Lewisburg chronicle, and West Branch farmer. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1850-1850, January 02, 1850, Image 2

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Felht tititem of the Senate
mwt HouMt of Reprettntativet :
Sixty year have elapsed since I ho es-nrWiahim-nt
of thia Getinwr and the
CiMicreM of the United Stale again
aanrwible. to- legislate for an empire of
fienaea The predictions of evil prophets,
wlo formerly pretended la loretell I he
doworall of our institotione, ara now re
ntefnberecf only to ba derided, and the
United State of America, at thia mnmrnt,
present to the world the moat tabl and
permanent Government on earth."
Such i the mult ol the labors of those
who lvegor before u I'pon Long ess !
.01 emineMly depend he future maunen-
Mce af our system ol free government,
and thetrwo.imsMon of , ...impaired, to .
V011- . - ., 1
We are at peaca wan all the Lcivtliz d ,
world, and aeek to maintain our rherished j
Hanon, of amity with the rest of ..n-!
kind. During tte past ,ear. we have been
. . . j ..
blessed by a kind Providence, with an
uj .v r . r l
ahlinrianrr rl the fmile f thi. rartK . ami
alihougli the destroy ing angel, for time,
- , u....r
visited extensive portions of our territory I
with the ravwge. of. dreadful pestilence.
.k l. i. . l j i
yet, Ihe Almighty has at length detgned to !
t!."V." V 10 ,he I
bleble.ngortrneral beal.hio a , eople !
P a . " , , ... .
I nave M-runu ouny avoim a anv inter-
- ' ' ' . ,
fcreoce in the wars and contention which
. ,.. . ... .
w rrcrnnv uusiracirii r.urope.
Jlurina fhe laleecnflirtlielwien Auhtr a
. B
bu nunniiry, inere m-emeo 10 tie a prcs-
r. J7 ...
1 11 . . .
peel that tke latter might become an mde-
prnaeni nanon. However taint mat pros
j - .
Im ii . .1. .
x .k. .. . i r .u k. .. ..
L...- a . -u . l i
TllltV III irmirflBliil asvith Ihil nnnnrul
: , r.. . i ,
aentiawnt tr the American iople, who
j , ... . . .. . 1 -
deeply symr.ih.sed with ihe Magyar pa.n-
T Tr .? 97t!ti' U'T ' T
cy ol 'lie establishment by her of a
' . . ... , . .
perwanrni government, 10 oe .ae nrsi in
welcome mdrnendent llunuarv into the
family of Nations. For this purpose, I
invested an agent, then in Europe, with
power to declare our willingtirss promptly
to recognize tier independence in the event
nf her ability to sustain it. 'I he powerlul
intervention of Russia, in the eontest, ex
tinguished the hopes of the Mninlin
Magyars' The United States did not, at
any time, intarftre in the contrst ; hut the
fcctings of the nation ware strongly enlis'
d in the caure, by the sufferings of a
save people, who had made a gallant
though onsuccesslul effort to he free.
Our claims upon Portugal have been,
during the past year, prosecuted with re
newed vigor, and it baa beta my olj.-ct
To employ every effort of honorable diplo
macy to procure their adjustment. But I
MUX now say, it is a matter of profound
regret that tnee claims have not yet been
net t fed. The mnisaion of Portugal to do
jaatice to I lie American claimants has now
assumed a character ao grave and serious
twl I shall shortly make it the subject of a
special message i Congress,; ith a view
to such ultimate action aa its wisdom and
atriotism may suggest.
With the Kefablic of Mexico, it is our
true policy to cultivate the msl friendly
elation. Since the ratification of lhe
tteaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, nothing ha
ccarred nf a serioua character to disturb
i hem- A faithful observance of the treaty,
d a sincer ..-n f k-- .tpnts, can
not fail to secure the lasting confidence are?
friendship of that repub!ic.
Your atleotion is earnestly invited to an
amendment of our existing laws relating
to the African slave trade, wnh a view to
I he effectual suppression of that barbarous
A contract having been concluded with
lhj State of Nicaragua, by a campany
composr d of American citizen, for the
forpose of constrocting ahip canal thro'
th territory of that Stale, to connect the
Atlantic ana racinc oceans, .nave o.recaa
. ... , , ,
ine neKo.....o. . . .r.v h-,.Bu.,
pledging both governments to protect those
who shall engage in ami pertect the work.
All other natn-ns are invited by the
State of Nicaragua to end r into the aame
treaty stipulations with her ; and the bene,
fit to l derived by each from such an ar
rangement, will be the protection of this
areai iuiT-ucnc nUmr.u,. m,.i
...y power w hkh migh, seek to obstruct it.
fr e mMiAiwiliM itn nHvltfifiif,M-
' '' , .k . f .k
. . rc i, k . ,k7 . i ure to be resorted 10 r nlv in extraordinary
fiscal year ending on the thirtieth of June . .. . ....,:.
1 . : k . con no-? Kn ..j i eases a where it may lieeomc necessary
last were, in cash. S48.830.0U7 50. and in ..... ., '
Treasury n 'et funded, $l0,8:M.0tH. ma
king an aggrejeata ol $aU,riC3.tV SO, and
the rspenditU'tea for the same lime were,
in rash, 46,794,fi6? 82, and in Tieasury
' note funded. 10. 833.0011, inakiug an ag
jregate of $57,631,007 3-
The account and estimates which will
hm submitted to Con pre in the report of
the Si rretary of the Treasury, show that
there will probably be a deficit, occasioned
by the rxienses of the Mexican war and
treaty, on the first day of July nut, of
$5,828,121 66 and on the first day of
July. 1851, of tlO.147,10 1 73, making
ta the whole a probable deficit to be provi
ded for, of $16,375 214 39. The ema
erdinary expenses of the war with Mexico,
and the purchase of California and New
II..UM ..Ml ?B ....... k i- I I
l.h . m u niiniuui ...m Winn, 1 , a , -, ,
elher with the l.w.n heretofore made for I Great F"---1 Le'on Mills on
rh obpet. I therefore remmmend that I Kishacoquilla creek near Lewislnwn, be
antboriiy he given to borrow whatever j longing to John A Sterrvt, were destroyed
urn may Le necessary to cover that d-fi- ' BV fire on Monday evening last. The loss
rit. I reeommend ihe observanre of Kiriot i . " . , .
eooomv in the appropriation and exiK-nrft I " "'e I""?" ' lhe
lure of the public money. j peueof construction having been 30,000,
I recommend a revision of ihe existing
taritr. and it adjustment on a Iwms I.k-Ii
sn.y -cmr. ...r rrjrowr. , u .., a,HIW .
. . .U.. I J . . a . . i
ihe rifchl or doty of Congress lo et.coota-r I
ooasiw inoustry, wnicn is me preai
sV4irce of national as well as individual
wealth and prosperity. I lock to the wis
fcwn and patriotism of Congrey for the
doptioa)- of a system which may place
hosntt labor, at last, on a sure and pern. a-ss-al
footing, and, by duo encouragement
nf manufactures, give a new and increased
Mimnlua to acrirultura. and promote i.e -
development of onr vast resource and the '
fX'immoo of our commerce. Believing j
that to the atiainmrnt of these ends (as j
well as the Dccenry augmentation of lhe
revenue and the prevention of fraud) a
r.inn of aoecdic duties la beat aaaateu, v
strongly recommend toCongres the adop
tion ol thai system, nxmg ine uuues i
rate hiuh enough to aflbrd aubstantial and
sufficient encouragement to our own indus
try, and at the same time ao adjusted as to
insure stability.
The question of the continuance of the
Sub-treasury system is respectfully sub
milted to the wisdom of Congress. If
continued,- important modifications of if
appear to be indispensable.
I respectfully recommend the establish
ment of an Agricultural Bureau, to be con
Keeled with the Department of the Interior.
prosperity, and
d'hi, of . his
multiplying hi. source, of in
J he of every
statesman, and a primary object with every
' . ' 3 1
a or:, . . .
J1? c'v,'' S'"' 1 " '? ? e
b ' ""f88 ' T.Vi i?
of thut Territory, impelled by the neccssi-
, . v. ', j,:, ,i.
lies of their mimical condition, recently
( j
i met in convention, for the purpose of form-
j ing a constitution and State government.
mf. co"s u ! - ? " r 7 !
h.ch. the KJ"!'"
to suppose, has been accomplished , anu Hi
. i,hor' ,p,v or ,he
.dmission of California into the Union as
; Rlnle should such be the
'T,d 'heir, constitution be con
1 , , "t j u . I
I tut ion of Ihe United States, i rcommend .
i ,orowl)le 10 ,ne requisiuons ui uik v-uii
t tut ion of the United States, i rcommenc
. . i- . .1 r .. .i t. .-y.
ibeir application to the favorable consider-
! .
; ation or Connress.
.. r v . 11 : ,.,;m .i, :,
11 h. 111.111 A nl &W MEXICO Will 11
. -i-r- - . - : ,
1 u 10 w.m a T ne u.rv n ini nei 1011 iirt-s-
I is believed, at no very distant peiiod pre-
. , ,- , i. i: i
.ni iVmic1v lor unmissinn into Hie I'm
mselves lor
... i.,. , ,v, Hm;i..n f t'l.
,,.- ..iM.in.v.
) v ... . ,,, ru
i norma a
have instituted for themselves a reiul-
. 1
! ican form ol government, laving Us loun-
; . . u , j
I datians in men principles, nnd organizini:
, . . Jch (Jm ,s . m ,hai
' m most likely to , fllct their safety and
; , '
. . ,m raim
u j awuimi - -
uneasiness may be avoidni.and confidence
and kind feelina presetted. With a view
of maintaining lhe harmony and trannuilty
so dear to all, we should abstain I'roin llu
intinduction of those exciting topics ol a
sectional tharacter which have hitherto
nminA ..Al.irnl amiri tl.llvlOllM 111 lllL fltltl!
VUU1.1U I'HII'iUi l I
lie mind; and I r peat the solemn warning
of Ihe first and nmt illustrious ol my pre
decessors a. a list furnishing "any ground
for characterizing parties by geographical
d iscriniinatii ns."
I recommend i arly appropriation for
continuing the river and harbor improve
ment which have been already beun. and
also l, the censiructtod of .hose for whah
estimaies nave iw-en ii'aur f.-ioi..ii 10 i-
con.n encement ol such others as the wains
.. 1 :..n.. .1 -J
of ilcouolrv, ond especiallv the ad.ance
' , 1 .. - . 1 ,,
. .r . .a v .'in.n naw lihlrii-tv Mini Ilia
ttf iuir .mnu!iftiiiin ikwr iiffw lislrii-ls.niid lilt t
extension o. eo..,ii.ercr, mny renarr mcrs-
arv. An estimate o! Ilie ailioiitil which
eanadvanl.-.geouHlyexpndedwuhin. he
1 eM fiscal year, under the direction of the
Uurt-aa ol It -nourapinrai .nj!ineers, 11c-,
companies the VeJ of lhe Secretary of;
War, to which I itecl!ully ufk ihcntttn-
lion of Congress.
It is submitted 10 the wisdom of Congress j
whether a lur-her .eduction of p-siage j
should not nw be made, more particularly .
, .. , '
00 letter correspondence. ;
I confidmilv believe that a eh"",'". --
Miety be mud-, reducing all single leiler j
postage to the uniform rate ol five ct ills,
regardlea of distance. I
Among the du ie ass-gned C'.n
lilution io'he(.. iieri.UiOernnni is ne
of lota! and limited application, hut no'.on j
that accout. the less obligatory; I alludu to
A the National metropolis, the city ol
Washins'on must lie an object ol ie icn I
in'erct ; and FainoVd as it was under the
, bim iammUil nafrie it ;
- . . . . r,mletn2 care of
Congre present themselves wnn addition -
al strength. Whatever can conir bu.e to
its prostientv roust enlist the feelings ot its
Conslituiioi-al cuardians, and command
their lave rable consideration.
The check provided by the Constitution,
in ihe elnuse onlerr.ng me rjuaiiiiea veio,
, ... , . -. . , : 1
Uie fathers of the
I ... J
I Kepulic I view it a an extrene meas-
to defend the Kxerutive against the en
croachment of the lci.latie power, or to
prevt nt hastv and inconsiderate or uncon
stituiion legisliiticna!. .
A'tat-hmeni lo ti e Union of the States
should be habitually fo?terd in every
American heart. For more lhnn half a ;
; , , . . , . . , '
century, dunr? which kingdoms and em-
1. J . . . I
pire have fallen, this I'ninn has stood mi-1
haken. In my judgment Ihe dissolution j
would be greatest of calamities, and avert
that should be the study rl every Americ-
an. u hatever cnnjje r may threaten, I
diall stand by it and maintain in it integ
ritv.to the full rx'ent of the obliiMt'on im
posed, and lhe power conferred upon me by !
the Constitution. Z TA I LOR.
Washington, Der. 4, 1849.
of which sum 5,0(I0, was covered by in-'
Urn. e ;n the Cumlierland and 5,00 in .
Frank;n Frm 5fll, , , (,(, Luiht
of groin were destroyed in the mill.
Tha only duuhter of Judge Joel Jones.
Myor of Philadelphia, aged six year,
died the next day after Christmas, in con
sequence of her having swallowed a -earl
button on the Jlmday previous. Lodging
n her Ih'oal it produced inilammalion.
tier sufferings are said to have been of
the most intense character.
Green corn in Savanna market 21st ult. j
the t ust commuted to Congress, aslneex- j SUrreling well in all other operations, 1
elusive lepislator and sole guardian of ihe ,vrH jn kRrve, fi,., . lnjj teing
District of Clumbi. I beg to commend; -,u .1 .1
. . . . ...... 1;. j ...,;,. fit ly sntisficd wnh them in this capacity,
intrMta ta our kitiu attention., '
From the N. J. ErangeKul.
Wagons and Carts.
A farmer in Eogland, named Edward
1$ Laddington, haa produced a prize essay
on the comparative merits of wagons and
carts, which should arrest the n'.tention of
our farmers; for if he is right,our farmers,
in general, are wrong.' After five yearn'
experience w ith wagons, and nearly the
same with one-horse carts, on a farm of
one hundred and seventy acres of arablef
and .eighty acres of pasture,' he came to
the conclusion that the carts were of the
greatest advantage. As our farmers nil
use wagons, let them pay some attention
to his statement. Us says, " I have no
light plowing land, nor hnvn I more than
twenty or thirty acres of very heavy land.
I will, therefore, relate my actual exper
ience. In the employment of wagon and
the old broad-wheeled dung carts, I re
quired one cart, and three homes to every i
fifty acres of arable land. I sAw kept a
"g", C"" 'r KM,erU' PurP,,!ies- wo" ,niu
1 -ra m' Ci"" lM 'W '
.. . ,
through n.y work much more easily wuh
two horse and two c. rts to fill, acres."
In the calculation ol items, hi saving
W08 four Holnr$ , (ie cullivatjon
a. . a Bvf
ol or.e acre in the year. Atsin liesa,
, . , ,
It is admitted that one bortc, attached
to a given weight, will move it more easily
, . , , .. .
1 lUnn .... fl...l.n .I.I..I.I.. 1. n t
....u..u ... u..UUiC ......
r n.. .
weium. this arises not only Irnm the
, ..... .. .
advantae g
hiik u oy navmg nil ini poner
r .ir.,hi , ln, 1.1 il ,.U b!o u!I
applied at the same moment, wbicli is al-
most itupoMftihltt wheietwo or more horses, j
having different wills and steps are at- j
tached to the wctiitit ; ni.j i...
reason one hore will travel mote quickly-
When a cart is fi'Vd, there is no delav I
in Mttarhinp the triirt-.liores rlnrttiir m hii-b
operation the one horse would be two bun. ! il""r'a
' , , ... , . Notwithstanding all the precaution or
dted yards on the road. I know this' ,. . , , . ..,
. . , , - . . . . . I ihe Po!ic Kossuth medals have hccnin-
; tI, rcaiy i0 chance il.o horse, as is ihe!
practice or oppoMtoo coaches ; but I am
speaking of the iimtter-of fact workii g of j
.i,.. .. ..... ti.,... ...: .. I..... .In
s.atvi... . .in. 1:111.1, 7 .11 11 int.
. . , T ,
is deposited, the one horse turns in much
facts ate It o sclr-t v dent to admit of con -
... . . , . . ,. .
tradict.oa: indeed, I believe the economv
j of carting manure in one horse carts is
grneinuy ouowea ; om mi enip'oymeni
f ,1Km ; harvesting i much obiected to.
I , ... , . . r ' , .
1 In this respect, however, I find llieiti
1 1
; f.-linllv t'X r-tlil(nii iip r.-fi.i.i.ni-ul
. - ."- '
"ciuai experience is, mat inreecans, wnn
;:;ie harvest fren.ts attachtd, will crnve
j s (!)IJch hay 0f port, m r rt-w M ,wo
. , . , . ...
Voi.s( nnd that . hey are hound with the
ro!rs ln ' "J tone ; then no lime is
lost in binding. They are easier loaded
jto lhnn v-ajous, and not more d fllcull
, mioa(1 a)(J fcft ,dva os rc
... . .
gained ol speed in trave hnv.
,.im ttrst Vrnwn serious-
. . ., . - . , ,.
ly to the subject from hiring a mail to
d raw nome tono for dtaining. ile came
with a home only fourteen hand's high,
cart, when the work he ae-
coinph.ied an suprised ne, tl at I nl once
decided to try two liht carls, hi. h, after
j I scon discaided every wagon from the
J -
lrjiiiii 111 tv in itiiuur. 1
Mr. Miller. so.re.whM eelebraled for his
: vjew respecting the nearness of the advent,
, dipd T)Ursd iC 20s,
ul-' fi8il. year,
He was born at Piiisfield. Mass., Feb.
15, 1782. When lie was four year ofage,
ilia fiXthcf rpmove(J to lrw Hampton
Washington Co., N. Y. At the nge of 22
he settled in Poultney, Vl., and was the
di uty l ri:fl lor thai county. On
I lie ci.mn.encement of the late war with
(.rent Rrition, he received a Captain's
commission in the U S. Army, where he
remained till the peace. He look part in
action at Plattsburg; where 1500 regulars.
al.,d 40oo vo'umeers, defeated the Dritish
, . ,Bni, r.. .i i..
11. u wile li,vvu viniMSt Ann iiic viosr
. , , ,,.
Af I fa la a hn rarrnuorl ir Ina ltirA I,
- ""
In'e residence, where for several years he
held the office of a justice of the prare.
About IS33. he commenced promulga- j
tin-i his view rslativo to "the end of lhe
world.' and for the succeeding twelve
years he traveled extensively throughout
ihe Northern, Rastern, nnd Middle S'ates,
and Canada. He was disappointed in the
fulfillment of his expectation in 1843, and
rame out the next year with an "Apo'egy
and Defence,' acknowlrdginx the wont of
tccu'U-y in his chronological calculations,
hut claiming that the nature and nearness
of ttie event was still sustained by scriptu
ral evidence. In that belief he has since
lived, and died (wa believe) a inenibvr of
the l?nptit churh.
The Providence Journal lell an nnec-
dots of a ood old Connecticut ileacun.who
was bitching a very feeble pair of oxen lo
a vary heavy load of wood. A neighbor
asked him how he expected to get such a
large load to market with so poor n team.
The good deacon replied that he expected
aid from Divine Ptovidence. Hi neighbor
asked him il it would not he as well to dis
pense entirely with the rxtn, and trt Div
ine Providence dtuw tl.t uholeload f
Foreign News.
The'teamship "'Cnmbrian .arrived M
Halifax on the 18th ult. with' Liverpool
date down to the I5th.
Queen Adelaide, the widow of the late
King William IV. died on the 3d of Dec.
ember. Hr remain wer interred whh
much ceremony on the Itfthnf Dpcfmlier.
in St. George's Clmpcl, Windsor Castle.
There is a general mourning throughout
the kingdom. ,:
Qt fe.v Victoria. The London Court
Circilar annnunres that hr Majsty ac
couchment i shorily expected.
Piinre Albert, husband of Queen Vic
toria, has just completed hi 30th year.
The dealh'of F.benezer Elliot, the Corn
Law rh mer, is announced.
In France, lha attorney general r.rdftred
the seizure of two Socialist journals. Pass
port are In be discontinued.
Our advice from Constantinople come
down to the 25'h Nov. As et tba extra
dition question has not been settled, nor,
according to the best authorities, was it
likely to be settled.
In the opinion of the Times correspon
dent, tha Emperir is only desirous of
postponing a rupture till opring, whan his
operations would he more favored by the
season. Meantime Turkey is making ev
ery preparation to meet him thould he
aHanc. I lie English fli'e; ha lelt the
i Dardai fill.
; an n n..
KjU is increasiii' her
i il. t i.
i AITair. in llumrarv continue unfiled.
' . r l ..." .i.. Mn..r
A P8ihapnp"r states that prince Melter-
letter to an Austtian
. .
I . ' , . ,
Austrian mnnarcuy can not i-uuj .a.-iuui:
i!.. i..il llim.rnrv is msintnint d in its
; preceding tclalicns, as a separa'c s:a:c wnn
troduccd into Hungary. They are consni-
ered by Magyar patriots as ol inestimable
Letters from Naples announce that
1 .
! .-real arrang e ents were in progrcs , but
i . . . , t- .
! fur liut ol iccl wa unknown. lhe lor-
.... j
- . . : : I I
1 iress CI OUJia was wing repainu aim
' . , ,
! armed. The roislilicial Irontier is being
1 .
linnil Uilk Ironim. U(I fllTf!! COntlllUC.
m o)d &fm
1 10 the Cardinal.). In an address to the
ir ii ps he says, "your mission i not end-
i d.'' The treasury of the Cardinal Trr
umvirate is reported to be insolvent,
, .
U"W hai e' Un ficd. fo' ,hc rK,urn '
! the Pope.
From California.
Paxama. Dec. 4, IN9.
The steamer Panama arrived here this
day, having lelt San Francisco on the night
of the t'5'.h of Movcinber. She brings 235
aliu trrtjnr to m mourn
'1'here were ome fear entertained of
famine in lhe interior of California. The
rainy eason had set in, and it was leared
that the commuxntion lietween those in the
mines and lhe river lowns, where supplies
could always be had, would be out olT, in
consequence of the slate of the ruads and
Tais would also apply to the emigrants
j across the mountain. Provision had 1 ia-
I en verv hi.'h in San Francisco. Pork was
j - . flonr f5 bUL
The latter had declined, however, $5 on
the day of the sailing ol the steamer.
Warm clothing, India rubber coats and
thick boots, were in great demand, bringing
high prices, in consequence of the inclem
ency of the weather.
There was a good deal of sickness, dys
entery and fevers, in San Francisco and
the interior towns and settlements.
The cholera wa at Maxatlan, though
on the decline when the steamer left.
The Election in San Francisco on the
13ih Nov. 3169 votes polled. Burnet is
probably elected Governor and John M'
Dougal, Lieutenant Governor. Scarcely
any opposition to the Constitution. Mr.
Butler King's chance for U. S. Senator is
thought to be poor. ;
Trcb Knolch. The readable character
of a paper, in general, says tho Norway
Advertiser, depends as much on tha juda-
,,, nnd ooChc edilor in lis
- ... ... ..I,.,... II..
avii.,iituiatua uirvuuu vtuii wnv iii -v
fitness for the post he occupies is to be es
timated a much by his talent in ibis de
partment as any other. It requires a kuowl
edge of human na'uie to judge what read
ers Plight lo read, and what lliey will
read, and what, out nf the vast material
found in exchanges should be selected for
the improvement of his paper, and the
pleasure and profit of his reader.
The Southern Manner, at Athens. Geo.,
contain a ccpy of the Sla'e Constitution,
of California, accompanied with this sen
sible remark : "We have nothing to say
for or against the anti-slavery clause in
their Constitution.- That is their concern.
not ours.'
Consolation for' Maj. Cumrmns The
Worcester Palladium haa this happy hit at
the editor of a contemporary : V(
The people of Worcester have elected
the cdi'or of the Spy logo lo the fgitta.
lure nnd elected aa ta Hay ot home. Thia
ehows plainly which thty tan epure bett.i
is iniu.
E. O. BICXOK, Editor. , -O.
N. WORDEN, FubUiher. ;
At l.:u.h In a.lTnrr. sl " thtw monlb. ?JpnM
within thr yir, mkI ii.!-" at tl-. inl u tl- jrrar.
Am-ntx In l'hlliilil'liia V II I'.lmrr mn B W Cur.
JLewisbtirff, Fa.
Wednesday Afternoon. Jan'y 2
In consenting, (for an adequate consii!
eralion) to lake charge of the Ediloiiul de
partment of ihe Chronicle, and devote such
lime fu-itas we can conveniently spare
from our professional pursuits, our political
opinions and party ties, so far as we are
personally concerned, remain unchanged.
But in our official cipaeity, as Editor of
an Independent paper, supported as such,
in good laiih, by men of nl! parties, we
shall preserve an armed neutrality.' We
shall leave party politics per e in charge
of the respective party organs at thecoun- j
ty seat. Yet, at the same time, we shall .!
claim, and, whenever we think proper, ex
ercise the right to discuss political suljcis
with Irecdom and ind'-pendence, hut with
all posiblc candor and fairness.
Our sympathies are thoroughly with the
working classes ; and we shall lend a firm
and earnest support to iheir interest and
rights. Wo believe in the universal bro-
therhond of Man, and have unlimited faith
"lri,y f,,r l,r,grrs9 8nd imPr"vc-
i menl. And we sin II zenlousy advocate
surn rc.orni. ..s fiium set-rn to us cio-
ii i- r l . . i ,
I rnlntrtl rattiim tint tmiirnTW imr imc.
I and enaanze trie soci al and political pnvi-
t - ...
fc" J "
believe Jrsrit e and Rioar should be I lie
controlling principles in (lit! affairs of lhe
world, in opposition lo Caprice and Power;
and the s.xmcr lli ir ascendancy can he
established, the better it will be for our
selves and our fallow men, and lhe sooner
we may look for that "good time coining"
fnr which Chrisluns'pr.iy, ari.l the world
patsi'iitly wni's.
We see no good reason, why a town of
lhe population and husiuessof Lewisburg
the central point, too.of soma of ihe richest
agricultural districts in lhe State should
not have a paper thsl would favorably
compare, in character and patronagewith
the best of its neighbor. We think it con
have, and shall endeavor to verify our
j assertion. Andcoupled w ith the acknnw
ledged industry and enterprise of the Pub
lisher, aided also we trust by n liberal and
leady support at the hands of a wiahhv
and intelligent community, we are persua
ded the Chronicle will become a more
efficient and attractive journal, adapted to
the want nnd the tastes of the neon!-
! .....,:..l.U -A -.nlnn. .
fn ttie
families of it patron.
H. (.'. IIICKOK.
Tte Oil Year,
inderful ilevelopi
iv:.k :.. i..r..i .1... ., : .1-I
. 1111 us wuuueriui iirveiopiiirni in uir
world' history, has swept by, with solemn
footsteps, into the immeasurable Past and
wnh il, ha gone the first half of the
... ,
IS incur nth Century. Statidiii" thus upou
1 1 1. Ir.u.ulnn. tC 1 1 1.1 ninnliu.ik sink ..C :
II.V .IJ'illUU. U, IIIUI-ICIIIll llllill Jt
Christian time, what a rdrosjiccl.nnd what
a prospect! What ntnazing events have
been crowded into lhe last titty years, nnd
what still mote marvellous changes may
be in store fur lhe half century just ushered
in! The first of its number, the NEW
YEAR, wiib its fresh hopes and unlulh
omed mysteries, has sprung into existence.
What shall its record be? .
What hopes and fears press in upon the
heart, while the mind vainly strives to
shape out ihe possibilities that lie shrouded
in the future. What change shall earth's
millions witness before the new year has
grown old and gray. Shall the blessings
of health be prevalent throughout the
world, or must the wings of the pestilence
be again outspread over the cowering na
tionscausing men's hearts to fail them
for fear, under its terrible scourging?
Shall the friends of freedom lie enabled to
rejoice in the progress of liberal opinions,
or compelled to mourn over the reactionary
triumph of the minions of monarchy! How
many governments shall he overthrown,
and what new ones created 1 What an
cient despotisms shall disappear before the
will of the people who have borne their
yoke, and what new republic shall be es
tablished upon their ruins. What shocks
of adverse fortune may not Lc encountered
by the wide spread British empire in the
coming twelvemonth. Do brighter hopes,
or deeper sorrows, await poor famished
Ireland! Whit fiesh victories shall cheer
the sturdy band of relortners in brave old
Knland, in their bold but arduous warfare
ngainst the adulterous connection between
ihe Government and the Church, and the
hoary abuses that, in the course of centu
ries, have beet me s i deeply interwoven in
tha frame-work of society ? ; Must chival.
ric France continue to be but a " reed sha
ken with the wind1" or will not the bold
hearts of her people be roused to a just
tetse of her mission and her powershake
IF lhe va epyre who would enthral her,
and prove herself worthy, before tha world,
of the republicanism she had so freely
chosen. Shall constitutional liberty b? re
planted with enduring life, on the classic
soil of Italy or will the spiritual power
of the Vatican, and the mailed arm of ihe j
warrior, still combine to crush its growth i
and uproot a principle. &hali &ifzer.
land, in her Aljiine home, maintain hor j
aiicicnt Irecdom and renown, or will she, 1
as now seems possible, servil. lv b'tid her
chainlets neck, and sell her birthright for
a mess of pottage. Will not the muttering
thunders of freedom Ipj again heard from
the deep heart ol thoughtful Cerniany ?
Will clio nr.t huvj. l.Mrmt1 i nir iAa .f
genuine republicanism ; and, a'.hering t
wisdom from experience, wiil she not gird
herscif anew for a unile.J and succesful
i-'-i-v. '
itnoc. kit Ik. I
frightful ferocity of her captors, spring yet
from hei bloody grave, and strike down
: lhe pf.rndiou monster who have lapped
1 her b!oo(i iv , hmvl for more;" or
mU!(, s(1Pt nWf be dismembered and uttr
v d,.stroyH What encroachnv lit will
j coossn K,ia be able to make, and what
fatal check may she not teceive. in her
fina Pfl;jrU to ee? away theTurkish
barrier to her ambitious scheme, and open
out, and cominanJ tiie ancient overland
route t f .cltn, and thus divert, in part, the
j eorntm.r(.e which England claims as her
own. And if this crisis docs come, what
convulsions miy nut be cau-ted lliroughout
Eirope, by the deaih-strugale of lhe Sul
tan's power.
The sphyns riddle of Europe's destiny
can not M l be sulved, nor the lute Ihul
awaits her In truthfully conjectured by the
most comprehensive and enlihiencd iti-tell.-ct.
W hat sviul, polii'cal, mora! and com
nu tc ul revoiurnii.s may bn locked for
amongst Aein's count ess hordes on the
untamed cuiitiurttt of South America and
in lhe isles of the a. V hat lluctu:i
tions sliull occur iu our on powerful con
federacy. What sta'u.e, and what rank
and influence shall Oregon, C,ili;'orni:i,
Minnesota and Deseret attain 111 thegrea1
family of coinimmwenlths ; and w hat new
Sta-es sh.-il! spriu!!, ilh Minerva-IifV l'ioo
the bosom of our unexplored Met er 11 wil
derness. In vthat r-lrtpc, and to what es
ten, sh'ill the abiorlmi q'ifs'ion of Sla
very be settled. Vl'bal unforseen vieiss:
udfs may spring up in the administration
of the internal a'iirs and foreign policy,
f our Niittonil ( lover tiincnU And, 10
come closer home, what changes, and if
what nature, may he anticipated in our
own State, our county, our l.oroi.yli, anrt
in our lamil ies, Ix-t'ote the light ofuno'her
Mew Year's morning dawns upon the
. Reader, what think you v. ill be the
developnv n of this new year in I e his
tory of your 00 inri;v.-i-i i.r. t v ill
yotnh be reo.4 I,Ue . ilia enule, jout
plnns be matured, your hoprs realized, anH
1 your life be prolonged or will sorrnus
J fall, disappointments come, and Iheshadow
1 of lhe dnrk valley close around you, I mi;:
' ttr.rf tka ..tr.-tini. .riiann. Ii.wa .nuin v , 1 ..
' their Course. Ii
In view, tlun, of life's pban-
1 toms as well as it rpliiia ,uv ilin....,
; . , . ., - r . , ,
! need to Hie voice of wisdom from above,
i , ,, ... ,, - ,
and Hie soli, smail voire of the monitor
-.. ,
. u-lthin; Hurl u hill. vr.i. me:titi willi'lu.ik l.nn.t
and hnp'-ftil amonus! earth's living glories,
ever look thoughtfully forward lo that un
known future whose veilel mysteries n
mortal gaze may pieree.but which aleverv
foot-fall in life's pathway may open to en
gulf you.
Ourself Agriccltnrally.
It seem that our predecessor's commit
tee of a'j:r.ri!liir;il edilois have resigned
their pons ; finding, perhaps, that their
novel vocation was attended with more
trouble and lest lime than they had ex
pected. Consequently, the discharge of
their ofiicial duties will hereafter news.-
iii xxr .
nly devolve u;.on ns. e presume, how-
ever.in the lulmes, of our professional
modesty, that their triple mantle ha fallen
upon suit iblo shoulders. For, are we not,
if the truth must be known, a practical
farmer, and that too of no small skill and
experience I Jid we not, in our earlv t
boyh.1, graduate wib highest honor orr !
a . . . . .
I"""' ' Mr. Thomas Barber, in West I
HufTalo, after a vigorous apprenticeship o- t
full three mouth ! And did we not after-
ward's, ot the I'ev. iJr. Ely's celebrated j Rtuitou. w were graiifird to observe that the
manual labor college in notthern Missouri, ; t0 coueeru yielded him a libeial profit
diligently cultivate an acre ofwhile bean, j rp-Ouf moa co,di.l wkno. ledgtnenu ar. due
until Jack Frost slept in with his cruel ; to M.j.Jmi Gra.v f, ,h, fin. Iufket ceieJ
veto, three week before hi tim. and :' on New Yeai's eve. . May he live a thousanJ
rulhlessly demolished our wholo crop ' J"". -'"d his hJow (aod luilu-y.) never grow
thereby causing a woful vacuum in ouri11 V"ilv wb" wouU'ut be ao editor, when
sob treasure, and leaving u. like Mariu ! uch te hM,j prn.CT0 ta oVBd a Et
. . , f, , i
amona the ruins ol Carthage, motterin,
' ""
with sullen resignation, "sour grape!" !
Wiih such ample credentials a these :
at our command, we would like to know j
who ha a better right than M.rself to be j
..- P,t;m r.f ih f.'Bt H,. IB. I I
Agricultural Society ?
fJO"Capt. Gundy 's Agricultural com
munication and a variety of editorials are
crowded out this week.
We have l no ly room to announce ihe
sppttrance of the .'a .. No. nl 'The Cuardian,"
(a $1 monthly M atzinr jut iwoed by Rev. II.
Harhaagh, LrwUdmrc.) - Its mechanic! apiea
ranc U bigh'y crnliiuhle to ihe Printer, and it
literary eontvnia mid Editoiial management give
promkie of eataiuiv osefuuieaa and popularity.
7 We send the Chronicle to a
number of persons, not subscrib-
ers, whogenameR we should be
pleased to have as patrons. Those
wno decline the proposal, can airr.
nify their wishes by returning thc'
bh.lOND JNo. sent
r ii
From Harrisburg.
The legislature has been organized,
and the Governor's message may be daily
Valentine Best, of Danville, (Dem.has
lif-en Inefed Siie:,Ler nf tha Srn.rr- hr
W'hig vote it n aid. John P. M'Cal- .
mont, of Clarion' county, (Dem.) haf I
been chosen Speaker of ihe House, and
: " ; :. ,
r7We should be happy to receive
original communications on all subject,
! suilahle to our columns, ibat would be
likely :o interest or instruct our reader.
There is, if it were properly brought out.
enouj,h talent lying idle in our town and
valley, t fill our paper, weekly, to its of- '
most capacity even if il werefAat "daily"
of which a formtr editor once dreamed
and we hope a goodly portion will bn
roused up and brought into healthful ae
There is one rest riction, however, w
shall place upo:i our correspondents, of
which we desire lo give timely notice.
Our columns will nM be opeu for the dis
cussion of irsonal difficulties, or local
qurirl. We intend our paper to be dig
nified and courteous in its tone ; and are
determined the power of the press,' shall
not, in our bauds, be prostituted to un
worthy purpose. To this determination
we shall rigiHiy adhere.
OCT" We presume mo: nf our subscribers
havo read the Pre-tidem's Mevsage brfrnR
this time, hui we this week give as largi:
extract of us toost important portions as
we could well lind room for- A our pr--
I decessor h.i already freely expressed his
opinion of its n eriis in advance, e arc
happily relieve. 1 from mukipg any furtbtr
comment. .
t'OMJKENS. ibs Hrure. iho" vlittion
for l.'ltik. ili-., was la lk pike immediairly
Iter the !t in.
In lhe .Senate On. Csss has introduced
resolution fur Ihe wtibjuwa! of our diplomatic
intrtconre with Ao-iria, on account of hot mlV
iuihis ti estiiiria of Hungarian. This will wis
Juubicdljr rlii-it un iiiieie"ting ilrbate. ' -
IT'e hud some idea, for like saiaof
adding interest to our news ilems.-of pjit -ing
lo the Old F. Hows for leave to pubfisn
i heir q iarfrrly slid tiaveling pass-words at
ihe commencemi nt of tho term fur wii.ch '
they are furnished. This open -hearted
arrangement would no doubt moke" quite n
wnsati.m in the order, but we fear the
public would not beheva the reports, nnd
3As thn publisher's ajpense wilt
materially increased by tha new arrange
ment, a corresponding incre-tse of patron
age becomes csseiitiaf.-. Will our frietnis
tiear this in mind ! The amount of read
ing warier furni-hed will keep pac-e witl
the number of subscriber.
OCrThe Etpies with the Tresidoni's
ir.eisnge, on Monday week, wenl through
from Washington lo N. York, in llw
honest lime on record less than 6 hour-,
and 30 minu'es running- time a distance
0f 2i0 mile.
IC7 Wanted a bran new" pair of
smail, half grown shears, with which to do
up cur editorial sectorings. Who speaks
A-hem !
THE CO.VCERT ia the Ptebvleri.rt Cbonh
jrstrrjiy ,fiPrnoon ,nj evening, ander lhJi-
rteuoo of Mr.CA.M4av1tt.wa a rich treat
our iiieihi be enjoyed for Kmc months
! '"" bch the little
; ,ecUtJ their parU, and Ihe hcrtv eood
, . , , ,. ' .. J
j onDanC9 o( ,he b . -trkaJ
upon the sudieaee. The appearance of MO
children in a bo.lv upon the platform, engaged in
' "noinlt gw,t variety of tune with perfect reg-
1 ul"i,J inu nJ harmony of tone, sad goin-
TI .
I inrouga prntrictni exprcLies
inrniifpn rirn, r .-ib. I . n : : . . t . .
" r " .. ui gvmui wnn
,en,i,kaMe P-"!""" nd .ccurscv.wa, ofh!f
interest gnviy bj J
ihe,e srquiremeut. weie the resalu of onlv
week tawon. A Mr. Mariu' i.oiw...
HufTalo lorn out T
t- i , - . .
We ln.e proof prwiuve that prosperity !-
g.io. frienl-for our M.homedaa we uch .
fine' hrta Wow, ihu the oven of our No. 3
"thewey" ronld not reeeiT him ; and an old
Mjrke "hilibor. hewing of oar predic-
l"""T"J ereu io excnnge lurseye, ana
give us a uttalltT one for the ocraeina !
fTGrac GrerDwooil's lively (ketch on our
firat page should bare been Credited to Graham's
Maiaiiae. "The Celestial Army on the aame
page, we consider gem. Tba EInqeent Ei
Irart" poneu'es interest on aeeoant of the eabae
quent fullilmeot of somo of its predict tone, aad
it glowing anlicipalion of lhe Milleoniawa.
An Almanac for 1850 aod aoaaa haowfon
articlea nay be found on the (earth page.
t7W are indented to EM Bursa, Eafl H.
R , for public document!.