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    The Democrat.
FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 1820.
As cheerless as midnight on a Harris
burg curbstone is the latest comparison.
Harrisburg's curbstones are not report
ed upon favorably as a place for nocturnal
A number of Hungarians arrived from
the west last night to take up their abode
in this city.
The foundation wall for a new brick
block for the Swank Hardware Company
is well under way.
A beautiful monument was erected
yesterday in Grand View, to the memory
of George liaab and family, by C. Keim.
When the Cambria countv delegates
voted for Delamatcr the hall was filled
with hisses.- -Harrisburg special to the
Pittsburgh Times.
There will be a special joint meeting of
Councils this evening to arrive at, if possi
ble, some plan for the betterment of the
state of the rivers.
The editor of the DEMOCRAT acknow'-
eJges the receipt of an invitation to attend
the annual commencement at the Indiana
Normal School next week.
Harry l'arke.
The subject of this sketch died at bis
residence on Levergood street yesterday
afternoon at 4:15 o'clock. He had been
ill only since Monday. For some time he
had been unwell by spells, but nothing of
a serious nature overtook him until on
Monday last, when inflammation of the
bowels set in, resulting in his death as
The deceased was born in Johnstown
in November, 1866, and was a son of the
late John Parke, owner of Parke's Opera
House and much other property about
the city. He was married to Miss Mary
Kost, and to them two children were
born, one of whom survives.
Harry Paiko was, until his death, the
only surviving member of his father's
family. In the llood his mother, his
brother William, his sister, Mrs. Lizzie
Rainey. and a nephew were lost. Not a
brick was left of the homestead, the
large brick residence that stood on the
corner of Bedford and Levergood streets.
The deceased was a member of several
orders, among which were the Knights
of Pythias, the Mystic Chain, and the
Royal Arcanum.
The funeral will take place on Sunday
afternoon at 2 o'clock, when interment
will be made in Grand View.
Mrs. Emma Bush, whose death from
cancer took place yesterday morning at 3
o'clock, at her home, No. 117 Chestmit
street, First ward, was born in Gloucester
shire, England, August 22, 1829. Her
maiden name was Walker. She was
married in 1852 to Joseph Bush, and came
to this country with him in 1857. The
next year they came to Johnstown from
Schuylkill, where they had first located.
Ten children were born to Mr. and Mrs.
Bush, of whom only four survive, viz. :
Mrs. David L. Reese, Mrs Robert Moore,
Mrs. W. S. C'aples, and Mrs. S. J. Brown,
all of this city,
Mrs. Bush had long been a consistent
and devoted member of the Methodist
Church of this city. At the time of the
writing of this article the funeral arrange
ments had not been completed.
Honor Men at St. Franc!*'.
The commencement exercises at St.
Francis' College, Loretto, took place in
the new college hall Wednesday afternoon
in the presence of a large number of
friends of the students. Gold medals
were awarded to the young men in the
senior department: Joseph Garvey, Al
toona, Pa., • good conduct; Ed
mund Tierney, Philadelphia, mathe
matics; in the junior departmen',
Richard McUarrigle, Germantown,
for good conduct; Felix Golian,
Phceuxville, for music. Commence
ment diplomas were conferred on the
following: Alphonsus O'Shea, Bowling
Green, Ky.; Peter McKcnnu, Dubois,
Pa.; Edmund Tierney and John Norris,
Philadelphia, and Joseph Ferry and John
Sullivan, Altoona, Pa. At the close ot
the exercises Thomas Greevy, of Altoona,
delivered au address to the students,
which was well timed and replete with
wholesome advice.
Kicked by a Hor*e.
Comer Bros., the installment men on
Franklin street, have as part of fheir out
fit a fancy delivery wagon and a very
spirited horse to draw it. While deliv
ering goods on Bedford street yesterday a
boy by the name of Stutzman went up to
the horse and laid his hand on him. The
horse resetned the familiarity by kicking
the young man on the leg, tearing his pan
taloons and producing a very painful
wound, which the doctor who dressed it
says may prove quite serious. After the
accident Mr. Comer, who was drivinir
the horse, started for the store, and the
horse, having got a start at kicking, kept
it up all the wny to the store, and it was
with much difficulty and the assistance of
several parties that the horse was de
tached from the wagon. Upon examina
tion it was found that the horse was suf
fering from galled shoulders, which ac
counted for his exhibition of vicousncss.
Sporting .Men Attention.
Five wing-shots of this city are anxious
to meet a like number from Altoona.
They are prepared to try their skill with
any of the sporting fraternity in the
adjoining counties, and arc willing to
make stakes large enough to make it
interesting. They will shoot for money
and not wind.
Wedding; Bells.
The marriage of Mr. Charles 0. Lynch
to Mis§ Nannie Greenwood, an estimable
young lady, was solemnized last evening
by Rev. W. A, Shlpman, pastor of the
Lutheran Church. Immediately after the
ceremony the bride and groom repaired
to the home of the groom's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John D. Lynch, on Market
street, where the reception followed.
Only a few of the intimate friends of the
family were present, among whom were
the following : Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Foek
ler and son, Mrs. Storm, Mrs. Maggie
Wolp, Mr. and Mrs. James James and
family, Mr. and Mrs. John Brazil, Mr. and
Mrs. D. li. Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. John
Layton, Mr. and Mrs. Pinder, Mrs. E.
Cover, Mrs. Lizzie Johns, of Harrisburg:
Mrs. Jas. Campbell, of Huntingdon ; Miss
Lina Ruhl, of Philadelphia; Mrs. Lavely,
and Mrs. Berghane, of Altoona.
After the usual congratulations, and a
couple of hours spent in pleasant con
verse, the guests were invited to the din
ing room, where all partook heartily of
thj elegant refreshments prepared for the
occasi in.
The presents comprise many useful and
beautiful articles, the reporter being able
to obtaiu only the following list: A fine
tea set, from Uhe groom's parents; a silver
set, from Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fockler;
Master Ernest Fookler, silver salt stands;
Mr. and Mrs. James James, chamber set;
Mr. and Mrs. John Brazil, card receiver;
Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Lucas, one rocker;
Mrs. Storm, counterpane ; Mrs. Wolp,tidy;
Mrs. Campbell, table cover; Mrs. Johns,
two pairs towels; Mrs. Cliriskelm, of Har
risburg, pair of towels ; L. D. Woodruff,
one rocker; Mr. and Mrs. Pinder, two
table covers; Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wal
ters, one large crayon; Mr. and. Mrs.
John Layton, pair of towels; Mrs. Lavely,
towels and napkins.
Commencement to He Held Next Week—
The Graduating; Class.
The closing exercises at the Indiana
State Normal are arranged in the follow
ing order:
June 21), baccalaureate sermon, Rev.
James D. Moffat, D. D ; July 1, com
mencement concert; July 2, 2P. M., class
day; 8 p. M., July 2, annual reception;
July 3, 10 A. M., commencement; July 3,
8 p. M., alumni reunion.
The graduating class consists of Misses
Mary Mabel Ausley, Emma Belle Blair,
Mary Lucile Barry, Agnes Stambaugh
Bowman, Mary Isabella Chalfant, Martha
Chalfaut, Maud Eugenie Corey, Martha
Blanche Carter, Edith Viola Coffin, Lillian
Belle Delamater, Mary Olive Duncan,
Anna Shields Davis, Maud Wallace El
der, Lydia Mac Ferguson, Mary Ellen
Fullcrton, Lillian Etta Gilmore, Martha
Hawthorne, Frances Elmira Hazlett, Julia
Adella Hoskinson, Mary Martha Johns
ton. Kate Whitescll Johnson, Anna Mary
Jack, Tillie Gilmore Leezer, Estelle May
Murdock, Elizabeth Scott MeGarvey,Lida
Shields Mcllattie, Mary Maude North,
Sara Owens, Mary I'iper, Lelia Ada Stitt,
Mame Morgan Stouer, Marie Emma Stev.
enson, liosina Boice Weaver, Ella King
Vogel and Harriet Maria Van Eman,
Messrs. William Francis Elkin, George
Johnson Feit, Ben Franklin Freed, Thos.
Levi Gibson, William Meade Mahan, John
Ncalen Radcliffe, Guy Carle ton Thomp
son, Cree Telford Work, Jay Franklin
Wenmer and Hubert Payten Wiggins—
Henator 11. I*. Derritt Tell* the Oecnpant*
of a i*. R. It. Car Where it Will be.
One of the two out-and-out Delamater
spectators at Harrisburg from Johnstown
was our well proportioned and genial
colored barber, " Senator " 11. P. Derritt.
None cheered louder than he when the
Crawford Senatoi was nominated. With
unbounded satisfactiou and tired of body
lie sought the returning train. Asa com
panion in the scat he had Alderman Har
ris. The Senator was in a sound sleep
when the train arrived in this city at 3:20
yesterday morning and consequently did
not heed the conductor's " Johnstown."
But Alderman Harris did and left the car
without waking his sleeping companion.
The Senator slept on as the train moved
out of the city, and the conductor failed
to recognize his colored passenger as the
holder of a Johnstown ticket until Greens
burg was reached. There the ticket col
lector made effort to arouse the sluui
berer, who on waking exclaimad ; ''The
colored vote solid for Delamater." It was
some time before he realized where he
was. Then he got off and on the first
east bound train returned to Johnstown.
A 'New York I'lincl Thief .\rre*te<l in
BOSTON, June 20. —Clark Parker, a no
torious thief with a lot of other names,
sncli as William Stetson, William C.
Cook, English Bill, and Bill, the Brute, is
a man of whom Chief Inspector Byrnes
once said ; "He never cats his breakfast
without first stealing the price i f it." He
came here from New York about two
weeks ago with a female accom
plice, . who is a well-known panel
worker of that city, and they took
rooms and did a lively business. The
woman would entice men to enter her
apartments, and Parker would go through
their clothes and usually take about one
third the cash. All went well until
night before last they ran across a New
Yorker, who didn't propose to bo robbed
of S9O in that manner. His name is James
H. McDonnell, and when he met the
woman he had in his possession S3OO.
When he left No. 0 Boylston place he had
only $265. Mr. McDonnell went around
to Station 4 and reported his loss just as
soon as he discovered it. The police
grabbed Parker, but the woman bad
A Correspondent Who Thinks a Dark
Scheme U llelng Worked.
To the. Itailor ot the. Johiutown Democrat.
The return judges of the Democratic
primary election held on June 9th, met in
Ebensburg on Monday, June Uth. The new
committee elected five gentlemen as del
egates to represent the Democracy of this
c ouuty at the State Democratic Conven
tion which is to convene at Scranton, on
July 2d. These delegates were instructed
by a large majority of the Return Judges,
or rather County Committeemen, to vote
for ex-Governor Robeit E. Patt'son for
Governor. Of course if this Committee
had the right to elect the delegates it had
the right to instruct them ; and in in
structing them for Governor Pattison
they were fairly and honestly represent
ing the wishes of a large majority of the
Democratic voters of the county.
I am 'old that certain persons in the in
terest of some tricky politicians arc try
ing to have those instructions annulled,
and have the delegates disobey the in
structions. It is said that certain mem
bers of the Committee are being " per
suaded," and " seen," and bulldozed into
signing some kind of a paper that they
on taking a second thought are willing to
rescind their formor action. There is a
report afloat that some politicians about
Johnstown promised Cambria county to
Wallace some time before the convention.
Now, Mr. Editor, who owns the Cambria
county Democracy? Not any set of poli
ticians, by a jugful. If any of those gen
tlemen elected delegates to the Scranton
Convention have any poiitical aspirations,
they'd belter not batter out their brains
by going against their instructions, fairly
and publicly given. We want no bossism
here, nor no set of men to give the county
away. Vox POPCM.
[We think our correspondent has been
imposed on. We doubt very muth that
any effort will be made to thwart the will
of the Democracy of the county, so de
cidedly expressed at the meeting of the
committee. The delegates elected are
honorable gentlemen and Democrats, and
will carry out their instructions. Cambria
county lias decided for Pattison and Pat
tison will get the votes. There is no going
behind the action of the committee, and
any underhanded political scheme now re
sorted to, having for its object tbe diso
beying of the instructions, would only re
sult to the discomfiture and political hari
kari of those engaged in it.— ED. DEMO
A Guilt Ktlgecl K-pport
Pittsburgh Leader.
It is said the report of the State Flood
Commission will shortty be issued, and
promises to be an elaborate and vol
uminous affair. The Relief Committee
members are waiting to know what money
is to pay for the issuing of this gilt edged
report. They say if it is from the relief
fund that money is being perverted form
the purpose for which it was intended,
and that it should not be allowed. One
committeeman said : " This book is be
ing printed solely for tbe glorification of
Governor Beaver and members of tbe
commission. There have been plenty his
tories of the flood written, and what can
this historian of theirs do but compile a
history from tlic ones that have been pub
lished. Mr. Beale's book is all right ex
cept in the eyes of Beaver and tiie com
mission. It does not give enough space
patting them on the back. What a howl
would have gone forth if the Pittsburgh
Relief Committee had spent hundreds of
dollars in getting out an elaborate history
of what it had accomplished. If the com
mission uses relief money to get out this
mammoth almanac, its action will belittle
less than criminal."
iowA'a tiOT WAVE.
The Mercury Above 100 Degrees—Many
Cases of Sunstroke.
DKS MOINES, la., June '-o. —The mer
cury has i cached above 100 degrees on
each of the past four days in Des Moines,
and reports of excessively high tempera
ture come from all parts of the State.
Cases of sunstroke are numerous and sev
eral deaths are reported.
Burlington. Henry Christ, this
city, was stricken with the intense heat
at noon yesterday, and died in a few mo
ments. Two laborers were also over
come. One of thera will recover and the
other is in a critical condition. The heat
nt Davenport has been terrific for the last
three days, the nights beiug as stifling as
the days. The thermometer registered
from 110 to 120 degrees yesterday.
A Davenport dispatch says : The heat
yesterday exceeds anything recorded in
June since the Signal Service was estab
lished, reaching 97 degrees. Street work
ami much work in factories, mills and
lumber yards was suspended. Several
men were overcome by the heat.
A Bellcvue dispatch says : Owing to
the extreme hot weather business was en
tirely suspended yesterday. The mer
cury stood 102 in tho shade.
Kamlits ami Train Wreckers.
HAVANA, June 20.—A gang of robbers
attempted to derail a train between Agua
cate and Sabanaderoble yesterday. The
train safely passed through a heavy fire
from the bandits. The latter have sent a
threatening letter to the Government
authorities and another to the mannger of
the railroad. The Government has taken
measures to secure the capture of the
The Mayor's Greeting.
Patrick Looden, arrested in the Fourth
ward by Officer Culliton, for indecent ex
posure, was fined $lO and costs.
B. M. Hammell, arrested by Officer
Burns for begging, will hare a hearing
Mr. P. P. Kirby, of Wilmorc, was in
the city yesterday.
The Board of Health will organize some
time early next week.
Mr. L. L. Smith, wife acd daughter, re
turned from Pittsburgh last night.
Messrs. Wm. Erhait and Robert Young,
of Indiana, were in the city yesterday.
Mr. and slrs. John H. Waters have gone
on an overland trip to Somerset and Red
ford counties.
Mr. John K. Prye, purchasing agent of
the Johnson Company, returned from
Pittsburgh last eveniug.
The free concert by the Mineral City
Band at Von Lunen's Grove last evening
was largely attended. The music wa9
Miss Julia Howard returned to Altoona
last evening. Her niece will remain for
some time as the guest ot Miss Tillie Me-
Mullen, of Feeder street.
Misses Agnes and Mary Brady have
returned home ; the former from her visit
in Pittsburgh and the latter from school
at St. Mary's, Blairsville.
Messrs. George R. Scull, Robert S.
Scull, and J. L. Pugh, of Somerset, Ja9.
M. Cover, of Jenner's X. Roads, J. M.
St Clair, of Pittsburgh, and E. G. Kerr,
are registered at the Windsor.
A new buildiug and loan association
was organized last evening in the office of
O'Connor Bros. A Mr. Pryce from Wash
ington and a Mr. Kelly from Pittsburgh
were here to assist in organization.
Mr. C. S. Howard, late of Huntingdon,
the new tuba player in the Mineral City
Band, moved his family here yesterday.
They will reside in Mrs. Edelman's new
house on Locust street. Mr. Howard is
employed by John McKenna, machinist,
at Moxham.
I>oath of Mr. John Champeno.
Mr. John Champeno died at his resi
dence, No, 77 Second street, Wednesday
morniDg at 1 o'clock. His death was the
result of injuries received a few days ago
at Blast Furnace No. (5, an account of
which has ueen published iu the DEMO
CRAT. Mr. Champeno was one of the old
est furaacemen in this city. He was born
in Blair county, April 22,1824. He served
as a private in the Mexican war, and upon
returning he resumed his work at Alle
gheny forge. He came to Johnstown in
1853, and first was employed at Rhey's
Furnace, but soon entered tbe service of
the Cambria Iron Company. He enlisted
in the army during Ihe late war. After
returning from the army he continued to
work at the furnances. where he soon be
came keeper and later night foreman, at
which he was occupied at the time of the
accident. The deceased was married
prior to coming to Johnstown to a Miss
Spade. Nine of their eleven children sur
vive as follows : Loui'-e, wife of Michael
Quirk, of Braddock; George W.,of Home
stead Henry, of this city; Lizzie, wife
of George Gore of this city; William, of
Morrellvilie; Edward, of Braddock; Har
riet, Jennie and Maggie, unmarried and
at home. The deceased was a member of
the Ancient Order of the Knights of the
Mystic Chain, and of the Cambria Mutual
Relief Association. The funeral vii! lake
place to-day at 1:30 o'clock. Rev. H. L.
Chapman will hold services at ihe family
reside! ce. Interment will be made in
Grand View.
MARTlN—Mount;cul.-At st. Bartholomew's
Catholic church. Wllmore, on Tuesday. Juno
St, 1890, he Hrv. father Mcllugh, Mr. navld
Martin and Miss Mary MCGOUith, all or Por
tage, I'a.
LYNCH GREENWOOD. -In Johnstown, on
Thursday evening. June an, isso, by Rev. IV. A.
shlpman, Mr. Charles n. Lynch and Miss
Nannie Greenwood, all or this city.
GILES—JAMES.—At M. E. parsonage, on Thurs
day, June an, isoo. by liev. H. l„ chapman.
Mr. John Giles to Miss Catherine James, all or
Johnstown, Pa.
JAMES—WILLIAMS.—At M. E. parsonage, on
Thursday. June 89. 1890, by Rev. il. L. Chap-,
man, Mr. William IV. James to Miss Maggie
Williams, all of Johnstown, Pa.
DIBHONG—ItKSs.—At the Evanireltcal parson
age. on Tuesday, .iuue -l, isuu. on Morris
street, Mr. Sylvester J. nisnonit. of Morrell
vtlle, to Miss I.lzzle c. Hess, or Johnstown by
ltev. M. L. Weaver, pastor or Trinity Evan
gelical church.
CANAN.— In Brad dock. on Sunday morning,
June aa, 1890, Miss 1,. 11, canan.
JAMES.—In Johns,own. on Sunday afternoon.
June aa, IKHO. by drowning, Harry James, aged
about aa years.
SHANNON.—In Upper Prospect, on Sunday
evening, June aa, 1890. n.v lightning, Alameda
shannon, aged about as years.
BLOC lE —ln Johnstown, seventh ward, on
Mondav. June as. 1800, at la o'clock midnight,
Annie Non-ls. daughter ol Charles H. and
Emma J. Bloch, aged s months and aa days.
CIIAMPENO.—In Johnstown, on Wednesday
morning, June 25, luwi. Johu Champeno, aged
68 years a months and 3 days.
BUSH.-InJohnstown, First ward, on Thurs
day, June an. lsno, Emma, wire of Joseph Bush,
aged about ill years.
PARKE.—At his residence on Levergood street
Johnstown, l'a., on Thursday, Juno ail, IHOO,
Harry Parke, In the 24th year or his ago.
HOOVER.—In cooporsdalc, on Thursday, June
86, IHOO. at N \. M., Mr. w. A. Hoover, aged
about aa years.
dred and Forty Acios on Fairfield ltond.
Lower voder township, one and a-half miles
from MorreUvllle Crossing. Inquire of E.
LEWIS, Elm street, MorreUvllle, Pa.
CITY OF JOHNSTOWN, June 86, 1890.)
The members or the Select and Common
Councils or the City or Johnstown arc request
ed to meet In special Joint session In the hall ot
the Common council, on Friday evening, June
27. 1890, at 7:30 o'clock P. M„ lor the purpose of
considering the propriety of directing tho Street
Commissioner to burn the timber in the river
bed above the stone bridge ; to locate the sites
of the proposed bridges; to fix tho width ot the
streams within the City limits and give definite
Instructions to the City Engineer as to the lines
thereof, and such othor cognate matters as may
be presented. W, HORACE ROSE, Mayor.
Has had a professlcsal experience of over 38
tar-Filling Teeth peclally.
offlce Rooms. No. lit Napoleon street.
without one of Boiiiinger hJ unproved
Curtain Stretchers
The Curtains can be done up as well
as new ones, and with
will last a lifetime. By doing
W. HAT & SONS^' :^
ASKBTs. Book Market
Value. value.
Loans on real est ate.... $ 275,789 83 f 275,789 S3
Cash in banks 227,5 5 90 227,575 90
cash on hand 14,48 34 i l itis 31
U. s. l-per-cent. bonds.. 199,000 oo 210,790 no
Johnstown Water Co.
bonds lls,i*K) i) 115,000 oo
Westmoreland & Cam
bria Natural lias
Co. bonds 50,000 00 50 000 00
Pittsburgh 7-per-cent.
bonds 10,000 00 11,500 00
coopersdale school
bonds 200 00 200 00
East conemaugh school
bonds 2,i00 oo 2,100 oo
Lower Yoder school
bonds ;,7(io no 1,700 oo
Somerset count y bonds 25,500 00 25,500 oo
Cambria county bonds. OO 50,000 00
somerset, A Cambria It.
It. bonds 135.000 00 135.000 OO
Conemaugh bor. bonds 300 00 300 (10
Premium account 3.22203
Real es ate. sate, and
furniture 15,000 00 15,000 00
Totals $1,125,100 70 $1,105,174 07
Amount due depositors $ 1,079,807 54
June dividend 11.022 10
contlhgenc 31,217 00
Total $1,125,1116 70
state of Pennsylvania.)
(aisbila county, j •
I. W. c. Lewis, Treasurer ot the Johnsiown
Saving's Bank, do solemnly swear rh.d the above
report Is correct to the best of rny knowledge
and belief. W. C. WRWIS.
Sworn and subscribed before me this 2d of
June, 1890. JOHN s. i in.' .
Notary Puollc.
The undersigned Auditing commit lee re- ,
spectfiilh report t-'mt they have carefully hi- i
spected the forgoing Treasurers report tor the
six mouths ending hay :ii, ts'ii and inve ex
amined the Asse, - or the Bank, consist Ing nf
bonds, mortgages and Judgment liens, liens on
real estate, cash en hand and In hanKs. and tlnd .
the same correct.
l'KAK'a>.\ FiS'lHf.
\v. it. i.owma -
Auditing committee.
4 RGU -il-NT LIST.
jr\ JULY T. 1800.
onllagher .vs. Fly on.
commonwealth .vs. Copeuhaver.
sloan vs. McMullen et al.
hltzlnger vs. Heck.
In re exceptions to Sheriff s deed to J. McFeely.
In re exceptions to Aud. Hep. In est. C. and S. 1
In re exceptions to And Hep. in est. 11. J.
in re rule in T. A. Brown, collector Washington
i wp.
In re road in Elder twp.
In re road in Chest twp.
In re exceptions to Aud. Hep. in est. 11. ureen
Mc.Mlllen vs. Tahnney.
vs. Amcrlne.
Miller's exrs vs. Mctiladeet ah
dray vs. Wyland.
Yost ..vs. Yost.
In re road In lteade twp.
In re exceptions to And Kep. est. P. M . and K
C. George.
Westover vs Jleohllng.
Delozlcr Bros vs. cordell.
Carroll vs. Saxman et al.
ltohaugh vs. Wefctrotli.
Same vs. same.
In re pet or KUas Rowland to sat. Mortgage.
In re road In ( toylo and Adams tW| s.
In re road in Keade twp.
In re exceptions to widen lug Clin on street.
In re road In Munster and Allegheny twps.
Beam Adms vs. Mcitotigh.
Chaplin vs. Notley A Halter.
In re road In Washington t wp,
JAS. c. DARBY, I'rothonotnry.
Proamotmf* Offltv , J une 23, lsiio.
Notice Is hereby given that the Viewers ap
pointed by the couit or common fleas ot Cam
bria county to view and Assess Damages and
Award Contributions tor advantages and dis
advantages caus. cl to properties along and ad
joining the boundary lines or PART OP IRON
STREET, In the Thirteenth Ward of the city
nf Johnstown, In the said county or Cambria,
bv reason or Widening. Straightening, and
Changing the Lines ot the some In the Thir
teenth Ward of the City aforesaid, will meet
lor that purpose on the premises aforesaid al
It) o'clock A.M., on
Tuesday, the Ist day of July, 1890,
At which time and place all parties Interested
can be present If they see proper.
Mavorof tho City of Johnstown.
JAMES M. WALTERS, City Solicitor.
Johnstown, I'a ., June ill, 1800.
Ocean Steamship Passage
Also, Drafts on all parts ot Europe at Lowes
apri 3w-aug-Nd
t iff Lace Curtain Stretchers Ml
CUT or rouMNa riuMi.
Wilt Save you Money, Time tuid Lata
any lady can operate them.
For Sale By
12 Foot. Price $2
14 Foot, Price 3
v EASED.—Letters testamentary on the esl
of Jacob P. strayer, late of Lower l'oder to!
slilp, Cambria county, deceased, bavins 11
granted to the undersigned, all persons know I
themselves Indebted to said estate are requeil
t omake Immediate payment, and those navl
nltns against said estate will present them dil
authenticated for settlement.
H. It. SUA KFKK, Executed
-TV -ESTATE ok peter NITCH, IB
CEASED.—l.e(ters of Administration on M
estate ot Peter Nltch, late of Cambria
deceased, having been grauted to the
signed, notice Is hereby given to all
knowing themselves Indebted to said est at
make In mediate payment, and those having,
claims against said estaii to present them duly
aui tientlcated for settlement to
GEORGE NITCH. Administrator.
Johnsiown. I'a., May 2s. isoo.
Letters Testamentary on the estate of Ju
11. lless, late of Coopersdale, Cambria count
deceased, having been grants to the undei
■signed, all persons knowing themselves In
debtcd to said esiate are hereby notllled t
make Immediate payment, and those havln
claims against said estate are requested to pn
sent them duly authenticated for sect lement t
D. It. HESS, Executor J
109 sl„ south Side, I'ltttburgh
1 ill i ml
To reliable men we will give steady employßflfl
and a LIBERA I, SALARY paying their
expenses, W ■ grow our own stock
and (H'AliA ST EE II 10 be strictly nrsUtf H
. very particular, irue to name as ordeivi} QB
Instrnct lons furnished. Experience
Apply at once. ztaUiiy t/e. Address E. c. I'K S
son x Co.. Maple Grove Nurseries, Waterlß
N. V. (E-iaDllslied over 20 years.)
By vir ruE of an order i!l
sued oil! of the orphans' court and to ■■
directed. 1 will exjiose to public sale, on iB
on the oiemises. all the rtglu. title and ejfl
minor children of Nell McAneny,
that certain
Lot 0i Piece of G-roi
situate In Ha' sixteenth ward of
fronting AO feet on Walnut s reet and
back 1:17 fee' to an alley.
TERMS OK SALE: in per Cent. on day
balance on conllrinaltou of sale.
Guardian of James, Peter and Joseph
First-Class Business Staml pB
Voluiiblo Lots. 8
3he undersigned, administrator c. T.
CHRISTIAN KIM I'I.E. deceased. In pursuancfl
an order Issued out 01 the orphan's Couß
Cambria county, will expose to public
the premises, on
Saturday, July 12, lM
commencing at Clinton street proper bM
o'clock r. it., and arriv lug at other
soon as practicable I hereafter, all the
erty ot said ( lirtstlan Klmpie, deceased
No. 1. Lot fronting 31) feet on
Johnstown, bounded by Hood alloy
Louis Wehn and extending back 57 reet
estate ot A. Kccke.
No. 2. Lot in Hornerstown. Sevent.
I city of Johnstown, corner of Hickory an B
streets, fronting 7>f feet on Waod street
tending back same width along Hickory
120 tect to an alley.
No. 3. Lot adjoining above. |havlng
571,, feet on wood street and extendi
same width 120 feet to an alley, and ha
alley on one sue.
The above two lots will he olTered
and tosetlierand the bid accepted most
, ble to the estate. ,
No. 4. Lot In Meadowvale, Seventh B
City of Johnstown, known as No. 14,
feet on Morrell avenue and extending
same width 120 feet to an alley.
No. 5 Lot In
, known as lot No. 15, fronting 60 feet on
avenue and extending back the same '
S feet to an alley.
The above two "lots will be orrercd s>
and together, and that bid ucccpted mi
i able to the estate.
TERMS OK SALE—One-third In cash i,B
conllrmatlon of sale, one-third In one yeai B
one-third In two years, deterred paym( B
bear legal Interest troui date ot sale. umß
secured by judgment, note or bond and
ot purchaser,ai, the option of the Admlnlstrnl
Administrator C. T, A. ot C'. Klmpie uecesael