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, 888.94
of red-
pe RR
Smoke |
n insti-
), The
ato your
. Son, vice-preside
‘Hough, secretary; Rev. Me-! -
. the purpose of the Federation
. to antagonize or destroy any
Minutes of the Second Per-
of ‘the
erset County.
o’clock P. M., pursuant to re-
quest of State Organization.
Notice having been sent out
to all ‘the county committee-
men, executive committee,
ministers of the several church-
es and others interested in
- temparance, and notices by
publications and public an-
nountement throughout the
churches of the County, the
meeting was held as aforesaid,
which was attended by repre-
sentatives of the different
‘bodies. All temperance organ-
izations of the County: were
represented in the audience
and nearly all churches.
After an explanation by the
Chairman, John S. Miller, of
the objects and purposes of
the Federation, a general dis-
cussion was entered into by
many present as to the advis-
ability of making ‘permanent
this organization, when by a
unanimous vote it was decided
that the organization should
be completed and made perma-
‘nent, and the following officers
and committeemen were elec-
Mi : n i
g Local Fayeste Coulty of me
nt izatic fleeting Socialist Party at its regular :
mations on ganization M seting monthly meeting for November, who was an election con
~ | when all the locals of the coun- | sioner to receive the vote
Meeting held in the assem- ty were represented by one or the soldiers at Camp Lee,
room of the Court House, No-.
vember 15th, 1917, at 2:00
ore delegates,
the circulation of
Somerset Counties.
their interests, both politically
and economically. The co-
paper in the district as well as
place it in such a position that
its success as a business ven-
ture will no longer remain in
the doubtful column,
In union there is strength,
and may this union of the
23rd Congressional district be
and noble cause.
ted: John S. Miller, chairman;
Rev. E. F. Rice'8nd John John-
ls; Dr. G. B.
Carney, of Fridens, treasurer:
W. F. Livengood, Meyersdale. | fi
Fred Groff, of Berlin, Prof. H.
B. Speicher, of Garrett, J. W.
Barclay, of Bakersville, and!
Dr. C. B. Hough, of Somerset, |
Pa., executive committee.
The meeting then resolved
itself into a round table talk,| be
in which ways an ns Hf
+ discus Sed for cz ying: out al.
‘successful campaign in the
near future.
The meeting then adjourned
until 7:30 o’clock in the eve-
ning, at the same place, where
after a report by the chairman
.and a solo by Miss Elizabeth
Knepper, of Brothersvalley
township, John R. Harris, D.
D., of Pittsburgh, State Super-
intendent of the Federation,
was introduced and gave an
intensely interesting address.
He reiterated and verified the
objects and purposes of the!
Dry Federation as had been
done during the previous ses-|
sion by John S. Miller, chair- granted to. the am
man, stating that the object
and purpose of the Federation
was to help and assisi all pres-
ization vbgk emw shrdl etaoin
ent existing’ temperance organ-
izations and all organizations
having as their purpose the de-
struction of the liguor traffic
and asking all organizations
and societies to co-operate in
making Pennsylvania dry, and
further averring that it is not
organization that hag as ga
common purpose the elimina-
; tion of the booze evil.
At the ' conclusion of this
meeting, the officers and exec-
utive committee met in session
with the State Superintendent
and went over some of the de-
tails of the organization and
plans for its future work, /
Claims that the insertion of
a white capsule and a brown
capsule, containing potassium
cyanide and other substances;
in the bark of fruit trees, will
kill scale on the trees, led, to a
fine of $100 in the Federal
courts upon the makers of the
“Fertilizing Scale Treatment,”| .
who pleaded guilty to the!
charge of misbranding and
adulteration. This ‘fine was
imposed in the case of the
United States vs. Albert D.
Kleckner, Maybelle B. Kleck-
ner, and Emma Kleckner (Fer-
tilizing Scale Co.-, Allentown,
Pa., brought under the insect-
icide act of 1910 at the in-
stance of the United States De-
partment of Agriculture in the
Eastern District Court, Penn-
: :
To landslide ‘has started
fo, Sana Patch tunnel
hich, division of-
niay close the tun-
Dletely and block traf-
8, e,
‘were at Sand Pa yesterday
afternoon, and Mr. P. Petri,,
Division Engineer from Pitts.
burgh, came to" Meyersdale
last evening: on Duquesne to
confer with Messrs. Broughton
and Williams on the situation.
Steam shovels are being de-
spatched to the scene of
trouble by the officials in an
endeavor to keep the line open
to traffic. }
The federal government has
Coal Company. permission to
charge $3.45 per ton for coal
produced at the mines of that
company, which is one dollar
per ton in excess of the stand-
ard price established by the
government to apply to mines
in the bituminous field. Tt was
definitely shown that the Ajax-
Hocking people could not pro-
duce coal at the mine at the
price fixed by the government
which reason is advanced to
explain the dction of the gov-
ernment in this case. :
Monday Clerk of Courts
Dan W: Weller received his
commission from the Interior
Department at’ Washington as
Commissioner of Explosives for
Somerset county, under the
law which went into effect a
few days ago regulating the
sale of powder and dynamite.
required to take out a license
under the law, and ne unli-
censed ‘person is allowed te
have explosives of the charac-
ter mentioned in his possession,
‘under a heavy penalty.
—Som. Herald
rie 8
The following persons went
on a hike to the forest beyond
the Joseph Lint home, Monday
evening :--Misses Florence Boy-
er, Esther Conrad, Esther Aus-
tin, Helen Boucher, Irene
Blume, Mr. and Mrs. Park
Weimer, Howard Will and
William T. Lint. At 10:30
o’clock a lunch was served by
the hosts, William Lint and
Patronize our Advertisers.
decided to; returned home.
initiate a Campaign to boost
e Meyers-
dale Commercial in that county
and to co-operate with the
Somerset County workers in
establishing a paper of, by and
for the ‘workers in the 23rd.
Congressional district, which
includes Fayette, Greene and
This will be cheering news
to the loyal workers in Somer-
set County, who have started
the good work, and who can
now see their efforts rewarded
to the extent that they now
have a paper that represents
operation of the Fayette work-
ers will add considerably to
the power and influence of our
of long duration and fruitful
in the service of labor's great
‘the cut at the west en-|}
if it cannot
ickly. |
Editor Frank M. Fo
Mr. Forney’s trip south
one: of the greatest intere
himself and his friends,
have been plying him wit]
sorts of queries since his
rival home. He visited
al battle fields of the Civil
on his way to Camp Lee, w
he describes as a place of
orising wonder to a civi
visitor. g
In going through Wash
ton and Baltimore Mr. Fern
got an impression of the’ Gov-
In both Washington and Bal
more large buildings are be-
ing constructed for war head-
of the armies that Uncle Sam
is organizing. The war spirit
is running high in Washington,
where patriotism is exhibited
under high tension.
After the big snow and sev-
( Somerset county farmers, many
‘that (ravels back ‘and forth
dealer in explosives is:
a ‘Self Denial Box,” and as a
eral succeeding snow squals
and rains we have been enjoy-
ing more than a week of ex-
cellent weather, during which
of them, are harvesting their
potatoes and doing very essen-
tial farm work before the in-|]
evitable closed winter sets in.
the excellent weather has
been a bonanza for the high
ple, who have been i
quarters’ and warehouses for!
the furnishing and equipment :
- The regular meeting of the
8 of the American Revolu-
n was held at the home of
iS regent, Miss Harriet Holder-
The chapter! has taken up
work of collecting money
the 110th Regimental Hut
hich regiment our own
pany ‘C’ is a part.
of the money raised at a
tional Welfare party on last
€ 14th was contributed to
Sind, which now totals
4.80. The following friends
members of the Forbes
d Chapter have contributed
his fund :- Mrs. P. A. Schell, |
. Lloyd G. MeCrum, Mrs. |
liam Bowser, Mrs. John!
gle, Mrs. John Holderbaum,
irs. Curtis Kooser, Mrs. Jen-|
C. Miller, Mrs. John Bry-
n, Mrs. C.
Mrs. H. H. Hodge, Mrs, Gil-|
Dért Endsley, Mrs.
®antner, Mrs, A. L. G. Hay,
Mrs. 1. Hess Wagner, Mrs. Les. |
Iie E. Bratton, Mrs. Charles
Hemminger, Mrs. E. E. Kier-|
‘18n, Misses Harriet Holder-|
b8um, Ethel Holderbaum, Ida |
‘Beerits, Bertha Grove, Eleanor!
born, - Lucy Scull, Emily!
‘Barker, Mary Black. |
Miss Leora May Young,
nghter of Mr. and Mrs. S.
“Young, of Rockwood and |
h Woodfill Sloan, son of.
b..and Mrs, John Sloan, of]
uence, were married at
proving ‘every shining ho
on the road to Brotherton z
the highway leading from Sc
erset. . toward Jenner
tation,” and su
in. We : ,
It is probable that the ap-
plication of the ‘“tarvia” fluid
in cold weather will not make
quite so ‘homogenerous” a
mixture as if the “precipita-
tion” were conducted in the
summer; but work is going
forward with more than usual Sh
speed nevertheless.
One heating retortful of the
“tarvia” fluid never got on to
the Brotherton road because
it got too hot. In fact, tne
“tarvia’ became ignited after
it was transferred into sthe
portable ‘‘tarvia” distribates,
which is a small/tractor engine
betwern the road and the
Sonterse:t B. & O. stution.
The blaze from the burning
“tarvia” selution shot high in
the air, and the great camou-
flage of smoke that ascended
skyward was truly a formid-
able sight to behold. The fire
whistle called out the firemen
with the great truck, and many
people were called away from
their Sunday dinners only to
find out that the fire was no
longer burning for want of
eombustible- ‘“tarvia’’- in- the
portable melting retort when
they reached the scene of the
The pupils of the Somerset
Public Sehools have joined the
campaign of economy. Dur-
ing the past week each teacher
placed a box in her roon: called
boy or girl denied themselves
candy, chewing gum, the
movies, efe., they placed the
money in the box. Friday
evening when the money for
the week was turned in to the
treasurer, Miss Clara Shoe-
maker; the Jeguhors ere. 2
reeably surprise n a
a of $21.73 had been col
lected. This did not include
the. $5.64 which the pupils of
Miss Bill’s room had collected
for the Soldiers’ Christmas
This idea of saving is very
commendable and the good
work will be kept up at least
until Christmas. It has not
vet been definitely settled just
id, by “pr =
bsequetly rolled;
where ‘this money will go, but
in all probability either to the
Red Cr or to help care for a
poor Be a or Rumanian
@ckwood, by the Rev. W. A.
Hele Hutzell, daughter
nd Mrs, William Hut-
d Edward H. Ronda-
P :
lice of the Peace. :
Miss Emma J. Taylor daugh-
ter of Mr. and Mrs. John W.
Taylor, and Robert Anderson,
Son. 01 Mr. and Mrs. George
Ariderson, both of Boswell,
were married at Jennertown,|
by the Rev. Elmer F, Rice.
‘Miss Vida May Shaffer,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
affer, of Rummél, and John
H. Geisel, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Geisel, of Johnstown,
were married at Scalp Level,
by the Rev. Simon Snyder.
Mrs. Corda E. Leslie, daugh-
ter of Mr
. and Mrs. Wallace
W. Hechler, of Fort Hill, and
Grover C. Keslar, son of Mr.
and: Mrs. William ‘Keslar, of ;
Ursina, were married at Con-
fluence, by the Rev." W. M.
Bracken. : :
Charles 1. Shaver, Clerk of
the Orphan’s Court, has issued
marriages licenses to the fol-
lowing parties during the pat
W. M. Ball and Mary Vol-
eski, both of Boswell; Andy
Miller and Annie Hercula,
both of MacDonaldton: Frank
Kondik and Lizzie Toth, both
of MacDenaldton; Andy Zen-
kan and Julia Konkula, both
of Windber; Frank Laskie and
Annie Isgan, both of Boswell;
James Franklin Shultz and
Sadie Ray Brant, both of Rock-
wood; Yan Barbula and Stan-
islawes Miterno, both of Cairn-
brook; Frank E. King and An-
na Chismar, both of Hoovers
ville; John East, of Scalp Level
and Jane Pele, of Paint Boro;
Everett Musser and Florence
Elizabeth Dull, both of Rock.
wood; James E. Sipe and Tillie
Ogline, both of Jenner town-'
ship; Zigmont Pietrzekowski |
and Carrie Rog, both of Wind-
ber; Harry Smull and Minnie
Enos, both of Boswell.
Melvin Bittner, of near Mur-
dock, who until recently had
attended the Somerset High
School, has accepted the East
Salem, Pa., pastorate of the
United Brethren Church. Mr.
Bittner is pursuing a prepara-
tory course, and expects sub-!|
sequently to enter a Theologic-
al school, with a view to be-
coming an ordained minister
in the church. A vacancy hav-.
ing occurred at East Salem, |
which is in Juniata County,
My. Bittner was pointed
i hnatawr
‘orbes Road Chapter, Daugh- |
NO. 46
| tor for the remainder of the| PROGRAMME
current conferemnce year, end- ANNOUNCE
ing September 10th, next. The —_— MENT,
| tice
| col
“ay | Bopp
are the
: of Char
| the Orphans’ Court:
ung man has had some prac-
_ & pulpit exponent on
Occasions in his home
which have been probated dur-
| ing the past week, in the office
es I. Shaver, Clerk of
! The will of Mary E. Berket, |
late of Somerset Borough, was
probated November, 13, 1917.
Her estate is to be divided’
equally’ among her following
children: Mrs. Susan Hulton,
Maggie Berket and William D
Berket. /illiam D. Berke
was appointed executor.
and witnessed by C
and Mary E. Sullivan.
Milton and Elmer Walker
C have purchased the timber on
. J. Harrison, Sr., | the William Hanna farm in
Milford township from John
Edward W. Hanna, who p@rchased the
farm at trustee’s sale on No.
] The timber is
mostly virgin forest of high
grade whit oak covering about
vember 10.
sixty acres,
‘John Hostetler, well-known
citizen, died at the home of his
son-in‘law and daughter, Mr.
and Mrs. Philip H, Baker, in
Donegal township, on Wednes-!
will was dated April 30, 1915,
."R. Hay
day evening, November 7, aged |
72 years and 4 months,
incident to his advanced age.
A surprise party was given
Claude Deal by a number of
his friends on Tueday evening.
The evening was spent with
Thanksgiving Mail
The following holi
will be observed Thanksgiving
Day at the local Post Office:
Stamp, General Delivery,
City -and Rural Carriers’ win-
dows open from 7:00 a. m. to
9:00 a. m.
Lobby open from 7:00a. m.
to 7:30 p. m, Mails dispatch-
ed to all trains. *
J. T. Shipley, P. M.
. . Although Mr. R. M. Swisher
has sent out bills to subscriber:
in arrears, money for subserip-
tions should NOT be paid to
him now, as he is no longer in
charge. All subseription
money should be brought to
the Commercial Office, or, if
forwarded by mail, should be
made payable to The Commer-
cial and not to individuals, . . .
ber K. Cockley,
Editor and Proprietor
Every inch of film used in
George Loane Tucker's screen
version of Hall Caine’s great-
est novel, “The Manx-Man,”
the ‘attraction at the Auditor-
ium Wednesday, ‘December
5th, was taken on the Isle of
Man among the exaet scenes
in which the author of the book
made his characters live. Hall |
Caine himself assisted in mak-
ing “The Manx-Man” into a
Howard Will, who is a sail-
or on the sylvania, is the
g t of his mother, H.
music and games. Delicious
pires e Served... La
day hours
2 \ after,
suffering an illness of six weeks' ) :
from complication of ailments Concert—Somerset High School
Convention, H.
J. E, Custer, H. D.
Address . .
“The Point
9 to
“The Solution of the
“The Course
For School Directors Conver
tion at Somerset, next Tues-
day and Wednesday.
Tuesday, November 27
0to 12
Devotional Exercises.
President’s Address.
nrollment of Difectors,
Election of Officers.
Miscellaneous Business. :
Reports of Delegates to State
H. Shumaker,
“The Selection of Teachers,
The Tenure of Office,” H. B.
Sehrock, J. H. Hentz, F. BF.
Petry, G. W. Tannehill, r
Query Box.
Afternocn Session.
1:30 to 4.
Prof. C. D. Koch.
of" View of the
Business Man,” Prof. C. Db.
Koch, State High School In
“How May ‘Country Children
be Given Equal Advantages
With Those of Cities and
Boroughs?” W. W. Cupp,
R. W. Lohr, N. F. Meyers,
D. Compton. :
Guery Box. .
“The Influence of the Boy
Scout Movement on the Pub-<
lic Schools,” Chas. 'F. Uhl,
Esq., Dr. G. F. Speicher, F.
H. Meyers, J. C. Lichliter.
Evening Session.
7:30 to 9:30
Orchestra, ;
\ddress—‘“Tendencies in Mod-
ern Education,” Prof. C. D
Address—“The Study of Agri.
culture: Its Relation to the
Development of the Boy,”
GQ. MeDowell, Extension
the Health of School Chil-
dren,” Dr. W.H. H. Sehrock,
Dr. H. A. Zimmerman, Dr
C. B. Korns,
: Wednesday, November 28
School Problems by the
-ommunity,” M. S. Maust,
L. L. Yoder, J. 8. Rhoads, A.
P. Kimmel:
of Study—Re-
Stated,” Prof. C. D. Koch.
Supplementary Reading for
the Different Grades. ‘How
shall it. be Procured?” J. E.
Weaver, W. B. Putman, J.
B. W. Stufft. F. G. Fryburg.
Afternoon Session.
1 to 2:30.
“The School Board's Problems”
R. R. Stravh, Pr. A. MTs
house, J. H. Bender, J. ¥
Reiman, P, A. Kreger, J.
W. Wegley, E. C. Ober.
“The School irector: His
Work; His Compensation,”
H. D. Naugle, L. M. Walker,
D. G. Stufft, V. C. Muller,
L. H. Musser.
“What Equipment Should be
Furnished by Directors?”’.
C. J. Newman, Howard
Powell, Dr. J. B. Gardner,
Milton Hillegas, H. L. Seese.
M. R. MILNE, D,,D S.
respectfully announces that com-
henciip with December Ist he
will adhere STRICTLY to the
Hocking Block, Nov. 20, 1917
Also most all other makes
All kinds of repairs
aff wR for guns
Complete line of loaded
‘orld is Doing for ~~