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VOL. VI.--NO. 269.
"My Son, Deal With Men Who Advertise. Ton will Never Lose by It. "--Benjamin Franklin
The Evening Herald.
Has r larger circulation In Shenandoah than
any other paper published. Circu
lation books open to all.
John P. Flnnoy went to Reading this
Mrs. J. S. Klstlcr !s suffering from an
attack nf tbo grip.
Mrs. Mnlachi Cloary has presented her
husband with a bouncing daughter,
J. Harry Zerby. editor of tbt I'ottsville
Republican, ie in attondance at tho County
Mrs L J. Iloffman, of Reading, is the
most of Mrs. Jonathan AVasloy.
Mrs. Harry Beyrant, of Steolton, is tho
cuestofher mother. Mrs. Pritcbard, ol
Jurdin strost.
The members of tho family of Assistant
Fostmastor Dongler are among tho tuf
ferors from grip.
Good Looks.
Good looks aro ruoro than skin deep, dc
pending upon a healthy condition d' all
tho vital organs. If the Liver bo inactive,
you have a liilious Look, if your stomucb
bo disordered you have a Ujspeptlo loom
and If your Kidneys bo ..fleeted you have.
a pinched look. Secure good health and
you will have good looks. Electric Bitters
.1b thn art-Rt nltnrRtivn and Tnnlo net. dl-
ttctly on those vital organs. Cures
Pimples, Blotches, Built and gives a good
complexion, Sold at C. n. Uagonbuch's
Drug Store, 60c. per bottlo.
Coughing Leada to Consumption.
Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough at
Two Men Injured.
Goorgo Taylor, of town, and Stephon
McKeon, of Turkey Run, wore victims of
a runaway on Saturday night. Tho two
men wero thrown from their carriage to
the road way, in front of Dr. Langton's
office. The doctor put several stitches in
MoKoon's faco and head. Both men
wore removed to their homes in carriages.
HcKeou suffered the most and will be laid
up for a week or more.
The proprietors of Pan-Tina have spent
thousands of dollars to rnakn It known that
K cures Coughs. olds uud LnUrlnpe. Trial
bottUs of Pan-Tina free at 1'. 1". D. Klilln's
drug store.
Dolls I Dolls ! Dolls I
Largest and bout assortment In town.
Kid body and dressed dolls 25 cents. Toys
of all descriptions. All tho latest games,
puzzles, p'cturo and story books. Bisque
figures, chinawaro, etc. Handsome plush
presents for Christmas. At Uollet's, 22
East Contre street.
(P UX u VJ J good ones fi
,and very
.s fur $3.60
31uy one for your wile for a CUrlstmaa
present. We also have a new' line of
Hugs and Carpets at
JBancy JSTew Crop New Orleans SaJciny Molasses.
New Corn Meal Made of all new corn. Klliv Dried
Fresh Ground,
Isew Pickles Natural Color Crisp and Sour.
New Currants Cleaned Jteady for Immediate Use.
Netu California Prunes Fine Quality.
New California Canned Fruits Fyy Plums, Cher
ries, Apricots and Peaches.
New Jiuclnvheat lilourVery Choice.
New Green Scotch Peas.
New California Strained Honey.
Itew Raisins, Citron and
New Skinned Hams-
Two Cans Clioice Salmon.
Three rounds Fancy nice.
Two Mottles Ketchup Large Size and Extra Quality.
Four Pounds Good Currants.
Three rounds Mixed Candies.
Two rounds mixed Nuts New Crop.
Five rounds Ont Flalces-Ncw Fresh Stoclc.
A Lot ol Sheep, Goat and
'White, Blaclc and Colors.
Just Received Two Cars
car flue Bllddllnjrs, extra quality.
Country Lard.
FOR SALE TO AUSllVE-One Car Middlings. One Cnr
Fancy Minnesota Flour.
tgriJON'T FORGET that Northwestern Daisy Flour Al
ways Gives Satisfaction.
Organized by tho General Secre
tary of tho Pennsylvania Blblo
Society OffleorB Elooted.
Objeots of tho Soolety.
Rev AV. McNalloy, of tho Presbyterian
church, dehvored an eloquont termon to
his congregation Sunday, tho themo of
which was, "The Mystic Slono and Coining
Kingdom," as porlrajcd in Daniel II, and
was a continuation of a series of discourses
on "Tbo Lard's Second Coming." It
would bo difficult to g vo a proper Idea of
the sermon in so email a space, but tho
preacher brought out the following Icleai :
Tbo chapter records a prophecy revealed
to Nebuchadnezzar,, and through him, as
the mere organ of uttoranco, to us, of wh t
shall bo the succession of kingdoms of tho
world till tho day when tho great stono cut
nut nF thn mnlintatn .hall ffrind thfim If!
. . i, u,l f anA
bMat MBI of 6iJvori boUy and thWlI
of brass, legs of Iron, and feet part iron and
part clay, were symbolical of the four great
universal empires, and the ton kingdoms
into which tho fourth empire was divided
Theso four were Bayylonian, Medo-Fer
sian, Macedonian and Roman empires,
History bad wondorlully accorded with
nronhocv. for thoro bavo been but four
universal eropiros, beginning with Babylon
under Nebuchadnezzar, and ending with
the Roman, with Its legs of iron do oting
tho division of tho ompiro into Eisternand
"Western. It was prophesied bow Bab,
Ion should be overthrown by Cyrus, by
changing the course of the river and the
Median army marching in by the river
bed. Gibbon, the infidel historian, states
(as if ho could find no language so truly
descriptive of historic fact as the language
of Daniel) "Tho imago of gold, or silver
or brass lhat might servo to represent the
nations of kings, was successively brokon
up by the iron oi nomo.
Therein be no doubt as to tho identity of
the four great empires represented In tho
imago presented to Nebuchadnezzar and
interpreted by God's prophet, Daniel. If
Daniel were a morn guossor of future pos
sibilities is it probablo that ho could have
guessod so exactly what has taken place
and what all hiitory attests? TheAVestorn
Human Kmpiro foil in A. D. 470. Tho
Eastern in 1434 A. D., and was divided
into exactly ten kingdoms. 0 responding
with tho toes of the image. These king
doms wore to contlnuo as ten, until the
"stono cut out t;f too mountains without
hands" should fall upon them. Every
effort to found another universal erapiro
has failed and will fail; Charlemagne tried
it, Louii XIV tried it, Napoleon I tried it,
and when nearest to what ho considered
success in the enterprise half his army
porishod in Russia and tho other half at
Ltmon Peel.
-Fresh Smoked.
Nen Mince Meat Best Quality.
Wolf SUln Mats and UngS
Choice No. x Timothy Hay, One
Waterloo. Tho ton kingdoms havo turned
up afior each revolution and will contlnuo
to exist, until tbo only other universal
kingdom shall fill tho oarth, viz: Tho
kingdom of tho coming Lord. This will
bo the fifth and last universal kingdom the
world shall ovor seo. What tho "Stono" is
that should smite tho imago there can bono
doubt. It is tho living stono," diallowod
of men but chosen of Go I. It is the sec
ond coming of tho Moesiih. Had tho stone
struck tho Imago on the legof iron, It would
havo symbolizd His first coming and tho
gospel dispensation, for tho "iron king
dom" tho Roman Kmpiro was then in
tho zonlth of its powor. Had tbo stone
come to blend with tbo aterials of the
imags, and work like leaven upon it, It
might have been interpreted to mean tbo
gospel. But it comes in tho vnry last stage
of oarth's nations, smiting the toes, and it
romoi not to coalesco but to destroy. It
must tborofore mean tho second advent ol
the Son of God. to overthrow earth's king
doms and establish His literal kingdown in
iho world. Thord" was nothing gradual
about it, and so it cannot moan tho gradual
spread of His spiritual kingdom. Tho lat
veitlgo of the old Riman Empire was
swept away in 1801 when Napolonn com
pelled tho Emperor of Austria to drop tho
title of "Emperor ol Holy Roman Em
pire." We aro now in the toe poriod,
which will last about a long as the head,
or 78 years, and we may look for tho
speedy return of our Lord to this earth.
Are wo ready to meet him ?
Candolabras and candlesticks, and
fancy bric-a-brac of all kinds, at Holder
man's. ll-.8-if
A Local Branoh Formed In Town
Rev. James Morrow, D. D go n oral sec
retary of tho Pennsylvania Bible Society,
spont yesterday in town representing the
intorests of tho bible cause. He put in a
very lull day, prtaching three times to
largo congregations, besides addrossing tho
Presbyterian Sunday school. In the
morning be preached in tbo Methodist
Episcopal church and in the early evening
tn the Reformed church. Following the
regular services a union meeting was hold
In the Moth dist Episcopal church at which
Dr. -Morrow delivered an ablo and telling
address on the great need lhat exlst3 for the
dissemination of the bible in the language
of tho people Tbo moral aspects of tbo
problem of immigration received consldor
able attention. Wj ought to look boyond
its indutrial bearings and rogard thu
cominsr of tbo u ultitudes from tho less
favored portions of tho world as provider!
tial opportunities which aro being thrust
upon us for indoctrinating thorn in tho
truths of God's word in order to tboir sal
vallon. This means tho circulation of tho
biblo in thoir own language. This need Is
boing met by tho biblo society which pub
lishes the book of God not for pr- fit but
for gift to the pour and for sale at- its oxact
cost to such as are ablo to buy. Local or
ganizations aro springing up in our towm-
and citis to aid tn this wi.rk Tnoso so
cieties affird a common platform upon
which all denominations of christians may
stand. Men ditT.r up n points of doctrine
and questions of interpretation but with this
tbo Biblo Society has nothing to do. Such
quostlons,are left to tho denominations
Tbo Biblo Society propo.os to scatter the
word of God without nolo or comment so
that God may spoak through it for Him1
self to ovory one that reaJs. In European
lands only one language is needed in oacb
country, while Shonandoah needs tbo work
to bo carried on in a dozen languages or
more, and without tho work ol the Biblo
Society this could not be done. At the
close of this addross Rev. R. O'B ylo road
a form of constitution for a Shenandoah
Biblo Society which was adopted. Rov.
MoN ally then read a list of officers and
managers which had been nominated by
the different pastors at a joint meeting on
Saturdav evening. On mutton, they wero
elected as follows: President, J. S. Gal
Ion, M. D.s Vice Presidouts, F. J Poru,
J, K. Kehler, Doacon John Bunnj Secro
tary, Rev. R. 0' Boyle; Managers, W. J.
Jacobs, Albert Hoover, S W. Vost, J. P
Williams, John Glover, Marshall Baugh,
Mrs. n. G. James, Mrs. J. Cathor, Mrs.
8. G. M. Hollopetor, Miss Ella Ciauser,
Miss Mary Folraer, Mrs. M. S. Riggs,
Pastors of Evangelical churchos aro man
agers ex officio.
Pronounced Hopeless, Yot Saved
From a letter written by Mrs. Ada E,
Hurd. of Groton, S, D., wo quote: "Was
taken with a bad cold, which sottled on
my Lungs, cough set in and filially term!
natcd in Consumption. Four doctors gave
mo up.eaylng I could live but a short time.
I k&vo myself up to my Saviour, deter
mined if I could not elay with my friends
on earth, I would meet my ab6ont ones
nbovo. My husband was advised to got
Dr. King's New Discovery for Consump
tlon. Coughs and Colds. I gavo It a trial
took in all, eight bottles; It has cured mo,
and thank God I am now a well and hearty
woman." Trial bottles free at O. II, lla-
genbuch's drug etoro, regular size, 60c. and
Handsome stock of lamps with the most
delicately hand-palntod bisque and china
shades, at Holdorman's. 11--lt
Showing tho Right and AvnlUbll-
lty of tho Borough to Own
and Oporatu a Plant of Its
To the Editor of tho Hkuald.
Will you give tho Joint committco on
water works some spaco In your pap-r to
present thoir own viows of tho question ?
AVo have been attacked in different papers
of this borough and out of it; woll meant
advico was given ; calculations havo been
madojlogal quostions bavo boon raised;
Insinuation of selfish motivos hnvo been
imputed to u; remarks tending to create
dissension among tho citizons havo been
published and so far we havo boon si lor, t,
and have restrained from publicly vindicat
ing oursolvos as well a3 our actions, and
also from lofuting Hny of tbomany charg s
made against us Wo bavo done this for
tho sake of pcaco and harmony, but wo
fool It to bo our duty now to make somo
statement and somo explanations, so that
unbiased persons, who have not thu means
of examining tho question thoroughly may
see that wo know what wo are about.
It is still fresh in the memory of oyory
oiio that tho water company prosocutod tho
borough of Shonandoah for water ronton
flro plugs clairaod to bo dui them, for a
eriod of about ton yoars. Tbatauntvoi-
sal indignation was folt by evory citizen
no intorestod In the water company was
only natural, for ton years ago, when an
overwhelming majority of citizens votod
for water works to bo ownod and operated
by the borough, the water company pub
ished a promiso, that they would never
charge the borough for water rent on flro
plugs. Whon tho result of tho law-s
was mado known, a moating of tbo citizens
was called, not only to cipro-s their
ndignation but also to deviso moanaby
which a repetition of similar proceedings
might be avoided.
Resolutions, presented at that meeting,
werfLpassed t . tho effect that tho borough
authorities bo riquesti d to procure wat
works ownod and oporatod by tho borough
itself- Tho outcome was tho appointtnont
of a Joint committee, consisting of an oqual
number of councilmon and citizens, who
wore charged with taking tho nocossary
steps toward tho accomplishment of this
iitij-)ct. Wo expected opposition and we
found it. Tho water company and their
tools havo done all they could toward
creating an arutlcial sentiment among th
citizens and to infuse into loom an appr
honsion of an overwhelming indebtedness
ot tho borough. Besides tho motives
those who wero at tbo head of the movo
ment wero put down as being of tho moan
ttt nature. Wo wero charged to bo a set o
moan, disappointed speculators who onry
tho watnr company lor their largo divi
(lends Is it iruo hut tho whole mooting
was composed ot such mean characters
II speculation was tho object why was
move mado to inaugurate a now wa er
company ? What individual bontlll or ad
vnntago could they sou in requosling th
borough authorities to undertake tho work?
As a means to di ert tho attnntlon from
the main object, the Electric Light Cum
pany was drawn in for a full share of at
tentlon. But there aro two electrio light
companies in town. Which is meant? As
the Citizens' Electric Light Company havo
tho contract to light tho streets of th
borough, we presume that this company
meant. But what has this to do with th
water question? If the Citizens' Electrio
Light Company should ovor undertake to
make a contract with tho borough and sub
sequently tuo the borough in violation of
thoir own promiso or contrtct, wo would bo
tho very first persons to repulse such an on
croachmont on the part of tho company.
As it is, the borough has mado an equilabl
contract with the Citizens' Electrio Ligl
Company for which the borough gets th'
streetlights. (What did It get from tho
flro plugs?) That contract terminates next
April, and b Ih the borough authorities and
tho company bavo a right to ronow it
nut, and if the 0 mncll should seo a way to
got a bettor or cbaapor light, or both,
bold that it would bo their duty to do
matter what effect that might havo on th
olectric light company.
But such a troniendous indebtedness 1
Why, the borough has already a bonded
indebtedness of f.OCO for which it has
only f 10,000 of assols, and the now water
works would cost (according to somo ob
jector) 8160,000 mom, and this debt wou
require interoH to bo paid and would bo
lion on our property I Let us look this
objection fairly and iquaroly In tbo face.
First M )6t of tbo citizens prosent
tho mass meeting aro property holders,
and know well enough that the property
holders aro chiefly responsibly lor tho in
dobtednoss of the borough.
Second. Thoy also know that tho water
works of tho borough will pay fur thom
selves, nut only the Interest but also th
principal In a comparatively short tlmo
Third, Tho ostimato of $160,000 Is much
too high. We havo, carefully conpl lon d
everything, arrived at the conviction, that
the above sum, viz , $76,000 will pay for
tho wholo concern. But wo will add
i'23.C30 more, (.nd msko it $100,000. This
sum, at 4 per cent., will rrquiro a semi-
nual interest of $2,000 or $1000 oath
ear. Add to this the expense ot runnirg
ho works another $1000 and ab.ut $J 000
forroptirs total $10,000
Now what nro tho receipt'?
A direful examination of the imps of tho
borough will convince us that there are at
loan 4,000 dwelling houses in tbo borough.
000x0-$21 000 Tho silo-ins, storcs.balh
rooms, slaughter hnu'es, livory stables, do
pots, gin and electric light companies and
11 other sourcos will give u $0 000 ruoro
making a total of $30,000 Now wo will be
generous and grant that our estimation is LM
per cent, too htgh and deduct $0 000. We
will then havo nn incomo ol ?'il,WX a year
01 this sum $10,000 will bo required to pay
interest and expenses, and $14,010 can be
piidontlio p.incipal. a.o sure that
ithin ton yours tho wholo indebtedness
could bo paid.
Has tho borough a right to contract such
debt, and is tho veto takon ton years ag
still valid? Tho wator company eays that
wo nro to caro for thoo lhat live now, not
for thoao that lived ten years ago. AVo bao
slight suspicion that tho water company
will find that u much greater porcentago of
those that lived ton yoars ago aro still allvo
nd moie active than they caro for.
In rogard to tho legality of tho voto, wo
ave tho opinion and advico of tho Borough
Solicitor and other ominont lawyers. In
cgard to the power of C.mncll wo will say
this: Tho duplicate for thu appraisomont
autbunzo- Council to contract an lndobted
ntss within the legal limit of $10 000. The
votes gives them $45 0JO more, making a
total of $85 000 Ot this uoduct tho present
ndobtodnoiS of $i8,000, which leavos $57,-
000 to start with, and if moro should bo re
quired, the cit zons will bo prepared to givo
tliumtho authority by an overwhelming
Tho abovo was written when a report of
tho meeting of the joint committoe with
the water committee was published in last
i riday's Hkuald. That report, to say the
least, was very iuaccurato, and as wo havo
neither time or the disposition to enter into
it at present wo will refer our trlonds to a
later actlom, and state here only that wo
expect to bear next Wednesday tho answer
ol tho water company to our ultimatum
given them at our last mooting.
A. B. LAMp, Chairman,
M. E. Dovlk, Secretary,
J. F. IllGCllNS,
J. J. Fkanky,
T. J. Jamks,
M. G. AVo km,
T. J. HiouiNs,
A. L). Gaulb,
Oscar Bkt'I'kuxdoic,
j. k. p. schkikly,
Shenandoah, Doc. 12, 18'J1,
A Dazzling Display.
Ladies and gontlemon attending tbo
institute should not fail to seo the splendid
display of goods in gold and silver at
Holdorman's jewelry store on tho south
weal corner of Mum and Lloyd streets
The stock is tho richest in tho county and
embraces tbo products of loading manu
facturers in this country and Europe.
Injured by a Fall.
Mrs. John Saegor mot with a serious
accident at her residenco on South AVest
street, Friday night. AVbile passing
through a room sho was tripped by a pieco
of carpet and fell against a door, breaking
a shoulder blade.
Waters' Weiss boor is tho best.
Koilly sole agent.
John A.
A Kind Friend.
Ib what they call that Famous Remedy, Itcd
Flag Oil, It quickly cures llheuuiatlsm.
Neuralgia, Cut, UrulseB, llurns.Hores and alt
Xaln. It is good tor man or beast. 25 cents,
t Klrllu'a drug store.
Hurrah for tho Holidays I
Right now wo aro roady for businoss
with an immonso assortment of Christmas
gifts in watches, jewelry, silverwaro, masio
books, gold and silver-beaded canes urn
brollas, otc, otc. E. B. Brumu.
12 14-tf
Attend tho instituto ball in Bobbins'
opera houso, AVednosday ovenlng, Decem
ber 1G. Scboppe's full orchostra. Concert
by the Grant Cornet Band. 12-10 Ot
Fingor Chopped.
John Eisonhart, of North Main stroot,
had tbo first Joint of tha second finger of
his loft hand chopped off on Saturday.
John and a Polish lab, rer wore putting up
and fitting a collar in tho Kohloy Run
mines and tho laborer accidentally chopped
tho finger.
All kinds of candios, 20 cents per lb., at
Duncan & AVeidloy's. 12-5-t
An unusual number of artlclos for boll
day presents, superior in quality and sur
passed by none in tbo county for style and
execution, can bi had at Holdorman's
Jewolry storo, direct on tho oornor of Main
and Lloyd streets. 12-1 1-tf
Van Houten's Cocoa
solublo. Tho origlml, most
Tho Enrolling Olorks Kent Busy
Thia Morning-Splendid Dis
play of Glass Work In
tho Exhibit Rooms.
Tho 29th annual Toacbors' Institute of
Schuylkill county was convened in Fergu
son's theatro to-day. Sosei ins will b held
to-morrow, Wednesday, Thursday and
Tho officers of thn instiluto aro O. AV.
AVeiss, county superintendent of publio
ohools, preidenl; Col. P. H. Monaghan,
M. M. Frank, O. D. Artors, II. Day Olso.
A. J. O Cranor, Dr. Michael Ryan, J. AV.
Cooper, II. H. Flohhcr, Thomas G. Jones,
H. II. Spayd, O. AV. Ohannol, E T.
Kenny, E F. Dolan, A. H. Moyor and F.
P. Henry, vico presldont; AV S. Thomas
and I. K AVitmer, socretanes; J. M, Hofl
man, treasurer. Supt. L. A. Freeman, R.
F. Ditchburn, B F. Patterson, AV. C.
Estler an 1 F. S. Miller constitute tho ad
visory committee-.
Enrolling olorks John L. Slauffur, J. M.
Schrope, A. J. Timlin and W. AV. Wood
woro at their dosks promptly at 8:30 thU
morning and from that time until dinner
hour they woro kept busy onrolling tho
namos of toacbors, who passed into tho
thoatre by scores. All tho school dUtricts
of tbo county aro woll represented and tho
instiluto promises to bo a gratifying suc
cess financially and in overy other respoct.
iVfior onrolling their names tho teachers
placod thomselvos in the caro of tho com-
mitteo on entertainment and recoplion and
woro takon to thoir rospcclivo hotels and
boarding houses. The committea condsts
of MUsos Clara Cline, Lizzio M. O'Con-
noil, Annt Macsoll, Marp A. Stack and
Carrie M. Smith.
Tbo institute was formally opened at 2 p.
m. by County .superintendent Weiss.
Miss AVilhelmina Scogmillcr, supervisor of
drawing, Alleghany, Pa., followed with
instructions on drawing and was addrossing
tho institute whon tho Hkuald wont to
Miss Soegmiller will opon th" second
sossion of tho inslituto at 0 a. m. to-morrow,
with addilinal inttructions on drawing.
Tho oxbibit of school work has jumped
into popul irity. Tho two halls in Fergu
son's building, at tho corner of Main and
Oak streols. wre crowded all day, school
teachers and parent! uliko manifested gicat
1 iiorost in the exhibit, which is probably
the host over given in connection with a
touchers institute in this state.
Shenandoah makes tho largest display,
drawings, compositions, modellings, crayon
and other work lequiring all the spaco in
one of the largo halls. Tho exhibit mado
by tho schools is an excellent ono. Super
intendent Froeman and his corps of
teachers aro receiving congratulations from
all quarters. Other school districts will
make exhibits in the adjoining ball. The
toacbors wero busy arranging tboir dis
plays to-day. Girardvillo and Donaldson
make largo oxhlbits. Tho drawings from
objocts by tho schools of the latter placo
aro worthy of special mention.
. The Shenandoah oxhibits include work
dnno by pupils in all classes, from tho first
grado primary (first year) to tho senior
High school class, and embraces all gradoi
of work. Mr. A. E. L. Lecklo has intro
duced in tho exhibit made by his class a
volume of sheets on mental arithmetic,
containing illustrations in'full and solutions
in oxeollont language, tho solutions com
bining perfect language lossons with tbo
arithmetic work.
It is tbo desiro of tho institute officials
that tbo public shall treat tho oxhibit halls
as they aro intended one of tbo features
of tho institute, and that all who can pos
sibly visit tho halls during tho weok will
do so.
Tho course of instituto entertainmonts
will open this evening with a lecture by
Majr Henry O. Dane on "Tho Great
Naval Batllos of tbo Rebellion.
Do von sutler with Consumption. Couch or
Colds? You can bo cured It yuu take Pan
Tina Conuh uud Consumption Cure. & and
OcoiUi. Trlul bottles tree at Klrllu'sdiug
Four tintypes for 26 cents, at Dabh's. tf
3 pounds for a quarter,
None cheaper.
2 pounds for a quarter,
Nono better.
Motis51 Cider I
8 cents a quart.
25c per gallon.
Sweet and not intoxicating.
No. 322 North Jardin Street