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By Rev. Dr. Edward Everett Hale
Text: "And said, Behold, I see the
heavens opened, and th.3 Son of man
standing on the right hand of God."
Acta vli., 56.
I think that we should advance the
real life of the world If, by some de
vice or devices, we could brins that
mysterious person, the average read
er, Into a broader Idea, an Idea wider,
deeper, higher, nnd In every way larg
er, of what Is meant In the Now Testa
ment by the words lue "kingdom of
God." If at the same time wo could
enlnrgo and Improve the words the
"kingdom of Heaven." that would be
For 1 suppose that, -h this average
reader reads or hears the words the
"kingdom of God" or the "kingdom of
Heaven," his mind goes but "tlo
way. The picture which the nve ';o
man presents to himself Is that a
royal or imperial court, where a iv
crcign is sitting In the central r ico
and receiving the homage of a fo- of
courtiers to whom he has given 'Is
and that business to discharge. e
mcmber a little book, with bright red
papor covers, which we got hold of In
some way when I was a boy of ten
years of age. It was an enthusiastic
demonstration of the validity of the
four Gospels, in which much s. -s
was laid on the prophetic power of t;io
Saviour. Among other things he had
prophesied the coming of the king
dom of God. He had said, "There are
some standing here who shall see the
kingdom of God come in Its glory."
And this coming of the kingdom of
God meant that the Emperor Titus
was to destroy the city of Jeru
salem before Saint John died. When
in other studies we came to read of
the awful carnage and horror of the
storming of the city of Jerusalem, it.
was not unnatural If Intelligent boys
and girls should ask how it could be
that the Saviour of men had such hor
hors In his mind when he said a thou
sand times that what he hoped for
was the coming of the kingdom of
God or the kingdom of Heaven. It
seems almost a burlesque to bring to
gether two uses of these words so dis
similar, but I believe that just such
false ideas of what the kingdom of
God is hold back many intelligent
men and women from an adequate
idea of what they moan themselves!
when they pray that "Thy kingdom
may come."
I once heard Dr. Durniss say that he
had never met a man who was edu
cated on the continent of Europe who
knew what Jesus Christ meant when
he spoke of the kingdom of God. It
is even worse than the Idea which
half the continent of Europe has as
to the meaning of the word "govern
ment." Perhaps we do not hear so much
now as wo did fifty years ago about
the second advent of the Saviour;
but even now I could name people
otherwise intelligent who really sup
pose that before this generation of
men is dead Jesus Christ will appear
In the city of Hoston in a carriage not
unlike a circus wagon with four or
six horses, as the case may be, with
or without wings, as the case may be,
and that this will bo the beginning of
a new dispensation of things.
What good men want, what
prophets and klng3 waited for, Is not
any machinery of palace or etiquette
or courtiers or ofllcers. It is the rulo
of God. Precisely what it is not Is
the reign of a body of officials com
ing between God and his children.
Precisely what we want Is that the
life of men may bo life in which they
know and feel the presence and wish
of God as an intelligent child knows
and feels the wish" and hope of his
father In the homo, whether the
father be In sight or no.
All the analogies of nature are on
our side. In Dr. Stebbins's fine
phrase, we can spell Nature with a
large N. We are praying that the
will of God may be fulfilled, that tho
moral law of God may be obeyed, that
the presence of God may be felt and
acknowledged. We are not praying
for any palace on seven hills or on
seventy. No! And we are not pray
ing for any court of high chancellors
or keepers of the king's conscience.
We are not praying for any secre
taries of state or of war or of peace.
oven. We are praying that the will of
man, the child of God, may reflect the
will of God tho Father. We are pray
ing for tho common life, for the com
mon law, for the common wealth of
the whole world, that literally and ab
solutely It may be one with the will
of God. Our dally prayer is for the
real presence of the living God in the
hearts and in the actions of all his
Now and then some devout soul Is
distressed over the fact that the
heroes of the Bible behave at times
quite as foolishly and as unrighteous
ly as though they belonged to this un
heroic age. My brother, the Bible Is
given to us as a record of God's deal
ings with human beings, and not with
angels. Were this not true, It would
be of little profit to us to read It Tho
Word of God presents but one perfect
character, and even that One was not
a seraphic being whose feet spurned
the earth, but tho Son of Man, who
was tempted in all points like as we
are. The Standard.
Etiquette Demands Consideration
for the Hostess as Well as Pleas
ure for the Visitor Do Not Mnko
Demand of Servants.
There are rules for your bohavlor
bb a guest which the girl who goes
a-vislting will do well to consider,
says the Delineator.
Suppose we begin at the very be
ginning. You have been asked by
letter for a short visit of a week or
two. Be sure In answering it to ce
pcat tho days for which your host
ess has asked you. This is the flist
rulo on your part. Also state In
your acceptance tho train on which
you arrive nnd, If you wish, add tho
train on which you will depart.
Whether or not you do tho latter,
never fail to do the former. Don't
mlfs that train or change your mind
and fake another one.
So that your baggage gets on tho
trrin with you.
Attend to your baggage checks at
the station yourself, unless you are
met by a man of the family or a
competent man servant who Insists
upon taking this duty upon himself.
It is best to give your checks to
the baggage expressman who comes
through the train, pay him and got
a vcelpt.
Have the change In your pocket-
bork to pay for the trunk when it
arrives at the house. Never borrow
the money from someone In the
house or let your hostess pay for It.
There Is no intimacy or even rela
tionship between friends -that will
allow this.
From the moment you set foot in
the house, whether the visit be for
days or weeks, remind yourself over
and over that all the things In it.
from the telephone to the chamber
maid are another person's property,
and that you must ask permission
for their use.
Do not make demands on the ser
vants in the house. They have oth
er duties. When they offer their
services to you accept them gra
ciously, but do not call the maid to
fasten your gown fifteen minutes be
fore dinner Is served when she has
to wait on the table.
Ask the hours of meals and be
punctual. Write that In your mind
in letters of fire. It makes no dif
ference whether you are hungry or
not, at the appointed hour be at the
Do not bother your hostess by re
maining at her side all the time. Let
her go about hor Household duties
or to her room for a brief rest, with
out following hor around.
If you are visiting in a house
whore there are no servants, and
where the house work is done by
the family, then you should try in
every way to be of help. It take3
qvito a little tact to find out wheth
er you are in the way or not, but
you can at least make up your room
and put away your clothes.
Wives of Stlnjiy Husbands.
I wonder in how many households
this scene takes place as "ho" is
leaving the breakfast table.
She I'll have to ask you for a lit
tle money before you go, dear. There
are some things I've got to buy to
day. Ho Why didn't you speak abojt
it before? You know I'm always
short at the end of the month.
She (tearfully) I put off asking
you just as long as I could, Henry,
but now I really can't wait any lorg
or. He (looking at the clock and pull
ing out his pocketbook) How much
do you want?
She (nervously) I I don't ex
actly know. I have to get a pair of
shoes my feet are on the ground
and a hat for Mary and a toothbrush,
He (on edge) I've got to work.
How much do you want? Five dol
lars? She (hastily) Oh, more than
He (savagely) Fifty?
She (flushing and confused) Oh,
no, no!
He (taking a bill from his pocket
book) Well, here's ten; you'll have
to make that 40 this time.
He grabs his hat and goes while
she sits there trying to overcome the
trembling that always makes her feel
sick after she has nerved herself up
to ask Henry for money. Sho really
needed twenty-live but she could not
have said it If her life had depended
on it. She will go still longer be
fore she asks for money again, be
cause he always acts as If he hated
to give it to her. Harper's Bazar.
Takes Snapshots of Guests.
A woman well known for her love
of amateur photography as well as
hospitality, has, ever since her mar
riage, carried out the plan of "speed
lng the parting guest" by taking a
snapshot of them. The result Is in
the guestroom, where a frieze of pho
tographs shows the gallery, making
an interesting collection, and one
that entertaining every now visitor
that the room shelters.
Reads, Reads From Top to Toe.
Madame from Paris gathers hor
Ideas from the whole world. It
would seem sho had been taking
note of the red man's squaw, to
Judge by the newest effect in foot
wear. Beaded shoes are the newest,
Baptists Attack University
of Chicago Professor.
Ministers Say He Flouts Belief In
the Bible and Calls Miracles
the Refuge of Ig
norance. Chicago, .Tune S. At n meeting of
200 ltnptlst pastors here Professor
CJooi'Ko H. Foster of flic I'nlversity of
Chicago, whose writing, denounced
by some ns "a hitter Indictment of the
Christian religion before the liar of
skepticism," have harrowed t'.to clergy
H' Chicago, was called on by the Rev.
Dr. Johnstone Myers, pastor of Im-
inanuel Uaptlst church, to withdraw
from the P.aptlst ministry and to yield
up his ordination papers.
The lire l' criticism was directed
chlelly at Professor Foster's recent
book. "The Function of Religion,"
which was declared heretical.
This motion was put at the confer
ence of the Baptist executive council,
md only the objection of one man,
Professor A. K. Parker, who. like Pro
fessor Foster, Is an Instructor at the
University of Chicago, prevented tho
;vIetlon of tho author of "The Func
tion of Religion."
Professor Parker prevented action
iy calling attention to n constitutional
arovlslon preventing notion without a
week's deliberation. The ease accord
ingly was postponed until June 14.
"I want to say now that I'll be here
next week to present tho same mo
don," said Dr. Myers.
It was after Professor Foster had
Doen characterized ns "an undesirable
Baptist" and as a teacher who "flouted
the Bible, would dethrone the church
ind defy evolution" that the effort to
?ject him from the councils of the de
nomination was made.
"Professor Foster declares." snld the
Rev. W. A. Mathews of the Tabernacle
Raptlst church In the course of a re
view of the recent book penned by
Professor Foster, "that one who calls
himself a believer In tho Bible is a
'knave.' Then, thank heaven, I am n
"May I ask how that word Is spell
ed?" Interrupted Professor Parker.
"K-n-a-v-e." replied tho speaker.
"If you will pardon the correction,"
observed Profer.sor Parker, "I have
the book In my hand, and the word is
spelled 'naive.' "
"Professor Foster states In his
book," continued Mr. Mathews, "that
God did not make man in Ids own
Image, but that man made God in his
own image. He says we are not fallen
angels, but developed animals. He says
that miracles have always been the
refuge of Ignorance and that modern
technic must take the place of magic.
I wonder what he means by 'modern
"He declares that 'science has under
mined the trinity. Of course that Is In
his own mind. He says that Jesus was
a child of ills time and that to copy
Jesus is to kill the soul. He makes
a tirade against the clergy. He says
that the book of humanity Is greater
than the Bible.
"The title of his book should have
been "Religion Without Christianity.'
lie is guilty of the supreme conceit of
ranklm: himself as greater than Christ,
lie styles our grand old book ns the
'petrllled remains of the Christian re
ligion.' "
While Mr. Mathews was speaking
the situation was tense. The nudltors
leaned forward to catch every word
of the proceedings.
Through It all Professor Foster's sev-onteen-year-old
son sat with Hushed
cheeks and shining eyes. At last, un
able to restrain himself longer, ho
rose and cried:
"Why don't you review the book nnd
not the man."
A buzz of excitement spread over
tho room, but the speaker paid no at
tention to the Interruption,
When the motion was made to expel
Professor Foster, there were cries of
"Second it!" from all over the hall.
After the meeting Dr. Parker said
that whatever action might bo taken
by the preachers would not affect Pro
fessor Foster's relations with the Uni
versity of Chicago.
"This conference has nothing to do
with the university," he said. "Two
thirds of the university's trustees are
Baptist laymen, but they could not
vote to expel a member of the faculty
exeent on moral grounds "
Histories mako men wise; poets,
witty; the mathematics, subtle; na
tural philosophy, deep; moral, grave;
logic and rhetoric, able to contend.
Francis Bacon.
Foot Srowinc City.
One of tha fastest growing cities
in the world la Kobe, Japan; Its
population Increased from 190,000
to 360,000 in ten years
Ttmiiil nlsenso in Jomnica.
In Jamaica tuberculous disease is
extremely uncommon among the
whites. When it occurs in negroes,
they quickly succumb to it.
Sometimes Peppery.
Spicy conversation should bo han
dled gingerly.
And Eke a Lawn Mower,
It takes push, even to trundle a
Harry Lauder's Tale About Mc
Dowell's Top Hat.
In speaking of his kilt, at a dinner
In Washington, Hary Lauder said:
"Speaker Cannon tolls me that tho
kilt would never be popular on tho
wlcd-3wept prairies of Illinois. Why
not? Tho bare knee hardens to the
cold like the bare face. But to hear
some people talk you'd think the kill
as Intolerable as Sanders McDowell's
top hat.
'Sanders McDowell, a coal heaver
of Peebles, said angrily to his wife
one night:
' 'Havers, Lispeth, hoo manny times
am I to tell yo I wlnna hae the chil
dren brlngln' up coal In my top hat!'
" 'Hoot, Sanders, mon, be reasona
ble.' said Lispeth. 'Ye've spoilt the
sha"pe o' the top hat wi' yer funny
head a'ready, an' since ye're heavln'
coal all day, wot can a little extra coal
dust In tho head piece mnttcr?'
" 'Woman, ye dlnna grasp ma argy-
ment.' said Sanders. 'I only wear
that top hat In the evenin', an' If I'm
oot an' I tak' it off, It leaves a blpck
hand round ma forehead. What's the
rrv-oolt? Why, I'm accusod on all
EidoJ o' washin' ma face wl me hat
011!' "
Scotch Thrift.
They sat each at an extreme end
of the horse-hair sofa. They had been
coortin' now for something like two
years, but the wide gap between had
always been respectfully preserved.
"A penny for your thochts, Sandy,"
murmured Maggie, after a silence of
an hour and a half.
"Weel," replied Sandy, slowly, with
surprising boldness, "tao tell ye tho
truth, I was jist thinkin' how fine It
wad be if ye were tae gle me a wee
bit klssle."
"I've nae objection," simpered Mag
gie, slithering over, and kissed Lira
plumply on the tip of his left ear.
Then she slithered bock.
Sandy relapsed into a brown study
one more and the clock ticked twen
ty-seven minutes,
"An' what are yo thinkin' about
noo anlthor, oh?"
"Nae, nae, lassie; it's malr serious
the noo."
"I3 It, laddie?" asked Maggie, soft
ly. Her heart was going pit-a-pat with
expectation. "An' what micht it bo?"
"I was Jist thinkin'," answered San
dy, "that It was about time yo were
paying me that penny!"
Auntie's Memory.
An old colored woman down In Ala
bama was reported to be of great are,
and was extremely proud of tho dis
tinction. The proprietor of a muse
um, on hearing of her, sent one of his
agents to make an Investigation, as
sh would bo a valuable acquisition to
his museum. Tho agent plied her with
qr -Jtions regarding her age. He ask
ed her:
Auntie, do you remember George
"Does I remember George Washing
ton? Laws a ma3sy, mistah, I reckon
I does, for I done nussed him when
he was a chile."
"Well, I suppose you remomber the
Revolutionary war?"
"Yes, indeed, I doo3, honey. I stood
dar lots of timo3 an' seen de bullets
fiyln' round as thick as hailstones."
"Well, auntie, how about the fall of
the Roman Empire? Do you recollect
anything about that?"
"Dc fact is, honey. I was pretty
young .about dat time, but I does
'membor, now you speaks ob It, dat
I did hear de white folks tol 'bout
hearing sem-pin drop 'bout dat time."
"Is that little man Widow Brown's
"Yes; that's the widow's mite."
The Way of True Love.
Three or four several times was her
heart broken. Twice, at least, she
ate it out But 'hereupon ehe was
turned twenty-four.
"I've had my fling!" she exclaimed,
sadly, and added, with a sign: "I sup
pose I must marry." And so die gave
her heart to the first man who hap
pened along, and lived happily ever
Statistics of London Fires.
In London more fires occur on
Saturday than on any other day of
the week, and more in August and
December than In any other months.
Fine Definition of Liberty.
Liberty is the state In which tho
soul no longer finds any obstacles
In the way of Its union with good
and with its object. Plato.
Lighthouses on British Coasts.
Thqro Is a lighthouse on every
14 miles of coast in England, to
every 34 miles in Ireland and to
"o mllq (n Scotland.
Victims of tho Habit Constantly
Dose Themselves With Shocks.
"Of all the habits, the one that
sticks closest to a follow is tho elec
tricity habit," said a young doctor.
"Tho drink habit and tho cocaine
habit are moro summer fancies com
pared with it. But there Is ono
thing to be said in its favor; it is
usually beneficial.
"The electricity habit in contract
ed Just like any other habit. A few
currents are administered during an
illness, lacy strengthen and stimu
late, and the ilrst thing tho patient
knows he finds tho tonic indispensa
bly, liven after he gets well ho
ciavcs the treatment. I know one
young woman who makes a fair liv
ing by culling at tho homes of elec
tricity victims and dosing them with
a few shocks from a galvanic battery.
"Most slaves to the habit have
the,,' own batteries, but they aro
afraid to apply the treatment to
themselves. That is practically a
groundless fear, for there isn't ono
chance In a thousand of a person
giving himself an overdose. Still,
they prefer an experienced hand to
manage the current. Not all the
electricity fiends aro Invalids, by
any means. Many of them aro now
as well as they ever were, yet they
have become so addicted to the habit
that they requlro the weekly, sotni
weekly, or even daily thrills to tone
them up."
Australian Tenchcrs Win.
Since tho granting of the suffrage
to tho women of New South Wales,
Australia, tho woman suffrage soci
ety of that province which no longer
has any reason for existence has
been formally dissolved, and from Its
ashes has arlson tho woman's Pro
gressive Association. This organiza
tion appears to be a body that has to
be reckoned with, for It has Just ac
complished tho most difficult of all
tasks, namely, the raising of the sal
aries of women teachers. Parlia
ment voted ?300,000 to Increase
teachers salaries, and the men teach
ers tried to get the whole of the
amount. Tho association, whoso
members are all voters, did not see
the logic of such a division of the
grant and objected to it so strong
ly that tho men were forced to share
the money with the women. The as
sociation is now trying to reform
the university and to secure among
other things the admission of women
to the senate and faculty.
J llnviii'4' pui'cliiised the interest of
I Jl L. Meillnnd, of Cnrbondnle, in
jthe harness business of Bctz &
j Modlnnrt of that city, the business
J will lie conducted in the future by
I ( M. Itetz alone, who will ulso con-
j finue Ills store in Houesihile ns here-
fofore. In order to reduce stock,
I reductions in prices will be mode
j 011 nil loods. Bargains may bo
j found in both stores. Mr. Kdwni-d
j Fasslmiiei', who has been in the
I Honesdale More about ten years ns
j clerk, will have full charge of the
i Cni'liomlale store.
Manufacturer of
Custom Harness
For New Late Novelties
SPENCER, The Jeweler
"Guaranteed articles only sold "
D In the Court of Common Pleas of
Wayne County.
ROSE L. NEUUAUER, Libellant,
FRED. C. NEUBAUER. Respondent,
No. 121 Oct. Term, 1908. Libel In Divorce
To Fred. C. Neubauer: You are hereby
required to appear In tho said court on tho
third Monday of Juno next, to answer the
complaint exmoitea to tno juuge 01 saiu
court bv Rose L. Neubauer. vour wife, libel
lant. In the cause above stated, or in default
thereof a decree of divorce as prayed for In
suiu complaint may no muac against you in
your uuseucc.
M. I.EE I1RAMAN. Sheriff.
Ilonesdulo Pa. Mav2U WO!) 43w4
IN NEUSIIIP. Notice is hereby given
(tint tho nnrtnurshln existing between O. M.
Retz. of Honesdale, and T. h. Medlund. of
Ourhondule, under the firm name of HctzA
Medlaud, suld firm being manufacturers of
custom fmrness ana dealers in norso iurnisii
, 1 A . 1 1 i. .. r. ntn 111 1 1 I u
nntvpd this mti ilav of Mliv. 1009. All bills
duo the firm are to be paid at tho Carbondalo
store, and ull bills against the firm aro to be
prescnteu ut tno sanio P'ace.
C M 1 J r I ft
C,rbondale, Pa.. May 12. 11XW. 40U
hereby given that the accountants
uercin nuiueu nave seuicu inoir respective
accounts 111 tho Illllrn nf Mm lti.r,Ulir nf Wllk
of Wayno County. Pa., nnd that the 9nme will
oe presented at-tneorpnuus' court of said
county for confirmation, nt the Court House
in lloncsdale, on the third Monday of June
next viz:
First and flnnl account of .Tnscnh A. lloilln.
executor of thccstiiteof John T. Ball, lloncs-
First nnd tlnal account of F. P. Kimble,
administrator of the estate of Caroline Jus-
11!!. l.COUIlOIl.
First nnd tlnal account of Wullaco I). Orlf
fln, administrator of the estate of David Urlf
lln, lloncsdale.
Hi-stand tlnal account of lloyd Case and
Mar In M. Shaller, executors of the estate of
Wallace Case, Wuymurt.
First and tlnal ni'oount nf liln I.. KcmliW
nnd Olive A. Wilson, administratrixes of this
estate of Sarah A. Reynolds. Oregon.
Urst and final account of Win. M. Foster
acting executor of the estate of Clarence K.
I-oster, lloncsdale.
First nnd llnal account of '. C. .Tadwtn. ad
ministrator of the estate of Charlotte K.Jad
wln, HoiicmIuIc..
Final account of Wm. I,. Lenitiltzer, ex
ecutor of the estate of Dolna lllockberger.
First and final account of Rclnhard F
Wnrg, executor of the cstnte of Elizabeth
A wee. lluwley.
First and final account of Rclnhnrd F.
Wart', executor of the estate of Christiana
(irossbelnter, llawloy.
First and llnal account of (iconic W.
Liiiipp, guardian of (iertrude Dull', a minor.
Mini and final account of (ieo. W". Knupp,
guardian of Alice Half, a minor.
Flrt and Until account of (ico. W. Knapp,
guardian or Marcclla Dull, a minor.
I'irstnnd llnal account or Inez II. Curtis,
administratrix of the estate of (ieorgc 1!.
Cuitls. Salem township.
First and final account of Jacob I. Hates,
executor of the estate or F.mlly Hates, Dy
berry. First and final account of K. II. I.edyard.
administrator. I). II. X.. of the estate ol Ceo.
W . Allen. Mount Pleasant township.
Urst and final account of K. II. I.edyard.
administrator of the estate of Mary Ann
Allen, Mount Pleasant township.
First and llnal account of Henry J. Iglor
and J. Adam Kraft, executors or the estate or
Mary Iuler. Texas township.
o . - ,.!'" W.(lAMMi:t.i Register.
Register s Olllcc. I
lloncsdale. .May 2d. 111:1. f'l
D REAL ESTATE. 1 5y virtue of pro
cess Issued out of the Court of Common Picas
of Wayne county, and Stale of Pennsylvania,
and to me directed and delivered. I have
lcvltdon and will expose to public sale, at
the Court House in lloncsdale, on
FRIDAY. JUNE 18, 1000. at 2 o'clock i M..
the following described prortirty viz:
All of defendant's right, title and Interest
In flic following described property, to wit :
All that certain tract of land situate in the
township of Scott, county of Wayne, Pa.,
bounded ami described us follows: COM
MENCINO ut st jno corner: thence south
twenty-six degrees east ono hundred and
twenty-nine rods and three links to stone
corner: hence south sixty-four degrees west
sixty four and one-half rods to stones cor
ner ; thence north twenty-six degrees, one
hundred and nine rods and three links to
stone corner: thence forty-live degrees cast
forty rods to stone corner; thence north
twenty rods to a stone corner ; thence north
eighty-seven degrees east twenty-two and
one-half rods, to the place of negmiiliig.
CONTAINING fifty-five acres and sixty-sir
perches, more or less, lseing the same mud
Anna Pearl Hill conveyed to Nora Skellett,
by deed dated Oct. 10. l'JOf. Recorded In Deed
Hook !U, page (12,
Upon said premises Is u two story frame
house, frame barn, and about half of same
land is improved.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Nora Skellett. at the suit of Anna
l'earl Hill, assigned to C. 11. Spencer. No.
32 Oct. Term, 1001. Judgment, fliUO.
Mumfoi-d, Attorney.
Takk NnTrci:. All bids and costs must ho
paid on day of sale or deeds will not he
M. LEE I115.VMAX. Sheriff.
Sheriff's Olllce. Honesdale. t
May 21. 1000. 1
J (lie .lude of the peveral Courts of
the County of Wayne has Issued his precept
for holding a Court of (Juarter Sessions, Oyer
and Terminer, and (Icneral .Tail Delivery In
and for said Co uity. at the Court House, to
itegui on
and to continue one week:
And dliccthiL' that a firund .Turv for tin-
Courts or Quarter Sessions and Oyer and
Terminer be summoned to meet on Monday.
.lime 14, 1IHM, at 12 p. m.
.Mince is mcrciorc nerenv given to ino
Coroner and Justices of the Peace, and Con-
stanies ot the i oumy ol w ayn", mat they he
then and there In their proper persons, ut
said Court House, at 2 o'clock In the after
noon of said 11th or June. I'.Mll. with their
records'. Iniiulsltloiis.exainliiat Ions and other
remembrances, to do those things which to
their olllces appertain to he done, and those
Who are hound by recognizance or otherwise
to prosecute the prisoners who are or shall
he in the Jail of Wayne County, he then and
there to prosecute against them as shall he
(liven under my hand, at Honesdale, this
lllth day of May. '.UUO. and in the Midyear
of the Independence of the United States.
M LEE 111! AM AX, Sheriff.
J In the District Court of the United
States for the Middle District of l'ennsyl
vunla, Peter lllttiuger. of lluwley. Wayne
county. Pennsylvania, a bankrupt under tho
Act of Congress or July t. 11W. having ap
plied for a full discharge from all debts prov
able against his estate under said Act.
notice Is hereby given to all known creditors
and other persons in Interest, to appear he
fore the said comt at Si runton, in said Dis
trict, on the 2litli day ofjimc. 1U o'clock
In the forenoon, to show cause. If any they
have, why the prayer of the suld petitioner
should not he granted.
1217 EDW VRIJ R. W. SE.VRLU. Clerk.
HARVEY X. PARLEY, lute of Iiucklngham
All persons Indebted to said estate are noti
fied to make immediate payment to the un
dersigned : und those having claims against
the said estate are notified to present them
duly attested, for settlement.
Kimlnunk, Pa April. 1!WJ. 33wB
undersigned, a registered student at
law In the olllce of Henry Wilson, Esq., of
tho Wayne county bar, and u student in
Dickinson Law School, will make applica
tion to tho State liourd of Law Examiners, to
bo examined on the (ith and 7th days of July.
1000, for admission to the bur of the Supreme
Court of Pennsylvania, und to the bar of tho
Court ot Common Pleas of Wayne county.
lloncsdale. Pa., Muy H7. 10U0. 40w4
TRIAL LIST. Wayne Common Pleas
June Term, 1009. 'Beginning JuneSl.
1. Oregory v. Perkliu.
2. Cortrlsht v. Erie.
3. Kordmun v. Denlo.
4. Rnssv. Kennedy.
5. Olefschl v. Taylor.
B. Itruman v. Weltzler.
7. Mnrshall v. Texas.
8. Mulliu v. Texas.
0. Mlttan v. Hunekele.
10. Kizer v. Erie,
11. Currun v. Cortrlsht.
12. Ledyurd v, Clinton.
13. Williams v. Harmes.
M.J. 1IANLAN, Clerk.
Honesdale, Juno 1. 1000. 4lt3
APPRAISEMENTS. Notice is given
that appraisement of $300 to tho wid
(lows of tho following named decedents have
been filed In tho Orphans' Court of Wayno
county, and will bo presented for approval
on Monday, Juno 21, 1009 viz :
i lonrv Croft, late of Drelier Real.
Wm. II. Turner, latoof Lebanon-Personal.
Kdgar Shaffer, lato of So. Canuan-Personnl.
Frederick Werner, lutoof Texas Personal.
Emery Swingle, lato of Luke-Personal.
II. J. Selg, late of Dreher Personal.
M , M. J. IIANLAN, Cleric.
Honesdale, May 2A uuu. 44