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NO. 13
| We saw in the paper last week |
A ; that Mr. Bittner is contemplating
: building a home for Martens. Grace,
OL Fike wonders whether she is in-
RIL 12. 1917.
cluded. 2 Lr
Did Harvey really send Christina
an Easter boquet?
Mr. Arnold: “What is an optimist?” The following deeds have been le : The following jurors have been Church Notices
t i EDITOR Clara Gautz: “A person who fixes onio0q or i by Recorder John gg arren Keller of Pittsburg [drawn to serve. at the regular May | Lutheran—W. H. B. Carney pastor
: Lenore Coliing wp |oves.” : E. Custer since our last report: AN aster with her parents Mr. |term of criminal court, which will |S- S. 10:00 a. m., Church 7:00 p. m. f
rg } M:-3 Beck: “What kind of figures | (soniral City Realty Co., to Joe “7% M Levi. Sichliter, convene on Monday, May 7th: Reformed—H. H. Wiant pastor,
i ASSISTANT EDITOR do we have in that stanza? Kozer, Shade township, $450. | Mr. apd Mrs. Henderson of Fi*ts-4 Berlin—W. H. Diveley, merchant, |S: S- 10:00 a m,, Church 7:30 p. m.
§ | Gregg Darrow : a “| Cora Landis: “Figures of Mike Camarata to Sam Camarata, | DUIR ‘peat the Easter holiday with| Black. Conrad Getty, laborer. Brethren—B. F. Waltz, pastor, S.
; REPORTERS Speech.” .. | Windber, $1. the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs.| Brothersial: "—G. Henry Stuck, |S: 10:00 a. m., Church 7:00 p. m.
: The Sophomores have a great lik- : Keller of town. laborer. Evangelical —Rev. Hetrick pastor,
} . for the oon cl S Central Realty Co. to Emma Cook, or . . : S. 8. 10:00 Ch s >
ing for the Freshman Class Song, |g) “10 township, $1. Frank Garletz of Akron, Ohio, Conemaugh—-George H. Kriss, | 8: 10:00 a. m., Church 2:00 p. m.
i } Harry Aurandt °20. that they cannot resist the tempta- Harry E. Shaulis to Mary E. spent 8 few days at the home of his | farmer; Russell Benford, clerk;| x TN TTT
i : irene Austin "20. Unk Jy away from i Bhi Trert, Black township, $1,400. parents Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Garletz. | David Mishler, gardener. Mrs. R. M. Miller delightfully en-
Ruth Bowmaster 19.
Mary E. Bridegum to Clyde R.'!
Saylor, Milford township, $5,000.
Jacob Yorty to Sadie M. Yorty,
Somerset township, $600.
H. C. Show to John Tissue, Con-
fluence, $1,500.
Daniel E. Long to Josiah D. Long,
their class song.
While discussing Loch Lomond in
“Lady of the Lake,” Cora Landis
wanted to know whether Ellen fell
in the lake.
On Monday morning while in Al-
gebra class Miss Brodhead moved
George McMeerdo of Davis visited
his mother Mrs. Wm. McMurdo for
several days,
Rev. John Domer conducted Holy
Communion Service in the United
Evangelical Church on Sunday morn-
ing, 35. p
Clara Rowe ’18.
Edna Zinn "17.
Margaret Damico '17,
Garrett—W. H, Miller. clerk. tertained the members of the Willing:
Jenner— William Eppley, farmer. orkers Society and their husbands
Lower Turkeyfoot—y. W. Burk-|2t her home last Thursday evening,
holder, farmer. There were twenty-six present and
Meyersdale—Edward L. Donges,|2ll reported a very enjoyable time.
butcher; Charles Plitt, manager. Mr. Howard Merrill entertained a
Don’t forget the Freshmen Class
«dayl The program will begin at
1:30. Everyone invited to come.
The High School pupils were thor-
Catherine Siehl to one of the front Quemahoning township, $6,500.
seats. We suppose Catherine rea-
lizes that this is spring, for spring Conemaugh township, $2,100.
Levi Keefer to Edward Gardill,
P. L.' Livengood of Huntingdon
spent the week-end with his family
Salisbury—Robert H.
Paint borough—Oliver Frye, car- | few of his friends
at a card party
Monday evening.
BoE About one hundred delegates and
$e : Riners ajtended the District meeting
: i : C. M. Williams to J. C. Gneagy, | town. & Somerset township—Ross Adams, |beld in the Brethren church at this
— § oughly aroused last Tuesday, when |is generally regarded as moving cea- Somerset, $450. gy Miss: Margaret Glotfelty of Berlin | mail carrier;’ H. G. Baltzer, Jr.! place Tuesday-—Wednesday and
i * ae Sarna lyons pad son. Josiah Alwine’s heirs to Levi spent Easter at her home on Grant painter; Lorenzo Geisler, electrician. | Thursday.
i shot a e Fr a
charge at Berlin Monday.
tell! John D. Shaffer to Lavan Ashe, | Reformed Church w 5 ded to the | mer. { Mrs. R. L. Pollard who was un-
1 Olivesis so happy. Wonder why? Jenner township, $5,500. utmost when Its Tos ® ond Upper Turkeyfoot—George Join-{ dere ging Wodienl treatment at. the
ol % Yordy 3 Bi sass Respected Lady Succuinbs ed poaser fo So Herring, | friends from neighboring towns as: | ston. farmer detil Younkin. Lob [od Tor arsrial Pittsburg, return-
‘ Lite 235, Das i tlk Lick Township : sembeld to hear Dr. Russell H. Con- rsina—JXrederic nisin. Jaby je0 J 2y. .
' coats of onions,” said, “the cost of After Eight Week’s Milford ‘Coal Co. to Thos. Dona- well. :s Those who. were present will | Orer. A Rev. and Mrs. E. M. Detwiler of
RAM i onions.” Mike must have been think- Illness. hue, Black township, $1. | probably never forget this man nor Windber—Charles Reeser, plechri. | Jonnsiows are Visiting at the home
| t ing of the high cost of living even Jonas I. Ankeny’s heirs to D. B.| his message. He says it is not “Where | cian; J. M. Miller, clerk; John An- of Mm Detwiler’s sister, Prof. and
9th, i for two. J . Zimmerman, Jenner township, $1. | We Are, But What We Are,” that|keny, blacksmith; Blaine Barefoot, | Mrs. ir B. Speicher. .
RL" Elizabeth Keeble was a visitor at Miss Lydia, the fourth daughter of Central City Realty Co. to Frank makes our fortune or worth. manager. Mr. Roy Biddler of Pittsburg wag
! High School on Monday. She ex- Daniel and Eliza Beachley, was born Oring, Shade township, $350. Brief Mention ; Petit Jury. al transacting business in Garrett Tues- 1
st ap- i pressed her high regard for the M.|in Meyersdale, or what was then Lizzie M. Stevens to D. B. Zim- Mrz, and Mrs. Cyrus Rhodamer and Addison township—William Rob- | day.
H. 8. students, especially the juniors. | Meyers Mill. merman, -Quemahoning township, | grandson of Springs have moved to|erts. laborer; John Rodaheaver, far-| Mrs. Jas. Brown returned to
eyers- “Harvey, do not fret because you Her death occurred last Sunday, $10,300. the Horchler residence, which they | mer: : ; 3 {her home Monday after having spent
“The + -are the only “recruit.” Some more! aged 73 years, 11 months and six| Conrad Will to Peter Ankeny, have purchased, The citizens of Sal-| Allegheny— Daniel J. Hillegas, | several weeks at Madison, Pa., with
will soon follow, besides Catherine days. {Jenner township, $50. ; .., |isbury rejoice to have these good peo- | farmer. +> ao | relatives ug
il 9th, House said she wanted to be a Red| Miss Beachley was a very success-| County Treasurer to Daniel Will, ple added to our town. Benson—=Frank Stewart, elerk. | Mrs.. H. B. Bow man of Pittsburg
: «Cross Nurse!” [| ful teacher, and among the ones who | Jenner township, $12. Misses Mary Reitz, Effie Lichliter,| Berlin—G." ‘A. Hoffman, cashier; , arrived Monday to visit her parents
maxd- | Miss Pierson: “I am afraid this| ollow the remains to their last rest-| John Will to Peter Ankeny, Jen-|and Romaine Ditez, spent Wednesday | B. F. Bowman, agent. Mr. and Mrs, E. Schrock.
music 4 class has too many ‘Doubting Thom-|ing place are many who were her! nor township, $40. afternoon in Meyersdale shopping. Boswell—John, Taylor, fire boss;, Miss Margaret Kearney of Johns-
1 East 1a ai pupils and are her warmest friends. Wm. Cassel to Geo. Lyberger, Ber-| : 5 1 nd Mrs. Bud |Edward Apisman, constable. town spent the week-end with her
ases’ in it. Mss. N. B. Hanna and |
Er Class: “Who is it?” he was one of the first corps of lin, $1,475. J Newman spent Thursday afternoon Black—M. W. Romesburg, mer- mother, Mrs. W. H. Clements, re .
, SE : . (teachers who taught in the “brick Sadie E. S ler to Jacob C hopping in Meversdale chant; Samuel Neimiller,. laborer. .,|turning to Johnstown Tuesday.
x . Hy d about him » ie nadie Hi. pang. er to Jaco onn, shopping in ey . ’ 3 . ix 1 os Chonhs y .
i Miss Plersol real Ebon school house,” now the municipal New Centreville,” $800. : Prof. J. C. Beahm of S. Connells-| Brothersyalley—Noah A. Beachy, Mr. Clyde Satterfield. of . Pitts
. In the Bible, and he would pot be- | building. ; : to. William GC. vill t the. week-end at his home, | farmer. : ga {burg is spending the week with his
: lieve until he could see for himself.” Calvin C. Hoover to William C.|ville spent thew 75
BG 3 . On November 17, 1872 she was! pr kh, Paice A humb if Salisbury folks are Conemaugh—Jacoh Heckman, far- mother Mrs. Z. Walter.
oR Douch : “That t : y : : Hoover to William C. Roach, Paint A humber of ' Salisbury > er | ;
Wy Carl Doug erty: al guy mus united in marriage with Dr. H. C. township,: $6,000. = - : - + |attending the convention in Garrett |mer. " nN Mr. and Mrs. John Kretchman and
3 ve hisen I fom Missouri. Sine with McKinley, and” they took up. their Ephraim Statler to Henry Statler, | (his tveek. an the Church ' of the| Elk Lick—Mortimer vagner, | dauchter Margaret of Meyersdale
Lepha’ Suder was RD poe wit residence in Meypradale, and five Windber,. $300. ° bon heh Brotinalibe. | i . 0 tbhaker. Bolitabile oe Easter "Sunddy with = Garret
Bastar moro adls We | years later. moved into the. house | 3 nt He BEE dif ARIE Bch Tasboi service was 1 Hooversvilleeo Wii. Moc Botligblle, | friends, oun 2 Hid Si en
; ; it brought whers ‘they Titled" to%residd® until Pats he foe S250. | haldeias sTorvied Church of » : fi 1 Misses Mas Bittner Koa Mats To
1 1g oo. i ‘ S 4 ¢ r v 5 ch on Sun- butcher. e ae er C Mattie
r her or if she intende’ts start her death. Here she reared to man- Swan Tonetmteh' Sownsjup, $250. haldrin Re Reformed Chg Jefferson—William H. H. Knupp, | Younkin of Rockwood were the
“fi‘the chicken business.’ hood and womanhood her two chil- | L.2Ly B- Appelito Penn Smokeless | day evening. furmen : #1 0700 | guests of Miss Francis Colbert Sum. wR
i"... John Boose has added a word to oo he oan 00 er Te £ ay Coal Co., Jenner township, $1,233. 5 armer. who Wilsorr Friedline; car: 1% Dis pli 4
{4 his vocabulary. He pronounces it iit Now © hg od Miss Jonathan Miller's trustees to Levi A nei : ; M Clark White and daught Li
L&R , aan fn New Jricans, and Miss! porter. Thools towistit. 31.000 carpenter. a oh oie and = danghier ¥
i Blusolopher. Tpsiss Gussie, who resides at home. James Weigle to David F. Lavan, 4 : Lincoln—John W.: Geary, farmer. .|Evelyn and Miss Lil'.an Buckman of ¢
! > The schools were dismissed early! Mrs. McKinley was a rare combina- : hi 7.000 a Lower Turkeyfoot—W. S. Coch-| Berlin were guests of Mrs. Ida O.
on the afternoon of the sixth and|tion of elements of character, a Jelesoy owns in, 3 I An rei Brant Tuesday. %.
the short Easter vacation seemed tol genuine Christian woman, an indul- i d FA 2 Li $1,383 Middlecreek—1I. S. Pile, surveyor;| Miss Gertrude Schrock returned %
have been enjoyed by all the pupils | gent ‘parent, a loving wife; yet with PN et _ 5 ancis Burke ® [Israel Gross, farmer; Daniel Bow-|to Donora Sunday to resume her oh
: by ie Smiles and flowers exhibited |, these she was a devoted worker Sorat $800. ox ? man, farmer. school dutics after having spent her i
i on Moncay. in the cause of temperance, and ? : Meyersdale—George R. Wagaman, |spring vacation with her parcnts Mr. X
i George Griffith, Marie Hay, Helen probably no other ie in the in- Harry Ee Julmitown and Mrs. S. J. Layman left for Con- Er $ and Mrs. E. Schrock. An
! ‘Baer and Grace Fike had a tug of terior counties had met so many wo- Somerset Tees manway 2 nellsville on Friday to visit with her Milford—Charles Berkey, farmer. Mr. H. H. Wiant of Berlin spent 3
FUL i ‘war on Monday, when they tried to men workers in the cause as she had Tash imi ive F. E. Trim. | daughter there, Northampton—Martin G. Miller, | Friday and Saturday in Garrett. k
pull two Magdeburg hemispheres ang who also enjoyed the confidence| J8°00 I, Bo 1 ie Tom and Earl Poorbaush, and|g, oo Mr. Harold Merrill left Tuesday {
apart. Then George exhibited the|yf a1] of them, jpey, Lasseman, 31. ; | Howard Bittner of Akron, were home Paint borough—Robert Dietz, [for Lancaster to resume his studies
' strength of a Sampson, when he Her sweet, engaging manner en-| Jrank ik Frieding to Da for Easter. SOWIE at Franklin and Ilarshall. #
iRAM i pulled them apart unaided.” deared her to those who knew ge | Fisher, Someone wT Zutall > Som- I D. Leydig spent Tuesday at the Paint township—C. C. Weaver; Mr. W. M. Henderson of McKees~
ck, in : Maurice Clark entertained the and gained her the confidence “of | 2 I Bwan TE ; County Seat attending the Mass farmer. port, was a Garrett visitor from ¥
: ® HS. students Friday afternoon With those she met. She enjoyed the es. | ®t oh oa to Lizzie B.|Meeting for patriotic purposes. Rockwood—J. R. Shanks, eashier. 'Sunday until Tuesday.
: two solos which were greatly appre- teem of and entertained at her home | Dale PL me : Vesta and Anna Sharp of Sand- Salisbury—Clayton Newman, mer-| Mr. Sam Kimmel of Johnstown
Tamson ciated by all. He as accompanied | Mrs. Anna Shaw and Mrs. Willard, | Step fens, Hema ne i b, patch were week-end guests at chant. 2 i A lcalled on Garrett friends Tuesday.
ar oi rns Silo Somers, a) $10 SRE, UE Tm 1 SSE Pw piney and wit 0 Grats Ola TOOT Eve Ero iors wD. Boones dug wth fueasn spent Easter Sen
That is student at the Baldwin School, Byron | ang the prohibition of the hes (Hemon, big Jo township, 36.000 John Poorbaugh and babe and Mrs, ion Bol Jordan, carpen- :
ersdale Mawr, pat was a visitor in H. S. traffic, which bore fruit during ean = — $724. "| Henry Smith and children of Cum-|({o. : INCE'S CIVILIZATION
; Ty g 1yC ’ . » 1 H - 3 i oy £
Thurs. ; Tey om hear that Prag ines Sow Yours In chaos one-half of Atnie Sady- and husband to Steve perlnd spent Easter at H. M. Poor Somerset—Charles. Schrock, livery ot SPECTACLE ;
hough ayer Is proving wpidly snd will} Whe Mckinley had four sisters and J: Baw I Marion Leydig entertained a few Re nonies township—J. E. Good! «Civilization,” a motion picture :
~ “Aud- J soon be with us asain. During. ‘his | ihre brothers; one brother dying in | Foner Cons "Company, Somerset |friends on Easter Monday including | 0 chant; M. J. Walker, farmer. lcreation of vast scope aud possibilia
S Shuence Mr i Pullen: of Berlinds | {atancy, Willem Mond U. W. werele ch, $1,100 : Alice Webreek and her visiting friend Stonycreek—Jacob G. Kimmel, | ti05 for the coveted bringing about of
© Mary bearing Lis classes. residents of Meyerstole, the latter q | Eorough, 31,100, d husband to| Miss Cooper, of Pittsburg. ~Both|t, mer; Joseph Walker, farmer; Ira | giant Blysien period which we are all
1d play Romeo and Juliet had a great ef- prominent physician and surgeon, | Beans Siig Ph girls are graduate nurses and are Miller ‘farmer; Jacob Mosgrove, far- looking forward to when Worl | Peace
ith the fect upon Clara Rowe and Redolphus [both of whom have preceded her to SanSE ibTarth, '| affiliated with the Red Cross. Het. ; will be a reality, is to be presented by
Bowman esa Temes. |the spirit land, Two sisters, H.C McCullough’s heirs to Or-| Mr. H. M. Poorbaugh spent Sat- Stoyestown—Foster B. Giffin, elec- | ;iq producer, Mr. Thos. H. Ince at
lum or- day morning acting the closing scene; | Mary Saylor of Waterloo, Iowa, and| . : hip, | urday afternoon with her niece, trici the Auditorium Summer Garden two
Dick using red ink for poison and | Mrs. Sallie Listieo of Lincoln, Ne-|Ville D. Cuppett, Addison township, Alice Poorbaugh, who is a patient in ae Turkeyfoot—Peter Sanner, ; rm
Ch ie Je i ete Vrmha, puivg, bes, Me Eliza | $10,000. Donahoe and wife to |the Alleghany Hospital at Cumber- farmer :
What happene 0 Judgment? Wills and Miss Barbara Beachley are | ; land. ina—F. M. Parnell, farmer.
Claule Deal cannot even find it in| deceased. Cox's a Co., Blagk town. John Hostetter of Ohiopyle, Milt Yom Richard Fox, mason; J.
the dictionary, $e} She was a consistent member of ship, $144, ¥ Lest G Webreek of Friedens and Alfred K. Aldstadt. teamster; A. J. Jones,
Howard Gress received a visit the Brethren church and the fun- Kate R. Casebeer to Lester ‘| Wilmoth of Roddy Camp ‘ate their| XK a Ber merchants TA.
: from a little fairy named Elizabeth. eral was conducted at her late home | Wagner, Somerset Borough, $3,500. Easter dinner si the F. WW Wobreok agent; H. BN ee ih
on pic- Despite the fact that girls are not today by her first pastor, Rev. A. D.| A. F. Speicher and wife to Ellen Sable. Fara i es 3 ¥ Yoder, 1!
nd pro- allowed to sit with boys, Miss Lauver Gnagy, now of Ashland, Ohio, and | Loechel, Salisbury, Sg00- 5 : S Chas. Deist, Jr., of Pittsburg came Oe Cotet. oy . /
said the fairy was under the age! be followed by interment in the| John L. Barchus and wife to Sam- home for an Easter vacation. gent; La fo
at the limit. We are sure the good fairy Union- cemetery. |uel C. Loechel, Ooh Mrs. John Hosteller and son of 3 : hes 20c & i}
ril 16th granted him three wishes as they al-| = yrp.c. McKinley was a patient suf- v i IL only Ohiopyle is spending a fortnight with| Finest California Lj vess es |
ray in stories. ar ino i S ind- | be Her, ’ ; er can at Habe 1 . {
genjons GRRE A ee Dy ouieay Jao Tat | Load of Pittsburg is home| tH
of “Civ- saying: “Mr. Philson Tukey my heart | {1o advantage of the best medical | Broiherond 2 oynsin, wife to Gu- for a time filling up on mountain air. Siehl-Leighty :
require bert TOW Wonders) ili In the town, ns well a9 that of ang nh Shade township, | His family is expected io trail him Lawrence H. Seihl,: who is cm- 1
Anna Forquer received another Dr. Lichty, a personal friend, of | tana ’ this week. ioved at Akron, O., and Miss Ida G. i i
fies "to Proposition from faves Meyers. | Cleveland, Ohio, but her disease was | $350. es Groner and husband to] gr Dy of Meyersdale, were married |
Tw “| 3 reat- gnes Groner ar eI De . onaG i
ng, nas No. Be De om | too Jeaproated to yield to treat oan S. Vannear’s heirs, Hg) A Surprise Party. at the Reformed Tome Pasa |
Vs : EY 4 Yd . apa | . - i ev. A. E. |
is wild : "The Senior rings appeared this| tardey afternoon the ladies of | township, 31. lizabeth Miller.| Mrs. R. G. Miller gave a surprise ~ Srjmdny Evening |
n at week and gladdened the hearts Ofithe 7. CT II of the to reld | Jacob att to Eliza beth Mil S| party on Friday afternoon in honor | mal, 2 dirt: Blue travels]
i the almost despairing class. | services which vere very ir pressive | Brothersy ley township, 22.000, ir |of her two sons, Paul and Cedric. Al. Nl it and carried
IE Oty, M. Opel: “I wish Lloyd Shumac | nq many of the ladies yielded to| Albert J. Hillecas and openers 120! number of guests were present and|!n& Sn Antoriean beauty roses. i
applaud was here to carry my traveling bag.” | ios ao the Sirol gl Jou A ram Brothersvalley | enjoyed a fine time. I? home is inerioay | 31 Tru
+ i S hv rd? iy shir ox ac r ns y © . terme ’ bra rT ry the | :
Gardner pid Ea Zinn seh OY Slovo a or a Jey 2a Philly B. Ritter to I. Lemuel Rit.) — —— | Supper was Served at th Lome nt io ENE
L0yac verQicti,of a vino Ki Til | mae a - ETS om ida C iS which a n T | Sr if 1
ook and Pe Tnrgaret Wilson entertained the |p good, true woman has o er, Meyersdale, $2,500. {| sve ; joe a 9 P. My — The bride | "OS H ! i
rs of the Senior class at her ” William H. Hitt to Charles A.| inion H Thompson and wife to|of friends were present. tor's | Si ae 4
compos- members o e reward. A 1 1.000 3 ip, {and groom took dinner at the latter’s | "WIT ATION | E 1
coat home on Large street, Tuesday even- —— | Philips, Noy Siee $ ind others to| Allen Trent, Somerset township, Ea ie eile coming BF 0 Lil 131 )
e. Sea 3 1 Aw 5 lorits 7 : William H. Bittner a Yo leo ago. | hor yn Easter, 2 | Shoo -
ing, ppd] ard Several i) al Younkin Coal Tract Sold. Nevin: A. Shaulis, Jenner township, | o n Gunter and others to Mary |of each were served. Tar oo Mon. | day s Monday and Tuesday, April 16
Ein One jeole 5 sal etraad it untouched.| Dr. C. J. Hemminger and J. R. s5 000. } ., | Beam, Lincoln township, $975. "|, Mr. and Mrs. Siehl left on “will and 17th, reserve seatz pow on sale
® ji meantime the boys of the|Barron, of Rockwood, have purchas-i’ Iq, B. Mishler and ethers to Wil | ¥ at
culprit is not known, it may have
been a Sophomore in disguise. Never
can tell!
Keefer, Conemaugh township, $700.
Oscar Wright to William Wright,
Elk Lick, $700.
Mrs. Lydia B. McKinley.
ic ream | ed the coal under
ad bought more ice cream | > i C
Class Ta re | farm in Black
and this enabled the crowd to h
+ “Acres of Diamonds”
On Monday evening, April 9th, the
the W. S. Younkin
in, for g i
F. Mishler, Brothersvalley town- |
day for Tr 0., where they will
Ralpl : lessner to James S.|day for Akt on, O., 3
BAT township, | make their future home. |
Stonycreek—A. G. Glessner, far-|21d W. J. Brocht
it—D. C. Handwerk, far
: ht attended the Joint
consistory meeting of the Zions Re-
- | formed
Thomas Drug store, secure your
seats early.
——— ee | Srey : : :
: 0 [$6,7 | Foor: | “Civilization,” comes with the
3 rafter | i $ ah 10 S range | vv and wife cial Meetings. Yai 3 ndor ont af :
another party the following day, after | eration of $10,000. The tra % ah Long and others b> Oreve | J r and wife to R. W. | Specia t oy etropolitan endors t of the
1 Sr ams abou € Kir 3 guemahoning : hi Gl ISvaiiey Lownsnip, | Rev. C. A. Shultz oi Johnst | PIESS, Wie Clergy and tae thneatr Cg 0=
: school. 3 v x ie tntvier 1 10id with coal. and the new ownersliepe an Yr | ST 3 1 : fe 1 12 $2 .¥ 3 =z
Jat varieties, C A nghersy sande will begin oper t ] ickey and wife to H vement Co. to Ellen £1 ww M e, pressive offering
E, N. Ye about Se 1 "He must |erset County Leader, Fr n Snyder, Summit township, |, oll. @1.450 x Wed ez April! rh otion tic
one d en oi » r : iiriid GT o v :
be coing to Grants
ve - » i ¥
ys men
vho go to war are ¢
and wife te
Somerset townshi
~ and wife to D