The evening herald. (Shenandoah, Pa.) 1891-1966, December 12, 1891, Image 3

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    Presents in the rnont elessnt fn
Combined with the medicinal
virtues of plants known to be
most beneficial to the human
system, forming an agreeable
Ifflently cure Habitual Consti
pation, and the many ills de
pending on a Weak or inactive
cSndition of the
ft I the moil excellent remedy known to
When one is bilious or Constipated
Every one is using it and all are
delighted with it.
I. Baker fiCo.'s
from which tho excess of
oil has been removed, Is
Absolutely Pure
audit is Soluble,
No Chemicals
aro used iu Us preparation. It lias
more than three times the strength of
Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot
or Sugar, and is therefore far moro
economical, costing less than one cent
a cup. It is delicious, nourishing,
strengthening, easily digested,
and admirably adapted for invalids
as well as for persons in health.
Sold by Crocors overywhoro.
W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass.
pick Headache and relieve-nil tho troubles lack
dont to a bllloua state of tho system, auoh A3
Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness. Distress aftas
Dating. Pain In tho Side. &c Wbllo their most
ytmarjiible Buoceaa h&a bocn shown la cuiing ,
He&flacho, yet Carter's littlo Liver TttSa ars
equally Taluablo la Constipation, curing and pre
enUng this annoying com.plalnt,whllethoy alas
correct all disorders of the e toinacli .sumulato the
liver and regulate tho bowels. Evan K they only
ifiuifer from this alBtresalngcomplalnt: butforta
nately their goodnessdocsnotondheresndth oss
who once try them will und theso llttlo pills valu-
able in so many wayBiuatuioy wm not no wn-
Dut after aUeiek head
is the base of so many lives that here Is where
Iwemakoonrgreatbo&st, Our pills euro It while
Others da not.
1 Carter's UtUelivor Pills aro very small and
very easy to take. One or two pills make a dose.
They aro strictly vegetable and do not gripe or
purge, but by their Gentle action ploasoaU who
tuethem. Inviulsat23centat u?efor$I. Solii
ly druggists ovorynhcro, or scat by mail.
Jank. Counters, Tylor Systom, Port
ablo, Unoqualed In Stylos,
Cost and Finish.
MO r.te'siu ot Counter., Dnk. tit., Hlu.lrit.1 In
Color., Root., I'rr. Tsattstt l&C.olt.
Also 'tyier's
Onice De.Un and 'I'l pe
urller t ablnet., XOU
8tIe. llcsb and cheap
1 est ou earth, with great
reduction In prices.
ISO ti.r fl.lalnirutt Frfr.
Fal.trl el., full II... at
ChAln, Tftlil.., nook
Cm. Cablet.,
C.bln.t., tie., tlttftj. In .lock.
Bueiul otk u.d la ord.r.
TY1.KII DESK CO., Hi. I.oul., Mo., V.S..V.
ClIrBttUr". EnclUB Ulauiaad Hrmal.
u l.lnal arm llaly ciuloe.
..ft. Mlw.r, r-il.M , ji..pK
I'm -I t fr iTIi ' 1
.M. ' tlMl tilt 11
o olhrr. F a tn . -,
,.nj and ttntt - I, A, !' ,
i or .mi 4f.
matoo.!l tut
'-r, lr rrturs
Mm. iipnv
In nt.iDi . Sit I
"KtUtt 1W r.adl ,-
MhII. 1 ib.
flkleliMLer 1 (.'O..L
l.oa hquitre,
urutpii.. ..-r.i
Tn tt a V11. Hire Cure ' tno tarn o; kumuuiw,
Siiual I'5Se ImpSincy, io. .Sok n-at Ij our -faith la
our "ierli5 we wul send op." 1 0, k,!i.,u!U
and lldcb Valuawe inrorroauun M'- y"-T
rr r r "
British Titlto Fort Clialt from
Frontier Natives.
Tho Fort First Takm by tho Tribwrnen
nnd Then Recaptured-
Serernl of ttte Knzllsh Omeara Nnrrowly
Uciiiu-Thr Cunlllot halil To Its 111
Outcome of lttis.lnn I'lnoroaclimant
l'roliiililllty f War with Itussla -Cabl.
net Couttotl Hiimmutied to Discuss tho
London, Deo. 13. Cldvernment dla
patches recoivod from Calcutta report
hiiril fighting oa tho Pamir frontier be
tween Urltlsk Indian troops and tribes
men claiming to be under Russian pro
tection, In which Colonel Durand, Brit
ish Military Agent .at GUglt, Captain
Aylmor and Lieutenant Badcock were
severely wounded, Lteutonant Gorton
and several other officers slightly
woundod, and seven Sepoys killed and
tweuty-slx wounded.
The Incidents leading up to this ap
peal to urius are as follows; At Gilglt
Is a British agency, garrisoned by some
Knshmlrees and Indian Qhoorkas and
n battery of artillery. The trlbesmon
of lluu.a and Nagar, two towns oa tho
Htver Indus, have for some time' been
threatening the Cbalt fort, held by a
detachment o' Knsliinlroo.
This causod Col. Durand to make an
advance upon the Chnlt fort for' the
purpose of re-enforcing the garrison.
This ndvauce of lirltlsh troop was
made early In tho present mjntii, for,
on Nov. 211 Col. Durand wired tho Com-mauiler-ln-
Chief that he should move
upon tho enemy on D10. 2 unless he was
previously attacked by the trlbesmon,
who were reported to be assembling la
large numbers and to have beea insti
gated iu their notion by tho Russians.
Colonel Durand also telegraphed the
same day that ho feared that a, serious
conflict was Inevitable, although he had
done everything possible to prevent It.
On arriving in tho violnlty of Fort
Chalt It is presumed that Colonel
Durand and tho attacking forces
found the enemy In occupation, for the
dispatches fail to refer to what had be
come of tbeKashmirce garrison, known
to have been there. Colonel Durand
decided to carry the fort by storm, j
Captain Aylmer most gallantly led the
storming party, currying a gun cotton
petard, aud, In the face of a hot Ore of
musketry, dashed up to the iron bound
gate, allixed the petard to It, lighted
the fuse and retired.
The next moment Captain Aylmer saw
that the potard had blown the gate of
the fort to ptoces. Captain Aylmer and
Lieutenants Boisragou and Uadoock,
followed by a haudf ul of Sepoys, then
made a dash into tho fort and, after
some desperate lighting, ciipturoil a field
gun which had been used effectively
against the attacking party. The Brit
ish officers and Sepoys also captured
ulne prisoners, the remainder of tho
rebel tribesmen fleolng, leaving a num
ber of dead inside and outside the fort.
Theso alarming reports caused con
siderable excitement and comment
when they became known at the mili
tary and naval clubs throughout the
city. Old and experienced Indian
officers regard the outbreak of hostili
ties botwoen England and Russia as a
very grave affair uud the most alarming
news recoivod from India slace the In
dian mutiny. The younger officers are
elated at tho chance of seeing active
service, and are loud in their expression
of hope that the long expected war with
Russia is actually on tho tapis.
A cabinet council hns been summoued,
the purpose, being, it is understood, to
discuss the Eastern situation as modi
fied by the battle.
AU'fied Shortage In Accounts.
Boston, Doc 12. The receiver of the
Bay State Louguo asks Justice Holmes
that proceedings for contempt he issued
against J, II. Hamittou and II. B.
French, secretary aud treasurer of the
League. It is alleged that the officers
are trying to hinder the receiver from
carrying out tho order of the court.
The receiver, O. L- Fay, stated to the
court that the total amount which has
come into ills hands as receiver is a llttlo
over $233,000. Treasurer French re
ported to a meeting of dolegates, held
Nov. 25, that the order had assets ot
$318,000.' The receiver finds them to be
$80,000 short of this sum, and wants to
know what has becomo ot It.
Ileportetl Hoot Sugar Syndloate.
Omaha, Neb., Dso 13. T. L, Kim
ball, of the Union Pacific, and Henry
aiyason, an Omaha business man, are
the Western agents of the New York
syndicate which has decided to erect a
system of beet sugar factories through
out Nebraska and the adjacent States,
with headnnarters Iu tilts city. They
refuse to give u'tir information on the
Hubject until their plans aro perfected.
What the l'ulr Dlreotors Will Ask.
Ciiioaoo. 111. The directors ot th
World's Fair at Chicago propose to seek
aid from C'm rresi. They will ask that
body to take stock In the Fair to the ex
tent of $5,000,000. This application has
lieen endorsed by the Chicago World's
Fair delegates, and Beems to meot with
generul approval.
Several Hilton by a Mud Do-,
Nkwaiik, N. J., Dec, 13. A mad dog
daBhed through Central avenue, Kear
ney, vesterdav afternoon, aud bit sev
eral children before lid could be shot.
One little boy, Harold Ball, was bitten
In the nock and seriously tnpirou.
The Hunterdon County grand Jury
have not yet found Indictments against
the men who tarred and feathered Julia
Beam of Glen Oardlner.
Fredorlck Cook, a gray haired man.
OB years of nao. has been sentenced to
two yearrfin State prison by Ju Ige Hop
per of i'atorsou lor Heating uts wite.
The school authorities of Patorson
have become alarmed at the prevalence
of small nox iu Newark aud havo taken
steps to exclude unvaoinated children
from tho publlu schools.
Archibald MoLnne, a prisoner In the
county jail at Newark, attempted to
commit suicide by strangling himself.
He was discovered in tuna to save hi
lite by the night watchman. ,
dighest of all in Leavening Power.
To Teat the Question nf Passes.
WAgltrSOTON, Dee. 13. --Attorney-General
Miller has decided to tost the rights
of railroads under the Inter-State Com
merce law to Issue free passes over
their lines. A suit will be brought
against some railroad in Now Hamp
shire, probably the Boston & Maine,
and an Assistant Attorney-Goneral of
the Department of Justice will be de
tailed to represent tho Government.
Wilt the Illshop Wear Them T
LONDON, Dec 13. Considerable In
terest is felt in the course followed by
Bishop Elllcott of Gloucester and Bris
tol in regard to the cope and mitre pre
sented to him by the citizens of the dio
ceses. The bishop officiated, last Sun
day, without theso accessories, which
have aroused much advorso criticism,
ns savoring too much of tho Church of
Pope Leo Is again said to be la very
poor health.
It. G. Dove, for 03 yoars continuously
a clerk In the Treasury Department, is
dead. I
The net gold In tho Treasury Is $131,
125,087, an increase of $2,000,000 since
tho first of the month.
Nineteen lady postulants under the
charge ot a mother snperior have left
Loudon for Houston, Tex.
Another furious storm Is raging ovor
the British Isles, and great damage to
shipping and farmers is reported.
An officer of the Melbourne (Austra
lia) Building Sosloty has embezzled
$350,000 of tho funds of tho society.
Advices from Singapore announce the
loss of a large number of Chinese ves
sels with their crews during a severs
gale at Hong Kong.
Mrs. Charles Yates (Mrs. Dutton Cook)
gave a concert Thursday evening in the
drawing-room of Mrs.. Mnckay's man
sion, Carlton House Terrace, London.
I Chancellor Von Caprlvl hns told tho
Rolchstag that It ought not to doubt
tho good faith of the United States la
exorcising checks upon tho export of
diseased pork.
' W. U. Pennington, the tragedian,
1 who Is one of the Immortalized Six
Hundred at Balaklavn, ' gave his faro
well performance at the Avenue Thea
tre, London, Thursday night.
I The bark General Butter, together
with 1,000,000 feet of lumbor belonging
to tho l'uget Mills Company, of San
Francisco, and nine men, was lost about
100 miles southwest of Cape Arago Fri
day. Rov. Oscar C. McQuIloch, pastor of
the Plymouth' Congregational Church,
and a well-known philanthropist, Is
dead at Indlannpollsj He was at one
time president of tho National Associa
tion ot uuaritios aua uorrecuon. a
Mv doctor Ravs It acts ppntlv on thn Rtnmiirh.
liver aad kidneys, ami Is a pleasant laxative. This
drink 1 made troni hcrli . and U prepared tor uso
as easily as tea. ju.ra'ii
All driurulats sen it ut our
and tl.iJ") per pjtkiige.
Ihiy one tolay. Lmio'e Futull
Movm the llowels rncn uayi
healthy, this Is necessary,
order to ba
WANTS, &o.
Atlvertiiemmts in thin column, not exceeding
5 Hnes, 5 e for one fmerttonf 7Sc. for two: (I for
irf; one week,
two ueeks, J2; one
nontn, fj.
TTiOR 8hK-One store room tinil
A ins dwelling luiuso. Iot 30 feet front
ma lie leet ae-p, t iuce.tue, ui-i.irci.
13ty erm'. Apply to trunk warn'ct.
canva sew for
T T "A
Aiiuii'nrps In tho MlDOi." tlio tuilv
work ever published alvlngacompli-to record
and deseiiptlon ul heKteutmlUlug disasters
ol America. Terms liberal. unrfcs, 1. j,
j'M llley, Unnlou, uuio, n:i aov k
KLiECTION Tlio nnniiftl
electlmor the kiook holders of the Mor-
oli-nta ' NaUonul li.mic or ancuanaoan, n,,
will hu imid ul the Hunk uir Houto Tuesdnv,
January 12 h, la.', between tho hours ol 10
a. in. ana 4 n. m.. ior me tuiruime oi bioi uu.
thlrtoen directors lo s rvetno ensuing year,
1212 to K. II. IIUNT'yK, tJushler,
XJi Shenandoah. Dec 7. lSlli The
annual oleotiou tpr thtrtien directors to
serve for ibo eusulug jesr will bo htld at
he liatiKiiiK nottse tin luemuy, j .unary ...
isw. rroin ia tin a p. in.
IS-lita Jmu. B. LjigiHBlrtp, Cashier,
TTiOR BALE. The gray
team of
horses recently uso l by the Columbia, H,
dt M. l , i UO.t PIO. 1 auu uur.ue mn
bargain to ihspurchaers.
li'ltANIC I.awis,
Kkank romiiNOTON,
11-21-tf Trustees.
201 N. Main St., Shenandoah.
Tho Finest Stock of Beers, Ales, Cigars, k
U. S1. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889
Government Plate Printers Alarmed.
Washinoton, Dec. 12. By tho Intro'
duction of surface presses at the Bu
reau of Engraving and Printing much
discontent has been aroused among the
plate printers. Five of those presses
were put into operation last mouth for
printing tobacco stamps, and, it is said,
workeil satisfactorily. It is claimed
that each press will perform the work
of teu plato printers, tlureby causing
alarm among the fraternity from fear
of reduction of tho force. It is said that
if any more presses are introduoed the
printers will bring the matter before
Congress, nnd call in the aid of tho
national body ot tho Knights of Labor In
their behalf.
Wanted Money for Ills Flying Machine,
PlTTSHUIlo, Deo. 13. Joseph Renard,
who tried to kill capitalist J. L. Barak
ley in Chicago, lived In Pittsburg some
months, leaving here a short time ago.
Ills mother lived here some years, and
is a highly esteemed teacher of French.
Renard was well educated but poor. He
claimed to have Invented a flying ma
chine and devoted all his time to a
soarch for somebody who would supply
tho money to test his device and put it
on the market, lie was not considered
"What a Voto of Thanks
Would be pissed if baliles could apeak of
Dr. Hand's Colio Cure. Thousands have
been cured by It. Absolutely safe. J, M
Hillan and C. J. McCarthy, tho druggists,
give away sampled to those who doubt
this elalumont.
Investments nf tdeiirhs of late vents
nave been rutner uncertain onus.
A National Event.
Thohrldlnir of the World's Fair In a city
scarcely titty o.m old will be a remurtcable
event. out wiieincr it win reaiiy npueni ims
nation as mucli as the discovery 01 the
Itesfiratlve Nervine by Dr KranMIn Miles Is
doubtful. Tills Is lust what the American
people need to cure, thfir excess-vo uorvous
iibki. flvsnenrttn. heaftaehe. dlzmbss. sleeo-
lessaess, ueurnUla, nervous debllliy, dullness,
condition nf mlnd.eto It nets I'ke it charm.
Trial bottles and tluo book on "Nervous and
Heart d .gikcs." with unenualfd testimonials,
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umigerouH arugt.
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ay advertisement in tho IIeuald.
Miloo' Norvo and Llvor Pills
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liver, stomach ana bowels throunn t te nerves.
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We aro movlUK rapidly nlonc to-
wurtl the shortest day uud Christmas
Bomarkablo Faots.
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curauie.uut when properly treated a largo
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New Heart Cure, which cured the former,
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What Father Pablo Vnrola Says.
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n . I J .Tlilmlio t , , -II t r ..v
Wtakaeas of Body and Kind, Efficts
ct Errors or Excesses In OM or Youaff
Str.llgtk.anrUa,tSllKIIMIpKUIlK(asal'ASTSrSUUY nuil.s IIU9S 'IHKTl.M-Ufsu UaS.r,
ftl.a IMIU7 Irvn &u BI.U. 4 1 wrttsa C.a.lrl.fc H HI. th.M.
lMrlU( UttS, ipl..Uoa Sa4 pnwr. kllMl(ir.lf JJfiM.
m nm mm
Kusscll Siico's Dynnmiior
Probably IilcnliJicd.
Bhreds of Ua Clothing nutl Buttons Eso-
ognizl by His Motliar-
Itrooks, tho Itostnn Tailor, Also
J.tght Upuu the Myterv There
to be No Doubt but that the
Thrower Was Ml.ilur; Henry I,
I Nor-
cross lho Head Identified hv i
i l'rlontl.
L. Nor-
Boston, Dec 12. Henry
cross ot bomervllle, who condurted a
note brokerage In this city, has been
missing since the middle ot last week.
Now York detecttves identify him as
the mysterious personage who threw
a bomb in Russell Sage's office in New
York last Friday with such deadly of-
feet. The officers havo In their posses
sion a trousers' button nnd portion of
tho trousers worn by the bomb thrower,
ns well as a piece of his coat and por
tions ot his underclothing.
These articlos wero takon to the Nor-
cross residence In Bomervllle in the af
ternoon, where the underclothing was
positively identified by Mrs. Norcross as
belonging to her husband. Ibo trousers of
tho dead dynamiter were stamped
"Brooks, tnilor, Boston." Mr. Brooks
was visited by the officers anil shown
the fragments of cloth. After a careful
examination ho stated positively that
ho had made for Heury L. Norcross a
coot ot tho cloth presented and also n
pair of trousers of the samo cloth as tho
other furnished by the dotcctlvos.
The button lie also identified as one pe
culiar tn his establishment.
There was a terrible sceuu at the home
ot the young broker when tho fact of
his terrible crime and death was made
plain to tho father nnd mother, who
have been anxiously awaiting his re
turn from n supposed business trip.
Mis. Norcross was prostrated by tho
shock and her husband acted ns though
stunned by the blow. After ho hnd ud -
mltted the strong resemblance which
the fragments bore to his son's clothing,
and wheu ho hud compared a photo
graph ot his son with the photograph of
tho dead man's head thero seemed to be
no further room for doubt.
He said '.hnt his son had had no sick
ness, ni ; i, 11- showed any signs or In
sanity. II .vnvs contented and
light hens t. , , iu eculu assign no
cans'1 for ti.e . 4 ucl except sudden
Althor tl.e evi nco soemed strong
against hi v n, he i ..uld not but hope
that U would provo untrue. He said
that Henry left home Thursday, osten
sibly to go to 1'iovlilenco on business.
He had not returned, and his contin
ued absence bad already begun to cause
much anxiety when the news of his
supposed connection with the bomb
throwing case was brought to the
father's notice.
He had begun to fear that his son
had been killed by tho railway accident
on the New York cc bow hugland Hall
road, which occurred on the same day
as the New York trngedy.
Heury L. Norcross, tho dynamiter
was about 23 or 2P years old. He grad
uated from the bonierviile high school
about five years ugo, since which time
he has conducted a noto brokerage
business at No. 12 Pearl street, this
city. There is no doubt but that Nor
cross has been missing since tho day
before the attempt ou the life ot Russell
Sage, ami this, tnken in connection
with the identification of the fragments
of clothing and underclothing, would
Indicate that Norcross was the man
who startled the world with his insane
scheme ot forcing a vast sum of money
from Russell bage.
Herbert M. Ifowrs, a 1'rleml of Norcross,
Settlus the Matter.
NEW YoitK, Doc. 12. The identilloa
tlou of Norcross was made complete at
midnight at the Morgue by Herbert M,
Howes, of Summer street, Soiuerville.
Mr. Howes was a schoolmate of th
dead 111 nil.
Mr, Howes declared that Norcross
hand could nover have thrown the dy
namite which shattered Mr. aago's of
lice. It was therefore with roluctunce
that ho undertook to compare dellbor
atoly the features of tho bomb-tbrowor
with the likeness of his friend whloh
he carried in his hand. After an hour's
patient examination Mr. Howes was
conviuced that the romutus were those
of Henry L. Norcross.
Setinte Itepublicau Caucus Comuilttoe.
Washington I). C, Dec. 12. The Re
publicnu Caucus Committee ot tho Son
ate held a session ot several hours In
making assignments ot members to va
cancies on committees. Nothing dofi
nite was done, aud the Commlttco will
hold several other sessions before the
work la complete. The result will the
bo submitted to the Democratic mem
here, a courtesy that has bacome n cas
torn, to ascertain their views with re
gard to tho assignment.
The Great Wheut lUookado.
WlNKirKO, Man., Dec 12. The wheat
blockade Is embarrassing uralu dealers
here considerably. They are loilng
heavily, being unable to get their ship
ments forward to fill their oontracts,
The members ot the (iralu Hxciinngs
fully discussed the situation at a meet
ing, nnd it was stated that unless the I
railroads came to their reaoue at onco I
they would have to lower the price ot
grain In the oountry 10 oents a
Juilifiuenc Against ltnttsniuit Lenry.
Kingston, N. Y., Dec 12. Judment
In favor of Kdwin Young, an eieoutor
of the estate ot the late millionaire,
Thomas Cornell, for $111, GOO has been
filed in the County Clerk's office
against James D. Leary, of raft fame.
The notion was brought to rocover dam
ages for the lo-ts ot the steam propeller
Alicia A. ahburu, which was burned
oil the Florida coast while chartered by
alls. Ion of a NlllllUtlo AKeur.
lloriTON, Dec. 13. The Bostou branch
of tho Russian Section II, Nihilistic So
ciety, has selected an uent tor a secret
tnission to Russia, lis was entrusted
with the delivery ot dispatches and
(0,1)00 to headquarters in St. Peters
burg, nnd directed to bring back details
of the political situation In Russia.
will be paid for a recipe cnablinjj"
us to maKc vvoiit s acme Jj lack
ing at such a price that the retailer
can profitably sell it at loc. a bottle.
At present the retail price is 20c.
Thl offer i. open until larrUarv lit., ibqi. For
particulars address the undersigned.
Acme Blacking it made of pure alcohol.
other liquid dressings are made of water.
Water comj nothing. Alcohol is dear. Who
can show us how to make it without alcohol
so that wecan make Acme Blacking as cheap
as water drewing, or put it in fancy pack
ages like many of the water dressings, and
then charge for the outside appearance in
stead of charging for the contents of the
WOLFF ft RANDOLPH, Philadelphia.
Is the name of a paint of which n 25c. bottle
is enouch to make six scratched nnd dulled
cherry chairs look like newly finished ma
hocanics. It will do many other remarkable
things which no other paint can do.
Ail retailers sen lL
Purifies tlio blood by ox-
polling tho impuiities through
tho jrropor channels and novor
causes eruptions on the 3kin.
Regulates the bowels Cures
yspepsia, liver and kidney
troubles, tones up tho system
md gives you an appetite.
Never fails lo euro any con
ition produced by impure or
impoverished blood, or a dis
ordered state of stomach, liver
or kidneys.
Soltl at Klrlln's Drug Store,
Ferguson' Hotel Block, Shenandoah, Pa
"Will rroiuptlr r-IIeo th mit dta
treeing cow. of Acute or Clironlc l;heii
niatUm or Gout. Hy ilrictly obneivlni;
the direction
it ill curoyoa inua ti
Uullh the ttimtroui nre na ration thfct BooI
the cnuntrr, thli medicine i rc!lc fur th
rirluus forme of riivumttlitn colt , tDt not Id
uJIlOic 1 "cureftll' One bottln will msfc
etlsifavotarv Iludi-c Inn ou th veti-m. anri
In connection with tho jalli, coat In e the suflcitr thet
the protHT rtniedy has beD touud. oa utearueitlj r
m ItTKluKblo proper t lei re endord by hundred! of th
nif't flatterlrjpj tceilmcntitlfj.
KutROie iDitroiuuu, rrmnriKbir Tor their enrftUt
r, .ire u I In tl mm ufaciure of kKUUT a
SI.CO Tor C:til. 6 Ecttlej, 53.C0. Tills, tZ Cta. Bex.
If X'iuf ltorelteflpr doe nut keep It, fuj fl.'JA t tba
tnioufaclurer, end joii will rcucive It
Lui toii reuiv it r,r ruii.
3C37 Market Mreet, I'IiIUhI'h, Ia
Newly Refitted anil Renovated.
six A.-7-i3xro-,
Hair Cutting and Hair Dressing!
Under Postofllce Building,
Main nnd Oak Sts., Shenandoah.
43-IIot and cold baths. Polite, nromi't and
careful attention,
coo North Fourth St..
OtlO (Ul. (,rs.Hi pHlLAPKLmiA,
thd only seoulne Urrroeu Ametleu
BiwctUt In the UnLu4 iat who U
eblu to cure BlOOd POleOtlt
Norvoua Debility oSpLr
clal Disonaas
&kiU pi it,. Hfd BpoH rlni la tbe
Nne,SoroThroat Mouth
Bli.UhM, PtrapUii, Frapdeoi, eofl or
htvul 1,'lccr, bweliinj., Iriitavtlone,
InMammeUona end RudoIoii,
Sltlctureii, Wavkni eatl Early
eT. loit memury weak b iimu) euxletr. Klloey "
KlKlltr DUie ei.f) elt tMwiwe rteuttinef "Om
Ittftlrwrctlon or 0frwirli Kwrnt -awe cumt to 4 lo 10 a3f
relief it oqoc Do not t.itu hoi, no metwr whet
tlftlng Doctor, Qneck. t-erotly fr 11' M-tUl PtitilrUii "i!4
l)r. THKhl. cr-i pooltlvely "1 '"" dftOQ frem
fcnilnfM oiit rocxQ mirdli eo kd thooi coetPtTi
MiKRUAf 'Tl.h or poor wn,l ic Hemp fr bOOk
"TRUTM 'T"i"H Qiiwalie OMtcr iworo Uetlmonlele,
Hoitm, dIW frum 8 to I F m 6 to , ea4 Be.
r'i a to 10 CnirHi 9 till 13 Write ff eell ernt be
For Ktftreoeee we Wedo. "l SMurUej I'Lil. dell Tlmt
If you want tn see a tine display ol Hoots ana
Uhoes, goto
Boot and Shoe Store,
(MMleller's old stand,)
Curner Coal ami Jardlu Bta.
Custom YorJc uud Itepalrlne
Done In Ihe best style.
Dealer In all kinds ot
Shoemakers' : Supplies !
Large and first-class stock.
All Demands of the Trade Suppliea
18 W. OKNTItE ST.,
Kerguson House building, SHENANDOAH, PA.
" n hnlMIn wrner vsl
p M, liAMIDTON, M. D.,
Omoe-23 WflitXJoyd Btreet, UhenandoaU