Johnstown weekly Democrat. (Johnstown, Cambria County, Pa.) 1889-1916, July 05, 1889, Image 2

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Tli'- Most Complete LUt yet Published—
Many are Y'et In the Ktilus. and Many
Will Never be Found.
Fourth Ward Morgue.
Andrews, John, John street, at Point.
Miderson, John, Sr.
texander, Arttla, taken by her mother June
i.t am, Dr. 1.. T. and son Charles.
Logus, William, (colored porter at Hulbert
fl ise.)
i.lough, Sophia, wife ot Samuel,
i.rlnkey Eliner J., Gautler clerk, killed at Hul
b' rt House; taken charge ot by K. of P. and
1) .rted.
Burns, John, Portage street,
Butler, Charles T., Assistant Treasurer c. I.
Co., lost at ilulbert House.
Baldwin, George H., machinist, No. 317 Apple
Barbour, Carrie S., aged sixteen, Woodvale.
Bending, Elizabeth, (widow) and daughter
Benford, Mrs. Kllzabetli E., Hulberi Rouse,
hurled at Grand View.
Benford, Lou., Hulbert House, buried In
Grand view.
Beushorr, J. (J. A,
Butler, Sarah.
Brown. Mary Emily, daughter of I'eter Brown,
of Woodvale, found with little daughter ot
.lames M. Shumaker. of Johnstown, In her arms;
buried at St. John's.
Brown, Lizzie, burled at St. John's.
Brown, Peter, Woodvale.
Burns, Peter. Woodvale.
Beheke, Charles, private s?th N. Y. veterans.
Barrett, James or James Lewis.
Campbell, Peter, C. B.
Cox, J. G„ traveling salesman, killed at Hul-
Oert House, body shipped to Posey, Mater & to.,
Carlln Jonathan, sent to Philadelphia.
Clark, John It., conuemaugli borough.
Cummlngs, Amy, burled in Grand view.
Carroll, Thomas P., counemaugli borough,
aurlcd at St. John's.
Christy. Mrs., Butler, I'a.
Dlinond, Mi-s Anna.
liavls, Maggie Delia, burled In Sandyvale.
Davis, Miss Mary.
Dlmond, Frauk, portage street.
Dlchl Carrie, who was visiting Miss Jennlo
Wells lit the Hulbert House; sent to Shlppens
burg, Pa.
Dunn, Miss Mary. , ..... ..
DeEranee. Mrs. H. T., lost at Hulbert House;
tiody taken to .Mercer for burial.
Dull, W. F.
Dillon. James, somerset.
Elsaesser, A.
Eldrldge, Samuel 8., policeman.
Eldrldge, Abram s.
Farrell, Mrs.. Woodvale, supposed.
FUnn, Mary.
Faloou, Miss Annie, No. 545 Pearl streei.
Fleegle Miss Anna, of Somerset eounty.
Fronhelser, Mrs. Dr. James J.
Forbes, Henry, buried In sandyvale.
Fadder, E. J., burled lu Grand View.
Fitzharrls, Christ, Sr.. Hvlug at St. Charles
Hotel, ninety-six years of age; Christ Jr., pro
prietor St. Charles; Mrs. Margaret, John, Snllle,
Katie: all burled lu Morrellvllie.
Fltzhnrrls, Gertie, buried In MorrellvlUe.
Flngle, Mis. Mars'. „ „
Fechtner. Miss Tlllle, domestic at No. 259
Main street; burled at Grand View.
EYslier, Wolfgang, wire drawer, roomed No.
107 Main street: buried on Prospect.
Fleck, Leroy.
Gnrd, Andrew.
Gardner. John.
Gray, Taylor, buried In sundyvale.
Greenawalt. ltosa, connemaugh borough.
Gageby, Sadie, No. 115 Jackson street
Greenawalt, Mary Ellen, buried lu Sandyvale
by Martin Greenawalt.
Ulpp, Jessie.
uellrelgel, Charles, Woodvale.
Hellrelgel, Mr. burled Prospect, June tJtli.
Hamlltou, Laura and Mary, daughters of
Jacob, Bedford street.
Haynes, Walter B , No. 001 Horner street.
Hlte, Samuel.
Howe. Mrs. Thomas and son ltobcrt Garfield,
restaurant under llager's block.
Howe, Mre. Bridget, mother of County Treas
urer Thomas E. Howe
llennecamp, Mrs. Uebecca, burled In Grand
llennecamp, Gscar E„ photographer. No. 71
Vine street, buried In Grand View.
Hornlck, John D.
llornlck. John P., buried at St. John's.
Hoffgard, Conrad, baker, Clinton street.
Holmes. Julia,
Haller, Miss.
Harris, Mrs. Margaret. Maggie. sari)h, Frank
and John, family of t'hlef-of-Pollce John T. Har
ris. All burled In Grand View.
Irwin, Miss Maggie, south Side, burled In
Grand Wew.
Jones, Mrs. W. W., Pearl street; Eliza and a
Miss or Mrs. Jones.
Katzeustlne, Mi's. Jacob (Economy clothing
Store) and child; lost at Hulbert House.
Keltllue, Mrs. Catharine and Mary.
Kelper. Mrs. John A ~ buried In Grand View.
Klrkbrlde, Mrs. Mahlou (Ida King) and daugh
ter Linda; burled at i .rand View.
Knee, George D.. No, 512 Portage street.
Knox, Mra i homas E.. colored,
lilmple, Christ.
Lvden, Mary, Merchant's Hotel.
Little. A.. Pittsburgh.
Llewellyn. Mrs. J. .1.
I.ayton, WUUam and David VV.. No. 223 Broad
Layton. Mrs. Alary aud Miss Ella.
Lenlian, Mis. Samuel, burled In (..rand view.
I.enhart. Emma, burled In Grand view.
Larimer, James, colored.
Llngle, Mary, burled In (irand View,
Lettenberger, Kll/.a and Ellen.
Lewis, James.
Lotz, .Mrs. Elizabetb. burled In sandyvale.
Long. Samuel, butcher, No. 131 Vine street.
Lucknardt, Mrs. Adolph.
Ludwlg, llenry and Kate, burled In Grand
Meredith. Mr.
Murphy, M. J., Brunswick Hotel, burled at St.
Murphy, Jatues J., l'ark Place.
Murphy. Bessie.
Murphy. Mrs.
Marbourgh, Dr. H. W., Market street.
Malzl. .Jacob, butcher, Washington street.
Montgomery. Alex, removed to Greensburg.
Murray, James and daughter Nellie.
Marshall, William.
Marshall, C. A., civil engineer, drowned at
llulbert House.
McAullfTe, Laura.
McGulre, Lawrence and Kate
McCullough, Laura, burled at St. John's.
Mcolnley. James, ex-pollceman, C. B.
McKlnstry, Annie, Grand View June 9th.
McNally, Pat. t. John's, June 9th.
McKlnstry, Mrs., dressmaker.
McKeever, Mrs. Mary.
Maylen, Joseph.
Murray. James, of Haves, Murray & Co., Phil
adelphia, killed at, llulbert House; found stand
ing erect In debris; body sent.
Marshall, William, harness maker; body sent
to Indiana. Pa.
Matthew, Joseph, burled at St. John's.
Nathan, Adolph, dry goods and DOtlcws; body
• hipped to Philadelphia.
Noary. Mary Ellen.
Neary. Kate, St. John's, .June 9th.
Nightly. John,
owens, Daisy.
O'Donnell, Prank.
O'connell, Miss, sister of Patrick, Washington
Penrod, William 11., Oautler street, burled In
Poland, Walter and Kred, sons of Dr. S. C. Po
land,'dent Ist
Phillips, Mrs. E.
Powell, Howell, No. 141 vine street, and two
oulnu. Vincent D., son of James, burled at at.
Kiddle, John, Sr.
Kaub, Norma, daughter of George Haab, Clin
ton street, also .John Haul), son of George.
Kuuk, Ella, a little child.
Klchards. John 8.. burled In Sandyvale.
ltlchftrds, Miss Carrie, teacher In the English
and Classical school, and her sister Motile, of
Ypsllantl, Mich., who was visiting her at the
Hulbert House; bodies sent to Ypsllantl.
Randolph, George, of Beaver Falls, killed at
llulbert House; burled by his father, lilchard
Rerdal, J. C.
Kaab, George. Clinton street,
ltuih, John.
Hippie, Jackson.
Haab. George. Washington street.
Richardson, Johnß.
Kaab. Amelia.
Raub, Miss Lizzie.
Snyder, vary.
SUck, cyrus.
Spoiler, Lee.
shumaker. Johns, and little sister, sou and
(laughter of James M.
schaDel, John.
schnabel, Conrad Mrs., supposed.
Slick, Nancy A., claimed by Charles Lefller.
Shallei Mrs. Joseph ; burled at Sandyvale.
| smith, three children of J. L. Smith, Stony
crcek street ; lost at llulbert House, where they
were taken for safety,
stophel, Bertha: hurled at Grand View.
Streum, John, of ElsherJcstreuiu, llguor deal
ers, Main streeL
St. John, Dr. C. B.,oculist, astranger ; lost at
Hulbert House ; burled at Grand View.
Strouse, Moses.
spltts. W. 1... sent to Philadelphia.
Spoiler, .Mrs.
Tittle, C. I'.
Thomas, Lydia. supposed.
Thomas. Ed. (gasman). Woodvale.
Trawutha. Mis, mother of cl 1 rawalha. Iden
tified by A Kellllne, of Prospect.
Vlerlng. Mrs Henry.
Vlerlng, Henry, aged 14, son of Henry \ lerlug.
Valentine, William ; burled at Grand View.
Von Alt, Henry.
Vlerlng, Miss Lizzie, ltattrnad street.
Wells. Miss Jennie; assistant principal of
Johnstown High school; lost at the Ilulbert
House : claimed by W. 11. ockcr, ot shlppens
buig ; body sent. , ,
Mild, Jacob and wife, Main street, and daugh
ter Bertha. _
Weaklaud, John W., Esq., lost at Hulbert
House ; buried by Ills partner, T. It. Marshall,
of the Marshall-Weakland Company.
Williams, Joseph.
Werry, Albert, No. 109 chestnut street,
woolf, Mrs. Joanna; burled at St. John's.
Werberger, WUUam.
Wheat, Frank, barieuder.
Williams, Henry, ilulbert House porter.
Wilson, Charles 11., clerk Hulbert House.
Young, Mi's. Andrew ; burled at Grand View.
Young. August, of Eldrldge £ Young ; burled
at Grand view.
Young, Emit, sr., taken by bis wife.
Young, Frank, sou or Kmll, taken by bis
Zimmerman, Emma, and Mi's. Laura Zimmer
man H.vnes, daughters of Jacob Zimmerman,
Esq., Bedford street
Zimmerman, '1 heodore F.
Woman, 20 to 23, 3 baud rluzs, one with Ini
tials " F. M." ear-rings, ring wltn words "Gob't
shultz-Dick," band nng on third linger of left
hand, name on ring.
Man. 35 to 40, possibly a Jew.
\\omnn 20 to 25, brown hair, black cloth coat,
gold watch and chain, plain gold ring, marked
" H. B. to M. S. McD.," supposed to have been
on east bound train.
W oman, mistaken for Mrs. Ogle.
Woman, burned beyond recognition,
six bodies burned beyond recognition.
Girl 13, burned beyond recognition', black
stockings with red Hps.
Boy, t> light hair, 70 pounds, bight 8 feet tl,
black yellow-check pants and coat, brass but
tons- eagle stamped ou them.
Man. catholic, light hair, 150 pounds, hlght 5
feet 7 slipping comb In pocket, light barred
pants, bunch of keys, 2 pocket knives, some
money. .
w oman, 30, dark brown hair, blue eyes, 130
pounds hlght 5 feet, buttoned shoes, striped
blue and white stockings, earrings (plain gold),
saeque while beads, black quilted skirt , 3 light,
teetji out, eye-tooth broken out at gum.
Bo>, light complexion, weight 75 pounds,
hlght abuui 4 feel, blue waist, knee pants. 85, light complexion, " F. P. K." on arm
anil clasped hand under same, auburn hair, blue
eyes, too pounds, 5 feet, blue shirt, white un
derwear, laced shoes, red socks, black pants and
vest. , , _ , ,
Boy, 3 to 4, light complexion, auburn hair, 3
feet 4 gray woolen saeque coat, gauze under
wear, button shoes. j , ~ ,
Boy, 7, auburn balr, dark blue waist, blue
woolen coat, knee pants.
Boy 13 auburn hair, blue eyes, no pounds, 5
feet 6, black pants, blue shirt.
Woman to to 50, light complexion, brown
hair, blue eyes, weight 211010 225 pounds, lilght
5 feet ft, plain heavy gold ring 011 third linger of
left hand, button shoes.
Women. 2 bodies, possibly 3, burned beyond
recognition, one wore blue merino stockings,
Male red socks, black pants.
Body burned beyond recognition, telegraph
Instrument' and chairs found with body, hand
kerchief In cottln.
woman, no years, fair complexion, gray hair,
blue eyes, dark colored shoes.
Female child, sandy hair, hi .e eyes, 25
pounds, hlght 18 Inches.
Woman, 45, black hair, blue eyes, 115 pounds
5 feet ft. red underwear, black dress, plain gold
ring on second lln'.'er of left band, pocket-book
coat buttons and til cents, pocket-book contain
ed ill) bills and one sliver dollar.
Farts of live bodies unrecognizable.
Woman, uarccoijuizable, badly burned, ring
marked " K. J. B.'
child, about 2, unrecognizable.
Girl red hair, 60 pounds, 4 leet, black stock
ings, button shoes. ......
Man dark complexion, brown hair, light eyes,
:BO pounds. 5 feet , dark clothes, blue llannel
shirt, bare-footed.
Woman, badly burned, eyes burned ou', 145
pounds 5 feet 3. brown saeque, high dress, low
cm shoes, ring on left hand, second linger, small
Body sex unknown, horribly burned.
Boy, 3, brown hair, light eyes, 40 pounds, 2
feet 4, checkered dress.
Girl Ift to 13, while, fair complexion, auburn
hair light eyes. 128 pounds, 5 feet, brown
strliied dress coat, comb with glass beads.
Boy 14 to l, brown hair, brown eyes. 70
pound's, 4 teet 9, high button shoes.
Man dark hair, 190 pounds, 5 teet 9, large seal
ring on right little linger, set gone.
Girl brown balr. blue eyes, 75 pounds, 4 feet 3,
ear drops with small balls attached, pink bow
on hair, brown dress with red pleated Iront and
CU (Ur'l 17, from Club House, white, fair com-
Dlexlo'n long black hair, brown eyes, 115 pounds.
5 feet 2 barred gingham apron dotted, blue
dress, plain, loop ring, set ring on left hand,
woman, 45. white, handkerchief, red beads,
black hair mixed with gray, 100 pounds, 5 feet
ft, plain gold ring ou tlilrd linger of left hand,
bunch of keys.
Woman, 45, fair complexion, brown lialr, gray
eyes, 125 pounds, set pin. calico dress, laced
kevs 1113, white-handled knife.
Man 40 190 pounds, chin whiskers, dark hair,
check shirt, all clothing gone but shirt.
Female foot of female,high button shoe, black
merino stockings, Wm. K. Endsley's bank biok.
Boy, light complexion, auburn hair, weight 75
nounds Flight about 4 feet 3 Inehes, knee pants,
blue waist, little black waist, muslin drawers,
red undershirt, garters.
Male aged 11 years, complexion light, dark
hair, dark eyes, weight is pounds, lilght 4 feet,
red flannel shirt, black and white striped coat.
Female. 17 to 50 years, auburn hair, weight
"•'5 pounds, hlght 5 feet 6 Inches, red ami white
striped petticoats, red flannel underwear,
pocket-book, $8 35. , , .
Male, about 14 years, auburn balr, weight 110,
hlght 5 feet, gray woolen coat, knee pants, blue
waist, white undershirt.
Female aged 16 years, complexion fair, au
burn hair, hazel eyes, weight 90 pounds, hlght 5
feet ft Inehes, button shoes, plain gold ring on
third linger of left band.
Male eh Id, about 1 year, light complexion, au
burn hair, grey eyes, weight 60 pounds, hlght 3
teet, light muslin dress, button shoes.
Female, aged 65 yea is, gray balr, weight 225,
nurse with 1200 In gold, breast-pin, black waist,
gingham upron, S3O In greenbacks.
Female, beyond recognition.
Male, burned beyond recognition.
Female, übout 37 years, dark balr, dark eyes,
weight 100. bight 5 feet 3 Inches, calico dress,
square-toed, colored dress.
Boy about 3 years, light balr, blue eyes, hlght
3 teet 5 Inches; saved—woolen pantaloons, with
Male, burued beyond recognition, light hair,
weight 40, hlght 3 feet 9 Inches, coat, vest.
Male burned beyond recognition, head burned
off weight about 170, high! 5 feeet 9 Inches, durk
lace shoes, revolver and knife.
Female, dark hair, hazel eyes, weight ISO
pounds, lilght 5 feet 3 Inches, thin ring on third
ringer of left hand.
Female, blonde hair, weight about 110, hlgbt 4
feet 6 inches, some patche. of quilt on body, one
gold ring, wide, wltn two hearts on It.
Female, about 16 years, light complexion, light
hair blue eyes, weight 1116, hlght 5 feet, blue
stockings, blue dress with rubbers on.
Badly burned, sex unknown.
Male, burned beyond recognition.
Female, s years, hlght 3 feet 9, weight 65, but
ton shoes, black ribbed stockings, flannel sack,
spotted calico dress.
Female, aged 4 years, black hair, black eyes,
weight 28 pounds, hlgbt 3 feet, marks on stomncU
—looks like a born. ,
Female, 45 to 50 years, brown balr, weight 160,
button shoes, blue eyes, old scar on neck.
Male, child about 5 years, fair complexion, au
burn hair, blue eyes, weight about 70, hlght 3
feet 6 black knee pants, red waist, blue under
shirt, short black stockings.
Female, about 50. hair gray, weight 100, gold
necklace, lilght 5 feet 4. Removed to Miiiviile,
First ward, school-house morgue-
Male. aged 45 years, weight 180, hlght 5 feet 10.
Purse ana key-ring and one small Iron key.
Female supposed lo be the body of girl about
7 years old.
Male, burned beyond recognition.
Male, letters on person addressed to M. J.
Girl, .
Female, " F. G. F.'' on envelope.
Four females, two males.
Woman, 30.
Woman, 30, light hair.
Woman, middle age. hair on chin.
Woman, elderly, dark hair tlr.gecl with gray.
Woman, llulhert House, uiedal, monogram en
graved '• J. II G."
Woman 45.
Woman, 18, Initials on ring " W. II."
Woman, 23.
Woman, 30.
Woman, 40. .
Woman, 40.
Woman, 30.
Girl, 4.
Girl, 3.
Woman, DO.
Boy, 12.
woman, 8 ipposed salvation Army,
Boy, 8. .
Mun, 25.
Female Infant, (1 months.
Woman, 45.
Woman, aged.
Male Infant
Woman, young.
Girl, 15.
Man. as to so, blind right eye.
Woman, ao to as.
Girl, 4 to 5.
Woman, ao to 25.
Woman, 3il to .35.
Girl. 8.
Four women, beyond recognition,
Man, 30.
womur, middle age.
Man, beyond recognition.
Girl, 4, and woman beyond recognition, and
another, 23.
Girl, from Pittsburgh.
Salesman from T. 11. Blckerton.
Woman, found In Weaver's store, gold watch
and chain, breast-pin, hair-pin, diamond ring on
third linger with Ave sets, gold ting on third
flugerof left hand, garnet set, gold ring on sec
ond finger of left hand. pearl set, Imitation dia
mond earrings.
Man, young, supposed sou of C. Ellsaesser,
f lrulture dealer.
Woman, 25 to 30. three gold rings placed on
body, medium stature, full form, light brown
Man, 25, cash 25 cents. Jockey's Japanese
Headache Cure, red or dark brown hair.
Boy, 13, no valuables, burled Prospect, June
woman, 45, very large, 180 pounds, porous
plastei on breast, supposed Mrs. George Uaab,
burled Sandyvale.
Girl aged about 13 years, medium statue, black
lialr, Prospect.
I.arge woman, pregnant, brown lialr.
Boy, aged 12 years, reddlsli brown hair, rather
heavy build, no valuables, scut to Prospect for
Little girl, aged about 7 to 9 years.
Man, medium stature, weight about HO, dark
brown hair, rosary ant scapulars placed on
body, Ft John's.
Man, aged about 50, weight 150, dark hair
turned gray, medium hlght, hunch of keys and
spectacles with ease, prospect,
Young man, about 5 feet 6ln hlght, striped
coat and pant-, prospect.
Woman, very much decomposed.
Boy, in to 12 years, very much decomposed,
haircut short, very dark, collar, gray pants and
coat, blue slilrt waist. Prospect, no goods.
Mun, face very much dlsltgured, medium size.
Jean pants and coat, coarse laced shoes,small
piece of green ribbon, pocket knife, black handle
on blade, wooden pipe, padlock key and 15 cents
cash lu pocket, prospect.
Woman, heavy set, age not known, about 5
feet 5, hair brown, 160 pounds.
Unknown, one gold ring, medium size, pros
Young man, medium weight, light brown
Presbyterian Church Morgue.
Benslioff. Arthur,
coad. johu, sr.
toad, Mrs.
coad, Willie.
Davis, Delia,
liewait, Charles B.
hoseusteel, Mrs. J. M.
Brludle, Mary
Bruliu, Claus, supposed,
ilalstead, Phil.
Klnuy, Mrs., 35.
Girl, Hi, brown hair
Girl, light brown hair.
Boy, 11.
Prof. Gallagher.
Hoffman. Ben.
Brlnker, .Miss.
Hoffman, Minnie.
Hoffman, Ella.
White, liblee.
Strayer, Mrs. J. S.
Brlnker, Henry,
strayer. Myrtle.
Hughes. Emma,
ltyun, Ex-Sheriff John,
tckdale. James.
Jones, Thomas.
Roberts. Howard J.
Kola ml. Louis
Evans, .Mr supposed.
Lewis, Mrs.
\\ lit, uasper, Stonyereek township.
Brlukey. Dr. G c.
Both, Mrs Emu C.
Hawn, George C.
liullerau. .Mary, Mrs daughter of John coad.
Young, Mrs Andy.
lluium. Geoc, Punxsutawney.
Kegg, W E.
Meyer, Mary F.
Meyer, Elizabeth.
o'couuell. capt. Patrick,
ltoland. Mrs Louis.
Hubert. '1 eny.
statler. E.
Gulthe>°, daughter of J c Gallher.
Gait Iter, Dairy.
Woman, ve.y large, two gold rings, sent to
Man. dark hair, dark blue shirt, ring on linger,
stone set. marked " E 1, 11."
Boy, 8, light hair, spring-heel shoes, red flan
nel undershirt, calico waist, canton flannel
Girl, 11. light hair, red flannel dress, blue waist,
skirt, black stockings withered snipes on top.
Woman, brown liair, so, about 56 corset, red
flannel shirt, muslin drawers, wart on front fin
ger of left hand, two linger rings, carved, and
ruby breust-pln.
vlan, cash $812.50, watch, aged 80.
Man, heavy heud of hair, brown eyes, 133
pounds, 5 feet 6.
Man, sent to Prospect,
woman. 85. two small rings, ear-rings.
Boy, small, 13.
Woman. 35, black cashmere dress, Jersey
Jacket, black stockings, buttoned shoes, dark
brown hair, starlet underwear, green-colored
petticoat, 5 feet , small gold ring, supposed
Mis. sablne.
Man. 30. 185 pounds, so cents, small key, and
blue striped flannel shirt.
Man, 30. 100 pounds, three-foot rule In pocket.
Man. silver watch and chain, penknife.
Woman, age 35. 160 pounds,black skirt, black
stockings, suppers.
Woman, age 25, 130 pounds, black silk stock
ings, calico waist, blue, with white stare, white
buttons, small pin. chain, and ring.
Boy baby, o months, red and black plaid skirt,
had shoes on.
Mun, age 45. 180 pounds, brown moustache and
whiskers, ihree-blailed knife, horn snuff box,
Young woman, age 30.150 pounds, blueglgham
apron, red and white calico dress, lialr pins In
pocket, pin. pleating on waist.
Boy, ng" 2 years, red and black barred dress,
blue wollen stockings, belt with tin clasp, black
and red barred flannel underskirt, buttoned
shoes, supposed to be Hoffmann.
Boy, atiout B, well dressed, brown corkscrew
coat, blue waist, black stockings.
Man, 38. 30 cents, very small key, black coat,
blue striped flannel shirt, supposed 1) E BccK
Man, age 37, weight 165 pounds, rule In pocket.
Man, silver watch and chain, two door keys,
comb, penknife, poeketbook, small key, leather
bell with $82.30 In it.
.Man, age 35, weight 160 pounds, bunch of
Keys, collar button, $2.60.
Ma , darK clothes.
Woman, about 110 pounds, dark dress.
Boy 13 veare. Catholic, ten cents, round blacx
ball, tobacco tubs, small piece of lead pencil,
catholic s apulnr.
Boy, aged ito 8, 75 pounds, blue waist with
crescent figures, short ktiee pants, blacx base
and white si Dpes, red woolen stockings, button
shoes, white drawers, red undershirt with dark
red sleeves, possibly tasen from other shirt,
sandy lialr, buttons on underwalst, red and
Boy. age oto 10. blue waist with white dotted
figures, pants blucx base with white stripes;
Knee pants, black stockings, long red drawers,
blue strings, pieces of leather and tin whistle In
pocket, brown necktie with white dots.
woman, lao pounds, blue calico dress, very
small crescent figures, white and blue barred
apron, red and gray stripes on top of stockings,
balance black ; has never been a mother, full
set teeth, very eveu.
Woman, age 18 to 2'.), garnet cashmere waist
with large block and gray dress, buttons bronze
and leaf shape, buttoned shoes, black stockings,
heavy darK hair; has been a mother,
Ilmltes Recovered on the Kernvllle Side
List of bodies recovered on the South
Alters, Alva;-, of the firm of Alters at llaumer.
Alexander, J. G.
Arthur, Mrs. William
Baker, Mrs. Nelson, widow.
Banttey William.
Bryan, William.
Bowman, Luther, H years.
Bowman, Nellie, 13 years.
Brady, John, Ksq
Breiman. Mrs Edward, Woodvale.
Bryau. William
Cope. Miss Ella.
ctinz, child of l'l'of. Bernard cunz, years.
Craig. J. J.
cralg, Mrs J. J.
Cooper, otho, colored.
coodee (or Ktoeger), worked for 11. Martin,
wire mill.
Davis, Mrs. Walter.
Delaney, Mrs. L. W.
Ilyer, Mrs.
English, John.
Evans, Mrs. M. and 3 children.
Evans, Mrs., Vine street.
Fink, Mrs.
Fisher, John 11., Esq., wife and 3 children, '.o
wit: Mrs. Margaret J Fisher, Miss Maggie
Fisher, George Fisher, Baby Fisher, and servant
girl, name unknown.
Fldley, Klvlia, Hooveravllle
Forkes. Mrs linchel
Gageby, Mrs Hobert H
Howe, Thomas J
Hamilton, Miss Jessie, Bedford street
Ualleruu. Miss May
Heffley, Ed, Stoyestown
Hlte, Mrs. Larry
Howe, Mrs. Gertrude, Railroad street
Howard, James
llocker, .Mrs. John
Humphreys, William
Kinney, Mrs. (elderly)
Koontz, Mrs Ann
Kohle, Mrs
Levergood, Mrs. Jane, widow of Jacob
Ltclitenberg, Rev., of the German Lutheran
Church, and wife.
Lovell, Mrs. sallle
I.lndle, Mary
McClelland, Mrs. George
Musscr, Charles
Murrell, John's child.
Nixon, Mrs. Robert 11. The body of Mrs.
Nixon was found near Unluue Rink, and was bu
rled on Sunday at Grand View,
owen, Moses and 3 children
Palmer, Mrs (old lady)
Potter, -Mrs, Woodvale
Parke, William, his sister and child, and his
mot licr, widow of the late Johu Parke.
I'lke, Miss Fannie
Pike, s liowcu
Pike, W W
Pike. W IV, Jr
Oulnn, Miss Ellen
lfatney, .Mrs W R
Kalney, Parke
Ryan, .Maggie
Ream, sdoipli
Ream, Mi's., Woodvale
Reese, Windsor
lleese, Annie
Rhodes, Lincoln
Rhodes, .Mis. Lincoln
Roberts, Mrs. Millard
ltoebrlc, (i. (Johnson street Rail Company)
swank, Freddie
Shumaker, daughter of J. M. (8 years)
Smith, Mrs. J. L.
Spullne, John, Cambria
sp ere. .Mrs. L K. ($5 gold-piece tor breast
pin and $2.50 gold-pieces for ear-rings)
swank, .Mrs Nell J. and I children.
Swank, Jacob
swank, Mrs. Jacob, Bedford street
stun, Mrs. Wesley, Woodvale
voeglitley, .Mrs.
White, Mrs. John, and two daughters-Misses
Ella and Maggie.
Will, Mrs. Elizabeth
WesieytutT, Airs.
Zimmerman, .Morgan
Woman, about thirty years of age, black lialr,
brown eyes, calico dress, one ear-ring —star, with
ruby In centre.
Woman, very tall, black lialr, calico dress, oak
leal breast-pin with three small white sets.
Woman, large, about 45 years of age, thought
to be Genua u.
Woman, small, dark hair, face pitted by
Boy. about 12 years of age, black hair, brown
eyes, knee pants, white waist, with suspenders.
Woman, red and brown calico dress, pearl but
tons. black stockings, thin gold rings.
woman, light gray hair, black calico dress
Willi white spots, two pairs of stockings—one
pall-block and red, gold ring with octugon cor
Woman, young, about 21 years, short light
hair, bull calico dress with short bare and dots,
new button shoes, engraved gold-band ring,ruby
glass ear-rings with Greek cross In centre.
Man, large gray side whiskers, dark clothes,
paper collar.
Man. red moustache, congress gaiters, open
faccil silver watch, bunch of keys.
Man, black hair, heavy laced shoes—wore an
Boy, about It) years old, brown hair, black
knee pants patched on both knees, new button
Ry, about 12 years old, brown halr, gingham
waist, black knee pants, Jersey Jacket .
lio.v, about 12 years old, blue calico waist,
black coat and pants, button shoes und gums.
Boy. about 12 years old, tight hair,black pants,
mixed coat, toy pistol lu pocket.
Boy, about 7 years old, pleated waist, knee
stockings, low shoes.
Boy about 7 years old. No description.
Girl about it years old, brown hair, calico
dress, earrings with white glass sets, cut in
two at the waist and only the upper part of the
body recovered.
Girl about it) years old, short lialr, gingham
apron, barred flannel skirts, black ribbed stock
ings. gum shoes
Baby about 3 years old. pleated dress, red
flannel skirt, worsted stockings.
Baby about IS months old.
Baity about 13 lnontbs old, gingham apron.
Woman, band ring, broken, gold, engraved,
one pair imterllv ruby earrings, new shoes, two
patches or goods
Man. 26 years, light hair. I wo nickels and one
three cent piece, collar but ton, scarf pin. steel
chal it
Woman, about 80years old, plain band ling,
Woman, middle aged, set false teeth, gold
band ring, samples of clothing, blue calico dress,
natural gas key, seventy-live cents, gum nipple
0 nman. heavy black hair, blue calico dress,
birred flannel skirt, earrings
woman, 3d years old, gold ring, set with two
holes In It
mm, aged 30, small pin with figure , sacred
Woman, ahout as years, piece ot paper mark
ed ••Nannie Kugler. Huntingdon, Pa.. In care
ot K it cook," breast pin. collar button with
Woman, about 84 years, very heavy black
hair, earrings, hairpin, garnet dress
Woman, about 81 years ot age, ring marked
••n O, 1888"
Woman, skeleton only, burned at factory
Woman, ago 81, black hair, black Jersey
Jacket, knit skirl
woman, age:#', two gold rings, breakfast
shawl, b ue calico dress, black hair
Woman, age 88, earrings with white set, neck
tie. calico dies*, weight 100 pounds, two rings,
o e enrgaved "J Ii"
boy, age o years, short pants, glugham apron,
dark blue suit
Young man, black clothes, short lialr
Woman, in years, calico dress, gingham
apron, breast pin, two rings with clover leal
pearl center
lloy, 18 years, short black pants and coat, old
buttoned shoes, brown ualr, blue calico
Chinaman, gold watch, tin cents in pennies,
$5.15 In coin, one key
Man, about .">0 years, poeketbook containing
$8 rat in coin, bunch or keys sacred heart, silver
watch and watch chain whh charm
Boy, about 5 years, red and black woolen
skirt, striped white and blue barred glugham
apron, red und white dotted calico dress
Two unidentified men and three
women were aeut from the South Side
Station to the Fourth Ward Morgue,where
descriptions of the bodies may be found.
Grand View Chapel Morgue.
Woman, 85, large, apparently Irish, long au
burn hair, dark blue eyes, 5 feet 6,175 pounds,
one earring, was Identlfled as aire .Mullen, but
afterward said not to be her.
Woman, ISO, German, large, 5 feet 7, 180
pounds, brown lialr, gray eyes, hazel features,
pocket book, medal, spectacles and school case.
Girl, 15, 4 feel 8, 90 pounds, brown lialr, brown
eves, nose rather long and straight, mole on
left side of chin, no Jewelry.
Potter. Mrs.
Woman, blue tlgured calico dress, red striped
wool petticoat, brown lialr, ears pierced, 2
scapulars, live medals, porous plaster on breast,
straw hat with white ribbon
Woman, 80, 5 feel 0, dark hair, brown waist,
black striped half wool goods, skirt gone, red
and black wool |ieltlcoat, red and white merino
hose, no Jewelry.
Hoy, it, 4 feet 8, light hair, brown coat, brown
and black checkered waist, black twilled shirt,
and long black wool hose.
Boy, 17, seems to be brother of the above,
dressed alike only pants same as coat.
Woman, so. medium size, dark hair, blue
chintz dress with white figures, white hose.
Uchtenberg. Mrs ltev. from Adam street.
Boy, HI, light lialr, brown red wool pleated
wnlst, black twilled pauts, white anil black
mixed barred, patch on both knees long black
ribbed merino hose, red knit woolen underwear.
Female, medium, aged 40, nelght 5 feet .")
Inches, weight 150, brown half with tinge of
red anda few grav, light brown eyes, features
broad, nose slightly snob, kept Jewelry, rings
and piece of dress.
Female, supposed to be Mrs utt, but none of
family came to Identify; Jewelry kept, earring.
Female, lnght 5 feet 8 Inches, aged 88. light
hair, blue eyes, features rather sharp, dress torn
Female, silk waist, black cashmere skirt,
brown hutr, large scar over right eye. sear on
arm, ring. Initials c. 11 to T It; burled under
name of C It Both,
Boy 12 years, brown hair, white calico waist
with black circles, short pants, dark twilled
cashmere how, long black, with white stripes.
Bon , ii years, bight 4 feet, brown lialr, cbeek
gliigiuini apron, two Jackets, skirt, brown wool
en hose, long black red knit underclothes, but
ton shoes. ~ , .
Female hlght 5 feet 8 Inches, black dress,
open goods, red skirt, flannel drawers, white
and black llaiuicl with patch on each knee, well
worn, black wool hose, dark brown lialr.
Female, nturk ot rings on three lingers of left
hand white anil blue cheek calico dress, large
teal ores, brown hair, white and blue ridged
hose,black cloth sack.
Girl about 7 years of age, only half of body,
earrings wltli glass sellings, at police headuuar
tera, brown bulr, drab dress with white and
black diamonds. ,
Mlllvllle Itorough Morgue, at School House.
Abler, Louisa.
Abler, Georgia.
Blltner, A I>.
Balrd, Charles.
Bowers, George,
Burn, Mrs.
Bridges, Emma.
Bates, Annie, draft sno First National Bunk,
liaclne, Wis.
Bertha Knorr, Jackson street.
Coleman, Jessy.
Creed, David.
Dulg, Alex.
Ems. wniinm.
Emma Knorr.
Grever, Ann.
Griffiths, Mr.
Given, Miss Jane.
Given, Benjamin.
Harnlsh, Blanche, sent to Dayton, ohto.
Harvey D Williams.
Heckiuafr, 1 Frances, domestic for John lleudcr
Johnson, John.
Jones, Mrs Alice.
John, son of James lteese. Couemaugh street.
Klntz, Mary.
Lambriskl, John.
Lambrlskl. Kate.
Layton, Mrs William.
Miller. George.
Murphy, Mary.
Mcclarren, Samuel.
McAneny, Miss.
Moconaughy, Wallace, blown up to-dav out of
wreck at stone bridge; Identified by receipt In
hts pocket from W J Rose X Son; only part of
tody: large set ring; no clothing.
Me 11 ugh, Mrs D A, East Couemaugh.
Oswald. Miss.
Phillips, John, son of Hobert PlilUlps, aged 13;
Second ward, Johnstown.
Phillips. Mrs Itoltert, First ward, Johnstown.
Ituuh. Elizabeth,
ltoland, Band,
ltoland, Emma,
Thomas, Sylvester.
Tobash, child of Mrs.
Yarner, Ella.
Wagoner, Lizzie.
Wolford, A.
Welsh, James.
Williams, N J.
White, Mary p.
Woman, 45, fair complexion, brown lialr, gray
eyes, 125 pounds, 5 feet 4, black-set pin, calico
dress, red underwear.
Woman, 50, UK) pounds, 5 feel 4, gray hair,
woman, 110, ISO pounds, 5 feet 8, blue calico
dress' slate pencil and door key.
Man, 45, 180 pounds, 5 feel 10, puree and one
small key.
Girl. 7, no description.
Man, 40, Uki pounds, black whiskers, white
check shirt, all underclothing gone hut shirt.
.Man, burned beyond recognition.
Boy, ia, black lialr, 85pounds, 4 reel, found In
Charles Murr's store.
Man, supposed to be Dr. George Wagoner, $57
on person.
Woman, 35, dark hair, blue woolen dress, low
laced shoes, plain gold band ring on third linger,
gold carved ring 011 third Huger of left hand,
large key mended with lead.
1 wenty-four children, all unknown.
Three women.
Two unrecognizable bodies.
Six children.
Girl, 12, light hair.
Girl, 12, light hair, blue striped waist, high
dress button shoos.
Man, 40, light hair, black pants, white shirt,
blue vest, carved gold ring 011 third linger of
left hand, one small key.
Womau, supposed to be Mrs. John 11. Clark,
130 pounds, 5 feet tl, gold ring and diled ring on
second dnger of left hand.
Child, supposed of John B Clark.
Woinuii, 35, 135 pounds. 5 feet a, black
car drops, two black hair plus, gray skirl with
red stripes, bluestoklngs. button shoes, piece
of the Holy Mission around her neck and a heart
made of cloth (Agnus Del.)
Man, black hair, 300 pounds, o feet, blue
checked shirt, red underwear, jean pants, work
lug shoes, pocketbook containing 11 cents.
Boy, black hair, no pounds, 4 feet, dark gray
pants with small black strliies, button slices,
red shirt with white stripes, pleated coat of
same goods us pants.
Boy, 3 or 4, supposed child of John B. Clark.
Man, 30, sandy hall* audbeard, 5 feet 4, 180
pounds, clothing marked "C It, IStl'J," one ring
on third ringer of left hand, black alpaca coat,
blue vest and pants, congress gaiters, pocke:
brush, knife, pencil, red stockings, tlit.SO In
pockets, open-r .ced silver watch, lieadoi >\asli
lugton with l.oid s Prayer. Ju( K pin.
Woman, 45, woolen dress, ilannel skirt, lyj
pounds, 4 feet r>
ilale. 18, ilgle complexion, red hair,7pounds.
4 feet 10.
Male, light complexion, 4 feer, .'„i pounds, bine
waist, light barred knee pants, blue-black rib
bed stockings, button shoes, pa, en I heel.
Female, 3.1. 115 pounds. ;> (eei 4. blue calico
dress, star Ilgure brown skirt, 8 bands on skirt,
small coin purse and 8 1 ' cents, plain band ring.
.Male, aged l year, calico dress striped blue and
white, red flannel skirt.
Female, aged 15, light complexion, at) pounds,
5 feel 8, brown dress, black stockings. No.
shoes, ear-drops.
Female. 88, 140 pounds. 5 feet 7, light complex
ion, dark lialr and eyes, black alpaca dress,white
underskirt, brown ribbed stockings, no shoes.
Female, 85. 135 pounds. 4 feet 10, dark gurnet
dress, white stockings, No. 5 shoes, no valuables.
Female, 40 140 pounds, 5 feet, lialr dark and
very long, blaxh ribbed Jersey, black dress,
white and bboffeplpcd skirt, ladj s hunting
case geld watch H chain.
Female, 10, 3 feces. 75 pounds, light
and one gum shoe, ribbed stockings, red flannel
underskirt, flannel drawers, brown dress, ear
Male. 45, Ugh! complexion, 15U pounds, 5 feet 9,
white stockings, pocket-book, gold ring, pocket
Female, I years, light complexion, 40 pounds,
3 feet, cardinal Jacket, bat red underclothes, gold
' Male, age is months, light lialr, 80 pounds, 3
feet, wlilte dress and plaited skirt.
Male. 15 years, 5 feet, 100 pounds, black lialr,
dark blue suit, blue and white striped shirt, red
flannel underclothing.
Female, it months, white dress (red dotted),
white flannel shirt, red woolen stockings.
Female, age 18, hlght 4 feet 8, weight 75
pounds, auburn lialr, blue and brown striped
skirt, white underclothing.
Female, unrecognizable, sandy hair, red flan
nel dress.
Female, age 11 years, o pounds, bight 4 feet,
brown hair, blue-and-wlilte bordered handker
chief. purple suit, black-and-white striped flan
nel skirt.
Male, age 12. hlght 4 teet g Inches, 75 jiounds,
brown Imlr. black overcoat, short sack coat,
dark knee pants, blue-itnd-white striped shirt,
button gaiters, long black stockings.
Female, uged 80, hlght 5 feet 6 Inches, 180
pounds, block hair mixed with gray, fair com
plexion. black Nvalst, Wack-and-gray striped
skirt, red flannel underwear. Canton flannel
drawers, heavy knit stockings.
Male, age 10 years, 80 pounds, hlght 3 feet 4
indies, brown hair, red calico waist, dark knee
Female, age 18 to 20. hlght 5 feet 8 Inches, mo
pounds, auburn lialr. green-anil purple striped
dress, white underclothing, two pairs stocxlngs,
one blacK, other blue; high gum boots, similar
to men's.
Mule, age 8, 4Jfeet, 80 pounds, buttoned shoes,
black stockings, gray woolen eoat, blue calico
waist, red and black striped shirt.
Male, age 8, 3 feet 9 Inches, 40 pounds, dark
broivn hair, white shirt, light twilled cloth
Female, age 35, brown hair, button shoes,
while underwear, gold ring, cameo setting with
rull figure of woman on.
Female. 5 feet 8 inches, 180 pounds, brown
hair, dark blue dr ss, blue and gray striped
skirt, white woolen underwear, wart on left
shoulder, scissors, tape, pocket-book containing
$7.35, lead pencil and pocket knife.
Female, age 5 to 8, 4 feet, 30 pounds, light lialr.
purple coat with small black stripes, red and
black checkered sxlrt, blue dress, with small
stars, buttoned shoes, brown stockings.
Female, 5 feet 7V Inches, 140 pounds, purple
Skirt with red border, red underwear, two pair
stockings, one white cotton, other woolen plain
gold ring on flrst ttnger. left hand, gold band
ring on third linger, left hand, dress alternate
black and red with black flounces, ear-drops
with blacK sets, cloth gnllers, blie calico waist.
Female, age 25. 5 feet 9 Inches, 180 pounds,
black lialr, checkered apron, red dress, red
striped stockings, blue Mother lluboard with
white spots, red and blues striped Skirt.thlmble.
Female, age 55, 5 feet7lnches, 140 pounds, blue
calico waist, light calico dress, with dark dia
mond spots, brown and white gingham apron,
gray skirt, with white stripes.
Female, age 18, 4 feet a Inches, dark blue
dress with light bine sleeves, gum boots, black
stockings, Agnus Del In pocket.
Female, age 17, 5 feet, 130 pounds, light com
plexion, green cloth dress, blue checkered npron
and white apron under, gold ring with red set,
luce waist, over top of dress.
Female, age 40, 5 feet 10 Inches, 150 pounds,
light complexion, brown eyes, striped dress,
pfiiln gold ring, black heavy cloth Jacket.
Female, age 45, 5 feel 4 Inches, light complex
ion, dark hair, dark dross and eoat, gold watch,
open face, with shot chain, blank book,
, Female, age 35, 5 feet 8 Inches, lso pounds,
light brown lialr, two rings on left hand, one
with amethyst set and one plain marked " M. J.
Kemulc, age an, 5 feet 4 Inches, 128 pounds,
light complexion, dark brown eyes, pocket-book
containing >4358, small plain go! i ring, thimble.
Female, 5 feet 4 Inches, IMS pounds, light com
plexion, auburn hair, black dress, blue under
skirt. barred under-dress, blue and white apron.
Female age B mouths, a feet 6 Inches, 28
pounds, light complexion, black and white
skirt, white dress.
Foot of female, black stocking, Ulgli button
Lett font of female child, black woolen stock
ing, high button shoe.
Female, age 48. 5 feet 3 Inches, 140 pounds,
light complexion,hair gray,ear-drops, of strange
pattern, In full pregnancy.
Female, age 38. s leel 1 incU, 1 IS pounds, light
complexion, dark hair and eyes, right hand de
formed. strtped calico dress.
Female, age 38, 8 feet 1. lMil pounds, light com
plexion, dark linlr, low shoes, dark woolen
stockings, dress of woolen goods, small diamond
llgure, pocket-book containing ft; 10.
Male, age B, 4 feet, BO pounds, light complex
ion, blue waist. light barred knee pants, blue
hi"ct; ribbed stockings, button shoes, patent,
Female, age 30, 8 feet. 4 Inches, lis pounds,
blue ealleo dress, slar llgure. brown skirt, two
bauds on skirt, small coin purse —2O cents, shoe
but toner, plain band rlug.
Male, age 1 year, 2 feet s, 40 pounds, calico
dress striped blue and white, red flannel skirt.
Female, age 18, 8 feet 3 Inches, HO pounds,
light complexion, red llunnel dress, burred list
and black, black and white barred undercloth
ing, black stockings, No sshoes, band ring, fig
ured on outside, crescent;pin set with brilliants
and star In center, ear-drops.
Female, age 22, s feet 7 Inches, 140 pounds,
light complexion, dark lialr, black alpaca dress,
wliite underskirt, red waist worked, brown rib
bed stockings.
Female, age 45, 8 feet it Inches, lsil pounds,
light complexion, blue-black dress, figured
waist, white underclothing.
Female, age 30. ."> feet, lto pounds, blue ealleo,
dress with while spots, woolen cloth waist,
barred, gray and black, white muslin under
clothing. large ring.
Male, almost burned up. 2 watch keys and 1
door key. small purse, handkerchief.
Female, burned beyond recognition, 8 feet, lis
pounds, small gold ring.
Female, age 28, 5 feet I Inches, 100 pounds,
spotted cloth dress, gray arid black striped flan
nel skirt, black cloth .lersey, covered buttons,
two gold rings
Female, age 18. 4 feettin lies, 100 pounds, fair
hair, blue und white barred calico dress.
Female, age 3D, 5 feet. 1:18 poi nds, dark lialr,
plaid cloth dress, t wo gold rings, ear-drops.
Male, aged 38, 8 feet !i Inches, striped brown
and yellow overalls, striped drawers, large
pocket-kn fe, 8 cents.
Male, aged io, 5 feet 8 inches, dark hair, blue
wool slilri, $4:
Female, age 23, s feet 6 Inches, l:iu pounds,
black wool milts, black cloth Jacket, gold ring,
(llgure of woman on set), one ear drop—other
Female, years, 4 feet, hair long and brown,
plaid dress, belt with two buckles, high button
Female, 20 years, s feet ii Inches, 130 pounds
red and black barred flannel, blue skirt, dress
wlili white pearl buttons.
woman, s feet 4 Inches, 15u pounds, scapular
around neck.
Male. 12 years, (4) pounds, I feet 6 Inches,
brown lialr, striped waist, brown and white
woolen knee pants, 1 willed btuo eloi It.
Female, 180 pounds, 5 feet ii Inches, false
teeth below.
Male, 180 pounds, 5 feet d Inches, black and
white barred flannel drawers, door key, tobacco
pipe, watch chain.
.Male, s feet (I Inches. 180 pounds, red flannel
drawers, leather boon,, pipe, pocket kuire.
Female, age 17, s feet 3 Inches, 118 pounds,
white and black barred flannel skirl, blue and
white barred gingham apron, black stockings.
Female, age 12, I feet 11 Inches, 78 pounds,
black stockings, buttoned shoes.
Hones of female, aged 10 years.
Female. 8 feet ii Inches, i ll) pounds, dark
brown hair, leather shoes with cloth tops, right
toot and leg deformed.
Bones, sex unknown, age about 18 months.
Bones, sex unknown, age about 8 months.
Female, 5 feet 0 Inches, 150 pounds, brown
hair, dark blue stockings with white soles, but
toned shoes with red patent leather lips.
Female, age 12, blaex and red barred flannel
Skirt, green dress.
Female, 200 pounds, black lialr, blue and
white slrt|ied skirt, sirlped calico dress.
Female, age 11. 3 feet 8 Inches. 50 pounds, but
toned shoes, red knit skirt, maroon dress.
Female, 5 feet ti Inches, 128 pounds, black and
white strlpedsklrt, brown dress with small steel
stripes, laced cloth gaiters.
I', It. It. Station Mogrue.
The morgue at the Pennsylvania ltail
roail Station was in the indies' waiting
room where the bodies were coffined and
prepared foridoiilUieatioti. The unknown
were taken to the Peelorville School
House, lifter which they wcro interred on
tlie hill.
.bier. i,ewl.
b.e!. neorge.
Berkley, Viola.
Ulachof, 1 honias.
Hloiigh, Kmaimel.
Hover, solomen.
Bradley, 1 humus.
Buchanan, John s
Hurkhuri. Mrs Motile.
Christy, Mrs, supposed.
Christy, Andrew c.
Connors. Mrs Alary.
Davis, F rank.
Davis. Clara.
Delbel, Henry. Woodvale.
Dhrew, Mi's Mary.
Dtller Isaac.
Dlller, Mrs Marina.
Dlller, llev Monro I'.
Din ant, Lola.
Downey, Mrs Mary.
Downs. Thomas.
Downs, Mis Catharine.
Duncan, Mrs Dr J C., Ella M.
Fugun, Patrick.
Pagan Mrs Patrick.
Fagan, 2 daugUb is. one 13 years, the other six
months, badly burned.
Fisher, Noah.
Fllzharrlß, Mary,
tieddes, Paul, supposed,
ceddes, tieorge.
urotnley, Lily,
ilager. Miss.
House, Mollle.
Helsel, George,
llellrelgel. Miss Lizzie.
Heiinekiuup, Samuel h.
Illte, Emanuel or Samuel.
Howe, Mary A.
Hurst, Harry.
James, Mollle.
James. Mrs John W.
Jones, Annie.
Jones, Edgar.
Jones. Klchartl.
Jones, James.
Keedy, Mrs Mary.
' Kenna, Mrs Alice, nes Curiaty.
Ktlgore, Alex.
Leech, Mrs.
Leslie, John 8.
Lewis, orll.
Levergood, Miss Lucy.
Lucas, Mrs. Maria, colored.
Morgan, Martha.
Morgan, Catharine.
Murphy, John.
Murr, Charles.
Myers, John.
Myers, Mrs Catharine.
McDowell, Mrs Agnes.
McDowell, George. i
Hugh, John L.
McKee, John C. W.
Nixon, Kinmu.
Oyerbeck, W 11.
Owens, Anna
Owens. Mrs Mary Ann.
Owens, Thomas.
Owens, William L.
Parsons, Mrs F:va May.
Peyton, Campbell
reyton, oeorglana
Peyton, Julia
Peyton, John W.
Potter, Joseph, Sr.
l'rosser, Miss Bessie
ProSser, Fanny.
Kodgers, Patrick and wife
Hose, Harry G.
ltodgcrs. Mrs Mary K.
Boss, Joseph, (tlrat man drowned)
schultzcldlck.uottUeb s"*
schellhanimer, Lawrence
schatz, E.
Sharkey, Mary
Slebert. Henry
smith, Hettle H.
Spitz, Walter 1,.
stophel. Mrs Margaret
such. Homer
Surany, David
Suter. Homer
Thoburn, Thomas
Thomas, K. W.
Tross, .Mrs Margaret
Tucker, Llliand J.
Vinton, Murgarel, daughter of Mi E -I Vinton,
of Jeanueite, 011 a visit here.
Wlllbower, Mrs Bertha, died In Prosiiect BOB
Williams. Mrs 1) J
Wilson, Dr JC
Young, Wlillam, Co. C. Fourteenth Itcglinont,
N. G. P., ugMl 31), talr complexion, hair black,
har.el eyes ltio pounds, 5 feet 8, blue military
suit, shot himself.
Zeller, Miss Hose
[Contlnned on third pay. 1