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Heto I
has a war pod with 3,000
In India there are nearly 'J0,000,000
Prince Edward island's annual eateli
of lobsters amounts to L'O.OOO.OOO.
A luniii of hard coal weljihinf? seven used In tin-in, which are so unusual,
tons was recently mined in l'ennsyl- j Here, for instance, is a wrap of bronze
vania. I colored nluon de sole (a silk muslin),
There was a decrease In the nation's ! which is trlniuied with ruches of
drink ex-nondituiv last vent- of over 1 tnll'etii ol the same color. It Is lined
STHOOOOO i wllh the thinnest and palest bronze
, Clinton taiiimsi
Oovernmcrit Advice Vhish Will
Oftno's cf Form. l.r v'r
I'nuned lands in any of Hie
t'nited States can be made t produce
from to HZft an acre. ner 'dim; to ii
recent forestry report the j;i.vern-
the siiini.H-i. anil thi-i nut oul, because , num.
of their leith and fullness, but ah,o . '" the report the Ititenvts of the ot the colors and materials ! fount iy in general are considered, and
in tins limit tree urowers are advised
Thin Summer Wraps.
I'l in li, in, .- niietiiiies even transpar
ent ui.iu.-i' wr.ips .tic the surprises of
to keep their trees uncut until tiieynre
of mature size. I'lanlatloiw of red i ymt,.s, 0n the contrary, I beloni; to
"Mine at last!" he murmured, press
ins her to his breast.
"Ilow so?" she asked in wonder
ment. "Have you not promised to marry
I have, but that does not make me
MlMMllftlnllllllr'v--m--"mmm"l.l.Tl'r''fc- i.vvw i r
A recent earthquake shock at Toulon
caused the sea In the docks to fall
eighteen inches. v
American farmers are buying auto
mobiles of the btifw type in steadily
lncreaslm; numbers.
InirliiL.' a hailstorm in Ilonuiaiiia re
cently some of the hailstones were as
large ns n mail's list.
In Chile are regions where there are
so many Germans that the native
servants learn their laiifiuaue.
Lamp chimneys which will stand
great and sudden changes of tempera
ture are now made by a new process
in Trance.
a cream). Another
wrap of tlie same material and color
was given wide borders of jet spnn
sles. Again, there ate long wraps of
Nolly embroidered white batiste
UMiu'iiiMcs worked wllh white, but as
ni' i'-i with pastel or faded shades of
U hero Is a pronounced vogue for un
lined muslin or cloth wraps, luo.e
draped garments In pastel shades trim
med Willi black satin borders. These
have a single bla-:l; cabochoii as a fas
tening or a long single cord and jet
Vlmt all 1'aiis is talking about in
t',-.e new cloth calkd cote de clleral a
cedar tweuty-llve years old," says oiu
report, "have nellcd Jf'JOO.ul an acre.
Kuropcan larch, used for telephone or
fence posts, will net from "J":i to
an aero at the age of I weniy-tlve years.
three bridge clubs and to the Uaugh-
tors of the devolution. I nm owned I
body and soul by my dressmaker and j
my milliner. Europe claims mo once
a year. In summer I'm an integral
White pine al the ripe aw of forty , p.,rl of SPVl.ri slimmer resorts. The
The Japanese cabinet recently re- , eioth which roNOiuhUw the glossy, well
pealed an ordinance enacted in 1STS , brushed lioro'n coat and which molds
lirohibillng tlie use of foreign inks on ' tl.e form, they ny. n Utile more per
ollleial documents. l' than any of the !reIoiis weaves
The l lilnese assumption that a of late years, l'.roii'.e, old gold and
woman must not be heard of outside iiowm r bine are Use three new favorite
tlie door of lier own house is now be- colors.
ing trltlciscd liy iii tp date Chinese
lllitlsh postolllce clerks have Just
been admonished to lie polite. They
say it is hard to be polite to Ameri
cans, "the majority of whom are ex
tremely rude."
Marriage in India is contracted in
very early life, but there is nothing to
bear out the assumption that the olf
sprhig of such marriages are mentally
defective. Idiots are rare.
Of ISO females who tried to commit
suicide in Moscow last year only thirty-live
succeeded. Most of them were
under twenty years old. Of 501 men
who attempted to take their own lives
V.H succeeded. A large majority of
them were from twenty-seven to thirty-two
years old.
Vnrter existing laws there Is no pos
sibility of Hour from the United Slates
or from any other country entering
Tight Cellars Dnnsrrous
One of the most common causes of
hot .-.wither discomfort and danger,
too, for that matter -Is tin- il!,i neck
band. Passing up and down the sides
of the i-'iiw arc tw very Important
arteries, tlie carotids, and two large
veins, the jugular veins. The carotid
arteries cany blood up to the head,
while the jugular veins convey it hack
to the heart.
.'.a elsewlurc in the body, the arte
ries are situated under the muscles
and so are partly protected from pres
sure, says a writer in Outing. Tlie
jugular veins, however, are ipiile near
the surface, and a slight degree of
pressure upon them is enough to im
pede the How of blood away from the
This retention of blood in tlie head
is a frequent cause of that headache
peculiar to hot weather where the
year:! will prndu--e an acre as tin
cut timber." while other weeds more
than twi-ity .rears of ace bring prices
that coin are favorably wl'h these.
lint to t'ie tain who is expecting that
Pi ten or ili'ieen years his tree crop
will reach a salable value the llgures
of the na'ional lorest service area bit
out of reach. Yet to that individual
hope l oiVcr-d in the announcement
that there are uses and even good
pr! os o.t'd for trees which range from
:he tender age of six years up and
that 111- demand for these slender
Htrlpting. is growing greater each year.
An ovimplo of tills lies In the match
Indirfv alone. This line of
Hire h nearly all ben niercd into a
great trust which annually purt bases
at a good figure thousands of acres of
ul.iie pine trees anywhere I'iom Maine
to ralll'orni'i. It buys these as uncut
til :l er In size from six Inches up and
n ft r clearing the tract moves on to its
oet lorest. in the manufacture of
church owns a small proprietary in
terest in iiu and a few of my sliares
are distributed lielwooii a woman's
club and a settlement workers' society.
I am the slave of fashion and the serv
ant of form. Inconsistency possesses
mo almost altogether, and golf, tennis
and motoring are equal partners in my
state of health. Several specialists de
rive their iiuoines from me. The state ;
controls mo and depends upon me for '
a large pari of its revenue. All the ele- !
ments are my masters, and little loves
and sentiments and passions and
whims make nie do their bidding.
Yours: 1 like that! Why, little man,
if you lived to be a thousand years
old and made love to me day and
night you wouldn't own a millionth
part of me. Avaunt!" T. L. M. in
Tho Kind You Hnvo Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has homo tho sijrnatnro- of
and has been mado under his ncr-
&-7y?-hs sonal supervision since its infancy.
y4 CttCSUK. Allow no mm to dnnnivn von in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" arc hufc
Experiments that triile with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children Experience u gainst Experiment.
What Is CAJ
Castoria is a harmless sulistituto for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops mid Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, HFoi-pliino nor other Narcotic
(substance. Its ago is its guarantee. It destroys "Worms
and allays Fcveviwlinos. It euros Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates tho Food, regulates tho
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears ilxo Signature of
Not In the Pool Class.
Sliinick There is one remarkable
thing alinm my friend .Ilbkins lie
I ,rrel staves and hoops trees of almost ( ,.., Ull0W ,, ,!l!n, at,(mt Sllln? u
i'iy touyh. UCKline wood nrenseu noiu i,0.,
rrance for consumption in the country, lllfnilnt.,K. ls .MWxur.m by Hushed
except in the event of a crop shortage,
Only two years of lnsulllcicnt homo
sii pi dies occurred in the last twenty
years once In lfe'Jl and again in 1S0S.
Tlie little town of Eaenza, In the
north of Italy, whence comes that deli
cate pottery known as faience, was
the birthplace of Torrieelli. the in
ventor of the barometer, and its cit
izens recently celebrated the tercen
tenary of the famous mathematician's
birth. Torrieelli was a pupil of Gall-lei.
face and feeling of fullness, often with
buzzing in the ears. This condition is
always present, lu heat prostration.
Now, the tight neckband and tlie
tight collar make pressure just over
the jugular veins and so by prevent
ing free escape of blood from the head
often produce heat headaches and oth
er discomforts, as well as add to the
risk of heat prostration.
the aires of four to llft"eii years, while
: uy straight young trees of ten years
will make salable Hag or tent poles.
Young alders, poplars and willows
of trom ten to iiftecti years serve man
kind in the manufacture of gunpowder,
while the prolllic beech and maple,
from six Inches In diameter upward.
an be used in the manufacture of
wood alcohol, for which there is an
enormously Increasing demand all over
the country. Furniture manufacturers,
elways on tlie out look- for wood with
a line grain, will take hhvh, cherry,
walnut, etc.. net large enough to bo
used in making parts of house furnish
incs for mo as veneer. Never before
In the history of tl.e T'nited States lias
pinch wood been used in tlie manu
facture of ornaments and toys as Is
now helm; used for that purpose, and
thousands of feet of spruce are em
ployed by manufacturers of sleighs and
In some parts of New York and
lli.mioi..nn!.i l.iirr. ititnntlttn Climll
i . ........ ........... o ., Vov!
timber are used In wood distillation t,1" ics-
plants for the production of acid, while
all over the country small timber is
Miunick Don't see anything remark
able about that.
Slnulck And lie never insists on go
ing out in rough weather and doing
it. IJrowning's Magazine.
An Opinion.
"I must say," said Farmer Corntos
sol, "thai 1 can't take no fancy what
ever to them dialect pieces."
"Neither can I," answered his wife.
"Anybody can talk that way. It
seems to mo thct glttin' tlie grammar
an' pernunciatlon right is where an au
thor shows his smartness." Washing
ton Star.
The KM You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years.
First Lawyer 1 hear Coake has been
expelled from the bar association for
not paying ids dues.
Second Lawyer What lar associa
tion? First Lawyer Tlie one that meets
every evening In Casey's saloon. Chi-
Tho Helen Taft Collar.
The Helen Taft collar is a low tum-
usod for tho manufacture of charcoal.
Small sizes of timber, particularly the
Mudge is doing well. He came In
and asked me for change for a twen
ty dollar bill half an hour ago."
spruce of .New England, Is used in tho ,lT,,l . mt. ,,., OI, t,,
ICxperiments are now being made la over of ..,. niier wide and edged pulp mills where paper and other wood h( tam'0 JllU) my 1)lace auJ got smaU
southern California to acclimate the
Uruguayan fruit Known as guayba (not
to be confounded with tho guara).
This fruit resembles a fig in shape.
Tlie interior is lllled with a most lus
cious red, white or blue sweet pulp,
the llavor resembling that of the musk
melon. The largest cheese ever manufactur
ed in the Mohawk valley was shipped
from Ftica, N. Y.. to a Chicago linn
recently. The cheese was built in tho
usual shape, but it measured 152 inches
high and 4T inches in diameter and
weighed 1,!)50 pounds. It took about
ten tons of milk to produce it, and It
was pressed into shape by a specially
constructed press.
Marconi denies the assertion recent
ly made to tho effect that wireless
telegraph waves are dangerous to the
health of the operators. lie says that
he has been in the busiuess twelve
years without injury and adds that his
health was never better than during
periods when ho was exposed for many
hours a day to the conditions which
have been challenged.
Berlin has a shorthand writer with a
unloue specialty. He attends all fu-
with a plain or plaited mllle and a Hat i'ulp products are nianuiacturc.i. men . . chUl d Into Uvuuty dollai. bui
for tho manufacture of toothpicks,
wiille in the mining country of Penn
sylvania and other coal producing
states thousands of "sprass" are pur
chased to serve their peculiar purpose
-Indianapolis Journal.
His Fatal Oversight,
lie proposed to her by mall, and by
letter she replied. He rend her brief
Tliis is to check the speed of tlie mule refusal, then committed suicide. Alas,
carts as tliev go rapidlv down the steep "'d " ve today and she a happy
grade of the mines by being thrown hriih had lie but lead the postscript
beneath the wheels. ' penned on Hie oilier side. St. Louis
These are onlv a few of the hundreds Post-Dispatch.
II. C. I1.NI, PiiKMprxT.
W. l'. HOLMES. Yicr. 1'i:i.
II. S. SALMON, CAsmr.i!
W. J. WAlil), Ass't Cashier
We; want you to understand the reasons for tlie A1JSOIXTK SECURITY
in this Dank.
K KltY I t LLA 1! of which must be loss before any depositor can to-'e a Y
It has conducted a growing and succvfUil business' for. over JJ5 jears, serving
an incicasing number of customers with tidclitv ari .'aiisfaotlMii.
Its cash funds are protected by MODKltN "STEF.1. VAULTS.
All of tliee tlnnsrs, collided with lonserviitlvu inanaetujcnt. Injured
by tlie I'AliKKl'I. PKIJSO VA1. ATTUXTLUX consta:Ui vlvfu Hie
Dunk'- a Hairs by a notulilv tilile Hoard of Directors assure 'he out mi is
of Hint 1IJ KM t-: SATli'V whirl) Is tho ni'inie esselrtlul of u sood
-1 .-;. llUO.Oll
Total Assets,
U. ('. ii wt.
t. O I. A ii i
ii. j. coNiiKi;.
I-M". KIM 111.1'
Two Discouraging Letters.
Hoax Ilow are you getting alon;
your wooing of Miss Ooldrox?
.Ions Well, she wrote me two let
wonN nv rural ic,.nts jjauuhter.
plaited jabot in front, over which
there is sometimes a small bow of
blacU velvet.
Fob For College Girl.
Girls who are tho proud possessors
of fraternity plus or who are collect
ing plus of any sort can make a stun
ning show of them to wear In tho form
nerals of prominent persons and takes of a watch fob. Take a heavy piece
down verbatim tho addresses of the ! of watered ribbon about two inches
officiating clergymen. Then he pre- wide and, it you can afford It, have
pares highly ornamental copies of the one end of it linislied with a little gold
addresses and sells them to the friends clasp by a jeweler, so that it will look
of the euloclzed dead. His business Is as the manufactured fobs do. Uut if
of uses to which young timber may bo
put If It is near enough to a market
to bo sold.
Prairies of a New Country.
By way of contrast in a new country ters today,
we give a picture showing the break- , "You don't say so."
lug up of virgin soil at Cordova. South 1 "Yes; they were 'n' and 'I.' " rhila
America. A large part of the Argeu- , delphla Iteeord.
tine Itepublic. including practically the
whole of the rich and fertile prov- Retort Courteous.
luces of Cordova. San Luis aud Santa ' Mrs. Saddensole When I'm dead
I'o. is iu its virgin state of little use j you will think of all the cruel things
for grazing, being sparsely covered i you've said to me.
with coarse, bitter grasses of bt little Mr. Saddensole And it will be just
nutriment. These lauds, although hav
ing such a poor natural covering, re
quire only the hand of man to turn
so good that he has taken one assist
ant and has ndvcrtlsed for auother.
London has a now chief of the fire
brigade, Lieutenant Sampson Slnden,
It. N., having recently been elected to
you do not wisli to make any expense
of tlie matter you can fasten the watch
I on yourself by making a slipknot In
the ribbon where the watch Is attach
ed. Then on tlie ribbon itself, which
the place bv the London county couu- I should not be more than four inches
til. The salary of the office is $ 1,500 a ! ln?f. put your pins hi one or two rows.
according to tne uuuiuer you possess.
This fob may hang fn the belt or
from the tiny breast pket of your
coat, the latter place being by far the
most effective for bhowing it off.
year, less than half what New York
pays Chief Croker, whoso compensa-
tloti was raised awhile ago to $10,000
a year. Lieutenant Sladen is not now
to the Are fighting business, having ,
been a divisional officer of tho brigade
since 1S0O.
Tne effect of singing on a child's
health is dealt with in a memorandum
issued by the Scotch education depart
ment on the teaching of music In Scot
tish primary schools. "There is no
more health giving form of physical
exercise than singing." says the mem
orandum. "It develops, strengthens
nnd maintains in good condition tho
lungs and the other vocal organs nnd
through them exerts a corresponding
influence upon the whole body," it de
clares. General Sir Ian Hamilton has been
appointed adjutant general of the Brit
ish army and second military mem
ber of the army council. Sir lan join
cd the army In 1S7.'!. and most of his
service was with tlie Gordon high
landers. About seventeen years ago
he created a sensation by declaring
publicly that not one British soldier
In a hundred knew how to shoot, hut
since then tho war olllce has come
round to his way of thinking, and the
lircsent musketry training Is based on
his suggestions.
iiur.AKiNu vi' viroin son. is botttii
them into tho finest pasturage iu the
world. Often as many as ten three
furrow disk plows may be seen fol
lowing one another up and down,
breaking up the laud preparatory to
sowlug alfalfa (luceni). Tho plows.
as shown in the picture, are drawn by
like you to go aud die In order to give
me a chance to think of them. Boston
; An Easy Method,
Miss Fuzzle I want to break; my en
' gagenient with Mr. Sapple, but I don't
know how to do it without driving
1 the poor fellow to suicide.
Little Brother Why don't you let
him see you in curl papers just ouce?
! Exchange.
Both Appropriate.
I "Sweets to the sweet" ls the line on
the car attached to tho box of candy
I he sent her.
J "Sticks to tlie stick" is tlie line on
tho card attached to the cane she sent
him. Chicago Tost.
A Dainty Apron.
A fancy little sewing anron seen
lately struck the keynote of newness eight criollo (native) horses tied four
and could be easily copied by the
clover lingers of any one so Inclined.
I It was made of a fine muslin in a
I deep cream shade, and the lower end
j was turned up about four inches. An
I inch wide hem at the top of tills pock
' et and auollier at the top of tho apron
I were run with leaf green ribbons and
, tied nt the ends In soft rosettes. The
nocket that extended across the anron
and tho tiny "hand" pockets above
were decorated with brilliant cretonne
roses, and a leaf or two were appll
quod to tho material by buttonholing
In green embroidery silk.
He's Been There.
"Pa, what ls a sehcmeV"
"I can't deilne it, my son.
something that will fall
But it is
wheeler. Witli two chnnges of horses
one plow will break up as much as
live acres of virgin soli a day. Some
ranchers sow with lucent 5,000 acres
a year. This In its virgin state would
carry some '-'uO head of cattle, but once
down in luccrn would support 2,000
Romedy For Plant Lice.
One of the best methods of destroy
ing plwit lice on roses and shrubs ls
by the use of tobacco stem solution.
1'our n gallon of boiling water on a
pound of tobacco stems and about
Empire Girdles In Vogue. twelve or ilfteon hours later add four
L'mpire girdles continue to be very moro gallons of water. Apply with a
much worn, made of Hue soft corded pprnyer or sprinkling pot.
fillk or satin. They nre carried under
tho nrms and across the bust. The The Curl In tho Pig's Tail,
band Is arranged of the silk or satin In The cur: In a plg'n tall Is nn Indicn
bo ft folds on a slmped foundation, the tlnn of good health. When the curl he
two sash ends of uneven length, with gins to straliiiteii out look for disease
a deep silk fringe nt tlie end. and give mcdlt'Ino or a chango of feed,
abreast, the plowman riding tho near j l1j!,:kt.1,au """"'K eIsi! 0,1
A Matter of Aim.
Tho Maid Whose fault is it If wom
en lead aimless existences?
Tlio Man Women's, of course. They
ought to practice throwing. New York
A Poet's Warning.
I'm not ti very fussy man,
Nor nm I prone to bluff:
I do not kick when peojilo call
My dally writing "stuff;"
I do not tlilnlt to talco offense
Should sonio ono term them "Rrlnd,"
And when they cull them "rot" or
E'en then I do not mind.
Hut there Is ono plnco I rebel,
Ono term I will not stand,
And ho who uses It must meet
My doubled nood rlsht hand.
To clnss my work as "stuff" or "rot"
Won't net mo on u rope,
But heaven help the man unarmed
Who calls my verses "dope!"
Joo Cone In Boston Herald.
TEN CENTS SAVED every 'day will, in fifty Jyoars,
grow to 9,504.
TWENTY CENTS SAVED daily would inlfifty years,
amount, to $19,006. ,
Tlie way to accumulate niwiey is to save small sums, system
atically, and with regularity.
At 3 per cent. compound interest moneyjloubles ltielfin 2."
years and 104 days.
Atliper c-nt. money doubles itself in 11 years land 3:
If vou would save r0 cents a day, in 50 years yon would have
If vou would save $1.00 a day, at the 'end years you
would have $95,042.
Begin NOW a
Savings Account
nt the
Honesdale Dime Bank
Moncv loaned to all Wayne countean s furnP-h-imr
s'ood security. Note discounted, l-irst
inortwisc on real estate taken, safest and cheap
est way to send money to foreign count lies Is by
drafts, to lie at this bank. 4 8
Telephone Announcement
This company is preparing to do extensive construction
work in the
Honesdale Exchange District
which will greatly improve the service and enlarge the
Patronize the Independent Telephone Company
which reduced telephone rates, anddo not contract for any
other service without conferring with our
Contract Department Tel. No. 300.
Foster Building.
First- Last and All the time for the Best