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    SHENANDOAH, PA., MONDAY, JUNE 1. 1891. .
YOIj. YI.-NO. 142.
There will be no chaugo In. the new
apportionment bills so far as they ro
laloto Schuylkill county. This county
will remain a separate congressional
district ; will continuoto be represented
by two senators and six representa
fines, nnd will also have four judges.
The Harrlsburg Telegraph remarks
that "In alt this discussion of ballot re
form let tho reader not overlook the
fact that the most zealous advocates' of
reform In Pennsylvania are those vho
are either silent or have only apologfrji
to oiler when the fact is pointed oui
that fraud, force and murder nreHhe
main elements that keep at least seven
states of this Union in the DemocratJa
coluufn. They have nothing much (o
say then. They cau be rs dumb w
oysters when the fait that forty thou
sand votes elect ten Congressmen In
Georgia, whl'e It requires almost thifc
many to elect one Congressman in anj
Northern state is pointed out to them
They have no condemnation for th
Georgia suffrage thief. They rathe
rejoice in the skill and completeness
iqflus work, what rank ana bare?
Sinprl livnnnrlsv Ir. la fnr tho ilnfpnrlnr
are anxious about a free ballot anc
fair count anywhere?
Rooky Mountain Ouro. . ' '
Tho druggists claim that peoplo',
dally for the new euro for constipation"; aI?d
sick headache, discovered by Dr. f?lKs
Lane whilo in tho llocky Mountains. ifys
said to bo Orogon grapo root (a groat
remedy in tho fur "West for those eon)
plaints) combined with simple horbs, and is
made for use by pouring on boiling wator
to draw out tho strength. It solU at '60
cents a packago and is called Lane's
Family Medicino. ,
A Now Business. -i
P. J. Cloary ha3 oponod a ttoro in the
Ferguson's building, on East Centre strait,
and is proparod to furnish tho local trrjie
With fine leather and shoo findings nnd all
kinds of shoemaker's supplios. His stocll is
a large one and well equipped to fully
supply all domands of tho trado. 5-15-tf
The treat Dumoulin. when dvin?. said ! I
laamrui frwrrt wont. Tln-otMit rimnlft .Hak.firt '
tui only inianiDio euro ror scroiuia ana specinc
disease yet discovered. Three hundred yearsiffl:
perience In Brazil. No failures and no rriapifs.
Sold nt Klrlln's Drug Store, Ferguson House
Block Shenandoah.
CENTS per-yjtfor the
Slore, 10 South Jardin St, near Centre
Crosse and Blue Jewell' 8 Choio-Chow and Plcltles.
French Macaroni, 2 lbs. for 25c.
" Sardines in Oil, 3 cans for 28c.
Jiancy Rice, 3 lbs. or 25c. s
Eine California Emits.
Fancy Prunes, large and fine, 15c.
Choice Prunes, 2 lbs. for 25c.
Evaporated Jellied Aitrlcots, 20c. ' ,i
"Evaporated Peaches, 15o
Canned Pears, Plums, Peaches and Jprlcots,
tje Roasted ColTec, 30c quality improved,
jftovcriimeut Java frceli roamed
Tyatole Syrup 2 cits, lor 25c.
ggnap8 and Coffee Calcesr 3 lbs. lor 25c.
ir UVuf'u:,',;' flutter Snusagc and Clilpped Beef
CURF 'rrjMd Flue Dairy Kutter
''uyturini" Early
uuiui'il lfC!llb
It It inanufoatured u a powder, w
In a glaia of beer. a cup of ooHea ol-.n
without the kno wledea ot tho Datlenu -c
hrmte9, and will eifeot a psrmiink
cure, whether the patient la a inoderl1J 5'
of eases, and In every Instance a perfe
Inwad It 11 over Full. The system a
9A with the Bpeolnojt beoomea an uttei
43 Pae book of partloulara free.
'5 in a
C. H. HAGENBUCH, Druggist
Twenty Graduates Delight Over
Flftoon Hundrod Rolatlves and
Friends Striking Proof of
Our Sohool Work.
Tho management ofFcrgusor's thcatro
is authority for tho statement that slxlw
hundred peoplo paid admission feoa to wit
noes tho graduating oxorciscs of tho 13th
annual commoncomont of tho Shenandoah
High Sohool. Such is tho ovidonco of tho
great intorost takon in the local public
school work. Tho graduates woro oqual to
the occasion and their exorcises gavo ample
return for tho attendance.
Tho theatro was brilliantly illuminated
and tho stago handsomely decorated. Tho
graduates wero in gala day attiro nnd pro11
sonted a splondid picture whon seated
upon tho stage. What a tteat it must havo
boon for iheir relatives and friends I Tho
enthusiasm was unbounded.
Superintendent L. A. Freoman antici
pated it. In fact ho feared that at times tbo
enthusiasm might reach a point when it
would interfere with the exercise, so ho
stepped upon- tho stage after the curtain
was raised and Imprcfsod upon tho minds
that perfect ordor would bo maintained.
Tho Superintendent had no occasion to call
t order again during the evening.
"Whon tho curtain aroso School Directors
Beddall, Muldoon, Conry, Reliis, Gable,
Hanna, Owens, Baird, Stoin, Bachman,
D-enport, Butts and Knebel, and School
.jctors-oloct Gallagher nnd "Williams,
were seated on tho loft of tho stage, iusl
rm0uw f60aU Tm'd, f0rth0
Huuuiud, xuu uujl uu iiiu rigni 01 tno
ago was occupied by A. P. Blaksleo and
f imily, of De.lano, whilo school toachors
occupied tho other.
I3 jAJSTID good.
June Peas-not soalcs-3 cans
if those Fanoyl Moquette Hugs at
few days.
llov. John Gruhler oponod tho exercises
with prsyor. Tho graduates then marched
upon the s'.ago and formed a group In tho
center reprosonting tho figures "91." After
maintaining tho position for a momonl or
two, the graduatos formed at tho footlights
andrenderod tho "March Song" which
was heartily applauded. They thon took
thoir seats and tho regular exercises com
menced. Miss Tossio E. Harnett gavo tho saluta
tory and an essay
The battle la over 1 What a glorious victory
we have won I Yes, we cau well rejoice lu this
our first great underlining; nnd how much
lireatcrls our cause fur reJolclne when wn
irjqk haqx on our march and think of all the
hardships ana trials Which wo were obliged to
ou.-e that wo mlebt bo able to reach thin.
ivr!Riu$T$UjWfcfrrreleran return..'!
iuffajCtorloaslromawarbf nine years hov
delighted lie Is to once morojolu his lrlaudi
nnd eujoy that peaei which aiways como3 tiE
tho oonquerorof n Just cause; such nro we toL
night, leaving the lleld ot our struggles amf
entering the Held of lire. Although we bay,
nan very nara worKat scnooi now easy ills u
lorgct our irtan oy triuKing over tue swee
veil rs or our childhood: so Iresli. so ovous. n
innocent, words of tioublo.of danger, of carol
wero unknown; they brought us calm Joys ;
turn that wo do our duty. Those years orA,
gone, and with them havo passed away ramiV.
things; what voids they havo lelt; sohool JoyL
so true and 60 expansive, recompense so wel
earned by days ol application, teaehenl
reprimands, pardons so frankly asked tnd s
generously acco dedaroall those forever at all
ena,nuasnain nauuteni no more?
That moments In a person's life when lu
leaves his preparatory studies to ixrnpple wltl
the world Is one of not uumlngled pleasure
lie may rejoice in wuni n uus uccompusnei
uutaaxiety ana lear tor uie iuinuuieni, mus
uccompany his bright anticipations of the fu
ture; In order to be successful lu this battle It
la necessary to have an object In view; w
may criticise nnd talk about castles In th.
air, but without such castlea It Is Impossible
tosucceea. learaago caison duui a casue 1.
ineairana to aay tuai casue is liiuminaun
ino wona; out n we wisn uuo easues t
stand it will reonlre a great deal of cersi
veipnce, amiability, resignation nnd occupi'
tlou on our nart. I)y neueverance wo mea!
t.hnt a nerMin Abnuld us.oall'hIn enertrlH
united with truth, nurily of heart and a otmt
conscience to attain the end lu view. Aml'ibiji.
hearts or others and nnitca those
ours, la of vast importance to succex i on thU
Journey; this gives birth to friendship, whlqn
unites the strength of two sods, maklitg
inunctions nna moroaciivein laeeRing ai;
practising virtue, to resignation xomejr t1
irreatcst men of our day owe their succe
nappy are those souls who living in Men
snip wuu urn augei ui iPMguituuu an
learned "to win what uoci wills:" such m
Hons ate strong to bear, pliant to yield ail
above all Bind to forgive those wbo have do
ineman injury, in oruor mat mo may
successful una pleasant occupation thov
also Etirround and enter us n the air
rounds and enters tbo body; to be wlthojut
greatdutleswiuniiaiituose little raomei
when we are alone, is to slowly plant wltl
ourselves the seed of a discontent, which v,
cud br destroying our cueenuiuess, weaR
Idi; our vlrtuo and embitter! im our chamo'J
auaieius niireraemuerou huh juurney u
ueauuiui quomnon irom ijongicuuw;
"In the world's broad Held of battle,
luthe bivouac or life,
lie no like ilumtHlrivcp cattle,
Bo a bcio m the strife. '
It throuEh this battle we deserve to sucotj
but do not; II the uivine wisdom deer
fallnro to us, 11 time which tnKen at the rw
leads on to fortune CQniM tons nt the ebb 1
ni,Mi1ri inmHmbr that he who clones this
jttimu InuVuelrttn"
AuftV fib
crvca to succeed, mat person uas sgnieui
lor wnicn many n eroaiur ouo iuau uu. w
lndlv plvo un all the vtral&e the world
gave him. ij
Tcniirit we leave the field where we trtvk
woiked so faithfully for m uy yoais, and let
ui hope that at tue clo-o of tue battle or nro
we may bo as victorious.
Jlr. Bert 0. Hooks gavo an essay on"Pi'l-
itics Corrupt and Incorrupt," which met
with the opproval of all oicept a fowDeni
ojrats in tho back part ot tho thestro.
Jliss Edith SI. .Morgan's ossay on "Early
Associations" was an Intolligent piece of
work and Jliss Mary A. Lynch's essay on1
"Fashion" showed considerable knowledge'
of tho customs of olden times. MisaSullie
J. Griffiths solo "Lovo's Old Song" was
well recoived.
Mr, A. A. Iteod, J r., made an oration on
"Law and Order" very oUoctivoly and won
in encore. Hp took tho late mob act in
Now Orleans for his thomo and handled It
woll. Ho attributed part of the troublo to
t e selection of ignorant mon for Jury
work and declared that it Is ono of the
easiest things to convict a negroof a crime
in citloi like New Orleans, whilo It is al
most impossible to convict a white man.
He thought allairs like those In Now Or
leans could be righted by the pooplp ceas
ing to play with Juitioe. Tbo newspapers
should teach the people that mob law is a
disgrace to a civilized community an I
Congres- should pass more restrictive emi
gration IttWo.
Mies Katie L. Cunningham was warmly
applauded for her essay on Homo."
a cuorus -xrlDuto to Whlttitir" was
rondered by tho class.
An oration on "Kolatlon of Public
Schools to Government," by "William H
Brown, was strikingly appropriate. The
maintaining of public schools, ho said,
moans tho securing of propriety and peace
for tho country. Thoy teach tho objects
ind principles of a Republican form of
government and tho pupils are taught
what to do for their country.
Miss Nollio V. Koilly's piano solo, Thal-
burg'B "Home, Sweet Uomo," was well
"Women m "Workers" was Mis
"ABrnma E.tfilaonhowor's subject for nn os-
ay. "Tho life of ovory truo woman
whethor public or private, adds to thi
growth and prosperity of tho country "
Miss Katie A. "Whnlon's essay on "Early
Impressions" was quito interesting.
"Parents nnd teacuors should bo careful
and givo no bad oxamples and should bo
careful in tho languago thoy use. Moral
training should receivo particular atten
tion." Tho quartette, "Fortuno Tolling," was an
amusing foaturo. It was rendorod by
Slisses Morgan 'and Twoodlo, and Mosers.
Rebor and Hooks.
Miss AnniB L. Shoehy's ossay on "Rail
roads" was listoned to with interest; and
Miss Nellio V. Keilly's essay "Tho Past
Year" was equally interesting.
Education in our Eopublic" was an
oration by Mr. (. A. Howell. His itroat
ment of tho themo showod considerable
rosearch in American history.
Jliss Katio F. Becker's essay on "Louiso
Aloott" was a clover piece of work.
u.'ss iMiin m. Morgan won an oncore
fo tho vocal solo "What is Lovo ?"
Air. W. Frank Iteber's oration on "Uso
and Abuso of Newspapers" demonstrated
that thoro is a warm place undor tho loft
mnd sido of his vost for tho newspaper-
,ion. llo said : "Tho newspaper of to.
.lay is ono of tho wonders of tho ago. Tho
modern nowspapor is a public educator.
The newspapers are a public necessity, and
as soeii'ty is now constituted wo could not
got along a single day without thorn
Before closing Jlr. Ilebor took occasion to
condemn tho publication of silly corros
pondenco. Ihls sontimont was wartnly
Jliss oalllo J. urullth's ossay on "flow
to JIako Duty a Pleasure" was woll re
ceived and Air. Jamos J. O'Hara's oration
on "Businoss Men In Politics" woii
enthusiastic applauso. Ho said: It U
necessary that tho fundamental prin
ciples ot our government should bo taught
in all our high schools nnd colloges. It is
no longer nocossary to tako lawyers in
preference to our business mon for public
office. Tho great problems for futuro con
sideratinns are commercial and labor quos
tions. The men who aro engagod in man'
ufacture, transportation and commerce are
moro competent to voto on questions re
lating to tho businoss than professional
men who havo no practioal knowledge of
the various branches of business. Tho
business man as a law maker and ex
pounder is no longer an experiment. He
has demonstrated that ho can perform his
part successfully.
Tho chorus "Tho Jlower's Soiie" was
rendered by1 tho class, after which Mits
Katie F. Brogan read an interesting essay
on "Jjost upportunltles,"' in which sho
cited Napoloon's dofeat at Watorloo by
I'iluro to. graip the opportunity.
&.. Jian A. Karn's oration ou'Trogress
of Ala jyon him honor. "There seems
to bo la divina standard towards
which in Is steadily drifting. Alan is
approa' jng nearer and nearer to that Ideal
attribv sffpr which, Qod created him,"
Tho Uodley Quartette" by membors of
the clae won an encore,
Jliss .. Luthtan 'Williams' ossay "Suc
cess" w i heartily applauded.
Aftet he singing of "The Broken Stile"
by the asa Aliss Lulu Tweodlo made tho
valedlory addross and read an oesiy on
The lrh school graduate I The bov and girl
pUwto ixteu I Countenance rudlant wlih
Joy! to. it sparkllna with aalmatloa I Iluoy
HUtinirtl Mirthful volcos! Refined man
uers 1 )deraiely well educated I
If th. ., than, are the HUrilmten aMlgnod to
tbegm te by the lmaKiuullon, what should
be their i tual qualltiesl We have reoHvtd
opporiii'itieM nuperl ir to those ol runny
oihorh, r.diiiirely, our quallfli iitlous t,hould
oMn r lortlon All thiongb our m-IiooI-Hiu
Continued oil ekcuihl Ittc. J
Mask vi-s
mm &$Wfm)
Post and Camp Honor to Deceased
Tho numbor of peoplo who visited town
on Saturday to witness tho Memorial Day
nxercisos rnn up into tho thousands. From
early. morn till lone after dark thn sirt!
swarmod with peoplo and tho railroads did
a largo Dusinoss.
Tho parado was n largo andlstrikinir one.
and but two of the organizations on the
programmo failed to form in lino tho
Phcaaix Ho30 (Jompany nnd St. Patrick's
society. But as the omployos of tho
P. & K. collieries in thls-district wore paid
in tho morning, It would, not havo boon
surprising if thero woro moro nbsontees.
Tho St. Michael's society, conneclod with
the Oreok Catholic church, was in lino,
although it had been unintentionally
omitted from tho programmo.
The attondancos at tho comotorios woro
vory largo and tho graves woro profusoly
decorated with lovely flowers. A fow of
tho graves alter tho ceromonios ovidencod
great intorost in tho momorios of dopartod
mends and loved ono.
Tho ceromonios in tho G. A. B. plot of
tho Odd lollows' cemetery woro particu
larly improssivo. Alter tho firing of tho
customary saluto ovor tho gravos of tbo
departed heroes, S. Q. Al. Hollopetor, Esq.
was introduced ns tho orator of tho day.
His address was ono of tho best ovor mado
on like occasions in tho comotory and tho
spcakor was warmly congratulated.
o. a. r. VET3 in BAnoucnc
Aftor paying a tributo of respect to tho
memory of tho decoasod heroes and exort-
ing tho-living to deeds of noblo, Ood-liko
a"tion, Mr. Hollopotor onlarged upon tho
following propositions : That wo aro living
In extraordinary times. That thoso years
of poacoful prosperity, In which wo are
rapidly developing a groat and powerful
continent, aro tho pivot on which is turning
tho nation's futuro. That tho destinies of
mankind, for centuries to como, will bo
soriously affected and dotormined by tho
mon of this gonoration in tho United
Hold It to tho Light.
Tim man who tolls you confidentially
ust what will cure vour cold is urnscrihlno
Kemp's Balsam this year. In the prep
aration of this remarkable modicino for
coughs and oolds no expense is snared tr
eombino only the best and purest Ingredi
ent, nold a bottlof JComp'e Balsam t(
tho light and look through it; notioo the
bright, clear look; then compare with
othir remedies. Pnco 60c. nnd 81
Cornet Ovavy'u llon l-'omid.
Flkmixoton, N. J., June 1. The Hun
terdon Couuty Historical Sooiety In In
high feather. Iu member hiivo found
tho grave mid exhumed tho bones of Cor
net Qua y, an oflloer in the British army,
who was shot nnd killed nnd burled hero
In 1778. He was shot while making a
raid on an Amoricau bouse with a de
tachmont of English soldiers. It was
maintained that bU body had boou taken
to England, but tbo historical society has
proved this an error. With tho bones
found wero several British army uniform
buttons with tho Initials "Q. L. D., 10"
on them, signifying "Queen's Light Dra
goons, Sixteenth regiment," the com
mand to which Goary belonged.
Miloa" Norvo aud Liver Pills
Act on a new prihclple-ieulatlng thf
.."T,,?"0"'"' 1)r- M1 Mi's speedily
emu blllountM, bad last j, torpid liver, plleJ.
couHtlpatlon Unequaled lor men, wotnen,
chlldreri. Hmallm, inlluet,Bureiil ! S)dw
Scu. hiunpUsFree, at C. 11. HageubUfU's
" '.1M 1 .
Trying to Induce the Olty Council
to Hold Back tho $6,000,000
Voted Tho Unions Meet and
Adopt a Programme.
Uu XaUottal Prttt AtocitUUM.
Ciiicaoo, Juno 1. Organised labor, fall
Ing to obtain any satisfaction from tin
World's Fair people regarding the mini
muni wage question, has begun an attack
upon the enterprise and will endeavor tc
induce tho city council to hold back tht
$5,000,000 recently voted by the city fot
exposition purposes.
A meeting was held 'yesterday by lep
rentativos of tho Central Labor uuiens
and a fighting programme laid ctt.
These unions propose to do everything n
their power to hurt the fair unless they
get soma sort of satisfaction, and the
probabilities seem to be thac a series ol
strikes will result as soon as work is be
gun upon the fair buildings, which will
be In a few weeks.
Tho war will bo bitterly waged, and
strikes will not only be fomented ampng
the mon employed iu the work of con
struction upon the grounds, but those
who work In tho mills and foundries that
aro to fuinlnh materials for tiie buildings.
Nothing will bo left undone to injuro
the fair, and worklngmen in all depart
ments of labor nnd In all grades will be
culled upon to withhold their patronage.
A Humor that Socrotury Noblo Will Go to
St. PutorHburc or London.
Washington, Juno 1. It is generally
bolloved in official circles that while
Secretary Noblo is not going to
leave tho public service they would not
bo surprised If in a vory short time ho
would retire from the Interior Depart
ment to accept a prominent place In the
Diplomatic Service.
One story is to tho effect that ho will
tako Minister Smith's place nt St. Peters
burg. Another nnd moro probable story
is that if Secretnry Proctor should bo
selected to succeed Senator Edmunds,
which now seems certain, Minister Lin
coln will bo inado Secretnry of War and
Secretary Noble will be sent to the Court
of St. James.
Secretary Noblo Is still absent, but
thero are those in his 'department who
bollovo that ho will not much longor
occupy his prosent position.
Sirs. ltarrlaons IMnng.
Washington, Juno 1. Mrs. Harrison
has been giving much of her time lately
to Bottling upon tho plans of the redocor-
ntion and various other changes which
will bo made In tho White House during
tho summer. Tho decoration of the ves
tlbulo and corridor, tho green parlor and
state dining room nro what tho public
will seo tho most of, but tho necessary
changes and repairs In tho plumbing ani
other work of that charactor is giving
her as much concern. If the weatbor is
favornbfo for thocbango, sho now expects
to go to Capo JIny Point about Juno 15
nnd spend tho ontiro summer thoro. Tho
White House will scarcely bo habltablo
aftor July 1.
Died 'Whilo Undergoing an Oporatlon
New YonK, Juno 1. Willis P. Canda,
aged 13, residing in Brooklyn, died at his
homo last evening whilo undor tho influ
ence of chloroform during tho perform
ance of an operation. His upper lip had
grown to abnormal slzo through his habit
of continually sucking it. An operation
was decided upon by physicluns to re
move some of tho excess growth. Chlo
roform was administered, and whilo in
nn unconscious stnto tho boy showed
signs of heart failure. Tho doctors mado
ovory effort to savo his life, but be grad
ually grow weaker and In an hour's tlmo
was dend.
To NorvouB, Debilitated Mon.
If you sond us your address, we will
nail you our illustrated pamphlet explain
ne all about Dr. Dye's Celebrated Klectro
voltaic Belt and Appliances, and their
inarming efJects upon tho nervous de
illitnted system, and how they will quickly
eetoreyou to vigor, and manhood. Pttmph
Ut free. If you are thus afflicted, we will
tend you a Belt and. Appliances on a trial.
Voltaic Bkiv Co.. Marshall. Mich.
Buy Keystone flour. He careful that the
name Lassie, & Co., Ashland, Pa., is
printed on every sack. B-8-4tnw
Butter Took-a Tumble
It is down 1o a respect
able price now. You
might as well have tho,
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