Johnstown weekly Democrat. (Johnstown, Cambria County, Pa.) 1889-1916, July 05, 1889, Image 4

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    ?hc §atotoum gcmucrat
"RMS— SI.. *O per year, payable In advance ;
e • Me tlie county, fifteen cents additional for
t ■ e. If not paid within three monthsS'l will
be targed. All 1 per can he discontinued at any
t. I by paying arrearages, and nut otherwise.
Ie failure to direct a discontinuance nt the
e ptratlonof the period subscribed for, will he
c isldered a new engagement. Sen nub/crlp.
I' - w must be accompanied by the CASH.
Editor and Publisher.
After a force 1 suspension beyond the
power of circumstances to control—a sus
pension more inexorable than a Consta
ble's warrant or a Sheriff's writ—after a
suspension of over a month we are to the
front once more. The tidal wave struck
us—struck us hard—truck us to the tune
of several thousands of dollars, causing
quitea little li !e in our large reserve funds
in the banks of the country. Being left
with a sadly depicted pocket-book, in
jured presses, a dcinoiished engine, a
wrecked otflce, ve were reluctantly com
pelled to take a few weeks of recreation,
in the shape of worry, disappointment
and hard work in erecting a temporary
building, reiicr. ing printing materials uud
repairing damages.
But all obstacles have at last been over
come, and with the assistance of a
tried friend who has helped todo the writ
ing for this 8.-ue, we are again where we
intend to lie found hereafter —at least until
an avalanche or a cyclone comes along.
In such an event we may have to yield
again to the inevitable,
Willi sympn'hy for the bereaved, heart
felt regret f <~ the dead, and kind greetings
to the living, mil best wD'ies for the pros
perity "f all we oner mo-e And otirselves
seated upon the editorial tripod.
Among others who have displayed the
attributes of good and efficient men, we
take pleasure in naming Mr. Arthur J.
Moxliam, of the Johnson Company. In
the first several days succeeding the flood
it was well we had in Mr. Moxliam the
elements of a man capable of taking hold
of our tangled affairs and bringing order
out of confusion. With a well balanced
brain, a clear insight into the miseries of
those who survived the terrified shook of
the angry wave, a full comprehension of
what should he done and how to do it,
and the nerve of a wise genera) in the
orisis of a hnttle involving the life of a
nation, lie restored municipal regulations,
and organized forces for efficient work in
recovering bodies, protecting properly anil
collecting and distributing food, clothing
and other necessaries of life.
Unlike some who have figured in the
world's history, who " dressed in a little
brief authority cut such fantastic
tricks, before high heaven as to make
angels weep." he modestly and unassum
ingly discharged all ditties devolving
upon him to the entire satisfaction of all
the people. His praise is justly and de
servedly up :i every lip.
Vast as the work that has already been
accomplished i:. removing wreckage and
cleaning up sheets, a great deal remains
to bo done. The principal streets 011 the
Johnstown side are now open—at least
sufficiently for teams to go through, but
nearly all of the smaller cross ones, such
as King, Potts, Union and Feeder, are
still blocked up: while in Kernville some
of the thoroughfares will take weeks of
work to remcv■■ not only piles of debris
but large buihiiugs that have lodged
upon them.
As to the aer-s. lying below Market
street and exi nding from the Connc
mnugh to Stony "cek, that are still cov
ered by many few of wrecked buildings,
large sr.w-logs j ;( es and cars, it looks as
though months if hard work will be re
quired to make much headway in getting
the accumulation of stuff off. So over
in sections of Kernville and up from
Clinton, anil on through Conncinaugb
borough the work to be done seems al
most too overwhelming for human inge
nuity and energy to undertake. But
what has already been accomplished im
parls confidence as to the final clearing up
of the whole place.
A<ljutant-(it<iiei-al Hustings.
■No better man could have been selected
from Pennsylvania's public men to man
age the work of the State for Conemaugh
valley's unfortunates. Ilts strict atten
tion to duty, his genial and urbane man
ners, bis courtesy iu his intercourse with
our people, his patient listening to all who
go to him with grievances, and his
prompt action tn correct abuses lias won
for him golden opinions. Untiringly,
uncomplainingly, efficiently lias he gone
forward iu carrying out the wise piovi
sions put >ll foot by both Mr. Scott, of
Pittsburgh, and Mr. Moxhnm, of Johns"
town. When lie leaves us lie will carry
with him and retain the grateful feelings
of our whole community.
T 1 n issue of the DKMOCKAT will he
gent to all our Daily and Weekly suh
sc-ihers, whose addresses we have. We
wilt ci nit enee to issue the Daily on Mon
dt ." mraing as before the flood. Any of
01 • ufrtii who fail to receive their pa
ps'i rill plena notify us.
A word in behalf of the too greatly
censured soldiers of the 14th regiment of
our State Guards. That they did good
service in protecting property and keep
ing order, at a time when all in and
about Johnstown was in confusion, and
when thieving hordes flocked to the
town, does not admit of a doubt. It is
possible that a few of the thoughtless
among them were guilty of conduct un
becoming eoldiers. but in the main their
behavior was exemplary. If, as some
say, their presence was an evil, we think
the better judgment of the people will say
they were a necessary evil. Their duties
were of a somewhat delicate nature, but
were generally performed in a delicate
manner. Honor to whom honor is due.
The health of this entire community
may be said to be exceptionally good, not
withstanding some cock and bull stories
that regularly appear in some of the Pitts
burgh dailies. Where they get their in
formation is a query not easily answered.
If not manufactured in Pittsburgh ofllccs,
it must be the outcropping of a Johns
town mind that is untrumelled with the
limits of truth, or by the checks of con
science. There are no epidemics—in
fact no signs of one, and the general
health of all is quite as good as it usually
has been at this season of the year. Dr.
Sheridan, of Sheridan Station, one of our
oldest and bust physicians, said to the
writer on Wednesday that the health of
the people was almost exceptionally
vVlio are they ? Their names are
legions. Where do they hail from ? Prom
everywhere. Not a city, not a town, not
a village, not an industry, not a farming
community in the land that has not con
tributed to our relief. Money by the
thousands has been raised; food and
clothing by train loads have been pouring
in upon us. Without such munificence
the suffering caused by absolute destitu
tion would bavebeen incalculable. Never
in the history of any stricken section of
this or any other country were the spon
taniety aod liberality of the people of all
creeds, professions, and callings up to
what it has bccu in this instance in
charity and good works. To one and
all Johnstown and its vicinity arc under
everlasting obligations.
Among the many hundreds of noble
minded and charitably disposed men of the
United States, we take pleasure in put
ting the name of Colonel Shephard, of tiie
New York Mail and, Express , ut the head
of the distinguished list. While others
have thoughtfully remembered our suf
ferers by contributing their hundreds,
lie has lavished upon the destitute
among us money and goods amounting to
thousands. In addition to sending sl,-
000 worth of tinware, and $402 worth of
woodcnwarc, lie has handed to the Red
Cross $10,0.0 in cash. If any other per
son has been more muniftcient in his con
tributions we have failed to hear of it.
But the Colonel did not stop at this, as he
lias complemented the whole by arrang
ing to pay the expenses of twenty-live
homeless women for one month at the
sea shore. The party accepting the gen
erous invitation departed for Asbury
Park, under the care of Mrs. Hammond,
of Stateu Island, New York, on Thurs
day the 25th ult.
A man with as big sou] and with such
liberal impulses, as these acts indicate, is
an honor to the race, and richly merits the
success lie lias had in publishing and ed
iting one of the leading dailies of our
national metropolis. That lie is a credit
to the newspaper world goes without the
saying. To him Johnstown makes her
most grateful how, with the sincere wish
that the good Lord would make many
move men like him.
One of the most pleasing and beniflcent
incidents connected with the flood's after
math occurred last Saturday, on the oc
casion of a hurried visit paid our devas
tated town by three men whose souls are
as big as mountains and whose impulses
are us generous as those of white winged
angels. The trio consisted of Hon E. A.
Noonau, Mayor of St. Louis, C. E. Meade,
Esq., his Private Secretary, and A. Reim
ler, President of the German Singing So
ciety, of St. Louis.
On coming into town they called at the
DKMOCKAT office, and distributed hun
dreds of dollars in fives, tens and twenties
to all the really needy sufferers pointed
out to them. And then procuring a two
horse rig, accompanied by the editor of
the DKMOCKAT, drove through all our prin
cipal streets lavishing mctoey upon all
destitute women and children they could
hear of. Proceeding to the P. R. It., sta
tion they continued their good work of mu
nificence until fully five thousand dollars
had been bestowed as gratuities. All this
was over and above what St. Louis had
put into the general relief fund.
To such fittingly do the words apply :
" Well done, good and faithful servants."
Here is an example, an illustrious one
worthy of being copied, and we heartily
commend it to others that they may "go,"
rather come, " and do likewise." We be
lieve that the money thus distributed
reached more worthy cases and did more
good than if tt had been put into the gen
eral relief fund.
one m i \ kiiv.
How and bv Whom the Work has been
Although our people were almost par
alyzed by the enormity of the calamity
that, had befallen them, a meeting jof a ,
number of the leading citizens who es
caped death, was held near the corner of
Main and Adams street early on Saturday
morning. June Ist, to consider the situa
tion. Mr. A. J. Moxham was made
chairman of a citizens' committee, and
other committees to look after the imme
diate wants of the people were formed.
Kev. 1). J. Beale, D. D., was made chair,
man of the committee on morgues; Kev. j
Father James P. Tahauey was appointed
chairman of the committee on provisions,
and Mr. W. C. Lewis was placed at the
head of the committee on finahce.
With this organization for a nucleus
headquarters were established at Peters,
Fourth Ward House, and the many wants
of the people were looked after us best
they could. Adjutant-General Hastings
drove to town from Kbensburg on Satur
day, and at once took charge of atfairs at
the Pennsylvania Railroad station, and
rendered much aid iu getting things sys
Contributions i:i money, food and cloth
ing came quickly, and the creature com.
forts of our stricken people looked after
by scores of willing hands. The first few
(lays but little was done] toward clearing
up the wreckage, all efforts'being ex
pended in gathering up the dead, and
looking after the wants of the living. On
the fourth of June, Booth Jt Flynn. con
tractors, of Pittsburgh, put a large force
of men at work, and Mr. James B. Scott,
of the Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce,
was made dictator. Mr. Moxham being
compelled to resigu his position on ac
count of his many other duties. During
the week that followed .much of the
wreckage was cleared away, and on June
12th Adjutant-General Hastings took con
trol of the work, the State having assumed
the responsibility of cleaning up the town-
Since then much progress has been made,
and most of the streets have been opened,
but there is a fearful umount of work yet
to be done. The commissaries, which
had been in charge of General Hastings,
were 011 July 3d turned over to Capt. II
11. Kuhn, who now has charge of that
department. General Hastings is still
with lis, and working uobly to jbriug us
out of the slough of despond, and his uo
ble services are highly appreciated. As
to when the State will complete the work
it has in charge, it is hard to tell; but
there is undoubtedly a great deal to do
yet, and from the remark which General
Hastings made the other day, that "he
intended to stay here until somebody dis
charged him," we infer that his forces
will not be ready to leave for some time.
The Herculean Tank Confronting Tlioe
Who Are Removing It.
Much of this tedious work has been
done, hut much more remains to he done.
When first tackled all the thoroiigfnres
were packed, jammed, crowded with
debris from six to twenty-five feet high.
Where to begin, how to begin in
the arduous work of clearing the streets
was a problem not easily solved; and if
solved the question of properly disposing
of the refuse involved quite as great a rlif.
Thanks to the good, big-hearted people
of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and other
cities and towns of this great country,
nieftns and men came in from every quar
ter. Our crying want of money, men,
teams, engines and other needed appli
ances was speedily and fully supplied.
Our Macedonian cry for help had scarcely
been heard until these necessary things
for tackling and prosecuting thewwortk t
came to us in such great profusion as to
inspire confidence in the breasts of all.
While some are disposed to criticise the
slowness of the work and what they deem
an unwise expenditure of money, we are
strongly inclined to the opinion that such
was the formidable character of the un
dertaking, that the authorities have heeu
doing quite as well as could he reasonably
expected. And it is more than doubtful
if those who are fruitful in complaints
could have done as much. Like it was in
the days of our late war, when there were
thousands of generals that knew more
about crushing the rebellion (in their
minds) than the peerless Grant, so now
there are men who can't tell a pick from a
hoe and who never cleared a garden spot,
quite voluble in telling how this and that
should he done.
The truth is the vest piles of wreckage
at the point anil ou our streets iiavc been
removed properly and ranidly; and the
community ought to be grateful to the
men who have superintended the work.
Thousands of loads have been hauled oiT
and numberless trees and logs collected
and burned. Nearly all obstructions are
takeu from the Johnstown streets, and
commendable progress made in opening
the thoroughfares in Kernville and the
surrounding boroughs.
Capt. W. It. .1 ones.
Among the first to reach town after the
flood was Captain W. It. Jones, formerly
of tl is place, but now of Braddock. Com
prehending as few did the extent of the
disaster and the best means of meeting the
emergency, he by common consent took
charge, for the time being, of all our dis
ordered affairs, and much sooner than
could be expected had everything con
nected with securing bodies and saving
what little property remained reduced to
something like system, llis wonted skill
I and indomitable energies rendered us
more than " yeoman's service."
V $350,000 Worth of Men's Clothing 1 ' /\
cqn O more than shown by all other Pittsburgh stores combined, com- f I
rK prising all the best and most popular styles of Suits, light Over- /,-j vX/ I
Pants, hot weather garments, &c., must be sold
fM 2 ~ with. Prices no object, as we must have the money g* CH I
M S m fail. This is the greatest Clothing Sale oo TO H
Uh 2•§ .2 \ record. Dealers supplied as well as consumers, y c 3 " O
' ' Ma < yj 4- r r J p t i. rt '
JJ2 m \C° me personally, or order by mail. yamS" £. m
hU\\i\KAUFMANNS'/1f g f I °
g'KO: Hi!! 1111
lilf jj i($l,0BD,fl00)j slf I 5
' W "IISSh P3\
; °o£ e sBit) S T,^' jf IF e-?3 3 ! s'
*UU z i<A aOS
Is '§l* *f 1 M/ N. jo = =f
OSo| Ay 111 H
O -x jo} sassaja s.uajpjiqo puß'sAasjaf puß sja 2
O S / -jpEf 'sdßJ/yv pue .saipsq -aiES siqj}B w c £Zj
io 2 i°y puß }psjnoA jo} sjbsA JEJ3A3S jo} saqddns aoqg ui Abi\- ■* 2. u I
o t\ XiA ,as 3 - ,B JI 'spooS aq; jo} piEd 3M. Aauoui aqA (t f?
tH Cr, jr jjßq azqeaj ot pE}3 aJB ' 3 I BS S W J® P iqSis jso} uaaq 3ABq\ a £Jj
\J7 ysigojd 'saouanbasuoo }0 ssajpjßSaj qsBD o;ui paujn; Xjajßtpauiuji aq ox\
MIIIIM— 11 III! Illl——^l—■—ll ■I—WIII ■IWIIII IIiMIIIIIIWI llllliw— i
TU lit WAHMSc.
Conflicting reports have been in circu
lation about warnings from the reservoir
—some saying winning wu> timely sent,
and others saving not one word was
wired. History, as well as events con
uccWil with the seething mass l hat
swept down the valley, demands ilia!
the truth should be brought out. high;
is thrown upon the subject bv an item in
another part of this issue. The fact htn
given to the public for the lirst time fully
confirms what the operator at South Fork
claims 10 have done. This is the dis
patch that was actually received at the
Pennsylvania Kuilieud lower. '' Report
from Conmmavgh /.(Mr at 13:10 .aye the
tenter in running iw, ami the t.'nni mat/
give tray tit, ting moment. jS'otfy tin
pimple of •lohiiHcotrti nt oil r to he prepared
for the irorrt."
The Population of Johnstown
Is about 25,000, and we would say nl least
one-half are troubled with some alfection
of the throat and lungs, as those complaints
are. according tostatislics. more imnieroii
than others. We wovdd advise all not to
neglect the opportunity to call on their
druggist and gel a bottle of Kemp's Balsam
for the throat and lungs. Price 50c. and
.sl. Trial size fire. Sold by all drug
gists. eow
By G. M. Greene, the Leading Photog
rapher, 103 Locusl street, opposite the
Pork, near the M. H. Stone Church. Johns
town, everybody to know lhat he is mak
ing Fine Cabinet Photographs at is 1.50 per
(loz. jylU-3m
A Lady
Remarked to a friend the other day tnat
site knew Kemp's Balsam for the throat
and lungs was a superior remedy, as it
stopped Iter cough instantly when others
had 110 effect whatever. So to prove this
and convince you of its merit, any drug
druggist will give you a Sample Bottle
Free. Large size 50c. and sl. cow
The undersigned is the manufacturer of a
Salve which is unsurpassed for healing
wounds, caused by burning or scalding. A
great many persons have tried it and pro
nounce it the best salve ever made. Every
person should have a box of it on hand
ready for use in case of need. prices,
large box 85cents. small box. 25 cents.
WILLIAM Mutts, Johnstown. Pa.
Ask your druggist or groce'- for it. fclillt
♦ ♦ ♦
The Honu'lU'Mt Mam in •fuliniitowai.
As well as the handsomest, and others
are invited to call on any druggist and get
J'rn a trial bottle of Kemp's Balsam for the
Throat and Lungs, a remedy that is selling
entirely upon its merits and is guaranteed
to cure and relieve all Chronic and Acute
Coughs, Asthma, Bronchitis and Con
sumption. Price 50 cents and SI. cow
The I'riue as a Sign in Disease.
If there is one thing more valuable
than anything else in this world it is good
health. Doctor Keyset', who is one of the,
best if not the very best diagnostician in
the country says, "that the Urine is almost
sure to give a correct clue to nearly every
chronic disease especially those of kidneys
as well as dropsffcal affections." 'lite
Doctor is consulted in many intricate
maladies and is sometimes taken to a great
distance for his valuable opinion. Whilst
the lungs and adjacent organs ltave re
ceived from him the most direct attention,
lie is no less master of all tedius and hid
den affections, to which mo. physicians
are indifferent. If you do not feel able to
have him visit you at your home, by send
ing a vile of UltlNE h.y express, with
Three Dollars, he will send you a trial
bottle of medicine suitable to your case.
Doctor lvoyscr's otllce is at No. 2 corner
of Miller and Clark streets, near Centre
Avenue. The Wylie and Centre avenue
cars pass close by the door. nov2:ly
Ilea! Estate For Sale J
AJLox 1.1 a Ai.
4 LTHOUGR situated nearly two
inUosfrom Liu- heart of town, it la cou- 1
necied wnil thesame by the
Rapid Transit Railroad,
on which trains run every Milrty minutes, and
afler.lnlv Ist, v.ill run every Itfteen niliiuies.
I lie rare In Hi" siune nsou the street ears, rive
ceius- ilni" eight nilinlles. Ilils makes Mox
li: in equal inn walk "f only fear squares from
;in- posi-oitioe; in addition to wiilcn, the new
runs tlirough the heart of i lie property and tonus
tin-main UiorougiititiiMiitiklm; n sju>rt level drlu- >
liuo -li litsi own over a good mud way and heavy
si eel luldges. I
'1 lie Puye number oi houses already ere led at
Voxluiiii have JuMll'.ed every modern Improve- j
men l. among widen may be mentioned
The Wining sewer System has Ix-en adopted,
wlih l lusli 'auks, over half a mile of sewer is
nl read v laid.
A a:o: DOHESTI: WATSS system J
Has also been provided. The rates aie 'L> per
cent, less than Johnstown rates.
Hales are the same as In Johnstown. This, to
get her Willi the
tor home use. gives Moxham every modern
fiiehlt.v. The well-known
Von liUncn Grove.
The summer evening resort of Johnstown, U sit
uated in the ver;. hunt or the property,
on one parr of the prolan> set by for the pur
pose, ihere are a large .Steel Plant, a Foundry,
and several other factories. employing together j
from oo to HO.i men. unci several more likely to
soon be located there.
over islxt.\ tasty houses already built and this
nuuiiH'r wlil be doubled this year.
.he lots u e 10 bv lio feet. The streets laid
out for a width of sixty feet, including side
TERMS LIBERAL. For prices and lulorma
tlon apply to
.loHNSoN AI.T.F.N. .Agent,
lledlord Street Station, Johnston a, t it.
lIA. ilMitl-iE -liNtt OHIO RAILROAD.
IMhtiinn* HIIII f ar#*.
Miles. Fare.
•lohnsinwn to lloovervlue I s $ 50
Johns'.owu to sioycstowa SJ$ 75
Johnstown to somerset so lot
Johnstown to Kockwood Pi 8 80
Johnstown to .Meyersdaie 58 t 7V
Johnstown to llyadiuan sn 1 4U
Johnstown to cunitjerland i so
Johnstown to Washington Shi 5 7f>
Johnstown to Baltimore 380 7 31
Johnstown to connellsviue ssm 087
jonnstown to Pittsburgh 140 4 83
/.Wivs Xiirih. j Li-aim Abrtft.
Kockwood... 5:30 a. m. j 1t0ekw00d...11:35 ant.
Somerset.. • 8:58 a. ui. S somerset.... tfcss p.m.
Stoyestown.. 7:31 a. m.Stoyestown.. 4:80 p.m
I'MON'TOVVN W. & It. KXl'ltKtS.
h*num. I Arriim.
Pittsburgh .. 7:(to a. in. | Itoekwood...ll:ls a. m.
MeKcesport. 7:80 a. m. | Meversdule. .11:45 a. in.
W. Newton.. 8:35 a. ui. i Cumberland, lis p. m.
cuuncllsvle. 9:30 a. m. i Washington. 7:30 p. m.
Mi. Pleasant. s:4ita. m. | Baltimore ... s ; :jop. m.
onto Py1e....10:15 a. in. \ Phtl'delplila. 4:Hia. m.
Leuwn. I /Irciacs.
Pittsburgh...ii:3oa. in. I itoekwood... 8:53 p.m.
MeKcesport .13.03 p. tn. j Meyersdaie.. susp. in.
W'st Newtoul3:37 p. m. | Cumberland. 4:55 p. m.
onnellsv'le. 1:30 p. in. i Washington. 9:35 p. 111.
Mt. t leasaut. 1:55 p. m. | Baltimore.. 10:c-p. m.
otiw- I'j'le 3:00 p.m. Phllaitelp'l.i. l:uou.m.
la-nre*. : Ai'nvfu.
phtl'delphla.. 13:05a. tn. I Ohio pyte.... 4:17 p. m.
Baltimore ... 8:00a. at. i conwilsville 1:55 p. rn.
Washington. 8:55 a. m. | Mt. Pleasant 3:30 p. to.
Cumberland. 1:35 p. in. , W'st. Newton 5:43 p. in.
Meyersdaie.. 8:00 p. in. i MeKcesport,. 0:15 p. ill.
Itoekwood... 3:37 ii. in. | Pittsburgh .. 0:50 p. in.
Leamn. j .tn'flvs.
Cumberland. 8:50 a. m. ' counollsv'e..l3:3sp.m.
Meversdule.. 10:30 a. in. | W'L Newton. 1:30 p.m.
itoekwood ... 10:55 a. rn. I MeKcesport. 3:11 p. m.
Ohio Pyle... 11:50 a. m. | Pittsburgh..._B;Wp.m.
Ijt'iiii's. i .4 criers.
Pittsburgh. .10:30 p. m. i Meyersdaie.. 8:31 a. in.
Mclieesport. 10:55 p. m. I Cumberland. 8:55 a. m.
W't.Newton. 11:85 p. in. | Washington. s-,35 a. m.
ConneUsv'le. 13:30 p. in. j Baltimore .
onlo Pyle... 13:50 a. m. i l'hltadelp'la. I:3d p. m.
Kockwood... 1:55a. m. I
Leaves. Aivlufs.
Phlladelp'la. 4:50 p. m. Ohio Pyle.... 4:3oam.
Baltimore... S:()o p. m. I Conueilsvle. 5:10 a. m.
Washington. 9:05 p. m. | W't Newton. 5:57 a. m.
Cumberland. 1:30 a. m. I McKeesport.. 8:30 a. m,
Meyersdaie.. 8:13 a. m. i Pittsburgh.. 7:io a. m
Kockwood... 3:40 a. in. |
New Picnic Grounds.
er.-et, I a., on the lineot the r>. <t C. K. H.,
h..5> Ueen thoiouglny cleaned out ami tlltiedup
with cowred dancing platform, shelter, tables,
ten,.-,bi>oihs.etc.,"lid > ill t' rented to plenle par
ties at a moderate eh trjte. Ihe It. ii t>. It. It. will
give special exrurslon rate.-to organizations and
will ran spot tal trains to stilt any arrangements may ot made, rot Information address
Tratellnj; Passenger Agent is. ,v u. It. K., som
erset, rti. mayso-mth
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219 Main Street.
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The undersigned will sell at Private sale,
7 5 Valuable luildingLots
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Fine Rye Whiskies,
""ines, Brandies, Gins and Ales,
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t'ANISL AIeCECST, Agect, Johnstown.
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Ocean Steamship Passage
Also, Drafts on all rails of Europe at Lowest
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For Tickets, Maps and furiber Intprn-atton ask
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