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VOL. VI.--NO. 25S.
"My Son, Deal
The Evening Herald.
Has a larger circulation in Shenandoah than
any otner paper puonsnea. ureu
Ifttlou books open to all.
Jotwitjistandinq he Is 8 member
of the joint conirnltuo appointed to
establish borough water works, the
editor of the S'neti'8 la as dumb as nu
oyster regarding the two-column
communication that appeared In his
paper, lu which the writer advises the
joint committee to go slow and claims
It would not be an advantage for the
borough to own a plant. The editor
bad time to Bend out murked copies
of the Issue, however.
Tub HekaIiD has no apology to
make for what It said last week about
tho election of borough auditors. If
"Ita meaning Isn't very clear," as
stated by the S'ncws, the Hkhald
will try to aid the perception of the
double-faced contemporary, by stating
that the citizens of the borough made
n raivo mlat&ke bv defeatlm? James
j- - u
VW)'unplon' tue Citizens' candidate for
TK. itougu auditor, last year. Bee!
Largest stock of rings. Genuine dia
monds with combinations of rubies, opals,
pearls, emeralds, etc., at Holdernian's. tf
A Surprise.
Keep your oyo on tiiis local. Kcagoy,
tho photographer, will have his now open
ing in a few days and will havo something
interesting that will surprise the people, tf
Holiday goods,
cheap. Read Kooso's
Instructions Given.
Instructions given on piano, organ, vio
lin and voice, every "Wednesday, in Shen
andoah. Terms, CO cents per Ice son oi i
hour, or 75 cents per hour. All orders
sent to D. P. Laubenstein, Ashland, will
recoive prompt attention. Have timo for
only four more scholars. 11 26-0t
Hotel For Rent.
Tho hotel property at Lakc-ido Park
(East Mabanoy Junction) for tho year 1892.
No one but an experienced hotel man need
apply. For particulars, etc., apply to O.
A. Koim, Shenandoah, Pa. U-lO-tl
Skh&ve used Dr. Hull's Conih HvruD Terson'
V.- and In my family fur'Jur 3 vturn. and rau
av that there Is uothlnc to comi are to It as
Mniedy forcoughs, coins, elo jas. uorne,
iialtunore, Ma.
a good home-made rug carrot.
It is one of those pxlra heavy
carpets, made of the beet yam
and clean rags. Finest Hue of Velvet
Brussel and Ingrain Carptts In Slien
andoah at
JBancy New Crop JTeiv Orleans BaJetvft Molasses.
JVeto Corn Meal Made of all nttv com kiln Dried
Iresh Ground.-
JSew Pickles Natural Color Crisp and Sotir.
2Tciv Currants Cleaned Ready for Immediate Use.
Wiw California Prunes Mne Quality.
JStw Calljornia Canned JTiuitsJHyy Plume, Cher
ries, Apricots and Peaches.
New Buckivlieat Hour Very Choice.
2ft to Green Scotch Peas.
JScio Jtaislns, Citron and Ztnwn Peel.
New Skinned Hams Fresh Smoked.
Nen Mince Meal Best Quality.
Two Cans Cliolcc Salmon.
Tlircc l'ountlH Fnnty Ifclcc.
Two Bottles Ketchup Large Size and Extra Quality.
Four Founds Good Currants.
Three Pountls mixed Candles.
Two Pounds Mixed Nuts New Crop.
Five Pounds Oat Plaices New Fresli Stoclc.
A Lot of Sliccp. Goat and
White, Blade and Colors.
Just Received Two Cars
Fancy Minnesota Piour.
ways Gives Satisfaction.
"With Men Who
Percentages of Attendance.
Superintendent tfrtcman malios tho
following report, showing tho percentage
of attendance at tho rospeclivo schools ol
tho borough for the month ending Nov.
13. 1891 :
HUh School - - -
Second Grade. i
Minn LltEloM. o'Connoll'sclass................. ?l
Mr A K. Is. Lecklo ..... J"
Miss I.ydl Elsenhower - "
Firat Grade.
Mies Little Lessl - - Jl
Ml8 Anua i easier - -
MIks Amelia (J Hch oner...........- J
Miss Malialla Kalrcblld - -
Fourth Grade.
Miss Bridget A, Hums . J?
Hits Carrie W. Fanst vo
Air M. F. Unnry - -
Ml-ss Anna K. Mausell- g
Mis. TonaT f.umliort -. CO
Mr. James iL L.0W1 - - W
Third Grade.
Miss Mary A. Stack 01
Mica Manoln V. PnvnnillllFll .. VI
MUs KHz Flunerty 00
Mr. tfrnntr Williams. - 81
Mlaa Maru A. 1-iifTpflV .... B9
Miss Lizzie Leho 89
Mr J. W. Uorku 89
Second Grade.
Kt la. Rnllln R. Hnnrr 91
Mm Mnrv II. WflHWtV ..... 69
Miss HattlelleFS - VI
Miss mangle u. nrennan rui
MIh rTlnrinrn' O. Ilpss 87
MIbs Auulo.M. Kimmtl....... - J
Miss vtinnle U.Harnett.. - eg
Mr. Michael U. Hrltt 88
Firtt Grade.
Mtca Irnna Rhnna. -. 95
Miss Cnrrlo HmHll .. --
MlwaMnrvA HnnnelV . 87
Mlssl'orlnne Tempest 88
MPs Elizabeth Linton '83
MlnKllaM. t:iauBcr.... ............ Ill
Miss Mary K. Roberts 92
Miss Nellie Halrd - . 87
Miss Idaho Kolb - - - 87
Mlus Strata Fadden - 91
Miss l,lle 11. 1'iillllps 93
Miss xlannan Morrison..... ......
Turkey Run.
Mi- l T Whll.nlrAr 81
Mr. John U. fcSclieuhlug - 85
Bucklen's Arnica Salvo.
The llest Salvo in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Soros. Tetter. Chapped Hands, Chilblains
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posl
tivoly cures Piles, or no payment required
It is guaranteed to give perfect satlslactlon
or mono refundod. Pnco 2j cents per
box. For sale by C. H. Uagenbuch.
Head Keese'i new advertisement.
Persons holding tickets for the radio of
merscbaum pipe, for the benefit of the late
Fred. Taylor, are requested to hold them
until Friday ovoning, December- -lib, at 9
o'clock, when tho mfllo will be 0.
G New's'rostaurant. Tho pipe is now on
exhibition at tho restaurant. ll-30-5t
Profitable Investment.
If you want an excellent farm, situated
only six miles from Shenandoah, contain
ing ?8 acres, with fruit trees and stream ol
water, call at the Hxrald ofllco for further
particulars. It is a profitable investment
and tho terms are reasonable. 11-18-tf
Kead Reese's holiday advertisement.
A Kind Friend.
Tswliat they call lht Famous Hemcdy, Ited
Flag Oil, It quickly cures Hheumatlsin,
Neuralgia, Cub, llrnlseH, Hums, Bores and all
pain. It is good tor man or btabt. 25 cents.
At Klrlln's drug store.
TV oll'SUln Mats and Hues-in
Choice No. i Timothy Hay.
- Giie Car Middllnirs. One Car
Northwestern Palsy Flour Al
Advertise. You will Never Lose Toy It "--Benjamin Franklin
First Ward Folds and Huns Put
on Thoir War Paint Drawing
on Thoir Bank Accounts.
To Mako Settlements.
'Squire Monaghan returned from a hunt
ing oxpeditlon yoslarday and found astring
of cases awaiting disposal. Tho. 'squiro
onensd court by announcing that his hunt
had been vory successful. Ho captured
tnreo deera, ho said, but.boirig situated like
Lillian Konnedy, unablo to carry thrco, ho
wasunablo to bring them homo. Bijah
Toomoy then called up tho victims.
Tofol "Wasolefski was charged with
croating great excifSmont in his boarding!
houso by smashing a burning lamp, almost
setting firo to tho house, and pounding all
tho boarders who interfered with him. He
paid for tho lamp and paid the costs, and
was discharged.
John Zalunis and Louis Bubinus woro
charged with assaulting Edward Early, a
bartonder at Shields' saloon. They drew
upon their bank accounts and sottied tho
Five Polish follows wore tho next vic
tims. Thoy were charged with smashing
the windows of a Polish saloon, on East
Centra street, with stonos, and with throw
ing an empty beer keg through tho win
dow of another saloon ai they wore hurry
ing away. Each of tho accused wero re
quired to furnish 000 bail for trial at court.
"Tho cold weather .s tho stuff to bring in
tho suits and I mutt give up hunting for a
wbilo," said tb,e 'fquiro, as ho adjourned
Warsaw Anniversary.
Tho Polish societies of town will bavo a
parade to-night in commemoration of tho
Gist anniversary of tho battlo of Warsaw,
which occurred on November 29, 1830,
when S0,OCO women, children and old men
wero slain by the Russian, soldiers and
cossacks. The societies that will partici
pato in tho parade will be tho Wanaw
Guards, Kosciusko Guards, St. John tho
Baptist and St. Stephen's societies. Tho
parado will start from Uellet's ball at 7
o'clock. After tho parade a meeting will
bo held in Robbins' opera house, at which
several prominent Polish residents of town
will mako addresses. Tho parade was to
liavo been hold on tho 9th inst., but on
account of that day being Sunday it was
postponed until this evoning.
Eve's Daughters.
Marion Uarland. on psges 103 and 445
of hor popular work, "Eve's DaugMcra ;
or. Common Sense for Maid, Wife and
il.ther," says :
"For the aching back should it be
slow in recovering its normal strensth
an Allcock's Perus Plaster is an cxcollent
comforter, combining the' sensation of tho
sustainod pressure of a strong warm bund
with certain tonio qualities developed in
tho wearing. It th uld be kept over tbe
seat of uneasiness for several days in ob
stinate cases, for porhaps a fortnight.
'For vain in the back wear an Allcock's
Porus Plaster constantly, ronowing a9 it
wears off. This is an invaluable support
when tho weight on tho small of the back
become! heavy and the aching incossant.
Don't fail to read Reese's new advorliso'
Collection of Minerals.
Mr, Bonjatnin Woomer, of West Contro
street, is tho recipient of a fine collection
of mineral specimens from tho different
mines of Colorado, sent to him by his
daughter, Miss Clara Woomer, who has
been a resident of that stato tho past two
voars. In the collection is a nno ciock
frame itudded with choice minerals, 'lb
collodion Is a fine one and Mr. Woomer
is Justly proud of it.
BurohlU's RoBtaurant.
Charles Buichill is now located at corner
of Main and Coal streets, Shonandoah
Regular meals, at popular prices, servod
any time. Ladies' dining and refreshment
rooms attached. 9-11-tf
Buy Keystone flour. Be careful that the
name Lkssio & Co., Ashland, I'a., il
printed on ovory sack. 8-3-ltaw
Parties wishing to select their Christmas
presents can do so now and have them laid
asido until wanted. At lloldei man's.
Now Wall Papor for 1802,.
A splendid selection, embracing all th
latest colors and designs, at prices lower
than ovor. Largo line of parlor patterns,
Those cheap 25o window shades, with spring
fixtures, cannot bo equalled. Call at Alel
lot's, 22 East Contro street.
"What mattes that Joy, that merriment?"
Ktieumatio nulim, neurulglo tout,
Ealvailnu Oil baa put to rout-
Halvatlon Oil, fur licallug sent.
Salvation Oil, the liniment,
Van Ilouton's
Cocoa Perfectly pure
11 80-lw
Work on
Tho residents of town had thosatlef-ction
of eeoing moro go-ahead work on tho elec
tric railway within tho borough limits yes
terday. A gang of polo men started in
bright and early and, by quilting time, had
nearly all tho poles that wero stripped on
West Coal streot last week in a position,
A. V. Gilbert, electrical ongincer lor
tho Thomson-Houston Company, of Phil
adelphia, started joslorday to put supple
mental wlros under tho rails laid at Win,
An electric supply houso for tho railway
company has boon established in ono of the
old shirt factory buildings on North White
Thoro was a rumor yostorday that tho
Italians omployed on tho lino had struck
for more wages. Thoro was no foundation
for tbo rumor. Wages woro duo the Ital
ians for nearly two weeks' work on Satur
day night. Fearing that if thoy got all tho
money due them thoy might go on a spree
nd fail to show up Monday morning the
company paid tho mon ior bjt ono woek
and promised to givo them tho balanco on
Monday. Thoro was a littlo kick at first,
hut when tbo interpreter oxnlained tbo
alter tho mon wero satisfiod. Thny woro
out to work yostorday and received the
balanco due them last night.
Guaranteed. Ouro.
Wo autborizo our advorlisod druggist to
sell Dr. Jung's Now Discovery for on-
sumption, Coughs and Colds, upon this
condition. If you aro afllictod with a
Cough, Cold or any Lung, Throat or Chest
trouble, and will uso this remedy as di
rected, giving it a fair trial, and experience
no benefit, you may roturn tho bottle and
c.yo your money rofunded. Wo could
not make this offer did we not know that
Dr. King's New Discovery could be relied
on. It novcr disappoints. Trial bottles
free at O. H. Hagenbuch's drug Etore.
Largo s'zo COc. and $1.00
Candelabrums and candlesticks, and
fancy bric-a-brac of all kinds, at Holder-
man's. 11-28-tf
An Old Minor's Thanksgiving.'
Editor IIerald: Thanksgiving has
passed sinco my last communication and,
n all humility of my heart, 1 thanked my
Heavenly father that I had boon sparod
nolhoryear. Among tho many things
for which I offered thanks was that I had
not been itnotherod to death in tho mine
by tho blunder of somo ono; that I had
tho good fortune to not bo one of tbo un
lucky number who subsisted on rats for a
number of days, while their more forlun-
ato brethren wero drowned ; and ospccially
was I thankful that I had not been called
upontosorvo on a coroner's jury. I also
offered thanks for tho prospects of a bmy
coal trade this winter; and, that night,
while others woro roveliug in suppers and
festivals, I, through tho Lord, on my
bended knees, said I thanked tho Lord for
the hope that, with tho prico of coal ad.
vancing this wintor, our hard earnings
would not bo taken off in percentages,
Though I maintain that tho mini ra havo,
n taxes, contributed moro than their pro
rata share towards maintaining a hospital,
jot I said thanks for tho cxhtenco of ono.
I felt constnined to bo thankful tbat I was
not obligated to pay moro for a ton of
ctal hero at tho breaker than tho people
in Now l'ork and l'hiladolpbia are obliged
to pay. In conclusion I gave special
thanks for tho electrio railway and tho
IIkrald, a papor that does not kick tbo
workingman in ono ifsue and pat him on
the sboulder in tho next. But tho hour it
gotting lato. I must retire. I havo no
coal ready for the morning. His lordship
(the mule) will bo thero with an empty car
and, liko all other brutes, he will bavo no
compassion on the old man.
Shenandoah, Nov. 80, 1601.
All claims not coniistent with tho high
charactor of Syrup ot Pigs aro purposely
avoided by the Cal. Fig Syrup Company
It acts gently on tho kidnoys, liver and
bowels, cleansing the syslom effectually,
but it is not a cure-all and makea no pre'
lentions tbat every bottlo will not sub
Betterldgo Funoral.
Tbo funeral of Martin Belteridgo, the
11-year-old son of Councilman Bottsridgo,
took place this morning. Services wero
held In tho Annunuiation church at 10 a.
m. and tho remains wero intorrod In the
Annunciation cemetery. Tho attendance
was large, many of tho town and colliery
officials being present.
Do you suflor from any form of ltheu-
malic complaints? Tbe celebrated im
ported Anchor Pain Expoller will quickly I
rolieve you. No bettor friend to have on
hand for Iiiuuonza, Backache, Pains in
the Side, Giiost or Joints, 29 prize medals
awarded to the manufacturers of this val
uable preparation. CO els. per bottlo, at all
druggists. St
It Is a well known (act tbat Pau-Tlna
Pnnpli nnd nnnfiiitmitlnn Cure hau cured ftm
sumption, Couaha and Colds when all else
failed. SiSandtO cent. Trial pottles lrce at
Klrlln's drui: store.
Stories That Help tho Old War
Horses of Town to Pass Even
ings Pleasantly Some In
torosting RemlniBConccs.
To get in tho company of half a di zen
veterans of the civil war, on a night when
tbo weather is too cold and otherwise disa
crecablo for street travel and whon tho
chcorful rays from a stove heaped with
blazing coals cast a brilliant hue upon tho
glasses held in tho hands marked with the
emblems of hard toil, is a treat. Host of
tho vets in town are poor story tollers o
war reminiscences until woll pumped and
well, until that which drives dull caro
away has been woll sampled. Then the
stories flow. Thero was a group comfort-
aMy seated in a woll known placo tho othor
night. An old follow came up to mo a
littlo boozy tho other day," said ono, "and
said hi regiment was nover stam; cded
battle," but ho struck tho wrong customer.
I asked him if ho recollected tho second
battlo of Bull Kiin, and ho said ho did, and
ell too. I then told him of how his
regiment becamo demoralized and after
wards camo inside of a now line of butt!
mado up of fresh troops, in double quick
ordor. llo acknowledged tho corn.
don't want to say anything against th
regiment; it was ono of tho bestot Burn
side's corps, but pcoplo in glass housos
shouldn't throw stono.1.
"I romombor," said another, "whon th
army loft Harrison Landing in 'Oi It got
away under tho coyor of dummies an
mountod Quaker suns and when tho Hobs
discovered the trick thoy kicked thorn
selves. But, anyhow, In crossing tbo Chic
ahominy tho men of tho 00th I'a. Kegt,
steppod into thu creek and waded it
briskly as if they wero walking on dry
land. Onn. McClolIan stood by as troops
passed and inquired of Gen. Cake, 'What
regiment is that?' When told it was th
06th Pa. ho said, 'I thought tlioy woro tho
bravo coal crackors.' "
A third vet contributed this; "I tell
you, boys, many a BCtiomo was planned to
get homo on furlojgh or discharged. I ro
mornber wo had marched through Virginia
so often that tho soldiers of tho nrmy ol
tho Potomac became discouraged. Ono
beau'iful moonlight night, near Thorough
fare Gap, while Tom Houck and I were
reclining upon tho grass, talking and think,
ing of home, be proposed a plan to get
homo. Tom was tired of tho Army tired
tramping over tho same ground so often.
He suggestod rubbing our joints with blue
ointment and then wetting them. This
would givo us rheumatism and led to our
dischargo. But the plan endod at tho sug
goilion, Tom, Houck died at his homo in
Pottsvillo from a wound received in a sub
sequent battlo. Ho and Clem. Potls, Joo
Dengler, Ted. Smith and Bill Weand woro
wbolo souled and merry messmates.
'The fraternal spirit burnod in tho
breasts of tho comrades on tho battle field
as brightly as It has tiuco in tho Posts of
tho G. A. It ," put in a vet who had
listenod contentedly to his comrudos. "1
remember a membor of our company dy
ing at Ilarruon Landing, ilia name was
Madison and ho was carried off by typhoid
fever. Ho was a favorite and ovory mem1
her in tho company went down into his
poclet to help pay for embalming the body
and sending It homo to tho bereaved
'Did you ovor know Dan Hartllno?"
asked another, "Ho is living In lit. Car
mo), or near there. At least he was when
I last heard oi him. I have not soon him
sinco tho battle ol Cramplon's Pass. Ho
was another lively follow, Ono day, while
charging through tho pass and up tho
mountain, Dan was greatly amused by the
antics of the Johnnies In trying to get out
of tbo way of our bayonots. He Increased
ihB merriment by giving the "robs" within
. ' ., r." .v u ,u .,,
1 bU roach a tantalizing prick with tho point
f his bayonet and laughed merrily a
thoy scrambled from him."
'Speaking of Cramplon's Pass," con
tinued anothor vet, "reminds me of young
Wright, a drummor boy of Capt. Boyle'
company, llo was a mero strlppling of a
lad, but bravo and fearloM as a lion. Ho
was in advaqco and camo upon a slooping
ebl officer. With gun pointodhearousod
tbo officer by giving him a kick and com
manded him to march ahead. Tho ordor
as obeyed and the officer landed In our
camp, tuo captlvo ol mo littlo drummer
"But, boys," exclaimed a vet who laid
aido bis pipe, "Some fellows managed to
make money between battles. During tho
sorvico of tho 100-day mon a company of
ono of tho regiments was statiotrud at a
tobacco warehouse, whoroa largo numbor
ol substitutes woro kept under guard until
they could bo assigned to rogimonts.
TIkso substitutes, nearly ail from New-
York state, had recoivod from ?S00 to $1,-
000 oach as bounty money and required
watchlnc, or thoy would havo skipped.
Well, this company was on guard but ono
night and in that timo there woro but few
of tho men who failod to make a haul. Ono
ergoant sent homo by express boforo day
light several hundred dollars, supposed to
havo been recoivod (or allowing two or
three substitutes to escape. Ono of thu
guards earned over ono hundred dollars in
furnishing tbo warehouso captives whisky
Tho parly wanting whisky would givo the
guard ?5 and his cantcon. A quart of
whisky could be had for $1. A Cantooa
hold turoo pints. Tho cantcon was ro
turnod filled with a quart of whisky and a
pint of water, leaving $-1 profit for tho
guard, and ho received an oxtra donation
from tbo prisoner (nothing iocs than ?1)
tot bis trouble.
An Enjoyablo Night.
Ono of tho brightest performance)! over
witnossed, says Guy Pomberton in tho
Evening Sun, is that delightful, whimsical,
natural play, "She Couldn't Marry
Three." It is homelike, tho story most
probable and interesting, causing tears oC
sympathy or hearty laughter. Uncon
sciously you aro interested in Miss Kon-
nody'a portrayal ot "Bess." You laugh
and cry with hor as sho flits liko a beam of
light through each act of the play. Sho
laughs, crits, sings, dancos ; sho'a a hoyden.
trusting little fisher maidon, and no
maltor what she does sho carries you along
with her an unresisting worshipor at her
What a sturdy, massivo, picturosquo
figure Mr. Sullivan is in tho charactor of
"Davio," tho rough fisherman and heroic
lover; his quiet intensity sbgge;t tho
s'rongth of the ocean. And I laugh with
reminiscent pleasure as I recall that de
lightful, verdant, uproarious, foolish "Bol
Backus" as played by Mr. Kennody. I
surrendered at once ; I'm laughing yot.
and I ndviso thoso who deplore the fact
that wo havo so few good plays, go soo
"She Couldn't Marry Three," and bo
Lane's Family Medicine
Moves the bowels each day. Most pooplo
neel to uso it
Henry Shaffer is
doing Jury duty at
Potisvillo tiiis weok.
Mrs Harry Ackor is visiting hor fiistor in
Mariolta, Lanca'ter county.
Mrs. P. H. Hopkins is confined to hor
bed by a sovoro attack of lllnots.
Mis Julia Mar, of Sbamokin, spont
Sunday and yesterday in town tbo guest of
frio' ds.
Thomas II. Williams and U, J. Evans
havo returned to tho Dlokinson Seminary
at WilUamsport.
John Jones, who left town several wooka
ago to enjoy a trip across the ocean to
Wales, has returned,
MisiOllio I'erry, who spont tho Thanks
giving holidays in town with friends, re
turned to her homo in Ashland yostorday.
Chief of Polico Amour loft town this
morning for WilUamsport to attond the
funoral of Darwin, tbo horto thief, who 1&
wanted hero.
Handsomo stock of lamps with tho most
delicately hand-paintod bisque and china
shados, at Iloldorman's. 11-28-tf
Four tintvpp for 26 cents, at Dabb's. tf
Given Away.
With four pounds of
CALIF Baking Powder,
we'll givo you a beau
tiful Gloria Cloth Um
brolln. Guaranteed fast
color and as good as
you can buy anywhoro
for $1.60.
Baking Powder warranted
good or money rofunded.
No. 322 North Jardin Street.
A1 HBlI - JiiiBi si aaiB