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" i i 1 i
To the Republican Electort of Pennsylvania!
After consultation and correspondence with
the members of the Republican Slate Committee,
and by their direction, I hereby give notice that
e4he Republicans of Tennsytvanta, by their duty
iXg-oten representatives, will meet Inmate Con
LJ;ntton at Ilarrisburg, Wednesday, August 19,
1891, at 10 o'clock A, it., for the purpose of plan
ing In nomination candidates for the offices of
State Treasurer and Auditor General, for the
nomtnatton of eighteen candidates for Delegates'
aULnrge to the OonstUnl tonal Contention pro
vided for In the Act of Assembly approved June
19, 1891, and for the transaction of such other
business as may be presented.
Notice Is especially directed to the fact that, in
accordance with the provisions of the last men
tioned act, each Senatorial district Is entitled to
a representation of three delegates In said Con
stitutional Convention, two of whom only canbe
members of the majority party In said district.
The electors of each district are therefore re
quested to make proper nominations for dele
gates to satd convention, the rules governing the
nomination of candidates for Slate Senator to
be applicable.
In this connection the Chairman desires to call
the attention of Republican voters to the recom
mendation of the State Convention of 1882, that
"they allow the greatest freedom in the general
participation In the primaries consistent with
the preservation of the party organization,"
WM. n. ANDREWS, Chairman.
The members of the Republican County Com'
A nlenntal Hall, In the Rorough ot Rcltsvtlle,
, Tuesday, August 18, at 10 a. m.,for the pur-
tl pose of electing a County Chairman and trans-
net such other business as may be required.
i Chairman Countu Convention.
August i, 1891.
Crops Nearly llalned.
Coventry, B. t, Aug. 13. Long Pond,
-which suplles many mills here Is very
low. Crops bnvo been nearly ruined by
tho long spell of dry weather. Several
cases of sunstroke aro reported In the
farming districts.
Kicked and Iloaton to Death.
BnAJtoKiN, Pa., Aug. IB. Farmer David
Haas, living near Sknmokln Mills, was
kioked and beaten to death last night
-while roturnlng from a picnic There ii
no olue to his assailants.
Mr. Lowell In Dancer.
Boston, Aug. IB. James Russell Low
ell'B condition has taken a decidod turn
$r the worse this morning and he Is
now considered dangerously slok.
Comolenon Contribution.
' Washington, Aug. 18. A consolencs
item of $14.07, from Orange, N. J., hai
beeu received nt tuo Treasury Depart-
Advortito in the Hkbald.
are being received dally at
Carpet Store, 10 South Jardin St, near Centre
Pickling and Preserving Time !
is now athand. Ketter has
and Unadulterated Soured
eiyn Acid or Coloring.
IS different Itlnds, Pest quality, sifted and Mixed in
proper pro)ortiona.
rBest Quality. We keep no common Spices.
Don't run the risk of making your HORSES SICKby
feeding NEW OATS. Ketter has about 1,500 bushels
I manufacture my own
H.oooivoc3. tliroo times ex wools.-Fi-osli
from, tlao Oroamery samo
day cus olvtxrrrxocSL.
The first of the season.
mackerel of this season's catch.
DAISY FLOUR is made of old
isfaction every time.
Bo tbo enemy has surrendered. The
truth is admitted nt last. Tho Mo
Kiuley bill is not a foreign lustrumout,
but a wedge by which Auierlcau man
ufacturers aud Americans are enabled
to make a place for themselves among
the commercial nations.
Eugland admits that the McKlnley
bill enables American manufactuiers
and worklngmen to supply their own
wants aud shut out pauper competi
tion. The St. James Gazette, of London,
England, takes a very gloomy view of
the condition of British tiade aud
says the decline is duo to the operation
of the McKlnley law in this countiy.
It admits that the people of England
have beeu relying upon the Demo
cratic hoax that the McKlnley law
would eventually prove a real mls
forluue to the United States, but that
they now realize thetruth tho imme
diate object of MoKln ley's bill was to
hit foreign manufacturers. Conclud
ing, tho Gazette tearfully adds "it is
plainly evident that this object has
been attained."
The Loudou Times, too, the organ
of the Government, is likewise sorrow
ful aud says "the McKlnley law has
beeu the great cause of the disturb
O, if we were only close enough to
McKinley to give the baud that
diafted that law a congratulatory
shake I
Squirm, ye American copperheads,
aud lake your medicine.
McKlnley did it with his liltlo pen
and there is no greater ma a in Aiuei
ica to-day than McKinley.
"What a glowing I fibula the Gazette
and Times pay to him ! How frankly
they admit that they were iestiiv
upon false hopesl Andliow eflcclup'l.y
do they stamp the Democrat of this
country as falsifiers!
Cleveland's fall and the pnssage of
the McK'aley bill were two of the
greatnt achievements made in this
country since the emancipation. Some
have beon slow in lealizing this, but
the truth is gradually dawning and
e- e many weeks those who still enter
laitt any doubt will bo thoroughly
The condemnation of our tariff law
by the foreign press Ib a signal cf
success to all Republicans.
just received a lotoj FINE
Guaranteed Absolutely Pure
by aye Free from any for
SPICES for Pickling. About
are strictly Pure and of the
old not mixed with new.
Chop and guarantee it to be
Will open this week, the first new
Minnesota Wheat and gives Sat
1 H
SB i
A Poriod of Mourning In the
To-morrow Is tbo black day In tho He-
brow calendar. It commemorates the
worst disasters that befell tbe Jewish na
tion. OntheOth day ol the month of Ab
tho city of Jerusalem was pillagod by
Nobuchadnozzar, Kin? of Babylon, tho
Holy Templo was burned to tho ground,
and tho inhabitants, compv'siug tboso who
bad boon governed by Zedokiab, tbo King
of .Tudah, woro earned into captivity,
whero Ihoy remained until bet fieo 1
Cyrus, King of tho SI odes and Persians.
who conquered Babylon and permitted tho
exiled Jews to return anil rebuild llioir
teuiplo, which oveotoccUTod abiut seventy
years later.
On tbo samo ninth day of Ab, con.urics, Jerusalem wai again laid was'.o by
tbe destroyer, its Templo razed, lens of
thousands of its inhabitants put to the
sword or delivered over as a prey to wild
beasts, and tho remainder sent into cap-
Uvity among heathen nations, by Titus,
a i. or ward Emperor of Borne.
This evening tbo synagoguos will bo open
and pious worshippers will gather to hear
tbo Lamentations of Joromlah, tho mourn
ful e'ofiies of religious poets, and otbor sor
rowful compositions written for this occa
Tbo service to-morrow morning is of a
moio extonded character, some of ths most
renowned Hebrew writers having con
tiibutod to tbo liturgy of the day. The
synagogues are heavily draped in black
Tho Ark containing the Scroll of tho Law
is likewise covered; also, tbo reading desk
and a seporate table used Instead at these
two services. Tho synagoguos are darkenod
on the ovo, and each congregant holds ft
lighted candlo. Tbo scene is sombre and
In this country tho fast Is, petbaps, most
marked among immigrants from Russia,'
who think of their persecuted "brethren In
that modern Egypt, and lament national
dismemberment with tears courting down
their cheeks and prayers to the God of
Israel for a restoration.
It is very important In this ago of vast
material progress that a remedy bo pleasing
to tho taste and to tbo eye, easily taken, ac
ceptable to tbe stomach and healthy in Its
nature and effects. Possessing these qual
ities, Syrup of Figs Is tho ono perfect laxa
tivo and most gontlo dlurotic known.
Coming Events.
Aug. IS and 17. Kan and Ice cream
tival, Primitive Methodist church.
Aug. 18. Ico cream and peach festival,
in RobbW opera houso, under the auspices
of Camp No. 183, P. O. S, of A.
Sept. 2. Japanese ice cream festival in
Robblns' opera bouse, under tho auspices of
Shenandoah Oommandery, No, 14, Sons of
Excellent Instrument For Salo.
A first class German piano Imported by
Prot. Z-jitz can bo bad cheap for cash on
account of tho professor's imponding de
parture for Germany. Tho Insliument
may bo seen and Information concerning It
may be had upon application to Henry
Wioderhold, 23 East Centre streot. 8-C-lw
Oh, What a Oough.
Will you heed the warning The signal per.
naps or inn sure npproAcn ui iuui uiure ier
rlble dlteuse. Couiuniplliju, AsS yourselves
If you can afford fur the sake of saving 60
cents, to run the rlsfc and do nothing fur It.
We know fron experience that Hhllou'n Cure
will Cure your Cough. It never fulls. Tills
explains why more than n Million llottlea
wura sold the nasi Year. It relieves Croup
and Wlioppluit Cough at once. Mother do
not be without It. For Lame Uaotr., Bide or
Cheat, use Hblloh'a Porous i'laster. Bold by
0. II. llagenbuch, N, , corner Main and
uioyu airoeu. -
' II
Harry Beyrant and Miss Mary
Reose Married To-day.
Harry J. Boyrant, son of Cbristophor
Beyrant, a forme- lesldcct of this town,
and Miss JIary A Reese, daughter of the
late John Reese. woe married at two
o'clock this afternoon by Rov. William
Powick, in tbejfojelboditl Episcopal church
oa EiU O.ik street.
The groomsman was Val. Beyrant,
b'-othor of tbo groom', tnd Mjxs. Mime B,
Boyer was the bridesmaid. Mcssr3. Wil
son (Mo, William Kerslako, Walter Bed-
dall and William Amtock woro tho ushers,
After tbo ceremony a sumptuous wed
ding dinner win Served at the residence of
the bride's mother, on North Jaidin streot,
under tbo supoi-visou of W. J. Lloyd, tbe
well known catorer. Tbe following
tho menu:
Soup Vegetable.
Spring chicken, Friod.
Roast Sirloin of Beef.
Boiled Ham. Tongues.
Toniatoo Salad. Cuenmbpra.
Masbed Potatoes. Cor.i. Green Pea?.
Com Slaw.
Apple l'lo. Ooeoanut Custard.
Tapioca Pudding.
Tea. Coffee.
Ico Cream.
In addition to tbo family tho following
guoUs were present: Edward Reese and
danghtor, SI isj Rachel, of Centralis; Misses
Mary Laudorfield and Iua Jones, Ashlaud;
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Jones, Sbnmokin; MIse Davis, Dudloy, N. J.; Mrs. and tho
Misses Wasley, Mr. and Mie. Joseph Wad-
liuger, Mr. and Mrs. William Nolswondor,
Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. Boyer, Miss Hattie
Crawshaw, Mr. and .Mrs. Francis Stetler,
Mr. and Mis. Bepj. Chutch, Mr. and Jlrs,
E. W. Wilde, Frank Maloy, Honry Close,
E. W. Hart, Bartholomew Dillman and
Mr. and Mrs. Beyrant received their
friends until four o'clock, when they took
their departure on tbe Pennsylvania train
for Philadelphia. After spondlng a week
at Atlantic City and Capo Mspo they will
locate In town.
For OOo
You can got one dozen cabinet photos and
a Ann frame. Remember we aro on the
first floor ; noeteps to climb. Keaqey, the
leading artist. 8 5-3 m
To Atlantic City via tho Reading
' Double Track Route.
This season's last popular excursion
Atlanlio City takes placo on Tuosday, 2oth
inst. No ono should miss this last chance
to visit America's greatest seaside rosoit by
fat oipress trains and at greatly loduced
rutos. Such an opportunity 16 eeo old
ocean's "high rollers" and enjoy a swllt
ride on tho "flyers" that have mado tho
"Royal Route to the Sea" world-faroou
seldom occurs. Round trip tickets for tbis
excursion will bo sold from Shenandoah at
the very low rato of $3.o0 and will be good
going on special train leaving Shenandoah
at lO.Oo a, m on tbo day above named
They will be good for return pewago on
any train within seven days, including day
of issue. For particulars call on any
ticket agent. Persons taking this trip can
stop off in Philadelphia In both directions,
Tuoy Are Splondld.
Wo mean those Cheviot suits you can
get at A. T. Jones' "Famous" Clothing
store for $0.f0.
Properties For Salo,
A good property on South Main elicet
and a good properly on North Jardin
street may be purchased cheap upon ap
plication to A. J, Gallagher, Jluldoon
building, corner of Centro and West
streets. 8-8-lw
A Young Man Whoso Generosity
Ovor Balancod His Good Judg
ment and Brought Him to
Grlof Poraonnl Notoa
On Monday night tlckols of admission to
tho Lakeside oiateddfod woro stolon from
tho Herald ofllco. Circumstances pointed
to John Prosser, Jr., of East Lloyd street,
as tho guilty party. Ho was arrested by
Constablo Tally Phillips. After spending
tho aflornoon in tho lockup, ho ad milted
avlng stolen tho tickets and named the
parties among whom ho had distributed
them undor tho roprosontatlon that they
wore lithograph compllmentniics. Prosser
was given a hearing holoro 'Squire Sboo-
makcr last night. Another hearing will
bo given him Saturday ovoning.
It. A Glover wont with tho excursionists
yesterday ovor tho Pennsy.
John Scbeifly went to Potlsvillo on tho
early train this morning.
Miss Sallie Dunn, of Philadelphia, Is In
town visiting relatives.
J O. Roads, of Pottsvillo, spent part of
yesterday In town.
Jlajor E. J. Phillips clrclod about town
yesterday afternoon.
Miss Maty Foster, of Scranten, is visil-
ng friend in town.
iur. anu .nrs. uenjamtn Davenport aro
V'siling friends in St. Clair.
Howard Kurtz, of Borwick, is visiting
menus in town.
Mrs. Jennie Gibson, of Philadelphia,
who spent a few days in town last week,
returned to tbe city yesterday.
Our old friend, Harry Bachman, of
Mahanoy City, visited the Hekau) sanc
tum thU morning.
Constablo "Tally- PbiHIps rejoicos. His
wife has proscntcd him with a bouncing
baby girl.
Arthur Shaw has accopted a good po
sition In l'hiladelphia and left for that city
Miss Emma Williams, who has secured a
position as typo wilier in Philadelphia,
spoilt a few days in town tnls woek.
Tax Collector Higgins went to Wilke:
Ctr-o yesterday to attend tho fuooral of his
sitter-in-law, relict of Dr. Higsins, fo
raerly of Tamaqua.
Ex-County Commissioner, George D.
Moyer, of Orwigsburg, and A. L. Shay,
K;q., of Pottsvillo, dined at tbe Ferguson
houso yesterday.
Conductor "Hen" Slgfried, one of tbo
Lohigh Valley's most popular conductors;
who lias boon 111 tor quite a spell, is once
moro on duty.
Ularenco (Jrobangli, ot town, has re
signed from the position to which ho was
elected in tho Ringtown school to accept a
bettor ono in Berwick.
D. J, Doyle, of tho Sunday A'ews, 1 ft
lown Ibis morning for Gstlysburg, whero
he will remain the balancoof tbo woek, the
guest of relatives.
Miss Jennie Ileaton, ono of West Mah
anoy townships lair school teacnors, u
spending her vacation with friends in Phil
iliss Mamo Wasloy returned to town1
y storday from Manorlon, N. Y whoio
she spent a pleasant vacation. Miss
Wasley relumed oarller than sbo expected
in order to attend tho Beyrandl-Reose
D. M. Thomas, of Scranton, is spending
a week In lown, intending to remain horo
until after tho oUleddfod at Lakesldo on
Saturday next, his iulorest in musical
competitions being of a lively character.
1i-'eclily liecord.
'Squire J. J, Coylo, of Mahanoy City,
Republican candidato foi dolcgato to tbo
constitutional convention, spent n few
minutes in town to-day, and gavo J. Harry
James, Esq., of Ashland, a friendly grasp
at tho Lehigh Valley depot.
A number of tickets for the grand open
air eisteddfod, to be hold at Lakesldo on
Saturday, were stolon from tho Uera.:.d
office on Monday night. Tbe public Is
givon notice that only tlckols proporly
stamped on tbo back nro genuine, and as
nnnooftbo stolon tickets wero stMiiped
purchasers must stand tho loss. Tickets
will be sold only on tho grounds and there
are no complimcxta, lea, to tho public Is
warnod against porsons who may try to
make sales of tickets -at lois than tho rog-
ular rates on the gjound that tboy wore
secured from tbo committee for lithograph
or other privileges. Tho cost lopeoploof
Shonandoah, for admission to tho grounds
and railway faro will bo but 70 cents.
Buy Keystone flour. Bo careful that the
namo Lessiq & Co., Ashland, Pa. It
printed on overy sack. 8-3-3taw
rod Unrnwut Woun.U throe of Hl Pur
Alters nml KncnptB.
Mount Caiimel, Pn.. Aub. 12. Frod
Earnest, who beat his brothers no bndly
that they cannot recover, and also
knifed Bert Cleaver, In a row at tho
Granger' plcnlo at Johnston's Grove, Is
still at large, notwithstanding u desper
ate eltort wai made to capture him to
A nurahor ot citizens hnvo been search
ing tho surrounding hills for the instill
nut, and not until 0 n. in,, did they get
any trace ot him.
Y bile wnlkliiR along tho hillside sev
eral miles from this place they ospled
Earnest concealed bobtnd n clump ot
bushes, and as soon as they sot upon
him bo drew a rovolvor and fired Into
tho crowd, seriously wounding throe of
tbo number, nud during tbo excltomont
bent n busty rotroat.
Tho affair has crcntcd tho greatest
consternation, and tho air Is rlto with
threats ot rovougo.
A I'ltuhurij I'ollcxiuun's X.ovo Affair Dis
covered by Ills Wile.
Pinsnuno, Pa., Aug. 13. Henry M.
Dehl, a policeman, married, committed
suicide at 0:00 last night In front ot 107
First avenue.
Dehl had been keeping company for
Borne time past with a handaomo young
lady named Maggio Edgar, of whom ho
had hooomo Infatuated.
Last night Dehl's wlfo met her hus-
bnnd on First avenue In front of whero
tho Edgar girl lives. Mrs. Dolil upbraided
him (or his unfaltbfulnoss.
Dehl seemingly beenmo very penitent,
and scut his wlfo to tho Edgnr girl's
rooms to got several pre-ionts that ho bad
given tho Edgar girl. While his wlfo
was after the preseuts Dehl pullod out a
02 calibre rovolvor and fired a bullot Into
his bi-alu, killing himself Instantly.
A Noted Wild West Clmnioter Dies Sud
denly In Newnrk.
Newaiuc, N. J., Aug. 13. William
Vaupmao, who under tho soubriquet ot
BUI Uermagno was widely known In tho.
West as a bcout and hunter, died In his
chHlr at his homo on West Kinney street
at 0 a. m., in his 50th year.
BUI conducted the Rufas Hatch party
through the Yollowstono Park in tho
soveutlos, aud during the reoert Indian
troubles In tho Bad Lands of Dukotujook
a prominent part for tho government.
Ills Museum of Nation 1 Curiosities of
tho West, which wns known as tho "Wild
West," has been visited by thousands. A.
widow nud three children survivo him.
round Unconscious tu a llont.
New Yoiur, Aug. 13. Yesterday a boat
was discovered floating on Rockland
Lake, about four miles from Nyack, N. V,,
by Louis Wlnaus. Iu it lay Mnry Helu
ecke, unconscious, nnd bearing all tho
indications ot having boon outraged. Tho
girl was a servant omployed by Mrs.
Sohlller, whoso house is situated near
tho lake. Tbo boat had been hired Fri
day evening, and It is thought tho girl
has floated about tho lake in a stato of
insensibility since that time The girl
is still unconscious and she will prob
ably die.
Slysterlout Drowning Acoldont.
Cape May, N. J., Aug. 13. In the bath
house ot tho steamboat lnndlng Is an un
claimed suit of cloth, light trousers, bluck.
derby hat, blaok diagonal coat, left there
yesterday by an unknown bathor. A
memorandum In tbo pockets contains the
name "W. W. Bardell." Tho man was
accompanied by two womon, all of whom
came down on tho Republic. His com
panions left without giving any account
ot the accident.
HtlU Dendlookod.
Saiutooa, N. Y., Aug. 11 The Fourth
Judicial District Republican convention
continued its adjourned session here last
night. Tho first ballot indlouted that
thoro was no change from the Mnlono
doadlock, tho vote standing! Tuppan, 7j
Badger, 7. After taking eleven ballots
with the same rosult tho convention ad.
journed until to-day.
Ilesuuied Work With Non-Union Han.
roiTSVim:, Pa., Aug, 12. Tbo Potts,
vllle Steel and Iron Company, which
shut down some timo ago on account of
a strlko among tho employes, has started
two furnaces with non-union men.
Drowned While Dlhlng.
Bohdentowk, N. J., Aug. 12. John
Irwin of Chester. Va,, was drowned at
Burllugtoti wbllo bathing, ills body
was recovered.
All Hands Gome I
And get a knifo for nothing.
Tho only conditions aro that
you buy twenty ton-cont plugs
of "Filly" tobacco. As gool
a plug as you ever put a tooth
to. Tho knife is a beautiful
4-blado, inlaid colltiloid han
dle, good material and good
workmanship. Can bo soon at
No. 122 North Jardin Streot