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Frank Wade spent Sunday
in Frostburg.
L. C. Bittner, of Garrett, was
in town Saturday.
Mrs. C. S. Claar, of Garrett,
was in town Monday.
Miss Pearl Nichol visited her
home in Frostburg Sunday.
John W. Hoskin, of Garrett,
was a Saturday visitor here.
J. E. Barnhart, cf Baltimore,
visited friends here Sunday.
C. A. Phillips was a business
visitor in Pittsburgh Tuesday.
Norman Boden, of Garrett,
was in town on a business mis-
Miss Burndette Crowe has
returned from a visit in Somer-
set. \
J. N. Smith, of Johnstown,
spent Sunday with his family
Benjamin Poorbangh, of
Glencoe, is visiting friends in
Squire Deal, of Garrett, was
a business visitor in town last
Joseph Dunn, of Akron, is
visiting his mother, Mrs. Mar-
garet Dunn.
Mrs. George Burk, of Gar-
rett, was a Saturday shopper
in Meyersdale.
Miss Ella McMurrer is visit-
ing relatives in iPttsburgh for
several weeks.
‘Mrs. Annie Cockley, of Gar-
; shopping
Local and
3.0 v . ag
at Berlin, was in town Satur-
day night and Sunday.
Miss Elizabeth Caddell, of
Somerset, is a guest at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Deal.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Aldridge
left Saturday for a few days’
visit in Martinsburg, W. Va.
Mr. H G. Hay, of Hay’s
Church. was an interesting cal-
ler at The Commercial office
Tuesday. :
Bernard Cox, of Camp Gor-
don, Ga., is home on a fur-
lough the guest of his mother,
Mrs. Elizabeth Cox.
John Boucher has returned
to Pittsburgh after a few days’
visit with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. M. H. Boucher.
E. F. Snyder, the obliging
agent of the Baltimore and
Ohio at Garrett, was. calling
in town Saturday evening.
Miss Mary Will, a student
at the Indiana State Normal
School, Indiana, Pa., is visiting
her mother, Mrs. H. G. Will.
Mrs. Joseph Levy, of .Som-
erset, on her return trip home
from Philadelphia, recently
visited the Misses Baer, on
Main street.
James E. Douglass, of Main
street, well known as the able
proprietor of “Jimmer’s
Place,” was in Johnstown Fri-
day on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Critch-
field and two children, of
Rockwood, visited Mrs. Critch-
field’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John Schardt, Sunday.
A. H. Johnson, proprietor of
the Meyersdale Marble Works,
was in Salisbury Monday com-
pleting several jobs of work for
his customers in that vicinity.
Miss Catherine Kittan thas
resigned her position in the al-
teration room of the Hartley,
Clutton & Co. Store, and has.
returned to her home in La-
trobe, Pa.
Mrs. John Baker, Crellin,
Md., and her daughter, Miss
Edna, who is a student at the
Southwestern State Normal
School at California, Pa., are
visiting relatives and friends
George W. Miller, the well
known engineer, who was
bumped off his turn in the
night helper service, has taken
a turn out of Berlin, the day
coal train with Conductor Al-
bert Swarner.
in town|f
Members of Parent-Teacher
Associations through out Penn-
sylvania are this month select-
ing delegates to represent them
at the annual convention to be
held in Johnstown, Pa., open-
ing at 2 p. m., April 2nd and
continuing until the evening of
April 4th.
was in town Saturday evening
enroute to Salisbury to visit
his brother-in-law, Mr. Schrock,
who was seriously scalded
about the head and shoulders
In an accident at the operations
of the Muncy Lumber Com-
pany out from Salisbury, Wed-
nesday of last week. uw
Within the next two weeks
forty farm tractors will be at
the service of Pennsylvania
farmers, preparing their
ground for the summer crop of
corn, oats and potatoes. The
tractors will be sent into near-
ly evemy county in the state,
and charges for service will be
$3 per acre for plowing, $1.50
per acre for discing and 60
cents per acre for harrowing;
the farmer to find board and
lodging for operators. Secre-
tary of Agriculture Chas. E.
Patton at Harrisburg ‘has
charge of the service, assiste®
by the - county farm bureau
agent. To accomplish the same
amount of work that the forty
tractors with their eighty op-
erators will do it is estimated
320 farmers using 960 horses
steadily for sixty days would
be required.
The last week’s edition of
The Commercial was delayed
by an unavoidable ' cause.
While composing the matter
or the paper on the:
ble Tor some reason whi
operator was powerless to pre-
vent or to remedy. There is
just one linotype machinist in
town and he was called upon
but failed to respond to our
:alls for assistance for some
reason unknown to us. It
would perhaps have taken him |
two or three minutes to locate!
the trovhle and have it reme-|
died. We merely wish to add |
for the information of our
readers that the necessary ar-
rangements have been made
by which The Commercial will
be independent of assistance
from those who are not in sym-
pathy with the aims of this
publication, ‘and in future the
paper will be issued weekly in
spite of all that some ‘bigoted
opponents may have done or
may plan to do in their desper-
ation to cripple the people’s
Stewart Simpkins, a life-long
resident of Salisbury, died
about 4 o’clock Wednesday
morning at his home on Ord
street, after an illness of sev-
eral weeks duration. Mr.
Simpkins was born in August,
1855, and was therefore in his
53rd year. Deceased was a
son of Nelson and Elizabeth
Simpkins, who preceded him to
the spiritual world years ago.
In 1897 he was united in mar-
riage to Catherine Kolbflesh,
to which union were born
eight children, one dying in its
infancy. His widow and the
following children survive him:
William, Elizabeth, George,
Stewart, Howard, Edgar and
Dorothy, all at home; also by
a brother, William Welfley, of
Funeral services were held
at the home Friday morning at
10:30 o’clock, conducted by
Rev. L. P. Young, D. D. In-
terment was made in the cem-
etery above town.
“American labor has never
been class conscious because
America has no class,” ob-
serves the Chicago News, with
a wink at the “wise’’ class con-
scious capitalists and a sneer
at the ignorance of its average
John C. Phillippi, of Garrett, |
TE LU Ress
1st. Born, to Mr. and Mrs.
Scott Moser, Salisbury, a boy;
Mrs. Edward Barron, Somer-
set, died of cancer, aged 48;
Maria Watson, Confluence,
died of complications, aged 72¢
Mrs. Joseph Eyer, Salisbury,
died iaf'apoplexy, aged 786.
2nd. Mrs. Louise Hause,
Somerset, died, aged 62.
3rd. Mrs. Minnie Burley,
Addison, and Matthew Arnold,
Paint Twp., united in marriage. |
4th. Ben Berry, Holsopple,
died, aged 38; Abram 4
Hooversville, died, aged 72;
born, to Mr. and Mrs. Simon
Dietle, Meyersdale, a girl.
5th. Born, to Mr. and Mrs.
N. E. Swank, Hooversville, a
girl; to Mr. and Mrs. G. E.
Wilt, Salisbury, twin girls; E.
R. Baer, Rockwood, twin girls}
Twp., and Harry Lape, Som-
erset Twp., united in marriage;
Mrs. Mary Koontz,
complications, aged 92.
6th. Ella Sleasman, Bak
ersville, and Harvey Shauli
Camp Lee, united in marriage
Nellie Walker, Shanksville, and { pi5
Stonycreek |
Twp., united in marriage; Bes-| & ;
Wells . Creek,
Wilson Baldwin,
sie Kauffman,
and Earnest Kimmell, Jeffe
son Twp., united in matri
Bowlby and
SILOV x alrye U 1'mar-
riage; "Nellie Claycomb and
Frank Menhorn,
in marriage; Grace
Dunmyer and Norman Shaulis,
Lincoln Twp., united in marri-
age; Edna Gindlesperger, Rox-
bury, and Milton Knepper,
Fritz Church, united in marri-
age; born, to Mr. and Mrs.
Benjamin Sheeler, Garrett, a
girl; to Mr. and Mrs. Perry
Phillippi, Fort Hill, a boy; 2-
year-old daughter of Mr. and
‘Mrs. Walter Shipley, Conflu-
ence, died of pneumonia.
7th. Jacob J. Manges,
Shade Twp., died of heart trou-
ble, aged 74; Bertha Martin,
Hyndman, and John Austin,
Meyersdale, united in marri-
age; born, to Mr. and Mrs.
Lloyd Miller, Mountain View,
a boy.
‘9th. Born, to Mr. and Mrs.
Martin Wahl, Woodlawn, a
girl; to Mr. and Mrs. William
‘Rush, Jersey Church, a girl.
10th. 4-days-old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin
Sheeler, Garrett, died; Mrs.
Cora Witt, Draketown, died,
aged 55.
11th. Mary Jane Augus-
tine, "Addison, died, aged 79:
Mrs. Harry Hay, Jennertown,
died of complications, aged 28;
Mrs. Charles Fleegle, Boynton,
died, aged 38; Michael O’Neil,
Boswell, killed in the mines,
aged 42; born, to Mr. and Mrs.
C. E. Black, Confluence, a boy.
12th. Born, to Mr. and Mrs.
Beryl McClintock, Harneds-
ville, a girl.
13th. Carl, son of Mr. and
Mrs. E. J. Cramer, Meyersdale,
died of Bright’ss disease, aged
8. :
14th. Bertha Salkied, Ber-
lin, and Edwin McClintock,
Harnedsville, united in marri-
age; Ida Colbert and Robert
Craig, Garrett, united in mar-
riage; Helen Rice, Acosta, and
William Mosgrave, Belltown,
united in marriage; May John-
son and John Mull, Somei:ct
united in marriage; Mary
Howard, Boswell, and Robert
Mackey, Ligonier, united in
marriage; Mary Dinges and
George Rose, Cairnbrook, unit-
ed in marriage; born, to Mr.
and Mrs. John Seigner, Vim, a
girl; Mrs. Jesse Mulhollen,
Ralphton, died, aged 28; Lieut.
Robert Baush, Somerset, acci-
dentally killed aboard U. S.
naval ship, aged 32.
15th. Pearl Boyer
{a ed 79; Samuel Crissner, For-
Landis, Brothersvalley| &
died of |},
Qe 5
.{ Michael
and| ited i
lewey Reeves, Humbert, unit-
oa in marriage; Margaret Mil-
ler and Irvin Fair, Shanksville,
united in marriage; Mary
Hechler and James Kreger,
Zingwood, united in marriage:
born, to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Meyers, Somerset, a girl.
ens, died of heart trouble,
died of cancer,
> ; Mrs. Nellie Lloyd,
erset, and Harry Rudolph,
,united in marriage;
)@¢n, to Mr. and Mrs. L. R.
Stoner, Kingwood, a girl; to
. Robert Pugh,
# d7th. John Diehl, Hollsop-
ple, died, aged 57; Mrs. Rob-
ert Small, Cairnbrook, died of
complications, aged 49.
8th. Goldie Gerhard,
nerset, and Homer Walker,
wood, united in marriage;
, to Mr. and Mrs. John
ker, Coal Run, a girl.
9th. Born, to Mr.
8. Samuel Pritts, Garrett, a
y ; Emily Mark, Buffalo,, and
Atkins, Rockwood,
d in marriage; Mrs. Har-
gt Hanson, Confluence, died
is nervous breakdown, aged
ndis,éSomer- |
onfluence, died of heart
trouble,; aged 60; 2-weeks-old
daughter of, Mr. and Mrs. E.
R. Baer, Rockwood, died.
«21st. «John Ashman, Som-
erset, died of pneumonia, aged
20; Rebecca Craig and Benja-
min Knox, Meyersdale, united
in marriage; Della Klink, Som-
mit Twp., and Perry Ohler,
Scullton, united in marriage;
Maume Mimma and. Robert
Smith, Meyersdale, united in
marriage; born, to Mr. and
Mrs. George Gordon, Windber,
a girl. :
22nd. Annie Bowman,
Stoyestown, and Adam Mostol-
ler, Quemahoning Twp., united
in marriage. :
23rd. Nellie Beals and Pe-
ter Suder, Meyersdale, united
in marriage.
24th. " Mrs. Annie Vaszil,
Cairnbrook, died of tuberculo-
sis, aged 44; Mrs. William
Fritz, Berlin, died of a para-
lytic stroke.
25th. Mrs. Emma Stern,
Somerset Twp., died of heart
disease, aged 69; Hester, 9-
months-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. David Snyder, Som-
erset Twp., died of acute in-
digestion; Carrie Saylor, Mey-
ersdale, and Virgil: Vance,
Akron, united in marriage;
born, to Mr. and Mrs. 1. R.
Goller, Harnedsville, a boy.
26th. Born, to Mr. and Mrs.
D. M. Lee, Vim, a girl; John
Geiger, Buckstown, died, agea
75; Charles Thomas, Thomas
Mills, died of tuberculosis,
aged 35.
27th. Born, to Mr. and
Mrs. Lee Durst, Springs, a boy;
Orpha Meyers, Summit Twp.,
and Samuel Meyers, Meyers-
dale, united in marriage; An-
nie Brougher and Homer John-
son, Casselman, united in mar-
riage ; Emma Airsman and John
Fry, Jennertown, united in
28th. Gertrude Hamer and
Koah Baldwin, Cairnbrook,
united in marriage; Anna
Schmucker, and George Miller,
Friedens, united in marriage;
Atillia Ritelli and Donato Coc-
co, Windber, united in marri-
age; Assunti Ritelli, Windber,
and Steve Carafa, Scalp Level,
united in marriage; Julia Kon-
kula and Andrew Yohns.
a John P. Rhoads, Frie-|
Windber, united in marriage:
Anna ePtroch, Harrison, and]
Gregar, Ral 1;
marriage; be
The funeral of the seven-
months-old child of Archie
Cochrane ,which died last
Wednesday, was held on Fri-
Mr. William H. Bittner, who
for some time has been con-
fined to his home suffering
with pneumonia, is up and
around again.
Mrs. M. A. Shumaker, who
has been on the sick list for
some time past, suffering from
a complication of diseases, is
very poorly at this writing.
Best success to The Commer-
cial. ;
Miss Eva Engle is at present
employed at Irvin Miller's.
Mr. John Opel is nursing a
very sore hand at present.
Miss Mary Vought was a
visitor at Adam Maust’s Sun-
Kind words are never iost
but the yare frequently mis-
. Last call for spotza. Sugar
boiling is about over for this
Earl Brenneman and best
friend were visitors in Garrett
A wise man always pretends
to take the advice his wife
hands him.
To remove paint from a
wall: back up against it be-
fore it gets dry.
Harry May, Who .was laid
up with rheumatism fo Som
inte. is tot be ~ Sl
ing house is the order of the
day among our women folks.
Clyde Christner and wife, of
Boynton, visited his sister, Mrs.
Roy Lindeman, of this place.
If some men’s faults were
written on their foreheads they
never would remove their hats.
Mrs. John Walker and sis-
ter, Hattie Kemp, were visiting
and shopping here Monday
last. ’ :
Miss Margaret Grew, who
has been employed at Grant
Thomas’, returned home Sun-
Samuel Miller, of this place,
and John Mimna, of Shaw
Mines. attended a sale at Har-
nedsville Saturday.
A large number of people
went from here to attend the
funeral of George Gray in St.
Paul on Sunday last.
Adam Maust, who works in
the mines at Rockwood, passed
last Saturday night and Sunday
with his family here.
Mr. and Mrs: Mahlon Yoder
and their children, recently
visited at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. H. G. Lepley, at St. Paul.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Firl re-
turned home last Monday
evening from attending the
funeral of a near relative at
Among the visitors at Aus-
tin Grew’s Sunday last were
Mrs. Roy Bills, of Somerset,
and Wilson Rhubright, of Mec-
Will sell cheap, or trade on
a Ford. Inquire at the Com-
mercial Office.
a a PINS
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hetrick,
Springs, a boy; Roy Pletcher,
Somerset, died of rheumatism,
aged 29; David Snyder, Frie-
dens, died of cancer, aged 70;
William J. Hauger, Sipesville,
died of dropsy, aged 63; Mrs.
Mahlon Hauger, Rockwood,
died; Charles C. Dehaven,
Rockwood, committed suicide]
over worrying about the war, |
aged 29; Herbert, infant son|
of Mr. and Mrs. John Yutzy,|
Somerset Twp., died; Louis, 6-
years-old son of Mr. and Mrs. |
George Mong, Somerset, died |
of appendicitis.
NO. 4.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Tressler
and children, of Springs, were
Salisbury visitors Saturday
Lawrence Folk has been en-
gaged as truck driver by How-
ard Meager & Co. since Mr.
Connor has left for army duty.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walk-
er, of Berlin, spent last week
in town as guests at the homes
of C. B. Dickey and family and
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Keim.
Miss Lulu Baumgartner, who
spent the winter in Manning-
ton, W. Va., and Morkartown,
was called home last week to
nurse Charles R. Haselbarth,
who is critically ill at the Ha-
selbarth home here.
Mrs. P. L. Swank entertained
the following ladies at her
home last Wednesday: Mrs.
H. D. Martin; of Meyersdale,
Mrs. John Wright, of Boynton,
Mrs. James Harding and Mrs.
J. C. Trevarrow, of town.
Gilbert Thomas and Harry
Walker, two of our soldier
boys, of Camp Gordon, Ga.,
arrived Sunday to visit with
Salisbury relatives and friends
this week. They return the
last of the week to their train-
ing camp.
~ “Jack” Hanger, the popular
constable of Elk Lick township,
has sold his property in Boyn-
ton and leased a farm in Bed-
ford county. Mr. Hanger re-
signed as constable and, with
his family, will , move to
ny weeks
several weeks at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Barchus and
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Maust.
Mrs. Hagy was formerly Miss
Marion Buchanon, who lived
here with her parents a num-’
ber of years.
; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Het-
rick of Garrett County, Md.,
were taken to the Western
Maryland hospital, Cumber-
land, on Saturday, both being
afffflicted with typhoid fever.
Their children will be cared
for in the home of Mr. Het-
rick’s parents, who reside in
Elk Lick township.
Rev. Charles Lambert's
household goods arrived last
Wednesday and were deliver-
ed from the depot to the Luth-
eran parsonage. Mrs. Lam-
bert is still in the hospital but
will soon be able to leave that
institution, after which Rev.
and Mrs. Lambert will be at
home in the parsonage.
Mrs. A. M. Lichty entertain-
ed the following friends at her
home on Tuesday evening:
Mrs. J. L. Barchus and her
house guest, Mrs. B. W. Hagy
from Westminister, Mrs. Otto
Petry, Mrs. George Livengood,
Mrs. Robert Johnston, Misses
Emma McClure, Mima Hard-
ing, Elizabeth Reitz, and Har-
riet Hay. The evening was
spent in knitting, fancy work
and music. Refreshments
were served.
Conscionetious objectors of
the Amish-Mennonite faith are
advised that they should be a
little ‘careful in expressing
their sentiments at times such
as the present. With quite a
number of our town boys at
the front and some more in the
training camps, people gener-
ally are not in a mood for en-
tertaining careless acts of the
kind that disgraced our com-
munity just recently, and noth-
ing is gained by creating re-
sentment in the mind of the
general public as such foolish
acts are bound to do at the
present time. It is granted
that people will have differ-
ent and conflicting points of
view in a country as great as
ours but at the same time judg-
ment should be used in the ex-
pression of personal opinions
unpopular sentiments, most es-
pecially in time of great stress
and tense public feeling.
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