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VOL. VI.-2STO. Id5.
To the Republican llicctors of Pennsylvania:
After consultation and correspondence with
the membert of the Republican Mate Committee,
and by their direction, I hereby give no((o that
Jhe Republicans of Pennsylvania, by their duty
chosen representatives, wilt meet in State Con
ventton at Harrlsburg, Wednesday, August 19,
3B)1891, at 10 o'clock A, M., for the purpose of plac-
iny in nomination candidates for the offices of
Slate Treasurer and Auditor General, for the
nomination of eighteen candidates for Delegates'
nt-Itarge to the Constitutional ObntmUon pro-vlded-for
in the Act of Assembly apjiroved June
18, l(s91, and for the transaction of stich other
business as may be presented.
Notice is especially directed to the fact that, in
accordance with the provisions of the last men
tioned act, each Senatorial dlslrict is entitled to
a representation of three delegates in said Con
stitutional Convention, two of whom only canbe
members of the majority party in said district.
The electors ofmeh district are therefore re
quisled to make proper nominations for dele
gales to said convention, the rules governing the
nomination of candidates for S'.ate Senator to
be applicable.
In this connection the Chairman desires to call
the attention of Republican voters to the recom
mendation of the Stale Convention of 183'2, that
"they allow the greatest freedom in the general
participation in the primaries consistent with
the preservation of the party organisation,"
U'lf. Jt. ANDREWS, Chairman.
A Mino Flooded.
Bcranton, July 22. When John
Fly tin fired n shot in tho Jcrmyn initio
ut Kendhnm, he was surprised to see
- water spurt iu through u hole made
by the blast. He had blnwu away tho
partition which separated him from a
dam Iu au abandoned mine. Tho
miners all escaped, hut tho Jerinyn
mine is Hooded and it will he fully a
month before tho water can be pumped
TI10 Wllf-cl.
Juno 28 Excursion of tho Kentucky
Division, L. A. W., from Louisvillu to
tho JIatumoth Cnve nnd return.
July 2-4 Bace meet of the Hagors
town Iiicycle Club, and the third rac
ing district, Hngcrstown, JId.
July 3-4 Annual incot of tho Mis
souri Division, L. A. W., Carthago.
July 4 Columbia 'Cycle Club's an
nual tournament, Charter Oak X'ark,
Hartford, Ct.
July 4 The annual I'oormau road
race, Cincinnati, 0.
July 4 Tho annual race meet of the
California Division, L. A. W., Stockton.
June 30 Host on Athletic Association
open handicap fames, Irvington Oval.
July 1 St. Catherines (Ont.) AtkletSu
Association games.
July 4 Lorillard Debating and Afe
letio Association summer games, Jerssy
City, N. J. '
July 4 Prospect Harriers open amsr
.tour games, I!rooklyn, N. Y.
JC July 4 Sons of St. George panes,
Camden, N. J.
July 4 Trimont Athlotto Club cpa
amateur games, Boston, Man.
0333STTS per yd for the
Bold In other Rtores ror 35c. All floor
Oilcloth! roil ace J. Call ror bargains
Carpel Store, 10 Soulh Jardio SL, near Centre
Keiter is notu receiving a nciv stoclcof Tapestry and Body
Brussels and Ingrains in handsome new tall patterns.
Just opened a large assortment of Choice JVeiw Patterns,
in all widths.
LINOLEUMS yards wide, from $1 tip.
He Finest Table Syrup -we Have ever liacl for tlie price.
Heavy Body,
lifflit Color,
Splendid Flavor,
Strictly Pure Cane Syrup,
Not mixed witli Corn Syrup and Glucose.
Also a Fair Sugar Syrup at G cts.
"Northwestern Daisy.!"
Is a high grade Patent JTlonrMade from choicest Mln
nesota Wheat. Makes
Guaranteed Equal in every
JBlour in the market,
$6.00 PER
lor sale only
Easton, July 22. The boldest rob
bery ever committed In the Lehigh
Valley took place In tho Easton
National Hank at high noon to-day.
Tho bank ia a handsome structutu,
in the very heart of tho business sec
tion nf the city, and has double doors,
which stood wide open to-day revealing
the Interior to passers by, while the
large plate glass windows were swuug
soastogivean unobstructed view of
the counting room.
It was thought that robbery in such
a place woulu be impossible, and yet
$1000 was spirited away in a Hash.
Three men were engaged In the a Hair.
First n well dressed mall entered tho
bank, aud goingto thedlscouutclerk's
window asked "What is otir name?"
The clerk answered "Hixler."
"You are the mau I want to see,
then," said the stranger. "I represeut
tho Bixler estate of Germany, ".and
then ho proceeded to confer with Mr.
Bixler relative to a fortune left in the
old country for Bixler heirs. After
some conversation he left.
A few minutes after lie entered a
mau stepped to tho teller's window and
addressed Chief Bookkeeper Frauk
Sletor, who was serving in the
1 absence, at dinner, of Mr. Jacob Holt,
u.. nc,i..,.i m ui. ......
uc-ept?80 which he proffered, and
hold It for n note which would shortly
full due in tho bank, Mr. Sletor told
him that it was not the custom to do
business in that way, as tho man kept
no account at tho hank. However, ho
could open an account if he liked.
While saying this, Mr. Sletor was
0 Hinting the package of money. He
louud it to contain but $78, and told
the man he should lake It back to
wherever he got it aud have it made
right. The stranger got Mr. Sletor to
count again and then saying he was
satisfied that thopackage was short, he
left tho bank. He had held Mr.
Sletor's attention about three minutes.
A few minutes later Mr. Sletor
missed a package of $1 bills which
shortly before he had noticed in a
safe which was inside of the money
vault in therearof tho counting room.
William Hackett, tho cashier, returned
from dinner at one o'clock, aud Mr.
Sletor Informed him. An investiga
tion was at ouco made, aud it was
found that a package containing $1000,
mostly iu 1 bills, was gone. The
package was bulky, and how the thief
got it out unobserved Is a mystery.
Unlike nil other illusions the exhibition
in Forguson's thcatro, building will boar
tho most searching scrutiny. 7-22-tf
Assault on a Polish Woman.
George Colson, 20 years,of Mahauoy
City, was arrested last night, charged
with attempting au assault on Mary
Yetsco, a Polish woman. The latter
was picking huckleberries on tho
Broad Mountain Saturday when Col
eon suddenly knocked her down, but
was prevented from committing a
further crime by her countrymen, who
heard her cries aud came to her
assistance. Colson made' his escape,
but was captured last evenlug.
Sie Thauma. She's a wondor, 7 22-tf
Advertise in the Herald.
more bread thanjordlnary
respect to any IIlgh-pYlced
An Englnoor'a Raoo Through
Town to Provont a Disaster.
Ho Suoooeds ia Arresting
tho Runaway.
At four o'clock this morning the Enipiro
freight train on thoLahlgh Valley railroad
drawn by engine No. C37, in charge of .En
gineer Pole .McCarthy, loft I'aokorton for
this town.
Whon about two hundred yards from tho
red bridge, oast of this town, the onginn
was cut loose and was run to tho Emarlck
a trout crossing to allow ono of the cars to be
Tho car was detached in cjiargo of a
brakoman and anothor brakoman stood at
tho switch between tho bridge and tho
crossing at which tho ongino stood, roady
to rocoivo tho balanoo of tho train.
As tho detached car passed under tho
bridgo tho brako chain broko and tho man
on top of the car lost control.
The grade from tho bridgo to tho crossing
is quito heavy and tho releasod car was
n'tvon additional spood every few yards.
Tho onginoor took in tho situation at a
glance and signalled tho brakeman at tho
switch to allow the runaway car to follow
his online. McCarthy thon put on a full
hod of stoarn and started westward at a
fifty-mile gait, blowing constantly as ho
sped along for a eloar track.
Tbo freifjht car, with tho, brakeman
clinging to the brake, followed on tho same
track at a speed of ovor forty miles an
McCarthy sped through town, sounding
tho alarm, and tho railroad was eoon linod
with thousands of people, who wero unable
to understand the situation. It was a
thrilling race and thoso who knew the cir
cumstances wore sure that it would end die-
as trcusly. But McCarthy, tho engineer, is
a man of good judgment and nerve. Ho
stood at tho lovor like a hero, running
ahoad of the runaway ear like tho hero on
horseback who sped through Conematuh
Valley when the Johnstown flood took
By skilfully manipulating tho speed of
his engine ho gradually decreased thodis
tnnce botwoon his charge and tho freight
car and, Anally, at Shenandoah Junction,
whore the Pennsylvania and Lehigh Val
ley railroads connect, but few feet separated
tho two. A few yards furthor, and tho
bumper of tho freight car was against that
of thn ongino. Tho speed of both wero
thon decroasod. A fow mlnulos lator Mc
Carthy backed up to Emorick street cross
ing with tho runawav car In charge. Tho
car was sido-tracked and McCarthy pro
ceeded with the balance of tho train to Mt.
McCarthy's presen eo of mind saved tho
Lehigh Valloy Kailroad Company con
siderable loss and, perhaps, savod many
Tho runaway was ono of the most excit
ing events over witnossed on tho local
branch of tho railroad. Had tlio runaway
car been switched it would have crashed
into tho yard of tho Shonandoab Foed and
Lumber Company and tho brakeman on
top of the car would have been crushed in
to a shapeless mass. Had tho ear bon
given a freo is hard to imagine what
would have beoa tho result. It would
certainly havo been disastrous. Tuoro was
only one method to avoid tho two evils,
ana that was tho ono suggested by .Mc
Carthy's prcsencoof mind.
Columbia Park Gospel Meetings.
The go pol meetings being held at twi
light In Columbia Park are increasing in
interest and attendance every night. It is
expected that additional seats will ho pro
vided to-day, as quito a number wore un
able to find teals last night. It would be
woll fur all who can to tako their camp
ohalrs, iu order to insnro a scat. Tho ser
mon last night, which wa a very impress
ive ono, was by B07. Ephralm Potts, of
William Penn, and was aUontlvoly lis
tened to by a large assemblaee. This
evening Rov. Theodore Stevens, D. D., of
Pottsvllle, will preaob. All are cordially
Invited. Sorvioes begin promptly at sovon
Ladies should vlit Thauma and see
what a wonderful being ebu is, 7-2Mf
John Gttiifield and Patrick Toole spent
to-day at Pottsvillo.
John L. Uassler attended to business at
tho county seat to-day.
Mrs. Ilufus Bulling, of Locust Gap, is
visiting relatives in town.
Douglass lustier, brother of Dr. J. S.
Kiallor, is spending his vacation in town.
Miss Brown, nieoe of Mrs. James Bteln,
of North Jardin street, Is the gaost of tho
Miss Kitlo McGinn, of Lawell. Mass..
Is tho guest of Mrs. Dav'd Price, of Witt
Coal street.
'Squlro J. J. MonBghan has returned
from his extonded western trip, looking
happy and hoalthy.
.Miss Annie Kistler and Morris Troxler, of
Wosnersvillo, returned home to-day after
spending fow days as the guests of Dr. J.
S. Kistler, of North Jardin street.
Mrs. William Giles will leave town this
evening for Crested Uulte, Col., to join her
husband, who has been employed there
sovoral months.
Mrs. D. Trout and hor two daughters,
Anna and JIahala, of Taraaqua, are visit
ing Councilman P. D. Ilolraan, bruthor of
Mrs. Trout.
Kudolph Mock, of Beading, and Artte
Brascflold, of Crjssona, are onjoylng tho
mountain breezes of Shenandoah as the
guests of Mrs. J. S. Kistler.
Don't fail to visit the museum in Fergu
son's thcatro building. 7-'2Mf
A False Report.
In somo unexplained nunncr a report
was originated at an early hour yesterday
morning to tho eiroct that by the bursting
of a dam at M. Gretna sevonty-five mem
bers of the state militia had been drowned.
Postnmstor Medlar was called out of bed
and implored to learn tho particulars of tho
sad catastrophe. Mrs. AVm. Dry, wife of a
member of the Silliman Guards, was
thrown Into convulsions upon hearing tho
startling nows. To thoso who wore ac
quainted with tho character of tho country
around Mt. Gretna the report boro its own
contradiction on its faco, but naturally tho
families and friends of tho soldier boys
wero anxious to rccoivo a moro positivo
denial. Postmastor Modlar sent a tele
gram to Mt. Oretna about 10 o'clock and
walled until 1 o'clock before tho following
reply was received : Mt. Gkctna, July
aj. Val Medlar, We f U right
Keport false, luform friends. Andrew
Comrey." Tho dispatch was posted up on
the window of t'ao post olllce, but in tho
moantimo tho fears of tho friends of tho
soldiers had been allayed. It would bo in
toresting to know who originated the
story. Tn-Weekly Record.
Thauma, latd of Crystal Palaco, London,
and Eden Musoo, New York, is on exhi
bition in Ferguson's theatre building.
Choral Competition.
Tho Mahanoy City Choral Society is
malting vigorous preparations for tho Lako
side Eisteddfod. Tho compositions upon
which tho society is drilling aro tho "Hal
lolujah Chorus" (Handel) and "Tho Sum
mer" (Gweut). Theohoir numborsajout
sixty members. Tho rules of tho compel!
tion provido that tho choir shall bo noi
more than sixty In number. Tho oillcors
of iho society aro: Booso Bossor, leader;
part loodTs, Evan "Williams, soprano; Ed
ward Mates, alto; Oothon Powoll, tonor;
Chas. Snyder, bass; Win, M. Edmunds,
SecretaryjGolhin Powell, Treasurer. Tho
llaydon Uleo Club, leader Oothin Powell
will also partlcipato in tho oisteddfod, and
will sing tho "Quarrymon's Chorus."
Popular Excursion.
Oneofthoraoit popular and cheapest
summer excursions Is tho annual llollor
excursion over the famous and picturesquo
Lehigh Valloy railroad, to Niagara Falls,
which takes place this yoar on Sat
urday, July 25th. Tho faro is only
$8.50. Tickets are limited to 10 days
and good to return on auy rcguular
train. Stop oil' privilagos are allowed ut
Bull'ulo and Ehniru (returning) aft'ording
passengers an opportunity to tako in Wat-
kins Glen. This is certainly ono of tho best
olferings for a summer outing, and as tho furo
is very reasonable, within the reach of all.
( 7-ll-2t
The exhibition in' Ferguson's theatre
building is for ladies and fcenllemen. Seo
Thauma. 7-22-tf
Fine Crayon Work:.
William F. Schoeple, representing Tho
Dockwoller Crayon Company, has a largo
Panel Crayon on exhibition at Kirlin's
drug ktore and all orders for crayons may
be left at the above plaoo. 7 17-lw
Mlloa' Rerve and Llvor Pills
Act on a new principle regulating the
liver, (tomaoh aud lowem thtough the nerves.
A new discovery. Dr. Miles' I'll Is speedily
cuie tilllousnew, had taste, torpid liver, piles,
oonstlmllou. unenualed lor men. women.
children. Mmnllast, mil lent, tmttwtl Sldotes,
25cu. Hampton Free, at O. 11. llacenbucti's
arug s ioru.
Buy Ke-yslonc. flour. Be oaroful that the
name Lutsiu Si Co., Ashland, Pa., is
printed on every sack. 3-8-3taw
They Are Splondld.
Wo mean those Obrviot suits you can
get at A. T. Joue' "Famous" Clothing
storo for $0.50.
Roportod That a Oall May bo Made
for TJuitod States Troops Tho
Leaders of the Riots are
Not Miners.
Kuoxvillo, Tenn., July 22. Tho
Bittmtion atthemlnogiu this dint riot is
Indeed serious. It Is known that the
leaders of the mob were not miners,
neither last weidr. nor Monday, Eugene
Merritt leading them in each Instance.
He In it Hinall merchant at lirlouville,
but is said to boa determined man. lie
spoke iu ruply to Gov. JJui'liBiian laH
week and really treated the Governor
with Indignity.
Other lenders aro known and the
sentiment hero Is that thoy niU3t be
arri-sted and taken to Nashville, as the
law provides, and punished.
The miners havo appointed a com
mittee to say what deu patches shall bo
sent nut and what not, and this com
mittee or some of it are In the (ele
graph olllcos all the time and read all
tho matter sent out by tho newspaper
The committee, whether self.
appointed or under the miner's organi
zation, told the operator on duty at tho
Key mat if no uiu not let t lem read
the mefct-ages they would cut tho
A report has ootno from Coal Creek
saying the miners declare that no troops
can ue lauuoi mere.
There are threats that thov will
wreck tho trains or burn railroad
The mou celebrated Its v ctorv hv
cheering, carousing uud shooting. A
lorco oi ouu men. nronenv inn nneu
aud led, could subduo the eutho mob,
lor tlie rioters nave no idea or oneulv
facing a good force. Thoy know from
ine statements made lo them Monday
that the troops would not light, but
very l loter feels that tho mob has
made a mlutake, and that it now will
ue Hummed.
Wlieu the miners made tho attack
on tho camp Lieutenant Chaudle, of
tlie luioxvllle Klllcs.ollerod himself to
tue colonel us a volunteer to light the
mob with twenty men.
Tlio convicts in in ues of tho Kuox
villo Iron Company arrived hereabout
o:du o'ciock. All or the convicts are
now iu an old bulldini: under truard.
Tiieexi-uement uereilurliiL'tlie ultrlit
was intense, .uauy or tlio labor men
said tlie miners nad dons right.
Coal Creek, Tenn., July 22 Tho
mountains about Coal Creel; aro lilled
wtth miners and mountaineers armed
with Winchesters, It, is estimated
that three thousand are In the brush
awaiting the turn of affairs.
Tenni'Btiee's entire militia and some
artillery from Georgia aro expected on
tpi'ciu! tiulus within the next six
Intenso auxlctv is felt as to the out
come of the trouble. Lirgo ijuuntitles
of ammunition mid provisions have
arrived nc ltnoxvine lor tbo troom
I'l,., u'f ,.,,1.o,l,, l (1... ,.ll,. !
The whole of the state militia will
probably be called out and assistance
from tho United States authorities
Big Snako. Pluoky Girl.
Li9t year a monster Biiake was seen
In the neighborhood of Donnell's mill
In North C.uoliim, and Its length wad
variously oatlmutea by several parties
who saw it at from eight to llf teen feet.
An attempt was made to kill it, hut it
went into n tnicictton the banks or tlie
creek. Nothing more was seep of this
monster snake until last 1 rlday, when
miss lint ij. uobieon saw a cow, the
propei ty of Mr Ahner Kchoolfleld,
down and struggling, and went to see
what was the matter. Imagine her
surprise to see colled around tho m-ck
of the cow an immemcsndke some four
inches in diameter and at least ten feet
iu length. Theeow was being choked
lo death, und the bravo girl took hold
of the snako with both hands, and,
being a strong girl, she with great dif
ficulty got It loose, or perhaps
frightened it until it uncoiled Itself aud
ran Into the tlib ket. Afieruwhile the
oow, with aid from the lady, got upou
Its foet uud was driven home. The
Bimkewasof u brown color and showed
no sinus of Ktriklug or biting, as Is
common to all our native snakes, hence
it is ueiioved lo be an anaconda wuicn
has made lis escape from somo me
nagerie. What a Prominent Phyalolan and
Chemist says Aftor Analysis
and Praotioal Tost. x
Dr. J. Luster, formerly of HtUrvue Hospital
Stedioul College and Long Island Omega
speukt m folluivs :
M.lff 'n n v- M.trtV.,.- ,00,1
Alvaa Urazlllau HpeUQo Co.,
-CJouU : The sump e of your Csctus Blood
Cure, which I b- nxbt fur onlyU, 1 liave
uihJeoMd to a very thorough le t, Hndoun
11 ud not a hluule tiaceof mineral or meroiiriAl
firomnokm In It wtmtevtr; and, ks 1 have
ittd eootnivrable eiwleuoe In lUconitliu
lloaal eft et la oerutlu diseasm already
Known to y.m, I consider It the nafetaud
uti wictuuie oioou puriaer in the nutrxei
xourx rexpeei' any,
1). J. l.yTHH, I'll r,., JI. I).
I Hold at Kirlin's Urog tiUM-V.KwidWU iovis
Olook, Shenandoah,
Tho Groat Mueluai Event Attend
ed by Thousands.
The Saengerfest at Lakeside Park yetor
lay proved the groatest event ever held on
he grounds. Pu lv six thousand pooplo
iijoyed It. Kepres'-ntative peoplu from alt
narts of this and arTi
present. A special train of ton ears oar
riml the Llederkranz and their friend' from
I olUville; six ears composed Tamiqua'a
iiwclahand Slmmokin sent twmiv
cars, twelve In the morning and twelve at
n.on. Ilasleton sent a train of eight oars,
conlalnini? over five hundred people and
iiarrisuurg and Heading alio sent largo
It was a great dav for lh Onrmnna .r
Kastern PennsylvaniH and Prof. Schmidt,
of Heading, who propoed the affiir was
delighted. Financially, it whs the best day
unce me opening 01 tho park.
Dispatchers Hertolelte. of Tmnnn n,l
Vtahanoy Plane, had uxrionxl nhrn r,f
the ratlwav arntmremnnu nul iha
oftrilnsWRs conducted like clockwork.
ine management wasadinirsbU.
the uancing pavilion and the platform
in the erove were crowdd ll dav Th
music was furnished hi- il.u -i,.),,,..
orchestra, of town, and Weston's orchestra,
of Pottsville.
Tho shoollnir trsllerv.
merry-go-round, boats, etc., wero kopt in
iuh must until wo departure of tho last
Excursion Manaeer ItHUinhsr Ho-
lidhted with the result of the affair.
lhe Maennochors will now fnrai i Mr.
manent organisation and lirAlmfA for n
monster Saengerfest next year, whon so
cieties from New York, Newark, Philadel
phia and Uliioasto will be present.
JaCObS. Of Tatimnilrt. knoiva hnw tn anrvn
his customers. You always get your
money s worth.
No Sllcll STOod mimic nr haanl f.l T.aV
side before than that furnished yesterday
"Jiovelyl" "Ujauilful t" "Did yuu
ever r' "A retrular seasidB in l hn mnnn
tain!" "Picturesque I" and other expres
sions were hoard yesterday.
Thou'ands of neonlo
first time, aud they'll go again.
'Iho painters aro nearly through with
their work.
Tho work on the raco oourse Is not yot
completed. Smith and Campion, the con
tractors, will Imvn tn
thoy intend to get through boforo Christ
The pollticions wero out In full force
Thauma, tho mystifying. Thauma, tbo"
wondorful. Now on exhibition in Forgu
son's theatre building. 7-2.'-tf
Two Sloberly, PIo., Voullm Min t Out
on a 1'atrlotlc ?llvlin.
Dime novels seem to do their deadly
work in tlio West as well as the far
Hast. The latest victims of tlio Indian
killing mania are John anil illio
Parker, of Moberly, Mo. They had
hecn' ardont renders of Indian stories
and longed to hask in the smiles of Sad
wah, tho heroine of the Apache, whoso
wonderful strategy in ten seconds
saved 0,000 white men from being
scalped. They accordingly purchased
f. supply of howie knlveb nnd horse
pistols and then proceeded on their
Woatward journey. Thoy swooped
down on the city of St. Louis last week
and proceeded to load up on tanglo
foot a la "Denver Hill, the meat ax of
tho Canon." A St. Louis cop took tho
youngsters into oubtody. The latest
news received from them Ib to the effect
that they had been thoroughly spunked
by their mamma, who took them homo
to Moborly.
If tho exhibition In Ferguson's theatro
building does not give satisfaction monoy
will be refunded. " 22-lf
A Kind Friend.
It what they oall Fumoii ltomedy, Hed
Flag Oil, ft quIoKly oafiM Rheumatism,
NeuraUU, UuU. llruUex, Hums, Korea and all
ruin. It Is ood r-r man or beast. Ifi cents.
At Ivlrllu's drmc store.
Playing Cards.
You oan obtain a pack of bast quality
laying cards by aendlng fifteen cents In
ostagetoP. S. Kustis, Gen' I Pass. Agt.,
O. & Q.H. B. Cliioo, III. tf
i 1
Tho trnrst ilnnuer ubiiul nelctlnira Ooiwb
or Cold Is Oonsumptlnn, We oan assure our
reuderslbut no mlloin sqoals I'aa-Tlna
Ooiuh aud Uonsumptlou Care. Try it. Trial
uoillfM iro hi iviriiu h urus Mburw.
Fruit Jars,
Jelly Tumblers,
1 qt, 2qt, 3qt, 4 qt.
Brown Sugar, 4c.
Whole & Ground Spices
No. I22 North Jardin Stroot