The evening herald. (Shenandoah, Pa.) 1891-1966, December 15, 1891, Image 3

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Present! in the moat elegnnt form
Combined with the medicinal
virtues of plants known to be
most beneficial to the human
system, forming an agreeable
and effective laxative to perma
nently cure Habitual Consti
pation, and the many ills de
pending on a weak or inactive
condition of the
It is the most cxcclltnt remedy known to
When one is llilimu or Constipated
Every one is using it and all are
delighted with it.
W. Baker & Co.'s
from which tlio excess of
oil has Leon removed, Is
Absolutely JPuvo
audit is Soluble.
No Chemicals
mo used in its preparation. It has
more than three times the strength of
Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot
or Sugar, and Is therefore far mora
economical, costing less than one cent
a cup. It is delicious, nourishing,
strengthening, easily digested,
and admirably adapted for invalids
ns well as for persons in health.
Sold by Crocors ovorywhoro.
W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass.
tllck Headache and rollove all tho troubles Inci
dent to a bilious state of tho ajstom, such aa
Dizziness, Nausea. Drowsiness, Distress after
eating. Fain in the Side. 4c While their most
remarkable success has boon shown la curing t
HeaSacbo, yet Carter's TJttla Idvor VtOl ara
tqmlly valuable in ConsUpatlon. curing and pro
venting this annoying complaint, while they alio
correct alldlsordors of thostomachjstimulato tho
river and regulate the bowels.
Efonif taoyonlj
cures m rj rma
suffer from this distreoslnc complaint; but fortu
nately thelrgoodnces docs uotond hero,and thoaa
who once try them will find these 11 ttlo pills valu
able in so many ways that they will not bo wil
ling to do without them. But after allslck head
is the base of so many lives that lierotawhora
I we make our groat boast. Our pills euro it whlla
'others do not.
Caiter"s Little Liver Pills are very small ami
very easy to talio. Olo or two pills make doso.
They are strictly vegetable ana do not gripe or
purae, but by their gontle action ploasoall who
tisethem. Iu vials s- ?5 cents s flvo for$l. Sold
by drugzicta everywhere, or scut by matt.
dank Counters, Tyler System, Port
ablo, Unoqualod in Styles,
Cost nnd Finish.
ISO Tie CiUloaue of Count'", UtkLit etc, Ulailralal 10
Colon. HooSi, t'rro r-AtUge l&ttolt.
f-sfsff. Aiao 'i-yiei". iiri
a'iXSS.wSiKSK "race jic.u. una i ypj
H?W6OT.'5l!v svrlter t'ublnrli.
reduction In prices,
ISO ifo caulfru Tree,
rtlii IS fit. lull Heee of
DetAo, Ibalra, Tatdn, Hook
, Cabin.!, Blank
t'al!aH. elf., klMtjaln ttork,
Surrlatl wnrk midii (a ordpr
Tll,i:il Dl'. It CO., HI. Louis, Mo., U.S. A.
A Chlcbeottr's rngtUti Diamond llraaa'.
Orlfflnnl antl Miiv Urnulne.
sure rtiutil Dice tull
li i .- n tor Ckln ' ' it Pii
uies, ,lou i d t i in Tnke
no other. Rftu"t imrr ut u&'Utit
nona and imttat ' Oi m.c. or ad 4.
la uci fr p i t - l-(tu taluli ioi
lt-ll4-f for fjudli tn r iter, bv trlura
To "cat a raslllia Cur. for the I'lTt. of faUbuaj.
VSier ImnownrT. io. So Erratis our faith In
U, ItTtO., 8B(.!!J,Jew .rk. i
Sho Used u Gun and Pistol,
But Was Overpw.iruil.
It is Beliavad that Mo Wa3 a E-j-otod
Suitor of tin Yonng Woman-
Mrs. Ilnlrli ami thn Children 'Warn Killed
to tl.slrny i:vldiiCA -Miss Itrticv Mint
Tliniiiirli tho Cheek, Ilor Skull Crusliitil,
Hiul Her NecU Sliialird Moil lied Man
M'liurliia; the Country Tilt Ynunir
Woman lllghlr Spoken of In New York
The Hatches Were from Milan,
New VoitK, Dec, 15. Tlio horrible de
tails of the quadrtlplo murder at New
Smyrna, Flu., were discussed nil
through New York city yesterday. The
chief Interest centered In the Identity
ef Miss Adollne II. llruco, of this city,
who was one of the victims.
Hiss llruce was the youngast daughter
of Hamilton 11 nice, who, IS years ago,
was a well-known soclat and political
figure In this city. He was a descendant
of an old Knickerbocker family.
Il took a prominent part In tho antl
slavery movement, ami whoa Lincoln
became President he was made Deputy
Collector of the Port of Now lfork.
ii llruce held a number of other
prominent positions, and tiled in 1877,
nged 01. Of his four children, but
two lived. Tho elder mtrrled FranV J,
Packwood, who purchased the orange
grove ut Now Smyrna, Flu., whora the
awful crimo win committed. When
the wife of I'ackwood died about tlireo
years ago Adeline went to his home to
take care of his children, iler ties to
the North bad beuu completely severed
by the death of her mother u couple of
years before, and she resolvod to devote
her life to her sister's children. All
who had known Bruce describe her
us a charming and accomplished woman.
Jacksonville, li'la., Dec. 15. The de
tails of Saturday's llendish crimo near
New Smyrna, in Melusla county, aro
more grewsomo and horrible as they
come to light, and It is hard to believe
that any human being could do such a
deed. It Is wonderful how one man
could kill so many and then conceal his
trucks ho well, for up to nuw no
clew has been found, although more
than a hundred men, well armed and
thoroughly acquainted with the coun
try, have been hunting since Saturday
On Friday P. J. Packwood loft his
sister-in-law, Misi Bruce, and his little
son In charge of the house and went to
Mattlaml. .Miss llruce sent for Mrs.
Hatch, a friend, who lived a inlleortwo
away. She came with her son to spend
the night. Irwin Jenkins, u negro, liv
ing a mile south, had been In the habit
of calling at the house on Saturdays on
his way to New Smyrna to seo If tho
people wanted errands done or goods
bought. Saturday morning ha went to
tho house and kuueked at the door, but
got no reply.
He soon observed that tho front win
dow opening on the piazza and facing
the east hud boon smashed in. The cat
tle were in the yard, the gates were
open, and a heavy piece of sciiitllug lay
nearby. Fearing that something was
wrong, he hastened to the house of E.
J. Ilumllt, the nearest neighbor, who
lived a mile away. The alarm was
raised and half a dozen neighbors gath
ered and went to the l'ackivood homo,
where an appalling signt met tnom. It
was substantially as stated in yester
day's despatch.
It was evident from the situation of
the bodies that while tha murders r was
entering the window Miss llruce had so
cured tin old iiniitn & Wesson pistol,
which was handy, and llred at him. The
ball took effect In the window frame.
Then she went to a closet, and securing
a double barrelled gun tried to shoot
the (tend, but the hammers snapped on
sholls that had been exploded many
days before. She was then overpowered,
assaulted and buttered to death with
the gun stock.
It wns at first thought that the crime
was the work of tramps, but this da
delusloa was subsequently dispelled by
finding a trail leading around the yard
to the north and then through the hum
mock south to the road, a path that
none could travel unless he was familiar
with the country. That It was the work
of a jilted lover after revenge is now
the supposition, and various clues ure
being worked upon.
Jlr. Packwood says he has suspicions
which will be revealed at the right time.
This conlirms tho theory of a rejected
suitor to a degree. The murderer must
liavo been well-known in the neighbor
hood, ns ho killed tho children and visi
tor, evidently fearing they would tell.
Tho people of New Smyrna ull say that
the man belongs to tue neighborhood,
there being many facts which conilrm
that suspicion.
Tho victims were buried yesterday,
hundreds of people fallowing tho bodies
to the grave. Mrs. Hatch is from Maine,
but has lived here for many vo.irs.
WuntK f?:: 0,000 for Llbal.
Kinoston, N. Y., Dec. 15. Dr. W.
II. Connelly, sou of exSenutop Connolly.
of tills city, lias brought sutt ugnlust
tha Albany "Journul" for libel, laying
tbfl diimuges at $20,001 Tho alleged
libelous arlcle roluted to the recent
small-pox controversy In tills city, ami
appeared In that puper on Doc. 5.
Inillctiuents Asulnatilie rittabuic; "I'oat"
I'lTTSUUitO, Pa., Deo. 15. The grand
jury yosterday returned n true bill In
the libel suits of Ssnator Quay against
the "Post." The Indictments, of which
there are two, are against James Mills
and A. J. Uarr, and James Mills, A. J.
llarr. etal, respectively. The suits are
to be pushed.
Kilraln Will l'lu-lit No .More.
Boston, Dec. 15. Juke Kllraln In a
... iini,t...nwu i,a Pafab.i n
proposition to meet the winner of the
nlaco In KraucNco. Juke says hU
t . ..i. .,11 1,B tlmo un,l l.
doefl not belluve thnt he will ever don
New Mfn for Sr IKrro IMuofa.
Ttn'EKA, Kan., Doc. 15. Information
has been received here to the effect that
tho Southern Paclllo Hallway has sup
plied the placts of all the striking oper
ators with now men, and that the
Western Union has put in new men at
lil Paso.
rfighest of .ill in Leavening Power.
Tli" M,i,..Htor'i Ku'lui- stuntl.
Nkw Yokk. l)"c. 15 -Tho Presbytory
of Now York met vp-ti-rd.iy afternoon
to bear tlio report of the committer ap
polutod by th" Modurator to answer the
protest presented lv i)r. Henry Van
Dyke minimi the Mo lirator's ruling lu
the Driggs cane. 'I'Iki rommittoo re
ported that they found upon examina
tion that the protest win inadequate,
and that th' ruling slioul 1 stand.
II. It. .V. r.'llst, us on.
Hociikstku, N. Y., Dec 15. A con
tract for gra ling and masonry on the
JohiiKoubitr k'ls ilralforl Hallroad from
Howard Janet 1011 to Mount Jnwott, a
distance of 20 mi'e", has bean let to
UraTKliTliiTg & Ni'.inug, of Now York.
The road it an oi K on of tin Ilull'.ilo,
Hocliester iV Hitts'iiir. Work is to be
gin nt 0111B and lie tluisliuil by Septim-U-r
1. 1H!)2.
My doctor twys it acts ptntij on the Atomnch,
liver and kidney, nnd it ft pleasant laxative. Thii
drink Is made from herbs, and U prepared fur use
All ilruareista pell ft altx nnd H.otltier nm kiim.
tiny one to-day. Iiiiiie1 I timily lediclno
Movr Hie llov vl each 0a. In order to ba
ht-althy, ttila Is necessary.
Advertisement tn thi column, not exceeding
5 Un, 5 c for one insertion; 75c. tor two; 81 for
three; air week, 11.50; two weeks, t2; one
nonth, $1.
COR ItKN T. A six-roomed lnnm-,
" nnwiv nitnlfd antl lunered. Annlvto
Mrs. H bert.Slddali,31iS. Jardlus.reei.
11: ll-!l
WANTED At once, four brick
lavprsaudstx8touo msmsto work on
the electric rullioad, at ltappuhnt.ook. 3t
170 It SALE. A fresh cuv for Hale
. chesn. Aonlv to Samuel O. Ackor. ILI
W. Coal sireeu 12 15 31
FOR. SAIjK A good nnd Retitle
horse. HullaO.o for nil klns of w rk. for
sale clie ip. Apnly 10 C. J. (Julju, 21 Kist
Centre street, Mlieaandoali. 12 1 -tl
FOR S LE. One store rnntn und
one (lw.lllng house. I Hit 39 feet front IIU feet ds -p. Place. 315 Wes Co 1 s reet.
Easy erin-. Apply to Krauk Warn'o.
FOR SATjii. l'iio gray team of
hordes r-centlv usotl bv the Columiils II.
AH. if, a Co., No. 1 The horses will be a
uurgain to 1111 purcna-ers.
f KAKK liKWlS,
Jkhk O'Nkii.i,,
Kkank ronntNOTON,
11-21-tf Trusters
hereby given that an application will
tie mde to too Court ol Common Hlpa ot
Schuylkill p-mnly on Monday, December 21st,
a. u. isui atiun'ciocit to me 101 enoon. tin
ier the"eirporuttou act of thHcnnimonwr-slth
ol PeunsHvatila, approved April 29. 1871 "and
tue hunpiement tueroio, tor toe cnaiter nt an
lnte ded corporation to be called 48t. (Icorgb's
l.lliiuauluu Catholic llenellclal rjocletv. ol
Sho andoah, l'a," sal asst.clatlon is to be
locate 1 in suenauuosn, l a,, hdu l') nave
ns oojeci trie mil tennnca 01 a hociPiy
'01 social, educational and beat-flclal our-
pose-, to its members I mat luuds collected
S. U. 51. .iOLLiOl'KrKll,
Attoiney far Appilcifls.
Shenandoah. Pa., Nov. 21, 'HI. ll-21-.iw
They m&kt hcrolo effort! to ire a taemieivei.
DUt HOI. laUOWIDg IlOW IU lUCLiiiiiiiiy
tncy cits up la Je-(pir m 1 itui ioton nrif
f et rrtft. roK rn, (ifieaj
f r.llmltr.l lliii.rltin
tat phlluiophT ol Dliew
OrRtcioi Mbn, and how by
.ia.ip TririTliruT
nuini. i nun
JOlt or jawing utnuvwu,
Idllty. Woakntii of Body
or Eicumi, Btaoiea or
How to EnUrndBtrnKtnenWEAK.UNDEVCLU?J.iJ
OROANB 4 PARTS of D0DY Mfcd. plain to all iBtirntfd.
ED a 1411.9, v ..v.
ilea Mitlfr tmm 60 Shim, Terrhorki ao l roreua
V ein wrft.Them. Tor boot , foil r V
For tlio liect gold and Hllvcr rimmed
fieclticlfs livfs teBted nee ol clmrge,
ButiBfuutlou guuranlecil.
Largoit and cheapest slock in town.
Artistic l'uiotia Grai ini' an 1 Deciratins !
10 2 6m 2il W. Centra St.. HIIEVANDO.VIl
01 N. Muln St., Sheimiitloiili.
The Finest Stock of Beers, Ales, Cignrs, 4c.
m mm mm
J l ,1 ' 1 . u ,
WVi-'V 1 aW A
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889,
IIib rntill I'niMWtury.
ItOMB, Dec. 15. 1'he I' Consistory
was held yesterday, itu I was attsudc.t
by a considerable mini bar of Cirillnnis.
Tho Pope namsdas oardinals, Monsignor
Huppo Suilla au l Mousignor bep acel.
lloth tlieso iirulates are uigiily esteemed
by tho Pope, and among tho few ad
mitted to (IN more lutimite associa
tions. The Pops a 1. Irene I the Consis
tory, deploring the irrsllginus spirit
which found tlxpres-.lou iu the attack on
the French Pilgrims H said that he
had never accepted tlu law ot guaran
tees, passed by tho Italian Parliament,
as it infringed on tlio ltb.-rty of the
Holy See.
What a Voto of Thanka
Would be ptssod If babie could sposk of
Dr. Hand's Colic Cure Thousand-, havo
beon cured by It. Absolutely cafe. J. M
Hillan and 0. J. McCarthy, tho druggists,
givoaway fsmplos to thoso who doubl
this statement.
There ii'p n Lre:it many dilapidated
sidewalks in vurloim purls of the town.
How to Suocood.
This is the great problem of lite which few
satisfactorily solve. Mmio tall because ol
poor health, others want ol luck, bui tne
majority from deficient grit want or nerve.
Tli'v nre nervous, Irresolute, changeable,
easily get tha blues and "tako the spirits
dowo It, keep the spirits up," thus waiting
money, time, oppottuuity ami nerve lorce.
There is nolhlns like the tlestoratlvi Nervlue,
dls overed by Ihe treat specialist. Dr. Miles,
u emu uu nervous ui-easo-t, as uesnacne, tue
blues, nervous niosttation. sleoiile,,ne,s.
neuralgia, St. Vims rtance, tits, anil liyne-la.
iiiiu uiHiii-i, huh uue oiHt'c 01 le-iiiuouutis
tree at C. H. Ilageubueh's drug store.
Pedillera who travel from door to
door say Monday is uhvayaa poor day
Mlloa' INorvo ana fjlvor PUla
ct on a new nrlrjclnlA recrulatlnsr the
liver, Uimach and bowels through the nerves
A new niKcovery. Dr. Miles' l"llls speedily
cute biliousness, had taste, tirpld liver, piles, ,
constipation. Unequaled lor men, women,
children. Smallest, mllitesl.suresll Sldoscs,
25cls. Samples Freo, at C. H Hagenbuch's
Iras store.
Cold tea is said to bo cond to water
house plants with occasionally.
A Fatal Mistake.
PhvstRlnns make no mora fatal mistake
than when they Inform patents that nervous
heart troubles come from the stomaeii antl
are of little consequence. Dr. Franklin
Sills, the noted Indiana tpeclalls', has
proven the contrary In his new hook on
"H art Disease," which may be had Tree at
C, II. lltgentmch's dru: store who ku irautees
and recnmniPiids Dr. Miles u equaled New
iieari Lure, wmcu nas tne largest s.110 01 anv
heart remedy lu the world. Il cures nervous
snd nritanic heart disease, short tireath.
uuiicriug, pain or tenaerness in tne siao. arm
orshoulder.lrregnlar lailse falutltiK.smotlier
lug, dropsy, etc Ills Itestorallve Nervine
cures headache, fits, etc.
Tlio ttirltev is nuttintr on meat now
for the coining Christmas feast.
Oh, What a Cough.
Will VOU heed the wa'ntnsr? The plena! ner.
naps of lbs sure apiiroach of that more ter
rible disease. Consumption. Ask yourselves
If you can atlord for the sake or saving 50
cents, to run the risk and do nothing for it.
we Know iron experience mat snuoh's cure
will Cure VOltr Couzh. It nnver falls. This
siplalns why more than a Million Bottles
wbre sold the past year. It relieves Croup
and Whopolnit Coutt at once Mothers do
noioewiinoai,ii, iror l.ame tiaot, Hiao or
Chest, use Million's Pnrnus Plaster. Hold hv
O. II. Hastenhnch, N. E. corner Main and
i.ioyn streets.
The only fish that never sleen are
salmon, piko and t;oldflsh.
Shlloh's Consumption Curo.
This Is bevond nuestlon the most sur
tesstul Couell Medicine wn hilve firer sold.
tew doses invariably cure the worst cases ol
'imgu, in-nun, ana iiroucutiis, wmie us wn
lerfn! success In the cure of Consumption is
vlthnul a parallel in the history of medicine,
tlnce It's tlrst dlsoovery it lias been sold on a
guarantee, a test which no other medicine
-an stand. It you luve a Cnush we earnestly
isk you to try It. Price 10 cents, 50 cents, and
ll.t'0. If your Lunjs are sore. Chest or Hack
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3. . Ilaceubuch, N. E. corner Main and
.loyd streets.
No need of coineawuv from town to
buy your Christmas gifts.
What Father Pablo Varela Says.
Cki.aya, Ootobet 1. 1880.
I know several noo, lo who have sutrered
Kroailv from the consequences of Impure
hi od, and I n very short while havo lelt
much bettei by using tho medicine wlilchw
sent nere y i on llamon Atv , ror til a pnr
p -e. I recom no id litis remedv as o ie
which pr ni'ses the tiest rtuulu, "nil Is the
hostor Its kind. HKV.l'AIILO VAItKI.A.
Sold at Kirltn's Drug Store, Ferguson Uouse
?lnck. -Uien.andni
Grand Opening
FALL and wiw-
East Centre St., Shenandoah, Pa.
The finest und largest assortment
in Hate, Ilonnets and Caps at re
markably low prices. Our line of
Children's TltlMMUD AND UN
Oanixot loo 323cixxvll ocl.
Grand Holiday Display
Ol now and desirable presents for the old
and young ut
102 North Mm Street, lkmn.
Taken Out of nn Insano Asj'
ltim by Detectives.
Tho Charge Against Him is Grand Lir
oeny A Hearing To-Day-
Dl.trlct Attnrnny Jilroll Oeeni'd 1 It Ills
Duty tn Art, and Clalma t Hiivh I'rnnr
that I'leld ronvcirtrri rlv. Shares uf
Union 1'iirlflc Stork to Ills Oitn U
Anntli.r Inatiincn uf the Vomit- Man's
Nuw York, Dec. 15. Ed ward M.
Field, the senior member of the defunct
firm of Field, Llndloy, Wlcchers & t'o,
was taken from the private sanitarium
of Dr. Granger at White Plains last
night by three of Inspector Hyrnes' de
tectives nnd brought to Police Head
quarters In this city. Tho warrant
upon which the prisoner was appre
hended was issued In the afternoon by
Judge Martluo in tho Court ot Uenernl
It wns granted on an affidavit sub
mitted by tho District-Attorney charg
ing Field with grand larceny In the
first degree. Tho detectives who served
the warrant were told to get tholr man
without regard to the protests ot the
guardian in whose keeping ho might ba.
When the detectives reached tho sani
tarium and stated their errand, Dr.
Granger nt first refused to turn Field
over to thoolllccrs. Ho was quietly told
that force would be resorted to to se
cure tho prisoner, If other means failed,
and thereupon submitted and brought
out Mr. Field.
During tho Journey from tho nsvlum
to police headquarters, young Field was
quiet and dignified in his bearing. He
said but little, but had nothing either
in his manner or conversation to Indi
cate that ho was not of sano mind.
Young Field will bo arraigned before
Judge Jlartlne to-dny to answer ther
charge against him.
Tho District-Attorney was seen this
morning and said:
"Iu view of the repeated charges made
in tho newspapers, I deemed It my
duty, without waiting for a complaint
to bo made by soma ot the persons said
to havo been defrauded, to take action
in the matter. Such transactions ns
the Kiel I falluro cannot take place
without s. ii by the authorities,
oven if. .i ' i - ei'W. no formal charge
issubui'it. . -.esi.-1 parties. Mr.
Flolri nay t..- i ... If he Is, it must
be proved in i. defence to the indictment
In the u--.i . w '
Assigneo Ouuld is still rotlcnnt as to
the nllatrs of Field, Llndley, Wiechers
& Co., although nenrly every day some
new instance of Edward M. Field's
wrongdoing comes to light. A tailor in
this city on Nov. 20, one week before
the firm failed, purchased through
Field two Northern Pacific Railroad live
per cent bonds, paying about $l,l)J0 for
He paid by check, which was duly
honored. He received tho usual notice
thnt the purchase had beeuinade, and
cnlled next day at Field, I.indley,
Wiechers & Co. to get tho bonds. Ho
was put oil with plausible excuses and
asked to call next day. He did so, and
was put off with some other pretext.
He went again next day, and was told
that Mr. Field had just stepped out.
On tho following day the firm failed.
The tailor has received a hint from a
member of the Field family, stating
that if he will not begin criminal pros
ecution he will get his monoy'back. A
Wall street banker to whom the tailor
told his story has advised him to insti
tute criminal proceedings against every
member of tho firm.
The District Attorney says ho has In
formation which leads him to believe
that Field has disposed of live shares of
Union Puciilc stock und converted them
to his own use.
lVttlt-l.atliiilii Giiiun a Ilraw.
Boston, Dec. 15. The odds given
Latham last Saturday In his tennis
match with Pettit, having been gener
ally regarded us too favorable, the Bos
ton Athletic Association, acting upon
this prevailing opinion, arranged an
other match which was played yester
day, fixiug the odds "half thirty for u
bisque. " Tho purse was the same as in
the match heretofore played, namely,
J1S0. Only four, sets vor played and
theso resultod in a draw Pettit won
the Il-st set, (i-4 and the third sot, 0-7,
while Latham won tho second set, H-IS
and tho fourth sot 8-0.
Charged Willi Klllinc a la ltd.
Kingston, N Y., Dec. 15. Mory Dor
onbroskl and Paul Poposynskie, both
Polanders, were arrested ysturday and
lodged In jail to await examination on
n charge of murdering a child which tho
woman had given birth to. Tho re
puted father of the child and Poposyn
skie were boarders in the house ot Mrs.
Duronbroski. Tho father disappeared
one day last week, and on the following
day Poponynskia was discovered in tlio
act of burying the body of a (load child
iu a trunk at the rear ot the house.
Ihi, 1'i-Uu I.lar tines Tree.
PtTTmrmiii, Pa., Dec. 15. Josoph
Mutilation, otherwise known as "Orange
IHossom," was acquitted before Judge
Kennedy yesterday of u charge of lar
ceny. The prosecutor was Patrick
0"Ioole, who claims that ho and Mul-
button got drunk together, and that
the latter relieved him ot $35 In a Grant
Bteeet lodging house. Several residents
from Louisville, Ky., Mttlhatton's
home, teHillled to his good character.
Aclor uitls' Irtut rostjnmttd.
San FHANtikCO. Dec. 15. Actor M.
H. Curtis' trial for killing Policeman
Grant has been set for Jan. 11 next.
Tho o.i.B was called for trial yesterday,
but Curtis' la.vyur pleaded for delay bj
catise of want of time tor preparation.
Curtis has fought for dela) from the
outset, ns ho believed public prejudice
will fade ns time goes 011. Curtis was
handsomely dressed and prison life evi
dently doesn't worry him.
Chief l'oslolllt'u Clerk liesluns
IIoston, Deo 15. Iloraco F. Hill,
chief clerk ot the lloston postolllce has
notitled l'ostmaster Hart that ho will
retlro trom the aervlco in a few days to
accept u position with the American
'le'.euranh and Telephone Company ol
New York. Mr. Hill has been in the
pistoltica about 18 years, aud about
postal uatters is th best informed man
In the olUce,
will be paid for a recipe enabling
us to make Woin Acme Black
ing at such a price that the retailer
can profitably sell it at loc.abottle.
At present the retail price is 20c
This oflVr la opn until January nt., itat. For
particulars addresa the undersigned.
Acme Blacking is made of pure alcohol,
other liquid dressings are made of water.
Water costs nothing. Alcohol is dear. Who
can show us how to make it without alcohol
so thatwecan make Acme Blacking as cheap
as water dressing, or put it in fancy pack
ages like many of the water dressings, and
then charge for the outside appearance in
stead of charging for the contents of the
WOLFF & RANDOLPH, Philadelphia.
is the name of a naint of which a sec liottti.
is enough to mike six scratched and dalled
cherry chairs 100k like newly finished ma
hoganies. It will do manv other remarkable
things which no other paint can do.
All retailers sell it.
Puriiie8 tho blood by ex
pelling the infinities through
the proper ehiinnels and never
causes eruptions on tho skin.
Regulates the bowels Cures
dyspepsia, liver and kidney
troubles, tones up the system
and gives you an appetite.
Never fails :o euro any con
dition produced by impure or
impoverished blood, or a dis
ordered state of stomach, liver
or kidneys.
Sold at Klrll.i'3 Drug Store,
Ferguson't Hotel Block, Shenandoah, Pa
Mill promptly rt-llpve the mint dU
trwwhic cauM of Acnto or Chronic lilipu-
mat mm or Gout. Hy t irictly luwrvhir
the directions, it will curojou jit-rinaii-
t'ullkt ttia numcrou pprttoui thit fIo4
th COHQtrj ,
tula tiudlclne It & nccifin for th
Tine 1
lurmi or rhfuninira onlr fcurltiotln
One bottle m milt
In connection th thu fillt, rootinc Hie iufTt-r?r' thtt
the rrojHT retm-t) tins Wen rouui You fcr truesllf ie
qu (! m it i tftf tmritt or
lit Tlutt iropm!i are tudoried bv hundred cf th
tuoM fUuerlm u ulmonlaW.
Onh tht tncrfilmiti, r'nurkal tr tot ttif tr enraiiT
-wtm arw u-ifl lu ihe mii itactun of M.OIT'S
X1.C3 Tor SrttlD. C Hetties, 55.C5. mi:, CS Cts. Bex.
iiur 1 a 1 11; it 11 Kill
nuDufitciurL-r, and rou lll rec
ur.-cprr Utww uoi neon It tnd 1 i 10 tba
rive it hi mail.
.iXurkvt Mrect,
mumI'ii, r.
Newly Refitted and Renovated.
sex a.-vT-xaxro-,
Hair Cutting and Hair Dressing I
Under l'oslolllce Building,
Main and Oak Sta., Shenandoah.
a-llot and cold baths, Polity, prompt and
careful attention.
too North Fourth St..
OOO fwl Grtrn. pHitatil.rNi
Vi- nar Keuulae Grino Anieriaaa
H(xetalliit Id ihe L'nlu-d hi ate J be la
able to cure BlOOd POlSOnt
Nervous Debility n4 Spe
cial Dlsenses
hkin P1m a'- Ki-d hot ralni Io tha
bonaa.soreTliroat Mouth,
Bltobfi. riair'i PrupUoDi, loft
bar I llofri, bwelllng, Irritation a,
InnammaUona and Runnluta,
(iUlcturct, Weakoeia aod Early
decav loil memory weak hmrt mtntal aniliy K1Jny ot
Hi 1 1 It r niir-aafa and all ntfatri r-otinit rrom r
In li-. r. tlori or Of rwork Bwfnt ii curM tn 4 to 10 aajaj
ri iet at one tto not toi hrp no mattrr what adTr
tWInir. 0K-tr Quack Familv or Ho-pital ThTslrlaD hai failed.
Dr Tilt H. . ur.'i positively "'Ut drtfMion frcm
bualnni old vm an vrbni-f in a(r THa c inTixftiTia rl h -r pout s n I Jr damp for bOCk
"TRUTH" fipn-lna: Ofacki tini-r iworn Uitlmoalala,
111 dailf fr.mi t l S ' $ v 9 'Wel and Bat.
Ir'si ft t to rHiudat 9 tin IS Write or tall and te aad,
For fttfrreuoea am Wedn 4 Saturday PbU. dally Tim
If yon want to se a tlae display 01 Boots and
8 hue 9. gti to
Boot and Shoe Store,
(Mas toller's old stand,)
Corner Coal and Jnrtltii Htit.
Custom WorlcaucI Kcpalrius;
Done In the best style.
J?. J". OLEAR1T,
Dealer In all kinds ot
Shoemakers' : Supplies !
Large and first-class stock.
All Demands of the Trade Suppfiea
Ferguson House building, SHENANDOAH, PA.
(j a pjMKiui.
Offlce-26 West Lloyd Street, HbenanOosJi