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VOL. VI.--NO. 255.
"My Son, Deal "With Men "WTio Advertise. Ton "will Never Lose by It. "--Benjamin Franklin
The Evening Herald.
nun a larger circulation In Shenandoah than
any other paper published. Circu
lation books open to all.
The Hnrrisburg Telegraph Bays:
"There must be some amusement in
the cry of tho free trader that tin
plate ennnot be made In this country,
or ho wouldn't keep it up. Day lu
and day out, like the Bowery Parrot's
cry of 'The Tarifl's a Tax,' the free
trader shouts, 'You can't make
American tin.' And he must enjoy
It, or he wouldn't keep It up. There
are tin plate factories In Missouri, Ohio
Maryland aud Pennsylvania, and
what Is more they give employment
In tho new Industry to a large number
of American worklngmen aud get a
good price for their wares."
A few days ago a charier was Issued
at the Btato Department InHarrlaburg
to tho Blalrsvllle rolling mill and tin
plate company, of Blalrsvllle, Indiana
county, with a capital of $73,000, the
directors In which are all gentlemen
of Blalrsvllle. They know that they
can make American tin and they ate
going to do it.
Tho Middletowu, (Dauphin county;
Journal, a day or two ago printed the
following paragraph concerning a
great event In tho history of the busy
borough :
"Artist W. H. Walboru is painting
a sign bearing, the following : 'This
building is covered with genuine
American tin by A. B. Croll.' Tho
sign Is to be placed on the large barn
of .Col. Young's Keystone farm on
wlilch Mr. Croll placed 5,000 rquare
feet of this material."
Wo can add to this the fuct that V.
S. Hammond, the window spring man
ufacturer of Lewlsberry, this county,
has had tho roof of hie house covered
with this same quality of tin of Amer
ican make. The tin used Is N. & G.
Taylor's old style and Mr. Croll was at
the works In Philadelphia and
saw American tin made there. He re
gards this tin as the best made any'
a (food home-made rag carpet
n ins onoot tuosexira Heavy
and clean rags. Fluestliue of Velvet
Brussel and Ingrain Carptte in Suen
andoah at
CJioico. Creamery Butter Ircsli every other day
Xancy Bloater Mackerel. Large and Fine. Xfeta ATo. 1
MacJeer el White and Fat. iVeio Clean Currants Free
from dirt and stems. Best Mince Meat made oj best
materials, line Table Syrttp strictly pure goods.
Neiu Orleans Halting Molasses. Chipped Beef.
and OLD TIME Git A HAM FLO UH Fresh Ground.
Also another car of Best Patent MINNESOTA FLOUR.
Equal to anything in tho market.
"NORTHWESTERN DAISY" mnde ot Minnesota
Wheat gives satisfaction. Bakes w ell.
OH Clotlts are selling: freely, Mice patterns,
prices. Two yards wide from 50 cents up.
where. Free traders may squirm
over it, but American tin has come
and come tostpy, no master how much
they may lie about It. York Despatch
City Treasurer-elect of Phila
delphia, George D. McOreary, has
done a most sensible thing lu reap
pointing Jesse Bhiber, an old, disabled
soldier, as messenger In his office.
Shlber was removed by Pattlson'a ap
pointee, Wright, to make room for o
Democratic rounder who was after
wards tripped up on the charge of is
suing fraudulent tax receipts.
Deserving Pralso.
Wo desire to say to uur citizens, that for
years we have been soiling Dr. King's New
Discovory for Consumption, Dr. King's
Now Life Pills, liucklon's Arnica Salvo
and Electric Bitters, and havo never
handled remedies that sell as well, or that
havo given such univorsal satisfaction.
Wo do not hesitato to guarantee them
every time, and wo stand n-ady to refund
tho purchase price, If satisfactory results do
not follow their use. Theso remedios havo
won their great popularity purely on their
merits. O. II. Uagenbuch, Druggist.
Van Houton's Cocoa Tho standard of
ho world. 11.23-lw
It is rumored that Chancellor Von
Caprivl Is about to roslgn.
The wife of Ilobort Mantell, tho fam
ous actor, has begun action tor a separa
tion. A book Is be In ft published of sormons
proachod by tho Kaiser whllo yachting in
Tho funeral of tho Into Gov. Ilovey
toot place irom Mount Vernon, lnd.,
The thermometer atWInnopeg for ths
past few days has varied between 12 and
17 degrees below zero.
Fanny Davenport, tho actress, has
closed a contract for 880 acres of land la
Fulton's Canyon, Grange County, Cal.
A heavy snow; storm fell over Minne
sota and the Dakotas Wednesday night
and drifted so budly that railway traillo
was delayed.
There was merry Thanksgiving din
ner ntthe White House jostorday. All
tho family wore present except Mrs. Rus
sell Harrison, who loft tor Omaha,
whore her parents live, on Tuesday. 4
Weather lu'llcutlous.
Wasiiis .ton, Nov. 87. For New England;
Contlnuod cold, brUk, high winds, with
threatening wouthor and lain and snow,
likely hoavy.
For Eastern Now York, Eastern Fonnsyl
vnnia, Now Jersey, Maryland und Dela
ware: Generally brisk and easterly winds;
threatening weather and rain, likely heavy!
colder to-morrow.
For Western Now York and Wostorn Penn
sylvania: Colder, brisk and hli;h westerly
winds; clouly wenthor and rain or snow;
deoldedly colder Saturday, almost amounting
to tt cold wave.
How the Many Different Pooplo
In Town Observed Thanksgiv
ing Day Ohuroh Services
and Entertainments.
Thanksgiving Day was not generally
observed hero yesterday, yet tho town had
a holiday appearance. Nearly all the
business placos were closed and very little
business was done outsido of tho saloon,
refreshment and cigar establishments.
Tho collieries slartod in tho morning to
wholly ignoro tho day and somo of them
succoeded. Turkey Kun colliery struggled
along a quarter of a day and then quit.
Wo-t Shonandoah made half a day. Tho
rost of ths collieries managed to get.along
with reducod working forcos.
Services were hold in' several of the
churches, some in tho morning, but tho
majority in tho evoning, on account of tho
collieries working.
Lady Harrison Lodge, No. 10, A. P. L.
A., observed Thanksgiving Day by hold
ing a supper in tho ovening in Bobbins'
opera houso. It was ft vory succoesful
affair and a largo number of.guosts spent a
vory pleasant ovoning.
Mnjor Jonning3 Council, No. 3G7, Jr. O,
IT. A. SI., spent part of tho day and all of
tho ovoning at Ringtowo, whore Advance
Council, No. 684, prosenled a flag to the
public school. Tho presentation addross
was made by O. T. Straughn, member of
Jonnings Council, and tho gilt was ac
knowlodged by tho principal of tho Ring
town schools, Mr. Stauffer. Tho cere
monies woro precedod by n parade, in
which members of tho order Irom Jit,
Carmol, Mahanoy City and other towns
took part. In tho evening an ontertain-
mont was hold in the P. O. S. of A. hall.
I It was of a literary and musical character
-lnBnr milk liii.lniriliA .fan.J( onnialn
Initiation. The hall wa crowded and tho
audionco thoroughly enjoyed tho enter
talnment. Two tableaux, "Virtuo, Lib
erty and Patriotism," and "Equality, Jus'
tlco and Education" were striking features
of tho programme P. J. Gaughan, of
town, Appeared in negro specialties and
W, J. Jacobs, also of town, furnished sen
timental songs. An Interesting address on
the principles and objects of the Jr. O. U.
A. M. was made by William II. Dettroy,
of Jonnings Council.
A Million FriondB.
A friend in noed is a friend indeed, and
not loss than one million peoplo havo found
just such a friend in Dr. King's Now Dis
covery for Consumption, Coughs and
Colds. If you havo never used this Great
Cough Medicine, one trial will convince
you that It ba3 wonderful curativo powers
in all diseases of Throat, Chest and Lungs,
Each bottle is guaranteed to do all that Is
claimod or money will bo romnded. Trial
bottles Ireo at O. II. Uagenbuch's drug
storo. Largo bottles 60c. and f 1.00.
The finest noto paper and envelopes in
tho country at Max Keofo's. tf
Wo Are for Homo Rule.
Tho Herald is frequently asked to do
printing, providing it can be dono at tho
same pnco3 asked in Now York, Connocti
cut, Ohio, or some other state. It may as
woll be understood now as at any other
time that the is working for tho
benefit of the pooplo of Shonandoab,
Schuylkill county, Pennsylvania, ana, in
return, looks to them for patronage In
working for tho benefit of tho town wo
aro not regulated by Now York, Con
nectlcut, Ohio, or any othor place, but aro
guld.d strictly by homo polioy, and, for
for tho printing which our townsmen may
wisli to give us, we do not propose to bo
governed by what tho prinlors in thosa
placos may do. If you havo any printing
to bo dono, send it to us. Wo will appre
ciate tho favor and will givo you as good
work as you can got at any placo, but wo
reservo tho right to make our own prices,
with tho assurance that they will bo, at all
times, reasonable. Wo can sond out of
town for many things wo need and uso,
and got them at prices that would throw
our town merchants into convulsions, but
wo aro not mean enough to do that. We
believe In patronizing those who patronize
Coughing Leads to Consumption.
Kemp's Balsam will stop tho cough .at
A Surprlso.
Keep your eye on this local. Keagoy,
tho photographer, will have his now open
ing in a few days and will have something
interesting that will surprlso tho pooplo. tf
A fine stock of guns and ammunition for
sale cheap at Mai Kcotu's. 10-24-tf
It don't do to neglect nature's warning
aches through the vkU'in, cause Rheuma
tism. Nturalgla aud llackacbe. Try lied Flag
uu, me v amous rum uure. urauuai ltir
tlu's drug store.
A fine stock of guns and ammunition for
sale cheap at Max Reese's. 10-21-tf
Tho President of tho Road Hero
' Yesterday.
Hon W. F. Sadler, of Carlisle, preMdoni
of tho electric railway company, and W
P. Sadler, Jr., and J. L. Kaufmai
wero yosterday in town and spint most 01
tho day going over tho routo and Imped
ing tho work dnno. Thov said that the
prngres made and the prospects for tin
road thus far exceod their expectations.
Public opinion at Ashland concerning
the electric railway has been completely
revolutionized. Even tho flat rail and
wide gungo pooplo havo floppod over and
those who signed the petition tha'. esu'eu
the Borough Council to chango its ordin
ance in favor of that guago and rail havt
now signed a potition for a "T" rail anc
narrow guago road. A meeting of thi
Borough Council is to bo hold to-morrow
night to act on tho latter potition.
Tbo olectrio railway has croatod a boon,
for the farmers of tho Catawissa valley.
All their teams aro engaged in hauliup
poles and sills for tho lino. Other people
who want hauling dono find tho tenuis at n
Poles for tho road aro now distributed
along Coal stroet as far cast as Main street
Superintendent Eberlo loft for Fhiladel
phla this afternoon to arrango to .havo th
boilers shipped lor the power houto. Mr.
Eborlo says tho houso will bo roofod within
two woeks.
One hundred additional hands will be put
on tho road next Monday.
Two gangs of pole strippers aro "bark
ing" poles on Wost Coal street.
Bucklen's Arnica Salvo.
Tho Best Salvo in tho world for Cuts,
Brulsoe, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Khoum, Fever
Soros, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, und posi
tively euros Piles, or no payment required.
It is guaranteed to givo perfect satislaction,
or money refundod. Prico 25 cents per
box. Fursalo by C. II. Hagonbuch.
Supt. Thomas Baird spent to-day at
Ex Postmaster S. P. Kindt was in town
last ovoning.
"Tim" L'oakley spent last ovening In
Mahanoy City.
W. A. Bogle, of Mt. Carmol, was a vis
itor to town to-day.
It, T. Lewis, of Mahanoy City, was a
visitor to town yesterday.
Edward Dodson, of Hudsondalo, Carbon
county, spent Thankfglving in town, th
guest of II. B. Hawley.
Prof. O. W. Weiss, of Schuylkill
Haven, was In town on Wednesday, ar
ranging for tho County Institute.
Mrs. Ann Roberts, her son, Edward, and
hor grand daughter, Miss Annlo Powell,
arrived In town yesterday from Wales,
where they spent several weeks the gito ts
of rolalives.
Wo copy tho following personals from
the Shamokin Herald of yestorday : II
O. Folmer, of Shenandoah, put in a few
hours here yesterday; M. Mollot, ono of
Shenandoah's most prominent citizons,
called on Shamokin Mono's yestorday: J.
J. Keilly, of Shenandoah, was entertained
by iriends In this placo last evening. IIo is
well pleased with tho local electric railway
and wished that tho road botwoon Ash
land, Shenandoah and Mahanoy City was
laid and In working order.
And it is Aggravating.
As a rulo most people aro Intensely ex
asperated when, after wading through somo
exciting story in the newspaper which they
havo dovo'urod with breathless interest, to
find at tbo finish it is only a trap to adver
tise somo wonderful soap or patent medi
cine Of courso it is disappointing, but just
consider how clevorly its dono, and, by the
way, what a wonderful industry has been
developed In this mode of advertising,
Somo of the great medlclno firms pay their
advertising agont as high as ten thousand
dollars a year, and a cortain manufacturer
of soap pays his advertiser twenty-five
thousand. Just think of it, and while you
are thinking just remember that "Sho
Couldn't Marry Throe" Is the bestBhow on
tho road.
Instructions Given.
Instructions given on piano, organ, vio
lin and voico, every Wednesday, in Shen
andoah. Terms, CO cents per lesson oi J
hour, or 75 cents per hour. All orders
sent to D. F, Laubensteln, Ashland, will
receive prompt attention, Have time for
only four more t obolara, 11 2ti-0t
Buy Ktyttone flour. Be caroful that thi
name Lumsiq & Co., Ashland, Pa., it
printed on overy sack. 3-3-3taw
I found Dr. Bull's Couch Hymn to be a most
effectual leuiedvand feel sure that tho mn&t
stubborn cough and cold will yield to lis
uetiui'K iimueuce. rrau& o. nice, isew ur
jOaun, a,
Burohlll's Restaurant.
Charles Buichill li now located atcornor
of Main and Coal streets, Shonsndoah,
Itegular meals, at popular prices, served
any time. Ladies' dining and refreshment
rooms attached. 9-14-tf
Host work done at Bronnan's stoam
laundry. Everything white and spotless,
Lace curtains a specialty, All work guar
Latost Mlsdomoanor of E. B. Hoi
lister, a Well-Known Politician
and Writer To bo Triod
for Burglary.
HonesdaLe, Pa., Nov. 27. E. B. IIol-
lister of Ilollistorvlllo, this county, noar
the Lnckuwannh. County lino, Who has
been for more than a quarter ot n cen
tury a Justice of the Peaco lu tha t
county, although during that time- he
baa boon Indicted for conspiracy, bur
glary, arson, and assault with nttompt
to kill, and was convicted onco on a
charge of burglary and sentenced to
four years In the ponitontlary, but es
caped through a legal technicality, has
just beon Indicted for burglary, this
tlmo by tho graud jury of Lackawanna
County, and will be tried at tho noxt
term ot court.
Ilolllster Is 70 yoars old and belongs
to ono of tbo most prominent families In
Wayne Couuty. Lieutenant-Governor
W atrcs Is a nephow of his, and he has
for 80 years been conspicuous In the af
fairs of his section ot tbo county. Dur
ing tho war thoro woro many mall and
express robberies and masked burglar
ies in that locality, and it was openly
charged that bqulro Hollister was the
organizer aud lender of a gang that
committed those crimes.
In 18G7 a burglary committed In tho
village of Waymart, ten mllos from IIol
listervlllo, wns traced homo to blm, and
ho was arrested and convicted. Tho
caso was carried to the Supreme Court,
where tho Judgment of tho Wayne
county court was reversed.
In 187U Squire Ilolllster, his brothor-
ln-law, Georgo Burns, who hadroturued
to lioiusiurviuo, v. iL. diuyurs, ami a
young girl named Faunlo Vuu Gordor,
woro arrestod charged with conspiracy,
arson, burglary and attomptod murder.
Tho chargos against these parties woro
made by Theodore II. Baker, i mer
chant ot Ilollistorvlllo. Squire Ilollls
ter owed Baker $3,000, for which tho
lattor hold a, mortgage on tho former's
property. Holllstor InHlsted on paying
It, and tho day tho monoy was paid Ba
ker sent It to a Scrnnton bank. Thac
night a lire broko out In u barn near
Bakor's, and Uakor ran to it, leaving
his wife aud child at homo. While ha
was gone a maskod man entered the
houso, and olded by Faunio Vun Gorder,
boat Mrs. Uakor into unconsclousnos3
and took tbo wallet which had contained
tho $3,000 paid that day to Bakor. Mrs.
Baker said that alio had recognlzod tho
masked robbur as Georgo Burns.
Baker, following allegod clues, was
satisfied that Squiro Ilolllster had con
spired with Burns, Will Meyor, Fanny
Van Gordor, who was Moyor's sweot
hoart, to flro tbo barn, i The four prison
ers were tried at Ilonesdalo, and to the
amazement ot every ono Miss Van
Gorder aud her lover woro convicted,
and Ilolllster and his brothor-ln-law,
Burns, were acquitted.
A fow weeks ago a daring burglary
was committed In Dunuioro, a suburb
of Scrnnton. Ofllcers wore put to work
on tha caso, and tho clews they found
led them to Ilollistorvlllo, nud fluully to
tho arrest of Squire Holllstor, bis
brother Henchel, Charles Engel, nnd
William Snow. Besides bolng a Justice
of the Peace aud tho political boss of
his township, Squire Holllstor is a witty
newspaper writer. Ills brother, Dr. II.
II. Ilolllster, of Scranton, wrote the
"History of tho Lackawanna Valley,"
His sister, Mrs. Watros, was a poet of
more than ordinary merit, hor produc
tions during the war, over tbo signature
of "Stolla Lackawanna," being well
ItuilU's oh tor objoct.
St. PETEnsnuno, Nov. 27. The "No-
vostl, " ofllclal organ, says that tho
visit of M. de Glers to Paris shows that
Franco-ltusslan friendship doos not
value Gormany, and that tho chief end
of Iiussla Is not to ally itself with
l'rnuce, but to safeguard liusslun in
terests. Myra Galaea' Ilolrs Want lliQlr Money.
New Orleans, Nov. 37. Counsel for
tha Myra Gaines heirs called upon tho
Mayor yestorday to mako provision for
tho payment ot the judgment lu their
favor ulllrmod by the United Stutes Su
preme Court. Tho amount Is about
$900,000. A special tax will probably
be levied for the payment ot tho judg
ment. Gllmnre Won on u lotil.
WlLKBNBAHHB, !'., Nov. 27. Jim Do
ran ami Hugh Qllmoro fought at Maltby
yosterduy morning for $o00 a side.
Eight rounds were contested whon the
light was given to Gllmore on a foul?
Both mou wore badly punished.
The Lake Shore & Michigan Southern
has christened a new mail car just put
Into service on Its line Govornor Mo
Klnley. Last year the Pullman Car Company
served 0,000,000 meals on the dining
cars and tho profit realised did not pay 1
per cent, on the money Invested,
Still another fast mall train will be
put Into service between Now York and
Chicago' beginning Jun. 1. It will bo
on tbo Pennsylvania road, und the
schedule tlmo between the tsrmlnal
nnlnts Is to be 24 1-J hours.
Nowsy Letter Jbrom a Reliable
Wboroaie those electric lights which
were to have illuminated our town on
Vfdnesdy night?
Frank Bobb, who had his foot crushed
betwoen bumpers somo tiino ago, is around
I he dancing school held In Murphy's
hall on Monday oyonings, will hereaftor
meet on Wednesday ovoning.
ltev. Laughran, pastor of St. Mary's
church, returned from Philadelphia on
Wodnosday last.
American Hose Co,, No. 2, of town, pro
poses to attend tho bull of tho Pottsvlllo
American Hofo Co. on Dec. 8th.
Tho genial face of Wm. Uoislor wears an
"all-wool-yard-wide" fndle, sinco tho ad
vent of a bouncing baby boy on Monday.
Tho Edwards' blocks of dwelling houses
on North Main street aro being treted to
a much needod coat of paint. Itichard
Fitzgerald, tho popular furniture doalor
and palntor, has secured the contract, and
is doing tho work In artistic stylo.
It was expected that our olectrio lighls
would 1 o in placo and ready for work on
Wednesday evening last, but tho most that
has beon dono was tho running of tho wins
to tho town limits. Whercforo this snail
like progress ? Tho dynamo at Frackvillo
station is roady for uso, and, in fact, was
connected with tho piano lamps on Wed
nesday night, working them in placo of tho
olectrio light cari of tho P. & K Co. which
has been inuo for about five woeks, but now
that its occupation is gono it will soon bo
takon away.
List of letters remaining uncalled for in
this post ofllco Nov. 20. 1801 : M. Will
iams, Samuel J. Willingall, William
Gittingor, Jas. McLaughlin, Mr. E. E.,
W. Deitrick, David Christ, Eddio Casoy,
Daniel O Connoll, Michael Henncssy.
Maizoville-B. F. Williams, S. G: Mlddlo
ton i!, Androw J. O'Connor.
Gratifying to All.
Tho high position attained and tho uni
versal accoptanco and approval of tbo
pleasant liquid fruit remody.Syrupof Figs,
as tho most Cicollont laxative known, il
lustrate tho value of the qualities on which
its success is based and aro abundantly
gratifying to tho California Fig Sprup Co.
A Dog Gono Shame.
Mlno Inspector William Stein Is an un
fortunate speculator in dogs. A fow daj a
a?o a lino Newfoundland dog belonging to
him was poisoned and a day or two lator
Bomobody stolo his colter. A friend thon
promised to mako him a presont of a New
foundland pup, but before the gift could bo
made the pup was found dead in tho
friend's stable. But Mr. Stein is not dis
couraged. He thinks a chango in his
favor will follow an incident of a fow
nights ago. Mr. Stein saw a young man
steal out of tho stable of a neighbor, Clayt.
Folmer, with threo beaglo pups under hia
arm. When told to halt by Mr. Stein tho
fellow started on a run. The Inspector
then fired a shot in tho air, which caused
tho young man to drop the pups and dis
appotr. Tho pups wero restored to thoir
Thcro is but ono "best" remedy for
Rheumatism and all Ithoumatie pains and
aches. It is tbo Gonuino Imported "An
chor Pain Expoller." Sond to F. Ad.
ltichtor & Co., 310 Broadway, Now York
City, for tho valuablo book, "Guido to
Uoallb." It contains tho indorsements of
prominont physicians. Mailed froo of
chargo. 3t
Stationary packages, 5 and'10 cents each,
at Max lteoso's. tf
ProQtablo Investment.
If you want an excellent farm, situated
only six miles from Shenandoah, contain
ing 78 acres, with fruit trees and stream of
water, call at tho Herald ofllco for further
particulars. It, is a profitable Investment
and tho torms aro reafonable. 11-18-tf
Hotel For Rent.
Tbo hotel proporty at Lakosido Park
(Eift Mahanoy Junction) for the year 1892.
No ono but an experienced hotel man need
apply. For particulars, etc., apply to O.
A. Keim, Shenandoah, Pa. 11-lO tf
Four tintypes for 26 cents, at Dabb's. if
Given Away.
With four pounds of
CALIF Balting:iPQwcler,
we'll givo v."f-1oeauA
tiful Glori 'f!ii Urn.
brclln. Guaiiteed fast
color and as good as
you can buy anywhoro
for $1.50.
Halting Powder warranted
good or money refunded.
No. ",22 North Jardin Str