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Doings in Rural Wayne.
Interesting Items Picked Up by Our
Staff of Wide-Awake Correspondents
The neighbors made Mrs. Richard
McGraw's heart Bind on Friday by
turning In and cutting her hay and
putting It In the bnrn. The rumor
is that Mrs. McGraw expects to
leave her farm in the fall.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Truman
Bryant, on July 22, a daughter.
Mrs. Kate Squire having spent
some time among friends here, re
turned to her home at Waymart on
Messrs. Horace Gail ami Fred
"White and Mr. G. N. Bonham at
tended the funeral of Mr. Squires,
nt Peckville on Tuesday.
Now telephones have recently
been placed in the homes of Mrs.
Kelley, George ('lift, and YV. 11.
Mrs. Cal. Bonham and daughter,
Esther, returned to their home In
Carbondale after spending two
weeks with friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. II. P. Mead, Win.
Glover and Charles Bonham were
among the visitors at Farvlew, July
Mrs. Walter Lak, son and daugh
ter of Pleasant Mount, spent last
Thursday at V. E. Odell's.
John Mill and wife, of Honesdale,
visited Wm. Glover's this week and
attended the funeral of Clayton Big
low, at Pleasant Mount, on Mon
day morning.
Frank Bonham, of Carbondale,
is spending a few days with his
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George
Bonham, at this place.
Julius Yutzler gave a party in the
hall to a number of his friends, last
Friday evening.
Mrs. E. M. Stark gave a party to
a number of little girls on Tuesday,
in honor of her daughter Hilda's
birthday. The little folks report a
line time.
July 30, 1909.
Haying is over and farmers are
turning their attention toward car
ing for other crops. Although the
yield of hay is a fair one, other
crops seem to be In a backward con
dition. They are far below normal.
This is due to the lack of moisture
and severe dry winds.
Mrs. John Ham, of Scranton, is
visiting her old farm at this place, ' the cliest.
now owned and operated by her Although rumor says Ahram Gar
son, Karl. ''Is llilH Wright's disease, we are
The whole neighborhood was 1 pleased to learn that ho is better,
shocked on Saturday last by the ! Mrs. LUHe Cusher Is also improving,
news of the sudden death of Mrs. The school board meets weekly
.1. M. Austin, who died of pneu-. nnd is having quite interesting meet-
nionla at her home, the Indian
Orchard hotel.
Richard Brock, of East Beach j niM-nmiinnled hv two crand-'
sons, sons of E. S. Brock, ot Iowa,
and Wnlter Robinson
were visitors at W.
of Honesdale,
D. Bucking-
ham's on Friday of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Henshaw en
tertained Carbondale friends on
Sunday last.
Samuel Saunders intends to take
an extended trip to the West. soon.
We have been informed that Thos.
Gill of White Mills will accompany
The Berlin school directors met
on Saturday last for the purpose of
hiring teachers for the coming i
school year.
Earl Ham has finished Charles
Jay's haying. Mr. Ham has done
more in the hay field this year than
any one farmer in this vicinity. He
Alt) flio linvlnff nn Plm llnrfU n !0l'V
farm, on his own farm, did mowing
for William Troverton and John
Reining, besides the first mentioned.
An Inspector for the board of
health of New York City was at
this place on Friday last, looking
after the dairy men who are selling
milk to the Borden condensery at
East Honesdale.
Mrs. W. H. Hudson, of Houstln,
Texas, is visiting her aunts, the
Misses Beardslee, of this place.
W. C. Spry now owns one of the
best pair of matched horses in this
vicinity, he having purchased one
on Friday last of Joseph Jacobs, of
The dance at Ives' hall on Friday
last, was well attended by the young
people of this place. All tripped
the light fantastic until the wee
small hours of morning ana then
departed for their several homes,
in a good condition for the follow
ing days' work.
Blanche, youngest daughter of the
late Webster Bennett, went to Haw
ley Monday evening, where she will
make her future home with Levi
Kimble and wife.
Mrs. Byron Tuttle Is entertaining
Mrs. Hopkins and Miss James, of
Sugar Notch.
The German Lutheran Sunday
school held its annual picnic here,
at tho falls, on Wednesday.
Charles Daniels of Lakeville, took
supper with his sister, Mrs. Flora
Helchelbeck, on Wednesday, after
ward driving to Hawley to attend a
meeting of the I. O. O. F. Lodge,
of which he Is a member.
Mrs. Ryan, who has been working
for Mrs. Cleeman of Fowlertown,
snent Sunday afternoon with her
sister. Mrs. William Masten. On
Monday she went to pay a visit to a
sister in Pike county.
Mr. Uban, who has charge of the
electric light plant, accompanied by
his wife and daughter, were recent
guests of his parents at Sterling.
Mvrtle Pennell, of Arlington, is
dressmaking for her aunt, Mrs. Geo
Pelton, of Hawley.
Wall & Murphy have moved their
portnble saw mill to Seelybrook and
will soon bo ready to saw lumber on
the Gilbrido lot.
Frank Tuthlll and son, Paul, of
Schenectady, called on friends here
on Friday afternoon.
Uov. B. P. Ripley, with twenty-live
young men of Hawley, comprise u
camping party which will pitch Its
tents on the Paupnc landing, at Big
Pond, to-day, to spend the next ten
Mrs. Henry Hardier Is entertain
ing her nelees. Misses Anna and
Lizzie Hhody, of Mt. Vernon.
Some of our young people attend
ed the dance held nt Albert Folz
hoff's on Saturday night.
The launches and row boats con
veyed about two hundred people
from Hawley up the river to the
pleasure grounds yesterday.
Aug. 2, 1909.
We arc again having very hot
and dry weather, although showers
frequently go around us.
On the 2Sth, the Ladies' Aid real
ized $10.00 at their ice cream social.
The money will be used to help pay
for a new roof on the parsonage.
The committee met to-day anu prac
tically decided to put on a slate
roof, although they realize it will be
a rather expensive affair.
District Deputy Osborne installed
officers in Washington Camp, No.
279, on the 27th. He was accom
panied by Mr. Oaks.
A little hoy of Bennett McLain
recently fell off a wall and broke
both bones in one arm.
The grangers are having a two
days' outing at Salem and several
from here are in attendance.
Mrs. Webster accompanied her
mother home, so Mr. Webster is
Mrs. Susan M. Gilpin is having
quite a serious time with neuralgia
lug. To run the schools economi-1
ially and give (satisfaction to all, is
out or the question, but we hope in ;
time the tiling will adjust itself. ;
Olive and Ethel Simons are now
with tneir aunt,
Islington, Conn.
Kate Soblo,
Mrs. W. D .Sheeloy is entertain
ing Mrs. Andrew Sheoley and family
of Hawley.
Miss Mildred Myers, of Ariel,
Is the guest of Mrs. Alfred Locklin.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reffieke, of
New York City, are spending their
vacation at the home of William
Waterson, of New York
City, is visiting friends at this
Ralph Reineke, of Scranton. is
spending a few weeks at Wm.
Martha Lempfert, of New York
City, Is spending her vacation at
their summer home in this place.
Mrs. A. Goble attended the Odd
Fellows' nnd Rebakahs' picnic held
at Luna Park, Scranton, on Friday
last, returning home on Saturday.
Mrs. Edward Woodward and
family, of Dunmore, are visiting
their aunt, Mrs. James Carefoot, of
this place.
Lyman Miller, of Newfoundland,
passed through this place enroute
to the Maple City.
Frank Tuthlll and son, Paul, of
Schenectady, N. Y., called on
friends and relatives in this place
on Thursday last.
Mrs. Byron Tuthlll, of Hawley,
nnd Mrs. David Hopkins, of Wllkes-
Barre, spent Sunday at L. James'.
Mrs. D. A. Smith, of Schenectady,
N. Y., .Is visiting at the home ot her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. James.
Hannah and Dorothy Levy, of
Scranton, returned home on Wed
nesday, after spending two weeks
at S. Miller's.
A number of young people, chap
eroned by Mrs. A. Goble and Miss
Minnie Lockln, ot this place, en
Joyed a delightful day's outing at
Wangum Falls on July 25, 1909.
They were Joined there by Miss
Myrtle James and Mr. Harry B.
Cross, of Hoadloys.
Miss Blodwln Richards and three
gentlemen friends of Scranton,
came to A. Gobies' on Saturday to
accompany Miss Mame EvanB and
Miss Elizabeth Jones to their homes
at Scranton on Sunday.
July 31, 1909.
Mrs. George Wulff met with a
very painful accident on Friday
at her home here. While reaching
for a bottle of vinegar In a rather
dark pantry, she tipped the bottle
over, which broke, and in reaching
down quickly to draw a sack of
flour, upon which the vinegar was
spilling, her arm caught on a frag
ment of the broken bottle, which
cut a severe gash. Dr. Nlelson, of
Honesdale, was summoned and at
tended to the injury.
Miss Amanda Morton, who has
been spending a few days at Rev.
James Ralney's, returned home on
Miss Mabel Cox, who has been
visiting Miss Anna Butler, returned
home this week Tuesday.
Mr. Charles Lozler returned home
from New York City Inst week. He
reports business as Improving.
The glass cutting shops resumed
work Monday on full time. The
company expects to use all frames.
Its representative Is making pre
parations to take one of his usual
trips soon with a full line of
G. S. Knapp sold one of his Jer
sey cows this week.
Punderson Rnlney, son of Rev.
and Mrs. James Rainey, who is
employed by the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company, has been spending
a few days here. At present he Is
visiting friends in Tunkhannock.
The Aldenvllle base ball team ex
pects to cross bats with the Pleasant
Mount team soon.
The Moran family reunion will
take place on the old homestead,
Aug. 18.
We live in hopes of our telephone
line being completed soon.
The Fltz brothers have finished
hnylng on their farm.
July 31, 1909.
Frank Bonham, of Carbondale,
is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. G. N. Bonham.
Thursday evening a little daugh
ter came to brighten the home of
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Bryant.
Miss Rena Stark is spending the
summer with her sister, Mrs. John
Romich, of Prompton.
Mr. Warren Spencer is erecting
a fine large residence at Lake Se-
mar. This property was recently
purchased of H. S. Fisher, but
. formerly belonged to the D. & H.
R. R. Co. and known as the Hand-
kins Pond.
Miss D. P. Hamlin entertained
Dr. Joseph McKee and father, of
Philadelphia, over Sunday.
Friend Tuttle. Jr.. of Hawley, is
a guest at the M. E. parsonage.
Mrs. J. H . Boyce and daughter,
Marion, are visiting at Damascus.
The young people of the place en
joyed a picnic at Bidwell Pond on
Tuesday last.
Miss Margaret Tucker has re
turned to her homo in Carbondale,
after visiting at G. O. Gillett's.
Mrs. Lorlng entertained her sis
ter, Mrs. Lamberton, and little son.
of Scranton, last week.
Mrs. Ella Noble and son Warren,
of Detroit, are visiting their many
friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Wright, of
I Scranton, were in town on Sunday.
! Mr. Robert Spangenberg, is hav
I ing his house repainted. Earl Wil-
i Hams is the artist.
, II. M. Simons, of Edwardsvllle,
and Mr. and .Mrs. Nelson J. Gar-
I rett, of Scranton, were at C. L.
I .Simons' over Sunday.
j Mrs. Artemus Simons and Mrs.
i Orrin Simons are visiting Mrs. L.
, I. Pelton.
I The grangers were favored with
most delightful weather for their
I Pomona, on Thursday and
i of last week. The attendance was
exceptionally large, and tho sessions
most ineresting. Most enjoyable
of all was the assembling of the en
tire Pomona on Thursday afternoon,
in the open, on which memorable
occasion it had its "picture took"
by photographer Ridgeway, of
C. B. Gale, of Scranton, is spend
ing a ten days' vacation here.
Messrs. Lawrence A. Alt, and
Homer C. Pelton made a business
trip to Bidwell Pond recently.
Bishop Talbot will conduct ser
vices in St. John's Episcopal church
at eight o'clock on Wednesday even
ing, August 4th, at which time he
will administer the rite of con
firmation. The Pinochle Club met with Lor
raine McKee last evening.
Loen P. Scudder spent Sunday
at the home of Mrs. Inez Curtis.
Mrs. Frank Wetherill died at her
home on the East Side on Saturday
morning last. The funeral will be
hold from the M. E. church here on
Tuesday at 11 o'clock.
John, only child of Mr. and Mrs.
Emory Black, died on Sunday, Aug.
1st. Tho funeral will be held In
the M. E. church on Wednesday
morning at 10:30.
Aug. 2, 1909.
We had a fine shower Sunday
afternoon which was very much
Everyone Is very busy with hay
The Ladles' Aid meets this week,
Thursday, Aug. 5th, at tho home
of Mrs. David Stalker.
An lco cream festival will bo held
at the Braman church Saturday
evening, August 7th,
Fred Caffory Is home from Carth
age, N. Y., spending his vacation
Also Frank Tyler, from Brooklyn.
Mrs. Robert Gregg nnd son, Terry,
were pleasant callers at D. M. Stalk'
cr's. last week.
Elraa and Helen Kent are with
their grandmother, Mrs. White, and
their mother, Mrs. Frances Kent,
is expected Tuesday,
Mrs. Harper Keys and baby are
visiting at Mrs. Wells Keys.
Elina White came home on Sat
urday from Port Jervls for a two
weeks' vacation.
A. F. Lawson left last Wednes
day to visit his daughter, Dora,
near Walton.
Mr. and Mrs. Schwab visited the
latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Young, Sunday.
Mrs. Lydla Cole is on the sick
list; but we are glad to hear she is
Aug. 2, 1909.
Mrs. Jackson Hlne and son, Don
ald, of Scranton, are at the home of
D. J. Hlne.
Mrs. Clinton Hlne spent several
days In Forest City last week.
Mrs. Fred Soules, of Btnghnmton,
N. Y., has returned home after a
visit to her parents here.
Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Hlne attended
the Pomona Grange, held at Salem
last week. They report a good
A Farmers' Institute will bo held
at Orson on December 1st and 2d,
and at Lake Como December 3d
and 4th.
W. B. Hlne, of Brooklyn, N. Y
spent several days at the home of
S. H. Hlne last week.
Miss Geneva Spoon will visit
friends In Forest City during the
coming week.
Mrs. John Brink is quite ill nt
the present writing. Mrs. Hen
shaw, her mother, of Peckville, is
caring for her.
Mrs. Jessie Jenkins, daughter
Mildred, and son Carl, of Scranton,
are boarding at the home of Mr
and Mrs. Joseph Lee.
The annual Hine reunion will be
held at Palmer's Grove, on Monday,
Aug. 9th. The Orson cornet band
is expected to be in attendance
A very interesting ball game was
played on Keeney's flats, Saturday
afternoon last, between Writer Hill
and Orson; score 13 to 17 In favor
of Orson.
Mrs. Warner Sanford left last
night for Binghnmton, N. Y., where
she will visit relatives.
The Auxiliary of the Woman's
Home Missionary Society wm meet
at the home of Mrs. D. J. Hine, on
Wednesday of this week.
Mr. Charles Saunders, of Syra
cuse, N. Y., spent a few days at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. L. Spoore
Miss Genevieve Canfleld, who has
spent the past few months at Han
cock, N. Y., has returned to Orson
On August 1st Mr. and Mrs. it
Hall spent the fifty-fourth anniver
sary of their wedding day at the
home of their daughter, Mrs. Stan
ley Hlne.
Mrs. Hall, whose health has been
very poor for the past few months.
Is improving.
The Orson Sunday school has
been invited by the Thompson M
E. Sunday school to picnic with
them at Coxton Lake, on Saturday,
August 14 tli. The Orson cornet
band also expects to be present.
Aug. 2, 1909.
Mrs. Avery, of Jamestown, and
Miss Laura Shier, of Scranton, are
visiting at the home of Mr. J. M.
13. 11. Carlton has purchased a
lot of J. M. Gilpin, opposite the new
factory, with intention of erecting
a dwelling house.
Mr. ira Frey, of Scranton, is
at home, painting the 1'. O. S. of
A. hall.
Mr. Wm. Hazer and Miss Helen
West were married July 31st, at
her home.
G. II. Lancaster's people heard
an unusual noise In tho stables at
about 2 o'clock Sunday morning,
and upon seeking the cause, found
one of his fine team of horses sick,
and the other missing. The sick
horse died in a few moments, and
E. D. Dunning and Samuel Frlck
took the trail of the missing mate.
The horse and rider were found at
Mt. Pocono, and were botn brought
back. The thief, whose name we
did not learn, is in jail.
More city people here than ever
before. Still they keep coming.
Carpenters have commenced the
frame work of the new factory.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mitchell, of
Canadensis, lost their son, Clare,
He was buried Sunday afternoon in
tho Pine Grove cemetery. Death
was duo to typhoid fever. His age
was G years.
The Newfoundland base ball
team and La Anna team played at
La Anna Saturday afternoon; score
G to 2 in favor of Newfoundland
Tiie old Sunday scuooi team was
well repreaented on both sides.
The contractors of the new state
road have a piece of it nearly com
pleted. It certainly looks fine.
Evert Lancaster, of Washington,
D. a, is visiting his father, G. H
Aug. 2, 1909.
Get Your Wraps Ready.
Chief Moore, of the U. S. Weather
bureau has issued the following
bulletin under date of August 1,
"A barometlc depression that now
covers the Rocky Mountains will
move eastward and reach the Atlan
tic coast Wednesday or Thursday,
Another depression will advance
from the Rockies to the Atlantic
Benboard from about August 4th to
8th. These depressions promise to
be attended by good rains from the
gulf states to Canada. Pressure Is
low over the Greater Antilles and a
disturbance from that region may
approach over southeastern coast
within tho next few days."
Shylocks Win.
Taking the stand that the act of
the Pennsylvania Legislature of May
11 th of this year, governing the con
duct of money lending establish
ments, Is class legislation, Judge
Sulzberger at Philadelphia has de
clared the law unconstitutional.
As a result, the money-lending con
cerns may now conduct their busi
ness without being handicapped by
legislative enactments.
The decision was rendered In the
case of the Jefferson Credit Company
In Philadelphia, which has been do
ing a leading business for several
years. After the passage of the act
to govern loan operations the com
pany applied for a license, that us
proprietor might not lay himself
open to a fine of from ?B0 to ?200
and Imprisonment. The clerk of
Quarter Sessions refused to Issue
the permit, as the act made no pro-1 ly scratched his nose, and then wlth
vislon for such a course. The case . out uttering a sound, took his de-
was then appealed to the court. ,
The act, according to Judge Sulz-
berger, Is remarkable in that It dl-
vldes money Into minor and major
clnssiflcatlons, the lntter being sums 1
of ?200 or more; that loans are made
of two kinds, those In which a note i
or contract is given and those In I
which there Is no such pnper; and,
finally, that borrowers are classified I
as wage earners and married men
on one hand, and non-wngc earners
and single men on the other.
It is in tills last classification that
he finds the most Important Haw, as
it makes a law against wage earners,
he says, which does not apply to
other citizens. This he regnrded as
offensive to the letter and spirit of
the constitution.
Erie Coal to Again be Shipped Via
the I). & H. Bond.
Arrangements have been made
whereby the coal from the Erie
mines in this section will be taken
over the Jefferson Division in D.
& H. cars aud with crews in the
employ of the latter company. The
new change means much to Car
bondale. It will furnish employ
ment to a number of men at pres
ent on the extra list and for most
of the time unemployed. The Erie
coal is now shipped over the road
by way of Lackawaxen. Until a
year ago it was shipped over the
D. & H.
Superintendent Burr, of the Del
aware and Hudson Company, has
Just returned from New York city
where ho drew up the agreement
with the officials of the Erie com
pany. At the time the Erie began ship
ping its coal over by way of Lacka
waxen it was found necessary to
remove the dispatchers from Scran
ton to Susquehanna and many of
the old employes also removed to
that town in order to be more con
venient to their work'.
The D. and II. Company will also
furnish the pusher engines from
this city and will also do the dis
patching from their office. Scran
ton Times.
The. Prolific "Dossiers." j
The Carbondale Leader printed I
the following libel, on Friday last: j
"A few days ago three young peo
ple from Honesdale started out for
a "Joy riilo in the rural district
and incidentally expected to pay a
visit at one of the I arm houses whore
i friend of one of the party lived,
None of tho party know exactly
where the farm was located and it
was decided to watch tho names on
tho mail boxes along the rural route
to find their party. When tho trio
arrived at a farm house, in which
they thought resided the friend, they
perceived the name of "Hessler"
printed plainly on the box. As it
wns not the name that was being
looked for, the journey was con
tinued. The next mail box had the
name of "Hessler" on it as did five
or six others passed later. It was
getting late and as tho trio were
some distance trom home the search
A short time later one of the trio
remarked that the "Hesslers" were
possessors of considerable land in
a certain section of the country, en -
tlrely ignorant of the fact that
"Hessler" is the name of the manu
facturer of the boxes. This really
The Odd Fellows and Rebekah
Lodges at Lakeville will hold their
first picnic at that place on Aug.
7th, 1909.
Everyone is Invited to join them
and enjoy a day of pleasure. Come
to the races, there will bo several,
for which prizes will bo awarded.
In the afternoon there will be an
Interesting ball game between Lake
ville team and Hamllnton. Dinner
will be served for 26 cents; also
all kinds of refreshments will be
sold on the grounds. A cordial in
vitation is extended to all brother
and sister lodges. ,Como and bring
your wives and sweethearts.
Hurt In Runaway Accident.
Saturday afternoon Mr. Walter
Whitney was driving along on tho
north side of Mr. Homer Green's
property on North Main street, and
when coming down a slight incline
part of the harness broke. This
frightened the horse, and In a few
jumps, he went over the wall at
that point, with the carriage, also
over another wall below, each being
about five feet in height, and
landed In the street below. Mr.
Whitney jumped before the first
wall waB reached, and escaped with
a broken wrist and a badly wrenched
shoulder. Tho horse, strange to
say, was not Injured, but the buggy
was considerably smashed.
Trolley Talk Hurts uncut.
The Mllford, Pike county, Press
says, concerning the trolley road
which Is soon to be extended from
Honesdale to Seelyvllle that "trol
ley talk gives people down here a
worse pain than green apples do
the small boy, and Is quite as real."
We suppose so. Anything else In
the way of modern improvement
does, also. The ox-team which is
still used as a means of transporta
tion over there, Is evidently good
enough for Milford.
Showed Hint Grcht Respect.
Sunday evening the guests at
Hotel Wayne had a very distin
guished caller, although un
announced. He came In by way of
the main hall, glanced causally
about the sitting-room, at Its in
mates and its furnishings, reilectlve-
parture. The spectators didn't say
n word, either just sat quietly and
breathed slowly. After lingering
a moment on the porch, the un-
ennny visitor disappeared under
the sidewalk and the coterie of
ladles and gents, fearing his return,
lied, pell niell. He was a beautiful,
big, fat skunk.
More Thnn Fifty Years, a Wayne
County Postmaster.
Mr. Hugh A. Lnncaster, of Sterl
ing, this county, hns served the Gov
ernment as postmaster at that place,
for llfty-threo years. He is now SG
years of age. Mr. Lancaster, who is
yet in rugged health, mentally and
physically, was born Sept. 24 ,1823,
on the old homestead In Dreher town
ship, about one-third of n mile from
his present home, which he built In
18"4. He was one of a family of ten
children, having two sisters and
seven brothers, two of whom, Robert
and Margaret, aged eighty-two and
eighty years, respectively, are still
living. His father, Richard Lancas
ter, was born in 1792 on board a
British vessel In New York harbor,
and his mother, Frances Mcllvaln,
iu 1793, In the north of Ireland.
Michael Donahue's Body Discovered
In Woods Near Luke Lodoro.
At about two o'clock Monday
afternoon, some boys discovered in
the woods, near Lake Lodore, the
lifeless body of Michael Donahue,
whoso homo was with Ellsworth
Ames, a farmer of that vicinity. The
coroner was notified and held an
Inquest, the verdict rendered being
to the 'effect that deceased came to
His death by nntural cause, evi
dently heart failure. Donahue left
home the same morning, at 10
o'clock, apparently in usual health,
and was seen roaming about in the
locality where his body was found,
at about noon. The remains were
eared for by the town authorities.
The Late J. J. Mciglm.
On Friday morning Charles C.
Melghn arrived In Honesdale on the
9:50 train. Mr. Mclghn Is a son
of J. J. Mclghn who died at the
home of William Brlggs, on Sunday,
Aug. 2 Gth. The funeral of the de
ceased was held on Thursday
morning. At the time of his death
It was learned that he had a son
, working for the Adams Express Co.
in Philadelphia. Word was sent to
Him but he was on a few days' va-
j cation. Returning to tho city on
j Thursday, he learned of his father's
death and immediately left for
Honesdale, arriving hero too late
to attend the funeral. The son has
not seen his father for the past live
years. The son claimed that the
family has a valuable plot in a
Philadelphia cemetery, and if ar
rangements can bo made, the re
mains of his father will be removed
to that place.
Base Rail.
On Saturday afternoon a team
, under the management of Charles
! Dallhagen was defeated by the
I White .Mills team at Athletic Park,
i by a score of 4 to 0. The game
! proved very interesting. The home
team is composed of the town's
1 younger material. Crogo's pitching
was a feature of the game, having
thirteen strlke-outs to his credit.
Smith also pitched a good game,
allowing only two hits.
Fred Schuerholz, of Honesdale,
pitched for the Damascus team In
their game against Callicoon on
Saturday. Damascus won by a
score of 17 to 4. Schuerholz struck
out seventeen men.
A base ball team will be organized
at this place and the first game will
be played on August 14. The team
will be composed of the following
players, and will be tho fastest that
has represented the town in a num
ber of years: Catcher, Liljeguist;
pitchers, Hesllng and Schuerholz;
1st base Murphy; 2nd base, Mona-
ghan, 3d base Tuman; short stop,
Brader; fielders, Murray, Weaver,
Hattler and Wenders.
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