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    . s78ubserlbers wishing a change in
(tw place of leaving their piper oa the 1st
4T April, will leave word at the Ulpra. or
with the Carrier, -,
Praadfid Accident
A dreadful accident orrurred. tha list
inst., a( ths alore of Capt. E A Krutzner,
bout two mile above Hilton. Two younp
men' named Wm. Emmans and Augustus
Jodon, went out after pigeons, and af'ei
reluming to the atore of Capt. Keutxnrr
indulged in going thro' military volauonr
with two guns then in the room and which
they thought were unloaded. Mr. Jodon
pulled the trigger of his gun while pointed
at Emmans, when a load was dirharged
and entered the brain of Emimins alove the
left eye, killing him instantly. The distress
of Jodon at the effect produced, was truly
The deceased was 33 years old, and has
left behind him a widowed mother and a
younger brother.
May nut this be a sufficient warning
against the silly if not criminal practice ol
handling fire-arms unnecessarily care
lessly or in wntnn sport T
Supreme Court Reporter.
. George W. Harris, Esq. of HarrisbUrg,
has been appointed by Go. Johnston, Re
porter of the decisions of the Supreme
Court of Pennsylvania, (or tha unexpired
term of the late Reporter, Robert M. Barr,
Esq. deceased. Mr. Harrfe is a gent tr
ain n of ureal m0f' worln Lawyer of
very considerable celebrity, and we have
no doubt will be found every way equal to
tha important task assigned him Potte
ville Emporium. (Pern.)
Death of Sir. Bollean.
Nathaniel B. Boiteau. Esq., died in Ab
Ingion. Montgomery Co.,Pa.,16tb March,
1850, ag d 88 years. Mr. B- was of Hu
guenot descent, and well known aa the
able and popular Secretary of the Common
ealth under Gov. Sitnou Snyder, ol whose
Administration he waa the right hand man.
OMr. Jacob Mauck, tobacconist, of
thia place, has been appointed Mercantile
Appraiser for Union county. New Ber
lin TiiTes.
Out of 1,16 brave fellows who belonged
to the New York Regiment of Volunteers
and served in the Meiican War, only
about 170 are now alive.
Counterfeit 89 notes on the Harnsburg
Rsnk, so well executed as almost to defy
detection, are in circulation. Beware of
ICOur country friends we find to be
aaiious for a Market House, universally
and warmly.
OCyftot received Grshsm' sod -IWrxxT
for March.
On the Uib inst. by Rev J G.Anspach,
Philip Byers of Lewiaburg and Miss Maria
Mohr of Hartley.
At the Iowa At Sac Mission, on Wed
nesday the 13th inst.. by the Rev. Wm.
Hamilton, Mr- Stefbsiv Cole, of Gentry
county, and Miss Lvdia Vodcmt, formerly
of Jersey Shore, I'a.
On Thursday evening, Slat ins., by
Rev. G. W. Young, Mr. Bakmhaxt Zok.
cm. to Miss Ellen M. Bowkr, both of
Porter township. Lycoming Co.
In East Buffalo, 31st March inst., aged
7 months, Emma, daughter of Henry nod
Hetty Hile.
In Milton, Slat ins!., Mrs. Catbuuxk
YjlMdegbift, in her Slst year. In Turbut
Tp.. Hemst Lahtz. Sr., aged 09.
In Alexandria, Pa., 25th ult., aged 70
years, Mrs. Elizabeth Maus, formerly of
In Hartley Tp. ISih inst. Peter Pontius,
aged 65 years and 8 months.
The Summer Session of the
WILL commence on Mobbav the J9th of
April. Instruction will tie given, as (or
merlj, in all braocbea necessary to a thorough
Academic course. Our endeavor shall not he
ioly to communicate knowledge, bat to excite
the youthful mind to set for itself. When this
is fully attained, the progress of lbs student
becomes st once certain and rapid. The kind of
learning which moat of our joutha in thia country
need, ia that solid literature, which, while k
mature their minds, preparea them alas for the
practical duties of li e.
Composition and Declamation will reeeWs their
full share of attention paitkalarlj the former,
lite Primary Department (ball have our special
cars. Fiom tbe disposition manifested to sustain
the tnatitution, ths subscriber feels atimulalsd to
renewed exertions.
Ths Session will consist of two Teres of 11
weeks each a short vacation intenening. Tan
tips f 6 for tbe common branches, $8 for the
higher English, and $10 for Languages, per
ifeaMunpar Term, one hah.
March 87, I860. Principal.
fpHE Lumber. Yard aud Office, late the
X property of JosBra Cahdob deceased,
ia Lewiaburg, on the coiner of St. Marya
and Water st recta. It is a full Lot, and
has a Wharf attached. Thia valuable
Lot will be offered at Public Sale on 8at
vsdat the 10th April next, at S o'clock,
P.M., by :
33, 1850.
AppeabTaxes. "
The Commissi oners of Union county
will hear Appeals, as follows :
Pane, Union srhtol-boaae, 8eKnsxrv 5th April
TJnion Commisaionris' arRcs, N Biln Cth April
shalo-Jamea M'OrciahVe . mh April
widow Lewstm'e Vlh April
White Deer-Jasies Adams' . "i" . lt.fc Apf.il
f.ewiarajr; Cha'a 0 Kline'a 1 Ma April
Eiat Buflalo Dsniai Mouk'a llih April
firm Barlin Crarjuatiooera' offies t3ia April
AT a meeting of the. Board of School
" Directors of the Borough of Lewia
burg, held March S3, 1850.it waa resolved
to comrMace Three Public Schools on the
1st dsy of May nest, to continue Five
Months. No scholars will be admitted
into these schools under five nor over Mine
yeare of age. All scholara admitted do
not the Summer Term, will be refused
admission into the Public Schools during
the next Winter Term.
Wirt be received by the Board, from this
date until the 10th day of April next, for
Three Female Teachers to lake charge of
the above-named Schools.
By order of the Board':
r WM; WlLSON, Prea'u
Josjif FIorcHTO. Soc'y.
March 21, 1850
THE Co-Partnership heretofore existing
between L. Sterner and I. Sanderson,
trading under the firm of Sterner 1- San
derson, waa this day dissolved by mutual
consent. The Books and Accounts are in
the hands of L. Sterner, to whom they
have been transferred.
Lewiaburg, March 95, 1850.
N. B. For past favors, the subscriber
returns his grateful thinks, and hereby
makes known that he still carnea on the
business of
Tanttlag and Carrylaig;,
at the Old Stand. Determined not to be
outdone in the manufacture or finish of bis
work, he is bound to have the best work
men and materials, and to treat those who
have so liberally patronized (as well as
those also who ahall be pleased to patronize
him with that attention which be hopes to
insure him a f"H share of public patronage.
All kinds of Produce taken " exchange.
Hidea and Birk not refuted, for which tbe
highest market price will be paid 10 easn
... . .... ... -
or in exchange for leather.
Li. STfcKNfcK.
March 86. A J). 1850
N the 15th April, 1848, 1 purchased at
Constable a Sale, aa the property ol
A kdbe w Black, a span of horses, with
their collars, bridles, and gears, and a
wagon. Tbe public are hereby notified
that I have again loaned them lo aaid
Black, for one year from this date.
Lewiaburg, March 28, 1850 pd
A CERTAIN person who promised to pay a
certain sum at a certain lime, ia reminded
tha lime ia certainly st hand. Swpd
Money, Lycoming Co., Fa.
Bar. JOITS RM ALLEY, A. M, Pamam.
Mrs. M. B. SM ALLEY, Amacuta PiwcirU.
THIS Ssmiaary is designed lo afford as good
sa education, in both the solid sad ornam
ents! branches, aa can be obtained ia say school
ia Pennsylvania. Hence, instruction will be
given in all lbs branches Usually taught in ths
highest order of female schools.
Tea 8mmer Session will commence on Wis
ssbav the 1st day of Mat, I860, and continue
ire months. VERM.
For Boarding, and Tuition in all tha English snd
8oenlincbrancfasa,tngetherwidl Drawing.Pain
ling. and Embroidery, per Seaaion 60 00
EXTRA. Instruction on ths Piano, with
nss of Instrument, per session SO 00
- I.atin.French, Wax Flowers, each 9 00
Washing, per session 00
tmirty Doll are must be paid in adianee,
and the 'remainder st ths eloss of ths Session.
For farther perttcalare, address Rev J.8msUey,
Money, Lye. Co., Pa. 3wpd
THE subscriber avails himself of the col
umns of tbe Chronicle in publishing to
the citizens of Lewiaburg and vicinity that
hs bss opened a BOARDING HOUSE in mat
larae and comfortably arranged boose, formerly
kept as a Tsmperaaee Hotel by Jsaes Kelly, two
doors east of lbs Franklin House, Market street.
He is prepared to say that bis Table ahall haw
the bast the Markets can aftonl, and the Lodging
of Boarders shall be as comfortable as can be
dired. L & STERNER.
N. B. A team and carnage
will be kept to convey passengers lo sad from ihe
Packet Boats. Lewiaburg, Msreh 18, 1950.
THE Town Council of the Borough of
Lewiaburg net March 19, I860, and
passed the following Ordinaneea, to wit :
. - l
Wnereaa, tnere arc "J",UCI
noon the Pavements of said Boro planted
at such distance inside f the curbstone as
to form obstructions uport the said pave
ments or sidewalka ; it u tneveiore oraaineo
by the Council aloresaid.tbat such trees
planted more than one foot from he outside
a is a -sBimaiaul
line of Ihe curnstone, anau oe rciw
within twenty daye Irotn the dale of thw
And furtlT it is ordained by the autho
rity aforeaaid.that all pavements extending
outside of the line of the width allowed by
the Bye Laws of said Borough, ahall be
removed berore Ihft 1st Oay oi June, u.
1B50. '
The Street Commissioners ere hereby
authorised and directed to enforce and car
ry into effect Ihe foregoing ordtuancea.
By order of the Council :
March 19. 1850 S Clerk.
- public 0oU.
rlE Board of Tuateee of the Uoiveraity
at Lewiaburg, will offer for sale, on
, .Jkwsfkj the 18th dij of April
next, a number of handsome EUTLDEJQ
LOTS pleaaaotly situated oa the University
farm, between tbe Cemetery and Lewie-
.lu mnmt, Lore oa the River Road.
fUki to ernnmeace at 1 ocloek, P. M.,
ben conditions will be made known by
tbe aaid , - ' TRU8TE138.
. Iviaburg,. March 9, 1800-
Sear Hau-tleHoft, Vmtoa Co.
rE aubsctiber, thankful for the liberal
pairnriago bestowed on his old estalc
;ahment, begs leave to inform his friend
and the public, in general, that hp has now
removed his Machinery into his New Mill,
(tire milts above HartlrtoH,nrr the Turn
pike.) which has been built and fitted up on
the most improved plan, and will have on
by the middle of April an entire new sett of
in addition to his already good sett, which
will make it the largest and best fit'.ed-up
establishment within 100 miles of it ; and
with the advantage of one of the best water
powers, he feels safe in saying that hi
establishment is nut and shall not be sur
passed by any in ibis part of the country,
lie has engaged a god sett of workmen,
and is now prepared for menufucturinj;
Broad and Narrow CLOTHS,
Cassi meres, Tweeds, Satinetts,
Jeans, Flannels, Blankets, &c.
in the best manner, on the ahorti-at notice,
at reduced pricea. C7For ihe accommo
dation ol customers, Wool may be left at
tbe follow iilg
Depositories :
New Berlin : E Wilson's flora
Bclinsgrove : Davie A Hchaore do
do John Hariman Jt do
Fresburg : G A F C Moyer do
Middlrburg: SwengtecVHassingerdo
Adanisburg: Henry A Smith do
' PenneValieyNarrows : Mrs Moatt do
Mifflinbnrg : Kenry Cast do
East Buffalo : Samuel Reher'a Tavern
Buffalo X Roa.ls: J M't'reight'a Store
Lewiaburg : J Hayea ft Co at'
do Rfber ft Iddinga do
Weal Milton : John Datesman do
Milton : Maeteller A 8enk do
do Sweeney A Ha.ig do
Liberty P O : Wm Dale'a House
Limestone : Weidenhamer'a Store
Pottsgrove : Jamea Reed do
A sood assortment of Cloths, Satinetts,
tiT"'erea.T weeds, Jeans, rlannels.Hlan
kets, Slocking Yarn, &c. always Foi Sale
or Exchange for Wool or country Produce
at the New factory.
CARDING ami FULLING as usual.
Winfield Mills. March 1, 1850
The subscriber offers for sale a large
assortment of choice Fruit Trees such as
Apple trees, 7 to 10 feet high, 40 varieties,
all warranted genuine Peach trees, 20
varieties; Tartarian Cherry, Nectarine,
Prune and Pear trees, together with some
6 or 8 varieties of Grape Vinea of the best
native end exotic varieties. Ornamental
Trees, such aa the Paulonia, Linden, die.
The above trees can be seen by the 1st of
April, on the premises of the subscriber,
one square above Christ Si M'Faddin'a
N. B. Persons wishing to procure a
quantity of the Fruit trees, are requested to
make immediate application to the subscri
ber, in order lo procure the varieties and
site wanted. H. R. NOLL.
Lewiaburg, March 4, I860.
AW only in California, but also in Uwitburgf
A good assortment of
Watcbea, Silverware and Jewelry
of finr Quality and at City prices
Hatfield k Thompson
Respectfully inform ths ettiaens of Lewiaburg end
vicinity, lhat the have entered into Partnership
st lbs OLD 8TAND on Market St, opposite J
Hayea A Co'a Store, prepared lo execute every
kind of work in their line, in tbe beat manner.
They carefully selected of the beat English and
Preach materials, Mainapringa.Cylindets,Eacapo
wberb, and a variety of Watch Jewels, and flatter
themselves that their knowledge and skill in the
business will enable them to give sausfacuon K
all who may favor them with patronage.
FINE WATCHES, euch aa Duplex, Es
estsimenta. LeDines. Anchara, Detaebrd,
Patent Levers, Repeaters, snd Musical Watches,
Ac neatly repaired and warranted
Also for sale, a variety of Gold and SiWer
Watches, Patent Levers, Anchara, Detached, Le
pines, Qusrtiera, snd English Watches, Gold
Chains, Breast-pine, Finger and Ear rings. Gold
and 8ilver Bell Slides, Bracelets, Gold and Silver
i 111 i " !l- snd Pens, do Spectacles,
3fcvbaCSUet Spoons, Sugar longs.Combe,
Ae Ac in short, a little of everything, and
anything else, not mentioning kniek-knaeks,
always on hand or got to order
A variety of Brass Clocks for 3 snd upwards
st wholeael and retail
Persona desiring to get things right, would do
well by giving ihe subscribers s call
Experience tells us that the Credit System can
not afford a living. Therefore, in order to "posh
along and keep moving," the Cash Sysfenl must
necessarily be enforced. Feb 39. 1850
IN the matter of the par-"l In the Or
tilion and valuation of I phans' Court
the real estate of Wm. L. fof Mercef Co.
Hakkis, deceased. J Pa. No. 31 of
Sept.T. 1849.
Writ issued lo the Sheriff lo part and divide
or value and appraise Donation Lot No.
?26 of two hundred acres in the 4th district
in Mercer county, which said land has
beeo appraised and valued by a Jury sum
moned bv aaid Sheriff at the sum of eleven
hundred and twenty-five dollar, (tl 125.)
Notice is hereby given to James Harris,
Martha Harri.and Laird HowardThomns
Howard, David Howard, Harriett Howard
intermarried with Dr.Thomaa Vanvaltah.
Ann Howard intermarried with Wm. Wil.
son, Jane Howard intef married with Joseph
Green, who were children of E ixabeth
Harris who was intermarried with Thomas
Howard, hoth of whom are deceased, that
the Court aforesaid did on the 26th day of
Decr 1849, confirm the inquiaition afore
saidi and gave judgment lhat the same
should remain firm and atable forevernd
made a rale on the heirs and legal repres
entatives or the deceased to appear on the
first day of next term (lat of April next)
and accept of reftfse the premises at the
valuation. .-''' ..
Certified from if record al Mercer, this
20th daf of December. A.D. 1840.
M. C. TROUT Clerk O. C.
A MEETING of the Board of Trustees
of said University, will be held at the
Academic Building in the Borough or Lew
iaburg, Union county, Pa., on Tuesday the
I6tb of April nxt, at 10 o'clock, A.M.
G. F. MILLER, Sec'y.
Lewiitburg, March 13,1850
Beware of Importers.
THE PUBLIC are hereby informed that
a Patent has IverJ issUe.l by ihf United
Statea to Stephen Crane lor a Wash Mix
ture, and the underpinned ia a joint iii" n
tor, nnd bold the J'nten! R ghl for Pt im
sylvHnia. A certain person who hns hern
selling rljjhia U neither inventor or propri
etor. arid will he prosecuted, with all others
violation, the intent.
UNWANTED -Good Ajjents.to cun-va-U
the Slate.
. D. M'VOV, Baltimore, Md.
rWtinrj '1(1,1 iSti 3t.
2D8 hands
WANTED, immediately, by the sn'.s
cribers. to work in their Bat-yard.
To faiOiful ham!, constant employment
and liberal wages will be given.
Lewisburg, Fob. 12, 185)
fllllE subscribers would call tbe attention
X of Jrintrs to the greatly reduced pri
cea of their present list. They now offer
Km at
HduJI 11m
Isms' primvr
30 evats.
34 "
37 "
Minion, a
am. t
4 nut.
Jt -1
"H -1
TvterUKd lo mm no expense hi makins their rsta-
blisbmcnt as perfUt possibla, tkejr hsre got op a
compete set af the Jxioily e.-lebratJ SuiTU W Lma,
from DisDWd to English, is Vbfcb they pwtku-1-lnlt
IUtIdit latalr mxle nnmi-rous uMItiom tn th. Ir rtock
or Fanrjr Tjpt-s, Ronk-rs, Ornamrats, kc, thnir sKortiwnt
Is now anrifsllrd in the Unitud Utes, and Ui ir imprTnl
mrthndV or esjitini;, and of prrnarinx BKitxl, nsi.le thrm
tu rortiish ortern in a manntr to invure satifiirU(n.
FrinUm; Hrwwa, Cases, stands, Chasrs, Oall. jns Hrtn
titur Ink, and krvry article ascd ia a prlnting-otBoo,
stmrtantlT on hand at the In wet rates.
Hxrond-baad I'lrms, and Type used only in stfectjJP
tna. at reduoed prions .
Hooka, Pamphlets, Mane, Labile, Sx. r-, steraotrpod
with oorrertnean and deepatrh.
N. B. Speeinwn Books will be arut to Prtatefs who
wish to nuike orders. L. JOHNSOS $ "O,
Janaarj 2, 1WO. JVs. A, auuam Xrttt.
NOTICE ia hereby given lhat the partnership
lately aubsiating belweeu J. L. Ever and
Wm. Thompson, under Ihe firm of Ever &
Thompson, ia thia day dissolred by mutual con
sent. All debts due to the aaid Arm are to be
received bv Ihe aaid Win. Thompson t and all
demand on lbs same will be paid by hint.
j. L. EYEK,
Lewiaburi. Jan. X8, 1849
A LL persons indebted to the subscriber.
J are earnestly requested to call and
make settlement without delay, as I am
desirous to have my old Books closed up.
All those neglecting this notice, can not
complain if their accounts are left for col
lection, aa a very long credit has been
given. JAMES HAYEd.
Lewisbnrg, Jan 38, 1850
FOR SALE by the subscriber
A lot of Frame Htuff, aawed or hawed.
Joists and Studding', and
900 Toeta of a good quality.
Lewisbnrg. Jan. SI, 1850
rpHE subscriber haa a HATHAWAY Cook,
I ing Stove, which he will sell reasonable'
abn a few articles of Mahogany FL RN1TUUE,
and CARPETS. bich miU hm moU law. En-
quire st the Drugstore of Dr Thornton dr. Baker.
Hore Light!
THE subscribers have receited s lot of Can
delabra of varioua patterns also Pine Oil
and Fluid Lamps of different sises, all of which
they offer at Philadelphia pricea.
IHcf subscriber still continues to keep a
large stock of Lumber in his Yard for
sale, comprising the following, viz.
100,000 feel gooJ'Jry Pine Common and Pm
45,000 feet Joiit and Scantling, net Boards,
10,000 feel good(dry Poplar snd Linn U jarjs,
30000 Joint and Lap Shingles,
33,000 aawed Ceiling Lath
Pine Rails and 8juare Timber,
Maple and Poplar Scantling,
Weatherboards and Pine Paling,
Salt, Nails, and Stone (Joel, -Oakaro,
Tar and Pitch ;
all of which he will sell at fair prices.
Lewisburg, Jan, 22, 1850 3nr.
DRS. HAYES & DAVIS having entered
into partnership in the practice of
Mrlicine. offer their professional services
to Ihe inhabitants of Lewiaburg and vicini
ty. They may be round at all times when
not professionally engaged, at Dr. I layes'
office. Lewisburg, March 1, 1850.
compound syrup of Sarsaparilla.
JUST ree'd from the old Dr. a large and
fresh supply of his celebrated medicine
from the principal Depot in new lorn.
Persons wishing to procure Sarsaparilla
can have either the old or young Dr's, gen
uine and fresh, by calling on the Agent,
Lewisburg. June 86 C W SCHAFFLE
NOTES Promissory, Judgment, and
Joint Notes (blanks) at thianfTVsa.
New York Fall and Winter FA-
JUST received at the Fashionable Tdilo
loiirh establishment, next door to the
Post Officdi JOHN B. MILLER.
Lewisbdrt'gefn tO, 1849 -
ANE Buzgey and sett or Harness,
One Two Horse Vdgon,
One Tfwek Wngoff,
Per sahJ W
Thompson's Susquehanna
Philadelphia, Sunbury, N irthumberland,
Danville, Milton, M inrj-r 4
VViiliitmsport. Lewiabiirs.Mifliinburp;,
New Berlin, and iJeiiusgroviv -
Leaves the Oty every Tliarsday Morning.
Offices in PhilaJetphiu :
Tor Packafw end Light Goods Al I.iinetnn
& Co.'a Expreaa, Depot 4:1 South Third 8t
And for Hfvy Article. '! BefcScl & Co.'a,
Depot cuiner ol BiuaJ & t hrriy. -Orders
sttm.d.J to if left at Lewuburg with
Mr Kline, Mr Weidciuaul. Mr I.judill, Mr
l orstt r, or Mr Shelter January 1. 1850
tnlbrin the public, that they
have oiwued a shop on hourih street
lower story of S. W. Wykott' old atand.
OppOllIC II till It. iiuwiiwij'i w.icib .no.
11 ..... . DT..1 ' .1.,.
keep on hand or mane to orntr
Fuitcy and pni'"n CSairs,
Hoston Koe!ing Chairs n'so
Bureaus. Tnbles, Beds'ead.
of various kinds,
Settee. Ate. Ate.
All work in our line warranted to be well
made, arid on the moat reasonable, terms.
House and Si?n PAINTING
attended to by the subsrriU-is on the ahor
tent notice and in the best tyle.
Country Produce and Lumber taken in
payment and Cash not refused, b;it ra'her
I he subscribers intend to be strict in the
fulfilment of all their promises as regards
work nnd so doing, hope to receive a
liberal share ( public rntrorii?e.
Lewi.sbure, Nov. 1M9
1 1 1 1 Li
Latest Arrival !
e&tiijjtflt an &
f tt
US P received aud now offered for the
iu8iection of the public, our complete
of Merchandise adapted to thia Market
such as
Foreign and Domestic
UDry (Roods,
all of which have been purchased at rates
which enable us to sell Goods
cheapest of any in town !
Thankful for past lilieral patronage from a
discriminating public, we hope to merit and
receive its continuance and extension.
Remember, the 013 Cheap Stora is the
place for bakoaiss ! !
Lewitburg, Nov. 27, 1849
'PICKINGS. A splendid assortment of
the' good by the piece or yard, at
unprecedented low prices for cash. Jo-l
received 30 pieces at various prices, rue
attention of store keepers is parlicularU
invited, as well a those buying by the yard.
at C. L. Jones' New Cheap Cash Store,
Feb 1, 1350. Broadwny. Milton
."1-VPPP.IVF.D at Former's Store
Xi French M -rinoes for Ltdies Cloaks,
Palmetto Cloths do
Lyonese do do
Black, Moroon ami Green colors ;
New S;yle Calico and Delaines ;
Also an assortment of Ladies' Gum over
Shoes. Offered at reduced prices.
Lewisbnrg, Dec. 18, 1849
SUBSCRIBERS to the " University at
Lewisburg" are respectfully requested
to pay ihcir Second Instalment, now due,
to the Treasurer. And those who have not
paid the 1st Instal't are repectfully notified
that all such delinquents will be charged
Interest onjtheir Instalments from tbe tunc
they become-'due.
Lewisburg, Feb. 25, 1850. ,
AFRESH supply received at the Lewis
burg Cheap Bookstore :
Flake's Manual of Classical Literature
Da vies' Analytical Geometry
Blair's Rhetoric. (University edition)
Comstock's Mineralogy .
The Complete Farmer, 1 vol. 62 cts
The New American Gardener, 1 vol, tl
The Book that will Suit You, or a Word
for Everybody
I can furnish the above works, with a
great variety of others, at vtty low prices.
Window SASH.
A lot of 8x10 Window Sash, from the
cheap Manufactory of Sprout & Burrows,
on hand, and all sizes got to order on
short notice;
May, 1849 G Lawsho
Townsend's eitrad of Sarsap'a-
A LA RGB and fresh aopply of thia celebrated
Medicine, just leceWed from the principal
Depot in New York, snd for sale al the new
Drug and Chemical store of
. Dr Thornton 4- Baker
Home Industry
AA1'S- superior TOW YARN
for sal bv
Sears New Pictorial Family Magazine,
AOR 1-349 Embellished with numeri.u
Kni-raviupa Prie ,W, or 121 ct
nwr Nilfs.ial:r-
This work is partly oft the plan cf lh
English Puuny Matfnsinc'." Pob'ishv at
128 Nassau street, New York city! cht.-d
by R..a::iiT .Seahs. It ia iiitei.lel to lui
ib, at a cbep rate, a variety w pleasing
ami instructive matter for persons rf (iifTt.
rcnt ciasaes and egvs, pariii ularty lu those
depaitnients of juowtenbK which are ol
most general interest and corieera, and are
best calculated to enlarge tbe mind, gratify
and ektate the taste, direct to rhr uielui
occupation of time, aud improve the char
acter. Everything of an opposite ttti'Jino
will be carefully excluded. Tb riteni
conxist of a vnriety ol articles on 'he fol
lowinit .suhiecU : Useful arts, ctirioaitien.
natural history, science, literature, juvunile
inas ruction, travels, antiquities, poeirfsv ic.
The recent multiplication of vumus pun
licatiotis, particulurly of chp novels and
liciutioua works of a bad monl tl-iitlehc i
hu j-isily alarmed tl.e frk-nds tf vir'ue,
rnjd vrHerrand the !a ; lor il is evident , brants r-rifik roua times rmsm
. . . . , A . i I nsat sa aaer trajedf as !h a-uo, icaa.
mat their influence inuet be ejtteosive iu , one dollar's vOPTjt
proportion to their circulation ond thia ia h win eet a rmfr mmt rf e i--kno
n to be unfortunately great. Too often ZtSnTJ-. ' '
it ia tbe fact, that even good meu, ho per- w ira:p i. w mmh cw.-i, - -fi . v .
ceive .omething of their evil t.-udcacy, led JJST,
their countenance to lhnJ,not onl by pur- r-,t Wllhin Jr
chasing and reaJing ihcm. but evi-u by ad- j 100.600 Prnous of Impure Blood C.VffuS
mittini! them into their families The excuse tnJ 15,900 faws Vfrt COmidcrfJ SarsriiL'i. I
Uh often been made, that they sre conven
ient and cheap, and that such publications
as they would approve are scarce.
it is tbe great olject of 'Sear' New Pic
torial Fumi!' .Magazine," to stij.ely thi
wnt compl-iinej of, and all '.lie ii.a'ter it
cint!:ins, ttli.ihcr ori-jinsl o selected, is
ilesignt-d to r.ttract, insfruct, af.d iinprovc.
The pnper i hite. the tvje tl.-ar, onJ ti e
mechanical exei.utiou very neat. Th size
is larjie imi-rial octavo, double columns,
40 or 50 pages to a number ; and tein;
wholly occupied with reading mutter and
elegant wood engrnvins, (to the exclusion
of advertisements) affords an unusually
cheap, pleasing, and instructive family
S Dr. John Locke,
SURGEON DENTIST, raapecUully informs
bis friends and the public in gt neral, thai
he has concluded to make Lewisburg Lis perma
nent iilacv of residence. Dr. L. haa biken rooms
I an --'a Sunnre. Srst door below the Printing
' 'ffics, which ha has fitted up w orrrr tu. He-
I Uilafsa alt Kline'a Hota-I. CTThe third wefk
week in every month, be may be found st &ck
bert'a Hoi. I, in Milton.
Dr. Locke is a regular graduate of the Balti
more College of Dental Surgery, bwiidea s,hith
qualification he has had tbe advantage of 6e
years' experience in the practice ef bis profession
in Pennsylvania, Ohio, lllinoia, Wisconsin, and
the city of Baltimore, MJ.
Dr. L. takes all the Journals of the day sihich
contain new and useful information in the line
of his asofeoMun ; and fiom his arrsnzrmen'a
with the best manufacturer of tenh, goKI foil,
Ac. will always keep on baud for the accommo
dation of his customers tbe very but quality of
all the materials ued in hia business.
Persons wirhing Dental operations performed,
will find it to their advantage to give him a call,
aa he is determined not to be surpassed in the
beautv and durability of his operations by any on
araaaaa Persona for whom J K.lloi i iriTitr I
fc Teeih. and ho ma need repairing
done, are informed that I base tbe modcle of
their mouths as prepared by Mr. I (ousel, aad con
apquently can do their repaiiine at a loner rate
than it can be done for elsewhere, as it asves lb
trouble in many caaes of makins a nra- model.
Lewiaburg. Oct. 17, 1919.
8 Li ACKSM IT 1 1 J X Ci
The subscribers respect
fu ly inform the citizens
of Lewisburg and vlclnuy 1
that they have eomehced
the above business, at M.
Hate's old shop on Second
St. one square south of Market, where they
are prepared lo Iron Dugics or Waggons,
and rrake all articles in their business in
the most workmanlike manner, at prices
which tlicy hope will induce those wishing
anvthini; done in their line to rail and
juHe themselves before goinc rlsr-vihere.
Repairing done on the shortest notice
nnd on reasonable terms also Shoeing,
which is a very important mat
ter to those that have valuable
hores, and should Le entrusted
only to persons of known skill.'
We flatter ourselves that we are ab'c to
compete with any person in the country in
Shoeing Ho : we ask only a trial, and
let the work show for itself.
All work warranted. Iron and ail kinds
of country Produce taken in exchange.
We hope by strict attention to business,
and a determination to suit all, both in
work and price, to receive a liberal aha re
of public patronage.
Lewisburg, May 22, 1649 -
PHK subscubers have associated undur
J the Firm of "
S. & J. WOLFE,
for the purpose of carry fng on a
Wholesale Grocery and General
Commission and Forwarding
business. Libel al advances will be n.aite
on all kinds of Country Produce. Place
of business, new Warehouse en the VVhart
immediately below tbe Bridge,
Lewisburg, Pa. Aug. 7, 1819..
JUST received a genuine article of Cod
Liver Oil for wholesale or retail. .
Nov 13 Dr Thornton & lUker ,
lil'i risac'0' and ConstsMes.oa
printed acrnrdinc te order.
JUST reived, at Forster's Store
0 sacks kuperior Liverpool Ground
25 do dairy Salt, - " rAtum Fall,
which is offered chearx . - Dse. IS.
K QTT never refused at the t.ffire
1 1 0 ll-rihf U i.-tm rK'l ronir le.
th tilihiiife
m wtttmn
a?t mutt itiitrsi "'.
E 711 rf-w ;cttT:
rvwv...i a :
inMC. a,n, I-
llti and a'lUTS n Id t!ii il
sir a-rfMr tvif -'- Tit v..j..
mf all rrme,W a nek st ' . ,$
Tm. irmuri nWt ana -; -Trwlll h
mte w of a ttm'tUr '-rr ot thia FuaiFit s r
! by Iks ars U a Jew quolilr "f auT rth.-.
sjlharuriX .(S-aour fjsir" fcrnrnnf)
Tain rramsa a wUUi rc(.siej (nm- Vr?tii--nr.,
ta wmal.moit aajraf. acl 'xn- txr.i.:f
sf tbo ai-a. waboot r-"vr- fr"-
It tlrwm.f. WrrarlAraj, la ".''. m..&
, 1 1 .
j wm, hs.aaaiTsaa,w,at4 a.. '.
m MBf otbrr ratrrn-me JiH men n tn the H1 c ' j
kf. If ww bnild aaijr ma who uti !-' 'i- "v
howevpr, wm du y, witd wUnJ irwiv to yruie , m , trim
twatwi, that lUAfrr'ai Hoiciarw hiTj etfUi -' .-. .
aora jaiwi Uin4 httmtji b uura. th p . r. V.
mj otlker nnedjr in tsxi&rnce ai.d duri&g the i
Hiw mac I. will Dollar worth CvR f f
TbtsOy lre Wp VUr$ were tmrtd by ustn y frf-f,
hittle? of Hi ant' i tirrifisr
Ttsu fhlluwtrtjc i the nM"t tr-jptJerfti! tad i h : 2 run
ttaft wa tor eTYVd cn a human being, bj 9pjt.
Horrid Scrofula CnrtL
Ma. i B Hasarr. irf --, Ot-ia Co . X Y .
tWmrvr QOtli, IW. Ihal tw Bui been a 1. 1
avi. tour years, ari the lief r-r etmftnM u iW . .
ulmi Itrn 4try. iadiargnf lica '.t r n-.
waa eaten ariund Irom enr i.t-h h ,.- ' ,
Ihruueti bis Waul pipe, so I" t h :.rea3 t" l..
hole his ear was near -i-. tr'v I 1 ' . ' r.r-r
Waa wholly destruye.l-a.1 nu Ulv r ua-:. a. -u.i
large as a aaaa's laa'!. hl uwarty t a liu u m; L i
Luius Una he bad o.-d al:. hrn laor aai J.Z, t.i..
ehraW'riatf at abU - -t t mxm mot r. -v '
la Irrc tmnry-faur ktmn waca h- rauneajcetl A.VT'i
Jjtduy erarrriKO ilaraacr oatai!a arrt.i ;i tr
Pcaimie txTKACT ktmUd funi currd iSTH t
twenty L'leers he had whea ha eoaimaBed auj u
S3it a far borlm more erteeted a vaavscT ci ai. f -urnVulPira
of this, and OMay eUkarrwifarrar-.. s- c :-
Thia Woaaterfal mm Aaiawi.hiu; ! ::r
4oes not stand alone ae a aw aa wear of the rf 'T -wt
BaAMTa rvmuutm, fur we uld airn aiuttMt uii
Sed eridenea of other en red, well attested, tf t'.U 1
Saahted. TUs eurw is certiDad to bj
Fourteen Respectable WitSrsiies.
By Doer. TMos. Wtujasr, eae of the uot r. -p: -t
atiyjioti.as of Uoay-ny Messrs. RiMai.L (L U 'm'p
nolesale and retail drugiau uy Nr. G. IL ha ".. . ..
preti.r and keeper ol tha Wkst Ron H:r.l. m i ' y
awaas aoVrsaiRSSMS.
., Brant'a Indian Porillar
earas tS impure djeaie or the bloc 1. .r. : S
SaoXVkaaa, KkaintHrm. Erwptioot, Fitf 'r'
ftkm. tULs, Liccra, V.miacn9, Hncuru Oit:ir.'
Complaint, Fiiu fa Bte Bur, SUt, anj :
7riMM uf It svMunra tvmurr-na hxrA.r, rn .
ptMtLi airal ntber nvdif-aii'inr. ?."-( t-- u. "
hfU aUlti -mrt$ L'irrr t 'w -.- if:, tatid I", w '.t .
if rttadily ajxi MJii m tie PttrJw.rg Ej.f.
ed curr txtr.ij
TrttjCSAXtrS of cut Off th ptft-T k.rfrlt rrpr. !:.
fcliy prof it" s'mo-t Bitrnr-iUj . ift.- v a. w. t.
W trtw tbe kikiOMf crt6cvdi?M fct uf c. i. !
('jtja Q pTnrv tfct? j.-.Tajr l' fJtTe iii'o, e-'-r. w '. . -ivrwi
in V m 'i.e frT fw of i''"ti.r, n - ' -
W aftvetii? fol ow nr oo t6c-ite m f-ut orc .r .
eenn kv be in th Tt-ry lu-t sth-isi ol r-wtfii ; . -it u
Brtmt' fn-tidtn Pnlmomary BrAszj Is tdtTi'Mft r 'j i
eaw riue nt wtan-i jttooa. e coul'i wwi- xv. l...:.
m mrrfttH am 4 twtmntHif flrf Jtv-it.fs . f
rrwav. vnd tkoH$ymds uf cm r caUaci CiN'-S'Ji:rP'7V
Tll'd Cl'KK wet, t'T.ctrti on the wt- Vr
0rn-u.i m tbo trwm oi miim, &m-c-- ts. ?
Mr. Dk m.n w pnB -uri1: 'hint, nu.i ."Jr.
Wvot to th lrm of Mr. -obj Wait tu p-ircktte r..:Jt
aAmd, tkU-i oiicr burial mVoitiU, :.p ctu; 1.. w.
iald aw rtie 81 1 -- in Uie JojT SUije of tl.t tt:r -
ve tHmtrtr nod nnln 4nm piUmc V ,'
lTHin-ui w pcfiHimie-ri to etu tr wdh ol -1 h S i'.-s
IN11AN PULMONARY BALSAM." lie ta-.U th-kom-
with the twirca.i aaJ re portion t tu -.:
n-ltvM t-r flbcci.'.au i t tok- it uctil bJ? r.t . tt .
OB HrtALTti, nd be hu rar.tmtfd fci fur n3i S1-'
pm-g m Pmnfhitt for nrti uijtr.
Mr. PiiirsjUf swoTf fr the Crfs b fcr; T.i i-.
?tVa, Kfq.. of Uallsfn j. 29th April, TM
TwMss. O. Yorva. rq., Jutiu, ccrtir? th t hi i. -known
Mr. Dykvian w.-y ymr aixJ tSn: fc n :
thiT W Ttkm maA rejtpcctbU ati:m ; i.:.tj Mr. -..-r-'
Wait, tls tueTiLuinf tp,k- nvt b v, r.! c , rv! :):
food cmnmctt r 'if Mr. Wut, tntj t)' -t lu" w ..
ipiMtBt.-d w ti i' Hve faUt 1...id hcitrj UstUi v u .j .
ta oi by ifacB
Brant's Palmoaary Balaam
mm cossi wrrioy. ai-. c t ; - : .
PUeifng mi tAt I , i'trnc w Trrtitt naj Su!-,
Aeeatls. jiwttru C tmuUMtP. c'4Latu4 ej ia irr.;rt
C-Waw T,jttm. T . -en(. Sumner Cmlr'tu. .ul .: ' T,
TEMALJl hM.AkSKSSES, noi 9 j:Ua vkeucscr
The lolkmiiu o -m.'J 0.jcr jr ,u J Pk-ju-in- i t. y. u a
recomnr- ndej TIRAMTrf MKrHCiJIr; . .
Pr. N. tJlHHARII. Miuti rl. C'jno.
Dr. J. W. SMITH. Wtertoa. S. Y.
Dr. HODMAN, 13-,' Henry tu, si. Uroot'vn X T.
Dr. T. M HUNT. Aahnrn, Y.
Ir.KO. KKANCi.-, M'Jdl.iuao. C-na.
Pr !K . HOCKItM. hatr.,K. Y.
Dr. t WHITK, Fn-..oia. M. Y.
l'r. C. r). GALGNriNK, liyron. N. Y
Dr. J.O SIllraUN, ITaactterUIf. S. Y.
Dr. i. SKINNER, Bmry ftreet Bruoklyii. X". Y.
Dr. U. BHli'MA CaiHaad, M. x.
Bt-ware of conntf rfeits :
1 hera is nt Brant'a medicines fdtui..-. t ...
sorh botlf'-s as ae rut up n rqn-rc pr. !i
I or stij e, auJ on o';o jaara of ilu yr.i 'm-h.- -i
lafiel en hi, h i reprerr.'ej a vi'f C i'"'.! .
and onrter heie !. alar, Jr e s N tc :t lis: :
nhirb mi i"t!!fiK, sia. ,
"M hrrt J j:r,i- v , ; rrrc;i- -1 ;
tn thr brarrr h-yr, f Osr Cttt. tf, , .'t ,1 .
we Medirint Ftutuiy ia th Citif i t' Hn.Jhu.
S Y. . Duttd at ifi-wiyn, TtU Jj.t'ii '
(nliich cote Is "igntd v i:i r t ' '
Ivone aanuiija ba' sucli tr
the lahel siijiiij nt:
"or si!e
hv T
'rff ; F.i.i.? W-t-. :4 ,.-V. V ; v j r,, r,.
Melinagmva i i ft K t: i.'irvee. r feel u-v : H N
Bavkhauae. i.iii.iiekurie ; Al i. Ui'ert, Hj.1
ton; An'r i Mench. Mirtliuhii-j;
' Alt fc-ltrra an. I onfrrs must 1.P ;''.r.'.e.' a.
' WaUace 4 Co. 106, Brosdwa.-, ft y, .i,
u'.scrrber tjfet tut n'e'iV s. i J
. sttlistaMidl Uriek I.rcU.:C;. i;. i.e.
cesrary ouibuiId nj-, biiri(Js. n e .it t. ,
on Third street. in hf B.m'of I.i wi l iii -now
occupied by him.
Also Tweive Acres of LAIJD si'ua'i 3
in KtlJy township, within 3-i ol u r;, ! . t
said Rorotijjh. ii a good stite ol '.
tion. Kor terms, apply to
n. it. r.oi.i..
Lewisl:urg, Dtc. 10, IV.19-
.KEW EIJGGEY for sa!
iX. , furihr-r laiiiet.lMr. ei
r:rap. F'.r
irjuiia- al !! ;J