The evening herald. (Shenandoah, Pa.) 1891-1966, November 28, 1891, Image 1

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VOL. VI.-NO. 25G.
"My Son, Deal "With. Men Who Advertise. Ton -will Never Lose by It."--Benjanim Franklin
JThe Evening Herald.
aUeUitlitfutiil lhk
vny'otber paper published. Circa
latloa bookn open to all.
The tmiolRTH will bo with us I
after next and our people will do tUel
utmost to please them and make the!
stay here pleasant.
The fight between the progressive
cltl uu In- r men of Hszleton Is
on. I lint e progressive citizens will
W . t saying.
Pottsville, the past week, has been
greatly excited over the numerous
sensational rumors prevalent on the
streets. There has been more smoke
than Are, it app ars.
Fons - " o
the next, rfsigtin the dniio I on
another, ml, a day or two lift r, lb a
furHHvn. t i- ' xr- to kc i-n v th
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Brazilian news. '' n milt nil kinds of neonle.
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... .nnn. n .1 (1 fnlrAQ Wntll
xou pays yuui aiuuoj
The Sunday Dispatch, published in
Philadelphia, has changed hands and
the office removed to the N. E. corner
of Sixth and Chestnut streets. Tho
new management shows a great deal
of activity and promise to make the
paper a much better one than the old.
If ex-Senator Wallaco wants to go
to the Legislature he ought to bo sent
there. He is an able man and, politics
aside, would be a worthy addition to
that body next year. Clearfield county
could not improve on him.
Senator Wallace says he does
not want to go to thee Legislature to
shape tho policy of his party but
mainly to secure tho voters of the state
a satisfactory ballot law. "I would
not hesitate." he is reported as saying
p'a moment to take the stump in ad
vocacy of compulsory education, not
the compulsory education that is
sometimes agitated, but forn qualiflca-
a good home-made rag carpet.
it is one 01 tuoae exirn neavy
carpets, madoof the best yarn
and clean rags. Finest line of Velvet
Brussel and Ingrain Carpets in Shen
andoah at
Taney New Crop New Orleans Baiting Molasses.
New Corn Meal Made of all new com kiln Dried
Fresh Ground".
JVett; PlcJeles Natural Color Grlsj) and Sour.
New Currants Cleaned Heady or Immediate Use.
Neiv California Prunes Fine Quality.
Netu California Canned Fruits Egg Plums, Cher
ries, Apricots and Peaches.
New Huchwheat Jslour Very Choice.
New Green Scotch Peas,
JVeiw Maisins, Citron and lemon Peel.
New Skinned Hams Fresh Smoked.
Ne Mince Meat Best Quality.
T-wo cans Cliolcc Salmon. .
Three Pounds Fancy Rice.
Two Bottles KctcUup l.arg:c Size and Extra Quality.
Four Pounds Good Currants.
Tlircc Pounds mixed Candies.
Two Pounds Mixed Nuts-New Crop.
Five Pounds Oat Flalces New Fresli Stoclc.
A r,ot ot Sliccu, Goat and
White, Black and Colors.
Just Received Two Cars
Fancy Minnesota Flour. 500
ways gStcs Satisfaction.
Hon that would compel foreigners to
read and write beforo they aro al
lowed to vote. I would favor the en
actment of a law that would enable
the authorities to say to this foreigner,
when he is sixteen or eighteen years
years old : You must learn to read or
write or else you cannot exercise the
right of the ballot."
Deserving Pralso.
"Wo doslro to say to our citlzons, that for
year wo havo been selling Dr. King's Now
Discovery for Consumption, Dr. King s
New Llfo Pills, Bucklon's Arnica Salvo
and Eloctrio Bitters, and havo nover
handlod reniodics that sell as well, or that
havo given such universal satisfaction.
Wo do not hesitate to guaranteo thorn
ovory time, and wo stand ready to refund
tho purchaso price, if satisfactory results do
not follow their use. These remedies have
won their great popularity purely on their
merits. 0. II. Hagenbuch, Druggist.
Largest stock of rings. Genuino dia
monds with combinations of rubies, opals,
poarls, emoralds, etc., at Holderman's. tf
"Ti" Programme.
The following will bo tho programme of
tho "Ys" at their mooting this ovening :
Scriptural lesson, Minnie Hasslcr.
Declamation, Elmer Hooks.
Whv and bow the "Y" Is social." K. II,
"Aro me lasnions 01 ino nee in nmmony
wiiniencQinKsoi me didiqy" iy . a. ueeves,
Heading, Edward Danks.
fault finder, Geo, Ii. Uafaer,
To tho Traveling Public.
If you aro contemplating a trip to tho
West, or southwost tho question naturally
arises, which is tho host and most economi
cal way in which to mako tho journey,
This information you can ascertain by
tonding a postal to me answering the fol
lowing questions : "Where aro you going?
When aro you going? "Where will you
start from ? How many will there be in
your party? "What freight and baggage
will you havo to ship? Ou roceipt of this
I will writo or call upon you propared to
furnish maps, timo tablos, and fullest
information regarding routos, lowest rales
of all class of tickets, land pamphlets, re
sort books, Hot Springs guide, etc.
Tho Missouri Pacific Railway andiron
Mountain Routo is noted for its suporb
through car servico. Pullman Yostibuled
Buffott tiloeping Parlor and Tourist Stoop
ing cars, also Palaco Reclining Chair Cars
freo, aro run on all through trains. Ask
for tickets via this popular routo, and
correspond with mo beforo completing
arrangements for your Strip. J. P. Mc
Cann, Eastern Traveling Agent, No. 057
N. Main St., Elmira, N. Y., or 391 Broad
way, Now York City. "W. E. Hoyt,
Goneral Eastern PaBsengor Agent, No. 301
Broadway, New York City. Tho Missouri
Pacific Railway Iron Mountain Routo. tf
A Kind Friend.
Is what they call that Famous Remedy, Ked
Flag Oil, It quickly cures Itlieumatlsni,
Neuralgia, Cuts, Ilrulses, Burns, Bores and all
pain. It is good lor man or beast. 23 cents.
At Klrlln's drug store.
"Wolf Slclu Mats and Itugs-lu
Cliolcc No. x Timothy Hay.
One Car Middlings. One Car
Bushels New Corn In Ears.
Northwestern Daisy Flour Al
Whoro Thoso Who Aro So Dls-
posod May Attend Dlvino
Worship To-morrow Other
Local News.
All Saints' Episcopal church, Oak street,
near Main, Kov. Floyd E. Woet, rector.
Services as follows: Morning prayer and
litany with reading and sermon, 10:80.
Evening prayer andsormon, 6:80. Sunday
school at 2 p. m. Tho rector ofllciatos and
preaches at tho morning sorvice on the
second and fourth Sundays of oach month
and at tho ovoning sorvice on tho first and
third, a lay reader officiating In hi9absonco.
P. M. church, cornor of Jardln and Oak
streets. Services Sunday at 10:30 a. m,
and C:S0 p. m. Sabbath school at 2 p. m
Young Peoples' Christian Endeavor at (
p. m. overy Sabbath. Classes meet Tues
day and "Wednesday ovonings at 7 o'clock
and Sunday at 0:80 a. m. Uencral prayer
meeting Thursday at 7:30 p. m. H. Q.
Russoll, pastor.
"Welsh Baptist church, corner "West and
Oak stroots. Rov. D. I. Evans, pastor.
Services Sunday at 10 a. m. in Welsh
and 6 p. m. in English. Sunday school at
2 p. m. Prayor moeting on Monday oven
ing, at 7 o'clock. Class mooting on Thurs
day ovoning, at 7 o'clock.
Ebenezor Evangelical church. Rov. H.
J. Click, pastor. Services Sunday at
10 a. m. in Gorman, and C:80 p. m. in
English. Sunday school at 1:30 p. m.
All are heartily invitod to attend.
M. E. church, Rev. Wm.Powick, pastor.
Services to-morrow at 10:30 a.m. and 6:30
p. m. Morning subject: "Eulogizing God
for all Ilis Benollts." Evonlng subject:
"Wasted Opportunities" followed by
revival servicos. Sunday school at 2
p. m., to bo followed by tho de
votional meeting of tho Epworth League
Prayor mooting at 6 p. m. and on Thurs
day ovoning at 7:30. All aro invitod.
Soata froo.
Presbyterian church, Rov. W. McNally,
pastor. Preaching services at 10:30 a. ra,
andC:30p. ro. Subject for morning: "Chriet
as a Preacher." Subject for ovoningl:
Robbing God," Sabbath school at 2 p. m
Prayor meeting ou Thursday evening and
Christian Endeavor on Tuesday ovening at
7:30. All aro cordially invitod. "Como
with us and wo will do thoo good."
A Million Friends.
A friend in need is a friend indood, and
not loss than ono million peoplo havo found
just such a friend in Dr. King's Now Dis
covery for Consumption, Coughs and
Colds. If you havo nover used this Great
Cough Modicino, ono trial will convince
you that it has wonderful curativo powors
in all diseases of Throat, Chest and Lungs.
Each bottle is guaranteed to do all that is
claimed or money will bo refunded. Trial
bottles lreo at O. II. Ilagonhuch's drug
store. Largo bottles 60c. and $1.00.
Read Reose's now advertisomont.
Suit for Damages.
A Pottsvillo officer was in town yesterday
serving subpoenas on witnesses in the case
of Guldln against tho borough of Shenan
doah. Tho caso is brought to recovor $1,000
damages and is about five years old. Tho
plaintiff, while driving ono night at tho
lower end of Main stroot, drovo over the
ombankmont. The horso was killed, tho
carriage wrecked and Guldln was badly in'
jurod. Guldin claims that as thero was no
safeguard or light at tho place tho borough
is responsible for damages. It is under
stood that tho claimant offered to settle tho
caso at ono timo for $100, but tho borough
declined the offer.
Bucklon's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salvo in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, Tjlcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Soros, Tetter, Chappod Hands, Chilblains
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
lively euros Piles, or no payment roquirod.
It Is guarantood to givo perfoct satisfaction,
or money rofunded. rnco Ja cents por
box. For sale by O. II. Ilagonbuch,
Road Reeso's holiday advertltomont.
A Surprise.
Keep your oyo on this local. Keagoy,
tho photogiaphor, will havo his now opon
ing in a few days and will have something
Interesting that will surprise the pooplo. tf
Lost Two Horses.
A toam of horses belonging to Gorman
tho Rochoator Browing Company's agont at
Mahanoy City, died on Wodnosday. Tho
hones wero valued at f500.
It Is a well known lact that l'an-Tlna
Cough and Consumption Cure has cured Con
sumption, Coughs aud Colds when all else
foiled. 23 and 60 cents. Trial bottles lreo at
Klrlln's drugstore.
Lane's Fumllv Modicino
Movos tho bowels each day. Most pooplo
noed to uso it.
Van Houten's Cocoa The standard of
be .world. 11-23-lw
Lakosido Locala.
Mrs. Gui Roth is on tho sick list.
A gentleman was hero to-day taking an
Inventory of tho placo. lie is soriously
thinking of leasing tho hotel and grounds
as ho is vory favorably impressed withl the
place. Should bo conclude to make an of
fer and Is accoptcd, ho will mako Lakeside
hum next season.
Evorythtng Is In roadiness for tho ice
harvest. All that is wanting is tho ico to
Tho opening of tho now Uazlolon branch
is going to mako this placo unusually
lively as soon as ovorythlng is in running
order. All tho coal from Coxo's colliorles
must pass through horo, and tho tonnage
will bo considerable.
It is expected tho Reading Company will
commonco tho erection of a now depot and
shods at an oarly day and finish thorn in time
for tho spring opening of this retort.
A delegation from Now York was hero
on Friday looking over tho grounds. Tho
gontlemen woro pleased with tho lakes and
ploasure grounds. What thoy wero aftor
has not boon dlscovored, as thoy actod
quite mysteriously.
Tho passenger travel over tho old Cata
wissa routo and to Audonriod sooms to bo
on tho increase. Tho Catawissa is still a
popular routo. Hunters uso this branch to
a great extent to go hunting.
Mr. Shapira'a Statement.
Yestorday altornoon Mr. Shapira, tho
Gorman pharmacist who has been prepar
ing to opon a placo in tho Robbins' build
ing on South Main stroot, whoro the firo
occurred Wodntsday morning, callod at
tho IIehald offico and mado a statomont
concerning the 11 ro. Mr. Shapira says that
thoro was no paint or cotton wasto in the
placo whoro tho firo occurred. That thorn
was about a quart of varnish at tho rear end
of tho storo, away from whero tho firo was,
and that tho othor rubbish ho swept out
himself when bo locked tho placo at six
m. Mr. Shapira also says that Mr,
Dress, the janitor of the building, assorts
that the firo started in tho cellar under Mr.
Sbaplra's placo and that somebody must
have bored a bolo through the floor of tho
store to givo tho fire a draft. Mr. Shapira
makes tho statement becauso he under
stands that somo pooplo soom inclined to
tho boliof that ho was purposely rosponsi
bio for tho firo. Ho ridicules tho idea and
points to.the fact that ho bad f 1,000 worth
of slock in the place and had not a cent of
insurance. Mr. Shapira also hints that
there is a spirit of jealousy existing against
him becauso ho is getting ready to start a
German pharmacy in tho town.
Candelabrums and candlesticks, and
fancy.bric-a-brac of all kinds, at Holder'
man'B. 11-23-tf
"Sho Couldn't Marry Throe."
No company that wo havo ovor heard 0
has over como to our city with such favora
bio couriers as "She Couldn't Marry
Throo." Thoy havo tho unanimous on
dorsement of tho Now York Press; and
this, you may rest assured, will be your
only chanco to seo this superior company,
as thoy will mako no stops going from San
Francisco to Now York City. We havo
no doubt of their success hero.
Law Breakers as Jurors.
Tho Jury Commissioners aro evidently
being vory badly advised regarding th
men whom they aro selecting from this
vicinity for tho important duty of jury
servico. Among tho namos recently drawn
from the whoel aro those of persons who
are known as chronic law breakers, and
who are cortalnly not the proper person:
for jurors, and the commissioners by tho
exercise of a little caro and judgment can
easily avoid it. 2Vi- Weekly Record,
Benefit for Adam Mort.
Madden & Lowory, tbo well known ac
robats and specialists who rocontly ro
turned to town aftor a successful soason of
several months in tho South, aro arranging
to givo an ontertainment in Ferguson'
thoatro on December 2Cth, next, for th
benefit of Adam Mort. Mr. Mort is ono
of tho most popular young mon In tli
town and recontly had tho misfortuno
loso the sight of one of his oyos while
work in Indian RIdgo colllory. It is hoped
tho bonofit will bo a routing ono.
Handsome stock of lamps with tho most
delicately hand-painted bisquo and china
shados, at Iloldorman's. 11-28-tf
BurohiU's Restaurant.
Charles Butchill is now locatod at corner
of Main and Coal streets, Shensndoah.
Kogular meals, at popular pricos, sorvod
any timo. Ladles' dining and rcfresbmont
rooms attached. 9-li-tf
Largo stock of fancy goods, such
lamps, bronzes, china waro and imported
cut glassware, at Iloldorman's. 11-28-tf
Kindt Gets Thero.
In tho case of Ex-Postmaster Kindt
against Ex-Postmaster Seltzer for tho price
of post office boxes sold to tho latter, the
Jury returned a vordict in favor of tho
plaintiff for 8320.25. This caso has boon
ponding or nearly five years.
Boat work done at Bronnan's steam
laundry, Everything white and spotloss,
Lace curtains a specialty. All work guar
Pushing' on Towards Lost Crook.
Ono Hundred Men to bo Added
to tho Force on Mon
day Morning.
The work of grading tho road bod for tho
electric railway through Win. l'cnn has
beon completod and a unitod force etartod
in yesterday to grado from Clcary's houso,
near tho lower P. & R. crossing, over tho
swamp to Lost Crook, An Incroased force
of men with about thirty carts undortook
this work. Thoy first laid two bridges
across tho crook, bo that coal dirt could bo
hauled from tho neighboring bank to tho
ino of tho road, Thcso bridgos woro built
n short ordor and tho carts woro soon Sit
ing to and fro. At the samo timo stono
masons startod to build tbo foundation for
tho permanont bridgo that is to cross tho
wido crook that flows cast of Clear j' 8 houso.
Tho work in this section is being pushed as
rapidly as good managoment can make it
go and Foromon Amour and Conry aro
making good records for thomsolvos.
Another busy placo is tho site of tho
powor houso at Rappahannock, Contrac
tor August Kudol, of Mahanoy City, has
a force of Alteon working on tho foundation
walls, but on Monday will add six moro
stone masons and four laborers. lie has
tho foundation walls of tho car houso up to
tho surfaco and has started to build four
iect higher, which is tho required height
for that section of the site. Tho wails of
tho englno and bollor departments will bo
1G feet aboyo surface. Mr. Kudol sayB tho
car houso walls will bo finished within
three days. If tho woalher proves favor'
able, be oxpects to .havo tho otbor sections
ready for their roofs within two weeks,
Tho car houto will front on tho fork of tho
roads and tbo ongino and boiler houses will
occupy tho cast end of tho sito. Tho di
mensions of tho rospoctlvo structures will
bo: car house, 60x80 foot;1 ongino houso.
87x60; boilor houso, 82x60.
Hon. Eugono Donahue was an intorestod
spectator at tbo power houso sito yostorday
aftornoon. When nskod what ho thought
of tho olectrio railway project ho said he
bolievod it would bo ono of tho best things
ovor Introducod in tho valloy.
Do you think it will bonofit Girard
villo?" ho was askod.
"Woll, I am cortain it will not injure
it," ho ropliod.
And it Is Aggravating.
As a rulo most peoplo aro intonsely ex
asperated when, after wading through somo
exciting story in tho nowspapor which thoy
havo dovourod with breathloes interest, to
find at tho finish it is only a trap to adver
Use somo wonderful soap Tjr patent medi
cino. Ut courso it is disappointing, but Just
consider how cloverly Its dono, and, by th
way, what a wonderful industry has beon
dovolopod in this mode of advertising.
Somo of tho great modicino firms pay thoir
advertising agent as high as ten thousand
dollars a year, and a cortain manufacturer
of soap pays his advertiser twonty-fivo
thousand. Just think of it, and while you
aro thinking just romomber that "Sb
Couldn't Marry Threo" Is tho best show on
tho road.
Don't fail to read Rooso's now advertise
Secret Sooloty Notes.
Council No. 45, Jr. O. U. A. M., of Mt.
Oarmol, floated a now 10x20 foot flag in
front of tho High school building in that
borough on Thursday last. Tho flag, to
gether with throo othors that woro floated
on Thursday last in different parts of tho
Btate, woro sont out frpm Morgan's regalia
and flag dopot.
Shenandoah Ooramandory, No. 11, S. oi
A., will hold its regular monthly mooting
next Thursday evening. Election of of
ficers for tho noxt terra and initiation of
two candidates will take placo.
Among tho sovoral ordors recoived this
woek at Morgan's rogalia factory woro 0110
oach from Norwalk and Tarlton, Ohio, and
ono from Ashland, Kentucky, and three
from now councils rocontly organized In
this state All woro for Jr. O. U. A, M.
Holiday goods,
cheap. Read Reese's
Instructions Given.
Instructions given on piano, organ, vio
lin and voice, ovory Wodnosday, In Shen
andoah. Torms, 60 cents por losson of I
hour, or 76 conts por hour. All ordors
sont to D. F. Laubensteln, Ashland, will
rocoivo prompt attention. Havo timo for
only four moro scholars. 11-20-Ct
Buy Keystone flour. Bo careful that tho
namo Lkssiq & Co., Ashland, Pa.; is
printed on overy sack. S-3-3taw
I found Dr. Hull's Couch Hvrunlo be a most
effectual icniedy and feel sure that the nuxt
stubborn cough and cold will yield to Its
healing Influence, Frank H. i'rlce, Hew or.
Ictus, La,
Cashier John It. Lclscnrlng, ot llazleton
City, was in town yestorday.
Councilman Moakler and "Jimmy"
Shields Inipoctod tho electric railway work
down tho valley yesterday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Kelm.'who cat their
Thanksgiving dinnor at Dudloy, N. J,, tho
homo of Mrs. Koim's parents, aro homo
Frod. Kolb, Jr., formerly doing buslnoaa
as a druggist in town aid now residing in
Michigan, was in town this week calling;
upon his old frionds.
Councilman l'ortz camo near having ono
of his oyos knocked out last night whilo
ontoring his stablo in tho dark. As It is, ho
has a bad looking optic and ho suffered
intensely all night.
Tho Water Question.
Just as we oxpectod the new Water
Company will como to naught and tho
borough funds to tho amount of throo or
lour hundrod dollars bo foolishly spont, not
counting tbo sovoral hundred dollars it
costs in tho rocont law suits, all to gratify
tho whims of a cortain fow cranks who are
always crying down onterprifos of all
kinds. No samo person ovor oxpectod that
a now water compmy would evor bo or
ganized. ? 10,000 would bo tho least that it
would take to givo us a now wator supply.
When this borough attempted to raiso that
much monoy by a loan, tbo kick would bo
heard all ovor tho state Journal. Tbo
wrltor of tho abovo is ovidontly not vory
woll posted. A woll known gontloman of
town who seems to know what tho com
mittee of citizons and councilmcn is doing
etatod to a IIkkald reporter to-day that
tho arrangements for establishing borough
wator works aro now in such a condition
that tho committoo will bo ablo to mako
public in a fow days what has been dono.
That tho joint committoo will hold a moot
ing early next woek and roportors will bo
Gratifying to All.
Tho high position attained and the uni
versal accoptanco and approval of tho
pleasant liquid fruit remedy.Syrup of Figs,
as tho most cxcollent laxative known, il
lustrate tho value of tho qualities on which
its succoss is based and aro abundantly
gratifying to the California Fig Sprup Co.
Fancy rings of all descriptions at Hoi
dorman's. 11-28-tf
An Admission,
n. C. Folmor.onoof Shenandoah's prom
inent citizons, was In town to-day trans
acting business with friends. Ho says that
tho now street railway which will connect
with Shonandoab, will bo a paying invest
ment. Shamofiin Dispatch.
Profitable Investment.
If you want an oxcellent farm, situatod
only six milos from Shenandoah, contain
ing 28 acres, with fruit treos aud stroam of
water, call at tho IIkrald office for further
particulars. It is a profitable investment
and tbo terms aro reasonable. 11-18-tf
Anothor Letter Coming.
"An Old Minor" will havo anothor
letter roady lor Monday's issuo of tho
IIkkald and will again point his gun in
tho interest of his follow workingmen.
Hotel For Rent.
Tho hotol proporty at Lakosido Park
(East Mahanoy junction) for tho year 1892.
No ono but an oxperiencod hotol man need
apply. For particulars, etc., apply to O.
A. Keim, Shenandoah, Pa. 11-10-tf
Partios wishing to select their Christmas
presents can do so now and havo them laid
aside until wanted. At Holderman's.
Bank Examlnor.
Charles II. Dengler, of Pottsvillo, has
been appointod Bank Examlnor by Prosi
dont Harrison. Mr. Dongler has had con
siderable oxperienco in banking business
and is woll fitted to fill the position.
Squoezed Between Cars.
William M. Spears, of Wost Lloyd
stroot, and employed In running cars at the
head of tho Mahauoy piano, was caught
botwoen two cars ywtorday afternoon and
squeezed about tho hips. IIo was brought
to his homo horo.
Four tintypes for 26 cents, at Dabb's. tf
Umbrel las
Given Away.
With four pounds of
CALIF Baking Powder,
we'll givo you a beau
tiful Gloria Cloth Urn.
brolia. Guaranteed fast
color and as good as
you can buy anywhoro
for $1.50.
Baking Powder warranted
good or money refunded.
No. 522 North Jain StrAi