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Urging Them to Marry While
- - o t,
Marriage and Maternity Get
Little Protection la ruble
They Should Co Punished Like Army
Deserters Look at Hoch, Who Mar
ried and Abandoned or Killed Thirty-two
Women, Correspondent Says.
Cincinnati, Ohio. Tho subjoined
open letter to President Taft. was
adopted unanimously as the sense of
the Susan B. Anthony Club, composed
of representative Cincinnati women.
Dr. Sarah M. Slewors, President of the
club, was authorized to forward It to
Mr. Taft.
To Hon. William II. Taft. President of
tho United States:
Out of tho din raised by a multitude
of voices against the women of our
country for race suicide, for going Into
lndustrln' and professional pursuits
Instead of marrying and rearing largo
families as their grandmothers did, I
wish to raise one voice for a Federal
law that will protect mothers and
children and compel truant fathers to
help support their children.
Deserters from families of children
should bo pursued and punished as
diligently as deserters from the army
and navy. As the laws now stand a
decree for support given to tho moth
er of children can be evaded by the
father going to another State to live.
In Cincinnati the Humane Socloty
reported 2,7700 doserting fathers In
eleven months up to Dec. 1. In Chica
go 1,500 men deserted their families
In three winter months on the west
side alone. The Humane Societies of
other large cities could no doubt re
port similar numbers of deserters.
What beepmes of these men? Do
they become homeless tramps? Not
they. But they go to another State
and pass themselves off for single
men and marry some unwary girl.
Seven years ago a enso of multiple
bigamy was apprehended, who con
fessed to having a wife in thirty-two
different States. His crimes were
treated as a joke, and tho conse
quences to the deluded wives, and to
the faith and trust of all women over
looked. Then came Hoch, who con
fessed to having married many more,
but the rest trusted him with their
money before the ceremony was per
formed, so he did not stay for It.
Somo of tho wives were not easily de
serted, so he despatched them as he
would a tronblesome animal. Now
Madson has married so many women
that he cannot remember their names
and was sentenced for only seven
These three cases are symptoms of
a national disease that must be
stamped out If tho integrity of the
nation is to bo preserved. The germs
of this disease are penetrating and
coloring the minds and morals of so
ciety to an alarming extent, and
In consequence we have an ever in
creasing army of irresponsible bigam
ists and deserters.
The wives of these deserters strug
gle heroically against fearful odds to
keep their families together, but when
the mother must go to work to sup
port tho children there is no home
life, and the street, reformatories and
Jails overflow with them.
Urging women to marry while mar
riage and maternity receive no more
protection thnn our present laws af
ford is futile, for now women can sup
port themselves and need not marry
for a home.
Mothers should have a voice In law
making or they and their children
should be protected In their right to
survive honorably. Respectfully,
President Susan B. Anthony Club.
Cincinnati, O.
Father Fatally Clawed In Saving His
Little Daughter.
Nyack, Mont. Hearing his four-
year-old daughter screaming, James
Doollttle, a homesteader, who was
behind his houso and happened to bo
mounted, rodo around to tho front
and saw her about 200 yards away be
ing carried off by n grizzly bear.
Doollttle gave chaso and was closo
up when ho was thrown by his horse
and sustained a broken leg. Tho
grizzly turned and clawed him In a
Irlghtful manner, nlmost dlacmbowol
ling him and chewing both legs and
arms almost to a pulp hoforo help ar
rived. Asido from n few scratches,
the baby was uninjured.
Dr. Pearson Has Donated $4,000,000 to
Smaller Colleges and Universi
ties During Last 26 Years.
Chicago. Daniel K. Pearsons ("Die-
Poor Pearsons"), millionaire philan
thropist, who has given away over $4,
000,000 to 43 small colleges located
principally In tho west and south, in
the course of an interview doclared
that his reason for so doing was his
desire to act as his own executor. Mr.
Pearsons intends to give away what
remains of his fortune before his
ninetieth birthday, he says:
"I have been administrator of a
number of estates," said he, "and I
have never felt that such a trust can
be satisfactorily executed. I have al
ways Intended to die a poor man at
least, that has been my purpose for
a quarter of a century. I have quite
definite views of how my money
Grapevine Bears Apples.
South Bend, Ind. It will be of In
terest to Wizard Burbank to know
that apples grow on vines at Lapaz,
this county. J. M. Sherwood of River
Park, a suburb of South Bend, shows
apples growing on a grapevine. The
apple-bearing grapevine Is on the
farm of Mrs. Clara Cross, where the
vino has boon growing in an old apple-tree
for some years. The apples
are about tho size of a crab apple.
The seeds are said to be a cross be
tween the grape seed and tho apple
Passes Through Many Hands.
In tho course of manufacture tho
champagne bottle passes through tho
ftpofls of 45 workmen.
should bo Invested for tho public
benefit. Why then, should I myself
not assume tho responsibility of mak
ing the investment?
"You want to know what Impelled
me to set about giving away my for
tune? Well, I've been a hunter after
poverty all my life and It isn't hard
to And It even In America. I have
wanted to give young men the advan
tages of education because they need
it, and the country needs educated
young men.
"I have selected what you might
call tho wilderness for my gifts just
because in the wilderness education
is more needed and there It yields tho
richest returns ou a small invests
Mr. Pearsons himself does not know
how much money ho has given to edu
cational institutions. His latest gift
was one of $23,000 for the establish
ment of a woman's department in tho
Chicago Theological seminary. At
different times he has advanced sums
aggregating $150,000 to needy stu
Dr. Pearsons made his money in
real estate in the early days of Chi
cago. Ho not only dealt In city real
estate, but made a specialty of farm
lands. He represented the Illinois
Central railwuy In disposing of mil
lions of ilne farms in its land grant,
given by the 'stato when the road was
constructed. For almost GO years Dr.
Pearsons has been active in real es
tate. Investments that he made In
Chicago in the early years Increased
a thousandfold and have now been
Mr. Pearsons gives tho credit for
his philanthropic Interests largely to
his wife, who died threo years ago.
Bird Changed Its Plan After Chasing
Chickens Into a House.
Po Ell, Wash. Tho year-old baby
of Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Shepherd, who
live on n farm about two miles from
Pe Ell, was attacked by a hawk a few
days ago.
There were two pet chickens on the
place, which at this time were on the
doorstep. Tho hawk was evidently
after tho chickens and swooped to
ward thorn. Tho chickens ran Into
the house and under the lounge. The
hawk followed and, not noticing tho
chickens but noticing the child, which
was playing on the floor, attacked It
and Bank Its talons into the child's
face, lacerating it.
Tho mother heard tho child scream
and ran to its assistance. She scream
ed and scared the hawk off the child
and it flow Into the kitchen. William
Shophord heard tho noise and came
Into tho houso and despatched tho
hawk with a club. It was a largo
bird, measuring 3 feet 4 Inches from
tip to tip.
Sixth Case of the Kind In Cemetery
at Portland, Ore.
Portland, Ore. When, at tho
Mount Calvary Cemetery, the body of
Paul Limerick, who died ten years
ago, was disinterred preparatory to
removal and reburlal, It was found
tho remains had become petrified.
The features, with tho exception of
the nose and eyes, were perfectly pre
served and tho hair and mustache
were as natural as in life. Tho potrl
fled remains had assumed a dark
brown color.
This is tho sixth case of petrifica
tion found In Mount Calvary In re
cent years, but the other bodies wero
not nearly as well preserved as that
of Limerick. It required flvo men to
remove the body.
Details Slowly Trickling in About
the Slaughter of Jews
in Russia
Special Advices to Papers of Berlin,
Vienna, and London Say that Many
Were Killed and Injured In the
Riots Fugitives Crossing Frontier.
Berlin, Sept. 30. Not since tho
Kishenev massacre of 1903 has tho
German press been so aroused over
an anti-Jewish outrage as to-day over
the reports of tho attack on the Jew
ish quarters of Kleff and its suburb of
Solomka, and the attempt of tho Rus
sian authorities to suppress all news
of the outrage.
The official news agency of Russia
and tho Russian newspapers, under
orders from the government, are deny
ing the story as sent yesterday to
Berlin. That the story was reliable is
Bhown by to-day's accounts from spe
cial correspondents, which bear out
the account, even to the details. In
quiries made of Russian sources have
met with denials, and it has remained
for the true story to filter out through
the special correspondents. Every
paper in Berlin prints long stories of
tho three days' rioting in Kleff, which
began with the Jewish Now Year.
The Morgen Post says that "tho
corpses of many of the murdered
Russians were convoyed to the mor
tuaries and many of tho woundod
wero removed to tho hospitals."
The Tageblatt has a message from
Kleff, via the frontier, to the effect
that between twenty and thirty per
sons wero killed and hundreds wounded.
The Lokal Anzelger has a long story
from Podwoloczyska, tho first Aus
trian town this side of tho frontier.
In part it says:
"Great anti-Jewish riots have taken
place In Kloff, and In tho suburb of
Solomka, where tho Jows live in
large numbers. Armed bands of reac
tionaries marched to tho ghetto,
shouting mockingly: 'Hurrah for tho
equality of the Jews!'
"Tho mobs demolished tho homes
and shops of tho Jewish residents
and plundered everything that thoy
could lay their hands on. In terror
tho Jews fled to tho collars and at
tics of their homes, but in neither
place wero they safe from the savage
attacks. In defending thomselves,
many Jews wero nhot and others were
brutally beaten and fatally wounded.
Tho rioters spared neither women nor
"Tho police watched the rioting
with no thought of Interfering, and
there is no telling to what length it
might have gone had not a deputation
of leading Jows waited on Governor
Gen. Ivanoff, and demanded protec
tion. Troops were then sent to Kleff,
and they dispersed tho mob In short
order and occupied tho approaches to
the ghetto to prevent further outrages.
None of tho rioters have as yet been
arrested, the authorities evidently
condoning the outrage.
"Tho severest censorship is being
exercised to prevent the news of the
affair from reaching foreign countries.
Many Jewish families fled from the
city, and are now living abroad."
Tho Hartunglsche Zeltung of Koe
nigsbnrg, on the Russian frontier, says
that the "streets were littered with
tho prostrate victims, some -dead, oth
ers writhing in agony."
Fugitives from Kieff have crossed
the frontier, and are telegraphing In
dividual accounts of the massacre to
their friends and benevolent associa
tions here and in other cities, appeal
ing for financial aid.
Answer One Written Question
Each Week For Fifty-Two
Weeks and Win a Prize.
$250,000JilE FINE
New York State to Start Proceedings
In Cold-Storage Case.
New York, N. Y., Sept. 27. Tho
largest seizure of gamo held out of
season that has been made by agents
of Commissioner Whipple of the State
Forest, Fish and Gamo Department
was announced in Albany. Tho solz
uro was made in the plant of the Har
rison Street Cold Storage Company,
No. 7 Harrison street, this city. Part
of tho garao was found to have been
kept on ice for more than two years.
About ninety .barrels and boxes wero
seized. Tho law makes it a misde
meanor to have In one's possession
certain kinds of gamo out of season,
and somebody is liable to fines aggre
gating more than $250,000 as a result
of these disclosures.
The gamo seized includes par
tridges, ducks, pheasants, plover and
other wild birds.
Dog's Short Legs Cause His Death.
Walla Walla, Wash. D. W. McFad
den's valuable dashshund was drown
ed In a shallow mud puddle. Tho ani
mal had tried to wade across, but got
stuck in the middle and was unable to
pull Itself from the sticky anbstanca
on account of Its short legs.
8lx Survivors of the Crew Safe on
Baltimore, Md Sept. 29. Battered
and tossed by wind and wave in a ter
rific northeaster which swept the At
lantlc Ocean off the Chesapeake and
Delaware capes, a small freight steam
boat, believed to bo tho Gero, bound
from Philadelphia to Cuba, is report
ed to have been foundered, carrying
down twelve of her crew.
Six others were saved in a small
lifeboat and are now marooned by
nature's forces aboard the winter
quarter llghtahlp which lies nine mlloa
off the coast botweon Capes Charles
and HonloDnn.
First Series A gold medal to each
of the first five eontestants.
Second Serlei A silver medal to
each of the next five contestants.
Third Scrlesi-A Teacher's Bible,
price $5.50, to each of the next five
Fourth Series The book "Tho Heart
of Christianity," prloe $1.50, to each of
the next thirty-five contestants.
Fifth Series A developed mind, an
expanded Imagination, a richer exper
ience and a more profound knowledge
of the Bible and of life, to all who take
this course whether winning any other
prize or not.
Each medal will be suitably engrav
ed, giving the name of the winner, and
for what It Is awarded, and In like
manner each Bible and book will be
All who can write, and have Ideas,
are urged to take up these studios re
gardless of the degree of their educa
tion, as the papers are not valued from
an edueatlonal or literary standpoint,
but from the point of vliw of the cog
tncy of their reasoned Ideas.
October 10th; 1909.
(Copyright, 1903, by Rev. T. S. Ltnecott, D.D.)
Paul a Prisoner The Plot Acts
xxli:30 to xxlti:35.
Golden Text I will say of the lard
He Is my refuge and my fortress; my
God, in Him will I trust Ps. xcl:2.
Verse 30 Which showed the fairer
spirit toward Paul, the Roman chief
Captain or the Jews?
If you bad .o be tried on a ques
tion of religious doctrines, basing your ,
decision on history, which court
would you selevt, a committee of sec
ular judge. &t- a committee of pro
fessional prios'.j?
Versos 1-2 What was It, In Paul's
opening, statement, which caused the
high priest to fcavo him slapped on
tho mouth?
When Christens these days profess
lo live all the time well pleasing to
God, Is It a popular testimony with
average ChristUn people?
Why did the high priest object to
Paul's professli of having "lived in
all good conscience before God?"
Is It poiBlblo, and is it tho duty of
every ChristlaN to live all the time,
"with a good cscience before God?"
Verses 3-5 When either pope, bish
op, priest or pawon, acts llko a dem
agogue, why shcwld he not receive the
treatment due t- demagogue?
Should the fkt that a bad man Is
on tho bench, or at the bar, or In the
pulpit, secure fy him the respect of
good men, for tbe sake of the office,
or of "tho clothV
Verses 6-10 M'hen Paul saw the
spirit of thlB Jewish Council, did he
probably changt tho style of his ad
dress, and If so, hy did he do so?
When a jury is packed, or prejudiced
against the prisoner and there is no
hope for acquittal, what Is the next
best thing for tho prisoner to aim for?
Paul's defence was clearly the truth,
but was it the whole truth?
Is It always wise or right to tell the
whole truth?
What was Paul's real crime, from
the standpoint of this Jewish Council?
What was the difference between
the belief of the Pharisees and the
Sadducees, as to immortality?
What good reason is there for the
belief that the soul will live after
What did Paul's tactics result in,
besides dividing the enemy?
Is it always or sometimes true that,
"when rogues fall out honest men get
their dues," and how did It work In
this ense?
Verse 11 Does God generally time
His visits to us when wo need Him
In what guise or shape did the Lord
appear to Paul, and how did He speak
to him?
There Is no way to take the miracu
lous out of tho New Testament with
out destroying It; now in view of that
fact, why did not God rescue Paul, in
this Instance, as He did from the pris
on at Phlllppl?
Can you trace any rule by which
God was governed in performing New
Testament miracles?
Verses 12-15 What was the plot
which was formed to bring about
Paul's death?
Is It possible that theso forty men,
with such a murderous intent, could
think thoy wero doing God's service?
Verses 16-24 How was this murder
ous plot frustrated?
How can you trace God's hand In
this natural deliverance, as clearly as
If It .had been done miraculously?
(This question must be answered In
writing by members of the club.)
Verses 25-30 What fault can you
find, or what can you commend, In
the actions of this Claudius Lysias
from Btart to finish 7
Vorses 31-35 Was Paul Just as
much under tho loving care of God,
and were his best lntorests being
served as If he had been at liberty?
Lesson for Sunday, Oct. 17. 1009.
Paul a prisoner Before Felix. Acts
"In what condition was the Patrl
arch Job at the end of his lifo?" ask
ed a Sunday-school teacher of a quiet
looking boy at the foot of the class,
"Dead," calmly replied the quiet-look-
lng boy. Illustrated Blta.
Tho Kind You Havo Always Bought, and which Las been
in use lor over u years, has uorno tho signature of
- and has been, made under his por
Bonal supervision slnco Its infancy.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and" Just-as-ffood"aro but
Experiments that trlilo with nnd endanger tho health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment
Castorla is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops nnd Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys Worms,
nnd allays Foverishncss. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind.
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Pood, regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep
Tho Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The KM You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
THceiNTAunaeupAHT. rr MunnAVwurr. newvohhoitv.
V. B. HOLMES, President.
A. T. SEAKLE, Vice Pkes.
II. S. SALMON, Cashier
W. J. WARD, Ass'T Cashier
We want you to understand the reasons for the ABSOLUTE SECURITY
of this Bank.
HAS A CAPITAL OF - - - 100,000.00
MAKING ALTOGETHER - - 455,000.00
EVERY DOLLAR of which must be lost before any depositor can lose al'J'JWiS Y
It has conducted a growing and successful business" for over 35 years, serving
an increasing number of customers with fidelity and satisfaction.
its casn iunus are protected by jhuuukih sxisisij vaults.
All of these things, coupled with conservative management, insured
by the C'AKEFUL PEU.SON'AL ATTENTION constantly eiven the
jianK'S aniurs oy a noiumy nine isoara 01 uirectors assures tne patrons wninu is me .prime essential
ot a good
Total Assets,
W. n. holmes
Ten Cents
TEN CENTS SAVED every day will, in fifty years,
grow to $9,504.
TWENTY CENTS SAVED daily would in fifty years
amount to $19,006.
The way to accumulate money is to save small sums system
atically and with regularity.
At 3 per cent, compound interest money doubles itself in 25
years and 1(34 days.
At 6 per cent, money doubles itself in 11 years and 327
If you would save 50 cents a day, in 50 years you would havo
If you would save $1.00 a day, at the end of CO years you
would have $95,042.
Benin NOW
Savings Accou
at the
Honesdale Dime Bank
Money loaned to all Wayne cpuute.ius turn sh
in;; good security. Notes discounted. l Irst
morteuse on real estate taken, hafest and ch eap
en way to send money to foreign count rles is by
drafts, to bo had at this bank. S 0
Telephone Announcement
This company is preparing to do extensive construction
work in the
Honesdale Exchange District
which will greatly improve the service and enlarge the
Patronize the Independent Telephone Company
which reduced telephone rates, anddo not contract for any
other service without conferring with our
Contract Department Tel. No. 300.
Foster Building.