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Another Forty Years' Jour
ney Backward.
What Was Dolus Alxiut TliN Time
of tin Year in 1001, 1801). 181.
1K8. 18SI. 1870. 1871,
and 1SH.
Ilnpplly Many People Kail to Heal- ,
ize It.
"Isn't It curious," said Mr.
Corporal W. J. Ward was elected
treasurer, and private H. M. Stockerl
secretary of Company E, X. O. 1'. .
William J. Fuller died at Southamp
ton, L. I., winch place be was visiting erton.
for the benefit of his health. Mr. Fuller aid.
wa a son of Thomas Fuller, who in the
i-.irlv ilnvs of this countv stood anionc
the foremost of her practitioners at the 1 supposed to know;
1 "We hear, for Instance,
according to the Boston Hor
how we get lost about tho
ago of people, and particularly of J chjne thnt runs
people whose age we migiit wen uei
Keep Your Body and Son! Clean By
Working llicm.
The machine that lies ldlo Is far
moro liable to Injury than the ma-
Five year. ago :
First meeting of Wavne County Teach
ers' Association held at l'leasaut Mount
H. A. Odiiv of Honesdale, President
Fifty teachers in attendance.
Sautclle's circus advertised.
John J. Htcltz acquitted on indict
ment for the murder of Mrs. I'Keofe in
ltawley. (Ik- is now undergoing a life
sentence of imprisonment in the west.
He also confessed being guilty of the
O'Kecfe uiuider.)
Kev. Dr. V. II. Swift pleached his
twentieth llont Mialeanniversary sermon.
Fvening of recitations by Miss F.leanor
S. Kimble (now Mrs. li. II. Dittrich) at
the court house.
Hun. tieo. .S. I'urdy presided at the
unveiling of the Samuel Meredith monu
ment, at l'leasaut Mount. Major tieo.
II. Whitney grand marshal.
Kemains of Dr. A. D. Bryden and .1.
William 1'ellio removed from receiving
vault to lots in (ilen 1 1 berry cemetery.
Death of Maitin Hetsler.
Kev. Leonard Cole very ill at Thomp
son. M. J. Kelly, of Kelly & Steinnian,
sails for F.urope.
Deaths of Format) McUown, Mir.
Henry Bunnell, John Uritlin and Miss
Harriet A. Beers.
Ten years ago :
Wild strawberries in market.
Mrs. Michael Weber died.
Graham Watts sold nearly a hundred
bicycles for the season.
Christy Matthewson playing his second
season with the Honesdale base ball
Miss Edith Swift graduated at Miss
Dana's school, Morristown, X. J.
Kev. Francis J. Cannivan celebrated
his first mass in St. John's church,
Moses Jacobs graduates from the vet
erinary department, University of Pennsylvania.
Hiram Ledyard died in Uniondale,
aged '.17 years, 7 months and 1:1 days
Honesdale defeated the St. Thomas
high school ball team of Scranton, 14 to
1. (iolden and Cumiuiugs were the
Honesdale battery.
Fifteen yeais ago :
there were totty-oni' veteran lit line
at the Decoration Dav parade, and lorty
one vetennn-' gi.ive were decorated in
Glen Dybeirv cemetery.
"Master and Man the attraction at
the opera hnue, given by the C. I)
McC'aull combination.
William F. D'.iiin, of l .lie turn of Dunn
Brothers, Honesdale butcher.-, killed by
a runaway accident, while returning to
town with a load of calves, near Spencer
l'ulis's, in Dyberry township. He was
:l years old ami unmarried.
Barn of Mrs. Higgins in Clinton town
ship struck by lightning and two hor.-es
Early closing movement in favor in
Honesdale. Concert in Kiverside park
on Tuesday evening at winch Hon. John
Kuhbach (now Mayor) delivered an ad
dress. Hon. II. M. Seely's health consider
ably impaired.
Thirty years ago.
Fifty-live boats a day are being clear
ed from Honesdale carrying a total
gross daily shipment of more than 7,000
tons of coal.
Forty-live hands arc employed in the
Murium!, Torrey & Co. shoe manufac
tory. Lieut. Horace G. Young presented
the prize badge, for crack shooting
competed for by members of Co. E, to
Orderlv Sergeant Wm. II. Stanton.
The comic opera of "l'inafore" in re
hearsal by local talent under the direc
tion of Thomas l'easlee. The cast- was
as follows : Admiral Porter, K. C. 15. ,
II. J. Conger ; Captain Corcoran, John
E. Richmond ; Kalph Halphstraw, Thos.
Peaslee ; Dick Deadeye, Thomas J. Ham;
Bill Bobstay, (Boatswain) E. B. Free
man ; Bob. Beckett, Frank Monaghan;
Tom Bow line, John ,X. C. Bader ; Tom
my Tucker, .Hnismpmitc, .Master f-cnui-ler
; Jack PMalley, Sergeant of Marines,
W. E. Greeley ; Josephine. theCaptain's
daughter, Miss Kate Miles; Hebe, Sir
Joseph's First Cousin, Mrs. W. II. Ham;
Little Buttercup, Mrs. T. J. Ham, with
a full chorus of fortv voices. Mrs. L.
B. Kichtmyer, pianist ; William II.
Ham, leader of orchestra.
C. C. Jadwin elected chairman of the
Honesdale school board, and Prof. John
X. Dolph re-engaged as principal.
Librarian reports L'.l.VJ volumes in the
Honesdale School library.
Benjamin 11. Holgate shot in the face
while out gunning in Damascus town
ship. The wound was believed to have
been self-inllicted during temporary de
Thirty-live years ago :
Hon. Geo. . oodward a visitor in
Prof. L. II. Barnum engaged as prin
cipal and Miss Louise Reynolds as As
sistant principal of the Honesdale Grad
ed School. J. W. Maiming appointed
tax collector.
"Randall's Thumb" very successfully
rendered at Liberty Hall under the au
spices of the Franklin Lyceum Associa
tion. The female roles were taken by
Miss Alice Young, (Edith. Temple) ;
Miss Anna Wilbur, (Miss Spinn) ; Mrs.
D. R. Atkinson, (Mrs. Scantlebury) and
-Mrs. W. II. Ham, (Mrs. Flamboys.)
An organ conceit at the M. E. church
yielded $1S2 net. George W. Morgan,
w ho was the principal performer has the
reputation of being the best pedal play
er in the world. He had charge of an
organ and choir when he was only eight
yeais of age. Miss llattie Gcuung (now
Mis. (). L. Rowland) rendered Woilcn-
liaupt's "Grand March de Concert,
V. II. Ham and Miss Lucia Atkinson
gave a tluteand piano duet, and Mrs
T. J. Ham sang "1 Cannot Sing the
I lid Songs." Refreshments were sened
, in the lecture room after the concert.
The packet boat "Dyberry," will
President Dickson and family, General
Manager Cue F. Young, and other canal
dignitaries on board, under the com
mand of Capt. "Jim" Startup ar
rived in Honesdale after a delightful
trip up the canal.
Attorney General Samuel E. Dim
miek, his deputy Lyman I). Gilbeit and
Senator McPherson, of Harrisburg, with
H. M. Seely and M. L. Tracy captured
:!0") line, trout m the Dvberrv.
Air and dampness do moro damage
1 than wear and toar. Let tno machine
Ol tnO r.imnlll lnnptlvn n vhlln ntirl ihn nrnt-
dcath or Walklnshaw, nged 64. and j ig rorlne(i by the coroslon soon
we say to ourselves. Goodness. . COVers the bright metal and the parts
you don't mean to tell me that I UCconio stiff and cranky.
Walklnshaw was C4 ? And yet wo A man negiects tho working parts
may have known him Intimately ' or na uody Normally these parts
and have seen him dally for 40 uilould he exorcised. Ho Indulces his
years, since he was L'4; and If any
body ought to have known his age
we ought.
"But as a matter of fact it Is
those very people whom we do see
constantly whose ages we fall to
realize; for the reason that age, so
far .as Its outward signs are con
erned, steals on them gradually.
"If we see u man only at Inter
vals of 10 or years, why then
the changes in him may be so np-1
parent that we cannot fall to note 1
them; but in the man we see from i
day to day we see no change at all; 1
there Is no sinking sign to make
us realize that he Is growing older;
md so we are likely to carry him
forward In our minds as of the age
at which we first knew ltlin. It Is
then that he makes his first strong.
clear Impression on us; and that
impression we are likely to hold for
members In luioness. Whatever vi
tality and working force they may
have had when la continued use,
neglect causes tne maenlnory to run
stlftly. It is the rust.
A man may neglect to exerclsu
his worktng brain rorces. Ho may
have ever so quick a mind, but If ho
i.uos not use hi3 mental machinery
tue rust of Idleness Is soon over it.
How They Were, Curiously Discover
ed and Returned to Their Owner.
Ton 1,000 franc bank notes, repre
senting the savings of a woman who
lived at Nanterre. near Paris, were
hidden by her In an old envelope,
which was plated In a drawer. In a
moment of forgetfulness tho envel
ope found Its way luto a dust bin.
In tho morning the ragpickers
turned out the bin, hut tossed aside
the tattered envelope without Inspec
tion. Some carters happened to pass
that way. They ple'.:ed up the now
mud splashed piece of paper, one re
marking to the other: "Perlups
there Is a fortune lnsldo!" T.icy
drew out the notes. "This Is some
fool's, pleasantry," they said; ho by
way of revenging themselves on the
unknown joker anil not believing
the notes were genuine they tore
tl.ein to pieces aim tnrow them itMdu.
Two market women came along
Am tier.
The pasago referring to amber Is
Ezeklol 1.. 4, and la as follows: "And
1 looked, and behold, a stormy wind
came out of tno north, a great cloud,
with a flro Infolding Itself, ami a
brightness round about It, and out
of the midst therebf, as the color of
amber." Thoro Is scarcely anything
thnt can be handled thnt has not at
some time in the course of history
been used as money. Amber was
onco so used In some of tho countries
around tho Mediterranean.
Haunting Hungarian Melodies.
What makej Hungarian music so
typical, so fascinating and so fresh
Is that It 1j 'imost entirely based on
popular thonicr. The soul of tho
people is reflected in it, and, such in
spiration produces bettor rcsulu
than so-calcd scientific and elaborate,
mini may neglect to use the j s' ortly afterward. Wiu tho shrewd-
and against many i u.
moral forces that are In him. There ,
is a weakening somewhere. Tho ma
chine lets down. And soon the parts
are rusted.
When the primary or the conven- j
tlou or the ball"l-box - working !
pans of government are neglected j
the rust collects. Tho machinery i
works poorly. It may break down.
Keep your body working without I
friction by systematic exercise.
Keep your ralnd brl-ht by using I
ness of their class they recognized
the scattered pieces of paper and
gathered them up and took them to
the Commissary of Police.
There they wore pieced together
ind it was found that none was
missing. I'wo hours Inter tho notes
jo curiously discovered wcro restorud
to their owner.
A Largo Profit.
Life Is a matter of adjustmont and
! not of circumstance. The financial
many years
rh singes.
'1 know I do this commonly. I
carry men torwaru as oi uie age ni And so for society nlne-tenthB of ' London" were as large and seemed
which I first knew them; they nl-, its evils are caused by tho idleness I fn him tn hn nf ns ninnh mnmont na
aro the manipulations of tho Wall
Keep your soul clean by working j affairs of the old watercress man In
It. ; James Greenwood's "The Wilds of
The Spitting Tug.
A little tugboat passed astern of
the Lakcwood, kicking up a fierce
amount of foam with her propeller.
A small boy, age three, Jerked his
father's coat-tall and exclaimed:
"Oh, papa, see how that thing can
spit!" New York Press.
ways seem so to me. Aim men , of us necessary working partB,
something happens that brings up I
the iiuestton of age and my friend Xuiuber of the Stars.
says to me that he's 57 and I say: on directing tho eye to tho celes-
What! 57?' And really it is a, tlo.1 vault the impression made upon
great surprise to me, and I find it j tho mind is that of an Incalculable
hard to realize It. I
I cau scarcely believe It, oven I
I have known him for 30 !
years and when I first knew him
he was 27. He may be now but
little, or he may be greatly changed.
but however that may be I have
never realized It any more than I
have the lapse of time, passing day
by day.
'Happily, this Is true also as to
our own selves, we uon i realize
our own advancing years. Even
though we look In a mirror now
number of stars being visible a host
which our anihmctto will not suffice
to reckon. But this is an optical il
lusion. Tho twinkling and disorder
ly position of the stars confuso and
deceive the Bight. An ordinary eye,
It has been estimated, will only dis
cern at one time about 3,000 stars
In our firmament under tho most
favorable circumstances, and Includ
ing both hemispheres thero will not
be more than 6,000 risible to a keen
and experienced gaze.
Using an instrument of no great
and then we see no signs of age, or i size little more than two Inches
none to amount to anything. We j w ido there have been not less than
may be gray as badgers or other i a to, 000 stars charted in tho north
people, but our hair doesn't look ern half of tho heavens alone. It
that way to us. We may be grow- is calculated that the total number
Ins positively portly, but over that visible In tho entire celestial vault-
we smile. At heart we are still
"Providence . has many kind '
Streot broker. The watorcress man
was a crippled old Londoner who had
been a soldier In his younger days,
and who, at the time of writing,
numbered seventy-six years.
The rhoumatlsm was to blm a
malignant foe. His homo was
wretched, but he told me he would
rather die than go to the workhouse.
I saw blm one morning in Novem
ber, down at the watercress beds
near Hackney, and I talked to him as
he Btood on the frosty planks stretch
ed over tho oozy beds, where the
cresses grew, and from which the
men wero gathering by torchlight.
It was fully three hours before daylight.
Will acquire Much Wheat.
It has been figured that by 1950.
43 harvests hence, the United States
will have a population which, at tho
averago rate of C 1-2 bushels of
wheat a person, will require a full
billion of bushels of wheat for bread
and seed. Wall Street Journal.
Tho Future of the Hoy.
Probably no part of a schoolmas
ter's duty Is more difficult than to
advise a parent as to what walk of
life his boy should adorn; but the
beginning and end of it all Is that a
good boy will make his way In any
position and the bad boy will not.
Toast to Woman.
Here's to tho woman who has a
smile for every sorrow, a consolation
for every grief, an excuse for every
fault, a prayer for every misfortune,
an encouragement for every hope.
Sainte Foix.
tiaiuiu ill luu U11L11U bciL'ailui (uuu
. with the aid of the larger telescopes
' would mount up to 77,000,000.
Twentv years ago :
Richard Farrel, a tramp, while, with
three companions resisting arrest at the
East Honesdale depot, shot twice by
Constable John Goble, and then with
the rest of the gang arrested and placed
in jail.
Miss Emma, daughter of Dr. Reed
Burns very seriously ill.
Collection of $T0 at Grace Church for
the benefit of the Johnstown Hood suf
ferers. John G. Linderman died at the resi
dence of his father on Church street,
aged 23 vears.
William J. Grambs, of Seattle, on a
visit to his father, Hon. L. Grambs, of
loth street:
John R. Kcllam, of Kellam's acci
dentally poisoned by a dose of corrosive
sublimate, taken in mistake for salt
peter. Joseph Balles died in Texas township
of consumption.
William II.Dimniick addressed a large
local option meeting at Hawley.
Twenty-live years ago :
Andrew Hansen died.
Ex-commissioner Thomas Ferguson
died in Sterling aged 82 years, 5 months,
18 davs.
Jacob Katz, wife and two children
sailed for a three months' trip to Ger
many. ,
Mrs. Mary A., wifoof Georgo Mennor,
died, aged 78 years.
Dr. George B. Curtis died in Hawley,
aged 49 years. He was born in Beth
any and lived many years at Aldenville.
The late J. J. Curtis, of Honesdale, was
a brother,
A. T, Searle and family removed from
Bethany to this place.
l'orty years ago :
George Avery, of LacUawaxen arrest
ed and charged with burglary and at
tempted murder.
100,(I05 feet of lumber was sawed at
F. W. Farnbam's mill, Wilsonville in
six days with a single circular saw.
Flour in Honesdale V to $0 per bar
rel ; hams, 10 cents to 22 cents per
pound ; lard, 20 cents to 2." cents ; but
ter, 25 cents to 28 cents ; eggs, per doz
en, 20 to 25 cents ; potatoes 30 cents to
40 cents per bushel.
Sl'X ECLIPSE ,11'XK ,17.
Prof. John A. Brashear, of Alle
gheny, In a signed statement, gives
notice to the public that on June 17,
thero will be an eclipse of the sun,
unlike any other eclipse within the
knowledge of man. In part, Prof
Brashear says:
"The eclipse will be of a very In-
terestlng character from the fact
that for a few seconds it will bo
an annular eclipse, then change to a
total eclipse, then back to an annu
lar eclipse for the second time. The
writer cannot find record of such
an occurrence In any history of as
tronomy, although we have records
of annular eclipses for 400 years
and or total eclipses for thousands
of years. The eclipse as a partial
phase of greator or lesser magni
tude will sweep over the North
American continent from the north,
decreasing In size as It passes
through Canada and the States."
Tho history of stereotyping is a
curious record of conservatism. The
llrst practical form of stereotyping
was invented In Edinburgh, in
1"3!, by William Ged, a goldsmith,
but after his death tho invention
vas dormant until its revival, in j
1S06. by Earl Stanhope, in London. I
This was the clay process. by
which only Hat plates could ho
made. In lb.r(! the papier inachc
process, now used by all newspa
pers, and by which The Citizen and I
its Honesdale contemporaries are'
enabled to give the latest news, up ,
to 'practically the hour of putting
tl.e paper to press, was introduced i
in the London Times by the Broth
ers Dellagana, who aine from
Switzerland. They cast each col
umn separately, giving each the
necessary curve. Prior to tho
Dellagana invention, newspapers
ere printed direct from type
forms, the type being arranged in
curved mold. The Tribune lmd in- ,
around cylinders. Only one copy
of a paper could be printed at a
time so long as type was used, but
wheh curved stereotyping was In-
ented it became possible to repro
duce a newspaper many times, en
abling many copies to he printed
simultaneously. The llrst newspa
per to be stereotyped in America
was the New York Tribune, in
August, 1 SGI. The plates were j
made by Charles Craske, who was
the first to cast an entire page In a
curves mold. The Tribune had in
vestigated the stereotyping proposi
tion for three years before it adopt
ed it, but it was the large increase
of circulation Induced by the Civil
War that compelled it to commence
the duplication of type pages by
stereotyping. Other
Ono Reason for Bachelorhood.
Occasionally a man remains In tho
bachelor class because he is skeptical
as to the ability of a woman to sup
port him.
InqulKitivci'.c-ib Itcvt-urU.
When the train stopped at the lit
tle Southern sta. "i tne Northern
tourist sauntered out on tho plat
lorni. ihero vere the usual .um
ber ol sunbouneted women, tall
crackers" and stray dogs. Under .
a scruL. oak stood r. lean animal with
scraggy bristles.
The tourist was interested.
"What do you call . .at?" he j
queried of a lanky native. !
"That be a l.awg," elucidated the i
"What kind of t. )g?" j
"Rahzohbach havg.' j
"1 hat so?"
"Yeas, that's so."
"Well, what in tarn: .on Is he do
ing against that tree?"
"He's stropping himself, mister,
jest stropping himself, and If you ask
any more fool questions uroun'' here
we'll pull you ott Uie train." And
the tourist wisely withdrew.
Cnrc of Earache. .
Take the heart of an onion ami
.iat and Insert in the ear and it
will cure earache.
Grunts and Grows
The more a ho'j ",r" '
IV t.
Source of tho Wind.
"I understand,' said tho English
tourist, "that you have somo terri
ble windstorms in this country."
"Yes." replied the native American,
"We have about 30,000 brass bands."
Choice of Two Evils.
Nearly every girl thinks a man
clumsy who musses her hair when
ho kisses her, but they all think
worse of him If he does not even run
.he risk of mussing it.
Cause of Neuralgic Headache.
At least 90 per cent, of all cases
of neuralgic headache are attributed
by Dr. Toms, an American oculist,
to defects of tho oves.
Still Take the Lead !
I vr 27.DJ0 His. of Plows and l!ep llr received III March.
We alio have No. 7. a size smaller.
soon lolloweu, but tne metnou oi
making the matrix did not undergo i
any radical change until the intro-1
duction this year of the Wesel
compressed air electric heated I
matrix drying tables.
A Xew Method ol Electric Welding.
L. S. Lachman has devised a new
process of electric welding which
makes u possible to employ steel in
stead of malleable iron In the manu
facture of numerous articles. As
iwo unequal sections cannot to weld
ed together satisfactorily. Lachman
has ono piece cast with a projecting
edge and the other with a point. The
two projections, forced together by a
hydraulic press, are Included in a .
electric circuit, of wich they form
the segment of highest resistance,
rience, when a strong current is
caused to flow through them, they
are heated nearly or quite to the
melting point and, ucing subjected
to great pressure, quickly become
welded together, and attach them
selves to each other more firmly than
they could be attache'd by means of
newspapers i rivets, because there Is no break in
'"ini 91,19
' Hv fay t'rrJ
the continuity of the metal.
$10,000 KltEAK Hl'ILIHXG.
Berry boxes that contain less than
sixty-seven cubic Inches must be
marked "short" or the dealer who
sells frylt In such boxes Is liable to
arrest under tho law that went Into
effect tho llrst of the year. Two
merchants of Poughkeepsle were ar
rested last week as a result of a visit
of a state Inspector.
A Peculiar Looking Building to he
Erected in Xew York.
Xew York Is to have another
freak building, but it is not as a
11 .. F -1 1 n r. ,nnlrv
of spite such as Impelled Joseph ,0f litt
Richardson to build tho famous
house at tho corner of Lexington
Avenue nnd Eighty-second street,
Breech-loading cannon were among
the earliest used. We find them
on English and other ships as early
as the last quarter of the fourteenth
century, and therefore much before
the time of the buccaneers. The
cannon was a mere tube, bound with
heavy iron rings, and was. loaded
by the Insertion of tho "gonne cham
ber," an Iron pan containing the
because tho owner of the adjoining
house refused to pay him his price.
Tho now candidate for a place In
tho role of odd buildings Is to be
erected by Lowenfold Sr Prager at
the southwest corner of Delancey
nnd Clinton streets. Their plans,
which were filed last week, show
that a two-story building costing
110,000, for offices and stores, will
bo built on a strip 6.11x100 feet,
which was left by the cutting away
of the blocks for tho plaza of the
Williamsburg nrldge. The Illch-i
ardson house rises to a height of
five stories, and only covers a lot
measuring 5x100,
the breech. These guns wero very
clumsy- affairs In comparison with
the modern breech-loader, but the
principle was the same.
Pnll Boards for Farmers.
Tho protection of farmers and
others who axe exposed to the heat a
great deal la serious and difficult
matter. Canoer is on xhe increase,
and farmers furnish a largo propor
tion of the cases, many of them being
due to the direct effects of sunlight
on the face and hands. A full beard
for the farmer is most desirable for
his protection.
Marriage and Wisdom.
Some women will believe anything
I you (ell them until yon marry them.
The No. 40 Is the popular Flat Land Plow. We also keep In itoek the o. h. I'J. -I) and
5S Iron Beam. Nearly J.OOU sold In Wayne county. The followim: Suu-Aseiits keep stock )
riowsamfltepalrsonhund: J. K. Tiffany, Pleasant Mount; It. Shatter. ardeii. Pu.:
S. Woodmansee. Lake Conm : II. N. Farley. Kquinunk : A. J. Abrahams, tuilllee; I;rankC
Brown lloadleys: (J. YV. .Shaffer. Ceorgetown : Seth llortree. Merlins: C. K Kellam.
I.edgedale: V. Si. Corey (ireentown. and Watts's Honesdale and Hawley btores.
The Oliver Sulky Plow Cannot be Beat !
Honesdale andlfp All A M WATTQJHonesdale ana
Hawley Stores liKAllAlTl YV AI IlHawley Stores
Sash, Boors, Blinds. Front Sash Doors, Sewer Pipe
and Builders' Hardware of EVEUY Description.
lug Machines, Iron, Gravel and Turred Kooflnir. llurb Wire. Woven Fence Wire. Poultry
Netting. Lime and Cement.
its branches.
Estimates clvcn
ou short notice
Telephone Announcement
This company is preparing to do extensive construction
work in the
Honesdale Exchange District
which will greatly improve the service and enlarge the
Patronize the Independent Telephone Company
which reduced telephone rates, anddo not contract for any
other service without conferring with our
Contract Department Tel. No. 300.
Poster Building.