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rcnusnco ktcbt Wednesday aid Friday by
tub cmzEjt ruBLHiirHo compart.
Entered as second-class matter, at the post
offlce, Ilonesdalo. Pa.
c. n. DORrunoEs. m. n. aluch.
REXBY WILSOW. e. d. iiabdehbebqii,
SUBSCRIPTION: $1.50 a tear, in advance
February the Boss Month.
February is the shortest month in the
year's calendar, and winds up with a
Sunday holiday at that, but into its
twenty-four working days the church,
society and politics are unusually well
in. evidence. This month is the last of
the present administration's lease of
power and executive strenuosity, as Mr.
Roosevelt gives way to President Taft on
the 4th of March, and when the former
again fills the public eye, it will be as it
were through the small end of the tele
scope, stalking lions and shooting ele
phants and capturing rhinoceroses in
the interior of Africa.
Then on Tuesday last, the second, we
had Candlemas day, and the prophetic
weather vision of the groundhog, who
according to the poet is accustomed at
that time to
Feel the vibrant stir of spring
Run up and down his spine.
Roll overtllke a hired man.
Sit up and yawn and whine;
Rub all his knuckles In his eyes.
Wind up his winter's snooze.
Put on his go-to-meetln' clothes
And patent leather shoes.
Ascend the stairway of his lair.
od serve tne sKy awnue
And loin the Ananias Club
Id fine and dandy style.
According to the scriptures, forty days
after the birth of Christ the Virgin Mary
took the infant Jesus to the temple and
Simeon took the child in his arms and
prophesied that he "should be a light
unto the Gentiles and the glory of Isra
el." Taking Christmas as the birthday of
Christ, the day he was brought to the
temple would have been Feb. 2d. Tho
church cliOBe to celebrate this temple
visit rather than keep a heathen god
dess's festival. The new feast day was
variously called St. Simeon's day, Wives'
feast day, Presentation day, Purification
day and Christ's Presentation. Gradual
Iy these were superseded by the name
which yet prevails in Catholic and Epis
copalian communities, which is Candle
mas day. -Next
Wednesday the vote of the elect
oral college will be formally opened at a
joint session of both Houses of Con
gress, and it will be found that 321 votes
were cast' for Taft and 8herman, and 162
for Bryan and Kern.
Then on Friday, the 12th, conies the
one hundredth anniversary of the birth of
the great Emancipator, Abraham Lin
.coin, a day that will be observed -with
appropriate demonstrations and cere
monies throughout the length and
breadth of the land.
St. Valentine's Day will come on the
14th, and by the young people at least
it will be regarded as the biggest day
of the month. Safe to say it won't be
the most popular with .the postofiice of'
flcials unless methods of delivery and
sale of penny stamps and cancellation of
'same have changed greatly since the
writer was a deputy of Uncle Sam's
But it is a day which affords Jack an
opportunity to assure Joan that he de
sires her to he ms valentine in some
such declaration as this
"This Is the day birds cbooso their mates
a cnoose you, n not too late ;
It too late; and all In vain.
Pray send me back my love again."
Truth to tell, it is also a day too often
improved by the jealous and evil-dispos
ed and vulgar to inflict upon their bet
ters insulting so-called "comic" mon
strosities, which by rights ought to sub
ject them to arrest for violation of tho
postal laws.
And then, on the 22d, the day of days
will come when everyone will try to
honor most the name of him who never'
told a lie. The day on which if we may
place full confidence in the Ganderbone
Soothsayer of the Harrisburg Telegraph
T. R. will take a cherry tree and drag it
through tho aisles of Congress till the
country whoops and even Congress
smiles ; and having surfeited himself
with this amusing skit, he'll canter Till
man out and run him up and down a
bit. At night the Ananias Club will
burgeon with a ball, and all the liars will
disport and frolic in the hall. The cheer
ful liar will consort and mingle with tho
plain, the unpremeditated type will trip
to the refrain, the willful liar will essay
the Merry Widow waltz, tho suave in
fernal liar will be welcomed for his faults
the artful liar will consign the truth to
utter Hades, and the droll dam liar will
delight the none too squeamish ladies,
Finally Ash Wednesday, on the 24th
will round out the notable days of the
eventful little month.
Do not worry, eat three square meals
a day, say your prayers, be courteous to
your creditors, keep your digestion good
steer clear of biliousness, exercise,
low and go easy. Maybe there are
other things that your special case re
quirts to make you happy, but, my
mend, these I reckon will give you
good lift.
DR.C, It. BRADY, Dentist Itonesdalo, Pa
Any evening by appointment.
Cltlteni'phons. 33, Residence. No. 80
urrica uoubi s a. m. to o p. m.
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Our National Family.
When the constitution was adopted
Uncle Sam's family numbered only four
millions. To-day New York city alone
has that number of inhabitants, whllo
Uncle Sam has now eighty-eight million'
children.; eight million step-children in
the Philippines and about one million in
Porto Rico. This time to-morrow you
can safely say you have four thousand
more national relations than you have
now; a month from to-day you willbavo
one hundred' and twenty thousand more
and a year hence one and a quarter mil
lions additional. We have eight liundred
and forty one million acres to take care
of this constantly increasing family.
700,000,000 of dollars is destroyed an
nually by hostile insects nnd plants.
Instead of fighting Japan or any other
nation, we must fight these hostile in
sects and plants and also learn how to
get greater results out of mother earth.
We must pay more attention to the
science of farming and the time is com
ing when the intelligent farmer is going
to be one of the most important person
ages in our country and is going to have
the most profitable occupation in exis
tence. The day is coming and coming
quickly when the tide will turn and
'back to the farm," will be the slogan.
A change in the Pennsylvania State
corporation tax year so that it will con
form to the calendar year will be urged
upon tho Legislature by State officials
and attorneys for many corporations
which are greatly inconvenienced by the
antiquated system which is followed in
Pennsylvania. Under a law passed in
1811 the capital stock tax year closes on
the first Monday of November. The plan
is to have it close on January 1, so that
State tax can be levied for the calendar
year instead of on the business of a
twelvemonth which necessitates special
work on books to ascertain. This plan
was adopted in the last century so that
when thu Legislature met on the first
Tuesday in January, it could ascertain
without much trouble the amount of
revenue in sight. Now fhe corporation
tax reaches millions, and it is of no par
ticular advantage to have the year end
a few weeks ahead of the calendar year.
Efforts will also be made this session to
create sentiment in favor of uniformity
in fiscal years. The State appropriation
year begins June 1, the fiscal year De
cember 1, the loan tax year January 1,
and so on down the lifct.
New School Law.
The proposed reform in the school laws
of the State meets with the approval of
the interested parties in some respects.
The new law demands greater prepara
tion on the part of the teacher and pro
vides that the' teacher can teach but five
years on a provisional certificate, after
which they must secure a professional
certificate or cease teaching. The pro
fessional certificate is good for two years
andat the end of that time they must
appear before a State Board and take
an examination for a permanent certifi
cate. This examination will include all
tho branches taught in the High School
of the average grade. With this addi
tional preparation and expense there is
no assurance to the teachers that they
will not be removed to suit the whim
of the School Boards, even though they
aro giving goou service ana their con
duct is. that becoming a teacher. It be
hooves the teachers to make some effort
to secure recognition on this point before
the Legislature acts ontherecommenda
tions of tho committee. It is possible
that the teachers of Wayne county will
have a representative present to look after
their interest on the above point. The
proposition to elect five directors for five
years is beingcensured in many localities
the objection to this point is that should
a number of unscrupulous men get charge
of the Board it would be impossible to
get rid of them, as but one director a
year is to be elected and he would be
placed in such a position that he would
be compelled to line up with the gang
Report of the Needlework Guild.
The annual report of the Honesdale
Branch of tho Needlework Guild of
America for the year 1008, is as follows
. Number of garments contributed, for
men, 13; boys, 87; infants, 0; women,
130 ; girls, 108 ; miscellaneous, 01 ; extra,
12; total, 420. Distributed to local char
ities, 369 ; reserve, 57.
This report closes the 16th year of the
Honesdale Branch of the Needlework
Guild. " In the last ten years, while we
have not increased in numbers, we feel
that we have progressed in methods and
interest. During tills fall, there has been
an unusual amount of sickness among
the poor, and it has been the good fort'
une of the Guild to have on hand gar
ments, towels, blankets and other bed
ding that havo helped to make them
more comfortablo. This, however, has
greatly les'scned our resources so that we
are unable to contribute, as usual, to
tho consumptive hospital. As these
hospitals depend upon charity for their
supply of clothing, wo can only hopo
that other Guilds havo been able to send
in a larger number.
The number of families on our list this
year is 38, to whom wo have sent 373
garments, and havo in reserve 67.
The Guild reports with sonow the
passing away of one faithful director,
Mrs, E. B. Tears.
Election resulted as follows : Mrs. W.
B, Holmes, President; Mrs. H. T. Men
n!r, Secretary ; Mrs. D. B, Long, Treat
urer. Respectfully submitted,
M. T. Mbnnbr, Sacrstary,
Treasures Preserved In Museums
and Once Worn by Royalty.
Descriptions of Valuable Specimens.
Queen Elizabeth' Pride of Her
Hands Gloves Left as Tokens by
Mary, Queen of Scots. .
Gloves with Jewels set In the center
of the back, according to Planche,
were a mark of royalty.
Among the New Year's presents to
tho Princess Mary, afterward Queen
Mary, "a payr of gloves cmbrawret
with gold" (privy purse expenses of
the Princess Mary) Is entered. A year
nfterward it is "X payr of Spaynisbc
gloves from a duches In Spayne," and
but n month before Mrs. Whellcrs had
sent to her highness "a pair of swete
gloves" perfumed gloves, which ap
pear constantly In Queen Elizabeth's
inventories and accounts.
Tho cuff of one of Lord Darnley's
gloves, which Is snld to have been
worked for him by Mnry Stunrt about
tho time of their marriage, was ex
hibited nt Glasgow in 1888 nnd nt Lon
don In 18&). The cuff, of which the
fellow is lost, its well ns the gloves
they ornamented, Is of white satin em
broidered with gold nnd silver thread
and worked with roses, tulips nnd oth
er devices in colored silks. The col
ors, especially of tho tulips, which fig
ure prominently In the deslpn nre very
brilliant nnd remarkably well pre
served. Mary, queen of Scots, like Lady Jnne
Grey, is said to have left a pair of
gloves as a token. Hers were given
to a ccrtnln Mr. Dayrell, and one of
these gloves is at present kept in the
small local museum at Saffron Wnlden,
England. This curiously embroidered
glovo was presented by the unfortu
nate queen on the morning of her exe
cution to a gentleman of the Dayrell
family, who was in attendance upon
her nt Fotherlngay castlo on that oc-
caslon, Feb. 8, 1587. The glove, which
Is of n piece with the rest of her care
fully stndled dress upon that memora
ble scene, Is of light, cool, buff colored
leather, the elaborate embroidery on
the. gauntlet being worked with silver
wire and Bilk of various -colors. The
roses are of pale and dark blue and
two shades of a very pale crimson.
Elizabeth was,, we know, very proud
of her hands. Indeed, her long bands
with their pointed fingers are arranged
with studied elegance nnd somewhat
artificially in almost every one of her
portraits, as in that of her with the
"Rainbow," by Zucchero. Du Maurler
In his "Meraolres pour Servir a l'His
toire do Hollando" writes how he had
heard from his father "that, having
been sent to her, at every audience he
had with her majesty she pulled off
her gloves more than n hundred times
to display her bands, which indeed
were very beautiful nnd very white."
In the Bodleian "glove the thumb is
five Inches long, the palm three and a
half fuches iu width, and the entire
glove Is close on half a yard long,
which does not accord with the evi
dence of her majesty's portraits. The
gloves of that period, however, have
In most cases a large and splayed out
line. Queen Elizabeth's glove Is of ex
cellent material, a very fine white
leather worked with gold thread and
purl embroidery, edged at the bottom
with yellow and lined In tho cuff with
drab silk.
Fads Shown In Phone Calls.
Women with tho telephone habit
would keep more careful guard over
the little lists of names and numbers
that usually He closo beside their In
struments If they realized how clear
a story these lists can tell to a curious
and analytical observer. "It was a
German writer who said, 'You can
Judgo a man by what he laughs at,' "
remarked one of the Inqulsltlvo'brlgade
of drawing room philosophers recent
ly, "nnd today nothing Is easier than
to judge a woman by the persons she
talks to over the telephone. Just take
a glance nt the lists of your friends.
You will find tbo timorous old maid
hns the police nnd fire departments nt
tho head, followed by one or two doc
tors nnd druggists. No such names
figure on the card of the bachelor girl.
Many of her calls are for men friends
and girls in other studio apartments,
and if you look far enough you nre
suro to find ono number that connects
with n delicatessen or a grocery store
In the neighborhood. Tbo girl with
frivolous tastes and plcntyof tlmo in
which to indulge them has most to say
to tho modistes and tbo dry goods
stores, whllo the business woman's
calls will all center round tho neigh
borhood or tho persons among whom
her work lies. If a man looked over
his flanceo's telephone list before bis
marriago he often would have a much
clearer idea of what to expect after
that event."
Novel Us For Pincushions.
In some parts of Holland a silk plu
cushion on the doorknob proclaims a
birth. If the pincushion Is red, the
Imby is a boy; if white, a girl.
1909, 11 days, and trace 11. days,
1908, C days and trace 10 days,
4 rtrn 11 .11.. .
johz, Ai aays, most recorded,
1872, least recorded:
Averaeo 39 venra.
iuuu, snow o days, and trace 0 days, 12.
1908, " 3 f' " 11 12.
1882, snow, most, 9 stormB, 35.
1872, snow, least, 3.5
Average snow, 49 years, 15.
23th, 1909, highest,
21st, 1908, highest,
21st, 1900, highhest 44 years,
19th, 1909, lowest, below zero,
31st,. 1008. lowest, below zero,
30th, '73, Ioweat49 years, below z.,
20th, 1009, greatest range,
-15. --32.
, 35.
iitn, iwu, greatest range,
26th, 1909, least range,
iztn, iwa, least range,
1909. average ranee.
24th, 1909. warmest day, mean,
12th, 22d, '08, warmest days, mean
19th, 1909, coldest dav. mean.
30th, 1908,coldestday, mean below z
1909, mean for month, 23.5
1908, mean for month, 20.
1890, mean for month, highest, 31.0
1893, mean for month, lowest. 14.1
Average 44 years, 21.1
Two days were clear. 13 fair and 10
cloudy ; average 20 per cent, of sunshine
last year, 4. l'revauing wind north
west, tour days were zero to 14 degrees
below. Last year, in January, six days
zero to 15 below.
We havo had six weeks of good sleigh
ing on most of our roads, with a total of
37.5 inches of snow measured at this
station ; last year 45.5 inches.
Dyberry, Feb. 1, 1008.
I have been authorized by tlie Pennsyl
vania State Factory Inspection Depart
ment to inspect boilers.
In compliance with the law, all users
of high pressure boilers used for power
or heating purposes arc compelled to
have boilers inspected once each year.
Rates : $5.00 per boiler, and transpor
tation. C. E. GIBBS
1129 Main Street - - Honesdale, Pa.
P. S. Attention given to engine and
general machine work. lOeoitf .
bixth Statement.
Stocks, Bonds and Mortgages.. .
Real Estate, Furniture and Fix
tures Legal Reserve Fund, Cash , etc . .
E. C. MUMFORD, President.
W. F. RIEFLEIt, Vice President.
JOS. A. FISCH, Cashier.
Total Assets Over Half a Million.
The Citizen
Human Life
for 5 years for f,,J
The Citizen, AA
Human Life, $Z.UU
and Tribune Farmer.
The Citizen,
Human Life, $Z.Z.!
The Citizen,
Human Life, $ZZ5
and Cosmopolitan
Human Life,
Tribune - 00 7 K
Farmer, OZ.iiJ
and Cosmopolitan
Tri-Weekly &i nY
Tribune, pj.lW
Cosmopolitan and
Human Life.
Prices 50, 75, $1 and $1,50
- SKAT SAI.K nt box olllce nt !) o'clock
n. in., on above date.
The OLDEST Fire Insurance
Agency in Wayne County.
Office: Second lloor Masonic Build
ing, over O. C Jadwin's drug store,
The Healthy Urowth and Prosperous Condition of Hones
dale Dime Dank, the 1 otal As seta, after Three Years' Dull
ness being Over Half a Million Dollars, Indicate Public Con
fidence In the Safety and Integrity of Its Jlanagemcnt.
' STATEMENT NOV. 27, 1908. '
8 362,877.44
$ 512,016.59
Increase in Deposits
Seven Human Life Stars
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It has the greatest writer In this country
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OLL of
Attention is called to the STRENGTH
of the .
Wayne County
The FINANCIER of New York
City has published a ROLL OK
HONOR of the 11,470 State Hanks
nnd Trust Companies of United
Stales. In this list the WAYNE
Stands 38th in the United States.
Stands lOtli in Pennsylvania.
Stands FIRST in Wayne County.
Capital, Surplus, $455,000.00
Total ASSETS, $2,733,000.00
Honesdale, Pa., May 20, 1008.
Organized 1906
Capital Stock $ 75,000.00
Surpluss, Earned 28,103.08
Deposits 408,903.51
Cashier's Checks Outstanding... 10.00
$ 512,016.59
w. n. KHANTZ
V. K. HKII'I.Hlt
11.11. ELY. M.I).
in Six Months $68,247.57
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Charles Udward llussell, Vance Thompson.
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Jean Libby, Nanon Tobey and many others.
HUMAN LIFFJ Is unique in that Its prin
cipal aim Is to tell truthful, foncinatlnir.llvc,
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