The Somerset County star. (Salisbury [i.e. Elk Lick], Pa.) 1891-1929, December 10, 1891, Image 7

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    “Bold by every
the United States
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es well fortified with pure blood ‘and a proper}:
hed frame, "Cy e Gazette. E *
‘on application. : : :
of Feonurero's Horse |
10 ® world, with fres book,
3 'MPLOYMENT--Situations easily and speedily
si of secured, you are out of employment or wis
oa omkes chi onelose fifty centd and ad
. {THE WES 0,
We wait a wide sa ace Sonu: i
aan or woman in every
inthe U 3. 2 UCP aR Bri:
ido without. Adapt. 8
ar Catalogue. 200 testl
ewcomb, Daveriport, lows |
4 : .
wR We want the name and ad-
VS oe Ca madsen
U.S.and Canada. Tess,
P.Herold Hayes, ).D., Bufllo, 1.1.
a, Business Forme
Shori-aand, dts,
Le Clroulars teas
8t,; Buffalo, N. ¥
ww. a Ar,
YD YE. Baitor, Buitaio, Py
1 Nursery St
or Y
55} tucked:
« | breeches.
.'| veloped in nearly
dress |
|, They’
| fectly ha
Ha who robs a scholar robs the pub-
God deliver me from the man of one
Pen and ink are wit’s plongh.
No tyrant can take from you your
A fool may chance to put something
in a wise man’s head.
Seek till yon find and you will not
lose your labor.
To read and not understand is te
pursue and not'to take.
An idle brain is the devil's work
shop. -
Deeds are friits; words are bus
leaves. ;
A word before is worth two behind.
Have wide ears and a short tongne.
A diligent man can always find lei-
sure, 8 lazy msn never.
Many talk like philosophers and live
likeSoola. die
. Feather by feather the goose is
: Each man at forty
8 physician, ;
Lf you love life don’t waste time.
If you would have a faithful servant,
serve yourself. -
Diligence is the mother of good luck.
If every ome would mend one, all
is either a fool or
{ would soon be mended.
+ If you would enjoy the fruit, pluck
not the blossom. ;
A'manloses his time who comes early
to a bad bargain.
The richer the cobbler the blacker
his thumb. = a
When the curate licks the knife it
must be bad for the clerk,
sd proselytes. :
A crown will not cure the headache,
nor a golden slipper the gout. vd
Honey in the mouth is money in the
“| There is no fishing for trout in dry
‘The holidays of joy are the vigils of
Seek not for a good man’s pedigres.
Lawyers’ houses are built on the
heads of fools. En
Men who fear no God, trembleat a
gypsy’ curse. ; :
old goes in at any gate except
heaven's. : :
He is a good orator who convinces
himself. :
If things were to be done twice all
would be wise.
1 Oil and truth will get uppermost at
ast. : x
Pleasant Evenings at Home, :
A fondness 6% music is a grédat bond
of union in a family, and it may be de-
children. Though
they may not have fine voices, they can
be taught to read music, to sing cor-
rectly, and take great delight in glee
and ciiorus singing, And when two
or three musical instrnments are added
“I to the home concert, there is fio fear
but that the boys will be content to
| stay at home of evenings, whatever
the attractions out of doors. A degree
| of facility with pencil and crayon, such
as may be attained by everyone, is an
important aid in many a parlor game;
besides furnishing occupation for idle
hands in hours when social intercourse
is ont of the question.. But of all ac-
complishments, the most jiseful, the
most delightful, and the most cheaply
acquired, is that of reading aloud. If
the children are trained from very in-
fancy fo take pleasure in being read to,
and are taught to read aloud, as well,
the family is never without its resource
of pleasure. Pretty needle-work for
the girls, and drawing or whittling for
the boys, with ‘a book to be taken in
est evening a season of delight.
“OAx you tell me where I can find
‘Rienzi’s Address’?” asked a young
lady of a clerk in a Brooklyn bookstore,
“Have you looked in the directory?”
he replied.
THE man who lectures on the benefits
of physical exercise takes the elevator
when he might climb one flight of
fi woe Bigs but bad
—the old-fashioned pilt"' Bad to
take, and bad to have taken. In-
efficient, too. It’s only temporary
relief you can get fromidt..
. Try something better. With Dr.
Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets the benefit
is lasting. They cleanse and regn-
late the liver, stomach and bowels.
Taken in time, they prevent trouble,
In any case, they cureit..
And they cure it easily ; they're
mild and gentle, but thorough and
effective. = Theres no disturbance
to the system, diet or i i
One tiny, sugar- coated Pelet for
‘Bick and Bilious Headache, Consti-
pation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks,
and all derangements of the liver,
stomach and bowels are promptly
| relieved and permanently Sted.
re purely vegetable, per-
Hy ANA 5 es and
the easiest to. take—but besides
| that, they're the
catl ‘buy, for
| give satisfacti
A profitable religion never yet want-
If the brain sows not corn, it ‘plants
turn, will make the longest and stormi-
a laxative—three for a cathartic. |
- AYoung King's Sguirt Gun... |
The big-eyed little King of Spain is
very fond of his garden, and some time
ago one of the Queen's Austrian rela-
tives, who was going to pay a visit at
the Spanish court, bought a very nice
squirt-gun in Vienna for the young mon-
arch fo use in watering his plants. His
Majesty found it perfectly charming for
this purpose. It would send a stream
of water to almost any height or dis-
tance, and such a well-watered domain
as the royal\ parterre had scarcely been
known before.
Irdeed, there was zlogether too much
of it to confine it strictly to thé garden,
and the King soon began to make ex-
periments in other = directions. Fine
paintings, rich draperies and various
works of art were played upon at in-
tervals, to the great satisfaction of his
youthful Majesty; but soon he yearned
for more exciting subjects. There is no
great glory in attacking inanimate ob-
jects that cannot move nor ‘‘answer
back,” and Alphonso next cast specula-
tive eyes on his noble playmates and the
ladies who surrounded him. He also
cast the contents of his squirt-gun in the
same direction, and found himsef in pos-
session of more enjoyment than his short
life had yet afforded him. The criesand
scuffles of his victims, though muffled in’
their veneration for their sovereign,
added greatly to the zest of these per
formances, and it was a long time before
Queen Christina know of the in-door
waterings which gave her small son such
infinite pleasure. > x :
. But Alphonso especially loved a shin-
ing mark for his squirt-gun, and this led"
fo his exposure and a tutor to keep him
in better order. The Queen Regent gave
a grand garden party, at which celeb:
rities from far and near were present;
and the King, singling out a big Gen:
eral in a magnificent blue and gold uni
form, put’ himself behind a shrub and
shouted at him. The General approached
the spot, and Alphonso held up a hand-
ful of flowers to lure him on. The glit-
tering uniform came nearer, and when
close to the shrub behind which His
Majesty lurked in ambush, the point of
the Viennese squirt-gun appeared like a
Serpent among the leaves, drenching and
spotting the gorgeons suit which a mo-
ment before had been so imposing.
+ The dripping General backed out of
range as quickly as possible, and before
the mi.chievous boy could reload and
follow up his victory, his injured subject
‘had taken refuge under the protecting
eye of Queen Christina. ‘Then the merry
monarch tried to inveigle into his snare
ao less a person than Monsignor Del Val,
son of the Spanish ambassador at Vienna,
but the young prelate had seen the Gen:
eral’s plight, and was wary enough to
keep several persons between him and
Ais sovereign for the rest of the after
"On the following day it whs decided at |
the palace that a maseuline hand was
seeded to. lie heayy on Alphonso, and
the cautions Monsignor: Del Val was se
lected” to train his Majesty. — Harper’
Young People. Si ts
2 | rm ES In x
Magnificent Estate of a Millionaira,
delphia Times, writing from Asheville,
N. O., to his paper; among other things
says: ‘One prominent elevation somes
three miles from the river, is the center
of the magnificent estate of George W,
Vanderbilt, containing 7200 acres in one
body and now employing from 600 to
1000 men in beautifying it. ~~ The land
alone costs $250,000, and his improve:
ments are so colossal in: conception as to
find parallel only in the grandeur of the
ancient Romans. : His house. is now ip
course of erection on the western slope
of the central elevation, with a bewitch-
ing view of mountains, river, farms and
city. It is 400 feet inlength, with solid
walls of fifty feet in height from thé'deer
park on the western front to the first
floor, and the lawn tennis court alone,
with its buge walls from thirty to fifty
feet in height, would make a foundation
for the grandest of the ancient temples.
in the Old Worli, A private railroad
some five miles in length is kept busy
{transporting materials for the palace, for
‘bridges, for roads, etc., and when com-
pleted the cost of the estate will reach
$5,000,000. There will be 100 miles of.
elegant roads traversing the Vanderbilt
estate, of which thirty-eight will be
| macadamized, aad scores of bridges, of
every conceivable form of exquisite ar-
chitecture, wall add to the beauty of the
place. The building of the palace will
be a five years’ task, evea with every
branch of mechanism employed in its
construction filled with workmen, This
‘will be the most magnificent estate on
‘the continent, surpassing the oldest and
largest English estates in natural beauty,
and with 1ts game preserves equaled by
few in any country of the world.”
A As.
Two Great Tannels.
.. The Khojak tunnel in India through
which the first train passed en September
5, is stated to be about 2.38 miles long,
twenty-three feet high, ansl thirty-two
feet wide, with a horseshoe section. It
is on the northwestern frontier in the
Khwaja Ameran Mountains, and has
‘been about four years under construc.
tion. The grade on the eastern side is
one in 1000, aad on the western side one
in forty, the latter being necessary for
| drainage. The excavation was carried
on from the portals and from two shafts,
six headings in all. Compressed air
machinery was used throughout the rock
work. :
The tunnel to be driven under the
Thames River at Blackwell, England,
.about four miles below London Bridge,
will be about twenty-six feet in diameter
and twelve hundred feet long. At the
‘deepest part of the river the crown of
the tunnel, as now located, will bs but
eight feet below the bed of the river. A
: shield, much like that in use in the Hud-
son River tunnel, will, it 1s reported, ba
employed. Owing #0 the nature of the
larly driven.’ The tunnel is intended
| works year after
Colonel A. K. McClure, of the Pala.’ :
ground,’ about twelve hundred fect of |
‘approaches on each side must be simi |
‘deage Waxem's Political Proverbs.
Some candidates don’t own them-
WimnNn can’t improve politicks by
gittin’ in um. :
. Raisin’ a family 1s good pattriotism.
‘The people has more confildents in
a Statesman ef he takes his licker
strate than ef he sweetens it.
Diplomats air a tricky breed.
: “Iain’t safe to sware to a stump
So far the Amerikin Eagel ain't bit
off more’n he could chaw.
The Goddess of Liberty has got a
perpetule lease on the western con-
tinent, and pays rent to the Lord.
Wheat at a dollar a bushel makes
Speakin’ of votes tan’t quality so
much as quantity that counts.
A man in politics has got to trim
leetle now and then.—[Free Press.
The Spirit Moved Her,
Antoinette Sterling, the well-
«nown contralto who used to sing in
oratorio here and in England, and
who has lately joined the Quakers,
created an unusual sensation at a
meeting at Legtonstone. After the
meeting had sat for a long time with-
out the spirit. moved anyone to speak,
Mme. Sterling got up and sang.
Singing is unheard of in Quakers’
meetings, but she sung “Rest in the
Lord” without interruption. After-
ward one of the elders approached
her and said: . “Thee knowest, sister,
that it is against the rules, but if the
h Lord telleth thee to sing, thee must.”
A pauses of Grand Rapids, Mich.,
who sued for $15,000 for breach of
promise got & verdict of 6 cents and
You Can’t Do It,
You can’t sow shoe pegs and harvest a crop
of wheat. To get wheat yon must sow wheat.
Your dyspepsia will not get well of itself but
requires & reliable and mless remedy, such
a8 Dr. White’s Dandelion. It cures dyspepsia,
billiousness, sick headache and other diseases
of the stomach, liver, -kidneys and urinary
Are not caught in a cistern; yet how many
men are spending their time day after day
fshing ina rain-barrel. The man who works
month in and month out on a few acres of
ground, trying to make it produce enough to
support himself and. Farol) + When common
sense and his past experience ‘tell him it
won't do it,is one of them. The man who
year in a shop at $30 a
his family expenses are $32, is
another. end, you cannot buckle a
seven-and-a-half foot saddle girth around an
eight-toot horse—you cannot bring the ends
together and keep them there without killing
the animal, = If your income is not larg
month, when
te to B. F.
» Va., and they will show you ho
or a month toit; or if youn can
ve them all of your time they will put yon
na position to establish a paying business of
our own where Jou can Lie i from $100 to
50 per month. Don’t wait to turn it over in
your mind a few days. ** tination is
the thief of time,”” and many a golden oppor-
tunity slips from our grasp forever through
the want.of promptness. Tite them at once.
Crime is very rare among the women in
Cs >
i i
Glimpses of Royalty.
700 Large Pages.
{ “A Yard
of ROSES,”
JN 0
and for a Full
Nine Illustrated Serial Stories.
Articles of Practical Advice.
Railway Life and Adventure.
Five Double Holiday Numbers.
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and address and $1,753 we will send The Companion Free to Jan,, 1892,
GIVING; CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR’S Double Holiday Numbers.
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ROSES.” Tte production has cost TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.
Send Check, Post-office Order, or Registercd Letter at our risk.
resaid, and rm
iL Day the sum 3 of $100 Jor Sach and Svery
anno! curea oy the
use of Hall’s Catarrh Cure. y
Sworn to before me and subscribed :n m
presence, this 6th day of December, A. Day 1888,
{ sma } Notary Public. |
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and
acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. Rend for jestimoniale, ree
. J. CHENEY & CoO., To.
EF Sold by Druggists, 75c. 9
There are 74.000 Germans in London.
The Lovell Safety.
While thousands within the last decade
have enjoyed thie sport of cycling, the fact is
nevertheless obvious that many thousa
more have n deterred from enjoying itin
consequence of the high prices demanded for
a really good wheel.
1t remained for the John P. Lovell Arms
Company of Boston to change this state of af-
fairs, If was last year that the public first be-
CAS AWAre there was a new low-priced
safety bieycle on the market, a wheel strictly
high grade, and eg in every particular to
Any manufactured in America or Europe.
previous to th a manufacturers had
charged a very large price for a first-class
wheel, the John P. Lovell Arms Company is
theretore the first house that has ever offered
the public such a wheel at & price that does
not place it beyond the reach of the average
person’s purse. The fempang that manufac
tures this wheel (the Lovell Diamond Safety)
is one of the oldest of ail the manufacturing
and mercantile houses in New England, hav-
ing been established in 1840.
sides being now one of the leading bicycle
firms in the United States, the Jobn P. Lovell
Arms Company is and has been for years a
well-known manufacturer and dealer in fire-
arms and sporting goods of every description.
On June 13 of last year, the firm celebrated
its half-century anniversary, The founder of
this enterpris ne house, Mr. John P. Lovell,
although over 70 years of age, is still an im-
portant and active member of this world~
famed house, *
Both She pethed and zeslis when:
yrup of Figsis taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, Roc
gentlyyet promptly on the Kidneys,
iver and Bowels, cleanses the sys-
tem effectually, dispels colds, head-
aches and Severs and wes habitual
constipation. of Figs is the
only remedy of Ys Bind fish ro-
duced, pleasing to the taste pl ac
ceptable to the stomach, mpt in
i action and trul heue ial in its
ects, prepared only from the most
healthy and Sgress le substances,
its many excellent qualities com-
mend it to all and have made it
the most popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c:
and 1 Potties by all leading drug-
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will
cure it promptly for any one whe
wishes to try it. Do not accept
Not a Nostrum.
e's Certain Croup Cure, the tested
n of an eminent physician in reg-
ing an For itive, 5 ft, |
or iled 0}
adress 4: P. Hoxsie Buttude 3b"
FITS stopped free by DR. KLINR'S GREAT
Nusve RECTORER, No'fita after first daysuse.
velous cares. and $2 trial
Dr. Kline, 91 Arch St..-P] Pa
Dr. Hoxs
r stan
sive. “Gore
of 60 cts. 4
LAwreNcE, KaANs., Aug. 9, 1888,
\N George Patterson fell from a second-story
M\ window, striking a fence. I found him using
He used it freely all over his bruises. I saw
him next morning at work. All the blue spots
rapidly disappeared, leaving neither pain,
_ scar nor swelling. C. K. NE NN, M.D. 8
== 'S CREAN BALM-Cleanses the NasalfRE
FELYS SREA Pain and Inflammation, Heals
the Sores, Restores Taste and Smell, and Cures
1.2 ves Relief at once for Cold in Head.)
2 Vostrils, ———1It ia: Qude beorbed. 2
500. Eats or by mail: BLY Brod. Sowa n St, N.Y.
AR Sy a 3 ay nm y Gs
4 3 4 CRS
Brilliant Contributors. :
Articles have been written expressly for the coming volume by a host of eminent men and women, among whom are
The Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone. — Count Ferdinand de Lesseps. — Andrew Carnegie. — Cyrus W. Field.
: The Marquis of Lorne. — Justin McCarthy, M.P. — Sir Lyon Playfair. — Frank R. Stockton.
Henry Clews. — Vasili. Verestchagin. — W. Clark Russell, — The Earl of Meath. — Dr. Lyman Abbott:
Camilla Urso. — Mrs. Henry M. Stanley, and One Hundred Others.
Volume for 1892 will Contain
100 Stories of Adventure. The Best Short Stories.
Sketches of Travel. flints on Self-Education.
Popular Science Articles: Household Articles.
. Charming Children’s Page. Natural History Papers.
This Sip
and 1.18.
a ss co wr i : rere reali
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Year from that Date. This offer includes the THANK S-
Perhaps you do not believe these
statements concerning Green’s Au-
gust Flower.. Well, we can’t make
you. We can’t force conviction in-
: to your head or med-
icine into your
throat. We don't
want to. The money
is yours, and the
misery is yours; and until you are
willing to believe, and spend the one
for the relief of the other, they will
stay so. John H. Foster, 1122
Brown Street,’ Philadelphia, says:
'** My wife is a little Scotch woman,
thirty years of age and.of a naturally
delicate disposition. For five or six
years past she has been: suffering
Hire from Dyspepsia. She
became so bad at last
that she could not sit
down to a meal but
. she had to vomit it
as soon as she had eaten it. Two
bottles of your August Flower have
cured her, after many doctors failed. |
She can now eat anything, and enjoy
it;and as for Dyspepsia, she does not
know that she ever had it.” @
Every Meal.
RY HALL’S I= stat
refunded. Always specify " ERIE "—Take no other.
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"The Owiainar
AND Owty
¥ Oonsumptives and people §
who have wesk lungs or Asth-
ma, should nse Piso’s Cure for
Consumption. It has cared
homsands. (thas not injur
. 1b is not bad to take.
It isthe best cough syrup.
|. Boid everywhera. 88c.
The Change of Life,
The sole aim of women nearing thisx
critical period should be to keep well,.
Lydia E. Pinkham’s '
on Compound
i arto, ths condition. |
down Reeling, Weak eu
nt 0 The Wout, nf
and all Organic: yi
and is in to
| NE sey ALE
BTon § $ Oh has