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    THE CITIZEN, Fill DAY, AUGUST 0, 1000.
DINING Room Girl Wanted. Apply
at Hotel Wayne.
petent salesman to handle a splendid
proposition as salesman in Hones
dale and Wayne county. None but
one with a large acquaintance neea
apply. Call or write. 309 Adams
Ave., Scranton, Pa.
AUCTION SALE On the prem
ises on Saturday, Aug. 7th, 1009, 1
will sell to the highest bidder my
farm of 85 acres with house, barn,
and all improvements, at Tallman
vllle, Pa. Terms one-third cash,
balance secured by G per cent,
mortgage, length of time to suit
purchaser. Sale to begin at 1 p.
m. O. & W. train arrives at Win
wood at 12:19 p. m. Carriages to
Tallmanvllle. A. B. Tallman. 60t2
ItOAIU) WANTED Office man,
neat and orderly, desires board
and lodging with private family.
Address XT., Citizen office.
FOR SALE Lady's bicycle, Iver
Johnson make; good order, cheap.
Inquire Citizen office. 57tf.
BRAMAX has some splendid na
tive and western horses for sale, all
in excellent condition at Allen House
barn. 25tf.
SPECIAL attention given to chil
dren at Charlesworth's Studio. 2S
FOR SALE Ray house, on East
Extension street. Large lot with
sixty feet front. M. E. Simons.
The cold wave arrived as pre
dicted. The weather bureau doesn't
always miss.
Partly cloudy weather, with
local rains, and slowly rising tem
perature, is what the Weather Bur
eau predicts for to-day.
Christopher Beurket, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beurket, of j
South Main street, is suffering from
an attack of appendicitis. ;
Eighty thousand people are
starving in Armenia. How much ,
will you contribute, in cash? ,
Sympathy won't buy corn.
A bowling team from this place
journeyed to Beach Lake on Wed-1
nesday evening and played a team
of summer boarders at that place. ;
James Crossley, little son of
Thomas Crossloy, fell off the'
porch rail on Wednesday eening'
and broke an arm. He was attended
by Drs. Nlckon and Burns.
There will be no vespers at the j
St. John's Lutheran church next '
Sunday, as the pastor will preach at j
Hawley in the evening. The morn- I
ing services will take place as usual. '
The White Mills base ball team j
will play Archbald, on the White j
Mills grounds, Aug. Sth, at 4 p. ,
m. Willie Dougher will do the
twirling for Archbald, and W. Smith '
for the home team. j
Saturday, Aug. 7, at Athletic '
Park, a ball game, Honesdale vs. 1
Carbondale, will occur. Game 1
called at 2 p. m. This will, un
doubtedly, be one of the best games
of the season. If you like base ball i
don't fail to bo there.
Deacon W. H. Hall will preach
at the Sunday morning service in i
the Honesdale Baptist church, Aug.
S, 1909. The evening service at 7 j
111 i i ... . , e !
jj. in., win uu unuer me uirccuuu ui
the V. P. S. of C. E. Subject:
"Why War Should be Abolished."
Henry J. Brennan, of Carbon-
dale, well known in this place, was '
one of the fortunate ones who es
caped with their lives when the earth j
had a severe shiver in Mexico, last !
Friday. He was a guest of the ,
Iterbide Hotel, city of Mexico.
Any man who is able to walk
for a living, as the Weary Willies
do, can usually muster enough
energy to do a little work for the
meal he calls for at the back door.
If he isn't willing to do this, intro
duce him to the dog and show him
the highway.
A lady of this place recently
sent to a mail order house in New
York ?3.00 for children's garments
which amount included express
charges. When she learned, a few
days later, that she could have pur
chased, right here, in Honesdale,
better garments for fifty cents less
than she had paid, she was some
what disconcerted. Try your home
dealers first, particularly those
whose announcements appear in
the home papers, and you will al
most always save money.
Mayor Kuhbach has appointed
a Citizens Committee of 150 to
receive the singing societies which
are to visit Honesdale on the lGth
inst. He has selected Honcsdale's
most prominent men in every de
partment of Art, Science, Literature,
Medicine, Law, Politics, and Trade,
omitting Inadvertently the Clergy,
many of whom are away on their
vacations. The list of names is so
long and we are so cramped for
room that wo have omitted printing
the same, but if you, my dear
Reader, have any doubt as to
whether you are on the committee
chase away the doubt and be on
hand to serve. Mr. Alex. Volgtis
chairman and will gladly Instruct
committeemen as to their duties.
Let everybody get the cobwebs out
of- their throat, so as to help swell
the sound that will hit us on the
Fine now stone steps are be
ing placed in front of St. John's
Catholic church in this place.
The seventy-fifth anniversary
of the Susquehanna Association of
Unlversallst churches will be held
in Brooklyn, Susquehanna county,
September 8 and 9. An interesting
program has been prepared.
The Maccabees will picnic at
Beach Lake on Saturday afternoon,
Aug. 7th. There will be a public
dance in the evening. Honesdale
members will start from the tent
rooms at 1 p. m.
"You have a famous appetite,"
remarked a thin, dyspeptic-looking
individual to his corpulent neighbor,
at the Wayne Hotel table yesterday.
"Do you take anything for it?"
"Yep vittles," was the laconic re
sponse as the feeder stored away half
a biscuit, in one motion.
If you can find and return to
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Smith, who reside at 150 Carey
Ave., Wilkes-Barre, their son Don
ald, aged ten years, you will receive
a reward of ? 100. The lad has been
missing since Saturday last, fright
ened away from home by a neigh
bor's threat to have him arrested
for stealing apples.
The chapel of the Mallingrndt
convent, in Wilkes-Barre, was the
scene of most Impressive services
Tuesday morning, when forty-eight
young women took vows renounc
ing the world and devoting their
lives to religion. Twenty-eight took
their final vows and the other twen
ty assumed the white veil.
The borough council of Jermyn
has decided that nlckle nmusements
moving picture shows "cannot be
conducted within three hundred
feet of school houses, churches or
other places of worship." The in
tent is probably good, but possibly
the Jermyn council has assumed
powers that are not Intrusted to it
by law.
Mr. A. F. Voigt, one of Hones
dale's popular business men, had a
birthday, this week. It happened
this year on August 4, and his
many friends, of the Maenner
chor gave him a serenade, and
wished him another hundred years
of happy existence. He responded
in a happy vein at least we sup
pose so, it was in German and a
pleasant evening ensued.
James Long, of New York, is
visiting his friend, C. Lowe, of this
Mrs. II. II. Webb has gone to
Buiiingore, Kansas, for a visit with
Miss Florence Bunnell is visiting
friends in Scranton and Carbondale
this week.
Miss Barbara Weaver, of New
York, is visiting friends and rela
tives in this place.
Mrs. J. Palmer and daughter,
Mrs. C. Flanderback, are visiting in
Ringhamton, X. Y.
Mrs. Ann Wonnocott has returned
to her home at this place, after a
visit in Binghamton.
Mrs. P. Havey and daughter, Miss
Beatrice, are spending several days
with Scranton relatives.
Mary Stephens, who lias been
suffering from nn attack of typhoid
fever, is much improved.
Mrs. Frank Ryan, of Scranton,
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
F. Soete, of South Main street.
Joseph Garrity, of the Inter
national Correspondence Schools,
Scranton, is spending a few days in
The Misses Dorilinger, of White
Mills, and Clara Torrey, of this
place, are visiting friends in Mil
ford, Pa.
Miss Helen Thompson, of Bing
hamton, Is a guest of her uncle and
aunt, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Burcher, of
Main street.
Miss Mignon Green has re
turned to her home in Wilkes-Barre
after a visit with the Misses Ward
of Park street.
Mrs. John L. Bauman and three
children left on Wednesday after
noon for a visit to the home of her
father at Roxbury, Pa. They will
remain about three weeks.
Louis Milhauser and wife of New
York who have been guests of the
former's sister, Mrs. Fanny Roos
on Pine street, Scranton, for the
past two weeks, arrived here Tues
day and will spend the next few
weeks at the residence of Jonas
Katz and wife on Church street.
E. E. Belknap, formerly of
Prompton, was a visitor in town
Wednesday. He has just returned
from Greenfield, Mass., where he
has been visiting his sister, Mrs. M.
V. Severance, whom he had not
seen in twenty-eight years. Mr.
Belknap Is in excellent health and
greatly enjoyed his eastern trip. He
will go from here to Wilkes-Barre.
Trotting It aces at Wayno County
The Wayno County Fair which
beglnB nt Honcsdalo Monday, Oct.
4, 1909, will give a purse of ?200
to tho winners of each of the fol
lowing raceB:
Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2:40, 2:19.
Wednesday, Oct. 0, 2:15 2:23.
Thursday, Oct. 7, 2:27 free-for-all.
These races are for either trotting
or pacing horses.
Advertised Letters.
The following letters remain un
called for at the Honesdale post
office: Miss Lulu Brlgham, Miss,
Minnie Dunlap, Mr. S. Major, Rev.
T. Moneojuskl, Mr. J. Robert Stout,
Miss Eliza Smith, and A. N. Way.
Hand Crashed.
At 11:50 yesterday forenoon, Earl
Williams, an employe of tho Na
tional Elevator Works here, had
three fingers of his right hand
crushed in a milling machine. Am
putation of the third finger was
performed by Dr. Burns. It is
hoped that the others can bo saved.
Old Home Week Committee Meeting
On Wednesday evening the exe
cutive committee on arrangements
for Old Home Week celebration
met at the City Hall. All chairmen
were present except W. F. Suydam
and A. T. Senrle.
M. J. Kelly, chairman of the en
tertainment committee, asked for
more funds for that committee. The
music during the three days, will be
furnished by the Laurence Band, of
Scranton, Honesdale band and
Maple City Fife and Drum Corps.
Sigmund Katz, chairman of the
advertising committee, reported that
the committee has started its work.
It has secured rates on the Delaware
and Hudson railroad, as follaws:
From Scranton $1.00; from Wilkes
Barre ?1.25. Mr. Lester Knapp,
local agent for the Erie railroad,
was in attendance. He is making
an effort to have the company run a
special train to Honesdale leaving
here about six o'clock each evening.
The Firemen's committee said the
Protection Engine Company had in
vited the Hendrick Hook and Lad
der company, of Carbondale, and
the Excelsior Hose Company, of
Port Jervis. The latter company
has accepted the invitation and will
come to Honesdale with a company
of sixty-five uniformed men.
The Alert Hook and Ladder com
pany has invited the Hnwley fire
The Chemical company lias not
sent an invitation to any company.
The Alert and Texas No. 4 fire
companies, will lie given fifty dol
lars each to entertain their friends.
The privilege, reception, and
decorating committees are all
Frank Schuerholz, chairman of
the Athletic committee, reported
that the committee would not need
all of the money which was allowed
them to defray expenses.
Everything Ijooks Itright For a
('rent Time Here.
The following committees have
been appointed to act during the
celebration of Old Home Week to
bo held here in September:
J. D. Weston, Chairman, R. M.
Salmon, Secretary.
M. J. Kelloy, Chairman, ('has.
W. Dorfllnger, X. Frank Fralley,
Dr. L. B. Xielsen, Wm. F. Hert,
Sigamund Katz, Chairman, L.
Blumentlial, I). F. Haines, W. W.
Wood, X. J. Spencer, Dr ..McCon
ville, Benjamin Dittrich, Thomas
Finnerty, John Richnrt, Wm. J.
Silverstone, A. M. Leine, F. Frailey,
C. B. Callaway.
Hon. W. II. Dimmick, Chairman,
H. S. Salmon, H. Z. Russell, E. C.
Mumford, Myron Simons, Martin
Galvin, John Weaver, Dr. C. R.
Brady. William J. Reifler, O. M.
Spettigue, W. J. Reif, Samuel Katz,
M. B. Allen, C. J. Smith, Hon. Jas.
C. Birdsall.
II. H. Richards, Chairman, H. T.
Weaver, A. J. Coleman, Charles
Searles, A. J. Armburster, Leonard
Burkett, J. Clyde Seeley.
John Erk, Chnlrman, J. B.
Neilson, S. T. Ham, William Road
night, R. W. Penwarden, Edw.
Deltzer, Herman Meyer, Edw. Calla
way, Edmund Finerty, L. Swingle.
F. P. Kimble, Chairman, Rev.
T. M. Hnnly, Rev. William H.
Swift, Hon. James C. Birdsall, An
drew Thompson, W. B. Holmes.
A. T. Searle, Chairman.
W. J. Ferber, Chairman.
W. F. Suydam, Sr.
Hon. John Kuhbach, Chairman,
Hon. Thomas J. Ham, secretary,
Rev. Wm. Dassell, Hon. Perry A.
Clark, Benjamin Loris, Jr., Hon.
Henry AVIIson, Hon. C. C. Jadwin,
C. M. Betz, Hon. C. A. McCarty,
Homer Greene, Rev. Wm. F. Hopp.
Robert Murray, Chairman, Ed.
Deitzer, Emanuel Freeman, Irving
Brown, John Crosby, W. L. Burn
ard, John Jenkins.
F. W. Schuerholz, Chairman, Ed.
Finnerty, Ed. Lindsay, Fred Suy
dam, Fred Gilbert, J. T. Brady.
Martin Caufield, Chairman, J. M.
Lyons, N. Holgate, Thos. Finnerty,
Sr., Geo. W. Penwarden, Frank
N. B. Spencer, Chairman, Hon.
John Kuhbach, Hon. C. A. McCarty,
P. R. Murray, George Penwarden,
Wyman Kimble, George Genung.
Why August is Dog Days Month.
Ancient Greeks called Sirius, the
brightest star which is above the
horizon with tho sun in August, the
Sirius is in the "dog constella
tion," a group of stars that the
Greeks thought looked like a dog
in the sky.
This star doesn't Influence dogs
to go mad; but the hot weather in
August does.
Rev. Francis Walsh died at 3:30
o'clock Wednesday afternoon at Dr.
Burns' hospital, Scranton, after an
illness of two days of stomach
Two foreigners belonging to a
section gang in the service of the
Laurel Line were run down by a
freight train nbout 11 o'clock Tues
day morning, at Scranton, and seri
ously hurt. Both are In the Moses
Taylor hospital.
According to the report of Fred
W. Lewis, secretary of the board of
health, of Carbondale, there were
thirty-two deaths in that city during
the past month, which is double the
same month of last year and an
increase of ten compared with the
previous month of June.
Attempting to get on a mine car
riage that was already overcrowded
at Storrs' No. 3 shaft in Dickson
City Tuesday evening, Walter Shel
lnsky, a mine worker, tumbled off
and fell a distance of 270 feet to
the bottom of the shaft, meeting
instant death.
The forest fires which have been
raging on the Shawangunk Mount
ains for some days assumed such
grave proportions Saturday night
and Sunday that there was appre
hension for the safety of the build
ings in the vicinity of Lake Mohonk,
Lake Minnewaska and Camp Awost
ing. Harry Rhines and Alonzo Bernian
went out Into the woods Wednesday
near Ridgewny. Bermnn laid down
and slept during the temporary ab
sence of his companion. When the
Intter returned he found a rnttle
snnke colled upon Herman's breast.
Drawing his revolver Rhines shot
the snake through the head. It
measured Hfty-four inches in length.
Scranton newspapers are proud
because that city "almost" had an
Elsie Selgel case. In this affair the
Chinaman, Mon Wen Swo, had actu
ally married the woman, who was,
as a maiden, known as Belle Mahan,
of Wilkes-Barre, but he had only
"threatened" to make an angel of
her. Mrs. Swo succeeded in getting
her yellow treasure held in ?3U0
bail for court.
While the anthracite shipments
by the leading coal roads for tho
first quarter of the current calendar
year showed an increase to the ex
tent of 1,203,719 tons, as compared
witli 1908, tho gain was more than
offset by the falling off to the
amount of 2,320,098 tons in the
second quarter; so that the half-year
showed a decrease of 1,177,079 tons
as compared witli tho corresponding
half year in 1U0S.
Word reached Easton Tuesday of I
the tragic deatli of Milton Sliive,
proprietor of a hotel at Pattenburg,
N. J., along the line of the Lehigh
Valley railroad. Ho was splitting a
tie that had been discarded by the
railroad, when there was a terrific
explosion and he was blown to
pieces. It is tho general opinion
that a dynamite cap had been con
cealed in a tie, probably by would
be train-wreckers, and that it was
exploded when Shive's axe struck it.
If there is not a marvelous air
ship sailing around Newburgh and
other localities in Orange county,
there are some tall liars and stiff
wind-jammers on the east side of
Shawangunk mountain. One or
more of these aerial craft have for
months been reported as cavorting
in the vicinity of Newburgh and
lately the vision has worked its
way to Goshen and to Middletown
and even Port Jervis people declare
they frequently, almost nigntly, see
a strange light hovering above the
crest of the Shawangunk mountain.
Meeting unexpectedly at Brown
town on Tuesday evening, a Wilkes
Barre Italian and an unknown coun
tryman, who escaped, drew weap
ons and without a word engaged in
a brief but deadly duel. The Wilkes
Barre man was hit by both shots
fired by his rival. He himself fired
once, but it was not known whether
or not the bullet took effect. The
injured man, when questioned,
claimed that he had shot himself
while handling his revolver. He was
reticent when asked about the duel,
and refused to furnish the name of
his assailant or tell as to what led
to the deadly animosity.
Scranton Dentist in the Toils.
A correspondent in Wilkes-Barre,
says that a prominent dentist of
Scranton, who has been on a pro
tracted spree, furnished, at Wilkes
Barre, Wednesday, a Nicholson, Pa.,
woman of unsteady reputation, co
caine. A policeman found out what
tho tooth artist was about to do,
followed him and arrested both him
and tho woman, before tho woman
had opportunity to take the drug.
Mayor Knlffen severely arraigned
the dentist who began to sob and
weep, pleading that if he hadn't
been drunk he wouldn't have got
into such trouble. The woman cried
too, and declared that she had kept
away from the dope for more than
a year but the craving came back
and she pleaded with the dentist
to get her some. The dentist was
fined $10 and cost and the woman
$15 and cost. Both paid.
Wash Dresses in English Rep, Linen
und Linette, at
46wo MENNER A CO.'S Stores.
Base Ball.
On Tuesday and Wednesday the
Honesdale team played the strong
college team of Mllford and met
defeat in both games. Smith pitched
the first day and lost by the score
of G to 1. On Wednesday Schuer
holz was In the box. The game was
a pretty thirteen inning contest,
Mllford winning by the score of
On Saturday afternoon tho Clip
pers of Carbondale will be the at
traction at Athletic Park. The
visitors are a strong aggregation
and a good game can be expected.
Stubborn Former.
A farmer in this immediate local
ity was recently visited by a State
Inspector, who told him he would
have to overhaul and clean up his
premises. He swore that he wouldn't,
whereupon the State placed the
"kibosh" upon his production of
milk and butter dealers being noti
fied not to accept them. This was
two weeks ago, since which time
the obdurate farmer hasn't disposed
of a pound of butter or a quart of
milk. With 23 cows to feed and no
returns, his neighbors are wonder
ing how long he will continue
Short Weight Bushels.
It has been discovered by sev
eral people In this locality that some
one has been making bushel baskets
which must have "shrump-up"
since they were built, or else the
maker's conscience was shrunken
when he constructed them. "This
wns brought to my attention," said
a citizen yesterday, "when I saw a
dealer buying potatoes of a farmer.
The measure was so rounded and
the potatoes looked so fine that it
attracted my attention, and I ordered
a bushel. When they arrived at my
house I thought the measure
didn't look so generous as that
which the farmer used, so I weighed
the tubers. The weight was just
43V& pounds, instead of CO, the
legal weight. Where the blame lies
I don't pretend to say, but I advise
people to buy their vegetables and
the like by weight. Anyway, I
shall, hereafter."
We Pay the Freight
No charge for packing this chair
It is sold for CASH
at $4.50 each
(Dlh i7ome Week
25 pieces of English Mercerised Madras, White and
Colored, Best 25 and 3 sc. grade at I5c. a yd.
100 Madras Waist Patterns
100 Ladies' Vests always
Gents' Madras and Percale Shirts in all sizes at
39c. each
200 Parasols and Umbrellas $1.25 value at 89c. each
Nnrrowly Escaped.
Miss Jennie Lennon, of Ridge
street, narrowly escaped serious In
Jury on Tuesday afternoon. Miss
Lennon was burning rubbish in tho
yard, and in some manner her dress
caught fire, and she ran into tho
house, her clothes ablaze. Edward
Murtha, who was at work near by,
heard her call for help, ran to her
assistance and succeeded in ex
tinguishing the flames. Both Miss
Lennon's and Mr. Murtha's hands
were quite seriously burned.
Accidents in 1007.
1785 lives lost upon the ocean.
324 killed by automobiles.
1244 seriously injured by auto
mobiles. 260 killed by cyclone.
1839 drowned while bathing.
242 killed, 4258 injured in sport.
4110 killed and injured by fire
works. 2989 killed, 3997 injured on rail
roads. 717 killed, 3950 injured on trol
ley roads.
We haven't had time to count
those of 190S, as yet.
He a Boomer.
Tell me not in mournful numbers
That the town is full of gloom,
For the man's a crank that slum
bers, In these glorious days or boom.
Life is real, life is earnest,
And the grave is not its goal
Every dollar that thou turnest
Helps to make the old town roll.
But enjoyment and not sorrow
Is our destined end or way;
If you have no money, borrow
Buy a corner lot to-dny.
Lives of great men nil remind us
We enn win immortal fame.
Let us leave the chumps behind
And we'll get there all the same.
In this world's broad field of bat
tle. In the bivouac of life,
Let us make the dry bones rattle
Invest something for your wife!
Let us then be up and doing
Still achieving, still pursuing
With a heart for any fate,
Booming early, booming late.
3 and 1-2 yd. lengths
at.39c each
i$c, during this sale 10c.