The evening herald. (Shenandoah, Pa.) 1891-1966, June 19, 1891, Image 3

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Presents la the most etezant form
Combined with the medicinal
virtues of plants known to be
most beneficial to the human
system, forming an agreeable
mid etrective laxative to perma
nently cure Habitual Consti
pation, and the many ills de
pending on a weak or inactive
condition of the
It is the most excellict remedy known to
When one is Bilious or Constipated
Every one is using it and all are
delighted with it.
Haveture-l rmnyth usantt a
hopetcu r v ft 1 i v i
tnidl dis-np'ir, - i t
Symi-tonr an tmi ' . ' 'ir FT-; CP '
mmuhef mw- TLL fl ft" tr.-ot( .ritinrfr ty mall n
culou i me IGr! tiAlO lurnteJif d I ilti. ywi nrdff
trial, sTttl ten -' ''i t ) , i v .1 - i m i
, Dr. Grosvenor's
HP Belkap-sic
A New Venture
"W- K.A MS.!--" POTTS
Has opened a
AT No. 218 M. CENTRE ST.,
Hales of assorted goods, notions, hardware,
classware. etc.. etc
Goods from all parts ol the county solicited
i-iu uujuiuimiuil.
Committeemen should bear In
mind that the Herald ofllce
la prepared to do all kinds of
Poster Work!
nt the most reasonable rates.
Give us a call and obtain our
prices. All work dene when
promised and In a satisfactory
Boot and Shoe Store,
(Hosteller's old stand,)
Corner Coal una Jartllu.BlM.
Mr. Snyder will always keep In stock a line
line of boots and shoes.
tfiifilom Work and Repairing
ffone In the best style. He guarantees to sell
cheaper than competitors on Main street who
have big rents to pay, and guarantees a genu
lne Imrnaln on every purchase.
All persons are hereby warned
' Belonging to tbo
Shenandoah Water Company,
and all partlos caught violating this notice
will be
Prosecuted ns Trespassers.
Ily order of
or the I.lquur Habit, aNnUlx-ly t'ureu
uy auuiiuiftieriiiff air. uuiuea'
Uolilt-u Niwrinr.
It Is manufactured ea ft powder, whloh can be (riven
In a cla of ber, a oup or cotlea or tea. or In rood,
wlttiout tho knowledge of cho patient. It ia abeolutely
hermlees, and will etfect a perniaaent and speedy
eure, whether tne patient la a moderate drinker or
an alooliolto wraok It haa been given In tbouaanda
of oaaea, and in every instance a perfeot oure baa fol'
loved H ueYer Fall. TOe system oaoo Impregnate
d with tba baoomee an utter Impossibility
lor theliQuor appetite to eiut.
as page book or paruoulara nxs. To be had or
C. H. HAGENBUCH, Druuo'st, Shenandoah
fiffloe-28. West Lloyd Blrtet, Bhtcwindoah
Cmi rule retttf
I Khputlat renmlffU, p'etn-tjyiind ItrnibafroSffS
ggn toa la t once. (Itnuin for Hale by all UruKKiBta.Bl
A Tackngo of Flour Brings
Death to (i Neighbor.
If Ho ia Oatight an Attempt Will bo Made
to Lynch Him.
Another Family Keoelvo Poisoned Frnlt
by Mall-It Nearly Killed Six Torsons
Who Ato It No Clew os to Who Bent
tho 1'nclcuira Tho Victims Saved by the
Tlmoly Arrival of n I'hyelclnti.
IlAOEnsTOWN, Mil., Juno IB. News lias
Just been mcelvcd bore of n mysterious
case of poisoning In tho village of Locust
Daniel Shlfflor, a farmer, found In tho
lano near his house a package of flour
and another of coffee. IIo sought for an
owner, and not (lading one gave tho ar
ticles to n Mrs. MoKurren. Sho used the
flour nnd her entire family wero 'made
very sick. Ono hoy died and unother Is'
oxpocted to dlo. Tho other mombers of
tho family the husband, John McKur
ren, the wife aud two children aro lu a
critical condition.
A post-mortem showed that poison had
been mixed with tho flour.
Two years ago an attempt was made to
poison Mr, Bhllllor's stock, and a year ago
his barns wore burned down. Tho au
thorities, convinced that tho poison od
flour and ooff eo were Intended for Mr.
Shlfller's family, aro soarchlng for tho
rulsoronnt among thoso who are known
to bo at enmity with him.
A posso of cltlr.ons aro investigating,
nnd thrcaton to lynoh tho prisoner if
Six reraons Nearly Killed by Eating
Crystallized Frnlt.
Ricmiosn, Va., Juno 10. Mrs. E. D.
Redd, who resides lu tho centrnl part of
this city, received by mull about 0 a. m
a small packages of crystalllzod fruit.
An hour or two later sho ato a portion of
It and gave tho rest to a Miss Woody,
whollvos In the house, and to a negro
woman and t'ireo negro chtldron.
In a short time all rlx wero taken dev
pomtely ill with cramps, and a physician
said they bad been poisoned. Thrco
hours' hard work afforded somo rullof,
but they are by no means out of danger.
No one In the house has any olow or
any suspicion as to who sent tho pack
ago. Had tho physician reached them
an hour lator thoy would bavo boon past
all possibility of rocovory. As It Is they
may get well.
Further Dotults of the Clondburst on Con
copcloa Monntaln.
Crrr oir Mexico, Juno 10. Latest ad
vices about the cloudburst on Concep
olon Mountain, near tho mining towns
of Los Catorco, El Fotrero and Lu Cruces,
in the State of San Luis Fotost, Mexico,
are to tho effoct that at loast 00 lives
were lost. Fifteen bodies have already
been recovered.
After the cloudburst an Immense
stream poured down the mountain side,
sweeping away tho housos of tho miners.
Tho tunnol of Qu&daloupo Mine filled
with wator. Some minors, who were at
work within it, were drowned.
Many persons living in the cliff dwell
ings wero burled alive, Huudreds of pack
aulmals were drowned.
Tho losses of tho mining companies
are heavy. A great quantity of high
grado metal was carrlod away.
Dunn Culls Sluvln u Ilrtito.
New York, Juno 10. Last night In tho
St. James Hotel Slavln and Mitchell, who
seomed to have been drinking, made a
good deal of nolso, and intlmatod in a
roundabout way to Jero Dunn that ho
had been nfrald to decide that Kllraln
was knocked out, because his (Dunn's)
friends had bet against that reault.
Dunn roplled that if ho only got a bad
reputation from such pcoplo as tho men
who woro talking, his character would
always bo of the, best. Then ho told
Slavin that he ought to bo ashamed of
himself for Bpeaklng in that stylo, aud
Anally called him a bruto. Slavln was
requostod to leave tho hotol, and he did.
Qlost Slust Qp to Prison...
Now Yoiut, Juno 10, Judge Beach of
the Supremo Court .has signed the
ordor in remittitur from tho Court of
Appoals in tho case pf Johanu Most, thus
making the Judgomont of that
court the judgemont of tho Supreme
Court. Tho District-Attorney has been
waiting for this action to commit Most.
Mrs. Ida Hoffman, who has bcon on
Most's ball ever Blnco tho appeal was
takon has been notiflod to produce, the
famous Anarchist in Court for sentence.
The Jury In tho Heop Will Case Disagree.
WnxiMANTio, Conn., Juno 10. Tho
Jury in tbo Hoap will case reported a
disagreement, standing nine against
sustaining tho instrument and three
for it. Tho trial occupied two weeks nnd
has attracted considerable interest. The
will involved property valued at $80,000
left to T. M. Cushman, of this city, by
the late Mrs. E. It. Heap.
The Olorlana a Wonder.
New Yoke, June 10. Tho regatta of
the Now York Yacht Club was .sailed in
a gale. A heavy sea was also running,
but tho Qloriana, Mr. Morgan's new boat,
proved liorsof a wonder and showed that
she can oull Jn any weather. Sho easily
won in her class, beating her uenrcst
competitor, tho Jessica, 11 minutes, lit
Sold Oat O'llrlen unit Dillon's Tlondsmen,
Dubus, June 10. At Tlpporary the
pollco levied upon and sold at auction
tbo goods of the persons who went on the
Buretlos of Messrs. Dillon and O'Brleu, for
feited by flight to America. Ouo of the
parties boughtlin his goods for $1,000, the
amount of his liability.
Premier Abbott's Policy.
Ottawa, June 10. Premier Abbott nn
nouoces that no special legislation will
be Introduced in Parliament, and that the
policy of Sir John MacdonuUl will bi
The Sklddy.Purkor Wadding,
Stamfouu, Conn., Juno 10. Mlsi
Lillian Skiddy, daughter of Gen. Sklddy,
wns married last night to WUlard Par
ker, Jr., of New York. Ex-President nnd
Mrs. Cleveland were among tho guests.
rlighest of all in Leavening Power.
Oeorffo fitormn Now lu Custody and Will
be Tried far IltBitmy.
Batavta, N, Y., Juno 10, Tho grand
Jury, which has been In session for three
days, brought in an lndictmont against
Qcorgali. Storms, who lives near Hollcy,
Orleans County, for bigamy.
Ho married Bertha Bench at Kendall,
Orleans County, In July, 183'J, and Ellon
Myers at Batnvla on Jan. 28, 1801. Tho
former wife, learning of this marriage,
came to town yosterday and applied for
a warrant for his arrost, and tho facts
wore brought beforo tho grand Jury,
whloh was in session.
Eytdenco was also adduced showing
that ho was married in Missouri In 1870
and also a fourth ttmo elsewhere and
that no ono of tho wives was dead or
divorced. He was arrested at West jKon
dall, whoro ho was working, aud is now
lu custody.
Tho r.olluf Commltteo Ilttsy Ulitrlbutlns
Food and Clothing.
SEABiuonT, N. J., June 10. Eugono
Kelly, who was nrrested hero churged
with arson, in having causotl the lira
which proved so disastrous on Tuesday
night last, was taken to Freehold to await
tho action of tho grand Jury.
Committees for tho purposo of obtaln-
! lng funds for the rellof of the sufferers
have been formed a Long Branch, West
End and Hollywood. Subscription blanks
have been placed in all tho banks of
Long Branch anl Red Bank.
Tho Minugh Mothodlst Church Is the
busiest place in the village. Tho relief
commlttco has its headquarters there.
1 Wagon loads of food, furniture, bedding
and ciotuiutf aro constantly arriving
from nil parts of the country. From
early morning until lute at night people
pass In empty handed and como out with
lood and other nocossltles. Clothing was
in great demand to-day. A 111m of cold,
dtsagreablo mist hung over tho ruined
village, and the ocean thumped tho town
with huge waves.
Tho President and Iluby McKeo Walbcd
Over to tho Cottuge.
Cape May, N. J., Juno 10. Tho Presi
dential party arrived at Capo May lost
' evening. In tho party wero Mr. and
I Mrs. Harrison, Miss Ella Warflold. Mrs.
I Gen. Ooorge IL Williams, Mr. DImmtck
and tho President's two McKeo grand
children. The President aud Baby McKeo, in his
little sailor suit, walked over to the cot
tage, followed by all the party except
tug lira. Harrison, Ooorgo II. Williams
and Mary Lodge. JilcKoo, Thoy wero re
ceived at tho cottage by a fow Cape May
friends, who had gathered on noticing
tho train. Flowers beautified every
room In the cottage. On Tuesday tho
President will roturn to Washington.
Blood Is thicker than wator,
tad must be kopt puiti to
Insure good health.
Srofa Srrccrjrca U mtnrt mtzzfy
for this purpoao.
It sever to fails elinmate the lnrprrj
ties end build up the general healQw
ThiTB U only ono Swiff s Spodfla,
end thero is nothing llko it
Be sure and got the genuine.
Treatise on Blood and Skin Qbeaaoa
mailed free.
The Swift SpeciSe Co., A&mta, Ca
First National Bank,
Capital, $100,000.00,
A. W. Leisenrmg, Pres.,
P. J. Ferguson, V. Pres., .
J. R. Leisenrmg, Cashier,
S. W. Yost, Ass' t Cashier.
Open Dally From 9 to 3.
: ialti 011 Hnvlues Deposits.
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889,
Madden Disputes Iteforoe Dunn's
Bluvln-Kllrnlu Decision.
New Yomc, Juno 10. Discontent con
Unties to prevail and oven grow among
tho sporting men of this city, over tho
decision of Referee Jero Dunn In the
Slavln-Kllraln contest of Tuesday night.
Billy Madden U so positive that tho
referee was wrong that he Is willing to
stako $100 ou tho lssuo he presents and
lcavo tho qttostlon to be decided by u
majority voto of three sporting papers
whloh he names, bpirlt of tho limes,
CUriDor and Polloe Uazetto.
"A referee cannot revorso his decision
as Mr. Dunn did," said Mr. Madden
"Whon ho decided that Slnvln won tho
fight, ho practically decided thut Kilralh
was knocked out.
"Tho fight w s to bo ono for 10 round!
aud only a knock-out could ond it beforo
thoso 10 rounds wero ended. Now, if
there was no knock-out, thoso 10 rounds
aro yet to bo finished, ttntl tho dooleiou
didn't go."
Tho point that Mr. Mndden makos.
then, is that Kilratu was knocked out
inside tho 10 rounds, aud his wagor ol
MOO Is that all bets mado thut such
would bo caBo wero won.
Mr. Madden is ono of a largo body of
sporting men whoso views of the case
ho volcos, thougn ho spenns only lor mm
"Kllraln was down 14 seconds." says
Mr. Madden. "If ho wasn't knockod out
the wholo fight must bo gone, over again
under tho conditions calling for 1U
Tho controversy is ono of tho most in'
terosting which ever arose over a ring
Perth Arubuy Wants tho Water Works
Peutii Ambov, N. J., Juno 10. An ap
plication will bo filed In court to-morrow
by Corporation Counsel Beekman for n
Commission of Uomlomuatlou to ad
ludlcato upon tho value of tho plant,
franchise and nppurtonancosof tho Perth
Amboy Water Cotnpauy. Recently the
city offered tho company $30,000 for ita
plant and franchise, which was rejected.
Fx-Gor. Foraltnr Sells 7,000 Acres.
Lirrm Rock, Ark., Juno 10. Ex-Qov,
J. B. Fornker of Ohio disposed of 7.00C
acres of prairlo land In South Arkansas.
which he purchased several years ago.
Tho land was bought by Messrs. NIcklo
nnd McCammon, who will couvort tho
tract into a ranch. Tho prlco paid wai
$10 per ucrOj
.ludgo Barkor'a Successor.
Boston, June 10. At a meeting of tha
Executive uouncn uov. ttusseu noml
mtnH F.Mahn Tlnrr Mavnnrrt nf ffnrlni.
field for Judge of tho Superior Court vloa
Judge narKer, promoted.
&nn Over by a Train and Klllod.
BisaiiAMTON, N. Y., Juno 10. Whlli
lying asleep on tho railroad track al
Whitney's Point, last night, Thomas
liosnior ol isia was run over by a coal
train and killed.
llrldgeport'a Pollca muddle.
BniDOEFonT, Conn., Juno 10. Tho que
warranto proceedings against Chlof Ry
lands wore argued in tho Superior Court
on a motion to dissolve Judgo Thayoi
will givo his decision this afternoon.
Bhot by a Tramp.
Mt. Cahmel, Pa., Juno 10. Sixteen
year-old John Salada was fatally shot by
one of two tramps last evening noar hit
home bocausu he refused to give thorn
eoma cherries ho vias taking homo,
rVn tfl.Tlhlai WllVi thAMt. itl l!i I rrAiial n. Kii
-jorntly toll-it ir4 a coM or iijur, or row Co
utauuriBl MeakaMMAt ? p?e a,'r to their mt, iiCni!
U3 DR. DuCHOlWH': Cftiobratea
Theyttro Btreuctherilojc Ciitho entirH nyirU.. idnr
'int, vlffornnd m(int-titi fcrwtofiU fanctlaxutof txxJ
nfiaii-d. Ocat o in.ll, iw.reljrt.M, t Adclrtw
Or. Hartor Mftd'lne Co., ti(, tQUtS. m
New lsirm New Stock
Green Trucli, Fine Groceries,
Delaware roe shad and o'.her fresh fish right
from tho boats on f'rldays. Fresh
Greens from the Bomb.
Evan's Building, E. Centre St.
B. WHUans' old Kami)
Kveryllitns new and'resb. Goods dellversd
to any part of town.
If you ronlemplato
attending Commer
cial HClHMll. it will
pay you to visit tne 'uuuuMtTiut huhi
NKBd UNIVEIWITV before d( elding where,
though you may live a thousand tulle uwuy.
It stands at the head ol tho list of commer
cial schools In Its character as an educational
force, as a medium lor supplying the business
men of the country with indued and capable
Bsslktanui, as a means ol placing ambitious
young men and women on the highroad to
success, and In tbo extent, eltganre nud cost
ol lis equipment. Thorough COMMKIU'IAL,
The Twenly-sevenih Annual
Catalogue will be mailed to uny address.
WILLIAMS & ROGERS,"". v.ler'
Urjttt ill Clitil Sellable Finlj Cut Cieni'ti
Represented by
130 a, Jardln Btreot,
bW rol Games PnMponed on Aoooanl of
tho Itnln.
Clovchtnl..., I
Chleto m ..5
0208000 1- B
1 0 1 0 0 5 0 018
HuttrriM- Omtr miJ Zlmmcn BtcliL LubV
and Ilowmnn,
New York-l'hUailelphU iratno nostnonod on
account of rah).
at rrrrsiiono.
Plttsbura t 000080003
Cincinnati... 0 0000040 x- 4i
llnttorles -flali-In aud Mack: Mulliino aud
at nosToa.
lloston-ltrooklvn trumo costDoncd on ac
count of ruin,
Tho National Longua Accord.
Ter Per
rluha. iron. Tjf. CI rthi IPnn. TrtlL ?l
NowYorlt..80 10 flu nrooklyn ..ftl 3.1 .470
lloeton ....!i7 al .5U3 VhllMol'ci..21 al .47 21 SMi IMttsburu ..1 S7 .400
Clovoland..2u 35 .600 Cincinnati .'-"fl 3S .417
Assorlntton Oamcs.
noston-Athlotlo mine tmstDoned on account
ox rain.
Cincinnati. . lOOOOOOOU-n
St. IajuU S 3010O0OO-0
flatteries Dwyer aud Kelly; Stlvctts and
IIO) 10.
Washlnirton.ltaltlmore gtune called at end
oi iniru inaiuguiiHcoouut. ui raiu.
ITOlSvillc. O 0 30000000 B
Columbus. 0 00000010 07
Iluttcrles Knell and Dowse: Bell and Cook.
The Assoclutluu Itooord,
for Prr
aub. mm. Lo(. Ct Clubn. rrm. Ovt. Ct
Boston.. .83 HO .(KI7 Columbu 18 LU .401
ht. Louh..riU L-J .(Kl Atliletlos...v:i UL' AW
llultlmoroM 21 .nil Lou'vlllo..21 3(1 .400
Clnolnu'tU7 L'S .401 Wash'ton...lU 33 .314
Fastem Lvalue.
at synAcusa
Pyracusa- -1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
liuHalo 0 000313000 5
Ilatterles- CouuhUn and Myers: Burr and
The Karues scheduled at Altjany, l'ro1donco
and Now llaven postponed on ucoouut ot roiu.
Cnrrletl on by n Pullman Cur Conductor
for Ten Yenrs.
WAsnrsoTOX, Juno 10. For some tlmo
past tho United States Customs uuthor
itlos have been awaro that considerable
smuggling was going ou between Mon
treal and Boston. They qulto recently
set a watch to discover tho smuglers and
havo been rewarded by making a most
Important arrest, the culprit being un
burn J. Brown, sleeping car conductor on
tho Canadian Pacific Railway between
Montreal and Boston.
Tho customs pooplo say thnt for tho
last ten yoars Browu has defruuded the
United States Treasury Department out
$100,000 by running In contraband arti
cles of wearing apparel, opium, furs,
silks, velvets and C-ao goods, packagos of
which wero of great valuo and embargoed
up 73 per cent, of their real valuo.
Brown's modus oporandl was to fill
tho pillow boxes with tho contraband
goods and drop them at different points
of tbo route or to oarry them direct to
Boston, where tho ownera would bo wait
ing to receive them.
The express companies havo also Bttf-
lereu loss oy pacnages carried, luo
United States Deputy Collector at Mon
treal attaches considerable importance to
tho arrest. During his Btay in Montreal
Brown put up at the best hotol and took
tho greatest possible enjoyments of Hfo.
Tho News About Illppolyto's Death.
New Yomt, Juno 10. Tho Haytlan
Minister, Hannibal Price, declares that
there Is not tho slightest foundation for
tho statement that President Hippolyte
of tho Haytlan Republic has been shot.
IIo has received mall from Port-au-Prince
ot n lator duto than tho ttmo of tho alleged
shooting, and his advlcos Indicate that
ovorythlng is tranquil there, und govorn
inont and business affulrs are transacted
in their normal manner.
The Conservatives Defeated.
Losdo.v, Juno 10. Tho government
mot a defeat last night on tho quostlon
of factory labor. Mr. Sydney Buxton,
Liberal, ot London, had offered au
amendment to the Factory bill to pro
hibit children under 11 years of ago
from worklnis In factories. Tho govern
ment opposed tha amendment, whloh
wits carried, howovor, by a vote of 20a to
160, soreral Conservatives voting with
the majority.
Forged ills Father's Namo.
Atwntio Crrv, N. J., Juno 10. Hamil
ton Turner, tho It) year-old son of a
prominent lumbor dealer of this city, was
takon to May's Lauding last ovonlng to
await trlul at tho Soptombor term of
court ou a churgo of forging his father's
namo to a check for $15, tho inonoy be
ing used to defray his oxpensos in last
week's Century Blcyclo Club run, he bo
ing a participant.
An American Ship Wrecked.
London, Juuo 10. Tho American
ship Annhuac, Capt, Wholdon, from New
castle, N. S. W., bound In tho direction
of Padiing, has bcon wrecked in Bratnblo
Day Straits. No liven wero lost. Thu
Anahuac sallod from Boston nnd was
owned by Edward Lawrence. Sho regis
tered 1,221 tons.
Iludyard Klpllna Arrives from Europe.
New Yomc, Juno 10, Rudyard Kip.
ling arrived in New York on the City oi
Paris. Ho ia travollug incogulto, as his
health does not permit him to sco tha
many visitors who would llko to call on
him. lie will spend a few weeks In tho
country with somo friends.
Dying of a Crushed Plug-or.
Perth Abbot, N. J., June 10. While
coupling oars In Klliabeth ono week ago,
Patrick Galviu, a brakeman in tho em
ploy ot the Central Railroad Company,
had ono of his lingers crushed, As a re
sult ot thu lujury he is dying of lockjaw
nt his homo in Do Kalb avenuo.
For Slavln uud Sullivan.
Omaua, Fob., Juno 10. A pursa ol
$440,000 has been offered by tho Magia
City Athletic Club for a flulth fight be.
tween Slavln and Sullivan. A $10,000
bond was died in bank for faithful pur
formouoe, Ilotllns Horribly Mutilated.
Mannuxiij, Juno 10. The Baslo horror
grows. Many more bodies havo been re
covered, legless and armless, and amona
them tho body ot a beautiful young
woman severed In two.
41 Continual dropping wear's
away the stone."
'The continual breakincf of
lamp-chimneys costs a good
deal in the course of a year.
You can stop it. uet Mac
beth 's "pearl top " or ' pearl
glass." You will have no more
trouble with breaking from
heat. You will have clear glass
instead of misty ; fine instead
of rough ; right shape instead
of wrong; and uniform, one
the same as another.
You will pay a nickel a chim
ney more ; and your dealer
will gain in good-will what he
loses in trade; he will widen
his trade by better service.
Pitteburg. (;bo. a. Ma-betu a Co.
nnd other special.
tl- fur Oputlomen,
raniod, an I r-ostmTcd on bottom. Adilresa
'V. li. 1KM ULAri,lrockloii,3Iii6. SolU
15 Per Cent.
Dividend Paying Stock.
I'nll particular. ud
1'rospoctua can be had
nn appMcttort nr arid wising
H. - rI.tlInO, KMIihvr,
64 ItroncIvvMv. ?. V.
20 oilier -.tyks F S- .. . , m
Wn.Avsu'Nn'. I'll!' Mii Ll-ii
Ublehcau-t'a Knallidi HUiuoad liread.
EiWlWAl pais
rllnol mna Onlj tannine
urairtfiat tor (-ni.Autrra Kn ji.i -
tnoui Bran,i Ui I ted .11 Ut Id -."UlUoA
oxen 3. aiw -wna moe n ri Tnua 1
DOtlirr. HrfUMi tlnm-tront e?.ar,r.
lioua and itnt(anmu it D munis ts, or ienj
In Uimpi for jartlmUrs ti-itlmonUi diJ
llUrf tor r,nHi,,Mnf(. by rium
If ' UiiiLiitnli Sam J'aptr,
- "" OhwhcU'pClieuilcul CJS-dlaionHQure,,
Bold t 11 Locfcl Uruglm. l'bllAdik I'wl
Tit- moil rtliatl,: ami aaaeeaifu
ilt.Bl fcr th a-netae cibcl
Special Disc ases.BM Poison
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look h:ss, 33
A grand opportunity lor Joining a now
The Beneficial Older of Equity,
A fraternal society for both sexes.
Pays From $200 to $5,000 !
Advances money to buy hemes, cancels the
Indebtedness In cao of disability or death,
pays sick and death benefit,
For further particular coll on or address,
Deputy Supreme President,
32 N. Main St., Fhunaudoiih, 1-a.
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of Srromor Kxcubaos 1 ri Old or Yountr.
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ktafrhiUi Vmi, tmUaallua ua proofi malUd rare ltd) traa
Oynters, CUtms and Poultry
Heoeivod daily at tho old reliable
stand oi
North Main St, near UuyJ.
"Wliolesnle nud Retnll.
I'loaios, fesllvals and private parties tup
plied In quiiu titles at short notice,
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