The evening herald. (Shenandoah, Pa.) 1891-1966, June 03, 1891, Image 2

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    Shenandoah Herald.
8. 0. EOYEU, Editor and Publisher,
W. J. WATE1NS. Local Editor.
subscription rates:
DAILY, rer year
Wkklt, per year,.,
..J3 00
.. 1 80
Weather Indications.
WAsni.wron, Juno 3. For Now England
anj Dnstern Now York: Showers; stationary
temperature; variable winds.
For New Jersey: Showers; stationary tem
pernturo; southerly winds.
For Western Now York and Western 1'cnn.
fylvnnltt! Showers; stationary teinjienvturo;
varlablo winds.
EnUred nt the Potofno, at Shenandoah, Pa.,
for transmission through the Malls
as seeoud class mall msttor.
Nnw Your, June 3. Money on call leaned aH and 4 per cent.
4Uk. 1801 Ues,
4, 1WU Coup.
Colliery Englneor Pookot Book
Tho Colllory EnRinocr Co,, Soranton.
Pa., Publisher?. This is a convenient vol
mo of over 400 pages printed on flue paper
.with dear nBW typo, thus onabllnK the
publishers to furnish a vast amount ol
matter in handy shape.
This book has been especially prepared
for the use of colliery officials and mineri
who have lon left the want of a convenient
nnd simple reference book, containing rule
and tables specially adapted to tboir use.
It is a text-book for the miner who if
studying the principles of ventilation, min
ing, etc., and tho most convenient pocket
book for tbe mining engineer, superinten
dont, or othor colliery officials. It was not
prepared for college graduates, and any
intelligent man can understand the princi
ples and rulos contained in It. No other
book is required by tho student for a mine
foreman's certificate.
Tho following, among many olhnr sub
jects, nro treated on in full :
Arithmetic; monsuration; woights and
moasuros; strongth and woightof materials;
prospecting; timboring; methods of work
ing; gases; vontilation; colliery machinery;
survoying; mino railways; steam; faults;
oloctricity; squaros; cubes; squaro roots, and
cubo roots; sinoe; tangents, etc., traverse
tables, etc., etc.
tlnnnrl In rlnth 82 00
Hound In flexible leather, round corners., 2 50
Hound In flexible leather, with flap 2
, 100
Terrific, Tornado Savcops
Over South Dakota.
Tliroa Men Killed and a Great Deal
Property Destroyed.
, OOl
, atr
4 . 1907 nee.
4 s, 1007 Coup,
Canadian rnclllo 70
Central Pacific 80
Chicago, Htm & Qulncy...
Delaware .V Hudson
Del., Lack. Western
Kite prcf
Luke Shore
Louis. Nosh
Michigan Central
.Missouri raclflo....
Vm, .Imwv Ontml
Northwi'Stcrn 107(
Oieiron Navigation i2 .
Pacific Mall aM
llenrthnr gov
Itock Island 78
St. Vmil 02V
Union rueine
Westoru Union 80
June. July.
Wheat 10W lft
Corn 0J mi
OuU 4,ii
linttr Miirkpt llrm. Western extras. 18Wc.
CbocMt Market quiet but steady. State
factory new full crcura cholco white, OHo.
EgKS-Market linn. State fresh, 10ical84
0.; western, lucuiuo.
i 1
St. Pnul called the Cretans "slow bellies, costive,
111-ulsposeil and mischievous." Cactus Llood Cure
would have remedied all that. Ills of the llesh
vanish beforo pure blood. Scrofulous and speclllo
blood poisons are now curauie.
Hold at Klrfln's Drug Store, Ferguson House
mock sneunnaoan.
A Long Silence
Tho splro of St. Helen's church, In
'ttin tsio of Wiilit. which was built In
Hha beginning of the last century and
(shortly afterword struck by lightning,
'had, as was supposed, tho largo bell of
Its chime cracked, as the tone was very
'much muffled. Tho other day a church
warden happened to bo In the belfry,
and through curiosity examined the,
boll, lie found that thoro was not a
crack In it, but a pieco of wood broken
from tho wheel was pressing against
tho edge and stopping the vibration.
Tills being removed, tho boll, after
being muffled for ono hundred and
Boventy years, rang out merrily to tho
astonishment of tho Inhabitants ol tho
Suddon Deaths.
Heart disease Is bv far the mostfreauent
cnuto of sudden death, which In three outof
four cases is unsuspected. Hie sympiomsaro
not generally understood. These are: lying
on the rltrht, side, short breath, uoln or dis
tress lu side, bade or shoulder, Irregular
mine, asthma, weak nnd nuugry spells, wina
ju siuiuucii, swenuiK ui iiium-a ui uiuj'oj
-tfl single.
W hen trouble! with tbo.n nnnorlna IrretfnftrltIp-.(
frninentlT followuii; n cnlil or iipcHiire, or froiaOon
.tltutlouiu Vii'.ikneB&-s no peculiar to their eooula
Use DR. DuCHOIME'S celenrntea
'heynm Btrengthentnc to the entire fiyitrf-, lapnjx
)ne, lornnd mimnetlc lorceto all fnnctloneot bojj
il tatnd. Kent uy mini, eecureiy Beaiwi, ii.
r. Hartor Mediclno CO..ST.LDU1S. rnu.
oppression, dry
couch nnd smothering. Dr.
Allies' Illustrated book on Heart Disease, free
nt o. H HiiL'piibiirli. who sell nnd iruaranleo
Dr. Miles' uneqiialed New Heart Cure, nod his
ltestoramc Nervine, which cures nervous
ncss, headache, sleeplessness etlects of drlnlt'
log, etc. It contains no opiates,
Somo of tho singor's highest notes an
those she tucks into her pocketbook.
Shiloh's Consumption Ouro.
This Is beyond Question the most suc
cessful Couch Medicine we have ever so d.
a few doses Invariably cure the worst cases ol
Cough, Croup, and Bronchitis, wbllo Its won
derful success In the euro of Consumption Is
without a parallel In the history of medicine.
Hlnce It's first discovery It has been sold on a
guarantee, a test which no other mediclno
can stand. It you have a Cough wo earnestly
unit you to try it. l'rlce 10 cents, B0 cents, and
11.10. If your Lungs are sore, Chest or ltactc
lame, use Hlilloh's i'orous Plaster. Bold bv
C. II. Hagenbuch, N. E. corner Main and
Lloyd streets.
from tho South
The vestlbulcd compartment sleenluc cars
recently Introduced on tho Chlrago, HI. l'aul
and Kansas City Railway aro models of com.
fort, convenience and luxury. Any patron of
the sleeping car Is enabled, by the introduc
tion oi i uese roinpuriuieui. cuts, iu pecuie ine
same privacy ana i onvenieuce mui jie wouia
In the best hotel. No other line west of Chi
eniro runs the enmnartment cars, lu nddl
Hon, the trains are equipped with the regular
nnen I'ullman sleener. L'lvluc passengers theli
choice. Tlie dl.ilug car service Is fully up to
me requiremems oi moueru railway service.
An excellent cuisine, promptly Bcrved amid
elecruut surroundings, at moderate charges.
leaves noiniug now iu uo uesireu, Auy ui our
nennie contemmaunE: a inn to anv nan oi tne
wpRt nr northwest cannot ro&slblv secure
better accommodations or lower lates thar,
by ndaressing w. f. uooiey, uenerai Agent oi
tne l'assenger aepanmeni, mi wutbinuiou.
l'nuaueipuia, i-a.
Colorado Is a land of sham contrasts, ol
UllJUUUb Jiiuia, vii in icueu puauirns, u muu
where heights and depths make obvious the
raennlng of the word antithesis; a land where
everv mood In mind can nnd nil answering
mooa in nature, ine uigu, wuite minareis oi
tne mountains, irom wuose sienaer pinnacles
float the wind-blown banners oi the snow, ap
peal wnn sueut eloquence to me tony aspira'
lions oi me soui: me somure cuasms cieit. o.
Titan forces through irranlte-hearted hill
wltmn wuose aepms aarK suaaows inrong
TZzk plants aro nrrivinf;
in tho city markets.
Oh, What a Cough.
Will you heed the warning? The signal per
hnris nf lha sure annrmich nf that more ter
rible disease. Consumntlon. Astc yourselves
If you can atlord for the sake of saving 50
cents, to run the risk and do nothing for It.
We know from experience that Bhlloh's Cure
will Cure your Cough. It never falls. This
explains why more than a Million liotllcs
wero sold the past year. It relieves Croup
and Whopplne Cough at once. Mothers do
not be without It. For Lame Back, Hide or
Chest, use Hhlloh's I'orous Master. Bold by
u. Ji. liagenbucn, n. corner juain ana
Lloyd streets.
Kipo cherries aro selling in town at 8 to
10 cents a quart
Rocky Mountain Ouro.
Tho druggists claim that pooplo call
daily for tho now euro for constipation and
sick hoadacho, discovered by Dr. Silas
Lano whilo in the Kocky Mountains. It Ib
said to bo Oregon grapo root (a great
romody in tho far "West for thoso'com
plaints) combined with simple herbs, and is
mado for uso by pouring on boiling water
to draw out tho strongth. It soils at 60
cents a packago and is called Lano'
Family Alodicino.
Spring ohiokens aro becoming of better
size and quality.
Hold It totno Light.
Tho man who tolls you confidentially
UBt what will cure your oold is prescribing
Komp's Balsam this year. In tho prop-
aration of this remarkablo modicino for
coughs and colds no expenso is spared
combine only tho best and purest Ingredi
onts. Hold a bottle of Kemp's Balsam to
tho light and look through it; notlco tho
bright, cloar look; then compare with
othir remedies. Prico COc. and ?1
Iron is eood for the blood, but no ono
wants it admlniitored in the shapo of car
pt tacks.
Mll&a' ftorve and Liver Fills
Aot on a new principle regulating
i nc
liver, stomach and bowels throuahlhenrrrn,
A now discovery. Dr. Miles' Tills speedily
cute biliousness, uaa taste, torpia iiver.pues,
constipation, liuequaled tor men, women
children. Bmallest, mlMest.surestl,
Kcts. Bamples Free, at C. il. Hagenbuch1
1 rug store,
Thoro aro oven stockings to match tho
.stiver kid shooe.
and swirling torrents dashspeak to the heart.
n language that thrills, Inspires nud awes. It
does not follow that these glories of white
peaks and those glooms of uarK canons pre
clude the pleasant Intervals, the sunny
meadows or the secluded nooks wherein the
tired mind or weaned bojv may nnd neaco-
ful rest and refuge from turmoil and toll. To
one making a Journey In Colorado, New
Mexico or Utah, or taking a transcontinental'
lour irom laist to west, or vice versa, ine lien'
ver nnd Itlo Grande Railroad otters ncconi'
modatlons equal In elegauce.convenlence nnd
luxury to tnose oi any otuer line wun me ad
ded attractions of tho unrivalled scenery
along Its line, abounding In a magnificent
opulence of white peaks nnd dark canons,
The month of November, 1SW, witnessed one
v' Rh W 'V
n am
Horses Lifted from the around and
Hurled Into the Air Houses nnd Harm
Literally Carried Away llio Dobrls ol
tho Storm Sprena Along Its Lino fol
Nearly n 31110.
WATEnTOWN, S. D., Juno 8. A torriut
storm swept over a portion of this scctloi
last cveuiug. Its funnel shnpo appearing
close to tho ground, its whirling motion,
tho roar like tho crackling of a lire with
which its was accompanied indicated tc
tho frightened peoplo that tho storm wul
of tho crclonio order.
Fortunately it struck tho city on th
extreme eastern limit, whero tho build'
lugs wero scattered, and tho whole city
la thankful to-day that it came no closer.
Six bams were demolished.
Tho path of tho storm was only about
100 feet wide, and it wns miraculous
that not a slnglo houso within the city
limits was In its way. Horses wore lifted
from tho ground, hurled into the air and
sent sprawling to tho earth, wagons
wero taken up and hurled to atoms. Five
miles northeast of lioro two houses and
three barns wero Htornlly carried away.
Tho debris from tho storm ns left this
city spread nlong its lino for nearly
O. P. Chandler and his son woro in one
of tho barns when tho storm struck it,
and they wero pinned under tho boards
uutll assistance came, but woro oniy
slightly Injured,
Three peoplo wero killed at Hazol, 10
miles southwest of hero, and tho Btorm
is said to have been very severe in that
vicinity. No othor fatalities havo beon
yet reported.
S Some time last winter there appeared
5 In the columns of tho Bangor Oomnu r
S cial ti description of a remnrkable euro
efleetod by tho use of Brown's Sarea
; parllla upon the person of Reuben
S Severance, a well known nnd highly es
; teemed citizen of Upper Stillwater, Me.
S With a view to placing the facts In tho
S case of Mr. Severance beyond dispute,
; nnd to present them In such a form ns to
S satisfy tho doubts of tho most IncreJu
5 lous, a party of several gentlemen, in
; eluding Mr. Warren, of tho Brown's
I HarsnparlllaCompany,and Ex-Ooveruor
Dnvls, drove out a few days ago to tho
; pleasant leskleneoof Mr, Severance. Ills
S story ns taken down from his own Hps
; nud sworn to before Gov. Davis, appears
; below.
was obliged to have my pants .ut very t
large In tlielegtoncconiluodntethc swel- !
ling. It wns tho source of much niortl-
flcatlou ns well ns sufferlnn to me. At S
this time the symptoms grow rnyldly S
more acute. The least exertion or strain
upon the affected part would causo In- I
tense, tearing palu, like the sticking of
needles Into tho tlesh. 1 finally was ;
obliged to abandon work entirely and S
took to my bed. I abandoned hopo and ;
prnyod for death to reliee mv suffer- I!
lugs. Physlciansexanilnedmeandeald S
that nothing could relieve mo but tho
cutting out of the tumor, end that the E
chances wero that 1 would die under the S
operation, Tho risk they believed to bo ;
too great to Justify It. At this tlmo I S
commenced taking Brown'sSarsupnrllla j
Philadelphia and Beading .Railroad.
Time Table in (fleet May 10, 1801
For New York via Philadelphia, week davq.
2..0 6.25, 7.20 a. m, and 12.35 2.60 and SjA
p. m. rjununy li.iu ana 7.ts a. m, ror new
York, via Manch Chunk, week days, 5,23.
. ui a, ,,n wuuu uuim,
r.zo, a. m. and 12.33 and 2.C0 p. m.
For Harrlsburg, week days, a, m,i
For lteadlnir and Phllndefnhla week davs.
2.10, 6.23, 7.20, a. m 12.S5 2.60 and 6.63 p; m,
3nuuay, 2.iu ana 7,4s a. m.
Oisappears by the Use ef
I, Beuben Severance, of Upper Still
water, Me., do mako the following state
ment of facts;
About fourteen years ago a tumor
came In my grolu. It wnsatflrstobout
the slzo of a pea nnd did not troublo mo
much. It gradually Increased In slzo,
however, anil was accompanied by
severe, darting pains. My wholo system
become disordered. My food did not
digest; had attacks of dizziness; roaring
sounds in my ears; palpitation of tho
heart, which scorned nt times to come
up In my throat ; passed many slcep
loss nights. In tho summer of 1883,
tho tumor had grown to such slzo that
It extended nearly tho wholo dis
tance to the kneo, nnd weighed, I should
thluk, at least six or teven pounds. I
as n kind of forlorn hope. I experienced
an Immediate change for the better; my
nppetl to returned ; food ceasod to trouble
mo ; tho ringing noise loft my head, nud
best of all tho tumor began to shrivel up
and disappear. It Is now, nnd has been
for somo time, entirely gone. I feel
twenty-flvo years younger than I did a
yoar 0450; my general health hat never
been better. I can nnd do work from
morning to night, and enjoy being nblo
to do so. Only two or three days ago I
worked In tho hay Hold all day mowing
heavy grass. I sny Ood bless tho man
who Invented this medicine. IIo should
wear n crown. I mean always to keep n
bottlo of Brown's SarsapnrlUa by mo
while I live.
(Signed) Reuben Severance.
At all Druggists I.OO. 0 bottles for 5.00
vOON'T tako Something clso "Just as good," IT IS NOT. ?
ADA Wareen & Co., Solo rroprictors.Bangor, Me. t
of the most Important Improvements In rail
tnat nns vet been mado in Col
orado and the West. The completion of the
standard gauge of the Denver and HloQraude
luiuroau irom uenver, coioraao, over tne
mountains to Oirden. Utah, which rive vears
ago was deemed an Impossibility, Is certainly
a triumph of daring and engineering skill.
ine uew line is uy tne way 01 leaaviije, tun
nellng Tennessee Pass, threading the canons
of the Kagle and Grand Itlvers, giving a view
ol the Mount of the Holy Cross, enronte, tak
ing Its trains through Olenwood Hprlngsand
down the Grand lllver to Grand Junction,
thence to Salt Lake City, Ogden and Ban
Francisco. By this route one is given an op-
lortunlty to beliold tue mngnincenceorioigie
tlver Canon nnd the marvelous benuty and
grandeur of tho Canon of tho Grand. The
overland train Is a model In every respect,
f rom tne engine to tne last nrst-ciass coacu
everything Is bright nud new, and of the
most elegant style of workmanship and
if anv reader desires to know more about
these stupendous works of nature, write toH.
K. Hooprr, General Passenger Agent,Denver,
Colorado, and hewlll send vou. free of cost.
elegantly Illustrated books, giving a full de
scription of the marvels of the '-Scenic
Line,"- Stanley Wood In the "Great Divide,
A Comical Sccno In Tahiti Ten lengths
for Ten Hogs.
Our good ship Boss lay at anchor full
eight miles from shoro.
In two boats, filled with bright, glit
tering things, wo slipped out from tho
craft, and under tho floating folds of
tho American flag moved through tho
waves to Tahiti; noarlng tho shoro wo
rounded the low coral roofs, and rowed
through the softly curving Inlets, and
soon saw throngs of natives filing to
tho beach, bearing upon their heads
trays and rndo baskets heaped with
tropical luxuries.
Tliero woro ten in our partj- threo
sailors with us and flvo iu tho othor
boat under chargo of tho mato, and both
boats wero loaded with tho wares wo
expected to eschango for poultry, ptga
and fruits, writes tho wifo of Capt.
Charjlln, In Wide Awake.
As we came nearer stalwart natives
loaned into tho hoavy surf and bore mo
upon their shoulders to tiio beach, whero
wonder-oyed women and children stood
ready to offer us refreshment.
This over, our treasures of barter
wero exlilbltod Imlvcs, scissors, combs,
pins, tinware, gay ribbons and bright
cotton goods. Nothing was regarded
with such covetous eyes as a roll of
brilliant calico a regular "Dolly Var-
don" pattornj upon an Intensely yellow
irround wero all manner of odd and
novel devices, crowns, minute baby
faces. HToteeqno old mon and women
with pipes and canes, flags, rings, hugs
and birds, frogs, toads and gay butter
flies all fantastically arranged, and in
divers colors in strongly contrasting
shades and tints; it was as il earth, sea
and sky had offered tribute.
Losu, a mighty Tahltian chieftain,
read la tho eyes of his ton obediem)
wives their longinir for this brflllant
cloth. CaUlntr for Dacto, Iiaproo, lloory,
Jlintab and half a dozen others, ho
dispatched them for ton pigs, young and
tender, these ho would offer in ox-
hango. For each pig should bo given
him its length of collcoj from 6nd oi
snout to end of toil its measurement
should bo, and tho gay fabric thus
measured should bo delivered to him in
ono entire length.
Tho men, returning with their squirm
ing, squealing burdens, ranged them
selves in a circle. Imagine tho uproar
and din) our sailors, nearly dead with
fun and laughter, rollod upon tho
ground, and tho captain and mysoU
wero convulsed with silent mernmen
Tho mate stood ready with tho rolL
when ono pig breaking loose gave the)
cue for freedom, and liigglety, piggletyl
tho wholo of them frantically freed
themselves and ran for tho woods, tho
surprised men following suit, yet wholly
unable, through oonvulslvo laughter, to
Immediately regain their floemg mer
chandise. This trial ol athletes, quad
ruped and biped, bade fair to occupv
Ah u PIciiHimt nud s j.. il. Cl 1 in.. !
cuecllvo Cathartic usoTBQOI I ant2 S fOUOOIWI 1 1 81 fl IS
1.(0. 6.5!) t). m.
Kor AMentown, week dayi), 7.20 1. m., 12.SS
W0 p.m.
Kor Pottsvllle, week days, 2.10,7.10,8. m.,
i2.35 2.E0 aud6.65p.m. Bunday, 2.10 and 7.13
For Tamaqua and Mahanoy City, week
lays, 2.10, 5.2i, 7.20. a. m., 12.35 2.C0 and 6.55
p. in. oununj. i,w nna 7. a, m, Aaaitionai
lor Mahanoy City, week days 7.00p.m,
Kor Lancaster and Columbia, week dayg,
1.20 a. ni 2.60 p.m. '
For Wllllamsport, Hunbury and Lewlsburg,
week days, 3.25, 7.20 nnd 11,30 a. m., 1,35, 7,00
p. m, Bunday 3:25 u. m.
tor Mahanoy Plane, week days, 2.10 S.25,
( 25. 7.20 aud 11.30 a.m.. 12.35. 1.33. 2.S0. 6.55.
7.01) ane V.tb, p. m. Bunday, 2.10, 8.25 nnd 7.1(5
a. m, s.eap. m.
For Glrardvllle (llappnbannock Htatlon)
' unjD, 0,AJ, I1.AU,, IllIU ll.tUH. UI,,
12.35, 1 3o, 2.60, 6,65, 7.00 and U.23. p. m. Bunday,
1U n,.!, I.IO H. LU., 0.1O p. LU.
Kor Ashland and bhamofeln, week dn
. 11.3(1 a. m.. IBS. 7.00 and 2'
p.m. Sunday 3.25 u.m.,3.U5 p.m. w
xiiviJNa run filler" am lJUAii :
Leave Hew York via Philadelphia, week
lays, 7,45 a. in., 1.30, 4.00, 7.30 p. m 12.1 6 til
night, Bunday, 6.00 p.m., 12.15 night. J
IMtA Niw . .irr? tin Mnnph fMinntr. Trnak I
flaVK. 4.KII. K.M ft m.. l OOiinrt 4.01) n. m. C
Leave Phlixleinblu. weez davs. 4.10. anff"!
lo.uu a. m. 4.0U snrt o.ko p. m., from Broadifl
and caliowhtll and 8.35 n. m. and 11.30 n. m.ll
from 8th ana orten Meets. Bunday W.05 a.SJ
m. ii.iu p. m. irom sin ano ireeu.
c , u ucauiuK. ,v tir.K u,..n. ,.uj. i.ii'. m
and 11.50 a, m., 6.65, 77 p, in. Bunday 1.35 antrj
a. m. .
Leave.potwvllie, wees: days, 2.40, 7.40 a. m.L
12.80, o.ll p. m. Bunday, 2.40 a. m. Rna2.UJ
P.m. I
Leave Tamaqua, week days, 8.70, 8.43 anrl
ll. zj a. m., i.ii, I.L6, ana .io p. m. aunaay d.v j
l. m, ana uu p. m.
Leave Mahanov City, week davs. 3.40. 9
and li.47a. m, 7.42 and u.44 p.m. bun I
dav. 3.4(1 a. m.. 3.20 1. m..
Leave Mananoy Plane. weeK days. 2-10. 4.1CI
3.30, 85, ll.tU a. m.,1.05, 2.00. 6'20, 3 26, 7.67, ancl
iiu.uup. m. aunuay z.iu, s.ia, ana o,o, a. mi
i, p.m.. t
LieRve uiraravine iruiDDanannocK HLaiinni
..nlr Hn... O A Iff a Qll U .11 n m III nil
2.12, 6.23, 6.82, 8.03 and 10.06 p. m. Bunday, 2, 47 1
1,1, b.m a. m. o.ti p. m.
xieave w linamspon, wees: nays, a.uu.v.-iaanti
u.(3 a, m. a.w ana ii.ia p, m. aunaay u.i a
d. m. i
For Baltimore, Washington and the wesfl
via 1!. ft O. K. K., through trains leave G Irani
Avenue station, Philadelphia, (P. & K. K. lt.l
at 4,16. 801 and 11.27 a. m 1.81, 4.21, 6.65 ancl
7,23 p. m. Sunday, 4.18 8.02 11.27 a, m., 4,21
).soana7.zjp. m.
Leave Philadelphia, Chestnut Street Wharil
ana eoutn tstreei wnan.
I'or Atlantic Cltr. (?
Week-days HxDrebH 9:00 a. m. and
l.VO p. m. Accommodation, B.WJ a.m., b.w
p. m, 1
Sundays. Express, 9.00, a. m, Accommo- J
latlon, 8.00 a. m. and 4.30 p. m. ij
Koturnlng, leave Atlantlo City, depot corner!
Atlantic ana Arkansas avenues, week-dayi
Express. 7.30. tf.00. a. in. and 4.00. p. m.l
Accommodation, 6.00, 8.05 a. m. and 4.381
4.30 p. m. 0
Sundays. Express, 4.00 p. m, Accommoltt-J
lion, 7.3U a. m. ana p. m. a
0. G. HANCOCK, Gen'l PassT Actr
c, a, Auncuu. J I i ti. a ueii-i aiiuiacer.
Not -to Piscolori Lehigh Valley Railroad.
MAY 10. 1S91.
Passeneer trains will leave Shenandoah fcl
Manch Chunk. Lehlehlon. Slatlneton. Cata
sauqua, Allentown, Bethlehem, lias ton, Phil
ndelphla and New York at 5.47, 7.10, 8.08 n. i
1Z.OZ. IJ.1I. O.ZO I). IU.
For lielvldere. Delaware Water Gap anl
Btrouasourg aia.n, a, m.. ana up, m.
For Whlto Uaven. Wllkes-Barre and rltU
ton 6.47, u.uBO.m., 3.iu ana oup. m. 5
ior 'xunKuannocK, v,ua a. ra., ana o j
I n. m. t
i - . . . ... . . i j
rorAuuum, iluucu, ueuuva uuuauuiijui
v.m a. m ana o. jmi. m, i
uuuaio. XNiagara rail
ill. m., axj
la and will over bo tho
Komody for
Ann. TnflnoriBa. Baokaoho,
Pnlnn In thn Sido. OllOSt ana
Joints, Neuralgia, Bpralno, &o
Befma you nsei to buy, cltala
lb valnaWo boost "Quiae to i ueaitn," wi
enaorsemeniB oi prominai pujfDiuituui
310 BroaUwav.
Medals Awarded!
ieana, FragQi Iiotterdam, UUeni
50 Cents a bottlo, For Salo by
, I. 1. X). ICIIITIN,
and other druegiH-.-
Prize I
On and after A'ov. 21, 1S90, Iralnt uill
anenanaoan as iouows:
For Wieean. Ullberton. Fraekvllle. New
Castle, St. Clair, and way points, (j.OO, 8.L
am and 4.15 pm,
Hunaays, wu, a m ana .iu p m.
For PotUvllle. 6.00. 1M0 a m and 4.1S n m.
Sundays, 600, 9.40 a m and 8.10 P m,
For Heading, 8.00, U.10 am and 4.15 pm,
Sundays, boo, 9.40 a. m. and 8.10 pm.
ror I'ottstown, iuoeuixviiie, iNomstowz.
and Philadelphia (Broad street station), 6,00,
iu a m. ana f .ia n m wees: aavs
Sundays, 600, 9.40a m 3.10 p m
Trains leave Fraekvllle lor Shenandoah ai
10.40 a m and 12.14, 7.42. 10.09 p m. Sundays
11.13 a m and S.40 p m.
Leave roiisvuie tor Dnenanaoan, ano
11.48. a m 7.15. 9.42 P m. Sundays, 10.40 a a
5.15 p m.
Iieave jrniiaueipriin luruau nireeb bluuuqj
for Pottsvllle and Shenandoah. 6.57,10.25 a nc
2.10, 4.10 and 7.00 p m week days. Sunday D.a
am and 1.10 p.m.
For w xorK, h.jj, t.vo, t.iu., b.w, 7.bu
8.20 8.8 11.50, ll.00andll.15am, 12.00 noon,(llm
ilea express, l.uo ana i.ou p zn.i i.4, i,w, aoi
8.20. 4, fi, 6,18.80, 6.50 7.13 8.12 and 10.00 p m. 12.01
un Dunuays, a.M. f ,w, i.tu, o.oa. o.itt, v.ou
a ra. and 12,49, 8.20 (limited 4.50), 6.28, 6,30, 6.5(
7.13 8.12 n m and 12.01 nlcht.
f or eea uin, opnuc iaukb, ceuiiar,
ucenn urove. Asnary i-ars. ana juonE urancr
8.20, 11,15, a. ra, 4.00 p. m, week dayr For
r reenoia, p. in. weeK aays.
Ualttmorx and Washington. 8.60. 7.20. 8.:
9.10, 10.20, J t.18 a m,12."i (limited express) Mf
i.u mi RQiw.iu p. m., sua i2.uoniuu u
Baltimore, my. 2.02. 4.1 1. 6 08 and 1130 p. m
On Snndays, 8.50. 7,20, 9,Uond 11.18 a. m. 4.41
8.67, 7.40 p m, 12.03 night. Baltimore only
ana p m.
For Richmond and the South 7.20 11.18 a. m.,
(Limited Express 12.85 p. m..)12.03 nlt'ht.weer.
davs. S nndavs. 7.20 a. m.. 12.03 nlehL
Trains leave n arriBuurg lor piiianurg ana
the went every day at 12.25 and 3.10 a m auO
. n ..u. u.jvu, vuuv " w ' i j i kuuviiuiiimi) uuuo,,v y ui, r, mt aiiuuuis
a.n...i.nunn Y. clnin T.ncm Vin,1 qK I 8.16 a in and 4.10 u m everv dav.
".r:.' "X l"? ZZn PHtsbre only, u . mdally and 10.20
UVUbVU) liwuuuiy amavuu wtuu m vwv
Williams d Bro.
Chamber Beta,
Wash Stands,
Dressing Cabinets,
lllnlrg Tables,
China Closets,
Dining Chairs,
Smoking Chain,
Card Tables,
Tea Tables,
Parlor Bulls,
Easy Chairs,
Parlor Cabinets,
Music Cabinets,
Piano Chairs,
Hall Stands,
Hall Tables,
Fancy Tables,
Wood Mantels,
Book cases,
Writing Desks,
Book Cabinets,
Sewing Machines,
until this opening; trade, bad beon satis
factorily settled.
In vain the captain argued, with
Hans nutmorgor for Interpreter, that
u m week davs.
Leave Sunbury lor Wllllamsport, Elmlra
Canandalguo, Kochester, BuUalo and Nlagai?
r aiiSg o.iu a m uauy, ana i.u p in wee& uays.
ifor Aiatklns, 6.W) p m week days,
For Erie and Intermediate poll
, : , , j i i uauy, wr ixjck javen, o.iu, unu .oo u ui
one pig amply measured with duo n J dally, 1.81 and 6.S0 p. m. week days. Foi
lowanoo for Bqulrmlng, and ten such
longtlis given with a balanco In the)
chiefs favor, would mako every point
Ko; each llttlo beast should bo meas
ured upon that point old Lasu was
llrm. And finally each pig was again
a prisoner in arms, and had its feel
firmly tied with Btronir oord: the crea
ture was then laid upon tho sand and a
small lad put astride its back; at tho
tall of each captlvo wub stationed a man
of strength and nervet at Its snout an
other man of oqual power; at tho exact
moment for measurement these sturdy
attendants woro to pull vigorously so
that not tho hundrodth part of an inch
should bo lost.
Now all in lino, again tho mato pro
ceeds to dutyi I.nsu's dark, liandsomo
features beam with inward joy tho ton
wives gostloulato thoir satisfaction! tho
measuring is accomplished! tho ten,
lengths, an uncut roll, aro folded and
delivered to tho royal purchaser.
After this othor exchanges woro spoedi
Ov accomplished, tho stores rccolveoioj
tho ship's larder amply compensatliuj
for all our trouble.
For Erie and Intermediate points. 5.10 am.,
dally. Hot Lock Uaven, 5.10, and 9.53 a m
llenova 6.10 n m 1.43 and 6,30 p m week days,
).iu a. m aunaays.
jHAS. ir. PUUli, J.11.WOOU,
Gen. Man'r (Jen. Pass. Agt
cimiru. lujuiiiraict.
Chicago and all points West at 9.(
5.28 n. m.
For Klmlra and the West via Salamanca a
3.10 p. m.
p or Auaennea. iiazieton. Biucniun. iiu
her Yard, Wcatherly and Penn Haven Juri
Hon at 5.47, 7.40, 9,08 a. m. and 12.52, 3.10 as
6,28 p. m.
For Jeanesvllle, Levlston and Beej
Meadow, 7.40, 9.08 a. m. and 5,28 p. m, , .
For8crantonat6.47nnd9.08a. m. 3,10;
1 S'2 n. m.
For Hazle Brook. Jeddo, Drllton and Fro
Iiana at o.i, anu v.u9 a. m,, iaq& o.iu
5.20 p.m.
Fortiuakake at 6.47 and 9.08 a. m r, m.
I For Wlggans, Ullberton and Fraekvllle il
For Yatesvllle, Mahanoy City and Delanl
5.47, 7.40, 9.08, 10, 4la. m., 1162, 3.10, 5.26, 8,03, 9 Jj
and 10.27 n. m. I
I For Lost Creek, 31rardvllle and Ashlan'l
14.27, 7.40,8.52, 10.15 a. m., 1.UU,, 4.10, 01
1 8.00 ana u.ii p. m.
I For New Castle, St. Clair and Pottsvllll
7.40, 9.08, 10.58 a. m., 12.62,3.10,4.10, 5.28 and B.J
r. tti.
rur nuuH iuuuuuuii. now iiubuju nu
Morea. 7.40. 9.08. 103 a. m.. 12.62, 3.10, 6.26 ail
I n. m. I
ror iiavon ivuu, ceuiruiin, mt. uuiuvi muh
HnamoKiD. ana a. iu., s.a
and 8.08 p. m. 1
I Trains leave Bhamokln for Bhenandoa
1 7.55 115 a. m., 2.10, 4.80 and v.8u p. m,, nrrivia
at Shenandoah, 9.05 a.m., 12.52. 8.10, 5.28 aj
i ii.ia p. m. ,.,,,.,
For Lost Creek. Glrardvllle and Ashland
B in m. I
For Mew Castle, St. Clair and FoltsvlUi
650, 8.00, 90 a . m., 2.45 p. m. , 1
For Yatesvllle, Mahanoy City and Deland
8.00, 11J35 a. m.. 1.40, 4.40, 6.03 p. m.
I ror ijoiiy, Auuenneu auu uusiciuii, o.v
a m 1;40 p. m: I
For Mauch Chunk. Lehlshton. Slatlnttorj
Catasauqua, Allentown, Bethlehem, Kastol
I ana rsew xom, s.uu a. m., i.ip, m:
For rnuaaeipnia, i.iu p. in.
Gen'l Pass. Agt, Bethlehem:
jwxxa atiiaxi),
Committeemen should bear In
mind that tho Heiiald ofllco
is prepared to do all kinds of
Poster Work!
nt tho most reasonable rates.
Give us a call and obtain out
prices. All work done when
promisednnd In a satisfactory
J. P. Williams & Bro.
At once the newest: oldest and best bic
nuriner Known, zw years oia in iirazii. in
years' test In this country, and without a rlVj
intnecureoi sain aisca&esanarneumatiaa
eating ulcers, nous, tumors, King's evil, mil
swelling, hip disease, and all disorders iril
tho poison taint oi scrouua and specmo u
seoso no mineral, no iauures, no xeiapsei i
Sold at Klrlln's Drug Store,
Ferguson's Hotel Slock, Shenandoah, .
A newly discovered MINEHAL WATER,
the use of which will supply Important ele
ments necessary to health. It will cure the
Kidneys, Liver, stomach, and all Bowel and
Bladder diseases. It will dissolve calculi and I
remove lhem. It removes the uric acid from I
the blood and thus destroys Malaria and I
tenuis, it cures unpin a uiseaiie, uuu is vs
neclallv recommended for neonle advanced In
life, and for genera debility. For undoubted I
proofs or this send for pamphlet giving full
particulars, to J, It. I'KHHY, Water ol Wle
Co., in soum Main St., wukes-uarre, ra.
ptinnaueuHy cuift-u l
r J 1 1 L A D h I A' 1 1 1 A . 1 a 0 at once, no Oierat loif
Curable uy otlteis want.'U.
Bona iur 1 Mcuiar.
Advire IKrp.