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will justify us in doing this.
" Humanola Talking Machine
a $560 diamond ring bought of
is a $20 wrist
VT Wh Gurle
~ . rlose of the contest and who
. prepaid subscription.
$850 00 in Prizes to be Given Absolutely
Free to Anyone
with Ambition.
— sin.
The Cmmercial believes in
doing things and doing them
right and so is going to have
the biggest subscription cam-
Ppaign ever inaugurated in this
section. We are going to
give away over $800 in prizes
to all those who may care to
put in a few spare minutes
work each day for the next
five weeks taking subscriptions
for this paper.
The first prize offered is a
$700 Overland automobile
bought of R. Reich & Son, of
the Overland garage where the
machine is on display. - This is
an exceptional prize to offer
free but we believe the results
The second prize offered isa
$75 Humanola bought of the
Company at whose store the
‘machine is on display. This is
a prize well worth working for.
The third prize to be given is
H. M. Cook where the same is
on display and whish will be
‘the envy of many a winsome.
lass. : G1 ge
The fourth p >. be giv
o#have: been active ‘to the
have not won one of the prizes
; pective contegta
easy A contestant may
name herself or have a friend
name her. The nomination
ballet is good for 1,000 votes
—no contestant will be credit-
ed with more than one nomin-
- There is no entrance fee and
contestants entering the race
assume no obligation of any
sort. The prizes as offered
will be won by those who start
their campaign at once.
Study the vote schedule to be
published in our page an-
nouncement, and which will
appear in the Commercial and
vou will see that it is to your
interest to do your best work
during the first period.
The payment of a subseript-
ion fee to a high-class news-
paper is in no way a gift. - No
up-to-date man or woman can
afford to be without a news-
paper. News of the world’s
activivities is just as essential
to a well ordered home ag your
meals. ws
A full explanation of ‘the
contest will be found in a’ dis-
play advertisement in the Com- |
mercial. g&%
Every detail has been cover-
ed, but if it is not clear pros-
S_ are urged
o ite on call 8 the dy
tions will'be cheerfully answer-
ed. The contest is a business
proposition pure and simple,
will receive 10 per cent of all
‘the money they may have tak-.
«en in during this contest. !
This is not a very hard task
once you get started; when
“your friends know that you are
and the contestants are urged
to approach it in a business
spirit. Every detail of the
contest has ben worked out
with great care. >
Everything is open and a-
‘in the contest and in to win!
The prizes offered by this
‘paper will be won by the ef-
forts of those taking part.
Votes will be allowed on each
contestants will find a 10-vote
coupon in each issue of the.
‘Commercial, which, when cut
out and brought or mailed to
the contest department, will
count towards your prize.
But the quickest way to secure
“the most votes is for you to get
:subscriptins to the Commercial. |
Every family in Meyersdale |
and the surrounding territory
:should have a weekly news-
paper. Many of the homes of
this territory are without a
weekly newspaper. © That is
why we are offering you such
valuable prizes to secure new |
readers. . Such a field will]
mean a big vote for those who
would like to own an automo-
bile for a few weeks’ work.
Furthermore, many subscribers
to the Commercial will renew
their subscriptions and pay in
advance that their friends may
have the votes, if asked.
Enter Your Name Now.
Entrance to this contest is
bove board; we have nothing
to conceal, and desire that all
persons wishing to enter shall
have a full and complete un-
derstanding of our plan.
How Prizes Will Be Awarded.
First Capital Prize—1917
Overland Automobile will be
awarded to the contestant
having the most votes to his or
her credit at the end of the
contest, on Saturday, July 7th.
Second Prize—$75 Human-
ola will be awarded to the con-
testant having the second larg-
est number of votes to his or
her credit.
Third Prize—$50 diamond
ring will be awarded to the
contestant having the third
largest number of votes to his
or her credit.
Fourth Prize—$20 Wrist
watch will be awarded to the
contestant having the fourth
largest number of votes to his
or her credit. :
Then to the end, all those
who have continued in active
work will receive 10 per cent
‘of all moneys they may have
taken in during the contest.
Sis 088 0.0 8 ss.0 0s eis’y
Nomination Blank
The Commercial’s Automobile
*' ¢§ The Commercial’s Automobile Contest.
in the Commercial Automobile Contest.
Nominated by..c 00... .:..... .5nh nai
Address........... 0. i si. ea
NOTE—This nomination blank is good for 1,000 notes. Only
one nomination will be accepted for each candidate. Name of
person making homination will be when so requested.
® ss 8 * 200s 0 0 ss ee ee ese
St | toxigating® liquors dur
Chautauquas have been
conimendable feature-of Me
ersdale life, and haye alway
been, , well patronized, an
thanks to the judicio
agement of the committee
charge, have always been fully
worthy . of the patronage.
This year the committee has
secured new and attractive
features, and the date is set for
the week of June 25 to 29.
The program is a semi-patri-
otic one and is varied in man-
agement. ;
Meyersdale people and!
people of the vicinity should
arrange to be pr:sent at all
the sessions.
The boys should arrange to.
be present the first day and
take in the Physical culture
feature. 2
The lecture and musical pro-
gram could not be heard singly!
be heard here. : i
Let each person in town be
come a Booster for the Chatau
qua. De
No Bone Dry Law.) - ;
A staff correspondent sends]
this story from Harisburg, Pa.
No “bone dry” regulations
for Pennsylvania during the,
war was the answer to the!
House of Representatives to
day upon a roll call on a mo
tion to place upon the calenda
the Mitchell bill, which ha
been voted upon negatively i
the Law and Order Committee
The measure would prohib
the manufacture or sale of
‘period of tie hostilities wit
Germany with a view to the
conservation of grain. -
Representative Samuel J.
Perry, of Philadelphia, spoke
in opposition to the bill, declar-
ing that in view of the fact
that Congress had already
voted against a similar propo-
sition on a national scale, there
was no need for ac tion by the
Pennsylvania Legislature.
It requires 104 votes 190 place
a bill on the calendar after un-
favorable action thereon by a
standing committee. Upon
the motion to put the bill on the
calendar, the ayes were 64 and
the noes 104.
The house shortly afterward
passed by a vote of 104 to 6 the
Stofflet bill, making it a misde-
meanor foer any minor to mis-
represent his r her age in order
to procure intoxicating liquor.
Alice Webreck, a registered
Red Cross Nurse, of Pittsburgh
is home fo rthe week.
Mary Delozier was accom-
panied to a Cumberland Hos-
pital on Tuesday by her father.
Mary is an appendicitis victim.
Mrs. W. H. Miller spent a
few days of this week with rel
atives in Pittsburgn.
Harry Bittner of Rockwood,
is the proud father of a son
born last Saturday. His moth-
er is visiting them this week.
Rena Lauver, Maude Beck
and Emma Hostetler of Mey-
cersdale were week-end guests
of I. D. Leydig’s. They had a
rare motor experience on a re-
turn from Berlin on Saturday.
children of Cumberland, are
guests at J. T. Leydig’s.
Sam and, Alf Bittner and
Tom Poorbaugh of Akron, are
spending a few week’s vaca-
tion with relatives in town.
Adelaid Spicer, Alice We-
breck and Marion Leydig took
in Memorial Day at Hyndman.
Lieut. Schell was in town on
Monday enlisting our yoéung
to the Philadelphia Inquirer | ?
i The school law forbids the
'electon of any teacher who
"Applicants for proffessiona:
Bert Raupaeh and}
NO. 21
The examinations for the
achers of Somerset Count
for fhe year 1917 will be held
Davidsville, June 14 and 15.
oyestown, June 25 and 26.
omerset, July 2 and 3.
Io July's and 6.
Confluence, July 11 and 12.
Hooversville, July 13 and 14
alisbury , July 9 and 10.
kwood, July 11 and 12.
‘ofessional, August 8 and 9
Special, August 8 and 9.
Examinations will begin at
line o'clock.
Each teacher must present a
alth certificate properly
3 ports are expected from all ap-
for anything near the price to D P i p
Applicants should be ex
amined in Pennsylvania His-
| tory in addition to U. S. His-
Provisional certificates will
e issued on July 19th to all
those ‘who have attained the
age of 18 years and made the
equired standard of 18.
oes not, at the time of his or
{her election, hold a valid cer-
ools on provisional certifi-
ates shall be examined at one
the regular examinations.
(All professional certificates
} June 1, 191
certificates shall present re-
commendations from the
boards by whom they were em-
ployed last year.
Applicants for professional
certificates or for renewal of
profesional certificates will be
examined in two of the follow-
ing branches: vocal music,
drawing, physical geography,
elementary botany, plane ge-
ometry, elementary zoology
and two approved books on
The list of books approved
by the State Superintendent of
Public Instruction includes
“The Teacher and.the School,”
‘“Seeley’s School Manage-
ment,” “White’s School Man-
agement,” ‘“Mace’s Method in
History,” “Carter’s Teaching
the Common Branches,”
“Stamper’s The Teaching of
Arithmetic,” “Culter and
Stone’s The Rural School, Its
Methods and Management,”
“Graves’ A Student's History
of Education,” “Carney’s
Country Life and Country
School,” “Klapper’s Teaching
Children to Read.”
Directors will kindly see
that the school houses are op-
en and in proper condition on
the days of the examination.
D. W. Seibert,
County Superintendent.
A Killing Frost.
On Saturday morning, when
the thrifty housewife arose she
found everything outdeors
covered with a white frost and
many early vegetables that
had reached out too far were
humbled in: a very serious fash-
Fruit and berries are dam-
aged. The thermometer reg-
istered lower than for several
famous B Streak
tire with unfail-
Memorial Services at Mt.
| erans, and Prof. Speicher, of
| Berlin will make an address.
| Walter Miller has turned
| out
| conducted by the Sons of Vet-
Lwest prices on bran and
| middling at Habel & Phillips.
Lebanon on Sunday, will be!
T. W. Gurley’s
“Garage” for sick Fords.|c
ing guarantee.
Supplies - Parts
Sporting Goods
Meyersdale, July 9 and 10.
. | struction and maintenance of
ea who expect to apply for| >
While more than 1500 bills| On Sunday evening the féw -
have been introduced into the remaining members of M. C.
legislature, a comparitively | Lowry Post, No. 214, G, A. R.
small number of these have| Were escorted te the M. E
reached Governor Brumbaugh | hutch by Camp P. O. S. of A.
for his approval or rejection. | Where they listened to a very
He has wielded the veto axe | able sermon by Rev, Steele, the
very strenuously. Among the | Pastor. The sermon was of a
measures which met with his, Semi-patriotic charactet, much
approval are the following: @ | out of the usual li rah
Authorizing counties, town- | courses delivered ‘such oes
ships or boroughs to contribute casions, which was of itself a
part of the purchase price for | relief, and was | njoyed by all
acquisition by the state of a toll | Who were fortunate enough to
road or turnpike and permitt- | hear it. The veterans “never
Ing a county to pay from con-| enjoyed the attempts. of a
Jumnation of any toll road on Sheaker 12 create heroes.
a state highway. em, when none of them hag
Moking 2 Sefileniy appro- Performed more than hem ad
priation o 12,000 to Far n Wednesday morning the
View institution. iY grumg the.
Establishing a code for con-
murky atmosphere
moving pictupe | before the genial
“sun and the day
autiful one, *
booths for
Authorizing municipalities.
and school districts to require
; In the mornir 4
bonds to protect material and
of ‘the Post went to Garrett
labor on public building con-| where the peoplé of the town
srruction contracts. | were assembled at the ceme-
_ Amending Philadelphia mu-| tery and decorated the graves
nicipal court law provisions for| of their former comrades with
appeals under “law now ex-| the choice flowers which were
isting or which may hereafter | Provided by the people of. the
be adopted.” ‘ui ttown. © On their return the
Amending borough code so| graves in the #wo Catholi¢
as to provide for erection of
cemeteries were profusely
new boroughs from parts of |Strewn with flowers by the
consolidated boroughs. ;
members of the Post. i
After dinner the business
places in the town were closed
nd a procession was formed
several hundred Sunday
chool children in line, led by
W. H. Deeter as Marshall, and
by the Boy oat
followed ‘by
Fire Company, and thé mem-
bers of the G. A.- R. Post in
autos and led by the Citizen’s
band. At the Union ceme-
tery the beautiful ritual of the
order was read, the graves of
veterans strewn with flowers.
Rev. E. D. Burnworth deliver-
1 ed a very able and interesting
Collins, of Somerset, and Lee | Semi-patriotic address to the
Greenleaf, of Canton, against| people assembled.
the state for injuries on state| The Co., of the 5th Mary-
highways. land, which is encamped here,
‘ under command of the Captain
C ARNIV AL took part in the services. On
the return to town and dismis-
sal a number of the Post went
to Salisbury where services
The Meyersdale Fire De-
partment has, for some time
past,’ been laboring in season
were held in the cemetery.
and out to obtain a chemical
The large number of peon'
who attended these services
engine with which the more ef-
fectively to fight fire and to
this year, notwithstanding the
chilly air, the wravt attention
to the words of the speakers,
the gazes of admiration upon
the stars and stripes as. it was
being carried in the procession,
get on the ground much quick- | all betoken the awakening of
er. Some funds have been se-| patriotic ardor, and indicate
cured for the purpose but not| the sentiment of the public in
in sufficient amounts to obtain | the present crises.
the desired results.
In order to raise the remain-
ing balance sought the depart-
ment has aranged with Smith’s
Greater Shows, a carnival
company, to have that aggre-
gation here all next week.
The opening performance will
be given on Monday evenins.
There will be several free
exhibitions on the ground dur-
ing the week.
Animals, snakes and other
usual carnival attractions will
be the order of ‘he dav and
7 seven obsolete
relative to Allegheny
county. : )
Appropriating $952, of
which $400 is principal, to A.
K. Cassel for services as depu-
ty dairy and food commission-
Authorizing suits by Ida
“Repealin g
Try our fresh salt New-
foundland mackerel 18c per 1b.
at Habel & Phillips.
Love and Marriage.
“First love is very apt not to be the
lasting love,” said Dr. Antoinette Koni-
kow, speaking at the Boston School of
Social Science.
“Young lovers try to excuse all the
faults of the loved one because they
are not in love with the individual, but
with love. Hence they may not choose
the partner with whom they will find
evenings. their happiness in Inter years. Many a
The aggregation vill hgld | man ani roman fu glad by middle age
forth in Sheer’s grove whore] thattie fui Inve vas frustated,
many new carnival aiiractior “Marrias «+ sould be based on love
y i aurachong alone or it . . i nmoral, and some change
may be seen. It requires 16 is necessary if marriage is to be saved
sixty foot cars to move this from Ceciradntion. Real love always
magnificent museum of carni- makes people better. Romantic love is
val curiosities. | the source oy ail the best things in life
Now listen. There is a mey-' —the founaticn of all the arts. And
ry-go-round with 1400 candle | individual hajiness makes up the hap.
power lights and a $10,000 el piness of tic race.” —Boston Post.
| —
ano whose merry strains of
melody may be heard during| pg, con drippings make splendid short.
the hours of exhibition. | ening for light, flaky pie crust. I¢
Remember that the small takes just a little less of the drippincs
sum paid to see this exhibition | than of oy ILird or ve-etabis
will not be money sent out cf! shortening ¢ for shortening in
own but will remain for the | spice cake, wend orf any das:
benefit of the Fire Company | cake ard nol : 1 delicious flavor,
which is for the benefit ori Spread rye Liead wiih a thin J3yer
everybody in Meyersdale and | i Fi", Ive, ad spre o
Use of Bacon Drippings.
slice of any salt meat. and you will
-- B BRQG | have a delicious and highly nutritious
sandwich. The European housewife
Sweet corn, beans, lettuce, | has long made use of such sandwiches
cucumber seed, etc., in bulk at | for the be 1 meal snack
for grow-
Habel & Phillips, | 8 P07® #1¢ girls
& —t\ ER ound
heroes. of