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Eight Minors Moot Awful
Deaths ut Niuiticoke, Pa.
The Explosion of a Safety Lamp Caused
b .' the Terrible DisMter,
A Hand of Ilpnctirri Cnmn Noar M noting
the Hamn Futo llourlronilliic fti-mc at
tlip Mnuth ii r tlio Mine Ilorrlbla Ap
imnntrice of tha Corpses Another
. Thflnry of tho Accident.
Nantiookk, Pa., Nov. 0. A terrlblo
explosion ot gns occurred yesterday af
ternoon In No. 1 shaft of the Susfiue
liannn Coal Company's mine, causing
the instant (tenth ot eight men nuil bo
badly burning and injuring several
others that is feared they will die. Tho
billed are:
William J. AV'im.iams, 50 years old,
joaves wife and four children.
l'RHRY It. Junes, Town Clerk of Nnn
llooke, lire boss, 10 yearn old, wife and
William Jonathan, 80 years old,
wife and four children,
John Arott, 40 years old, wife and
four children.
Caleb Jkthino, 80 years old, wife and
our children.
Thomas Li-oyd, driver, 18 years old.
David L. Smith, 2? years old.
IIenbt Williams.
The ritically wounded are: David
Pon ell, 8!! years old; Thomas Thomas,
19 years old; Henry Williams, D. W.
Evans, Howell Jofhenskl, a I'olauder;
two Inlanders, unman unknown.
Wheu the news of the disaster reached
this town, there was great excitement,
H it was feared many hail boen killed,
and the relatives anil friends of those
known to be employed in the initio
Hooked to the scene. While they wait
ed for news from the shaft, the so ene
was harrowing in the extreme
Women and children ran hither and
thither, wrlngiug their hands, walling
and weeping and seeking news and sym
pathy from relatives and acquaintances
in the crowd. It was soon learned that,
owing to the fact that it was Sunday,
there were but fourteen men at work in
the mine at tho time of tho oxulosion.
The smell of the fatal after-damp that
found its way to the surfuco only added
to the fever of suspenso and all these
anxious ones could do was to wait.
The officials of tho mine soon had a
band of bravo volunteers together, and
nfter the engines woro set In motion
Jhese heroes entered tho subterranean
They grouped tholr way through tho
dnrkuess, fearful that they migut bo
overcome by tho after-damp, or that
thuy might encounter another body ot
Ras that might have accumulated be
cause of a stoppage of tho air current
Soon they camo upon their fellow work
men ond a horrible scene it was.
S One by one tho unfortunate men were
tenderly lifted nud carried to the foot of
the shaft ond were hoisted to the sur
face. Then scenes woro onacted thnt moved
tho hearts of tho stoutest men; scones
that are witnessed only when tho death
angel stalks mercilessly abroad in a coal
Ambulances wore soon on hand anil
some of tho men wero taken to their
liomes. Others wero carried there ou
Some of tho corpsos presented a hor
rible oppenronce, tho ilesh hanging by
alirods to tho bouos and tho features dis
torted beyond tho possibility of recogni
tion. Those who are still living are not
in much better condition aud their death
1b hourly expected.
One of tho rescuing party told a thrill
intrstorr of tho search for the victims,
They nenrly lost their way In tho dark
ness, and they leit mo gas anu i
damn coinlnwr unon them.
Some of them wore growing fnlnt nnd
could go no farther, when they provi
dentially fouud the nlr current and
-were savod fr.nn n foto as horrible as
that met by those for whom they wero
searchimi. Uhey Diropeu tnoir way
through the wrecked cars and debris
until thoy camo upon the mangled
bodies ot tho men.
Thov cathored tho mutilated remains
totrethor and oared for the injured, then
carried them as speedily as possible to
the frantic wives ami children above.
Those woro all oithor killed or badly
hurt. The injured were in such con
dition that they could not be removed
irom tho mine and it is feared all will
Tho nccldent was at first thought to
have been caused by the oxploslon of n
safety lamp, tho flamos of which ignited
a quantity of gas wlilcn una formed lu
the shaft.
It is now thought that tho gas was
Ignited by a naked light in tho hand
of Bomo one ot the men.
The dumago to the inino wilt reach
Shot Darin? n Urawl.
PniLLirsiiimo, Pa., Nov. 0. John nni
Andrew Campbell, with six other
drivers, being refused liquor at Patrick.
I'lynn's hotel, SlorrlsClale, burst the
door open. Flynn ordored them out and
11 red a pistol to frighten tlieni. This
-anaered Andrew, who made a break or
Z'lyun, ami In the riot which fallowed
John Campbell receive 1 a slight scalp
wound and Andrew was shot In tho
neck. Physicians say ho will die.
Pennsylvania W. C. A.
Altoowa, Pa., Nov. !). Miss Itlanoh
Xehrinii ot Ohio, Miss llertba McCurdy
t Sownton, Pa., Miss Coraliel Tarr and
Alls llattle Dyer of Pennsylvania, wore
the speaker at the meeting ot tho State
Viain' Christina Association conven
tion yesterday. Tho convention finally
adjuurnod last night without selecting
a place for next year's meeting.
Wnnli 35,0U0 llumncet.
nocllBKTKR, N. Y., Nov. 0. William
Hamlin, guardian for Daniel G. Wat
klus, bus oonimeueed notion against tho
Kteam uauge ami lantern uompany,
.formerly of this olty, to recover $45,000
damage for Injuries sustaiueu by Wat
kins in tho great lantern works fire ot
0iH fir Juftttoo Allium.
New Yoiik, Nov. 0. Justice N. S.
Adams, of Hanford, t'la., who was al
most suffocated by gas in tho fllort n
House on Thursday night last, is no
resting easier at ths ho pltal and the
doctors have hope ot his final recovery,
uwium uavq uuh vl uia uuui iwuidijt, couuuutl iu uu iuihub .;iwui, i
8nCIti:T.lUY HULK'S ItHI'OltT.
Tho Inert'iim In This Ymir's Value of
Pi-mlucls 8700,000,000.
Wabhinoton, Nov. 9. Secretary Husk
lias presented to the President his mi
nimi report as Secretary of Agriculture.
He oalls ntteutlon to the specially
noticeable feature regarding the crop
values of tha present year. They aro so
well sustained In tho presence ot large
yields, that the Secretary estimates tho
probable Increase in the value of agri
cultural products for 1801 over 1800 at
not loss than $700,000,000.
Heviowlng our oxports an 1 imports
of agricultural products, Secretary Husk
status that durlug the first three
mouths of tho present fiscal year our
oxports in cereals alone havo agregntod
in value over $70,000,000. He notes tho
increase by some $29,000,000 In the Im
ports ot agricultural products during
the first ten months under the present
law by comparison with the same period
during the last year of the old law.
Ho rovlows tho subject of meat in
spection, stating that it was not only
demanded In order to keep our foreign
markets and dovolopo thom, but that
there was a very general domand for
somo such Inspection by the people of
our own country, In many states of
which laws had been passod providing
for a local inspection. He urgos a
system of inspection for all articles ot
food which are the subject for Inter
state or foreign trade.
Secretary Husk devotes considerable
space to a review of tho work of tho bu
reau of animal industry. Pleuro pneu
monia he regards as quite under control
ami limited in territory to two or throe
counties on Long Island nnd In New Jer
sey, over which a thorough quarantluo
Is exercised.
He earnestly recommends Increased
appropriations to extern! meat inspection
all applicants. "The benefits," ho
says, "which have already aci ruou by
the opening up of the foreign markets to
pork products, tho Increased demand for
beef products, aud thn re-cstabllshment
f their reputation for wholesomeuess
and soundness in the markets of the
world, together with tho protection
which this inspection furnishes to our
own consumers, amply justify a liberal
Of the rainfall experiments ho states
briofly that thoy havo been made, but
that ns regards the production of rain
lie has no data yet at hand which would
justify him In expressing any conclu
sions on tho subject.
in concluding his roport he indicates
that from the tlmo ho assumed tho
roins of offlco he has dovotod his per
sonal attention to n general enlargement
f the scope of tho work ot the depart
ment in tho interest of practical agri
culture, especially to the extension of
the. market for tho disposal of the sur
plus of our great staplo crops.
Down thn Mountain Nlile at a Terrific
Hilt- .Marvelous rap.
WiLKcsnAitHE, Pa., Nov. 9. Yester
day morning a coal train ran away on
tho hehigh Valley Railroad and camo
own tho mountain sldo at, tho rato of 7G
miles nn hour.
The crew of tho train tried to atop it,
but the brakes refused to work. The
brakemau and the fireman then jumped
anil saved their lives. 1 ho engineer,
however, remained nt his post.
At the foot of tho mountain the run
away train o lided with another train,
smashing the engines aud cars in both
trains and piling up wrocKago to a Height
of y0 feet. Tho onglneer, who had so
bravely remalnod nt his post, wns burled
deep in the wrooKago, nut, strongo to
say, ho was taken out ontiroly unin
jured. A Spiwillht-lrt Marquis.
Pauis. Nov. 0. Tho Duo do Vallam-
brosa. father ot the Marquis do Mores,
and the Aiamulso do Mores, tue lattor's
wife, havo decldod to -jointly nppiy tor
an order placing tlio .larnuis under tue
restraint of tho Judiciary Council in or
der to prevent him from further snunn-
dorliK his property. Tho Marquis da
Mores was well known lu America somo
time ngo as a stock raiser on n Western
ranch, where ho sunk a fortune in ship
ping dressed Deer, as no expressed in nis
advertisements, "from rnncu to tauie,
11 h V Too Htmiltlvc.
PlTTSunno, Nov. 9. Frank M. Doyle,
nged 25, nu electrician, committod sui
cido in ids room on bmitullPld streot
vosterdav. by taking a mixture of
poisonous acids, uaceasou was lorin
erly a resident of Olevoland. Ills face
and hnnds wore badly disfigured somo
years ago by an explosion. Jo cause
can be assigned lor uis commuting sucu
a rash act. but it is thought an extreme
sensitiveness at his personal appearance
caused him to wish to cud his life.
Huron Fuva rromottxl.
Rosin, Nov. 8. Baron Fnva, Italian
Minister to tha United States, who has
been absent from his post of duty on
leave, owing to the controversy between
the Italian and United states uovern
meuta on nccount of the Now Orleans at
fair, has been promoted to the rank of
Plenipotentiary of the First Class.
finle of 8ihU for Yale-rrlnceton Onm,
New YoliK, Nov. 8. Over Ave thou
Band dollars were realized at the sale of
boxes, reserved seats nnd tally-ho stand
for tho Yule-Princeton footb ill game on
Thanksgiving Day, on Manhnttan Field,
Mrs. Garrison, of X'rluceton, paid Sio
and H. H. Strong of the Union Club
paid $100 tor boxes.
Took S(l,000 ant) Ills GlrL
TratvoltTOji. Pn., Nov. 9. 0. C. Ford
recently employed by tho Weiss Produce
Company of ivllngerstown, ou
soonded, with money and securities val
uod at ifu.uuu. Alary inocnor, roru
sweetheart, is also musing and the Ira
presslou prevails thnt she has eloped
with Ford.
The barn of Col. John JIoEnery, Jer
sey City, was destroyed by lire yester
day with several vaiuauie uorses. l.osa,
Atlantic county officials have refused
to accept from the contractors the no
f .10,000 county bridge, owing to a flaw
In its construction.
Detective Dalton has left Jersey City
to bring back from San Francisco J-jhn
Hyer, who It is alleged absconded with
0,000 belonging to his employers,
Messrs. Harney & Sons, real estate
An application has been made before
Judgo Knapp of Jersey City for the ex
ouitntit on as to the sanity ot Mrs. Mary
O Connor, who killed her two children
ten years ago and who has since beau
couQuad in ou Intone asylum.
Angry at tho Torpedo Yarn
About tho Dnltimorc.
Captain Soliloy Will Allow the .Wounded
Men to Testify.
Hut They Must First be Itocnvered in
Health -onicer Given f,ave to Go (
Ashore at Night c hlllan Police still,
th stiwurdi-A l'oareiiuio Not-
llsmrnt of Um Tronblit Likely.
ITltniTiMan "M. M I -.1- r. .
Texas. Nov. O.'-G.ntain Srf.w ,,l t.l, '
m i.ii ... '
vam about its sinking Mr it,,,, u nt 1
tho least semblance of truth In the
rumor. Thoy know that it must have
caused a great deal of unnecessary
anxiety among their families, frionds
nnd tho pooplo generally of the United
The utmost quietude prevails In tills
city nnd In tho harbor, whore the Haiti
moro is lying as peacefully as If she woro
lu home waters and nothing had hap
pened to disturb lifo aboard ship.
Her stewards for several days past
have gone ashore to do necessary market
ing, under the protection of a police
guard furnished by Intendont Arlegui.
The olficers will bo granted leave by
their captain to laud to-night.
Although, ns a matter of fact, no
threats have boen mado nor any signs
been given that violence would be at
tempted should the American officers
appear again ou Valparaiso's streets,
Captain bchley, in order to be on tlio
safe s'ide and as nu net of prudence, had
topped night leave.
In reply to a letter sent Contain
Schloy, asking him to allow tho victims
f tho recont riot to appear before tho
court or Inquiry nnd toll Judge Foster
what thoy know of the outrageous ns-
mlt upon them, Captain Schley sent
word thnt he was willing to grant them
permission to testify on certain condi
Tlio injured men would first havo to
be entirely recovered in health, and the
olllcers of tho IiaUimore must be per
mitted to bo present nt the Inquiry
while tho men are giving evidence.
Capt. Schley also agrood to give the
court n copy of tlio information about
the assault sent to the United States
A Yam lure mill Slmpln.
Washington, Nov. 9. All the efforts
to ferret out the origin of the story cur
rent Saturday night thnt the cruiser
Baltimore had been destroyed by a tor
pedo at Valparaiso have proved fruit
less, Tho yarn caused considerable ex
citement for some time.
Chilian Government Sceklni- a Toaccablc
Solution of the Trouble.
Valparaiso, Nov. 9. Tho Chilian
government is seeking a friendly solu
tion of tho difllculty with tho United
Statos over tho Baltimore sailors' inci
to snow ouii STi:i:NGTir.
Likely thnt Every Stool Ship May Go
South lldfuro I.on-.
WabhInOTOX, Nov. 9. Of course there
is no intention on tho part of our gov
ernment to provoke war, but it is evi
dent that the United Statos naval force
In South American waters is about to bo
so increased as to givo U3 a iloet of
greater strength thnn we havo evor as
sembled since 1805.
With tho exception of tho Jllantono
mob tho Chicago, the Dolphin, tho
Vesuvius and the Cushing, every ono of
our completed steel ships may lio
gathered in one South American port
within tlio uoxt two months.
The ships thus to bo assembled, if
necessary, are the Atlanta, the liaitl
moro, tho Bennington, tho Boston, tho
Charleston, the uoncord, tue JNewnrK,
tho Petrel, tho Philadelphia, tho San
Francisco and tho Yorktowu.
It Is not oxpected that this fleot will
be called upon to do nuy fighting at tho
presont time, or even make a "demon
stration" against any South American
State; it assembled its purpose will be
simply precautionary.
Sometimes tha knowledge that a sulll
clent polico f orco is close at hand will
keep tho mob from reckless acts that
they would commit if no repressive
force was available. Similarly a show
of naval strength may repress a ten
dency among tho people of a bravo, but
ill informed nation, to attack us.
White Cups Settled With Him.
Fom Smith, Ark., Nov. 9. Early
yesterday morning Alex. Rlc was takon
from his bed by White Caps, strlppod to
the waist and 103 lashes laid on his biro
back. lie was then given nn hour in
which to leave town, which he did,
Last Tuesday night ltlce, with tho help
ot the mother, succeeded In inducing n
13-year-old girl to marry him. The
child was weak and delicate, while Kieo
is a big, burly fellow, old enough to be
the child's grandfather. The action ol
tho White Caps Is generally approved.
Governor-elect McIClnloy, of Ohio, it
visiting his brother in New York.
Governor Hill has proclaimed Novom
her 20 as a day of Thanksgiving.
Governor-elect Flower's statement ol
election expenses gives the amount nt
Kdward Emmons, who killed Annie
Owens In Stateu Island, has been par
doned from Sing Sing.
Mrs. Helena Nock, wife of a carrlag3
manufacturer of Kingston, has illsup
peared, and is thought to have elopod.
The dairy and barns of John O'Con
nor at Homer .were destroyed by an in
condiary Ore yesterday. Loss, $ 1.5U0.
Norman L. Monroe's steam yacht, the
Norwood, made n mile Saturday in two
minutes twelve anu one-uait boconus,
tha fastest tlmo on record.
Itobert Chadwlck Hutohlngs, popu
larly known in tho days of Tweed, when
he was Surrogate of New York Couuty.
as "Handsome Bob," is dead in New
The shut down nt tha Moquette
darpet mills in Yonkers is said to be for
the purpose of repairing machinery.
Between 2,000 and U.OOO men are out ot
employment for two weeks.
! Plan 5
a most delicious substitute for Tea and CniTon.
More healthful. One pound sufficient for 1 50 cups.,,,;,
A Startling AfTulr.
A horse attached to the cart of n tin
peddler, whilo on Bahnforth avenue Fri
day, becarno startled and ran away at a
speed that was marvelous in a tin ped
dler's horse. The wagon was old and
rickety, and tlio liorso (lid not appear to
bo in a better condition! but both of
thetn got through that avenuo with aw
ful volocity, tho former hooping its
spine ond shaking its head and throw
Inir its heels uproariously, whilo tho lat
lnK hoels uproariously, whilo tho lat-
i ter reeled from one sido tho road to the
other nnd bounded from rut to rut anil
1 ,IW nn Invoice of old junk and now
tinware at every hcavo.
One old lady was canght around tho
neok by a pair of satinet pants and
nearly choked to death, and alioopskirt,
badly damaged, descended over tho head
of a man who was telling n neighbor
what his mother rubbed on sprains, and
so frightened him that ho fell over a
barrel and put both his ankles out of
joint, and was bitten on the shoulder by
the dog of tho man he was trying to
benefit. The horso, having filled tho nir
with boilers and old vests aud (lat iron a
and worthless overalls and brass kettles
and broken down gaiters, suddenly fetch
ed up by jumping off the bridge and into
the river, dragging the wagon and a
raotheaten undershirt in nfter it.
Stick to it I
Sometimes you may havo to wait.
Tho troubles that havo been years
in orathcrin!? can't alwavs bo cleared
away in a day. For all tho diseases
and disorders peculiar to woman
hood, Dr. Pierco's Favorite Pre
Bcription is tho surest and Bpcediest
remedy. You can depend upon that
but if your caso is obstinate, givo
it reasonable time.
It's an invigorating, restorativo
tonic, a soothing and strengthen
ing nervine, and a positivo specitio
lor leinalo weaknesses ami ailments,
All functional disturbances, painful
irregularities and derangements aro
corrected and ourcd by it. All unnat
ural discharges, bearing-down sonsa
tions, weak Lck, accompanied with
faint spells and kindred symptoms,
aro corrected. In every caso for
which it's recommended, "Favorite
Prescription," is guaranteed to givo
satisfaction, or tlio money is ro
funded. No other mcdicino for
women is sold on such terms. That
proves that nothing else offered by
flm final nr vrti lio 1( TllRt. na frond."
We are making a hlc drive in fur
niture, but ninlloloua desire la not it
object. We desire to dlspoao of a large
fiurplusstock, and propose to give our
patrons the benefit of bohio exiraortli
nary bargains.
J, P. Williams 8c Bro.
SoutU Main St.,
Lohigli Valley Railroad.
MAY 10. 1891
'aiweneer trains will leave Shenandoah for
llaucli Chunk, l.ebieliton, Hlatlneton, Cata.
sniqna, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Phil
Kor Uulvldere, Delaware Water Oap and
Hrou4sbnrg at5.17, a. in., and 6.28 p. m.
Kor Uunbertvllle and Trenton, H.08 a, m
For White Haven, Wlllies-liarro and Pitt
um 6.47. g.N. 111.41 a. m., 3.10 and 6.28 p. m.
For TUBkhanuock, 10,41a. m 3.10 and 5.23
Kor Auburn. Ithaca; Geneva and and Lyont
10.41 a. m am) 6.26 p. m,
Forliaayville,Towanda. 8ayre, Waverly,
Klmtn, HeehMler, llutralo. Nlaeara Falls
( 'Mta-so and all points West at 10.41 a. m.,aut)
5.V8p. m.
For Klmlra and tho West via Salamanca al
3.10 p. m.
Kor Audenrled, llazleton, Htockton, Lum
lr Yard, Weatfcerly aud Penn Haven Juno
Ion at 5.4?, 7.40, H,08 a. m. and 12.62 3.10 and
50 p. m.
Kor Jeanesvllle, Iiovlstou and Heave)
Moadow, 7.40, 9.08 a. m. and 5,28 p. m,
KorHcrautonatG.47 HUH, 10.41a. m, 3,10 ind
VSiip. m.
Kor Hazle Brook. Jeddo, Drirtou and Free
I ind at 6.47, 7.40, 9.08, 10.41 a. m 122 8.10 and
5.28 p. m.
Kor Quakako at 6.47 and 9.08 a. m., and
I. 10 p. in.
Kor WlR-ains, Gllberton and Kraokvllle at
i 30 and tf.03 a m and 4.10 p. m.
Kir Yal-asville, Mahanoy City and Delano
-.47. 7.10, 9.IW, 10.41, 10,68 . ra.,lZ52,3.10,i.2S, 8,03,
P it iud 10.27 p.m.
For Lost Creek, 31rardvlll and Ashland
1 47. 7.48,8.52, 10.15 a. m., 1.00,1.40,4.10, 6.35
s.ioand 9.14 p. m.
For Darkwater, Bt. Clair and Puttsvllle,
.40, 0.08, 10.68 a. m 12.52,3.10, 4.10, 6.26 and 8.W
For Hoes Mountain, New Boston and
Morea, 7.40, 9.08, n.58 a. n.., 12.62, 3.10, 6.26 and
8.03 p. m.
For Raven Ran, Centralla, Mt. Carmel and
-hamollln, 8.52, and 10.16 a. m., 1.40, 4.4C
nd8.03p. m.
Trains leave Hhamokln for Bhenandoah,
7 r 11.55 a. m., 2.10, 4.30 and 9.30 p. m., arriving
ut Hheuandoah, 9.03 a. m., 12.52. 8.10, 5.28 and
II. 15 p. m.
For Lost Creek. Qlrardvllle and Ashland.
91,9.10 11.35 a. m., 2.45 p. m.
For Darkwater. St. Clair and Pottavllle.
40, 8.00, 0.30 a.m., 2.45 p. m.
For Yatesvllle, Mahanoy City and Delam.,
,00, 11.35 a. m.. 1.40, 4.40, 8.03 p. m.
cor liouy, Auuonriea ana iianeiou, e.w
in., i.4o p. m:
Kor MaucU Chunk. Lehlnhton. Slatlucton,
latanauaua. Allentown. Bethlehem. KaaUn
ind New York, 8.00 a. m., 1.40 p. m.
Kor f huadelphla, 1.40 p. m.
& ii.ijiuiuiiin,
Uen'l Pass. Aet., Bethlehem.
first National Bank,
theatki: UUILDINO,
Capital, $100,000.00.
A. W. Leisenring, Pres.,
P. J. Ferguson, V. Pres.,
J. R. Leisenring, Cashier,
9. IV. Yost, Ass' t Cashier.
Open Dally From 9 to 3.
l'a 10 1111 uuvluica ueponlttt.
People's Oyster Bay!
T2 IS. Centre St., Slicnantloali
CHAS. C. GUISE, Props.
Itw, Btewed, Scalloped, Panned or
Fried to order. Families supplied
at their house with the best oysters
ine maraei anuras.
All Orders Promptly Filled.
Pure Ice Cream
Orders promptly attended to. Particular at
tention paid to nana, ncnics,
Festivals, els.
Near Corner of Lloyd, SHENANDOAH. PENNA
Justice of the Peace,
Deeds, Leases, Mortgages aud Bonds written,
Marriage licenses ana legii ciuiuis
promptly attended to.
Heal Estate, Collection and Iasurante Agency
General Fire Insurance Business. Represents
the Nortnwestern I.ue insurance uo.
OrrrcE-Muldoon's building, corner Centre
and west bu,, Huenanaoau, ra.
Good Properties of All Kinds For Sale.
1. A two story double frame dwelling house
storennd restaurant, on East ifenlre Bt.
2. A dwelling and restaurant on East Centre
3. Desirable property on corner Centre and
j lira in streets, suitaoie tor business pur
4. A t
twostorv double frame dwelling, on
wesi iiovu street.
5 Two 2 story frame dwellings on West Cen
tro street.
6. Two 2 story dwellings on tho corner of
Coal and Chestnut streets Store room in
7. Two-story single house on North Chestnut
street with a Unrs warehouse at the roar.
8. Throe tvo-stery doabla fmtnt buildings
eoxaer 01 iuoya aau uHtmi stfeM.
liladolphla and Eoading Bailroad
Time Tbt in etlret Jutjf 10, 1HB1
leave rnnmrn as follows
Kor New York via Philadelphia, woe days.
v i.iKi a. m, ana Ji nna 6.M
a;. Bnnday 2.10 nnd 7.18 a. m. For flew
, . m. and 12.83 nnd 2.60 p. m.
ini ? SK ttud Fhlladelphla week day,
'i,7;,?3' ".ra-. S.W and 5.56 p;ro,
.K.'-1Y,tua',,,'lui 4J p.m.
,50, 5.55 p. ra7 -
0 "p. mJlento'1,rn' w,Bk tot -W "., 12.35
SlRS,J5 p' m- Bun1ayi 2 10 ah17.iJ
in., s.ou p. m.
"orvtamaoua and Mahanoy city, wee
i..' u"' S--"' yri . I2JJ 2.50 and 5.65
St.. Hnlay. 2-1? and 7.48 a. m., 4.30 p. in.
ldltlonal lor Mahanoy City, week days 7.00
Kor Lancaster and Columbia, week days.
Do. m., 2.50 p.m.
Kor WllUamsport, Hunbury and Lewlsburit.
ei Oays. 8.2i, 7.2ft and 11.81 a. m., 1,85, 7.(5)
for Mahanoy Plane, week days, 2.10 8.25.
"i. 7.20 and lf.SH a.m.. I2.M. 1 al q mi c m'
00 aac i in. Sunday. 2 10. 8.25" an'd 7.41I
m. 4.05, 4.30 n. m.
35, 1 35, J.66, i,55, 7,.0o'and9.25. p. m. Sunday!
.0, .2 , 7.48 a. m!, 3.05, 4.30 p. m. fl
'OT Ashland and Ubaninlrln. trciAlr Anvm
,2),5JZ5,7.2ii, 11.8) a. m 1.35, 7.00 and fai
rfave New York via Philadelphia, week
ys,7.45 a. in.. 1.30. 4.00. 7.30 d. m.. 12.H
k... . .. a rvi .... . r .... . . -
luuday, 6.00 p. in., 12,16 nlgnt.
New York via fttnnnh nhim-ar. ub
iy, 4.S0. 8.45 a. m., 1.00 and 4.0) p m.
eave 1'lillnOoiplila, wees days, 4.10, and
. i.w aim d.iiu p. in., ironi uroaa
d OailowlirJl and R.3. a. iri.mid ll aa n m
trom OthijnO u reen streets. Banday 9.05 a.
tn.ll.t0 p. m. from 0th aaC .irneu.
Leave Heading, week days, 1.35. 7.10. 10.06
id U.60 a. m., 6.85, 7JS7 p, m. Utuidny 1.35 ana
o e.. jii.
.eave rottsvllle, week days, a.40, 7.40 a. m
80. b 11 P. m fctntlrtAV. 2.40. 7.1710 ft. tn. finil
u6 m.
ve TAauuiaa. week days, 8.70, 8.48 and
2! 1. 111.. Ul. 7.13. and 8.18 n. m. Hnniliw :n
H . n. and 1W p. m.
.eava Mabanoy , .-. w jk days, 8.40, 9.18
id 11.47 a. m 1.51. 7.42 n 1 0.44 p. m. Bun
.y, 8.l,8.17 a. ra., ' '
Leavu Muhanov i-,.. . . ask (lavs. 24i. 4.10
,. llMn. m.,1.05, 2.110. 620. 6iS6,7.fi7, and
(H) O. m. Hnndav 1J . 4.00. anil K.27. u. tn
3 57, 5.01, p. m.
Lftwtyc uiraruviuo (ltappanannocK Btationi
miS. days, 2.47. 4.07. 6.3d. aud 0.41 o. m., liOi.
2. S.tH, 8.32, 8.03 and 10.08 p. m. Bunday, 2,47,
I . 8.33 a. ra. 3.41. 5J.7 d. 111.
Lieave Williams wirl. wees: davn. and
.65 a. m. s.35 and 11.16 p. m. Bandar 11.15
far lialtlmore, Washlnstou and the west
Illl.itO. K. K.. throuir
n trains leave uiraro
-v.enne station, rhiladelpula, (P. & K. It. 11.)
23 p. tn. Bunday, 4.16 8.02 11.27 a. m., i.U
. 110. dux uufi ii.zi a. 111.. anu
Doaoa p. m.
eave Philadelphia, Chestnut HtrectVhaiJ
a riuath Btreot Wharf
Kor AUantletutt.
Veek-davs KxDreso. 8 00. 9:00 a. m.
o.w -..u, uw , iu. auujuiuiuadUJUi I :
fm . iv. cm ... .... .
in. uuu, ttw i. ri.
uudays. express, 8.00, 0.00 a. m. AO-oomcu-atloii,
a. m. and 4.45 p. m.
Keturnlng, leave Atlantic city, depot
lantlo and Arkansas vuuw Wonk-dai s
xpress, 7.00, 7.30, 9.00 a. m. and 3.15, 4.00, 5.30
, in. Accommodation 6.00, 8.10 a. m. and
30 n m. Sundays -E-tDress. 4.00. 6 00 u. m.
Accommodation, 7.30 a. m. and 5.0a p. in.
tj. u. UAniAiuti, uen'l ruesT Agio
A. M.0I1GOU. Pres. a Gen'l bJanaier.
rn anil after September 1 linl, '.mint wilt teat
ancitanuoan as ottows:
.-., 1T I ...... .. ..til........ vn.vui.
1 ifi. 1 uiiucmu, riau&Tiuc, lion
ostle, at. Clair, and way points, 0.W, 9.19
111 UUU LIO J Ul,
tlnndays, 600, 9.40 a m and WO p m.
For Pottavllle. 6.00. U.lo a m and 4.15 d m.
Sundays, 600, 8.40 a m and 3.10 p m, ;T
iui ivcuumg, a.w, a in uuu pu
Hnndays, 6U0, 9.40 a. m. and 8.10 pm,
For Pottstown. Plioenixville. Nnnrlttnwn
and Fblladelnhla (Broad streot station 1. B.Ol.
a. m, and 4.15 p m week days
uunaays, eisj, a m s.iu p m
Trains Iaavb FrncfevlllR fnr Hhnnnrirlnh al
10.40 a m ana ia.14, r.ta, 11,00 p w. unodnri
1. ia a m anu .u p ui.
Leave pottovuie lor Bntmanaoan. 10.15 ana
i.ts, a m 7.19, f.u p m, unoays, au.fe a m
i.eavo runaueiuma liiroaa streot Piationi
ur t-otisviueana nnenanaoan,, b.sia n
.10 and 7.03 p m week days. Bunday 6.60, am
.ui am
For NOW York, 3.20, 4.05. :tt), D.35, 8.60, 7.8t
208.8 . i).50. ll.OOand 11.14. 11.35 "m. 12.00 noon-
(lunlusd ox-iress, 1.06 4.50 p in.) 12.21 12.44,1.40.
i80. 8.20. 4.02 5. 6. 0.2). 8.50 7.13 8.12 and 10.00 tA
m, 12.01 nlgoU AXv
In Banoays, 3.20, 4.05, 4.40. 5.35. ! 12,,
XX. iJ U lit 14 11, lj, UtUllAflJ,
SI), 5 21, 2 )..- , . a aadia.Olnluhi
roroea uirt. ionir urnucuana lniermeaiatf
stations u.m, sm anu 11.0:1 a. in., 8.80, i.uo p. in
weekdays, sunduy . 8 25 a. m.
f or iiaitimore ana wiixinngion., 7.3)
o.iu null 11.10 ui., 1 ii,utj, I. IV 1. ill uuu 14.11.
nlL'OLdallv and 8 31. 10.20 a m.. 12 3i (UmlteJ
express witn dlumg cur loifaltlm ire) 1.30, 3. lT
p.m. we kdays. For Baltimore only 2.02, 4.0X
For Hlctimou'd, 7 20 a. m. aud 12.03 nlgl
dally, 1 30 p in. dally, except Bund iy.
no west every day at 12.45 and 3.10 a m as
1 0) (limited) aud 8 30. u.35 n ra. Way f
Aiiouna a m nna i.ui p ax every aay.
For Pittsburg only, U.iJ a m dally and 10
m week days. ,
Leave Banbury for -Wllltameport, IClmli'
'tnandalgua, Kocbester, Bnrialo and Nlaga:
'alls. 5.10 a m dally, aud 1.42 d m week dav
'or Watkibs. 5.30 n m weuk days.
i' or June ana intermediate points, o.n a ni
taiiy. f or ijoct xiavin, oau, ana u.oo a a
tally, 1.42 and 6.33 v. tn. week days. I
tenova 5.10 a m 1.42 and 6.30 r in week dv
.iu a ui naaaays,
'4on. Mod ien. Pass Aj
ime laoie in eneci Aiav. iu. isai.
Trains leava ReadTncr ( P. & 11. station)
lllhrnllr.ii UAful I I wn u hnwi Ti.nnnn Unsl i
neia, wayneHourK juucuou, -uoaiesviue, wii
uuesir(uiiaasiora juuciion. js, a u. juucuh
wninmeton ana intermediate stations, a
oxoept bunday, at 0.25 nud tt.30 a.m. and
li. m, nanauy umy ai o.uo p, ni.
Kor Warwick, Bui'eterH and lnlermed:
station B.dally except Hun day, at a.LUj
d. m. nunaav oniv a in.
For Birdsboro and Intermedlateatl
iuiuruay uuiy, hi 16 in
For llaltimore and WaahlnErton i
R.) dally except Bunday at 6.25 and a. I
and 3.16 n. m. Bunday only at 3.05 n. m.
irams arrive ai iteaaint' ir. s it. uuui
ironi Wilmington, B. & O. Junction, ill
cbanln, Chaddsford Junction, West Ch'J
Lenape, Coatesvllle, Waynesburg JuntT
Bprlngneld, Joanna, lilrdsboro, UlEraltar.l
reri. aua intermeaiaia sLaiionn. nauy e?
Sunday at 10.20 a. m. 6.62 and 8.17 p. ra.
nav oniv aL u.zi a. ni.
From Bt. Peters. Warwick and Intermerfl
stations, aaiiy except eunaay, at K.ii
and 2.25 n. ra. Bnnday only at 8 n. m.
From uirdsboro ana intermediate stall
Saturday only at 1.40 p. ra.
From '
asblngton and Baltimore, da!'.
cept Bunday, 10 20 a,
ay. iu i a. m. ana s u
Bunday only at 11.21 a. m.
BOWNHM3 BltlGOH, Gen'l Pass.
John R. Coyle,
Real Estate Age
OFFICE BEnnAiiti's BniuDlNO,!
Cor. Mala and Centre Streetl. SHENAND0A4
I A two and one-half story double
dwelling bouse, with stre-room ail
taurant. Located on Kast Centre sU
t A valuable property located ?
uin street.
3 Beven dwelllnir houses at the
bert and Lloyd streets. Qoodlnvesu
Terms reasonable.
H. i i l I