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Bprlng St.
K. M. Dorln, No. 1327
any farm property or realty of any Kind, you
can register with us free of cost, and property
will be advertised throughthe united States.
Bend for circular. . .
WAVNK FAHM AflENCY. Honesdale. l'a.
APPLES WANTED. Second crade apples
will be loaded for ten days, comniciichiK
Thursday. Sept. iMtta. at-1,
switch. KlSTI.EK HHOS.
' i.UKe Ariel siaiion
WANTED. A solicitor In every towiislilp.
GixkI pay for the right party.
impure ij-
MISS HAltDENllEIMlIt. of Scrnnton.
tcucjicrot piano, theory and slcbt-readliii.'.
Private and class lessons. Fridays and Sat
urdays In Honesdale.
local News.
The 143d N. Y. Volunteers will hold
their annual re-union at Ellenville, N.
Y., on Tuesday, Oct. 13th. Wayne coun
ty had over twenty men in this regiment,
najnly from Buckingham and Manches
ter townships.
. Joseph King's New York company
in a grand revival of "East Lynne" will
appear at the Lyric Theatre, Tuesday,
Oct. 13th.
Peter, Ortt, has sold his. Jarm near
White Mills, to Carl Hiijer, of Hrooklyn
N. Y. Foasesain'n'givcn at once. Con
sideration, $2,000.
Crm.KN subscribers living beyond
(ho limits of the territory covered by the
carriers will find their papers at the port
office on Wednesdays and "Fridays.
The annual election for ollicers of
(he Honesdale Golf Club will be held in
the club house, on Saturday evening,
Oct. 10, 1008, atTo'clock. Supporserved
at 5 o'clock.
Capt. James Ham Circle, Ladies of
the G. A. R., will hold their autumnal
flupper Oct. 13th, instead of Oct. tith,
as the latter date will be occupied by
Freedom Lodge.
The Forestry Commissioifers esti
mate that 100,000 acres of timber land
were burned oyer by '(he recent forest
fires in Pennsylvania, including 15,000
acres of State lands. '
The Erie Co. is now making coal
Bhipments"from the Lackawanna Valley
to Buffalo and other points West, via
Hawley and Lackawaxen, where the
cars are iranaierreu u Mitruium one.
Thomas P. FoVleyvas last week
elected President of the" Ontario and
Western Railway Co., for s the twenty-
second tune. He is the oldest railroad
president in the east, in point of scr
vice"'. .
John Nliprpateen, iwlio purchased
the Wintbn' property, 'on" west Park
8,tcefit,.8.orAR jnontha ago,,.s. ILvving-the.
dellg, fittetl up .infliocrn ,fltyle, M
timbers tmianffDaen louna to De in,a re
(narkafcfe sfateiof preservation. He an-
ticipatea-occupying -the building on oi-
about 'Jon. 1, 1908. '
While chopping in the woo"ds on Fri
day afternoon last, John A.'Reining, of
Beach Lake, cut his leg. badly,- the ax
striking near the anklo-and severing the
anterior tibial nrteryj pr. H. B. Ely, of
Honesdale. was called '-and cave the in-
7 . . K
jured limb the necessary surgical treat
State Highway Department purvey
or John li.. Westbrook arid his corps of
(jaenj who are making a survey of Pike
ioun"ty for the ' purpose ( of making a
county map, are now located 'at Row
lands, that county. The men come
home dvery oiher week; Mr. Westbrebk
says the work is progressing satisfactor
ily. ; .". '
' Incidental to the new mode of de
livery of The Citizen to Honesdale
subscribers, owing to its change from a
weekly to a semi-weekly, which necessi
tates the employment-of carriers, there
will doubtless be some annoying mis
takes made, but we beg the indulgence
of our patrons until the office has be
come familiarized with the new system,
after which there will ' be no reason for
According to the report of tho Com
missioner of Pensions, for-the year end
ing June 30, 1908, theje arc two pension
ers of the revolutionary war on the rolls,
both women. The last surviving veteran
of that war was Daniel F. Bakeman, who
died at" Freedom, N. Y., April 5, 1869,
aged 109 years, 6 months and 8' days.
Of the war of 1812 only 471 pensioners
remain, eighty-seven having died during
fhe year. From the Indian wars there
are left 4,853 pensioners and from the
Mexican War 9,840, of whom 2,932 are
veterans. The Spanish War produced
to date about 25,000 pensioners, while
the pension rolls contain a total from all
sources, including the Civil War and
the regular army, of 951,687. Tho num
ber of survivors of tho Civil War on the
pension rolls June 30, 1908, was 620,985,
a decrease during the year of 23,353.
This is the net decrease. The number
dropped on account of death was 34,333.
During the year just closed the total ex
pense was $155,894,049 63. The total
paid out since the civil war is $3,767,515,-
842 82. A report made in 1883 showed
0 pensioners of the war of 1812 slilf liv
ing in Wayne county, as follows : John
Hoffman,- Hines Corners; Eldad Atwat-
er, Pleasant Mt. j and tho following wid
ows: Matilda Watrous, Hollisterville
Julia Ann Andrews, Preston j Jane An
drews, Promptorr; Elizabeth Garlow,
Preston, and Susan Beemer, Susan Sal
mon and Elizabeth Bennett, Honesdale.
Nothing has ns yet been done on
the asylum for the criminal insane at
Farview. The Bite of the buildings have
not even been staked out.
The nnnual state convention of tho
Firemen's Relief Association is now be
ing held at Shaniokin, ra. Jonn i.
Lyons is inattendanco asadologato from
the Honcsdiile lire department, and
William Penwarden, of Willow Avenue,
as an onlooker.
The three biggest gold or silver
mines in the united states are tne
Hotneslakc, the Alaska-Treadwell and
the Bunker Hill and Sullivan. The last
named is in Idaho, and it has paid in
dividends $10,440,000.
Angolira Haldossoic, an Erie track
man employed between Mast. Hope and
Narrowsburg, was attacked by two men
on Sunday of last week, and severely
stabbed about the head and body. One
of his assailants, another Italian, is in
the Mil ford jail.
One of the benutiful and valuable
ivory miniature portraits painted bv
Miss Bessie Bellamy Hani, was stolen
from her collection while on exhibition
at the countv fair last. week. We can
hardly conceive how the thief can have
the nerve to look the picture in the face.
The next reunion of the survivors of
the 17th Pa. cavalry will be held at the
Eagle Hotel, Gettysburg, on Friday, Oct.
23d, at 10:30 Ai M. All are cordially in
vited to attend. Company M, of this
regiment, was recruited in Wnynecounty,
and twenty-four of its members are
known to be still living.
Thirty-live years ago Mrs. Minnie
Sammis, now of l'ittstun, fell on a side
walk in Ilawluy and fractured her leg.
Since then she has submitted to many
operations without, permninent benefit,
and a few weeks since she consented to
have the limb amputated in the Wilkes
Barre hospital. The operation was a
successful one, and her recovery is now
confidently looked for.
Corporal E. E. Belknap, formerly
of Proinpton, but now of Wilkes-Barre,
attended the county fair last week, and
had tho pleasure of meeting mauy of his
old friends, together with a number of
his soldier acquaintances, who with him
in the memorable sixties drank from the
same canteen. He entered the service
from this county, where fifty-eight years
of his life were, spent, and was the only
soldier to represent Wayne at the un
veiling of the Pennsylvania monument
at Winchester on tlie 19th ult. '
Pickpockets seem to be nt respec
ters of persons. One would imaging that
:Rev, A. J. V.anCleft. at least,.. would lie
immune from their light-fingered atten
tions, but w lda'rn that eVen he was
"touclied,'.' ,t9,jHi'e tjjne of' j$25, in, cash,
and a number of checks nnd 'railroad
tickets,' 'whicjl on a'cent-' visit1 to Oiie
onta.,Mr,.'V!mCleft stopped payment, 'on
the checks, but there were other paperft
in his pocket'book, of no value to any
one but himself, yet the loss of' which is
a great inconvenience to him.' ' Never
before have professional thieves been, so
active in this section as at the-county
fairs this fall.
TheNewburg Union Publishing Co.,
a wealthy Democratic combination, hav
ing purchased the plant of the New-
burgh Democrat and Register, has plac
ed the editorial conduct of the paper in
the hands of 'Alan C. Madden, late edi
tor and manager of the 1 (atteawan
Journal, well known as a graceful anil
forceful writer. Mr. Madden is. a grand
son of the late James II. Norton, who
was many yejirsagoa resident of Hones
dale, and associated with the late Hon.
H. B. Beardslee in the publication of
the Wayne Cfounty Herald.
Some time ago The Citizen, pub
lished an inqniry.. for the whereabouts of
Hiram B. Leonard, born 'in Wayne
county, who. went west and during the
war served m ComyanyG, 100th Illinois
Vols. We have just received a letter
from a correspondent in Keystque,
South Dakota, assuring us that Mr.
Leonard is still living, and a resident of
that town? iand as this correspondent
happens to be Mr. Leonard himself,
there appears to be no ground for any
doubt in the premises. He says that
he was born in Pike county, Nov. 2",
1846, and wjll be glad to hear from' any
of his old Pennsylvania friends. Mr.
Leonard is President, of the" North Fork
Mining and Milling Company at Key
stone. A near-firevoccurred at Mrs. Ilisted's
boarding house, on Church street, on
Friday evening last, which gave the in
mates of the house as well as the neigh
bors a genuine fright. One of the board
ers had kindly helped the landlady out
by polishing a parlor stove about to be
set up, using a preparation in which
gasoline was a principal-ingredient. His
success was so great that he added a
work of supererogation by giving a llirt
of his brush at the red-hot kitchen range.
Instantly a flash followed, which set fire
to the gasoline remaining in the can, and
in a moment tho whole interior of the
kitchen was in a blaze. With rare pres
ence of mind, and at great risk to him
self, his clothing being already on fire,
he (lung the can out of doors and gave
efficient aid in. subduing the flames,
which had already made sufficient head
way to damage thq woodwork, curtains
and floor covering of the room, and in
volve a considerable loss. Although
great commotion was caused in the street,
no fire alarm ' was sent in,' and the ser
vices of the fire department were not re
quired, t
The Ontario and Western Railway
Co. are now busily engaged in double
tracking their road between Carbondale
and Scrnnton.
The 11th annunl ball of tho Alert
Hook and Ladder Co., of East Hones
dale, will be held in their hall, on Wed
nesday evening, Oct. 28th.
Marriage licenses have been issued
to David P. Kelehcr and Miss Emma
Stcltz, both of Hawley; John Friek and
Miss Pearl Carlton, both of South Ster
ling. Rev. Charles Leo, of the Presbyte
rian church, Carbondale, will address
the Wayne County Sunday School Con
vention, in the Seelyville chapel, to
morrow, Thursday evening.
The following report shows the 'hu
niaiie work" accomplished during Fair
Week, by the Honesdale Branch of the
S. P. C. A.
No. pads ordered placed on harness, 4
Warnings against cruel treatment, 5
Warnings against over-loading,' 2
JolinCieino, son of the late Mathew
Clenio, Sr., of Dybcrry, met with a very
serious loss last week. He has been in
the employ of the Del. and Hud. Co.,
as an engineer, with residence at Car
bondale, but recently came to Waymart,
with a view 'to purchasing a butchering
business. i)i that borough. A few days
ago, with $1,120 in currency in his pocket,-
he made a business trip into Clinton
township. Keturmng to Waymart in
the evening, while putting up his horse
he discovered the loss of his pocket
book with its valuable contents. Up to
this writing no clue has been obtained
as to the. whereabouts of the treasure.
William Mathey, of Scrnnton, was
visitor in town Sunday.
Massey Truscott, of Scranton, was
a visitor in town Sunday.
Miss Edith Holbert, of Westcolang,
Pike county, is the guest of Honesdale
""-John and Carrie Hover, of Scran
ton, spent last week with Honesdale
Hon. E. B. Hardenbergh has been
elected a life member of the Pittsburg
Press Club.
Miss Margaret Reilly, of Pleasant
Mount, is the guest of her cousins, the
Misses Reilly, of North Main street.
II. Scott.fjalnion was called to New
York on Montldy morning, in the inter
est -of 'the Wayne County Savings Bank
Mrs. Sarah A. Spry, of Waymart,
h&aijust purchased a- handsome Lester
pi'.iho 'of Nbrth & Co., the Honesdale
Jason H . Welles and niece, .Miss Gra
ham, .of , Pleasant Mount, were among
the callers at The Citizen office last
iMrs, E.lQ.,IIauih'n goes to Newark,
N. J., next,- week,, where she will pass
the wintor with a relative, Mrs. Laura
Mr, and Mrs. Fred. W. Kreitner, of
1 1 tli street, passed last Sunday with their
son, r.uson it. Kreitner ana wile, in
Major Geo. H. Whitney, and Warren
K. Dimock, both victims of paralysis
are still unable tospeak or walk, although
both are slowly recovering their strength
Miss Mary Evlin, of Allentown
while taking a bath, one day last week,
had a. fainting spell, fell in the water
and was drowned.
The re-union of the 07th Penn'a
Volunteers will be held at Stroudsburg
on Thursday, Oct. 8th. Co. C was re
cruited in Wayne county.
Mr. and .Mrs. JohnTeeple, of Jersey
City, returned home yesterday after
few days visit at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Win. II. Ilawken, of East street.
Mrs. II. W. Blandin will break tip
house keeping at her home on West
street, at an early date, and design
making her home hereafter in Green
Mrs. O. II. Bunnell, of Court street
will return from a visit of three months
with relatives in Chicago and other cities
in the West, this week.
Charles W. Hand returned to his
home in Brooklyn, N. Y., this morning
after passing several days in Honesdale
with his parents, Mr. andMrs, H. C
Mrs. C. F. Rockwell, daughter, Miss
Harriet E. Rockwell, and granddaughter,
Olive T. Rockwell, returned from a visit
of a month with relatives in Wellington
HI., and Wauseon, Ohio.
Thomas C. Key, of Wilkes-Barre,
returned home to-day. His wife and
daughter will remain a few days with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank B.
Hawken, of-North Main street.
Mrs. Arthur B. Hull returned to her
home in New York city, this morn
ing, after an extended visit with her
mother, in Honesdale. She was accom
panied by her sister, Miss Clara R. Torrey.
George Appel, of Girdland, and Miss
Bessie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alden
Davis, yvere married at the residence of
tho bride's parents, in Lookout, on tho
23d ult.,' Rev, Herbert Tinsley officiating.
Tho happy couple will make Girdland
their home.
Robert and P. R. Murray, Jr., of
tho firm of Murray Co., are attending tho
Carriage and Harness Dealers' Exposi
tion, in New, York city, where they ex
pect to purchase their' wagons and har
ness for next season.
John Golden, whoso wife died In
Honesdnle, last Thursday, will be re
membered as a former member of our
home base ball team, but now a pro
fessional player, belonging to the Nor
wich, Conn., league.
Rev. P. H, Lynch, pastor of tho
Baptist church, of Carbondale, and E.
M. Peck, of the same city, will deliver
addresses at tho quarterly meeting of the
Wayne Baptist Association, in tho Bap
tist church, Honesdale, this Wednesday
Miss Irene Bishop, a daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Bishop, of Hawley,
has been appointed a teacher in the
high school of that borough, vice Miss
Vera Murray resigned, nnd now 'one of
the instructors of the high school of
-Mrs. Charles E. Mills is now pleas
antly located in her new and pleasant
residence on Court street. Mr. and
Mrs. William tiaggerty are to occupy
the rooms recently vacated by Mrs.
Mills. Mr. Haggerty is an employee of
the Independent ollice.
Henry S. Potter, of Hawley, has en
tered the old soldiers' home at Old
Point Comfort, Va., to pass the remain
der of his life. He was a resident of
Salem township when he enlisted in Co.
B, 3d Penn'a Reserves, under Capt.
W. 1). Curtis. He was mustered in Aug.
10, 1861, nnd discharged on a surgeon's
certificate Dec. 22, 1802.
Miss Lindley, President of the Jun
ior Auxiliary ot New York, and Airs.
Harvey P. Walter, a returned Missionary
from Porto Rico, will address the Wo
man's Auxiliary to the Board of Mis
sions of the Scranton Archdeaconry, in
Grace church, this Wednesday afternoon,
at 2.30 o'clock. All are invited to bo
"Christy" Mathowson, the noted
professional base ball player, a former
member of the Honesdale team, is
now the crack pitcher of the New York
Giants, and commands a large salary.
Charles W. Murphy, the owner of the
Chicago National League base ball team,
offered $50,000 for "Christy," but the
iffer wns promptly rejected, with the
remark that the above enormous sum
was not sufficient to secure Mathowson.
From the Forest City News of Oct.
We ran across our farmer-politician
friend, W. E. Perham. of Niagara. Fri
day and are glad to learn that he is re
ceivinir manv assurances of support in
his canvass for election to the house nt
Harrisburg. Mr. Perham ought to make
a.jgood representative. He knows the
needs of the fanners nnd has enough
innate force to be of considerable assist
auce in bringing about the laws they
want. His wide acquaintance in the
State, formed through his affiliation with
the live stock, dairy and grange move
ments will be of value to him in the
House. He looks good to us
We take the following regarding a
former Honesdaler, from the last issue
of the Herald, of Millbank, South Da
The friends of Rev. and Mrs. Adam
Murrnianto the number of about seventy
live, held a reception nt tho Conereca
tional church, last week, as a testimonial
oi their appreciation of Air. Murrnian
work in the Sunday afternoon Bible class.
At the conclusion of a program of music
and recitations, the pastor and his wife
were presented with a handsome set of
pearl handled knives and forks, a set of
nun. k Hives uiiu a i arner louniain pen
George Savers made the presentation
speech, ana nir. ana airs, niurrinan re
sponded in a happy manner.
Last Day of the Fair.
e went to press with our last issue
too early to give the record of the last
day's trotting at the fair. There were
two good races on Thursday ; each going
four heats. The results were as follows :
2:22 class.
Spin, ch. g., Machan, Monti
cello, 3
Lyndon, s. g., Gardner, Lock
Sheldrake, 1
Minisink Maid, black, in.,
Hayne, Ellenville, 2
Post Haste, bay g., Tenant,
Clark's Summit, 4
2 1 1
3 3 3
4 4 4
Time : 2:29 ; 2:27 ; 2:20 ; 2:30,
Spin won $100 ; Lyndon, $50 ;
sink Maid, $35 ; Post Haste,
FREE FOR A 1. 1..
In the "free for all" Russell Dunn
captured first money ; Lone Sis, second;
Vernie M,, third ; Algamarh, fourth, as
follows :
Russell Dunn, b. g., Snyder,
Dunmore, 1
Lone Sis, bl. m., Wyncoop
Monticello, 2
Vernie M., g. m., Lawrence,
2 1 1
1 2
Hurleyville, 3
Algamarh, bay g., Fable,
Stroudsburg, 4
Time: 2:18; 2:22; 2:19;
3 3 3
4 4 4
The Berry family gave excellent exhi
bitions of acrobatic and trapeze work on
all four days, and the colored male
quartet was a decided hit in filling in
the time between heats and acts.
Kodol is a combination nt natural diges
tive Juices and It digests all classes ot food
and every kind ot food, so you see it will do
the work that tho stomach Itself does. The
only difference between It and the stomach is
the stomach can cet out of order anil Kodol
cannot, hut Kodol can put the stomach in
good order. Huy Kodol today. It Is guaran
teed. Sold by VEIL. The Druggist.
"Pa, what's the difference between the
drama and melodrama?"
"The seats, my son. Yon will never
find any empty ones at the melodrama."
Hums, bruises and scratches, big and little
cuts or In fact anything requiring a salve,
are best and quickest soothed and healed by
DeWltt's Carbollzed Witch Hutel Salve. The
best salve for piles, lta sure you get De
Wltt's, Soldby PKIL, TnePrugglst"
Joseph B. Williams died in Bucking-
horn township, Sept. 28, 1908. He served
during tho civil wnr as a private in Co.
F, 144th N. Y. Volunteers, or better
known as tho Ellsworth Avengers. De
ceased is survived by three, sons, Perry,
Frank and Leroy, and three daughters,
Mrs. Ophelia Gcer, Mrs. II . J. Taylor
and Mrs. Julia A. Bailey.
Anna Bergen, wife of John Golden,
died nt the homo of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Bergen, of Honesdale, Oct.
1, 1908. She had been in failing health
for n number of months, nnd in a vain
endeavor to secure relief, had been an
inmate of two hospitals, and submitted
to a Bevere surgical operation, but with
out avail, and she returned home to die.
She is survived by her husband and little
daughter, Helen, need 2 years, her pa
rents, and a married sister. Interment
in St. John's Catholic cemeterv.
The new Rain Coats, at Mekker &
Co.'s are protective and stylish. 22citf
Mrs. Winifred Seybolt nnd children
returned to their home in Port Jervis
nfter visiting at the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fritz, of
upper East street.
C. HAND, President.
B. HOLMES, Vice Pres.
We want you to understand the reasons
or this
EVERY DOLLAR of which must be lost before any depositor can lose a PENNY.
It has conducted a growing and successful business for over US years, serving
an increasing number of customers with fidelity and satisfaction.
Its cash tunds are protected by IWODr.KN STEEL VAULTS...
All of these things, coupled with conservative management. Insured
by the CAKHKUI, I'KltSONAI, ATTHNTION constantly Blven the
Hank's affairs by a iiotiihlyiihle Hoard ot Directors assures the patrons
of that .SUl'l!K.MKSAKi:'l'V which is the prime essential of a good
Total Assets, -
II. :. HAND.
T. It. t!I.AKK,
The WOOLTEX Garments,
Something Different ! Something
BETTER for the money. All Pure
Wool Cloth, of course, for It's Wooltex
Tho person who keeps a good account at a. Bank
always has a friend at hand when needed. OPEN
NOW, either a savings or business account, at tho
Willi 14 Willlill
This Institution handles large or small
sums and docs anything In tlie.llnc of bunk
ing business,
If you have children, teach them to save
ihelr pennies and dimes instead ot spending
II If you do not have a. household bank
call and get one. Itls'FItEE.- . ...
Three per cent. Compound Interest Paid;
Oct. 3, 1008,-To Mr. and Mrs. George
linker, East Honesdale, a son.
Sept. 30, lOOS.-To Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Doney, Seelyville, a daughter.
Sept. 25, l!)08.-To Mr. and Mrs. P. J.
Corbitt, Seelyville, a daughter.
Born, to Mr. hnd Mrs. Charles
Schroeder, on Sunday, Oct. 4th, a
Carpets Cleaned on the Floor.
The Oscar Smith establishment will
have one of their Vacuum Carpet Clean
ing Machines in Honesdale on October
19th, nnd will clean the Presbyterian
church. An invitation is extended to
parties having any carpets to clean to
come nnd see the kind of work they do.
The old style of cleaning carpets is done
away with. You don't have to take
your carpets up and beat the life out of
them, which is injurious to the carpets,
nor do vou have your house torn up for
days. They guarantee. to take, dirt out
of carpets, upholstered furniture, bed
ding, blankets, etc., without injury to
the same, and without creating any dust,
or taking the articles to be cleaned out
of the room. Any orders or inquiries
left at C. L. Dunning's store will have
prompt attention. 24tf
II. S. SALMON, Cashier.
W. J. WARD, Ass't Cashier
- - $2,733,000.00
Where Thousands of
People Keep Money.