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    [Co)Uin>n>(t from second page.)
There were many more unrecognizable
bodies at the morgne. The larger num
ber of them having been burned at the
debris at the stone bridge.
Feelorvllle Morgue.
Podge rs, Mrs David
Brln!on. Margaret
Owens, David
A grey,
Tucker. Keuben.
Hurst, Nattle
Salunty, K
Hellenberger, Mrs E
McCune, John I.
Htcks, Ktla, Woodvale.
Abler, l.ulu
Thomas, Mis E lu morgue.
Keniale, age about. 45 years, fair complexion,
light, brown hair, bight about A feet 4 luches, cal
ico dress. And underwear, black doth laced shoes.
Mule light liulr, weight about 180, bight about
5 feet 7 inches, had on light barred pants, had
eolith In pocket seventy cents, bunch of keys,
two pocket-pieces.
Female, aged 4.0, very long black hair mixed
with gray, weight less than 100 pounds, hlght
about .0 teel 0 Inches, black stuped waist, black
dress, plain gold l ing third linger left hand, red
underwear, black stockings, live liennles in
purse, bunch of keys, black ball ear-drops.
Female, complexion white, hair brown, eyes
black, weight about 75 pounds, hlght about 4
feet 3 Inches, had on brown dress with red
pleated front and cuffs, ear-drops with small
balls attached.
Male, complexion dark, hair dark weight 100
hight r. feel 0 Inches, large seal ring on little
finger, tea cents in money.
Male, 14 lo la years, eyes brown, weight 70
sounds, hlght aboui 1 feet o Inehess high button
Female, of club House, age about 17, complex
ion fair, lialr black, eyes brown, weight abotu 115
pounds, hlght. 5 Sect Inches, dot black dress,
plain hoop ring on left hand black set.
St. Colombo Morgue, Comlirla.
St. Colombo's Catholic Church in Cam
bria borough, was used as a morgue,
and the bodies began to arrive there on
Saturday after the flood. The following
were received there:
Allbe ter, Mrs
Alt, Air George, 8.1, Cambria
Bagley, William
Berkebile, Mahloa
Barkley, ueorge
Brlscoll, .Jessie
Bonson, Charles 1{
Brady. John
Bishop. Julius
Boyle, i homos, s. Cambria
cooper. Mrs (colored)
Coe, John
Callahan, Mrs Frank
Cush, Manuel
cusli, Joseph
Cush, Joseph
Cush, J Dan
Crig, Annie
couthampr Mr
Frig, Catharine
Cush. Mrs Patrick, Cambria
Cush, Mrs Patrick, sr
Dunn, Miss Mary A., Prospect
Davis, Mr
navls, Thomas
Eldridgo. Pennell, Morrellvllle
Edwards. Levi
Evans, Maggie
Evans, Daisy
Fogarty. Thomas
Frank, Katie
Fredlnan, M W
Fluk, Mrs Mary
Fisher, A nu!e
Gollghter, Thomas
llass, Mrs
Hays, Michael, child
Howe, oertle. Johnstown
Henulng, Mary
Hennlng, John
Hough, Mrs
Holmes, Mrs Eliza
Holtzman, Joseph
llarrlgau, Ella
Hessler, Annie
Howe, 1. s
Herman, E
Johnson, Mrs John
Johnson, John
Johel, Joseph
Klrby, William Johnstown
Kratzer. virs Henry
Kane. John
Enable, I eonard
Enable. John
Kelly, Charles
Eeelan, Mary and husband
Eeelan, F'rnnk
Keelan, Edward
Eorars, Mrs M
King, Mrs N T
Klu-y. .Mis Mary
Klnty. Airs Catharine
Kamvlskl. Mrs
Kamviskl, John
Kamvlskl. Mis (No 2)
Kane. John
Lambert, Mrs Ann. SS. Cambria
Llghtner, James and wife
McAneny, Kate 14. Cambria
Mccanii. John. Johnstbwn
McConaugh.v. Mrs James P., Johnstown
Madden, Maine
Mozo. 1 homos
Mon everde, C aid aohtldrren
Maduen. John
Malcolm. Cora
Morgan. Mr
Mcconaughy James P died after the flood
Nalnbaugh. Henry
Nix, Frank
New, Frank
Nltcli, John P and child, Cambria
Nixon. .Miss Emma, 17, Woodvale
Overdoif. Isaac
Overdrr, J P.
Ovrdorf. Jacob
Oiler George
O'Neill, lnfiint child of Burgess O'Neill. Cam
Phelcy, Barnev
Plummer, Alvln
Pcnnlnger. Mrs.
Boss, Berkshire
Ross, John
Riley, Mary, 10, Cambria
Riley, Frank, 15. Cambria
Schnell, Mrs, 85
Slick, Josephine
Sharpler, Jacob. Jr
Sharpler, Jacob, Sr
fihewer, George
Shpwer. Neal
Stlnsman, Joseph
Stern. Bella
skinner, John
Smith, William
Skobaugh, Mrs
Smith, John
Smith, Robert
Smith, Mrs Thomas
Smith. Mrs John
smith, Mrs
Tomb, Charles
Wise, J, and bo.v, Cambria
Wise, Annie. 4. Cambria
wise, —. id. Cambria
Wise, Mrs Martin
Williams, p
Wine, Mart
Worthlngton. Mrs Rand child
Warom, William
Yocum, Samuel
Youst, Edward and iioy
Female, lltfht complex ion/dark lialr. two koM
rings on lingers, one with set and the other with
the Inscription "Will to Mary," age til ear
Five children, no! described.
Unknown. noi described.
Woman, not described.
had P |aln g° ld ring with inscription
b. 1.1 owe." and one ring with red set, ear
hlgfft, * rk ' 188 pounds ' r> 4ln
NVomnn, not described.
Man, gray beard, 160 pounJs, r> feet fi high r,
or 70 years, round June nth.
Olrf, age 7.
Girl balry.
Girl, weight so pounds, S years
Girl, 40pounds, 8 feet Inches high.
Woman, 185 pounds, hlght 5 feet S, 3 rings on
hands, two on left and one on right
Unknown, 120 pounds, r> feet.
Woman, supposed to be Mrs Purse
Two children.
Girl aged 7, fair complexion, light hair no
pounds, hlght 4 feet 3, small spotted apron, red
flannel shirt, blue dress.
woman, dark bulr, brown eyes, impounds, 5
feet 6 inches high, gold ring on left hand, brown
SS , apron ' " lue ca "co dress, barred flannel
skirt, heavy woolen stockings no shoes
Girl light hair, 75 pounds, hlght 5 feet 4, blue
sSJTa gingham apron, blue dress with red
braid on bottom.
Woman, *!, dark eyes, dark hair, hlght 5 feet
stockings Bklrt ' blaol£ woolen
Woman 80, 200 pounds, hlght 5 feet 6, three
rings,on right hand—two with sets, one plain
o C . . d A ?! P° undH . hght hair, dark eyes,
hlght 2 feet 9, black hood, shoes and stockings
scarlet underwear. 8 1
hi?h°, u ! a "; 3 dark half, brown eyes, 150 pounds,
lught 5 feet 7, black basque, check apron gold
fog on left hand, white cotton underwear.
Girl baby, 2 montlis, dark eyes.
. om . a . n - 81. hlght 5 feet 7, 150 pounds, red
drees, blue calico oversklrt.
Woman, supposed Mrs George Alt, of Cambria.
Boy, 15, dark hair, gray eyes, hlght 5 feet.
Boy, 4.
5 Girl, 8, weight 80, blue calico dress.
Mliicrsvllie Morgue.
3 The Minersville Morgue was in the old
hose house, au<i was opened on Saturday
following the flood. Mr. David Teetar,
Mrs. Bartiebaogb and Mrs. Napoloon had
charge of it. Ths following bodies were
received at this Morgue:
Barley, Nancy.
Blair, Mrs, Woodvale.
Davis, Wlllnrd.
Davis, Susan.
Drue, Mollte, daughter of Hnrry.
Edmonds, Nancy, conemaugh street.
Evans, Mrs.
Evans, Lake
Evans. Maggie.
Evans. Mrs. and cnlld.
Evans. Matnle.
Fltzpntrick, Mrs, Peter, and child, wife of chief
' Fitzpatrlek, of Cambria,
l'oust, Cooney, tvoodvale.
Greenwalt, tieoige. caiubria.
1 nnlney, . painter.
1 Dimes. , Insurance agent.
• Huston. Miss.
. Kelley, Mis JamesM widow of ex-Poltceman
Kelley, or Cambria.
1 Kldd, Mrs Sarah, Walnut street.
Lewis, Mrs Ananlah, Iron street.
1 Mai ( hews, Thomas.
1 Morgan. Minnie.
. Murphy. Rosy.
J Murphy, William.
[ Murphy, Mary.
! ostertmin, —, Cambria. •
1 Kodgcrs, Grade, daughter of Mr. Patrick Rod
gers, iron street.
Robertson, Thomas, Woodvale.
Sharkey, child of sell Sharkey, Johnstown.
Sluiltz. Joseph, lltver street,
smith. Mrs aggie, wife of P. M. Smith.
1 Thoburn, Jennie.
Thomas, son of Mis Jenkln Thomas.
Tho■••as. Mis Jenkln, Conemangh street..
' Thorn <s, John
Tomb, i; C. MorrellvlLe.
Child. Bmonths.
Man, anout si, light hair, smooth face, weight
Woman, is, fair, dark hair, cheeks prominent.
Woman. 80, long face, black hair.
Man, I nlander, heuvj build, sandy moustache
Girt, 14, fair complexion, black hair.
Boy, 8, light complexion, light hair,
woman. Xi, full face, light lmlr, light com
Bov. in, light complexion, long sandy hair.
Hoc. in, light complexion, short sandy hair.
Girl, 18, light complexion, dark lialr, dark
Boy, 10, light hair, light complexion.
W oman, supposed to be Mrs. Patrick Madden,
sandy complexion, gray lialr.
The boilies not taken charge of by rel
atives ntul friends were interred on Ben
shoff's Hill. Benjamin Goughnour was
in charge of the work.
Morrellvllle Morgue. *
Those received at Morrellville were laid
in a field near the railroad until indenti
fled. or coffined and interred. Tho fol
lowing is the list:
Ams or Elms. Nicholas, Cambria.
Atns or Kims. Mary, Cambria.
Ams or Elms, William, Cambria.
Haab, —.
Benson, child of K.
Balrd. Charles. Cambria.
Bare. Mis anil child.
Bridges. Emma, Cambria.
Boyle, Charles,
liernhelser, Ross.
Brawiey, George.
Renson, child of R.
Bowser. George, Bedford county.
Coleman, Jessie, sou Hi side.
Craig, Christ and child, Cambria.
Coll. Alary,
cope. Mrs \hlum.
culllton, Mrs Frank.
Davis. Thomas s ("California Tom.")
Ding. Alex. Locust street, Johnstown.
Dixon, David, iron street.
Howling, Miss M E, Johnstown.
Howling. Mrs Catharine.
Davis, M rs.
Evans. Maggie.
Fealiiermun, WM.
Fink. Mary.
Fisher, Ignatius.
Fendnt. iAbler Enrle.
Fisher, Miss. Cambria.
Fisher, Emma.
Franke. Jessie. Washington street. Johnstown.
Fisher, Aug.
Gnrver, Mrs.
Grady, Mrs Abbey.
Gallagher. Thomas.
Garven, Airs.
Gregor, Ann, Cambria.
Griffith, .
llelner. Mrs August, Cambria.
Hessler, Andrew.
Harris, Airs N.
Hayes, Mary.
Hess, w ilitum W.
Jones, child of officer Jones.
Johnson. John.
Jenkins. Thomas.
James, child of Jack.
Johnson. Mrs John.
Johllt. Joseph.
Klrlln, Tank.
Klrlln, Edward.
King, Airs J L.
Klutz, Catharine.
Kane. Mary, Cambria.
haihers, A, child, Cambria.
Keland, Frank.
Klner, Lizzie, Cambria.
Klntz. Mrs Mary, Cambria.
Lambrlskl, John, Cambria.
Lnmbriskl. Mrs Kate, cambrl i.
Llnlnger. Mrs.
Lambrlskl, Mrs Alary
Lambrlskl, Allss.
Llnlnger, Mrs.
Alcclarren, John.
AlcClarren, Cora.
Mickey, August.
Attller. George. Cambria.
Aturphy, Alary, iron street.
AlcAneny, Miss, Cambria.
McLane, John.
AlcLane, cora, supiiose l
Al organ,
Al.vers Charles
Nadl, Frank
Newell, August
Nue, Elenore
Oswald. Miss, Johnstown
Polk, John, Railroad street
Purse, Alary M, Johnstown
Reese. Sarah
Schubert, c T, editor Frele Pressr
Sheldon, If
Stern, Bella
Smith. Airs Thomas
Shaffer, Jacob
Sehlffhauer. John
strauss, child of Charles
stelnle.v, Mrs, Cambria
Stewes, Lewis, conemaugh borough
Tokasli, Airs and child, i ambria
Thomas, Jenkln
Thomas, Sylvester, Cambria
Temple, Leroy
Thomas, John
Thurn, Levi conemaugh borough
I'nmoen. cal
Varner, Ella
Vltner, A J. Cambria
Wagoner. Lizzie, Johnstown
Welsh, James, Cambria
Welsh, Thomas, Cambria
Williams, w J, L'nlon street, Johnstown
Wolfocd, A, Johnstown
Wl VarreD ' WIIUe ' take " l)y 11 Kates to Racine,
Wler, F'rank.
Youst, Eddie
Two women.
Three children.
Man. gray heard under cliin. about 5 or ro
years, 150 pounds, 5 feet 0.
Two bodies— sex unknown.
Four children,
veil"™ ' —on p " ,)er from -corpse found at Nine-
Eleven bodies.
supposed Miss Mame Fink, hail carved gold
ring Inscribed "W 111 to Mary," and ring with red
set .earrings with glass sets, dark brown
lialr, fair complexion, about 5 feet 4 rather
llesliy. ' .
child, years;
Following are the names of some of the
dead who arc not recorded on the morgue
Leltenberger, Mrs John, of Vine street.
'-fiKcnborger, m lss Nancy, Vine street. 1
Williams, Joseph.
Schatrer, Fred, found back of St. Joseph's
church, boarded with John Stormer, c B, burled
at singer's. .
Sheetz, Jacob Sr, found at Nlneyeh.
There were sixty-three unknown dead !
at this morgue. Also one colored may.
A jury of inquest was held here. It was t
composed of Charles Newell, Samuel
Mangus, E. Crissman, Sheridan Hossey,
H. H. Wentworth, George Gates, and i
three extras, Messrs. James Davidson, G.
A. Grumbling and Levi Edwards. The
jury met June Ist, viewed the bodies •
took some testimony, and adjourned to
meet at the call of the foreman.
At Mlnevah—Westmoreland Side.
A large number of bodies was taken
from the river on the Westmoreland side
at Ntnevah. An acre of ground was pur
chased by the authorities of the county
for a cemetery for the flood victims and
to be used as a buryinjr plncc for Nine
vah and vicinity, from Mr. Samuel Hill.
It is on a hill to the left of the railroad
going west. The victims of the flood are
interred in three rows, each body being
designated by a bend-hoard, bearing its
number and such information about the
person ns could be obtained. The follow
ing is the list:
I—Katie Fritz, .Johnstown.
2—Maggie Fritz, .Johnstown.
3—Miss 11 Golde, Johnstown.
4—Marv AlticUer, Cambria.
5 Jacob sheet'/., conemnugli borough,
a—Charles Oswald, Johnstown.
T—Mrs II Vlertng, Johnstown.
B—Thomas Clark, Johnstown,
ft—Mra Kltzhnrrts.
10—Unknown woman.
11—Mrs F Davis.
12—Miss Jennie Greenwood, Cambria.
15—Mrs Master, or Miss Maser, conemaugh
street, Johnstown.
14—Mrs .Just Mccann.
ir>—Mrs Maggie coraellson, Johnstown.
10—Supposed Mrs Henry Saylor, Johnstown.
17—Boy, 4 years, red hair.
18—Larry Shettenhelm. Cambria.
Ill—Mrs Degnan. Cambria.
20—Frank Woodford.
21—Katie Evans. Iron street, Mlllvtlle.
22—llulbert Bryan,-:..arket street, Johnstown.
23—Mrs .John earlier.
24—MarkedT'rank Anthony, Mansion House,
Johnstown, but mistake, as Frank Is a survivor.
2(l —Hlionwlskl, Cambria.
27—Mrs slilukey.
28—Man, 46.
2ft—Man, 40, light mustache.
30—Woman, 45, hair light, plain earrings, l
31—Man, 20, black hair.
32—Woman, 40, 2 gold ililed teetli.
83—Woman, 45, light hair.
31—Man, 25, very light mustache.
85—Woman, 18; hair light, plain earrings, one
3d— Man, 21, sandy hair, light mustache.
37—Woman, 45, large mouth, light lialr.
; 8-Woman, light hair, plain earrings, small
plain ring.
311—lioy, 15, hair light, ivalch.
40—Woman, 20, brown hair.
41—Man, no.
43—Woman, 22. brown hair, left incisor broken,
supposed Mrs White.
43—Woman, 25, tall and slender, light hair,
star breastpin.
44—Man, 5, heavy gray heard, long eyebrows.
45—woman, 20, brown hair earrings with sets.
16- Woman, 50, light hair, sliver and gold
47—child, 4 months.
48—Woman, 30, tall, brown hair.
4ft— Mrs Kev i> W Jones, Johnstowu.
50—child, 16 months.
51—Woman, 60, brownish gray hair.
52—Woman, 20, full face, light hair.
53—Woman, 50, full face, gray hair.
54—Mi's MCAneny.
55—Woman, 40, catholic, full face, brown hair,
gold ring.
56—James Holtzman.
57—Woman. 18. light brown hnlr, earrings,
58—Woman, is, brown hair, supposed .Maggie
111 pp.
sft—Woman 30. light brown hnlr, gold ring.
60—Girl. HI.
l—Girl, 8, supposed Sarah Wlnser.
2—snrali Mingle.
63—Girl, 5.
04—Gin, 5.
05—Hoy, ft.
o—Boy, 0.
67—Child, 7 months.
08—Boy, 4.
lift—Boy, 4. red hair.
70—Child, 2.
71—Child, 1.
72—Man, 35, smooili face.
73—supposed Walter Jones, son of Simeon
Jones, 01 Washington, l'a., or Johnstowu.
74—Man, 20 Philip smith.
75—Woman. 35.
76—Woman, lft, black luilr, ring.
77 Man, 40, red hair and mustache, supposed
Jacob Miller.
78—Large woman, 85, gold ring, left hand.
7ft—W oman. 35, black hair.
80— Boy, 10, gray eyes.
81—Woman, 25, brown hnlr and rings.
82—Girl. 3.
83—woman. 30. black hair.
84—Man, 40, sandy hair and moustache.
85—Woman, 22, dark brown morocco belt.
86—Girl, 7, light hair
87—Boj, 3, sandy hair.
88—Boy, ft, dark lialr.
89—Boy, ft. light lialr.
no—tilrl, 4. light hair, full face,
ftl—Glil, 4, light lialr.
92—Girl, 4. dark hair.
93—80y, 2, light luilr.
94—Girl, 3. rea lialr.
95—80y, 2. Ugut hair.
6—Boy, 12.
97—80y, 4, light hair.
HB—Boy, 5. light hair.
161—80y,5, light lialr.
100—Boy. 7, light lialr.
101—Child, 5.
102—Glrl, 4, yellow hair.
103—Girl baby.
l(H—Hoy. 5.
105—Boy, 10.
108-Buy, 8.
107—Woman, is, dark hair.
108—Boy, li, light lialr.
109—Boy, 8. light lialr.
HO—child, 8 mos, found wlili Mrs Niche.
111—Boy baby, 8 months.
112—child, 1.
118—Man, 25, black hair, smooth face.
115—Girl, "GUSBIe,"gO.
116—child. 8 months.
117—Child. 2, dark hair, brown eyes, supposed
John Thomas'child.
118—Baby. 6 mos, gold band ring on third lin
ger of left hand.
lift—Joslah Khld, Johnstown.
120—child, 3 months.
121—Child. 8 months.
122 Mich liolan.
123—Girl, light complexion.
124—Hoy, 4, supposed to be Andrew Baker's
185—Man, weighs 850, bald, so.
186—woman. 45, and child, gold pin, dark hair.
187—Woman, is, dark hair and small gold ring.
188—Baby, 3.
189—Baby, 6 months.
130—Boy, 11.
I'll—(till, 10, brown hair. •
I.3B—(flrl, :o.
133—80y, 8, yellow lialr.
I.34—Girl, 1.
135—Woman, 55, Catholic, gray hair.
136—Girl, 4, dark hair.
137—Girl, 4, blunde.
188—Woman, 88, black hair.
139—Ilenry Wagner, Cambria.
140—Girl. 5. light lialr.
141—Woman, 30, brown lialr.
118—Baby, 4 mos.
143—Girl, 8, brown lialr.
144—Child, 8.
145—Man, p OS or A badge, band ring on lit
tle linger.
146—child, 4, reddish hair.
147—.Maggie Greenwood, Cambria.
148—Chun, 8 mos.
149—Child, -iv., light hair.
150—Man, as. brown lialr, supposed George
SublllT, cruwford county.
151—Man, 55, stubby beard, dark hair.
153—Mrs Evans. Cambria.
153—David .r Johnson, mine boss, .Johnstown
or David Mlsllda, of Indiana county.
154—Girl baby, 8 weeks.
155—80y, 13.
156—Woman; 80.
157—Woman, (to, false teeth, wore truss.
158—Baby boy, 18 months.
159—Woman. 80, "1 H." and cross on head
16(1—Woman, right wrist badly scarred and
crippled at one time.
161—Eliza Struston, of Norrlstowu.
168—Girl. 14, black lialr senron face, red and
black skirt, striped stockings.
183—Woman. 50, supposed a Miss Griffin.
wuld~ Large woman ' 55, "imposed Mrs John ,Os
■l6s—Girl, 14, blight build, brown hair, large
front teeth. B
166—Man, 65, supposed William Owens
167—William henry, woodvale,
168—Girl, 18, supposed daughter of Jacob Bon p.
169—80y, 6.
170—Woman, 40, dark halrt 5 feet 4 high, ging
ham apron.
171—woman, as. black hair.
178—Woman 35, black hair, full face.
Many of those in the above list have
been lifted from their temporary resting
place and taken charge of by relatives ana
178—Man, aged 50, sandy moustache and goa
tee, bald head.
174 -Man. 30, brown hair, cut short.
175—Woman, 30, very fair, golden hair.
176—Woman, 40, full face, sandy hair, cut In
upper Up, weight, 880.
177—80y, 4.
179—Child r 'l' suppoße<l H'chard Worthtngton.
- 180—Woman, 85, rings and earrings.
181—Woman, breast-pin, wore large-spotted
182—Boy, 5, sandy hair, check waist and rlb
bed pants.
183—Boy, 3, sandy hair.
HM—Girl, 10, black hair, full face.
185—Girl, 14, two rings, one with 8 hearts and
one with 3 sets.
186—Boy, 15, hair Up.
187—Woman, 45, light hair, 180 pounds.
188—Mr Ilamer.
189—Samuel McClarren.
At Nlneveli—lndiana Side.
On the Indiana side of the river at Nin
eveh the following bodies were recov
Auis, Mrs, or Mrs Elms
Atkinson, John, Cambria
Constable, Mrs, Cambria
cralg, Catharine
Griffin, Miss Mary, Johnstown
"flester,' 1 Cambria, six toes
Hlrsh, Ed
Illrsh, Harry
James, Benjamin
Johnston, David, Johnstown
Keelan, Mis, Cambria
King, Mrs J L
Klntz, John, Cambria
Lambrlski, Mrs, Cambria
Lnmbrlskl, child of John, Cambria
Maltzte, Mrs Joseph
Marks, William
Meyers, hernhard, Jersey City Heights, N J
Murphy, .Mrs M J, Brunswick Hotel, Johns
ltlley, Miss Kute, Cambria
Selilttenlielm, Tony
smith, Mi-s or Mrs Martin
stlnely, Mrs Mary and baby, Cambria
sweltzer, —, Cambria
Wise Mrs, Cambria
About fifty were not identified here.
At Franklin.
Bo> er. Solomon
constable. George
Devlin, Miss, niece of Dr Wilson
Kelper, Mrs.lohu and child
Leech, Mrs and daughter
Loudensteln, Ida
.Mills, William
Uoblna, Mrs and two children
ltuhrltz, Peter, wife and daughter
Wilson, Dr.J c and wife
Unknown man from house of Mrs skelly
At Mineral Point.
Mrs James Finley and daughter
Mr Abe ltyers and mother
Samuel Page and family
James Wilson
Mr t;i nmbllng, wife and five children
Mr Koliler
Additional Dead—South Side Morgue.
Mrs. George Hager.
Woman, age thirty years, blue calico
dress, calico wrapper witli brown and
white spots, blue stockings, light brown
Girl, four years, light hair, red alpaca
dress, blue barred gingham apron, white
buttons, spring-heel buttoned shoes,
pleated underskirt with two inches of
Baby, eight months old, white muslin
dress, brown bib.
Woman, middle-aged, gingham apron,
woolen stockings, delaine dress with
metal buttons, ear-rings, five-point star
with white glass in, flannel undercloth
Boy, 7 years old, blue suit, barred flan
nel skirt, black and white barred flannel
waist with round pearl buttons, spring
heel shoes.
Woman, 50 years, calico dress, red and
white spots, ginghiun apron, all toes oil
left foot except 3mall one, legs deformed,
probably by rheumatism, feet tied up as
though sore.
Chinaman, necktie with gold pin, in
laid with different colored enamel.
Boy, seven years, blue flannel skirt.
MiUvlUe Morgue.
Itenry Pritcharil, Market street.
Peter L. Lacy, Woodvale.
Winnie T., daughter of John T. Harris.
Mrs. James Murtha.
Child of James Murtha.
Infant of James Murtha.
Frank, son of James Murtha.
James Murtha.
Maggie R. Riffle.
Jacob Hamilton. >
Bertha Knorr, Jackson street.
John, son of James Reese, Connemaugh
Frank J. Daily.
Rose Ann O'Conners.
Fruncis Feris.
Minnie Linton.
Annie Leu hart.
Luther Wertz, Hollidaysburg, Pa.
Mrs. George Heiser, Washington street.
Daniel Hammer, No. 329 Railroad
street, Johnstown.
Maud Counery, Railroad street, Johns
Rosie Carroll, Railroad street, Con
Harry Keedy, Cinder street.
Harry Cover, son of Benjamin Hinch
John D. Ross.
Lewis Jucoby, Broad street, Cambria.
Harry, sou of Gottfried Hoffman.
Gustavc Schmitz, life insurance
Gottfried IT' ffman, Washington street.
Female, dark brown hair, black Jersey,
green and brown striped wool dress, blue
and white striped skirt, #7.26 in money,
one old foreign penny. Subsequently
identified as Mrs. Morris Woolf.
E. Vincent Webber.
Potts, Jane.
Ressler, John R.
Female, 0 years,plaid dress,wool goods,
barred red, brown, and green, blue and
white barred gingham bib, small chased
gold ring.
Female, brown hair, mixed with gray,
red skirt, black Jersey, black dress, can
ton flannel drawers, buttoned shoes, breast
Female, dark blue wool cloth dress,
button shoes, red skirt with six inch check
at band, #25 in paper, #1 08 in silver.
Female, age 9, black and white barred
flannel skirt.
Female, dark liair, blue spotted calico
dress, small ear-drop.
Male, 150 pounds, 5 feet 8 inches but
toned shoes, white-handled knife, cigar
smoker, one nickel, small piece steel
Male, 3 years,49 pounds, 3 feet 6 inches.
Female, 12 years, 80 pounds, 4 feet
9 inches.
Two feet, sex unknown.
Male, 7 years, 05 pounds, blue waist
with white stripes.
Female, age 7 months.
Female, age 4 years.
Body burned beyond recognition, sex
Female, burned beyond recognition.
Female, burned beyond recognition.
Female, 155 pounds, buttoned shoes
and gum rubbers, #7.81, gold ring, with
garnet set.
Male, #6.31, silver open-faced watch
and chain, three keys, pocket knife, bone
tooth pick, receipt from Charles 8. Ruth
to party named Sckuner or Bhnor.
Foot, lace shoe, light stocking and
Female, 140 pounds, Dlack comb, 5
Child, sex unknown.
Foot of male, about No. 7 man's shoe.
Male, 160 pounds, 5 feet 5 inches, gold
ring, cameo setting, pocket knives,bunch
of keys, door key, 38 cents.
Male, 5 feet 9 inches, 150 pounds, red
flannel drawers, leather boots, pipe,
I pocket knife.
Female, age 17, 5 feet 8 inches, 115
pounds, white and black barred flannel
skirt, blue and white barred gingham
apron, black stockings.
Female, age 12, 4 feet 7 inches, 75
pounds, black stockings, buttoned shoes.
Bones of female, aged 10 years.
Female, 5 feet 6 inches, 140 pounds,
dark brown hair, leather shoes with cloth
tops, right foot and leg deformed.
Bones, sex unknown, age about 18
Bones, sex unknown, age about 8
Female, 5 feet 6 inches, 150 pounds,
brown hair, dark blue stockings with
white soles, buttoned shoes wi'h red
patent leather tips.
Female, age 12, black and red barred
flannel skirt, green dress.
Female, 200 pounds, black hair, blue
and white striped skirt, striped calico
Female, age 9, 3 feet 8 inches,so pounds,
buttoned shoes, red knit skirt, maroon
Female, 5 feet 0 inches, 125 pounds,
black and white striped skirt, brown dress
with small steel stripes, laced cloth gait
Feet of female.
Male, 8 years, 05 pounds, 4 feet 0 inches,
knee pants, blacked ribbed lace shoes,
blue waist, black coat.
Female, unknown, died at hospital,
check marked J. McK. No. 1,098, pocket
hook, no money, pocket-knife.
Female, 155 pounds, 5 feet 0 inches,
black hair, wool underskirt, red, brown,
and white barred, cotton undershirt,
striped white aud red, black cashmere
dress, with black glass buttons, oval
shaped plain gold ring with "J. L. B."
engraved inside.
Female, 115 pounds 5 feet, dark hair,
plaid dress, red, black, and blue barred.
Woman, with child partly born, 140
pounds, 5 feet 4 inches, brilliant eardrops,
blue chintz dress with yellow and white
Six charred feet of adults, with bunch
of keys.
Boy, 12 years, 4 feet, knee pants.
Male, 190 pounds, 5 feet 11 inches,
clothes partly removed and in stocking
Female, 10 years, 75 pounds, spring
heel shoes, blue and brown baned wool,
waist black and red, barred flannel skirt,
high button shoes.
Female, 120 pounds, 5 feet 0 inches,
heavy plaid jacket, with black marble
shaped buttons.
Male, about 50 years, 170 pounds, 5
feet 8 inches, leather boots, red
flannel drawers, blue drilling overalls,
white wool socks, gum coat, silver open
faced watch, Elgin movement, silver
chain, leather coin purse, 10 ceuts, bunch
of keys, scapular around neck.
Girl, age 0 years, 4 feet, 40 pounds, but
ton shoes, blue stockings, and white
barred cotton dress, brown hair, plaited
with ribbon, brown and white barred
apron, blue and yellow striped cloth dress
and red flannel dress, white underwear,
embroidery trimming.
Boy, 3 years, white muslin skirt, dress
with brown wool waist, brown white, and
blue plaid skirt, coat of brown cloth,
same as dress waist, with large white
pearl buttons.
Boy, 8 years, knee pants, high button
spring-heel shoes, red underskirt, black
stockings, striped pants.
Boy, 12 to 14 years, black corduroy
coat with two pleats down the back, dark
barred pauts, blue calico waist, with
white flag figures.
Male, 5 feet 9 inches, leather boots, tin
or nickel matcli—iife, silver hunting-case
wutcb and gold chain, watch charm rep
resenting surveyor's compass, leather
spectacle cases, gold spectacles, door
kev, upper false teeth.
Female, 5 feet 6 inches, about 135
pounds, black jersey, blue calico dress
with white spots, red woolen stockings,
home-knit red flannel skirt, white skirt,
guin garters.
Hoy, 12 years, about 00 pounds, 4 feet
4 inches, brown and gray striped knee
pants, blue coat.
Hoy, 12 to 14 years, 100 pounds, 4 feet
6 inches, brown cloth shirt with small
pleats in front.
Girl, years, buttoned shoes, soles
well worn, red cloth dress, red flannel
skirt with blue and white cheek wab
Female, buttoned shoes, lower teeth
false, black and gray striped woolen
skirt blue calico dress with white spots,
red shawl, white handkerchief, while anti
red striped skirt, brown and white barren
gingham apron.
Mule, bight 6 feet, weiget 180 pounds,
no clothing.
Girl, aged about 10 years, button shoes,
spring heel; red dress trimmed with lace,
gray and white jacket trimmed with
woolen lace, hair blacK, small breast pin.
Female, buttoned shoes, black dress,
velvet collar, black bullet shaped but
tons, red skirt with ruffle, blue and white
ring stockings, long black lace tie or
scarf, upper and lower false teeth plain
gold ring, small leaf pattern ear-drops.
Female, red and black striped skirt,
blue cloth wrapper, buttoned iu front,
buttoned shoes, black stockings, heavy
black cloth coat.
Boy, about 10 years, button shoes,
spring-heel, black rib stockings, black
and gray mixed knee pants.
Body, 0 years,no'meansof identification.
Girl, 0 years, 50 pounds, 4 feetO inches,
button shoes, spring heels, red flannel
skirt, light calico dreSS, small gold ring.
Girl, about 18 months, red flannel skirt,
red and white barred calico dress.
Male, 150 pounds, 5 feet 9 incites, gold
hunting-case watch, chain with charm
attached, one wire sleeve supporter.
Female, about 10 years, dark brown
hair, 05 pounds, scapular around neck,
blue and white check bid, brown figured
calico dress.
Boy, 8 years, button shoes, red, white
and blue waist, square pattern, black
corduroy coat, black and gray mixed
Girl, aged about 10 years, black and
red ring wool stockings (home knit),
white dress, trimmed with embroidery,
and light calico witli black figures, red
and white striped skirt, buttoned shoes,
ear-drops, enameled black with blue set
ting, home-knit lace collar.
Girl, aged about 12 years, weight about
05 pounds, blue calico dress with white
Boy, aged about 3 years, button shoes,
blue calico waist with small white vines,
red flannel shirt.
Boy, aged about 0 years, high button
shoes, with heel, black and gray striped
knee pants.
Boy, aged about 13 years, blue calico
waist with white dots, white-handled
knife, mixed wool knee pants, one cloth
slipper flowered, receipt to Robert Bos
sert from George T. Swank in payment
of Daily Tribune one month, dated Mav
1, 1889.
Attention Farmers.
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Tutt's Pills
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