The evening herald. (Shenandoah, Pa.) 1891-1966, December 11, 1891, Image 1

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VOL. VI.--NO. 267.
"My Son, Deal
The Evening Herald.
Iini a larger circulation n Bhcnimdoab than
any other paper published. Circa.
In 1 1 on hooks open to all.
As the time for the commencement
actual work en the proposed bor
ough water works approaches publlo in
terest In the projeot Is being awakened
and the taxpayer and property owners
are beginning to regard the movement
more seriously than they did when It
was 11 rat Inaugurated.
This is a healthy sign. The enter
prise has progressed so far now that it
can be no longer regarded as a nil re
game of bluff, or as child's play
Council aud the committee necessarily
feel some delicacy in taking the re
spon8lblllty of so Important an under
taking without feeling that tney are
supported by the sentiment of the
taxpayers and property owners of the
borough, whom they nre supposed to
The awakening of public sentiment,
However, so far as we have been able
to catch its time, can scarcely be said
to be in favor ot hurriedly prosecuting
fyho work and piling up an Immense
debt regardless of consequences. Se
rious doubts as to the right of Council
to proceed under the authority ob
tained by the vote cast ten years ago,
appear to tie now generally enter,
talned, aud the more seriously the
question is regarded the moro doubt
there appears to be cast upon the
wisdom of the movement as It is now
being prosecuted.
It is true that the taxpayers of ten
years ago voted in fayor of erecting a
water works at a cost of $45,000, and
vested the authority in Council to is
sue bonds fur that amount, but $45,.
000 will not build the works now pro
jected. The lowest estimate, we be
lieve, is double that figure, aud con
servative ouisiue estimates put, it a9
high as $136,000, or three times the
sura voted for the purposo in 1831
Without stopping to inquire into
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"With Men "Wlio
the status of case, let us ask ourseivt g
the question, has Council the moral
right to Bpend a greater sum on the
project thau was voted for the pur
pojo when the vote was taken ? If
the caio were one of absolute necessity
they might feel warranted In nvBiira
lug that their action would receive
the endorsement of the taxpayers.
But no such emergency hnsailscn,
and there seems to be no necessity for
proceeding without full authority, or
without belug certain the very best
thing possible is being done.
To us It seems that a different aud
much more satisfactory conclusion of
tiio dlillculty might be reached by the
exeicise of a little good judgment
The borough dots not ueed two water
works. Two plants' will not pay, and
even the borough would have little
use for a plant which, instead of belug
dividend-earner would bo a tax-eater.
Hence, if the borough must have a
waterworks, why not open negotla
tlous with the old Water Company aud
see whether or not their plant cauuot
bo purcu'ased?
If that can be accomplished the
borough will be sure of a plant thul
will pay dividends and that will not
be a burden on the taxpayers, aud if
Council lias not the right to pmcted
under the authority of the vote of
18S1, let another vote be taken and the
consent of the taxpayers be obtained
to proceed in the matter.
In any case, first be sure you are
right ; then go ahead.
There are citizens in town who
want the electric railway, but are not
disposed to have -the poles placud in
front of their places. They do not
object to the placing of the poles on
the adjoining pavements, however,
In this respect they are like the boy
who, when asked where- he would
prefer having u boil, answered "On
somebody else." But the hoy had to
struggle Rliuig with the boil on his
One of our Pottsville contemporar
ies, the Republican, la never satislled
with matters in which it Is not
primarily consulted. Editor Zerbey
ought to know that this . globe we
inhabit is largo enough for all uud
while certain men1' may not be satis
factory Jo some parties that maybe
quite so to others. See the point?
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Representatives of the Old Water
Company Make a Proposition
to the Joint Committee.
To Meet Again.
Tho flag of t'ruco floats at tho tronchos of
the respective water works. Last night tbe
joint committee of councilmen and citi
zona met representatives of tho old water
company in tho council chamber and had a
talk over tho situation.
Messrs. Cbarles Bowman, Elmor Waslny
and T It. B'ddall, Esq , wcro present in
bohall of tho water company. Mr. Bow
man was tho spokesman and mado tho fol
lowing proposition to tho joint committeo:
It tho water company win satisfy tbo
judgment recently recoverod in tho PottS'
villo court for water supplied the borough
for Dro purposes, and waivo its claim to
payment for water supplied tho borough
for wator purposes during the past two
yearfj and if the wator company will pay
tbo costs of tbe recent suit and enter into
a written agroemont to supply tbo borough
with water for firo purposes for ten years,
or longer, will the borough enter into
written agreement to abandon tho existing
movement to establish public water works?1
Tho joint committeo said tho proposition
would be tbken under advisomont and
then asked tho representatives of tbo wator
company to ascertain from thostockholders
what they consider a fair prico for their'
Tho water company is to meet tho joint
committeo again noxt "Wednesday evening,
Tbo proposition of tho water company
practically moans a rofunding to tbo bor
ough" of about $3,000 in water ront, besides
relieving the borough of Bovoral hundreds
of dollars costs, and at least $0,000 water
ront for tho future. The cash value of tbo
proposition to the borough, if accepted,
will boot leasi-ilO.000.
A Herald reporter to-day Interviewed
Mr. Bowman, who said, ''I am a stock
holdor in tho water company, but a very
small one. My interest is hardly worth
mentioning. In appearing before tho
joint committeo lust night I acted, as I
thought, for tho best Interests of the pooplo
in general. I feel confident that the must
sensible and cheapest way for tho present
agitation to bo settled is fur thn borouy h
and water company to make some amicable
arrangement whereby tho company sha
continue to supply the borough with water,
or the borough shall take tbo plam olf th
company's hands. This is my honest con
viction as a citizen of tbo town. A citizen
said the other day : '1'rxsumiiig lb
borough invests one hundred thpusand
Uollurs in new water works (it wilt cu
that amount, ut least) five per cent, on tb
amount would bo but $3 000, Now tak
thu expensos. Two engineers and two
firemen would be required lor the pumping
station, an extra superintendent would be
needed, and other help requiied will uiak
tbo salarios alono aggregate at least Si 001)
Tho total expensos will b at loist $10 0U0.
.Now tho now water compmy could noi
expect moro than half tbu customers in th
town, and suppose tho old company should
reduce the w.itor rents (which would be
natural) and the boruugh Bbould compete,
then the total revenue ot tbe borough
works would hardly tho oxpons
"To my mind," continued Mr. Bjwman
"the argument of tho citizen presented
so mo facts for thought. But, again, sup
pose a cnpltalist or manufacturer should
come into tho town and ask '"What is tb
dobt of your borough ?' "With tho oxist
ing dobt and the ono that would bo in
curred by tbe cstabshmont of now w, rk,
the answer would necessarily bo $150,000
A borough the size ot Shonilidoab saddle
with such a debt c uld hardly be expected
tO'favorably impress capitalists who might
seok admission. Tho figures vould scare
oil' tho most daring capitalists.
"Shenandoah is now being furnhhod
with water as chosp as any place in lh
state and tbo borough will not be nblo
furnish it any cbeapor.
"Concerning tho Increase of debt for
borough water works by spocial election
ten years ago, I hardly think a movoment
now on that basil will hold wator. This
not a pun," said Mr. Bjwman, with
smile. "Fully ono third of tho citizens
who advocated and voted for the inoroaio
have eithor left the town, or are dead, an
I question If an election to again increase
the debt would succotd, Tbe new wator
works cannot bo established for $15,010 an
publio sentiment of to-day will not sustai
an election to Incruaso tho borough debt,
"There is still anothor point to be con1
sidorod. Suppose tho now movement goes
ahead, bonds are issued, $45,000 Is ox
ponded, and after tho fund is exhaustod
is discovered that the plant is only ha!
finished, A special election will 1
necessary to increase tbo borough debt to
sum covering tho cost for completing th
work. Mow supposo the people vote
against an increase 7 "What will becomo
thd $15,000 oipendod? To savo anything
om tho wreck a sale will bo nocessary.
To mako a ealo a purchaser will bo
needed. A purchaser would not givo moro
than fifty por cent, on tho amount invested
for a half flniihed plant and tho borough
would loso from twonty to twenty-five
thousand dollars.
"There aro oxcollenl reasons for the son
timont that the borough and water com
pany should mako somo aralcablo arrango-
Ir, ).'. J. Forpuson was also hoard ox-
pressing his views on tho water question.
tie atso said ho bolioved that tho borough
nd water company should mako some ar
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Tho Now Movomont.
Having hard that "W. D. Soltze', Kq
had said that ho could givo tho people of
Shenandoah all tho wator they need
cheaper thn tho'cost under tho old water
company and choapor than thejointcim
mitleo can furnish it should it perfoct lis
plans, a Ukrald reporter touglit an inter
viow with tho lawyor.
Mr. Seltzer wti found in 'Squiro Dong.
i'ir'8 ofllce, whero ho has desk room
"Yos," said tho gentliman, whon tho re'
porter repeated what ho had heard, "I did
say that and I believo it cm bo done
Thore is a stream of water on tho Green
Mountain. I hvo en arrangement with
tho party owning tho place by which it can
be secured for water purposes. In fact, I
own the placo and can say authoritatively
that it can bo secured. Tho silo I speak of
is about nine miles from bore."
"Tnat is quito a dlstanco whon compared
to tho locations of tho old wator company1
works and tho proposod borough work ,
suggettod tbe reporter.
"True," said Mr. Soltzer, "but tho work
at my placo would require but ono good
sized dam and no pumping would b
required. "V ith tho dam conttructod and
pipes laid tho plant would he complete
The stream is a strong ono, so strong that it
bas washed out boulders weighing from
15 to 20 tons, and it flows on Greon Moun
tain 5Q3 foot abovo tho CalawUsa creek
I '.could bo brought horo by gradu an
would givo am pi supply through twelve
inch pipes for not only this town, hut for
all the neighboring patches as well."
"Ilavo you ovor estimated what tho cost
would bo to bring water horo from th
placoyou speak of?" askod tho repartor,
"es, Ihavo. About four or five years
ago I triod to gdt up a compmy to bring
the wator here and also supply housos i
tho patches, but pooplo complained at that
time that money was too scarco and th
m Iter fell through, although a Boston in
suranco company was roady to take all th
bonds. Tbo same company will take a!
tho bonds of water companies to-day,
"W 11, when that was under way, I sont to
New lork and tecured an ostimato from
company a? to tho cost of piping spiral
pipe they call it, tho samo kind of pipo
that tbo Union Pacific Kailroad Cimpany
uses for carrying water long dlstancos
at m that Oslimatu and oilier upproxi
mates I was convinced that a cumpan
ould mako a handsome profit by Bupplyin
tho patches in this section aud not touch
"Well, what do you think it would coi
to establish the plant you suggest ?"
'That I can't say. I haven't got th
ugures l had when tho other project wai
on foot?"
Could it bo done for $15,000 ? '
no, sir; It could not. And tbo pro
posed water works of this joint comuiitto
cannot he established with tbat amount
Why their pumping plan', alono, will run
up to that figure. The pumping of wator
over to this place will bo costly. Tho vtl
ley on tho othor side is considerably lower
than this ono, and resorvoirs will bo needed
on top of tbe mountain, or on this side, fir
storago purposes, a3 well as on the othor
"Woll, do you think it will cost $100,000
to bring wator from Green Mountain to
Ibis place?"
"No; perhaps it would not run that high,
but I am positive tbo water could bo
brought at lo-s cost than th joint com
mitteo can bring water over this mountain,
and tho plant won't cost as much as tho ono
owned by the old company. Ab I said bo-
fore, put a dam in tho ravine on Groon
Mountain, which is about as wide as tbat
in which the old water company's dams
are located, then lay your pipos and you
havo a firtt class wator plant."
"flow do you stand on tho presont wator
question ?"
"I haven't taken any side, because I do
not think tho project of tho joint com
mitteo will amount to anything bcamo
tbe project for wbich tho special election
wai hold ton years ago was abandoned and
they can't take that up now."'
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