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hu, Chas
—M. F.
Hay and
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W. Hile,
Jones, L.
owe, C.
—J. B.
—L. A.
C. John-
Reel, A.
—G. H.
—J ames
W. Sei-
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B. Levy
—C. J.
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nd, $2
18 per
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r cent
> bal-
1st 30,
$850] 00 2in Prizes to be Given Absolutely
Free to Anyone with Ambition.
—— Oe
The big Commercial automobile
contest has started. From the num-
If you are already on the list sec
of many candidates and we urge the
friends of the various contestants to
‘weeks left in which to get-busy and
if your friends and neighbors are,
If not, have them subscribe and give
their votes to your favorite candidate.
In this way you will be doing us a
good turn, you will be helping your
friend, and at the same time you will
be getting your friend to subscribe
for what will soon be the best paper
in this section of the state of Pennsyl-
ber of candidates who have been
nominated much interest is being
taken in the outcome. Elsewhere
in this paper will be found the names
usy and help their favorite to
4% not too late to enter now for
with 50 many in the field it will not
be necessary for any one candidate to |
get a very great number of subscrip-
tions to win first prize and with the
‘help we can give anyone who may
care to enter, no matter which of the
adjoining towns you may live, in or
on what route you may live, you can
yet enter and have a very good chance
of securing first prize. Come in and
let us show you what we can do for
pe A pe
securing one of the other prizes or by scription turned in It i ¢ Poin g
being paid ten per cent commission. | YOUF While to get busy and ge
The automobile is worth trying for | subscriptions while you can. get the
when you are sure of being well paid ! most votes. :
if you do not get it. oe
There are now ouly about four
_ No change will be made in the
regular vote schedule for this week.
The first schedule as made in the
first announcement will hold good un-
til Wednesday, June 13th, after which
10 per cent less votes will be allowed.
As a special inducement for early
work we will give 5,000 extra votes
for every subscription turned into the
office up to Wednesday night, June 13.
From June 13 to June 20 4,000 extra
How Prizes Will Be Awarded.
First Capital Prize—1917
Overland Automobile will be
awarded to the contestant
do your best. Anyone can do it if
they will just set their mind on the
d and then hustle. What is
having is worth going after
) her credit at the. end of the
Overland or any of the other
Second Prize—$75 Human-
having the most votes to his or| an
contest,son Saturday, July 7th. |
Sunday School at 10 A. M, The
will be no church services until t]
first of July. pi
-| Reformed—Vacant. Sunday School
10 A. M. Children’s Day Servi
June 17 at 7 P. M. :
Brethren—B. F, Waltz, pastor. §
day School at .10 A. M. i
Services at 7:30 P. M.
Evangelical—Rev: Hetrick,
Sunday School at 10 A. M.
Services at June 17 at 2 P.M
Prayer meeting every Wedne
evening at 7 P. M. :
Stations Robbed.
Thieves are again at work in
rett. Sometime early Monday m
ing a thief or thieves entered
and O. Station, blew open th
and took the few odd cents that w J
left in the safe, not being satis
with the amount they proceeded to
Western Maryland Station whe
ful in their findings. The safe 'y
likewise blown open and five or
dollars were taken. No clues
found but it is hoped that the i
culprits will be found and duly
ished for their crime. :
J. = DEATHS. +
William Sarver, son of the
Francis ‘Sarver A
Sarver ‘Sheeler,
hospitals in A
Lutheran—W. H. B. Carney, pastor,
they gained entrance through a win=:
dow. Here they were more Success- |
cial we flnd that the field here is .
worthy of a much better paper than | rir
the present equipment of the o
will permit so we have extensi
ditions in mind, including
new type, a larger force and ir
everything that will be necessary.
getting out a newspaper in keepi
with the territory to be supplied.
order to do this we must have a much |
larger list of subseribers and for this |
Teason we are putting on this contest ; 3 ) |
—in hopes that we can get everyone | have continued in active work an!
living in the territory tributary to |
Meyersdale to take and be a regula: | will receive 10 per cent of all moneys
‘veader of the Commercial.
List of Candidat
Since taking hold of the Commier-
in. wat
18 con
largest number
or her credit.
Then to the end, all those who | Mr. and Mrs. I. Boden and children
ving the seco
hei dit.
they have collected.
a will be awarded to the con-
. th 3 nd 1
v e¢ awarded to the
nt having the thir
umber of votes to h
Fourth Prize—$20 Wrist
ch will be awarded to the |
testant having the fourth
of votes to his
have not won one of the prizes, they
— -—
The following is the list of candidates as received up to the time of
going to press this week. From the ‘way they are coming in this week
there will be a number more by the end of the week.
friend among them, help them—if not help someone elses friend. ~ *
Names Votes.
Miss Edna Baldwin, Meyersdale, Dia’s Shoe Store .... ... ... .. 1,000
Miss Esther “Breig, Meyersdale, Damico’s Fruit Store .. 1,000
Jack Dively, Meyersdale, barber, ... _.. ... ... ... .. ... - +s 13000
J. 5. Pumbould, Somerset... o.oo oT 1,000
Miss Kathryn Fasold, Glade... . = 0 7 1,000
Miss Mary Gill, Meyersdale, Hartley & Clutton Co. ... ... .. 1,000
Jom A. Gower, Fort Hill... ... = oo oa .-- 1,000
Mrs: 8S. GeigerySand®Patel 0 oo an 1,000
H.G leflley, B.D, 2, Meyersdale.... = 0 1,000
Miss Gertrude Linst, Meyersdale, Habel & Phillips... 4. = 1,000
W. W. Nicholson, Vim ....-. occa oar es 1,000
Mrs. Susan M. Phillips, Meyersdale .... .... ... .... i oo oo cee ree. 15,000
Miss lorena Reitz; Ble Lick ... ..... .. .. . oo. = 1,000
Miss Frances Sembower, Markleton .... .... oo. oo oo oe ee ee oe oe 1,000
BlizaE. Smith, Sand Pateh 0 ~~... 2 1,000
P.W.Suder, Sand Patch = teen wee wee oon 1,000
Miss Mayme Tucker, Garrett =. ~~. ~~ = 1,000
Miss Lillian Thompson, Rockwood .... .... ooo. oe cee coe on 1,000
Nomination Blank
The Commercial’s Automobile Contest.
The Commercial, Meyersdale, Pa.
Name ........... Sed terres Tena vie aes
ETOWH 5 i a aie Cen ee vey ae + ite
R.F.D..ov oo.
one nomination will be accepted for
in the Commercial Automobile Contest,
Nominated by............ Cees ee a
Address CT Es Te Ves CSET ee
NOTE—This nomination blank is good for 1,000 notes. Only
person making nomination will be when so requested.
sees Te eee eT Te Te 6 se ee
each candidate. Name og
If you have a
y Rev. 0. G..Fye, of Johnstown.
Interment was made in the Ridgeview
Cemetery. : ;
He is survived by his mother ann
two sisters; Mrs. Maude Fischer and
Mrs. Mae Edwards of Akron.
Personals. 2 i
Mrs, C. T. Bittner lert on Saturday
for Somerset to visit her rother, Mr.
Mahlon Meyers.
of Rockwood, spent several days of
last week at the home oz Mr. Boden’s
Rev. O. G. Fye, of Johnstown spent
Friday in Garrett:
Mrs. Wm. Kincaid and son William
of Milford was the guests of her aunt
Mrs. Rena Hoover last Thursday.
Mrs. J. Jackson of Hyndman visit-
‘ed relatives and friends in Garrett
last week.
- Mrs. L. W. Pollard and daughters
Elizabeth and Mary spent the week
end at the home of Mr. Mahlon Mey-
ers at Somerset.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Merrill and
children, Emma, Bryan and Howard
left on Wednesday for Lancaster, Pa.
to attend the commencement exercis-
es of the Franklin and Marshall
Academy. Their son Harold is a
member of the graduating class.
Rev. and Mrs. W. H. B. Carney and
son left on Thursday to visit friends
in Youngstown and Akron, Ohio, and
from there will go to Chicago, IlI.,
where they will-attend the General
Synod of the Lutheran- Church and
visit at the home of Mrs. Carney’s
brother, Rev. Ellis Hay.
Misses Nell and Rene Brant and
Elizabeth Shober were delegates at
the Reformed Sunday. School conven-
tionthat was held at Lavansville on
Wednesday and Thursday. Messrs.
W. M. Kistler and H. B. Speicher
were also in attendance at the con-
vention, each taking active part in the
~ Clyde Tydball of Pittsburgh was a
Garrett visitor on Sunday and Mon-
~ Mrs. M. M. Royster and daughter
Alta, of Confluence were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brant last
week. ~
“Mr. Glen Vought of Markleton i
spent Wednesday calling on ‘Garrett
Mrs. Lula Doty of Toleda, O., at-
tended the funeral of hos. grandmoth-
er, Mrs. Dinah Enos on Tuesday.
Miss Margaret Kearney of Johns-
town, spent the week end at the home
at the home of Mrs. H. H. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. James Fauper o
other, Mrs. Harry Sheeler left fo
‘their home on Monday.
son, James, left on Monday fo
friends and relatives,
The Misses
Colbert were
indergo treatment for injuries re-
ceived at the mines at Blackfield.
nd Mrs. H. Crissey,
on Sunday.
Mrs. John Pritts
Set on Sunday.
Mr. Phillip Weaver left on Sunday
having spent
several days
gf Hoover.
| vention held at Friedens.
1 Miss Florence Critehfield of Rock-
‘| wood spent Sunday at the home of
her sister, Mrs. E. F. Snyder.
Miss Mayme Tucker was the guest
| poomypooy ¥e Juiieq ealQ SSI Jo
on Sunday.
Mr. Joe Tucker of Washington, Pa.,
spent Monday and Tuesday at the
home of his mother, Mrs."S. Tucker.
| Mrs. John Tucker and children left
| on Saturday for Hyndman to visit
| Mrs. ‘Tucker’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A Pyle.
Mrs. James Wagner and children
d Mildred, returned from
| George Wagner.
for Greensburg where she is visiting
Mrs. George Bittner of Cumberland
Md., spent Tuesday at the home of
| Mr. Mahlon Christner.
Miss Ruth Cadell of Somerset is
visiting at the home of her aunt, Mrs.
| J. L. Bowlby. .
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Walker and
children, Elizabeth and Elmer of Hol-
sopple were in Garrett on Tuesday.
Rev. W. H. B. Carney attended the
Sunday School Convention of the
Lutheran church held ‘at Friedens on
Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Fiddler were
Meyersdale visitors on "Monday.
Western Maryland Hospital last Fri-
day where he will take medical treat-
ment for a complication of diseases.
Rev. J. E. Sheets of New Kensing-
ton, Pa. was in Garrett on Monday.
Miss Emma Schrock was visiting
her brother, Mr. Lawrence Schrock
and _family at Rockwood on Sunday:
Mr. Wm. Lohr and Mrs. M. Iohr
were at Cumberland on Monday.
George Brant spent the week end
visiting relatives at Milford.
Mr. Sylvester Christner and sin
Fzul of Somerset visited at the honie
2¢ Mr. Christner’s parents, Mr. ard
Mrs. Lewis Christner.
Mrs. Chas. Colbert delightfully en-
tertained the W. W. Society of the
Reformed church at her homa on
Thursday afternon. ;
Ohio, is visiting relatives and frienis
Mr. William Burkholder of Geneva
Ohio, is visiting relatives and friends
in Garrett. 4
Miss Evelyn Bowlby spent Sunday
with friends in Somerset.
Entertains Club.
The D. T. Club, which in this case
is not the delirium tremendous club,
but is the Dorcas Thimble Club, met
on Main street on Wednesday after-
noon. A very pleasant time was had,
the time very happily spent in conver-
sation and other diversions. Re-
freshments were served.
Try our fresh salt New-
foundland mackerel 18¢ per Ib.
at Habel & Phillips.
Large can Hominy for 10 cents at
of her mother, Mrs. W. H. Clements.
. CT Geese meebo |
i Si ce
Bc il: ea ab i se
Bittuer’s Grocery.
Johnstown are visiting relatives in
Garrett, having been called here by
{ithe illness and death of Mrs. Tauper’s IN SESSION -
x. : ®
Mr. and Mrs. J. Edwards of Akron,
., Who were visiting Mrs. Edward’s
_ Mr. and Mus. Harry Sheeler and
Akron, Ohio, where they will visit
Irere Rhoades ang’! Meeting and the special of
Mr. Homer Lenhart was taken to Counell
the Mercy hospital at Johnstown to
Mrs. Hey 8%. vd
motored to!
arrett on Saturday and visited at
. the home of Mrs. Bohn’s parents, Mr.
returning home
and daughter
visited at the home of her
| daughter, Mrs. L. Bowlby at Somer-
for his home in Akron, Ohio, after
at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Richard
Miss Clara Bittner represented the
| Lutheran Sunday School «\: the Con-
‘Mrs, James Brown left on Friday
Mr. Miles Lohr was taken to the |:
ri of the City Council, except Staub
W. H. Klingaman appeared before
Council and stated he had investigat-
| ed the condition of the sewer on North
street and found a tile broken. He
had H. Hocking look after the sewer
which drains some of the lots on
Main street and empties on Grant
Mr. Darnley from the Street com-
mittee reported that some of the
streets are ia bad shape and also a
bad crossing on Salisbury street.
Part of the ditches have been cleared
and that the coal haulers intend oiling
Main street between the railroads.
On motion of Deeter, seconded by
Lechemby, the P. & M. %t. Car con
pany was notified to »lark ail eross-
ings and make all necessary repairs,
such as replacing brick, within tea
days from date of notice, otherwize
the Council will proceed to execute
the work and render bill for same.
Mr. Deeter reported that the Som-
erset Telephone company had a Bad
pole at the corner by Weimer &
Holshu’s store. Zo
T. W. Gurley asked permission to
place enough tile for a crossing’ in
front of his property on Salisbury
Request was referred to street cor
ok Ph re :
) : 7 lights were out
during the month of May.
were many complaints ‘on this line,
the south side claiming €hat the; Wer:
during this time.
mittee to take this matter np with the
Electric Corapany ad ask for a mit
igation of the offense.
The Burgess reported $122 collected
from fines and licenses which was
paid over to the treasurer.
The following bills were read a-d
ordered paid:
Meyersdale Light Co. ... $200.00
Shipley Hdw. Co. .... ... 2.50
Meyersdale Planing Mill, Hose
carrier... oD Yen
E. J. Dickey, salary and post-
BEE. 2h pn vo Tay
Fred Hare, police, .... __ 40.00
Fred Hare, extra... =» 12.00
John Smith police ... 35.00
Street labor >... 75.00
George Ickes, horse ._. 15.00
W. H. Klingaman, horse 15.00
The purchasing committee was in-
structed to order two cars of lime
stone ballast.
The secretary was instructed to
take up with Borough Solicitors the
matter of the A. E. Shoemaker side-
walk and paving claim and to notify
the estate to make immediate settle-
After discussion the committee de-
cided not to change pavement on
Keystone street. .
A complaint was lodged regarding
unnecessary noise by auto drivers
using cut out.
On motion, public notices are to be
posted at entrance to Borough and
officers instructed to enforce law re-
garding use of cut out in autos. If
not complied with a fine of not less
than $5 nor more than $10, will be
imposed for each ang every offence.
On motion President Dia, Darnley
and Deeter were appointed ‘a public
safety comittee.
A letter was received from Super-
intendent Foley calling attention to
“the dangerous practice of teamsters
driving loose teams across the B. &
O., tracks with whiffletrees dragging.
Referred to public safety committee.
On motion all rules were suspended
and ordinance No. 51 was passed as
read, after which Council adjourned.
Try a pound of Bittner's Own
Special Blended Coffee: your money
back if yon are not satisfied.
On Tuesday evening the members
-who was detained, met in rgular ges-
street, it to be done at his expense. |
There |
nm entire darkness eight or ten nights |:
Darnley, Sayler |
and Shipley were appointed a com- |
2 Marriage License Clerk Charles I.
sion. Those present were Messrs. hos issued marriage licenses
8 I Die Darnley, Savior, Lechemby, to the following persons:
Shipley and Decter. George Dively Grove, ... Rummell
The minutes of the last regular | Ethel May Hostetler Rummen
May 15th, | Albert Szegredy ...... Millers R»
Toy ris were read and approved. Helen Mezzo .. Millers Run, Pa.
Mr. Long appeared before the William K. Housell, .... Meyersdale
1m regard to vaecati 'g Peun| Anng B. Graves... Meyersdale
street and the matter was deferred to Andrew Antolsk i
Borough solicitor, ONT vn ot pi Vindaes
: g ; : Susan Komshrr ... ___ Windber
Dr.H C McKinley appeared in he- "nates
half of the citizens of Salisbury street Serge Kelly vow Windber
and asked to have the dust abated, | Joe Gurbor me be Wirdber
stating that it was a nuisance last | Charles N. Manges ... Shade Twp.
year and a damage to property. Alda Custer _.. ....
ag Shade Twp.
Milford Twp.
Ruby Marie Harbaugh ___ Middlecreek
John Andrews Maxwell --.. Windber
Ertie May Hinson ._ ._. __ Windber
Bodie Garber Braddock Pa.
Mary Rely... = Windber
Henry P. Duppstadt _. __. Stoneycreek
CarrieRoss .. ... Stoneycreek
Ourenio Baroni __ - -... Jenrertown
Maria Marshi . .. Jenuaertown
William Chalmers Diest v
Nettie Grace Poorbaugh .... Glencoe
Howard Goins... Garrett
Isabell Miller ... ... _ . Garrett
Roy Vought ... .. .. @ik Lick Twp
Alice Lucinda Maust _ Meyersdale
H. M. Critchfield ... ._ Somerset
Nannie June Hay ... New Centreville
John RKeteh .. .. Windber
Amnie Wilson ..-.. . Windber
Civic Meeting.
The following is the program of the
Civic Meeting which will be held in
the Glencoe Hall, June 16th, 1917, at
8 o’clock p. m..
Reading of minutes, reports of
“Committees, appointineiits. SHibiie
officers. 3
Music. : mesh
"Reading, Grace Broadwater. 5
Object and value of citizen’s meet~
. C. F. Raupach,
Queries. ih,
Scientific production of Navy Beans
K. G. Miller.
“Violin solo, W. H. Miller.
Importance of Sheep Raising and
how - it should be conducted, Chas.
Deist, Sr.
Reading, Ida Hosselrode.
Play, “The Patiotic Hoe” By six
Mt. Lebonon Ladies.
Advantages of the Soiling System,
W. S. Staley.
“The Muck Rake,” H. W. Beachy.
Features of a well Constructed
Dairy Barn, S. W. Poorbaugh.
Mrs. Mary Philson, widow of Sam-
uel A. Philson, sustained a serious
injury a few days ago when she tripp-
ed and fell heavily on the attic floor
of Her residence. breaking a thigh
Hand Amputated.
Silas Cook was injured by beino
run over by a trip of loaded cars in
the . Statler mine last Tuesday. He
was at once taken to the Western
Maryland hospital at Cumberland,
where his right hand was amputated.
He is now recovering rapidly as
could be expected.
John Blake,of Mt. Savage, was a
very pleasant caller at this office on
Saturday, and forwarded the date on
the label of his paper until well into
famous B Streak
tire with unfail-
ing guarantee.
Supplies - Parts
T. W. Gurley’s
Sporting Goods
3 Jars Table Relish for 25
cents at |
Bittner’s Grocery.