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    VOL. VI.--NO. 20.
"My Son, Deal "With. Men "Who, Advertise. Ypti will Never Lose "by It. "--Benjamin Franklin
The Evening Herald.
Iloa a larger circulation In Shenandoah than
any other paper published. Clrou
' ' latlon books open to all.
hat" the Democrats may avoid an
other fetich crushing', defeat "us they
sustained in this state, election day,
we advise them not to use tbo single
commandment "Thou shalt not
steal," as their campaign cry; let them
associate with it "Thou siiAir not
NEiaimoit," and practice what they
preach and the ptople may not con
sider It so necessary to administer
such a stinging rebuke.
The Governor should at onco ls9ue
his thanksglvlngproclamatlon, .How
would the following suit: To all cltl
zeus. The Republican President of
these United States having set apart,
with partisan intent, Thursday. No
vember 2Qth,. as, a, day of ThanksglV'
ingfl, the Governor of the State of
Pennsylvania, through the good
rrnces of Harrlty, do hereby recoin
'Wend the same day to all the people of
f this state as one on which they can
unite In praise of my holiness aud
"tho sanctity of the men who surround
me. John Bardsley is In jail, while
BOyer and McCamant. have not bee'ri
run in, they have been brought before
an extra session of the Senate, and the
state was saved from the speeches of
many Senators, which would other-'
wise have been inflicted on a long
suffering public. Let the day be one
of devout rejoicing, and remember
that you have causo to he thankful
that an extra session didn't cause the
state three times as much aB Bardsley
stole. Given under my hand and
Harrlety's seal.
Burohlll's Restaurant.
Charles Burchill is now locatod at corner
of Alain and Coal stroets, Shon&ndoah.
Regular meals, at popular prices, served
any time. Ladies' dining and refreshment
ms attached. 0-14-tf
Stationary packages, 5 and 10 cents each,
at Max Reese's. tf
a good home-made rag carpet.
It is ono of those xtra heavy
carpets, made of the best vain
and clean rags. Finest Hue of Velvet
Brussel and Ingrain Carpets In Shen
andoah at
- i
' 2 ancu Bloater Mackerel
Mac7cerel-WIiite find JFat.
front dirt and' sf ems. Best
.materials, liino Tabje Syrup strictly mre (foods.
New Orleans Halting Molasses. Chipped pee.
and OZP fiJMll GJIAUAM XZOUTtJTresh Ground.
Also another car of Bcs Patent MINNJSOA JTLOTTIl.
JEqkal id anything Hit tlienarket. , ,,'''
Wlicnt elves saHsfactloiii
OU Cloths nrc acllliiRr freely. Nice patterns. .
prices. Two yards wide from 50 cents up, 1
Happenings In Near-by Towna Sot
Forth In Broeay Paragraphs.
Duvld Tucker, for a number of years
fire boss at' Glondon colllory, Mahanoy
City, has taken chargo of the Insido .work
ings of & colliery at Silver Brook.
A charter has boon granted to F. P,
Spioso as prosldont; Itobcrt Harris, secre
tary; lion. D. D. Phillips, treasurer; and
J. R. Ooylo, Esq., and 0. R. Eborloy di
rectors, for a corporation known as the
Taraaqua and Lansford Street Railway
Tom Clarlt, of Philadelphia, has mado
Lansford his headquarters and Is anxious
to make am itch with any middleweight
in the Hazloton region. Clark was for
merly known as Tom McOauloy and a few
years ago was a passenger bruketnan on
the Mahnoy division of tho Lohlgh Val
ley railroad, Ho distinguished himself
ono day by "knocking out" four burly
trumps who insisted upon being dead-head
passongors on his train.
Tho Ilazlelon Seniinet is urging its Bor
ough Council to placo a patrol wagon at tho
disposal of tbo town police.
It is rumored that A. A. M'Lcod will
roslgn from tho presidonoyiof tho Philadel
phia & Reading Railroad Company to as
sume the presidency of an Illinois rail r old
company at a salary of ?Q5,000 a year.
Look at Tnese Bargains.
J.' Cotlee, having just returned from
Now York City with an entirely no stock
of boots and shoes, is now prepared to of
fer the pitizona of Shenandoah greater
bargains in this-lino than over .before. Ho
is offering theso goods at such low( pricos
that competitors cannot compote, with.
Brng your" pys; and girls and get in pair
of doublo-sioled tip' shoos at CO cents, worth
elsewhere $1.00. lie is soiling men's double
solod leather boots for ?1.75, and tho beet
ruobor boots for 2.25.' Remember that
tho place to securo thoso bargains is at
'QoiTpe's'Barfralnistqro, post office building,
corner Alain and Ottk streets.' 115 9t
Blckert's Opening,
Joseph Bickert, tho well known and pop?
ua Jetauraeur, will cjpen. bis . new 'placo
at Mahanby C'ty Xo-mferrow ' (Wo'dhosday)
overling. Tho placo was formerly known
as tho City Hotel, but since Air. Bickert
has taken hold of it .tho identity of tho old
pla e has been completely destroyed and U
will be opened now as a pin and undor
first-class' management," - Air.' Bickort in
vites all his friends in town and vicinity to
attend tho opening. Tho Grant Cornot
Band, of town, and, Citizens' Cornet Band,
of Mahanoy City, will bo present. All
will receive a royal wolcomo. There will
bo a grand supper. ll-lOlt
. John Rpxby Dead.
A telegram from Philadelphia this morn
ing announced tho death of John C.
Koxby, formerly of town. JJeath was
caused by paralysis of the brain.
With the 10th ceritary dawned the era of
wonders. It has also nroven an era of sur-
prlses for notwithstanding Kb giant, strides
lowarri. Knowledge, we are loiaiuai mere are
still in some places nTew citizens who. have
uot beard or ttaivullon ou.
MARKET,, , -" ,
Zarae and JTlne. New No. .1
New Clean Currants I ree
Mince Meatnade oj best
DAISVrn made .ot
Bakes Avcllli. J ., f.
Thoughts Concerning a Sporting
Edltdr Mombers of Our ''Fin
est" An Ashland Snap.
PolltlcB Sprouting Early.
Editor Doyle, of tho S'newst finds plenty
timotogo hunting. . 11a is now making
preparations to leave town to-morrow for
an oxtonded hunt. "AlTko" is said to bo
an expert shot and bags his gamo evury-
timo ho pulls tho trigger. Ho lives on the
gamo ho shoots during tho winter, thereby
lessening his household oxpensos. In tbo
summer ha makes the fish euller as long as
his poclats hold out to bribe tho Roaring
Creek farmers, who, it is said, got rich on
such fishermen as "Alike." If "Aliko" is
lucky on his -prosont expoditlon and re
turns with half a dozen deer or bear we
aro to receive an ample sharo for this
notice. .
Officer Conners is again on regularnight
duty, after performing oxcolloni service in
tho work of gathorlng taxes from evading
Chief Amouris.froquontly complimontod
upon his fino appearance by BtrangorS.
"Dick" is a .counterpart of Now York's
"finest," both as to physique and servico,
'It looks as if Ashland -peopln do not
want'tho elect'rio railway1 tO'.run through
their town. Tho last action of their council
jeopardized the interests of thd.groat num
bor. of ciuzons for the benefit of Lew
Bolioh, :whp will havo tbo privilege of
running, coaches to' tho terminus , of the
electric railway, at tho borough lino.
Tho Tax Receivership of tho town for
1802 Is already attricting attention. The
candidates will nbt bo numerous on either
side, as $100,000 bonds do not grow on tho
mountains. It seems that tho bond re
quired for tbo ofllco is oxorbitant and an
attempt should ho 'made during the next
station of tho Legislature to havo tho
present law changed. It is safp to say that
thorn are uot mora than half a dozen men
in the borough who can securo tho heavy
borjd and the taxpayers are therefore
bound to notninato and elect ono of tho
six. There are scores of worthy and re
liable men who would seek the position if
tho amount of the bond was fixed at a
more reasonable figure, but they draw the
lino at gl00,000-not by choice, but of
It Is tho intention of tho Citizens' party,
if tho roolutions of some of tho loaders
hold out, to nominato for tbo election next
spring the best men of all partios that can
be secured. , i
The only troublo in tho way of good
borough government is the ipoils in tho
gift of the council. This applo of discord
-works to tho disadvantage of tbo whole
community Had we a city form of gov
ernment this condition of affairs would bo
dono away with as tho officials now elected
-by-tho-)ouncil--wouldJboi)lsctad by tho
people. Wo suppose wo will havo to get
along awhile yet and by tho time wo are
permitted to vote on Die question again our
people will be roady to make tho ehango,
which, we aro satisfied, they will find to he
very dosirable, by making 'homsolvcs
acquainted with tho experiment in Le
banon, York, Easlon and Ilazleton.
Thero are no less than five candidates for
At ayor of the now city pf- Uaz eton, with
many mbre to hear from. As tho news
papers of that town mado 'the flgh't arid
succeeded, tho honor of being tho first
Alayor should bo conferred upon one of
tho editors. Either' of tho papers could
furnish an available candidate. Thoy
generally mako modl executives.
About a year ago friend Stoelo, of tho
Ashland Telegram, made great protensions
of securing freo mail dolivory for that
ancient but enterprising borough, and it
lobkod for awhile, judging from tho tone of
the Telegram, as if this great convenience
had almost boon securbd, Of late wo have
heard nothing of tho matter. Postmaster
Keiper, who has mado quitd a success ot
his ofllco, desorvos to have bis cares lossenod
and tho pooplo Accommodated. We see
but ono way to securo tho benefits of free 1
mall delivery and that is tq have Qirard
villo attachod to Ashland, but wo do not
think Postmastqr JJberJo, of tho last named
town, WUI $aro (OTelldqulsh his cosy oiUco.
Sinpaho doparturq of tbo car "Florida
on Wheels' wo havo hoard many com
ments.ou the finaoxhibltiou of the products
of tbo alligator state. There is scarcely
a' thing i that Florida does net grow or
manufacture and we beliove the car was tbo
best, advertisement thq" state authorities
could have tent out to advertise for emi
grants, somothlng other state could follow
with profit.'
Thosn Who can afford it, and thero Bro
many pobr mo'n that can 11 thoy cut off
soma of their vice?, ought to have an'
accidental policy of insurance. For $10.00
por year, payable quartorly, you will re-'
Ceivo in case of an accident, that will keep1
you from following your regular occupa
tion, $50 por week; in ease of death from
accldont,'ydur (amlly will receive ?10 000j
f.T tho loss of a leg, an arm, or both ; art
eye, etc, you will receive sovoralthousandf
6f dollars. "Wnro this fact more gonoralljr
known more peop o would hold nn acci
dental policy. For ?12 per year, payable
quartorly, amounting to just ft 00 per
mootbj you would receive 35 por week Iti
case of injury, and your family $6000, in
ca9o of death.
Life insuranco should not be overlooked.
Every head of a family ought to bo rep
resented in soma good company. Qi
coursd you got nothing on account of sick
ness or injury, but your family will got the
amount you are insured for in tho event Of
death. It cots moro than accidental in
surance, but then thero is scarcoly ono lots
paid in lOuO in an accidental company
while Tn the life companies tho losies occur
Young mon should take advantage of
lifo insuranco. It costs them lees. Th
ol'der tHbv aro the higher the rate. A tbn
year erftJowment policy for a young manlof
21 would eivo him a nice start wheb ho be
came 31 hih! tho amount he had paid imin
that time he would scarcoly miss. W$re
ho to dfo'ony time within the ten years, the'
amount would be paid to whom ho mad it Even were he to pay in in
ten yoari, aa much as, he would, rqcqlyo
'would bo that much bayed, but ilia pay
ments would not bo more than half of (h
amount ha would Dp insured lor. x oung
men, study this rqatter carefully and act
In the death of Daniel Ii. Krebs, of Tolts-
villo. the countv has lost one of its most
valued citizens. 11a w&9 always agroeiiblu
aud obliging, aud noVcr'considered it jiny
trouble to do ono a lavor. lie was honost,
rollablo. and well postod in business OS'
peciallv in banking and post ofiiqp affairs,
and his'advico was oueu sought after. I At
ono time ho was prominoully mentioned in
connection with tho Assistant PostmaHo;
Uonoralship. ,
Electric Blttora.. ' i
This remedy Is becoming so well known
and so popular as to need no spocial men
tion. All who havo used Electric Bitters
sing tho samo song of praiso. A tiuror
medicine (loos not exist and it is guaranteed
to Jo all that is claimed. Electric Jijttors
will cure all disoases of tho Liver and Kid
neys, will romove Pimples, lloils, 3alt
Rhoum and other nffections caused by im
pure blood. Will drive Malaria from tho
system and provont as well as euro all
Alalarial fevers. For euro of Headacho,
Constipation and Indigestion try Electric
Bitters Entlro satisfaction guaranteed, or
money refunded. Price GOe. and $1.00 per
botilo at C. II. Hagenbuch's drug etoro.
Viewers Appointod.
S. A. Beddall, of town, II. II. Stauffer,
of Mahanoy City, and Albert Rumbel, of
Union township, havo been appointed
viewers to lay out a road in East Union
township from the intorsoctldn of tho
Glrard Estate now road and tho road from
Urandonvlllo to Audonried, tq extend to
ond Intoriect on top of the Oroon Aloun
tain with a public road recently laid out.
Gratifying to All.
Tho high position attained and tbo uni
vorsal acceptance and approval of tho
pleasant liquid fruit rombdy,Syrup' of Figs,
as tho mott, excellent laxative known, il
lustrato the value of the qualities on which
its succoss is based and aro abundantly
gratifying to thq California Fig Sprup Co.
i i
A fino stock of guns and amunilion for
sale cheap at Alax1 Recto's. 10-21-tf
Death of Daniel Krobs.
Daniel L. Krob) died at his homo in
Pottsvillo last night in' his; 08th-y oar, Air,
Krebs was ono of tho oldest aud 'most
valued resident of tho county 'teat. Ho
was clerk of tho Pottsvillo TQwn Council
for many yoars and at the tlmo of bisdeath
was presidont of tho Pennsylvania Na
tional Bank of that placo, having pro
viously served as cashier of the institution
for fifteon years. The funeral will tako
place on Thursday, at 3 p. m, k
It Should be In Every House,
J, B. Wilson, 371 Clay Bt., Sharpjburg,
Pa., says he will not be without Dr. Kind's
Now Discovery for Consumption, .Coughs
and Colds, that It cured his wife who was
threatened with Pneumonia aftor an at
taok of "La Grippe," whon various other
remodios und sovoral physicians had dono
hor no good. Robert Barber, of Cooks-
port, Pa.,' claims Dr, King's Now Dis
covery has dono him more good than any
thing ho Qvor used for Lung Troublo.
Nothing like it. Try it. Freo trial bottlc4
at 0, II. Ilagenbuch's Drug Store. Largo
bottlos, 60c. and Jl.
A well known nhvslnlan In Jfpw Vnrlr
advises hi a patlenU that suffer with Coughs
and Colds to use 1'an-Tlna Cough and Con
sumption Cure. HaudKiceute. Trial bottles
frA ut. Iflvllna Am -t..-n
Mr. Lautorstoln's Child Practically
Dead Yet She Ballios and May
TJltlniatoly RoooVor a Mir
acle, tho Doctors Say.
The leading local topic is the ca90 of the
throe-y oar-old daucbtor of I. Laulerstein.
The child is beautiful and of more than
ordinary intelligence. Sovoral days ago ii
become ill and the sickness doveloped into
membrano'ius croup of tho most dangerous
bind. Dr. D. J. Lington, with Dr. Hal
berstudt, of Pottsvillo, as consulting phy
sician, attended tho child, but evontually
told tho parents that thoy bad no hopo for
its recovery. As a last resort a silver tubo
was inserted In tho lower part of tho child's
throat to create nn artificial moans for
breathing. On Friday morniug last tho
child pulled tho tube from Its throat. Dr.
Langton was hastily summoned. The
doctor ro-insnrted tho tubo and told tho
parents that tho chances for recovery were
less than tofore. Friday afternoon the
child again pulled tho silvor tubo from hor
throat. When the doctor arrived he found
the qhild in a most critical condition. The
child was actually dying, and ho so In
formed tho parents, who, according to tho
Jewish custom, were requested to withdraw
from tbo r.qom. Every sign of death was
prosont. Lit. iiangton says tne body was
cold as ico and the toes and fingers had
tarried pdrple. ' Tho child remained in that
condition for eoveral hours, when, to tho
astonishment of those who had been sq
loctqd by tho parents to keep vigil, it pom
noticed to rally, Again Dr. Langtun was
summoned and when ho saw tho change bo
said, "This is not tho result of medical
skill. It is a miraclo, Tho work of tho
Almighty power." In conversation with
a Herald reporter this morning Dr. Lang
ton said, "Tho facts you have gleaned in
rogard to this.caso aro substantially true.
Il is roally a remarkable ono. Tho child is
now doing fairly woll and, should tho dan
ger resulting from exhaustion bo avoided, I
believe it will ultimato'y rocoVor.
Chief of Polico Amour spont to-day at
Assistant rostmastor Donglor nttonded a
fundral at Pottsville yesterday.
The Prince Of Walos and "Billy" Will
iams, the plumbor of town, colebrated their
birthdays yesterday.
Robert Silliman, formerly of this place,
but now of Seattlo, Washington, is visiting
friends in town.
Jainoa AIcElhonny, J. L. Williams and
Alf. Alorgan attendoi court at Pottsvillo
to-day us witnesses.
Airs. B. G. AI. llollopotor loft for Boston
this morning to attend tho National Con
vention of the W. C. T. U.
Rev. Wm. AlcNalley loft for Bethlohem
this morning to attend an adjourned moot
ing of tho Lohigh Presbytery.
Bees Alorgan, who rocontly rosigned as
insido foreman of tho Silver Brook colliery,
was a guest of Aline Inspector Stein, in
towp, to-day.
Messrs. John AlcCutchoon, John H.
Reese and William Saegor, memborsof
the board of examiners of applicants for
miners' certificates, wont to Pottsvillo to
day to testify boforo tho grand jury.
W. J. Brown, of Alt. Cafmol, epent latt
ovenjng,in town. Mr. fiiown is an expert
barber and contemplates opening a placo
in tho Phililps block, at the corner of
Jardin and Oak stroets. -
Abnor Powoll, who servod as captain
and manager of ono df the ' Washington
baso ball qlubMbo , P&s' Season, arrivod in
town lust night and will remain horo for
about two months, when ho will return to
tho Pacifiq coust and prepare for tho next
ball season.
Patrick Fonlon, who has been holding
the positigp p' insido foreman at the Buck
Mountain colllory for Bomo time past, has
taken chargo of tho Silver Brook colliery.
Mr. Fonton was a former rosidont of this
town and has a largo number of frionds
hero who aro delighted to hero of his
Tho celebrated imported Anchor Pain
Expellor opsts but 60 cents a bottle, Try it
for your Rheumatism and bo free from
pain, St
Don't Miss This Troat ,
At tbo theatre block, all thH' week, Vor.,
tolli's Musoum of Wondors. Admission
only 10c.
Be on time, for prevention la better than
cure. All coughs and coldsl tbroat and lUDg
uncuiiuua uro uureu uy ur, uuub ixmzu
byrup, Only 20 cm.
Hotel For Ront,
The hotel property at Lakeside Park
(East Mahanoy Junction) for tho year 1802.
No ono but an experienced hotel man need
apply. For particulars, etc., apply to O,
A. Kolm. Shenandoah, Pa. 11-10-tf
Four tlntypea for 25 conts, at Dabb's. tf
Socret ry tit State Harrlty ' dpclar'S that
he doe not want the chairmanthip of the
Democratic Nutlonol Committee. Wlu.t
lid the fox remark about a certain bunch
Df gf pm?
About the time the young Democracy
get thr ugh rending the independent Dem
ocrats out of tho party in this oounty, tho
Itepublicans will have a walk-ovw, Ifi
Philadelphia tho samo tactics will mako
that city 0,000 Republican next time.
Republloans did protty woll this fall afttr
all. In Now York thoy saved the Legis
lature, one branch of which was Demo
cratic last year. In Iowa tho Legislature is
Republican on joint ballot. All of tho
stalo ieket, excepting the Govornor, was
elected in MaMachusetts, and, In spile of
the Alliance, Kansas, Nebraska and South
Dakota wore carried by decisive majori
ties. Tho outlook for '02 is good.
Troasuror Wright, Govornor Fatlison's
reform pet of Philadelphia, has been very
unforlunato in tho choico of subordinates.
Ono is in jail and another is In a fair way
to got thero. Now his messenger for
whom a place was mado by discharging a
worthy veteran is chanted with forging
tax receipts to mako Democratic votes. It
is evident that no mistake was mado in
olectlng AlcOreary Treasurer, who will jnt
allow political bossos to dictate the choico
of employe.
It is roported that Ohio Re; ublicans,
now that thoy have the Legislature on
joint ballot, propose to thoroughly investi
gate th credentials of Senntor-eleot Jklco,
and ascertain whethor or not he Is a residon t
of tho state, and, therefore, entitled to re
present it at Washington. They certainly
have causo for ill-feeling over the atrocious
manner in which the Democracy in Ohio
used its powers last "year for the vilott
partisan purposes. Tho gerrymander of
the slato, when its Congressional district
worn set off, was indefensible even from tho
standpoint of partisanship. If Mr. Brico
is refu'od bis credentials ha will bo getting
a dose of his own medicino.
The political cranks aro again rotdlng
Senator Quay out of tho party. If they
would Ufo but a hundredth part of thoir
talent towards building up the party and
getting it In good fighting trim lor 1802
they would bo of some uso. Let tho Dem
ocrats have that part of the job In fighting
successful Republicans.
Huntzingor Dead.
Washington Huntzingcr, aged 30 years,
who was injured by a fall of coal in tho
Suffolk colliery on Saturday, is dead. Ho
was taken to tlio Minors' Hospital Sunday
morning and diod thero Sunday night.
His remains wore brought to town yostor
day. Ho ill bo buried to-morrow, his
funeral taking place at 1 p. m., and pro
ceeding to tho Union comotory, Ringtown.
Tho deceased left a wife and four children,
tho oldott child heing 15 yoars.
From Mrs. Henry Ward Booohor.
"10 Orange ft., Brooklyn, N. Y., I
Feb. U. 18S0. J
"I havo used Allcock's Plasfors for some
yoars for myself and family, and, as far as
able, for tho many sufferers who como to
us for assistanco, and havo found thorn a
genuine reliof for most of tbo aches and
pains which flesh is heir to. I havo us d
Allock's Plastors for all kinds of lumonoss
and acute pain, and, by frcquont oxperi
monts, find that thoy can control many
cases not noticed in your circulars,
"Tho above is tho only testimonial I havo
evor given in favor of any plaster, and if
my namo has boen used to recommend any
other it is without my authority or sanc
tion." :
lw Alns Hknry Ward BekIheh.
Now Lost Crook Road.
J. J. Franoy, Jamos Smith and Robert
A. Quinn, viewers, havo roported In favor
of laying out a road from the school houso
in Lost Creek on tho publio road ' leading
from the Loljigh Vulloy to the P. & R.
station at Lost Creok , to tho old school
liouso at Doansville, on tho road between
Girardvillo and Shennndoab. Tho report
was confirmed by the court
Died. ' '
HARNETT. On tbo lOlh 'inst., at
Shenandoah, Pa., Daniel Harnett. Fu
neral will take place on Friday, 3th inst.,
at 0 a. m, ltequiom Aline ut the Annun
ciation church. Interment in the Annun
oiation cemetery. Friends and ralatives re
spectfully invited to attend. ,ll-10-3t
Umbrel las
Given Away.
With four pounds of
CALIF Balling Powder,
we'll givo you a boau
' tiful Gloria Cloth Urn.
brolla. Guaranteed fast
color and as good as
you can buy anywhore
for 1.60. ;
linltlug Powder warranted
good or money refunded.
No. 122 North Jardin Sir
j .
"IriVirtifafrrfett'ir iliMiniin fr i'