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Irida.v llui uißS'j A'ov.l3 IS
"Feirle33 an I Frea."
The news from Wellington strongly in
dicates that Gov. R. 3. Walker must re
si2n, or submit to the uiovtiSqation of are
"tnoval. A southern man, a'hd n slavehold
er too, lie could not do enough to satisfy
the negro drivers iu Kansas. In throwing
out'the fraudulent pro-slavery demociatic
vote in the Oxford district, and granting
certificates of election to the Republican
delegates, he lias exceeded his instructions,
and given mortal offence to the Dark l owei
Who controls lJucliau.ui aud the administra
tion. lie will be either recalled, or left to
the tender mercies of the ballot stuifers ot
So they go. Four satraps in less than as
ytinny jours. Kansas his hedn truly eal
lc-i the '•-slaughter house" of democratic
politicians. It matters not how zealously
ihey had served the party in former days,
if they faltered ouc moment in aiding the
slave lords to fasten their ruli upon the ter
ritory, they were brought to the guillotine. ,
There was no grateful remembrance of past
services, nor forgiveness of offenses the
most trivial on the part of their inexorable
masters. ■
First, lieeder. lie was a regular Kan
sas-Nebraska Popular Sovereignty Demo
crat. lie was a favorite with the party in j
Pennsylvania, ami his appointment waspop
ulaf'th'."(Ptghßtt But because 1m
manifested an unwillingness to assist the bo
gus legislators in carrying out their iniqui
tous purposes in Kansas, they dououueed
' him and demanded his removal. Pierce
yielded, and he was recalled.
Next went Shannon, of Ohio. He had ,
: faithfully" served the party in Congress, had
been Governor ot his State, and while in
Cougress had voted f-r the repeal of the
'Missouri Compromise. Ho was indignantly
repudiated by his constituents for his treas
on to Freedom, and Pierce healed his lace
rated breast by making Idm Governor of
Kansas. Shannon was an easy, gOod "J
--turod Bonosus, perfectly indifferent as to
tiie course of events in the territory, as ong
as he was left undisturbed to his pottle
companions arid his polatious. Hut Ins ueu
' trality was a constant reproach, and the
Border Ruffians compelled 'hiln to retire.
Then they got Jno. W. Geary, the very
impersonation .of all that is odious in the
k "character of a doughface. A fawning,
eVinging Mac Sycophant, from a contractor
and tyrannical overseer of Irish on the For.
tiige Railroad, he managed to find favor
with some of the tittle great men of the
State, itnd obtained the eomtii 'ud of a regi
ment in the 'Mexicau war. Like Cashing,
'he fell into a ditch, and was just a little too
late to go into the fight at Chupultepec.
lie returned from California, and is said to
have joined the Know Nothings. His ca
reer in Kansas was brief as those of his pre
decessors. Ho tried to play fast and loae
'with both parties for awhile, but it would
' not last. A Border Ruffian spat in his face,
and he made his exit rather abruptly from
' the territory. Ho came home and told an
' old woman's story about his fears that the
Border Ruffians would assassinate him.
The fate of Walker is the im>st melan
choly. His full is the hardest. He should
not have gone to vansas. Ihe fate of
those who preceded hiui should have taught
him that no laurels were to be gained there, j
lie had been for many years a member of
the Senate of the United States from his ;
adopted State, Mississippi. As Secretary
of the Treasury, he bad gained himself a
high reputation, with his party, at least,
throughout the country; aud he even had
aspirations to presidential honor?. Hut in
au evil hour he permitted himself to accept
the post of satrap in Kansas, in the vain ex
pectation that he could satisfy the impartial
loversof freedom in the tcrritoiy, and at the :
same time do nothing to offend the prepa- j
gandisis of slaveiy.
Who will be the next Governor of Kan
sas* If neither an independent Northern
man like lleeder, nor a doughface like Gca- i
iy, nor a gallant southron liko Walker wil'
satisfy the party or the administration, they
must look about for some other material. —
It must be some man who is willing to give
himself up, body and soul, to the slave dri
vers, and do their bidding without hesita- j
tion or scruple. It will have to be an over- j
seer, like Legrce, with a hundred blood- j
hounds, to hunt out the "abolitionists," or j
John MitcLel, with a brigade of libetty-lov
ing Irish.
BEARS.— The bears, we learn, are get
ting quite numerous in this neighborhood.
In some iostauces, they have been extreme
ly bold, approaching to the very farm house
door. A son of Mr. Stiffler, in Bedford
township, shot one last week, in a field not
far from his father's house.
Mali' Kh'Ciions.
MARYLAND O. IV —The eksctiou for Gov
ernor, members of Gongrcas, it?., came >ff
on Wednesday week. Baltimore city *lori
owrfy stub-tins her devotion to American
principles, giving OVER NINE THOIJS
AND MAJORITY ! The vote for Gover
nor stands—Hick", (American) 10.9(>3:
Gmotuo, (Loco) 0,3:2*. Fillmore had 7,-
020 majority at the last Presidential elec
tion. The vote was pretty full, and tlifc
day parsed off without any special difficulty.
At one or two of the poll", fracases occur
red, resnliintr in knock downs and bloody
noses, hut the prompt interference of th<"
police quelled the disturbances, What ex"
ou*o the Foreign journals wilt now make lor
the utter route f their forces,'we cannot
imagine. It won't do to talk about votes
being drive from the polls. The compara
tively full vote in the city crushes" out that
game, flicks' majority in the State is 10,-
*2- r >: Fillmore's was 8,817.
Nvtv YORK.— There was a triangniar
contest in this iS'ato. the Americans and
Republicans dividing their strength on sep
arate tickets. The result is u Locofoeo vic
tory. In New York city the Foreign party
have, a plurality of about '23,000. The lx>-
cofneo plurality in the State is about 10,"
M ASf>AC tit'SETTS. Bank*, (the. A flier i.
can Republican eatididati) is elected Gover
nor by some 20 000 plurality. The Ameri
cans also ran a straight-out ticket, for
which they polled a heavy vote, beside that
east f,ir Hanks. The Foreign l)e inner aey
are no where. In all hut four towns tin
vote stands— Hanks. ( Repub.) <>l ,-
407: Gardner, (Amer.) 37,044, Bc'aeh,
(Loco) 01,000 I
X EVV JKKSEY. —Tito election in This
State has re.-ultcd in favor of Locofoookutt,
by about the same vote as last year.
LOI ISIANA: —But few retuius. NT J W Or
leans gives a heavy American majority.
WtSCON'htN. — Returns cntiic in slowly,
and nothing definite. Ten counties give
Randall (Republican) 800 majority fnr Gov
Onto.—The plurality for Cfiaao, Repub
lican, is 1503. The other Republican
State officer* are all Republican,except "tie,
who* Was defeated on account ot some local
low A —HatrgOfte Republican by about
4000 m jovity.
ACCIDENT. —On Sunday afternoon last,'
Mr.'John Simmer, <>f Bedford township,
was thrown out of his eaitiage, a short, dis
tance above town, and had his leg broken.
The colt which he was diiving took fright
at a drove of cattle through which he was
pas-iit", and became unmanageable. His
wife ami two children were with him, but
fortunately escaped with a few slighi hruis- ,
os. He was taken to the house of Mr.
'Johnston llafcr, where every kindness was .
rendered, until surgical aid could be pro
bored. He"W'is removed the same evening '
' to his hone', and is now doing well.
MONEY! MONEY - ! The approaching
Gourt, will afford many of our delinquent
friends au opportunity of paying off the
; printer. We hope all who are in arrears
will come forward promptly and settle off as
we need fttdney badly. The notes of all cur
rent banks'will be taken by us.
\VE are U;I Jer obligations to Mr. J. Hen-
Son Akers, for a Catalogue of Dickinson
College for the Academical year, 1856—7.
I c
QGr" The Blind Family will give a Con
cert at the Court House to-night. They
are among the greatest wonders of the age.
' Call and see tiient.
, merit for Agents headed, "? Book for Ev
ery Jinn's Library
lowing paragraph wuieii we copy from a
Kansas letter (says the Pittsburg Commer
cial Journals interesting and sug
"On Guv. Walker's retain from the
precinct of Oxford he halted at Lawrence,
and taking out of his portfolio a large roll of
paper, said to the crowd that he would show
them a curiosity, if they promised not to
destroy it. lie than unrolled the returns
of the precinct of Oxford, (in Kansas,) whicdi
contained one thousand six hundred and one
names, all written in the same hand writiug,
and which measured exactly fifty-four feet
in length! tIW the names, except one huu
dred and twenty, were copied from 'Wtt
• Hams' Cintitmnti Directory," those eomuien
'cing with the same letter following each
other as regularly as they do upon the pages
of that book!"
—On Wednesday evening, the 21st., says
the Lancaster Express , a German woman
whoso name we understand is Clemens, liv
ing near Smoketown, in East Lampeter towu
ehip, attempted to fill a fluid lamp while it
was lighted, when an explosion took place,
by which she and two of her children were
dreadfully burned. One of the children
died almost immediately, and both the moth
er and th"i other child are so badly injured
that the physician in attendance has but lit
tle or no hopo of their recovery.
No WHERE in the world has the industry
of man been rewarded as in the United
I States, with so many tokens of universal
prosperity.— Forney's Press.
Suspended batiks, broken merchants, and
i people out of employment are the "sigtrs of
I universal prosperity*' which appear upon
' every side.— ftorrrstown Defender.
the CocgrcsS of the Hutted States were en
• acting the .-w.ipip html laws of 1840 and
1850, they h.ttie supposed thai tlo-v were
making a donation of fifty-four mi'lions ut
a 1 *res of laud to tiic States' tilloieii. It had
i been represented that a few hundred thous
and acres of overflowed land in these States
were entirely worthless, and that the gono-
I ral health of the country required be
ing drained and brought into cultivation.
Surli lands it was intended to convey to the
State as an indemnity for any improvement
which might be put upon them. The law
lias been made to cover iu its operations
much of the very best lands of the whole
western country. Particularly has this
been the case in Louisiana, l intel' the net
0fT849, the approval of the department
passes the fee. Thus has Louisiana receiv
ed a title to upwards of seven and a halt
millions of arses. One million nine.hun
dred thousand (teres have been patented to
ia>t thirty 'tavs, the following railroads com.
panics are reported as having either gone to
protest on their floating debt, suspended, or
made an assignment of their property:
Name. Total Liabilities*
New York it Erie 5*'58,000,000
Illinois Central -4.000,000
Philadelphia & Healing '40,000,000
Michigan Centra! 14,000,000
Mieiiigan Southern 15.000,000
Cleveland A Toledo 7,500,000
Mi haauk e & Mississippi ~000,!" a>
La it -Milwaukee J4,Oi'O,oOti
Cleveland it l'ltisbnrgh 0,0l)0,000
Pel., Lackawanna it Western 10j000,00O
Chicago, St. I'JUI IT Fund 10:
Lao 5,000,000
North I'ciinsy 1 vanii <1,000,000
Outnberl uid Co,ll Company ' (LOOO.Ot'O
Huntingdon <tj Broad Top 1,400,000
Stcubetiviliu ilndiana. "rqOOfL'OOO
Total Sib 1,700,000
* Estimated
I'tIILADSI.PHtA, Wednesday, Nov. 4, ISo;
Kiehard Carter, I're-idenf * f the Anthra
cite Hank of Tamaqua, was shot dead tlii
ev-etiing in the parlor of the St. L i wrenee
Hotel, hy Thomas W ishingtnn Smith ot
Cecil County, Maryland. Smith Aral Hist
four halls from his revolver, and two more
after Carter had fallen on the floor. Carter
; is a middle aged nun, wealthy, ami has a
family. Smith is aged 30 years, and wis
laboring under great excitement. Garter
had accused Smith of the seduction of a ward
or adtip'cd daughter of his. Smith states
that'T.r'Wt the girl at a hoarding school and
i nurricd her. lie subsequently discovered
! that she bad been the mistress of Carter
She Had a child four months nfter marriage.
• The shooting was in 'rA.'enyc. Smith wa>
arrested, and is awaiting a hearing at the
1 Major's office.
At the hearing this evening, Smith elai
i tn'-'d to be the traveling agent of a mereau
j file agency.
HEAL ESTATE. —It i-> one of THO phe
nomenon of the. times real est tie does
not sec in to he affected by the failures o'
the' iiieiehatHs, brokers, banker?,
The reason is, that these men do not own
real estate. In ItSoT, every merchant,
who failed tfed real estate assits. Now
they hav< only "p 'per'" la some ea.-- s
their wives own the houses they live m;
hut us a general ruio the Island of Maii
liattan is owned by men, women and
cdiiidren who are not known in the com
mercial world. Hence their failures throw
uo real estate upou the market. —A . I-
AN IWi ii, FATE. —One ef the Sepoy
murders iu India was Mrs.'KarquhaisoUj the
wife of Col. FattjuUnrson, late of the 7ih
Fusi!eers,a beautiful but eccentric woman.
One account siys she was burnt alive after
the most frightful atrocities were committed
on Iter person; hot 'he Dublin fawning I ost
says a private letter has been rreeived in that
city stating that after suffering a series of
indescribable barbaraties, she was placed
alive between two board?, and cut through
with a saw.
THE II OU MaU-IvKT. — The Louisville
Ky.) Courier of Wednesday last says
"The market for hogs for packing is flat,
with no buyers at any price, with, in tact,
uo price offered. Those who ccuti acted
some time ago will loose, as contracts for
over 25,000 hogs were made bv ono or twa
packers at 6 k cents.
(TF s The Locos aro again to
fear a reorganization of the Whig party,
and consequently show a disposition to
pitch into it right briskly. After the many
eucomiuuis they have been passing on the
Whig party and Whig principles for the
last two years, those anathemas are now a
little inconsistent. Wouldn't it be funny
if the Whigs would Mick" Looofocoism
"out of its boots" in iß6o.— Lebanon Cour
The Flour market is firm, A sale of 600
barrels good Western extra at>o par bar
rel, and 175 barrels fancy family -
There is some inquiry for superfinb at 5
but holders now generally refhse this figuie.
Sales in lots to the trade at $5 374 up to
$6 for common and dXtra brands, and 5
25a7 for extra family and fancy, ftje * lour
is steady at 4 50. <!orfi Meal is unchang
-1 ed.
I The must skeptical people exit be con
vince'? by triiil that all the family medicines
i are not humbug, ati'l that among the thous
and of bnlteffiy life (Ttere at e a few of great
merit, and uftdHubtoil worth. Of tlte.-e,
l'r. Siitifoial's Invigorator or Liver Rented)'
stands first dttd fbreiurtst nfnong the reme
dies of the day that can bo relied on as a
medicine that is all it is recommended by
its proprietors ' It. advertises itself on cv
| cry trial, for there are none who u>e it hut
tell their friends to do so. and so it goes
front mouth to month till nil tit" people of
the Union have learned the good of 'his tru
ly valuable Medicine. It is recommended
1 with testimonials to prove its virtue for the
i cure of iiyer complaints of every kind, from
I the worst D)spepsi i to a common headache,
; and is particularly adapted to Jaundice,
j Deranged Stomach, Udtrcl Complaints, and
I diseases of children.
f One of two tlo.-es arc said fo cure a coM
with scarce a failure. It is worth a trial
: for this alone. It is particularly adapted
to the use of ladies, particularly of
sedentary habits. Some 1 alius of the high
; est standing in soviet) bare given, their cer
tificates of its efficacy, and we say to ail
who are ailing, try one bottle, and you will
never be wrhont it. For sale by Dr. 12. F.
! Harry.— .Nov. 13,—b.
TO THE MILLION'.—I'rnf. Wood, of
St. IjOilin, Ims, after year< of deep siinlv
ami untiring research, succeeded in prt seni
ing fo tlie public an article superior to any
now in use, and in ieo.l it is inilv a woiider
t'n! discovery. We advert to his Hair Re
storative. the only article that has been
compl Tely successful in cheating age of his
gray lock*, removing dandruff, itching,
scrofula, A' 1 . It restores tlie gray head to
in to than the Original beamy, adds'tiew lus
tre I" 1 -cks already ll!XUris.u I, il.ivii.a Iho
effect, on coarse, hush hair to render it
glossy and watery; fastens permanently hair
that is loose or falling, and many other
qualities which will become known as soon
as used. For sale by Dt. I}. i'. llurrv.—
Nov. 1.1,-b.
11 i: IIM A N I S TI N\V AIIK ca"t be beat.—
His shop is a few doors \\ rst of the old
Lrlobe Hotel. lie is u, old and good me
cliaui.-, and makes ,li his w,s k liimself, and
sells cheaper than anybody else. All wbo
want tinware will save money by ciilliug on
1:1 tu. lie fellow's no oilier busitiess and
juvs all bis attention lo making and selling
-good, substantial, nod cheap wbrk.
May 22, 1857.
ajl OODLAXI) Rf l M —.7 I'oiicdt for bptlllli
fi/htg Hit IJuir. - highly poi'tuiuWi. Superior to
any French article import-ad, ltd for half the
price. For u: sing Ladies" Hair it has no
equal, giving it a b. igbt el's u y a'vpearance
It cause., (ientletueti's H.iti lo curl in the most
natural nl tuner. It removes dandruff, always
giving the .iair tlie appearance of being fresh
shampooed. Price only titty cents. None
genuine unless signed
I'LTIIIi)GE .V CO., Proprietors of the
'>lhitm of u Tis ir.ttid Flowers.''
l'or sale "by all Druggists. l'27eowz.
vT(Kli.—Will not softie of oursubs'ibers
brill" lis along a few cords of vood! \Ve
need it immediately.
We also want, pork, beef, graii ami oli—
br "garden vegetables"'for sut seuption,'ad
vertising ami job work.
Ooileotors of Taxes are hereby notified to
pay into the County TrtSasHiry, at 11" Ndvein
ber Court, as- large an amount of taxes 'as
possible. Tne wants of the County render
fliis urgent, demand necessary.
The notes of all current I'entisy ! vaitia
Ranks will be received for tax s. It isMl-uv
desirable that each Collector shall pay a
portion in specie.
Oct. 30, LS-)7.-3t.
Notice is hereby given to nil Eetniiets
vfliose Licenses remain unpabl, jthat if tiiov
are not paid at November Court next, tltev
will be placed in the hand* of uproper of
ficer for collaciio'i.
Oct. SO, 18.")7.
At Woodbury, Bedford eour.V, Fa., on
the 29i!i of Oct , by the Rev. A,L\ WeisU
ample, MR. I'avid Stoxkii of ijttousville,
to Miss Jeabktte ScftAS Coup daughter
of late J. W. Cot 1 ? of Woodburj lp.
Oil the 3rd iust., in Dnncansdlle, by tlie
Rev. A. 11. Tuylorj .Mr; John Bitio'AHAJt
of Bedford, to Miss LottieSto\Eß ofl'un
"A Book for Kt ery Mail's library.''
Canvassers wanted to obtain sulscrioer* for
by S. G. Goodrich, (Peter I'mly). Hand
somely bound in clotii gilt,and illuirated with
200 beautiful engravings and 80 imps. Price
$3. Sold only bv agents, to each >f whom a
special district "will lie given. Applicants
should state what counties they woild like to
canvass. The book is row ready. Copitte will
bu sent bvmail, post paid, on the rjceipt oftbe
price. Bills on all solvent banks taten at par.
Tho >• Home Journal'' says of this fork: '-No
family whatever should be without it." For
full partiulars in regard to an agency, address.
Publisher and Booiselier,
No. 172 William Street, Niw Vork.
All kinds of School aud MieoUaueous
Books. Cheap Publications, Sfcatenary and
Maps, furnished at the very lowest pices. Or
ders solicited.
Nov. 13, f857.-lt.
youth and matubty,
Jutt Published, Gratis, thrlUh %ous,ind.
treatment, without Medicine, of Sprfmatorrhea
or I oc il Weakness, Nocturnal Emiaions, Gen
ital and Nfervotis Debility, Preraatu* Decay of
the System, Irapotency. ahd Impednients to
Marriagegenerally, hy B. DE LANEI,M.D.
The important fact that the many alarming
complaints, originating in Hm tmpridcneo and
solitude of youth, may be easily removed
WITHOUT MEDICINE, is In this him 11 tract,
clearly demonstrated'and the entirelynew ami
bighlv successful treatment, as adopted by he
Aslr, fully expliined.
erv one is enabled to cure HIMbELr perlect
Tfand at the least possible cost, avoid
ing all the advertised nostrums of the day.
Seht to anv address, gratis and post tree in
a sealed envelope, by remitting two postage
stamps to Dr. DE LANET, 17 Li.pem.rd Street,
New York.
I Gov. 13, 1857.
THE subscriber* havirg formed h partner
ship tinder the style of "Dock it Ashcmu ' lor
! the jmrpoNk* <>f c h
' business in the < ,r,it bailment recently erected
i he Milliard Dock, in Hop.-well. Bcdt.-r I cotttt
tv.are now prepa-c.l to execute ..rdcrs tor
C'ISTIXI ;s' . I Xf> M.ICHISEII \ot even do
i rermtioit. They will build to order steam-cn
i pin.-s eoal and drift co s. horse powers am!
• threshing machines—also, canting of ey.wy
kind for furnaces. forges, saw. grist and rolling
mills, plough*, watei-pip.;, columns.
fionts. bracket*. fit:., fcc.
1 They ais! also, now making n tine assortment
i of S I'OVBS of s irious kinds of the latest j t
teras and most improved stvles, including xci*-
j era I sizes of COOK STOVES of the best make,
! heating stoves for churches, offices, l>;tr-roonis.
A full assortment of Stoves will be kept
constantly on hand,and s. Id at wholesale and
retail, at prices to suit the times, and (piaiity,
warranted equal to tlm b.-st eastern make.
Machinery ot all kinds repaired promptly.
Patterns made to order.
c. w. ASHCOM.
Nov. ti, lS"i7, , .
THE paitmrship heretofore existing and
trading under the tin it : B no dollar, I.owvy S.
Co..and F.verhiri, As com A Co , has tins day
been dissolved by luuttlil consent. The Books
Ac., arc i:i the hinds ot Barndollar 1. verhart,
who are aidfotiz d to settle all accounts of the
oici firm.
J. F Li J WHY.
Hopewell, Nov. 1807.
TIIE stibscriiitrs takes this method of in
forming lite public tht they wiii the
business of literch IN Using at the ol'l stand, and
hop,- by' strict attention to business to receive
a libori! she re ot puYi.- pitronage.
We i.avo i-eiui'ideted the Hopewell -Mid. and
are immv rea-t ■ to grind ail kinds of grain for
which the h ghost price will l>e paid.
HrWiewell, Nov. 0, ISO7.
/ 7" ' I'rars of Aire,
/ Wti'ose sands ol l ie hare iiouily run out.
I discovered while in tl'.e K.ust Indies, a cv'-
3 tain our-for Consumption, Asthma. B,ou
chilis. Coughs, Colds, and general debility.
The remedy was discovered by liitn when his
only child, a daughter, was pvon to die. lie
had heard much of tic wotideriiil restorative
a .id healing qualities of pi .'partitions made from
the India Hemp, and the tbought occur
red to him,'hat he might make a remedy lor
his child. He studied hard and succeeded in
realizing bis wishes. His child was cured, ar I
is now alive and v.eil. Deltas since minimis
te ed the wonderful remedy to tlion.sttics of
MifTi'ie. sin all parts of the worl I, and iie has
to ver failed in making them completely heal
thy and happy. Wishing to do a much good
as possible, lit; will send to sueii of li s afflicted
fellow-beings as request it, ;liis recipe, with
full arid explicit directioi s for making it up,
and ucees fully using it. He iequires each
nppiicatit to inclose hint one shilling—three
cents to lie returned as postage on the recipe,
ami the remainder to Inrapplied to the pay- |
meiit of t is advertisement. 3
Address Dr. 11. IAMBS, No. Iff Gtand 3
St., Jersey City. N.J. /
Nov. C. 1857.-l:n. /
fiJB- i?. v. CAttUl
"I") ESPKCTFCTLLY tenders Ids professional
Li services i the citizens of B dford ami vi
tJilice ami residence on Pitt-Street, in the
building formerly occupied by l)r. J. I!. Melius.
Nov. 6. 1 *57.
592:. SAAFORB^
3. Heeds win, is not in a perfect stite of health
for the Lirer is secoli i only to the heart in our
human economy, and when tuat is deranged the
wh, 1 • vital machinery runs wrong. To find a
medicine peculiarly a lapted to tiiis disease hat
been the sH iy - I'raie ot the proprietors, in a
large and extended practice for the past twenty
years,an i the result of i-is experiment is the
Invigorator, as a nevtu-failing remedy where
medicine his any power to help. As a Liver
Homely it has no equal, as all testily who use
A lady writing from Brooklyn.savs, '■ Would
thai I outM express in tliisslinr; letter the val
ii" your liivigorator has been tu mo in raising
a large family of child; a, for it his never fail
ed to relieve ail affections of the stomach, bow
els or attacks ot'worms. If mothers once had
this re fruity placed within their, and wore
taught how to t;stj it, a fearful and untold a
mount of agony might t: saved."
One of our prominent bmktrs says, '-Five or
six years"since I fi.und myself running down
with a liver difaculty ; resorting to your Invig
orator, was greatly relieved, and, continuing
for a season, was entirely restored."
A clergyman called at our office the other
day and s lid he had given a poor woman a hot
tie, who was siiflering very Kelly from Liver
Complaint, and before she had taken the whole
of it she was at work earning bread for her fam
A gentleman, recently from the West, says,
while at Chicago, he was attacked with a slow,
lingering lev nr. that baffled the skill of physi
cians, but tha Invigoruor cured him in a few
One of our city merchants said, while on a
visit to Troy, a lew days since, lie was attacked
with bowel and stomach disorders, so as to con
fine. hint to his room, be scut to the drug store
for a bottle of Invrgorator. took one dose, which
relieved blfu so that he was able to attend his
An acquaintance, whose business compels
him to write most ot the time, says, he became
so weak as to be unable at times to hold his
pen, while at others, sleep would overpower
him. but Llie luvigorator cured liinr-
A gentleman trom Brooklyn called on its a
week or two since, looking but the shadow of a
man, with a skin yellow, pale and deathlike.—
He had been for a long time suffering from
Jaundice and Dyspepsia, and unable to attend
to his business. We saw huu again to-day a
changed man. and to use his expression, lie lias
not seen the bottom of the first bottle, and furr
ther adds "it saved mv life, for I was fast go
ing to a consumptive's grave."
Among the hundreds of Liver Remedies now
offered to the public, there arc none we can so
fnliy recommend as Dr. San ford's luvigorator,
or Liver Remeny, so generally knowu now
throughout the Union. This preparation is tru
ly a Liver Invigorator, producing t l> e most
happy results on all who use it. Almost innu
merable certificates have been given of the great
virtue of this m-Uiciae by those of the highest
standing in society, and it is, without doubt,
the best preparotTon now before the public.
SANFORD'St CO., Proprietors, 345 Broad
way, New York.
For sale by Dr.'B. F. Harry, and Druggist's
Oct. 3t>, 1857.
Harry is our agent tor this necessary
article. By calling at his store, our patrons
willsoe Samples of our papers. \Y> have made
ourspriug selection* with ranch cure, and think
we cannot fail to please. ,
March, 7 1857.
fdiyii'n Ann.
11 y virtu •of tfifuJry*writs f Fi. Fa. to me
dil'ec!' d. there will be ?ld at the CbMrt House
in thelVorotlKh of E fford. on Monday, trie
DiMj.i l-- of November, f">7, -at 1 o'clock, P,
M.. tlj • follow,im; dewrib i real cst.U to wit:
i v.,- tract ol containing H*' acre*, more
or less, ahollf '.t'i acres cleared and under fence,
ad pi; ling 1 iiklk of Uvurg ■ May. George Trout
man and others; situate an i lying partly m
Londonderry'and jr'tHy in Jfltii da townships,
Bedford County, and taKcn in exeeiui oil as the
K i riiWii.
Also, one tract of land, containing I V> acres,
more <>r less, about "0 acres cleared and nnd.w
lencc, with at wo-story frame house wagon h'd
and double log barn thereon vntctc t, adjoining
lambs ol John Lali'erty, Bm. Nycum an l <>Hi
eiH: sitinte in Juniata township. Be Ford coun
ty, and taken In execution a. tiia property of
closes Luflorty.
ANo one ir..ct of land, c >ut lining o-'fi aefes,
more <>' Icss.aholtt b6 acres cleared and 1(11 dor
lencc, with Wn-xtorv frame rbostenant
house, new saw mill and double h.g haru there
on erected, adjoining I itl is ot Jam • tfMMujel,
(iasseud Mail t arid otiiers. sitiiaf - in Mo. r.e
tow llsl'il). It sffllll colt (D , ill I liken ill execu
tion us the property of Henry Arnold and Jo
seph Heed.
Also, ill! defendant's Fetor *1 irnio eFx right,
title, interest and chihfl, in and to one ir.ict ot
unimproc d ridge laud, c nitaining ft acres,
more or le-s. adj doing lands >t B. M . (rirret
son. James Ken. W ills m's heirs an ! others;
situate in Bedford townslfip, Be Fur i eon Xy,
and : iken in execution is the propetty of Pe
ter Baron mil.
Also, one tract of laud containing 14 acres
more or less, all cleared and under with
a two-story stone house, tenant house, rm.di
store room , leg wagon ftltk.-r ...p, and iF.unle
log haru thereon tweeted, uiso an apple orchard
thereon, adjoining I mis of Jehu Ttvdivel', John
Kerr and others; situate in Juniata totVaship,
B lfonl c .itn'y,and Uken in ex eutionas the
property ot Joseph Goa Jon.
Also, all ite.endafit's, lieorge \\ . Hollars
right, title, interest and eiei nin an'd to a tract
ot land coat lining Sin acres, m ire or less, aiv'jnt
FJ ) acres cleared and ttl.iier tt-ncc, aith a two
story lor t.o is..- with kilcm-n attic 1 -
bio log oarn tii-reori erect eh. also ~u apple or
chard thereon, a.ij > iriiig lair's of Joseph if oil
doll, K.-jr and others; situate in /unfits
township. Bedfoid county, an 1 ti.; -n in execu
tion as the property of George '.V. Miliar.
Also al, the IlopeWell and ilioody liun Plank
lion t Company's right, title. interest and claim
in to a Ini wl ground fruiting a'-> iut'l'K.l tcct
oil tiio Jlop,-well and ll'ffo'lv Kuil I'lank road,
a lei extending back about Si 10 feet, containing ;
:n all about one-half acic, wit i i new two-story i
pi nk'!n,Une tli.-reijw erected, adjoining lands on I
.he east, west and iiorti, of t iu H ,)>e,v if t roa . Company; situate in Hopewell' 4 /w„- ,
ship, Bedford county, a., I taken in execution !
as tiie property of the H tpevveil and ;
Kuil PiutiK lie.ul Compile'.
Also, one i 't of ground in toe town of Slo- !
lii rstowii, fronting Oil teet on Main Street, am! '
eXieii'iitig luck üboUt"22> teet to an alley, witil :
a large two-story fr.tine taver.i hoyse wrtli luck
Imtl ling attached, frafiic shop and large frame
sonde inereon ereeled. adjoining lot of Dei'; \
flicker on the north, and an alley on the
SOUtfl —
Also, one vac tn 4 rot of ground in the town i
of Stouersiown, fronting about 55 feet on .Main
Street, an 1 t-steu litig track uncut 225 feet to an
ale . adjoi'nng an alley on toe uort'i and lot ot
Joim McCaffrey on it • south
Also, one lot of grotiri'l id the town of Sto
ncTsrown, fro sting 'if feet on Main Street, and
extending hack aoout 225 feet to an alley, with
a Story an'l a half 1,>3 hotisc tiivrcou erected, j
adjoining lets of Hoover's h.-irs on the north,
and lot of Deft Tricker on the, and all
situate in Libcity toci - up. 'Bedford county,
and taken in exactf.ou as tne property of
Gorge Tricker.
Also, nil defendant's Daniel Me'tzgar'x right, j
title, interest ami claim in and to a tract of ;
land, containing about 112 acres, mure or less.
, ,out 80 acres elenredamd llllikf feci,with a ;
two-story log house and log iiam 1 hereon erect
ed, adjoining lands of John William
Showman a id wife, and others; situate inlltr
risoa township, lied fori county, and taken in
execution as the property of Daniel Mctzgar. '
Also all defendant's John Kreis* right, title, j
interest an 1 elii ninan!to atr eat of land con
taining 311 acres, more or less, about 2 I acres j
cleared and under tenC". with a story and i h 'if
log bouse, log stable and s twmii! there on e.recl- ;
ed, adjoining binds of Aiuliew Spar. Jobe Sel
bt r. M aft hew Kittenour and others; "situatfe in
Juniata township. Bedford ■co'unty, and taken .
its execution as the property of John ivreis.
Also, one 1-t of ground irithe town ofSto
iior.-iown, fronting "•> feet m MM t Street. and
and extendtug luck 22<) leet to an lley. with a
two-story lraine store house thereon erested,
adjoining other lots of deft '■ 'risnrm on the
north, and street running fia the Juniata river
to the town ol" Saxton on the south; situ it.- in
Liiwrty township. Bedford county, and taken in
execution as tii • propeuvof Joseph Crifsm n.
Also, nil defendant's Jos.fdi Cartas' interest
in and Iwo a tract of laud containing 25*1 acr -s.
mora or less, about 25 acres cleared and under
fence, with two small log houses and log stable
thereon erected, adjoining lands of Lsiac Hun
ter, Andrew Collins. Abraham Kitehey and oth
ers; situate in Southampton township, B -dfaid
county, and taken in execution as the property
of Joseph Barns."
Also, one tract of land cont lining 135 acres,
more or less, about IS acres cleared and under
lence. with .i two-story log house thereon erect
ed, adjoining lands of Samuel WeeSr'y, John
Zook, Christian Long and others, situate in
Brondtop township, Bedford county, and taken
in execution as the property of Wilt, Lowrey.
Also,alldeleiidint's interest in audio a lot of
ground near Farhner's Mil!, iroyting about 250
feet on the public road, and extending back
about 15') feet, with a t.vo story Methodist
Episcopal Church thereon erected, adjoining
1 unls tin th • north and west of John \Y. Scott,
and lot of Jacob Farhner on the south; situate
in Bedford township, B'dford county, and ta
ken in execution as tins property of John Smith,
John Sanson), Samuel Smith. David Pointy
'and Samuel Beeler, Trustees tif the Methodist
Episcopal Church at Farhner's Mill.
HUGH MOORE, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Bo iford, Oct. 3d. 18>7.
TIIE subscriber wonl i respectfully inform liia
oil customers, sis well as the public generally,
that he still continues the manufactory of
WJXDMi LLS, and keeps tliciu <ui hand con
stantly. He will ;il>o do all kinds of repairin
in his line of business. As his inilis arc well
known in Bedford county, he deems it unneces
sary to ssy anything about tliem. His shop is
us formerly, at the East enrt or Bedford, on Pitt
Street, i.ear the Foundry.
Aug. 21. 18."7.-3m.
.% i *iaistrator's Notice.
LETTERS ©1 administration on tiio Estate
of Samuel Mock, lite of St. Clair Township,
deo'd, having l> en granted to the subscriber,
residing in said T.ownshij), all persons indebted
to said estate hereby notitied to
rank* payment immediately. ui*C those having
claims against the Estate, wjjjl present them du
Iv KUtis!ntic.ited tor settlerjiyr.t . - ,
Adiu'r. 18.7T.-f
Boston Tea and Pic Nic Crackers,. Si ;s
Cheese. Sardines in Oil, London l'iek-iesi
Macbih i'w Trout jus! ree'd. and for sale by
July 3. ■
RANAWAY from the subscribe*, on the fith, John lams, an.apprentice to the fanning
business. All persons are cautionc 1 aeiinst
leuiboriug or trusting sai 1 boa-, as lam deter
mined lo pay no debts of his contracting.
W. Provideneb Tp., Oct 30, 18-57.
W£ CALL THE AT TE.vtion* ru* all
* * T"' l *- t . tl.i., iv.,„ ..-riu usvua
ration, xxiiicii turn* lack to its
my hilr_c.r, tlia I, • wli,;' the witit '
lux.,runt sroxvtli*—removes tin; n,
; ' ,,c,!, -'"- oas crl! <■..Ciscs
tnvut So* H: natural fluid*; and
r - ai * r •'??* '<•■ will pro
s i .i. .t 4 ,„1 k L .,.., u froiJJ , 0 (x _
treinc 'hl a Z .?.l!,iin its natural t^amx. Wo
call. Thou u,.,., u,„ !u! I, tl „, gr>ri or
y-o it: a V(>u;i , wi| ,
fi "' fluvhijt |,r*k>, „r tho
vt . !i ,o c -V. • 1t,01,r it. hi J,'rai„
IS tuo Loigtio .ftt|..,h4l,ds.
U atcrtow,, diss., Jfav l is - ,',
j'ROF-.-O. f. w„a D; Ah'oviii;,! B^
(In, virtue* and in u,|. ~„w •: >: v „ ur ~ . Ue .
storage. I I;roc months I, - i:| , ■ .. ,
y sy, I ioirc'iiso.J I 'won . ; omm
!■. i-so, t >v,,.>oU!os; ih lit m.., l.txu, t„ wl |
in r,,:,mus t,i, silver look* tfK-ir
r,:,nd the inir .o cdrvand h**l ,
in i m now h-caoi.. s ,r r i 4„ i gfonxV, au i
it ceased Uluugn It andndf disappeared.
and Mosi-.lj, lost .-illtin* dis^ w ..,o|„ Li,;,,,,,
so annonn: loMf,: n> lluo r , , ~ „ ~ "
#tit l w yuuug again.
!t '•>!> •otiiiiiy, yours., <;;
. . .. Ncn Voi.'c, Mot. •' 'Htt
WW.O..J.WOM!,- i)o..i' S:- ; AiWreud
llll, till. aUiCUI.,. JHo, lt j;, „„ , „ t ; (iJ
journals, ol . v ur.<:,Ji>i't -,t- If.ilr UesMr,rivet
, l I r " i ! " nt and xv is 50',.,.,0-,
(ilejSo.J ao it l Co*;io;*lls nss ~j r t \v7,
monilis ; :.v!."u,.i:i„i i: | it is,! ~; iio iilv the k'Jt
l.roiiu-ati • 1 not ore 10.- joihh.... | t •„ ■ r „.
iiiovci .ii> ti.-s-iLto inifl- : . r ,
irom Uic s J;j, au4 ivstoo, ( My ;„, r , wt ?
• 1 c |er.rr.n,r*ttv
>o : .in; ,> ■ iiissma toi.-C- to in ; airxv io
Oiiteriai" any .i.,u„t a v f jt portLriui,. * 'all I'i tt
is cUi.uo l tor it. . f. . f
PEEKS; -dti, Gr.-. ioviv-h Av.
! IIIV,- lis.,, i t'ro:o>s>H- >. J. Wood s* Jl iir
0.-storatixv. and liav-- aOanr,- | },, n O ,„L.|:-,l
,t r. -'oro 1 ji.iir-xx „.. v , t . |f 4ll
0.1; n cyans th-i he „i. a-irlrc 1 Urs tfi -h li* s„ir
anu snioosh —inucli <>>*•■ > tiidn rfiJ. *
. . „ dAi. v/. A rKix.s'ix
L 'llimviLu. .\tv.
St It,- of ifiirtois,C>rirsi...-J nn% .-of V,- * s
I iMVc used i'rolcssor (i. J. H'.iV Ko and nave adluirrdais Wofdertol cjkcl.
Mx is "c 00,." .a, „ l<M| , ht , (ri!lll;ltun ,J
X Max, h, 11>> tin; as,- <>, tlif>.K l Mtor.itivV. W it
ms rvMim- :u oiioiu.j f luy> . ,
itottl.r. ,
si d n k r h hV: es y .
L .v-Scii.tTor UiiitmL St.ilcs.
[Frt-'ut the ll'a.r'iington Star.]
A,r,(T:,- „,y lif-tMrjtKws uo i„ use for
t.. • tenonnr.
" !' r " l "' r ' ■ t'' U !■ tan recom'luMi-l
wil 1 in lire confidence t!w. Prof. UJ\ t" r "tive. " .• ner.,l u *e throughout the
i tiiten. Ihis jirepirat-oa i>,,sses.cs the luiwt
iuv !? or.inn i il: .l rt „.,. ail l ru . V(;r , ; „ u jt j , ■
cins tiiemuM hnj.jiy icsiih, ; „-
eoitling to W"e r fer our r^de^n,
t lie.iiuvei [,s-meiit ,„ r a ia# -, f
i citn,ai whic.i invc l.oeri % c „t by hartie*
vl. Hive born fit:wl !f- j-. ~r, Tu'V, fo,.[
j.i|Vi IB. git to'it's 'f. o!„leri U ! el
fu t.s jhodticc c!i*fii. ■ ' * *
<>. J. U <><);> >v- CO
\U " Lou;.*,
'For ~V IT. 0. F. Hurry, bruits
generuilv. . i-" 1
_>- js.'.T—S:,).
Cl'"T , i '.' ys , i -' : • i> l " '■ : - " ''eir order*
once* ,t*l>r II x ", r articles, at eitv
s:s&ss:-&&* <+!•* -•
e.i.ii.n-,.;. ; iis.h.jmhb;;,.
JOSS.\ sc. 4LI,E\ * t'O.
X ' J *- * * 4<:MSTXVV str S fi. :*oulh side,
ii tar.) P-HIL.IDHLPHl-i,
(Tits OI.OESP WOOD-vahr: rna Ciri)
WANTFAOTAftSUS .ujd U'liolewnk-tiaii'-
~ -*■ lvs Futeut U • lieiju". niutU-HiFOOsAFf
lit tent <,voY+-i CKI).IR- U\iRK. H irra>r/c t
° on a 's-i H'iLLUfi'- WJRE,
',,, R'iL sIIRs, etc., of, ail (iescrhaitiii*.
i least* an 1 u'x.i.'uinc our stock,
i* oi>. '27 % I£-57.-2z.
"ntr., sifbserilirr Ins removed his Tinning lis
ULiisliuujnt to tin frame InriMirg hi Juliana
Street, two doors south of '-Brown's Store."
wnere he w •! i.e lu],pr tbjise all his oM fnertris
n ! i.' n f on hand
;... kinds ol W ire in I'M* line, as ami
cltea - as c.ui lie procured in the coitfctv.
abrahaai IIK KM AX.
Aug. 14.1557.
W i 11/!, {SwK
! Hr. subscriber,*.have just ripeneda lirgr as
sortment <.f 1" A Li. ami WINTKIi GOODS.
: li ol which win lie offered at prices to suit tho
times. He respectfully invito cash ami prompt
six month etis'o ners to call and examine our
stock, assuring tii.-ih tint wa's iall offer greater
imliicetrfentx than er.-r heretofore.
Ooiuflrv Produce of nil |;in Is wanted, fin
which we will pay the highest price.
A. 11. OK AM ER A GO
Oct., Iti. 1M57.
h I IR S'ALh, the slock of flat Inst located
and Kvnrlsaniely luted up Store ih Kulton Goun
tv. The stock is nearly all new, and win hj
sold low. The fixtures belong to the Store.
Rent (with a good dwelling) is very low. A
person with a few thousand dollar* capital,
c 'ill td„ a luge J-usiiiass. Tl.e present propri
etor wishes to .■.,■! for the purpose of gome Hit "
business in the Kint. Address G, Box
4-. ( nun ils :rg. l-'ulson Go. I'.i.
Sept. 4, lb>o7.*
LETTEiiS of Ailmjri;fr.irini) haring hern
granted lo flu: subscriber,- living i„ Su Clsrr
ToirAship ; estate of '.'atlmrtno fHrtbam,
latent said tow'uslHp, dee d, all pcrtoM
i.ig themselves indebted to .said estate are here
by notified to make payment, a:.d
those having claims against the same will pre
sent them property authenticated for settle
' Aum'jc.
Oct. 16, JW>;.
( • : > & ■ .<>■ ttf: -". ■. c
_ THE Public Schools of the Borongh oT Bed-*
ft>rd will lm opened on Monday. the 1 day ol
November next, there will tie wanted two mule
and three female Teachers, also a male or fe
male to take charge of the negro school. Ap
plicants must be examined ami procure proper
eertitleatts from the County Superintendent at,
tpe time advertised. 'J4th 'titttuber. No otherj
peed tipple, The Hoard will expert tolbe blt*
to eentract with Teachers on the -sth Ot < Vfo- *
Bv order 1 thcßeard.
Sept. 18, 18e7.
IJh\ sit, un.\ preset ipuoiin rare!ml) compound
od, at all hours of he day or night, at Ihij
' Worry's, Brag Store.