur trade, whether ef furs or supplies,
was about ninety pounds tn weight
Tho man who eould set peck three
"pieces" en his Huas that over the
average portage naked lav around
the campilre. A Chippewa hes beeei
known to carry a barrel et pork two
miles, with frecueai rests, ef eo&rse;
and ons smilingly set a lG9-peuad
man that he oeold eerry Utsa five
miles over a lessies; trafl sal cos set
him down once. Some ef flees aaea
would pack tOO pounds, sad tt ts said
sometimes 100, but they were aaual
ly powerful men aad imlttm uavder
keen rtvalrr the oaly rtvafef which
could bring any honor fe
try that of phyetoel
The Prewoh
The French postal system
asgurated in the reign ed
but tho first director
pointed by Loots UY. at toimenl
the office., perta Ubt&&& tmum a
year for the pttvuespe. Vsd seetbed
continued wtfl the Timfteftm. wbeo
the farmer wee abolished aad
trol was given to tea manege
ed fay universal stiff, That pssa
did not work very seAtsfiMfcartty sssd
tho office of direotor-ceoerei was re
vived under the cooeoJate." Vba 'oe&es
of nnder secretary for posts) and tele
graphs, held by M. Simyea, vae first
created In 1877. abolished Id 15J4,
and revived again ten years later.
British Terminal Unit
"British Terminal Unit" I osed ts
measuring the quantity of coal, after
analyzing the compositloa of soipbur,
hydrogen and other elements con
tained. The unit is need by many
local exports.
Parson (visiting prison) Why are
you here, my misguided friend f
Prisoner Tm tho victim of the un
lucky No. 13.
Parson Indeed! How's that?
Prisoner Twelve Jurors aad one
The etrtnotogT of yecvmaa (a m
eertarn. Some pereooS assert that
& term owes rta orttfa to' tm loss
Tesst a taaAst'of a sbumi of
New Invention Which Discovers 8e
crets of Forts and Army Man
euvers Creating Excitement.
Washington, D. C. During theso
days of unsettled political conditions
among the European nations, all new
inventions, which may be useful In
wnr, are awaited with an eagerness
only equaled by tho undercurrent of
distrust and suspicion that prevails
everywhere. The latest Invention
mukc3 it possible to take photographs
in the air at heights varying from 150
to 400 yards.
Military Europe is excited over the
experiment In aerial photography that
French Army's Aerial Photographic
the French minister of the marine,
M. Alfred Picard, has been making off
the coast of Morocco. Capt Saconney
has been working for months post to
develop a machine that would pro
duce a .clear and detailed view of a
country, its forts, encampments and
gonoral outlines. The results have
gone beyond all expectations. A pho
tograph of Casa Blanca has been tak
en by this wonderful camera at an
altitude of 400 yards and three miles
from shore.
In structure) this machine resem
bles an onormous box kito. To It is
attached a cable by which the appar
atus can bo made to ascend or de
scend at the will of the operator.
Whon tho desired height is attained
the aim can be 'accurately taken and
tho snap worked from below. Tho
wholo photographic outfit Is so sim
ple that It can be placed on the deck
of a boat and worked at sea with as
satisfactory results as from the land.
The Importance of these pictorial
documents in time of war Is obvious.
By tho aid of these aerial photographs
the enemy can fix with precision the
exact disposition of the opposing
forces, while their entrenchments and
forts no longer will be a safeguard.
Discovered by the Aitronomlcal Ex
pedition to Mount Whitney.
San Francisco. According to a
statement made by Professor W. W.
Campbell, director of Lick Observa
tory, the recent astronomical expedi
tion which has Just returned from
Mount Whitney brought back proof
that water vapor exists on Mars. The
scientists have in their possession, as
the result of the pictures which they
took from the summit of the moun
tains, definite proof that the planet
Mars is capable of supporting senti
ent beings. Professor Campbell made
the following statement:
"Wo are now in a position to Issue
tho strongest statement that has ever
been given out as to the existence ol
water vapor on Mars. If It is found
that the water vapor is sufficient to be
detected under the most favorable
conditions tt will be evidence along
tho line of establishing that the condi
tions on Mars are favorable to life.
It will not be proof, however, that life
exists on Mars."
The negatives made by the astrono
mers will be developed at once.
Securities and Insurance Papers of
Suicide Halsey In Old Bureau.
Elizabeth, N. J. Harris Belbel. a
dealer in secondhand furniture, of
961 Elisabeth avenue, while going over
an old-fashioned bureau which he
booght a few days ago from Mrs. John
R. Halaey, widow of John R. Halsey,
who killed himself in Jnly, came upon
a secret comportment, which he found
Ailed with papers.
Mr. Halsey was a wealthy men and
Secretary of the Celluloid Company
of Newark. After his death no will
could be found, aad artbongh tt was
known ho carried insurance policies,
the policies could not bo located. They
were found tn the secret comportment
by RefboL
Besides the will, life and fire insur
ance policies there wore a lot of stock
in telephone and telegraph companies
and many documents relative to the
estate of Mr. Halsey's father. The
will found gives everything, both real
and personal, to the widow.
Washington, D. C, Doclaring her
husband to be a devotee of the "an
nual bath" cult and that though
worth $60,000, he provided a ten-cent
pie and a box of biscuits for their
first meal on arriving from Now York
after their marriage, Mrs. Henrietta
Newman filed to-day suit for a limit
ed divorce from Mayer B. Newman.
Kansas City, Mov James Marshall
was arrested on a charge of gambling.
Here is the evidence. James who had
a pair of dice and a ton-cent piece,
was standing on a street comer. Ac
cording to the patrotmao who arrest
ed him he was not gambling, bat
looked a If J was jsdgMr wtOfe
Young Turks Raise Money by 8how
Ing Abdul Hamld's Gardens.
Ylldlz Kiosk, it is reported, Is to bo
thrown open to the public and in
spected at n fixed charge by tho pro
fanum vulgus, whom Abdul Hnmld,
llko Horace, appears to have hated
and shunned. Ylldlz Kiosk was pre
ferred by the late Sultan to any of
his palaces on tho Bosporous, possi
bly because of Its greater seclusion.
According to some tho place was
such an object of mystery and dread
that tho Turkish boatmen when pass
ing near It avoided looking at it, and
truly, says the Queen, the unveiling
of Ylldlz Kiosk Is something like tho
unveiling of Lhassa.
The Young Turks' administrative
committee, very rightly desirous of
turning an honest penny, has decided
that admission to the park shall cost
Is., to the harem gardens 2b. and to
the kiosk of the "Red Sultan 4s., and
that a trip round the lako In a caique
or motor launch should be Is.
Tho park ot Ylldlz Kiosk is very ex
tensive, and during the late Sultan's
residence was full of deer and goats
besides numbers of birds.
Too Much for Him.
"I say, Gaddersby," said Mr. Smith,
as he came into the fishmonger's with
a lot of tackle in his hand, "I want
you to give me some fish to take homo
with me. Put them up to look as If
they had been caught to-day, will
"Certainly, sir," said the fishmon
ger. "How many?"
"Oh, you had better give mo three
or four barbel. Make it look decent
In quantity without appearing to ex
aggerate, you know."
"Yes, sir. But you'd bettor take
salmon, hadn't you?"
"Why? What makes you think
"Oh, nothing, except that your wife
was down early this afternoon and
said if you dropped in with your Ash
ing tackle and a general woo-begono
look you should take salmon, if possi
ble, as she liked that kind better than
any other."
Mr. Smith took the salmon. Tit
Bits. People's Workshops In Vienna.
Under the patronage of the Em
peror there will shortly be opened tn
Vienna an Imposing block of build
ings forming a kind of composite peo
ple's workshops and model dwellings.
The object of the undertaking Is to
help tho large number of artteans
working at home by providing then
with well-ventilated and weQ-eiipped
workshops, instead of the meager and
unhealthy quarters of their own
homes. The new building has cost
more than $600,000, and comprises
about CO workshops, large and smalt
and 130 apartments. The workshops
ore equipped with every applianoe
needed for home-working trades, and
special attention has been paid to
sanitary' requirements. The rents are
fixed as low as possible.
Weod Used for Putty.
A refinement in yacht construction,
introduced last year by rife in the
construction of Shamrock, consists in
the substitution of a thin 'slip of wood,
known as a "slip feather," for putty,
in stopping the seams after they have
been caulked. The "feather" is cov
ered with a very tenacious glue, driven
hard home into the seams and left to
dry. After the sides are planed off
a remarkably smooth surface is ob
tained, the skin of the vessel being to
all intents and purposes In one piece.
This method has the further advan
tage that there ia no caulking to work
out when the vessel is being heavily
strained. Scientific Americas.
Nnreed by a Wort.
Romulus and Remus, the founders
of Ronae, were said to have beea
nursed by a welt
Cast nsnre No. 999 in the Metropo
litan Museum ot Art, representing a
wolf csetJEng two human talents, has
the fo&owlng significance:
RcaneABe and Remus, the saytkical
founders ef Rone, were plaeed in a
cradle by their grendunele, Amulius,
and east facto the Asde River, wbenee
they diatted into the Tiber. At the
foot of tke Palatine the eredOe was
stranded, and the Infanta saved from
death tor a aherolf, who tarried
them to ker den and snotled these.
One On Qrandma,
Jrawate sat cm the ohoppsayirtock,
lefleetiestj twiddling his finsere.
Should be go fishing or play ball?
Bis nvm idi i uhor called from the open
window "Jh&mle, dont you know
Sataa teds mischief still tor idle
hands) to dor Bring in a basket ef
Rented Jtmroie, with a twinkle:
That start no mischief."
Wanted a Pusher.
"Wbst did the tew neighbors come
to borrow now?"
They wanted the lawn mower."
Ts that ail?"
"That was all tbey spoke about but
I think from the way they stood
around they would liked to have bor
rowed my husband to run It"
Derivation of Garnet.
Tbo precious stone garnet is sup
posed to derive its name from the
Latin granatns (having seeds of
grain), and ts so called from its re
semblance in form and color to the
seeds of groin of the pomegranate.
Pectritarlty About Hot 8prlnge.
The distribution of hot springs tn
the United States coincides Tory cloce
ly wish that ol the mountain Uplifts.
: Ptfbway has mode
also a condition at
Bay State Preacher Claims to Have
Banished Pest.
Montague, Mass. Tho Rov. Amos
N. Somers, a Unitarian minister here,
stated that he has succeded in grow
ing a "bug-proof" potato. Ho said:
"Tho vines of ray potatoes have a
pocullar odor, which is offensive to
the potato bug, for It never goes near
them. I have taken bugs from plants
of tho usual type In the next row in
my potato patch, and put them in my
now vines, and in half an hour I can't
find one."
Chines Advertising.
A local newspaper contains tho fol
lowing advertlsemnt of a local man
ufacturer: "At tho shop of Tae Shlng
('Prosperous in the extreme'), very
good ink. Fine! lllnol. Ancient shop,
great-grandfather, grandfather, fa
ther; very hard; picked with care, se
lected Hclf made ink. Fine and hard,
j with attention. This ink Is heavy;
so is goiu. ino eyes oi me uragon
glitter and dazzle; so does this Ink.
No one makes llko it." Shanghai
For Ladles. Misses and Juniors.
New Long Coats, Separate Jackets
and Imported Cloaks.
Menner & Co's Store.
Lewis Hansman, a person of weak
mind of Texas Township, Wayne
county, Pennsylvania.
Notice is hereby given that the
second and partial account of the
guardian above named has been filed
In the court of Common Pleas of
Wayne county, and will be presented
for approval on October 26, 1909,
and will be confirmed absolutely on
January 20, 1910, unless exceptions
thereto are previously filed.
M. J. HANLAN, Prothonotary.
Sept 25, 1909.
ft I 1V27X Wain Street. W,
Doris Hansman, a person of weak
mind of Texas Township, Wayne
county, Pennsylvania.
Notice is hereby given that the
second and final account of the
guardian above named has been filed
in the court of Common Pleas of
Wayne county, and will be present
ed for approval on October 25, 1909,
and will be confirmed absolutely on
January 20, 1910, unless exceptions
thereto are previously filed.
M. J. HANLAN, Prothonotary.
Bept 25, 1909.
. Ofllcc, .Masonic building, second floor
lloncsdole. I'a.
Oulcopver post olllce. All leenl business
promptly attended to. Honcsdulc, l'a.
T,'Pf.tS7Llb,c,rty n.nlJ bulldlne, opposite the
Post Oillce. Honesdnle. l'a.
Office over Kelt's store, llonesdale Pa.
OUlco near Court House llonesdale. Pa.
OBlce ver Post Olllce. llonesdale. Pa.
Charles a. Mccarty,
Special and prompt attention elven to the
collection of claims. Olllce over Kelt's new
store, llonesdale, l'a.
Ofllce over the cost ofllce.' llonesdale. Pa.
Office in the Court House, llonesdale,
Patents and pensions secured. Office In the
Schucrliolz bulldlne llonesdale. l'a.
. Office-Second floor old Savings Brik
building. llonesdale. Pa,
Ofllcc Next door to post olHee. Formerl
occupied bv W.H.'.DIninilik. llonesdale. Pa
Office First floor, old Savings Bank build
ing, llonesdale. Pa.
Dr. C. It. BRADY. Dentin. iIonesdale.'.Pa.
Office IIouns-8 a. m. to 5 p. m
Any evening by appointment.
Citizens' phone. 33. Residence. No. 86-X
Office and residence 1019 Court street
telephones. Office Hours 2:00 to 4:00 and
(i 00 to B:00. d. m
LIVEHY. Fred. G. Rickard has re
moved his livery establishment from
corner Church street to Whitney's Stone
The OLDEST Fire Insurance
Agency in Wayne County.
Office: Second Hoor MasonicJBuild
ing, over C. C. Jadwin'e drugstore,
For New Late Novelties
SPENCER, The Jeweler
"Guaranteed articles only sold."
If you don't insure with
us, we both lose.
White Mills Pa.
Graduate Optician,
112 Main St., HONESDALE.