The Meyersdale commercial. (Meyersdale, Pa.) 1878-19??, June 13, 1918, Image 1

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Mrs. W. C. Price is visiting
relatives in Scottdale.
Mr. T. A. Courtney visited
friends here, Wednesday.
Miss Mae Diehl was a recent
visitor at her home in Bedford.
_ Miss Bertha Kouffert is vis-
iting relatives in Elizabeth, Pa.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Younkin,
of Krie, are visiting relatives
Mrs. Roy Dom, of Akron, is
visiting relatives and friends
here, .
Mr .Eber K. Cockley was
calling on friends in Glencoe,
Mrs. William Rae returned
Friday from a few days’ visit in
Mr. P. J. Adams, of Con-
nellsville, was here calling on
friends, Tuesday.
Messrs. James Hauser and
Eli Martz, of Glencoe, were
business callers, Saturday.
Mrs. S. A. Kendall has re-
turned from Washington, D.
C., where she spent the win-
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Dougher-
ty, of Connellsville, visited
friends in our city, Wednes-
day. = :
_ Miss Mary Emeigh returned
to Braddock, Pa., Sunday, af-
ter a week’s visit with her sis-
ter, Mrs. Edward Bittner.
Mr. George Griffith left Sat-
urday for Hershey, Pa., where
he is attending a conference of
the Church of the Brethren.
Miss Nelle 1 g
\ ing th
e past term, has returned
to her home in Cincinnati, O.
Misses Grace and Nelle
Thomas have returned from La-
trobe, where the former was a
teacher in the public schools
the past term.
Mrs. Margaret Adams, who
spent two weeks with her son-
in-law and daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. George Miller, has re-
turned to Johnstown.
Mr. and Mrs. © G. E. Ham-
mond, of Cumberland, motored
here and visited the latter's
mother, Mrs. Louise Slicer,
several days last week.
Mrs. C. F. Robinson, of Ur-
sina, Mrs. O. O.. Cook and
daughter, of Berlin, were
guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. W. F. Payne, last week.
(Reecived too late f
tion last week.)
To the Managers,
Solicitors and Wor
1 take this opportunity
through the medium of the
press of expressing my sincerest
appreciation and deepest grat-
itude for the zeal, enthusiasm
and earnest efforts manifested
by the workers of all the dis-
tricts within our jurisdiction in
raising the magnificent sum of
over $60,000.00 for the Second
Red Cross War Fund. So far
as we have been able to learn,
every district has gone “Over
the Top,” and some quite hand-
somely. This work was all
done by people who were al-
ready overwhelmed with war
activities, and it most clearly
demonstrates the fact that you
want busy men and women if
you want the best service.
The number of contributors
has been quite large, which is
very gratifying, for it binds the
hearts of the people to the
Government, and proves to the
boys at the front that the peo-
ple at home are willing to sac-
rifice with them, in winning
or inser-
this war.
We have not been able to
complete the report of thels
county on account of some of
the districts being far away,
but hope to have a full report
by next week.
Again with
thanks to all
and contributors, I
Very truly yours, ir
week, it having stepped in a
Berlin, visited her friend, Miss
Emma Frease, a few days last
week. ?
meyer and daughter, visited
Mrs. Hoffmeyer’s parents, Mr.
and Mrs.
street, Meyersdale.
employed by Mr. E. W. Sipple,
was seen returning from Green-
ville township Sunday morn-
burg, John, when you must go
that far for breakfast.
el & Phillips’.
street, died of paralysis. Sat-
urday, June
years, 7 months and 2 days.
Besides her husband she is sur-
vived by two daughters, Zella
and Elsie, both at home, and
and Bert, at home.
etermy at 3 o’clock Wednesday
afternoon, the
conducted by Rev. Steele. Un-
dertaker, W. C. Price.
enue asks us to warn readers to
assure themselves that persons!
income tax statements are au-
thorized officers of the Treas-
ury Department.
have been received that per-
book are using the name “War
Income Tax Agent” in order to
force the sale of the book. The
Revenue Officer desires to do
taxpayers and solicits your co-
these impersonators.
During the past severa
weeks correspondents and ad
vertisers have
been bringing
matter out
week’s issue.
of the
est. We
usually ‘close
tion last week.)
purchased a Ford car.
our village last week.
Miss Helen Buechley,
Beechdale, was visiting at the
home of W. A. Frease,
Mrs. Charles Wilcox and
family, of West Virginia, are
visiting relatives in this vicin-
Mr. Urias Christner wears a
smile 10x12 since the arrival
mer boy.
Mrs. Eaton and son, Stanley,
of Bay Citv, Michigan, are vis-
iting the former's sister, Mrs.
e_Primro Ca
tion with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Sipple.
Miss Margaret Sipple has
accepted a position as operator
in the Economy Telephone of-
fice in Meversdale.
Mr. E. W. Sipple. of this vi-
cinity, lost a valuable cow last
hole and dislocated a front leg.
Miss Margaret Belcher, for-
merly of this place but now of
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoff-
Daubert, of Center
Mr. J. C. Gaumer, who is
It looks bad for this
Field grown cabbage plants at Hab-
Mrs. C. C. Sides, of Large
8th, aged 66
wo sons, Jerry, of Harrisburg,
Interment in the Union cem-
services being
The Collector of Internal Rev-
eeking information regarding
ons selling a farmer’s account
verything possible to protect
in some cases
or sending in!
their copy late resulting in a
delay to the paper and in a few
instances we had to leave their
In order to in-
sure insertion it is best to have
copy in the office by Tuesday
noon in the case of news items,
and Wednesday morning in the
case of advertising at the lat-
forms Wednesday afternoon
and go to press early Thursday
morning. Please be governed
(Received too late for inser-
Mr. William Merbach has
Mr. F. J. Brown, of Johns-
town, was a welcome caller in
Saturday night, of another far-
crdll Berd IPP sy TOL OTI,
is spending a two weeks’ vaca-
! ¥
Somerset County Socialists have i i nched the biggest or-
ganization drive in the history of the party in this district. C.
William Thompson, State Organizer, Socialist Party of Penn-
sylvania, arrived in the county last Tharsday and in conjunc-
tion with the officers of the local organization mapped out plans
for an active organizing campaign that will run during the
entire month of June and wil reach every nook and corner of
this district. Already Mr. Thompson’s ¥ ork is having its effect
and new members are being enrolled d: ily. :
Arrangements have been made fof geveral public meetings
w hich are announced in another column -of this paper. These
meetings will be a treat'and no forw ooking citizen should
fail'to attehd them. We need not eulo@ize Thompson. He is
one of the best. He is a young man A unusually wide experi-
ence and possesses anintimate knowled; of conditions through-
out this country and the world.
When but nine years of age he started to earn his own
living by selling newspapers on the streets of a great industrial
centre. At the age of fourteen after one year in high school,
he was compelled to give up school work entirely and entered
the employ of the Standard Oil Company, working in the head
offices at 26 Broadway, New York City.
In 1909 Mr. Thompson went to Nebraska and resumeq
his studies under direction of some of the ablest members of
the faculty of the State University at Lincoln. While pursuing
his studies he worked at all the varied jobs that come to the
hand of the self-supporting student and also found time to
take an active part in religious and social service activities.
During 1911-12 he was Assistant Boy’s Secretary in the Lincoln
Y. M. C. A, resigning to devote his whole time to newspaper,
organization and lecture work for the Socialist Party. He has
lectured for Socialism in Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, New Jer-
sey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. :
In 1913 Mr. Thompson established the York Labor News,
at York, Pa., which has since become one of the foremost So-
cialist and labor papers of the State. He is now touring Penn-
sylvania under direction of the State Committee of the Social-
ist Party.
a a a el El ON Ne Na oa ll SNF Nl Fron ter
Saturday, June 15th, 1918
~ | eniploy
this writing.
day with friends in Boynton.
William, son of Mr. and Mrs
in town, Sunday.
Miss Florence Oesterling,
ter, Mrs. Earl Engle.
Mahlon Whisler.
were at the home of the latter's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Enos, in
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. H.
G. Lepley, Sunday evening.
Mr. C. W. Thompson, of York,
of Garrett, were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Lepley,
Mr. and Mrs. George Engle
and children, of Hollsopple,
and Mrs. John Opel, of Summit
Mills, were visiting their sis-
ters, Mrs. Albert Engle and
Mrs. Francis Sipple, Sunday.
Twenty-four ladies attended
the meeting of the Red Cross
at the Reformed Church last
Thursday to aet instruction in
knitting socks and sweaters
and in sewing for the soldier
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Liven.
good moved from Duquesne
last week into the house with
the latter’s mother, Mrs. Aman-
da Engle. Mr. Livengood f#
by the Twentie
Century Manufacturing Com-
pany, at Boynton.
For some reason or other Mr.
Frederick Diehl, of West Sal-
isbury, and Mr. Jacob Beals, of
Coal Run, were put in the lock
up at Salisbury because of some
miner misunderstanding, Sat-
urday night, fined $1.00 each,
and released without a hearing.
The $1 could have been used
to greater advantage no doubt
by both of these gentlemen.
Mr. H. J. Pyle, of near Boyn-
ton, a Spanish-American War
veteran, attended the 11th
Annual Reunion of the Span-
ish-American War Veterans at
Somerset, Saturday. Mr. Pyle
had enlisted in West Virginia,
and was made an honorary
member of the Fifth Penna.
Volunteers. His father was a
Jivil War veteran, and he has
a son who is in France in the
Allied Army.
Mr. Walter Bockes was a
business caller in Garrett, Sat-
Mr. Edward Grove, from Ful-
ton county, was in Garrett, Sat-
urday night.
Some of our boys are still
waiting though expecting soon
to be called for military serv-
Mr. William Enfield, who has
been on the sick list, is report-
ed to be recovering slowly at
Messrs. August Frickey and
J. J. Schrock are employed on
the township road, making
Some necessary repairs.
Rev. Clayney, of Woodbury,
Bedford county, preached an
interesting sermon at Center
Church, Saturday evening.
Sunday was a pleasant, sun-
shiny day and about every-
body was out enjoying auto-
mobiling or other amusements.
Mr. D. C. Sanner, who early
in the spring purchased the
William Enfield farm, is busily
engaged in the erection of a
new edifice which is to be his
future residence.
Messrs. George Growall and
Big Picnic of United Mineworkers.
A Good Time for Evirybody.
peration in the matter in gijv-
1g publicity to the practices of |
Campaign Manager. |
| ilies,
| where they
L. C. Vought, with their fam-
motored to the Laurel
Church, Sunday morning,
attended services
spent the day visiting
Miss Elsie Sipple spent Sun-
Ernest Bodes, is on the sick list.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Engle|and Mrs. P. L.
and children, of Strawn, were | listed in the N
of | Huntingdon,
Butler, is staying with her sis- | week or ten
Mr. John Whisler, of Pitts- |
burgh, was home last week vis-'a w
iting his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sechler!
Addison, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Romesberg
and children, of Salisbury,
Pa.. and Mr. Eber K. Cockley, |
The W. C. T. U. met at the
home of Mrs. Annie Emerick,
Monday evening.
Mr. Oscar Swank
,» son of Dr.
Swank, has en-
aval Reserve.
P. L. Livengood, of
is spending a
days with his fam-
ss Sadie Opel is spending
eek with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. H. J. Opel, in Elk.
Lick township. :
Mr. and Mrs, Dennis West-
fall, of Akron, are visiting Mrs.
{ Westfall’s parents, Mr. and
| Ms. F. I. Kimmell. j
i Mr. Levi Lichliter, Jr., ar-
rived Friday from Mercers-
burg Academy to spend the
summer vacation at his home
Mr. and Mrs. John Ringler.
of Pittsburgh, returned home
last Tuesdav after spending a
week with Mr..and Mrs, A. F.
Ringler. °°
According to news received
by their friends George Beale
and Glenn Miller, two Salis-
bury bovs ,have landed safely
in France.
Misses Pauline Ries and Ed-
na Morrison, of Pittsburgh, ar-
rived Wednesday last to visit
the former’s parents and other
relatives in town.
Mrs. Karl G. Miller and
daughter, of Kittanning, are
spending several weeks wtih
the former's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C. S. Lichliter.
Mr, and Mrs. Irvin Liven-
d’s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Jere Shoémaker, near
Sand Flat, Sunday last.
Miss Elizabeth Weimer speat
from Wednesday until Sun-
day in Greenville township
with her grand-parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Ozias Weimer.
Mr. and Mrs. William Dietz,
Mrs. William Garlitz, Miss
Grace Brown and Adeline and
Betty Dietz motored to Cum-
berland, Wednesday last. .
Mr. Bavard Maust, son of
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Maust, who
had been attending school at
Mercersburg, returned home
last week for the summer va-
Miss Fannie Clark and niece,
Miss Mary Turvy, with Mr.
James Swank as chauffeur,
motored to New Amsterdam,
Ohio, to visit Miss ‘Turvy’s
father, Mr. Grant Turvy.
Mrs. C. D. Lichty and daugh-
ter, Miss Florence, of Meyers-
dale, spent Wednesday and
Thursday in town visiting Mrs.
lichty's sisters, Mrs. PF, A,
Maust and Miss Sallie Lichty.
Mr. Robert Livengood and
family, who have been living in
Duquesne ,have moved back to
Salisbury, where Mr. Liven-
good has secured employment
with Samuel Baker and Son.
A typhoid fever epidemic
seems to have set in here, three
cases having been reported and
all are in the same locality.
The afflicted are Harry Kretch-
man. Hedley Kimmel and Wal=
ter Johns.
Messrs. Herman Reiber,
Newton Ringler, William Bey-
non, Newton Holler and Wil-
liam Dietz motored to Frost-
burg, Westernport and other
eastern points on Sunday last.
On the trip they visited Mr.
and Mrs. Daniel O’Hauley at
Westernport, and other ac-
quaintances along the line. All
greatly enjoyed the trip, which
was made in Mr. Dietz’s car.
Mr. J. E. Barnhart, of Balti«
more, Md., and Miss Friedline,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D.
A. Friedline, of Meyersdale,
were united in marriage, Wed<
nesday, June 5th, at the home
of a relative in Scottdale. Af-
ter visiting friends in Scottdale
and Meyersdale, they will
leave here for Baltimore, where
thev expect + ide
$e family visited: Mrs. vs...