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+ MEYERSDALE, »; . MARCH 22. 1917.
Mrs, Eugene Wellen is cufforing
from a sévere attack of appendicitis.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hay, of near
St. Paul, spent Tuesday last ut
Vim, :
The surprise party given in honor
of the Misses Mary and Margaret
Fike, was la social function that will
not be gorgotten soon by the partici:
pants. There were a large number
of guests present.
Dr, and Mrs. A. BE. Truxal, of Mey-
ersdale, were Vim callers last Tues-
day. “i A 5
Samuel, son of Fremont Fike, who
spent the winter in Akron, O., came |
home last Tuesday. :
Miss Emma Ringler is staying at
_ ithe home of William McClary at Glade
"City. ;
William Valentine Is seriously il
suffering’ from a complication of di-
_ seases.
Miss © Mary Vought and Mrs. Pris-
© cilla_ Queer, ‘were Vim Yigitgre Mon-
day ands Tuesday.
George, son of ‘Mr. and Mrs. D. M.
om Lee, was hlrt in the Keystone Mines
"on Monday by slate falling on him,
Mrs. ‘Thomas ‘Swindell was called
tO: Salibury fast Sunday on account of
"the serious illness of her sister. V
a number, of our people at-
the. funeral’ of Mrs. Amanda
Sechler’ at Bt. Paul)’ ast Saturday.
Ralphton® are guests of Jacob Emer-
ick, for this week.
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Cook, left ‘Wed-
nesday for Salisbury, ‘where the for-
‘mer hag business interests.
Rev. Kresge and wife are spena
ing the week with friends thruout the
community previous to their depar-
ture to a new field of labor.
« “Freddie” begins to take an inter-
a in Merchant I. D's, establishment,
he knows when. closing time. =
The prospective strike playad hob’
with dates, but. Henry Raunacl's had
the Hyndman visitor on Monday night
dnstead. :
Milt ‘Webreck of Friedens,
Sunday “with parents.
John Hosteller, of Meyersdale, was
a very busy: International Harvester
-salesman in-our tcwn on Saturday.
Mrs. B. F. Bittner and daughter,
Hilda, spent part of the week eating
“spotza” at E. E. Boyer’s, Hays Mill
Get your ears peeled ‘for wedding
bells. They're about to ring in our
erset, spent Sunday with parents here.
Clarence Miller returned ito these
parts on Monday atfer a four month's
stay in Florida. He is very enthus-
iatic over the soulth.
Mrs. Willis Srhrock went to Cuwm-
berland on Monday night to join an
order there.
rs. W. T. Henzell and daughter,
‘Thelma, @andLoreen Little, of Fried-
ens, spent the week-end with Mrs.
“W. A. Bittner and the Miller sisters.
H. D. Altfather and W. Hosselrode,
were Sand Patch visitors on Tuesday,
but failed in their mission.
Idella Meyers, was summoned to
Akron, last Thursday to nurse her sis-
ter, Mrs, Harry Love, who was sud-
denly taken ill
Mrs. W. A. Raupaeh and babies,
spent the week-end with parents at
An Easter Social will be held in
-Glencoe Hall on April 7th. Be pre-
pared for a series of new stunts.
Glencoe Reformed Sunday School
will render an Easter program on
Faster Sunday night. Everybody is
Clara Leydig, returned from Pitts-
burg last Thursday, after spending
three weeks there.
Indian Motore yeles Te
and Bicycles
“dale visitor last Friday.
Mr. 4. Cyle, of Hyndman, visited"
hig daughter, Mrs. John Tucker last
Mr. and Mrs.. James Brown, were
called to Madison, Pa., Sunday by the
serious illness of Mr. Brown's sistar.
Mr. Peté Lawson, was visiting re-
lativeg and friends at Greenshure this
Miss Violet Johnson, of Meyersdale,
visited her friend Evelyn Bowlby last
Mr. W. A. Merrill, spent fro Wed.
nesday until Priday in Pittsburg trans-
acting business. ’
J. B. Baylor, of Somerset, was a
business visitor in Garrett last Thuss-
Mrs. W..H. Miller, was a Meyers- ;
H. H. Wiant. was calling on Gar
rett friends last Thursday.
Dr.sand Mrs. R. T. Pollard, left Fri-
day for Pittsburg, were Mms. Pollard
entered the Passavant hospital to un
dergo medical treatment for a com-
plication of diseases.
Mr. K. Patricn,” of Somerset, was
a Garrett visitor last Thursday.
Mrs. W. Currie, visited her parents,
‘Mr. and Mrs. J. Burnsworth, at Mark.
leton, last Tuesday and. Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Al
spent the. week-end at Hyndman, vist-
ting relatives and. friends. OR
4 Mrs. Oliver Pritts, of Pittsburg,
was, ithe guest, of’ Mise Ella Weimer
moved his family to Garrett
Mrs. E. L. Fiddler, was a Pittsburg
visitor Tuesday. :
Dr. R. T. Pollard, spent Tuesday
in Pittsburg.
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Fulmer, were in
Cumberland Saturday to see their
son, who is in the hospital suffering
from a growth in his head.
Mr. J. M. Glessner, of Shanksvi'le,
was transacting business in Garrett
‘Tuesday and Wednesday. 2
~ The County Superintendent
" Schools, D. W. Seibert, was in Garrett
last, Thursday visiting the _schools.
Mrs. Chas. M. Stevens and child-
Ten returned home from Bedford coun.
ty last Thursday, after having spent
several weeks visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. S. Blair at Six Mile
Run. :
Mr. N. H. Lenhart, of Blackfield,
wag looking after his interests in Gar-
rett, Monday.
Mr. land Mrs. J. B. Walker, were in
Berlin Tuesday, visiting Mrs. Walk-
er’s brother Mr. Harvey Londis, who
is ill
Mr. C. T. Bittner, of Pittsburg,
spent the week-end with his family
on Walker street.
Last “Saturday Miss Ada Herwig
and Mr. Walter Liberty went to Ber-
lin, where they were married at the
Zion's Reformed parsonage by Rev.
H. H. Wiant. The bride is a daught-
er of Mr. and Mrs. John Herwig, and
the groom, thei son of Mr. and Mrs.
James Liberty. Their many friends
extend ito them their best wishes.
The Hellen May Abbout Recital giv
en in the Opera house last Thursday,
was a decided success, and a iarze
number of people were In attendance.
The proceeds which were large went
for the new school library.
Church Notices.
Reformed—H. H. Wiant, pasior;
Sunday school 10:00 a. m. Church
services 7:30 p. m.
Luthern—W. H. B. Carney, pastor;
Sunday school 10:00 a. m. Church
services 7:00 p. m. Sunday evening,
and every evening during the week at
Brothern—B. F. Waltz, pastor;
Sunday School 10:00 a. m. Charch
services 7:00 p. m,
Evangelical—Rev. Hetrick, pastor;
Sunday school 10:00 a. m. Chu
services 2 p. m, -
Spelling Class
interesting spel
in the Glade
A very ling class
Ci schoal
ason and family, a
Er “ds undergoing || |
the. Bawitel at :
of |
The Meyersdale Branch of; The
Wild Life League held thei: annual |
meeting in the Boosters’ Club recom
on Monday evening March 26th, and
elected the following officers:
the funeaal of the former” s gand- SHO.
President—W. P. Dively.
Vice Presidents—P. Ww. Gurley
Secretary—Robert Cook. -
Ass’t. Sec'v—Howard C." Shockey.
Treasurer—Dr. M. R. Milne. i
Howard C. Shockey. LY ein
Chairman of Fish * Gomumittee—Bu-
gene Rosenberger. : :
Chairman of Cominitted! on. Educa-
tion—Harry M. Cook. +* id
The regular meeting night of the
‘League will be held the first Friday’
evening of each month at 8 o'clock
« The public ig’ cordidlly invited tof
ad Mrs. Gladys Protter, of near Union:
‘gown, last week.
be present at these meetings’ an
‘ grandson Harry, were Hooversville
© + Mrs. A. H. Bittner, was & Pittsburg
Chairman, of «Game Committee — y
‘Baler, were Bakersville callers Sun-
Chairman of Counter on Fores. Hh
tFY—T. W, Gruley. : Bi Connellsville "caller Tuesday.
¢ © Squire Win. Taylor, was a Pittsburg
| household goods to Clarsshure W. Va,
Club 5 last Friday. ;
skafp, in the Boosters Club room WL. «ad Sirs. BYR -Phillipl, were
der the Second National Bank build- |
: sion. of Miss Johephine McKee, met
1 at the home of Miss Johanna Shultz,
a A le
NO. 12
5 F.E. Trimpys cf C asselman wag
a caller here last Wednesday.
’ Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Durst, attended
er ‘at ‘Meyersdalg, "Monday.
‘MF. J. H. Long, daughter Edna and
rélatives who attended the funeral of
Mrs, Durst in. Meyersdale on Monday.
Mrs. I. D. Hechler and nephew Wm.
Prof. H. S. Wolfersberger, was a
gitor last week.
“Mr. Hood removed, his family and
Pittsburg visitors several days last
week. - :
Mrs. A. W. Young had ag her guest
The Glee Club, under the Superve
Reformed Methodist
Every Evening
Apr. 1—Apr. 8.
t Sat.-Excepted... .
Every Evening
Nov. 25---Apr. 8
Mondays Excepted Sat. Excepted.
Members Are Expected
Every Evening
Apr. 1---Apr. 8. 1
All Are Invited
The Spirit and the Bride Say Come!
Palm Sunday Easter Sunday
Everybody in Meyersdale and vici.
nity ig cordially invited and earnestly
urged to attend religious services in
some church on the above Sundays.
This challenge is sent forth in the
name of the Lord to every man and
woman in the community by the pas-
tors of the Lutheran, Reformed and
Methodist churches. Let every mem-
Jer attend the services of hig or her
church on Palm Sunday and Easter
Sunday, and let everybody else at-
tend services somewhere on these
davs. Let all Meyersdale go to churca
on the apove mentioned successiva
Sundays. Go, it will do you good;
you will be heartily welcomed. These
. A. BE, Truxal
will hold services also during
J. C. Matteson, pastor of the M, E.
J. L. Frantz, pastor of the Luther-
an Church.
of the Reformed
Taken to Hospital.
Velma Pyle,Boynton, Pa., was tak-
en to the Western Maryland hospital
Tuesday morning. She will undergo
an operation for ulcers of the stom-
Last Lecture Course.
The last of the lecture course
held last Thursday evening. The
was held
Friday evening. The program
ted of dialogues, recitat
and spe
ject The Ash Heap” on which Mr.
C. C. Mitchell lectured
Sreton There was a large attend- |
| & PHIL
Mr. Fred Bates, who hag been em-
ployed as mine foreman at Markle-
ton for the past month, departed for
Latrobe, Wednesday to join his com-
pany of National Guards at that place.
Mr. Bates did border duty last sum-
The weather had been very pleas-
ant for a few days and some of the
people took advantage of it by mak-
ing garden, but the ground ig again
covered with snow.
Mrs. Chrict Wahl is still suffer-
ing with quinzy and rheumatism.
Mrs. Cyrus Fike is no better at this
writing. Mr. Fike is still a great suf-
fer with neuralgia in his head.
Mrs. Perry Miller and Mrs. Man-
nie Tressler and son, Merle of Vim,
spent Wedneslay last at Howard Mil-
Mr. Aaron and John Lephart and
Mrs. Meyers, of Cassleman, visited
their sister and Aunt, Mrs. Cyrus Fike
in Woodlawn last week. .
Crawford Dietle visited his grand-
parents in Greenville over Sunday.
Mrs. Lizzie Mborteeny and Mrs. An-
nie Spiker land little son of Meyers-
dale, spent Sunday in Woodlawn -=t
the home of Cyrus Fike.
Mrs. Andrew Robertson and daught-
er, Alice and Mrs. John Robertson
spent Monday at C. J. Fikes.
Mrs. Belle Trimpy, of Cassleman,
visited her sister, Mrs. Cyrus Fike =z
few days last week.
Mr. Charles Rockes of Mullin’s Drug
store, Somerset, is now clerking in
the Elk Lick Drug store for D. W.
Miss Hilda: Lichty of Meyersdale,
was the week-end guest of Miss Har-
riet Maust.
The Willing Workers class of the
Methodist Sunday school held an oy-
ster supper in the Red Men’s Hall on
Friday evening. i
The Boy Scouts played the Meyers-
dale team on their floor in a game of
basket-ball. The final score was 27-
29 in favor of Meyersdale.
Mrs. Lorena Reitz will return this
week from Randolph, where she is,
visiting her daughter.
Messrs, Little and Matthews, of
Oakland, Md., were Sunday visitors
with friends in town.
Mrs. A. M. Lichty and daughter, Eli-
zabeth, will return on Thursday from
Pittsburg, where they are spending a
few days.
Mrs. Chas. Gray, of Pittsburg, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. Alf Ringler.
Miss Josephine McMurdo; has re-
turned from' Confluence, where she
was visiting Misg Bess Mimna.
Miss Ruth Beahm, of Fort Hill, Pa.,
visited at her home on Saturday. *"
Miss Elizabeth Newman, of Springs
spent the week-end at her home.
The Teachers Institute at West:
Salisbury on Saturday .wias not very
well attended.
were read.
Some good papers)
<A Mérry Party. 2
Chas. Engle, was most wou-
mother to find a number of “the fal-
lows” assembled to celebrate his birth
day. Many gifts dere received aud
were greatly appreciated.
Miss Elizabeth Newman entertain-
ed the boys in “just lots o’games”
and readings from Riley’s Child Poemg
A luncheon consisting of ice cream,
cake, sandwiches, and pickles.
Those present were: Wilbur and
Russell Beahm, Harry and Karl New-
man, John McMurdo, George L. Wag.
ner, Albert Robinson, John, Paul and
Fred Engle, Theodore Livengood, Chas
Raymond and Bernard Krausse.
Fever Patients Convalescent.
Williarn Glarlitz is convalescing nice-
ly, his gister, Harriet has been up for
a week. Evelyn Dean is also grow-
ing better, tho still confined to her
Miss Irne Engle and her friend
Miss Henrietta Pritts, was visiting
her moher here over Sunday.
Mrs. Henry Bodes purchased the
Dennis Wistler house in St. Paul and
intends to move into it in the near fu-
Mr. Ernest Bodes, was appointed
sexton of the, Reformed church here
to fill the vacancy caused by the re-
signation of Mr. Oscar Sipple.:
The practice for the Easter service
is in progess every week in the Re-
formed church and we predict a splen-
did program, which will be rendered
on Easter Sunday evening.
Mrs. Rosg Sechler, who had been
confined in a cancer hospital for the
last eight months in Richmond, V..,
died Wednesday morning. Her body
was brought to St. Paul the next day.
The funeral services was conducted
by Elder J. W. Peck of the Church of
the Bretherer, in the Reformed church
on Saturday morning. Her body was
conveyed to its last resting place in
the cemetery at the Cove In Maryland.
A Serious Mishap.
On Wednesday morning as Mrs.
Roy Bungard was washing dishes at
the Central Hotel she cut a deep gash
in her hand with a broken glass. Dr.
W. T. Rowe was called who stopped
the flow of blood, putting three gtitch-
es in the wound, and put the unfortu-
nate lady to bed where she is now
resting ag easy as can be expected
under the curcumstances.
“ c day; their .program- Was mainly" ‘abouts,
the day iff the country Tt hig grand- ;
uth Bowmastee: 149,
‘Clara Rowe '18.
‘Edna Zinn ’17.
aret Damico 17.
8 was seen on her kneds
We presume. she
fcrgot to sa her prayers this morn:
ing, 1% WV
William Keegan—*Is it right
x's at the end of a letter?” BN
Miss en fthat the way |
paring to make. racts. Anyhod By
wishing tc contact for spring work
such as House “eleanink will please
consult them.
The High School enjoyed a few
minutes vacation . from their finals,
last week when Rev. Matteson gave...
a very interesting talk, He was ex-’
tended an invitation to come again’
but he thought ithe pupils wished him * ; a
to come again so they might miss a
few lessons. But not the M. H. S. pu-",
pils they wouldn't think of such- a’
thing” No Siree! i
+Although the Sophmores,; didn’t have.
the aid of the Juniors for their, class,
tthe Juniors, thus ‘showing that” the’ Ses)
Juniors cannot be.’ forgotten. a
Question—Who is the greatest dras
matist? - F
pAmelia—-S; add
"I $ubpose it 1s oy
, Great debates recently occur at the:
noon hour among the ouft-of-town pus.
pils, Harvey always being a staunch:
upholder of “der Kaiser.”
‘Guy Floto when asked to define
love, said he knew four kinds. Fresh=
man, Sophmore, Junior and Senior.
What was Guy thinking about?
Ever since Monday Irvin has talks
ed about curls. You need not telk
your thoughts, actions show thems
sometimes. : :
Conversation heard after Friday af:
terncon’s entertainment: .
Oscar Austin—“Jim certainly can
play that piano,” can’t he?”
Catherine Housel—"Well, I ‘guess,
he just makes it talk.”
On Friday afternoon James Swank
of the class’ of ’18, entertained the
High School with two well rendered
selections on the piano, both of which
‘received a wonderful applause. Wa
hope that this is only the first part
and that it will be followed by more:
of its kind.
The Freshmen are beginning work
on their Class Day Program and the
strains of their Class song floating
thru the halls during practise gives
promise of an interesting program.
Miss Mary Beck, a student in the
Department of Expression, Juniata.
College and a sister of Miss Maude
Beck, teacher in M. H. S. was a vigi-
tor in H. S. on Monday. In the afters
noon she rendered two readings “The
Sioux Chief’s Daughter,” and “So Was
I” which was greatly appreciated by
Poor Sophs, its a shame you didn’t
have a class like the Junior Class, that
could help you out. There is nothing
like a good assistant, and you certains
ly need one. But many thanks fort
your information.
We wonder: what Herbert Ringler
means when he says “Make Peace.”
Everything seemed peaceful Sunday
night, :
We wonder whose dog Hazel Aus.
tin was thinking about, when she pro-
nouced die Koffer (the rrunk) yeh Roe
ver in German.
Lenora Will is continually looking
towards the rear of Room 10. We
wonder who atitracts her attention
back there.
A number of the pupils have been
anxiously awaiting their reports. .1¢
anticipations worse than realization?
The Seniors wish to thank Mr. ©,
P. Baer for the static machine which
he so kindly loaned them for theis
work in physics. They are enjoying
Just received a car of Fertilizer. |
P. J. Cover & Son. |
| so wish
[C. P.
the work in electricity as the machine
makes it doubly interesting. They al-
to express their thanks for
the electrical appratus donated by Dr.
H. S. pupils De > expras:
1 to Mr. . M. )
8 he] ona