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VOL. VI.--NO. 152.
To the Republican Elector) of rennsylv mint
After consultation and correspondence with
the members of the llepubltcan State Committee,
and by their direction. I herebii atve notice that
JCX'he Republicans of Pennsylvania, by their duty
IJihosen representative. Mil meet in State Con-
II V. J-1 llf,..,, tfl
ventwimt tiurrutjuiy. ir ninwiv "t
1801, at lOo'clock A. M., for the purpose ofplac.
ing in nomination candidates for the offices of
Slate Treasurer and Auditor Oeneral, for the
nomination of eighteen candidates for Delegates-at-Large
to the Constitutional Omventlon pro
vided for in the Act of Assembly approval June
19, 1891, and for the transaction of such other
business as may be presented.
ftotlce is especially directed to the fact that, in
accordance with the provisions of the last men
tioned at, each Senatorial district Is entitled to
a representation of three delegates in said Con
stitutional Convention, two of whom only can be
members of the majority party In said district.
Tlte electors of each district are therefore re
guested to make proper nominations for dele
gates to said convention, the rules governing the
nomination of candUlates for S.ate Senator to
jjie applicable.
' In Ms connection the Chairman desires to call
the attention of Republican voters to the recom
mendation of the State Convention of 1SS2, that
"they allow the greatest freedom in the general
participation in the primaries consistent with
the preservation of the party organization."
Wf. Jl ASDllF.WS, Chairman.
Iu another part of to-day's IIeuald'
will be found nu article upon tho
necessity of some action being taken
by our capitalists nuil others, in oiler-
lng inducements to outside manufac
turers to locato In our midst. Tho
B KiiALD lias time aud again called
the attention of its readers to this
fact, and has done everything in Its
power to organize a Hoard of Trade,
but to no avail.
For the reason that we have no sucli
organization in our midst, industries
havo been established in other towns
throughout the county, that, had the
proper efforts been made, could have
been induced to locate in Shenandoah.
This is a matter that should demand
the imuiediato attention of our citi
zens; and it is to be hoped that tho
meeting culled for to-morrow evening
will be largely attended. Go thore
prepared to do something in tho way
of united action.
Let us have a Boaid of Trade.
jShenandoth will never bo anything
more than a mere coal mining town
uuless there is some organized action
taken on tho part of Its citizens.
Get together.
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Kciter is now receiving a new
Brussels and Ingrains in.
Just opened a large assortment of Choice IStew Patterns,
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JjUSULiEUMH yards wide,
Tlie Finest Table Syrup we have ever Had for tlie price.
Heavy Body,
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Gold yesterday at Buenos Ayros was
quoted nt 81? per cont. premium.
The mnrrlngo of Mr. Lincoln's daugh
ter to Mr. Ishum will occur In September.
William Vornknmp, ot Hobokon, N.
J., was found dead on tho railroad track
nt Vlncennos, Iud.
Maj.-Gen. John M. Sahofleld and wife
left Chicago last evonlug for the East.
They are In the best of health.
Some Danzig odlolals have discovered
that hacllliiry Infection can bo communi
cated by the "membranes" of telephones.
Tho Canadian IIouso of Commons nt
Ottawa rejected Sir Rlohnrd Cortwrlght's
reciprocity amendment to tho proposed
tar I II change.
Governor Hill's roprtovo of murderer
Wnyman, In Jail at Geneseo, N. Y., is
thought to Indicate a final commutation
to llfo imprisonment.
The Now York "Herald" has been In
dicted by the Now York Grand Jury for
publishing nn account of the quadruple
electrocution at Sing Slug.
Louis Itoblnonlcz, a Russian Jew nged
1(1 years, committed suicide nt Now
Haven, Conn., yesterday. Despondent
over fatluio to procure work.
The reciprocity treaty between the
United States and San Domingo has boon
signed and will bo proclaimed by the
President In tho early part of next month.
At the Lord Mayor's banquet In Lon
don Lord Salisbury complimented Mr.
Balfour and congratulated tho Conserva
tive party on the condition of nffatr.s In
Groat Britain nnd throughout Europe.
Tho Big Four Railroad strike among
tho union switchmen nt Springfield, 0,.
has heeu settlod by the mon going to
work at the old wages. The blockade of
tho freight, which had assumed serious
proportions, has bocn raised.
The City Hotel nt Portland, Mo., owned
by Mr. E. C. Sweot, Is financially
embarrassod. A meeting of the creditors
has neon called. Tho cause of the trouble.
Mr. Sweet says, Is the liquor law which Is
driving away trodo from tho houso.
Captain William J. Saunders of the
new American "whale back" steamer,
Unurles wetmoro, died suddenly at Liver
pool during tho morning. Ho was found
lying doad In his berth when tho officers
ot tho steamer entered his stateroom at
un enrly hour.
Tho business men of Johnstown, Pa.,
held a meeting and voted unumlnously
to Institute) proceedings at once against
tho south fnrk Club for damaaos sua
tnlnod by the great flood. Anothor meet
ing will be held to-morrow when funds
will be subscribed to dofrny the legal ox
pen bos.
Weiithor Indications.
Wasiiinoto.v, July 30. For Now Enfflandi
Light showers; stntlonary temperature ox'
cept slightly warmer ou tho coast from Port
land to llostou; southerly winds.
For Eastern Now York, Eastern Pennsyl
vanlaand Now Jersoy: Light showers; slight
ly warmer, oxoept stationary temperature
on tho lmmedlato coast; varlttblo win Is.
For Western New York ami Wostoru
Pennsylvania: Showers; stationary tempera
turc; southerly winds,
Tho Doctor and Postmaster
were talking about a ease of serious Illness
due ton neglectei wht and rapidly going Into
consumption which wan promptly cured by
l'an-nna uougn una uonsnaipuou uure,
Trial bottles line at Ivlrlln's drug store.
lluy Keystone Hour. 13a careful that the
namo Lessio & Co., Ashland, Pa., it
printed on evory sack. H-3-3taw
stock ot Tapestry and Body
handsome new tall patterns.
from $1 up.
wltU Corn Syrup and Glucose.
more bread thanordinary
respect to any Jllgh-prlced
Tlmo 1b Ripe for a Movomont to
Bottor tho Intorosts of tho
Town Let Our Monlod Men
Make a Move.
Timo to bo moving I
Yes, the rato of speed at which we aro
now traveling as an Industrial town la
entirely too slow for this advanced ago.
While other towns all around us aro tak
ing advantage of their opportunities to
bring industries within tholr borders, thus
giving omploymont to tho unomployod,
Shenandoah is still traveling in tho samo
old rut, with no appainntsign of improve
ment, wliilo hundreds of our citizens aro
anxiously awaiting tho establishment of a
factory or two of some kind in our midst
that will givo them omploymont: and at
the tamo timo materially increase tho bank
accounts of our monied men. It is, with
out doubt, one of tho urgent necessities of
tho times that Shenandoah needs several
manufacturing industries, and needs thorn
Who will make tho first move ?
It is only n boginning that is needed,
When tho ball is onco startod in tho direc
tion indicated Shenandoah will not only
bo the leading town in thocounty in rospoct
to tho number of its inhabitants, but it
would soon bo tho loading manufacturing
contra of Schuylkill. W hy should it not ?
With its unsurpassod railroad facilities, an
abundanco of cheap fuel, and unlimited
supply of water, wo havo all tho requisites
necessary for the location of outsido manu
factories in our midst.
Now is tho time.
Start tho ball a-rolling, and koop it rol
ling. UowBhallwo mako a start, did you
say ? By united, action organization.
L"t us havo a Board of Trade, and at onco.
Shenandoah has boon too long without
ono. Even Frackville, with its population
of only 3,W0, surpassos us in this respect.
Our Borough Council haJ taken tho
initiative in passing tho tix oxomplion
ordinance. Now lot sevoral of our public
spirited citizens got together and doviso
somo moans whereby wo can offer sufficient
inducements to manufacturers to locato
among us.
Wo suggest that Dr. J. S. Kistler, John
itobbins, A. J. Luborg, P. J. .Ferguson, J.
J. Franoy, William Kimmel, 1. J.
Qaughan, James Champion, John A.
Keilly, Col. J. K. P. Schlofly and others
wo might montion get togethor and con
sidor this question in all its bearings. It
will cost you nothing but a little of your
spare time.
Gut together, gentloracn I
Will you net?
Since no ono sootns disposed to tako tho
initiative step in the matter, let this be con
sidered a notice to the gentlomon whoso
nam oa are mentioned above, and all others
who aro so disposed, to meot in tho parlors
of tho Ferguson IIouso ou Friday evening
next. Go thoro prepared to talk business.
Organize a Board of Trado at once.
Manufacturers aro knooklng at our doors,
and it bf hooves us to be proparod to re
ceive them.
Got togethor, gentlemen.
Mino Ventilation.
If you wish to inform yoursolf in tho
properties of air and gases, methods ot
dealing with fire-damp, natural ventilation,
friction of air In mines, splitting thn cur
rent, ascensional ventilation, meavurement
of ventilation, tho water-gauge, safety
lamps, to explore tho workings of u mino
after a serious explosion, treatment of
persons overcomo by gas, treatment of
injured porsons, otc, read The Colliery
Engineer. Subicrlption price ?2.00. Ad
drats TbJ Colliery Kgineer Company,
Scranton, l'a , for free samplo copy.
Oh, What a Coush.
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The . Iminl nnr.
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Lot Up.
Ths Chronicle is finding fault with its
contemporaries fur using looal matter from
its paper without credit. Helms and Fos
ter, who run that machine, should not
mind llttlo things like that, for they are
not slow in doing the samo.
Entitled to the Best.
All aro ontitlod to tho best that their,
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hayo, at onco, a bottlo of tho best family
remedy, Syrup of Figi, to cleanio tho sys
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60o and ?l.QQ bottles, by all loading druggists.
A Popular and Beautiful Sunanior
Havo you ever boon to Esglo's Moro?
If not, you havo missed tho ono fair spot
on this oartli.
It is situated in Sullivan county, about
six miles from Muncy Valloy, on tho Wil-
llamsport & North Branch Hal'road, at an
elevation of '2,200 foet abovo tho level of
tho sea. It is a picturesque namo derived
from tho beautiful lako which in former
years 4vas tho haunt of many eagles.
Situated at such an attltudo In tho rarefied
air of tho mountains, it is vory healthful,
tho Invigorating breezes are not only ever
active, but aro impregnated with tho
fraeranco of surrounding pines and hem
locks, possessing a peculiary cll'ectivo and
strengthening power.
Whilo Eaglo Moro, by roason of its
natural advantages, is a sanitarium for the
weary, ailing, or sufferers from malarial
troubles, nervousnoss, asthma, or hay -fever,
it is at tho samo timo a most attractive
family resort freo from tho restraints of
ultra fashionablo conventionalities and
offoring ovcry feature that could contribute
to tho pleasure and happiness of ladies and
childron. This attraction and healthful
resort can bo reached by taking tho P. &
It. it. K, patsengor trains to Hall's station
thonco on tho Willinmsport and North
Branch K. R.
Wo loft Shenandoah with a party of four
via Philadelphia & Heading at 7:20 a. in.,
waiting at Mahanoy Plane until tho ar
rival of tho up train from Philadelphia.
Tho journoy to Hall's, whore wo change
cars, is most delightful. Tho new Beading
management has got things down vory fino
and it is a real pleasure now to mako the
trip when, not many months igo, it was
the other way. Tho cars are thn most
luxurious nnd tho crow very gotitlumauly
and obliging.
At Hall's wo chango and board tho train
on tho Williamsport & North Branch Ittil
road which is in waiting. A run of 20
mllo3 brings us to JIuncy Valloy, tho
present terminus of tho road, whero wo
tako coaches lor the Moro, a distance of
botweon 5 and G mllos from tho station.
Arriving at tho top wo mado ourselves
comfortable at Hotel Bichmond and ou
joyed ono of tho b ,st dlnnora wo havo Bat
down to in many a day.
Tho improvements noticed sinco our last
visit hero is very groat and a genoral air of
prosperity prevails. There aro sovoral
othor lirst-class hotols horo, and all ol
them havo plenty of boardors for tho sea
Through Messrs. Lawlor, of tho Bead
ing, and Welch, of tho Williamsport and
North Branch lUUroads, wo aro indobted
for many kindnesses. C,
J. J. Dougherty is homo again.
Mrs. Iilchard Harington is vory ill.
J. P. Williams and wifo are at Atlantic
Fred. Hoisonberger returned homo yes
Max Heoso wont to Wilkes-Barro this
Miss Emma Koiper visited Mahanoy City
Miss Mattio Loo roturnod homo from
Gordon last evening.
Miss Annio ivimmol visited frionds at
Mnhanoy City yesterday.
Doctors Diddle and Boylo, of tho Min
Hospital, wero at Lakesido yesterday.
Miss Mary Miller loft for Mount Camel
to-day to visit frionds for several day...
Mr. Toby, thoaocretary and treasurer of
the Lakeside Company, Is an excellent
'Squire Wm. E. Hay, of Clearfield
county, was In town to-day shaking hands
with old-timo friends,
Silas Gay and William Barker, of town,
left this morning for Salt Lako City, Utah,
with the Intention of making that city
their future homo.
The Journal has nominated the stato
ticket and tho delegalos oau govern the no
selves accordingly by staying at homo.
Tho Democratlo literary bureau has
commonced to send out circulars, etc.
No new candidates have been announced
since yesterday.
Slato Treasurer Boyor was largely tho
cause of all the benofieial financial loglsia
tion last winter at Harrlsburg.
Paoker Colliery, No. 5, Firo.
Tho firo at Packer oolliory, No. C, of tho
Lehigh Valley Coal Company, which wss
first discovered on Monday night, has been
extinguished, but not befuro considerable
damage was dono. Tho damagoa will bo
repaired at once. The firo was caused by
tho igniting ot tho timbers by workmen
who had been engaged in removing tho
same, by their lumps,
Playing Cards.
You can obtain a paok of best quality
playing cards by sending flftoon cents in
pottagu to P. S. Euitlt, Gen'l Pass. Agt.
1!., C. & Q.K. U, Chicago, 111, tf
They Aro Splendid.
Wo mean thoso Cheviot suits you can
get at A. T. Jones. "Famous" Clothing
storo for fO.60.
Gen. J. S. Olnrkson Solected for
tho National Chairmanship.
Garrot A. Hobart, of New
Jersey, Vico-Ghalrman.
Warhinoton, July 80. Behind the
clotcd doors ot the room In the Arling
ton IIouso whoro tho executive- commit
tee ot tho Republican National Commit
tee hold lta seasiou last uight, Matthew
Stanley Quay tendered his resignation
ns a member and chairman of both tho
executive committee nnd tho Nnttoual
Committee In a note containing the In
formation that ho had sent to the Penn
sylvania State Committee his resignation
as tho representative- of that State in
the National organization
W. W. Dudley, the troasuror of the
National C.mimlttoo also tendered Mm
resignation of that office und tho execu
tive committee adopted eulogistic reso
lutions setting forth tho service of Sena
tor Quay nnd Col, Dudloy and express
ing regret at tholr nctiou.
Tho resignations ot Chairman Uuay
und Treasurer Dudloy wero then formal
ly laid on tho tnblo and accepted, sub
ject to tho approval of tho full Itopubli
cau National Committeo at Its next meet
ing. Mr. Clarkson wns elected chairman of
tho executive committeo, and Mr. Ho
bart was elected vlco-chalrmau in tho
place of Mr. Clarkson, the chairman bo
iug authorized to select n treasurer to
succeed Mr. Dudley.
Mr. Clavkton will net as chairman of
tho nation il committee until a meeting
of that body can bo held to elect a suc
cessor to Seuutor Quay.
The most Important business ot the
scehlon was the actlou of tho committee
In authorizing ltn chalrm .n and secre
tary to call a meeting of tho entire na
tional committee, at such place and time
in Noveuibor as thoy may select, for tho
purpose ol deciding oa tho placo where
the next national convention shall be
lie KetH nt ltoat All Iluuiurti by Making
New Yoiik, July HO. Speculation ns to
Collector Erhardt'a reasons for his abrupt
resignation was set at rest to-day by
Col. Erhardt himself, who made tbo fol
lowing Htatomc it:
'I have resigned bocauBe the Collector
Is reduced to a position where he Is no
longer an Independent ollloer with au
thority commensurate with un responsi
bility. I have given bonds tor $200,000.
I have recolved lor tho government dur
ing tho 20 months last past $1)23,091,
185.40 nud am all the tlmo personally ro
sponsible for enormous values In money
nnd In merchandise. .My duties aro
necessarily performed through about
1,500 employes. I am not willing to con
tinue to bo responsible lor their couuuet
unless I havo proper authority ovor
"Tho recont polloy of the Treasury Do
partmont has been to control tho de
tails ot the customs administration of
the port of Now York from Washington
at the dictation of u private individual,
having no oQlcial responsibility. Tho
Collector Is practically deprived of power
and control, while ho Is left subject to
all responsibility. The otUco Is no longer
independent, - nd I am. Thoreforo we
havo separated."
As soon ns ho Is rollovert from the Col
lectorship, ho will jolu his family lu tho
New Hampshire hills.
ficnator Fastntt Appuluti-d Collf'otnr
Cafk May, N. J., July 80. Tho Prosl-
dent b.iB ucceptod tho resignation of Col
lector ot the Port of Aew York Joel II.
Erhardt, to tako effect Aug. 1, and has
appointed as his successor Senator J.
Bloat Fiibsott, of ElmUu, N. Y.
Clrcat lied Dt-uuun In AVall Rtruet
Wuntn IU Inuth I'llllud.
Sctmcn SrniNOS, Tex., July 80. Sena
tor Poller wns tho orator of tho Farmers'
encampment horo. Moro tbnu 4,000 peo
ple were present to hear the Kansas Seu
utor. Ho wanted the government to loan tho
peoplo money ut 1 per cont to lift 0,000,
000 mortgages, and to pull tho teeth and
close the mouth of tho groat red dragou
in Wall Btreet. He proposed to do this
with flat mouoy, Issued directly to the
people who bad mortgaged their homes.
His t-peech lasted two hour"?, and he
closed by saying that the People' party
would llunlly elect tbo President, House
nnd Serinte, and If tho Supremo Court
was not with them they would make an
other, An Old Couiiterfultor bonltmced.
Erik, Ph., July 80. When Judge
Heed opened Circuit Court here Chnun
cey Marble, tho aged and wealthy lnm
liermnn, whose rescue was attempted by
Columbus friends, came Into oourt and
pleaded guilty to the Indictment charg
ing htm with having counterfeit money
in bis posseMslou, Marble Is 05 years old.
Judge ltetd sentenced lilm to pay a fine
of $30 and uudergo u term ot two years
in thu Allegheny penitentiary.
Want 813,000 tor a richt.
San FiiAncisoo, July 80. A telegram
was sent to Jimmy C trroll by tbo Paoifla
Athlotlo Club last night ollorlug a purse
of fO.OOO for Hall and Fltzslmmons to
flaht hero. Carroll refused the oner, uo
mandlng S1U.00Q. The Callfornl i Club
bad offered 0,000. The clubs auuounce
that they will uot give 13,000,
JR. O U. A. M.
What is Transpiring in tho Coun
cil Chambers.
State Councillor Collins ha, during his
tirm of offico, broken tho record of any
previous year, having granted charters to
183 now councils, which added fj,6tW mem
bers to tho roll. This is an averane of over
thirty to each council, nnd many of them
lave doubljd their membership since their
Tlie sessions of tho State Council has
been changed from August to September.
Tlie coming Stato Council will bo hold at
Unioulown, Fayotte county.
rVugust 19tli will be celebrated by all tbo
councils of New Jersey ai America's Day
it Ashury Park.
Mnjor Jennings Council, of town, nt their
last meeting, adopted as parade uniform
whlto ack coat with red collar, yaclitiS
cap and cane. It will be worn lor the C,'t?
time on Amorica's Day at St. Clair. t
Tlie total number of councils in thn
is nr-w 070. .,,..
Tbe State Councillor is arranging to .'V!!, services, during tho sessions
tho Stato Council, to the memory of th.
members of that body who have died sinco
tho previous session.
Several members of Major Jennings
Council, of town, will shortly take a trip
to St. Clair and endeavor to get ac.mncil
started in that town and have it instituted
on America's Day.
A very handsome monument ha boi n
erected at the grave of tbo late Past Statu
counodlor, .1, P. Winowor, by his relatives
On one side of thn shaft has his name with
tho date ot bis birth and death, and on tho
other three Asides, respectively, a o tho
emblems of the Jr. O. U. A. St., tho P O.
S ol A. and the K. of P. Tho emblems
of these sccieties wero placed upon tho
monument in deference to a wish oxpres cd
by him previous to his death.
lVich Cnul Ht'rllin.
Plymouth, Ph., July 30. In Dodson
Colliery, opo rated by John J, Haddock &
Co., of New York city, tho Boss volu was
struck last oveulug after 12 month
driving through solid rock. Eight feet
of clem- coal la lu sight, and tho colliery
could bo workod for 20 years before)
soarclilng for othor volns.
Mother 1)1 I'uzzl Unnd.
RocnESTEii, N. Y., July 80. Mothor
Dl Pazzi died nt tho Convent of Moroy
last evening. Deceased wns born in
County Claio, Ireland, and entered tho
Convent of Mercy ut Providenoe, R. L,
lu 1685. She was sent to Rochester lu
1837. Mother Dl Pazzl was oue of ths
oldest nuns In tho city.
Unluti Mun llcelve Warning.
Pottsvillk, Pa., July 80. Qonernl
Manager Milllkoti gives: notice iu tho
dally papers that unless' the 800 striking
hands of the Pottsvlllo Iron and Steel
Company's mill return to work within
two weeks the mill will be closed to thetu
forever, and non-union men will fill
their places under police protection.
Kllh'd bv Swullowliiff n liu.
Pjttbburo, July 80. Whilo lu Paris
with her parents, four years ago, Martha
fc'rlck, then ago.l two yoars, swallowed
a pin. Yesterday alio died at Cresson
Springs as the result. She was the
daughter of Henry O. Frlck tho million
aire ooko operator nud steel manufac
turer. Aconpts Uudur I'rntuiit.
Wabhinoton, July 80. Tho Westorrt
Union Telegraph Company has nccopted
$100,000 ou upproved bills at tho rates
llxed by tho Poetuiastor-Qeneral, eutor
tug a protest uutll the legal questions
Are settled.
Iluulc Itobbory at Sua Unibor,
New Yohk, July 30, During the morn
ing while tho employes of tho I'ecouio
Bank at Sag Harbor were watolilug the
passing of a procession, a thief onterod
tho bank nud grabbed n paokage contain
ing $3,000 with wbloh he esoapod.
H.'crot Cotifprouce of Htrlkers
HAnnisuuno, Pa., July 80. Prosldent
Woiho, ot the Amalgamated Association,,
arrived ut Steeltou at noon and held u
seoret oonferanoe with the strike lenders.
Nothing regarding the conference could
bo learned.
Itdllil Ili'HfEg'a Hotly round.
IlomoN, July 80. Tho body of Edun
Bragg, who drowned hertwlf lu the Charles
Illver Friday, w washed aghoro at
Cumbrldgeport. lust evening. It was,
inuoh ilUooloreil and disllgurod, beln
cut by oykter ahull aud pebbles.
Advertise in tbe Herald.
Fruit Jars,
Jelly Tumblers,
1 qt, 2qt, 3qt, 4 qt.
Brown Sugar, 4c.
Whole & Ground Spices
No, I22 North Jardin S treat.