The Meyersdale commercial. (Meyersdale, Pa.) 1878-19??, March 15, 1917, Image 2

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Dffering 160 Acres to Farm
Canada today, with the great de-
mand that is made upon it for food-
stuffs, finds itself almost in the throes |
of a labor famine. A novel means of
solving the problem has been evolved
by the Canadian Government at Ottawa
“on Wednesday last, when it was de-
cided to practically bonus every farm-
hand going to Canada, by giving him
160 acres free as a homestead, and to
allow the time he would be working out
for, the good wages offered, to count as
wesidence duties on the homestead.
Western Canada has been a big pro- |
<ucer of grain and it is estimated that
there is a shortage of over thirty thou-
sand men, necessary to produce an av-
erage crop in 1917. This shortage has
been caused by so many young men
having left the farms to go to war, and
4t is essential to make an unprecedent-
ed offer of this kind, to fill their places
on the land at once.
It has been required in the past to
do three years’ duties on homesteads
to get title, but an additional induce-
ment has been offered by practically
reducing this term to two years. AS
explained by an official of the Canadi-
an Government, Canada’s need for
farm laborers is intense, and excep-
tional inducements are being offered
to get the needed farm workers at
once. A farmhand will make his’ en-
try for one of the 160-acre farms, sat-
isfy the Government that he is work. |
ing for a farmer and that time will ap-
ply as residence on the land filed for,
just the same as if he was actually
living on it—Advertisement.
Keeps Flies Off.
A special form of electric fan i$
made for use in markets to keep the
flies from goods on display.
And Prevents Falling Hair Do Cuticura
Soap and Ointment.
On retiring, gently rub spots of dane
druff and itching with Cuticura Oint-
ment. Next morning shampoo with
Cuticura Soap and hot water using
plenty of Soap. Cultivate the use of
Cuticura Soap and Ointment for every=-
day toilet purposes.
Free sample each by mail with Book,
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. L,
Boston. Sold everywhere,—Adv.
An. Opportunity.
“He has asked me to marry him, but
i hate him!” 2
“Then why don’t you do it?”
It is cruel to force nauseating,
harsh physic into a
sick child.
Look back at your childhood days.
‘Remember the “dose” mother insisted
on—cagtor oil, calomel, cathartics.
How you hated them, how you fought
against taking them.
With our children it’s different.
Mothers who cling to the old form of
physic simply don’t realize what they
do. The children’s revolt is well-foynd-
ed. Their tender little “insides” wre
injured by them.
If your child’s stomach, liver and
bowels need cleansing, give only 4eli-
cious “California Syrup of Figs.” Its
action is positive, but gentle. Millions
of mothers keep this harmless “fruit
la¥ative” handy; they know children
love to take it; that it never fails to
clean the liver and bowels and sweet
en the stomach, and that a teaspoonful
given today saves a sick child tomor
Ask at the store for a 50-cent bottld |
of “California Syrup of Figs,” which |
has full directions for babies, children
of all ages and for grown-ups klainly
on each bottle. Adv.
An attachment for piano pedals te
permit children to operate them easily |
has been invented.
how many delicious dishes can be pré
pared - with Skinner's Macaroni and
Spaghetti. For this reason the Skine
ner Mfg. Co. have prepared a beauti-
ful Cook Book containing recipes tells
ing how to serve it in a hundred dif.
ferent ways. Write Skinner Mfg.
Qo., Omaha, Neb., for a free copy. All
good grocers everywhere sell Skinners
Macaroni and Spaghetti—Adv.
A recently patented porch and lawn
seat can be converted into a swing
or crib for a small child.
Take care of your health and wealth
will take care of you. Garfleld Tea
promotes health.—Adv.
Tomorrow 1s the day when people
hire balloons and move into their alr |
To get the gonuine eall for full name LAXATIV.
GROVE. Uures & Oo n One Y.
It is easier to remew s& good resolv
{ion than a 90-day note.
er re———————
One of the New Spring Suits
Une of the new spring suits, with
inany novel features in its construc-
tion to make it interesting, is shown
in the accompanying picture. It is
trim looking and graceful, to start
with, and these commendable charac-
cleverest sort of management in the
cutting. It seems for the past three
years that tailors have studied the de-
sired silhouette, then bent their ener-
gies on accomplishing it, each season,
by original methods of cutting.
In the coat pictured the side bodies
are cut away under the arms in a
curve that is extended into the belt
across the front. A panel at the mid-
dle of the back. terminates a little
above the waistline and the short skirt
of the coat is gathered under it. At
the front the waistline is a trifle lower
under it at each side. Four wide tucks
teristics are brought about by the |
and the coat skirt is laid in a plait
are laid in the lower part of each side
body. At the head of each of these
tucks, soutache braid, in white, is
stitched in a double row, with beauti-
ful exactness. It appears on the back
panel, where two large bone buttons,
| one at each side, form an additional
| decorative feature.
The coat has plain coat sleeves with
| turned back cuffs and a large collar
of white satin trimmed with braid. It
fastens with bone buttons at the front.
In the skirt the side panels in the
| coat are repeated and they are finish-
| ed with tucks headed with braid in
| the same manner. There are wide in-
| verted plaits. at the back and front
| and the skirt is just long enough to
fall an inch below the boot tops.
Women have not taken kindly to the
lengthened skirt, especiplly in suits,
and the skirt pictured er be accept-
ed as quite long enough. !
Spring Coat for General Wear
Last season those who make it their
Yusiness to provide coats for woman-
kind centered their attention on nov-
elty in the manner of cutting and drap-
ing the backs of these garments. In
the new spring models their energies
and collars. The latter are ample in
size and the former as varied and novel
in design as the untrammeled fancy of
| designers can make them.
Many of the new coats are in plain
colors and a great many of them are
plaited. Most of them have a narrow
belt. but often it extends only part way
about the figure, and sometimes merely
across the back or front. But how-
ever conservative the new coats may
be in other things, they go to all sorts
of lengths and breadths and turns in
A very good example of spring
{| modes is pictured above. It is a sand-
| colored model with inlay of black satin
NINH. Look for signature of H. W.
id in O 260. |
on the collar, and this combination of
d color and black has the indorse-
with a deep yoke, to
of the coat is plaited, and
ches almost to the bottom of the
appear to be concentrated on pockets |
nt of the highest authorities. It isq
which the |
| skirt; but in the matter of length
there is considerable latitude in choice.
The sleeves are shaped into a deep,
flaring cuff, headed with a narrow band
| of the material finished with a button.
| The all-important pockets are of the
| saddlebag variety, somewhat more
| ornamental than useful. But they per-
| form their whole duty by providing a
| setting for cloth-covered buttons,
| which no right-minded designer would
| think of omitting from a top-notch
| spring coat.
| le Srl
Ail asl
{ At the Top.
“Old Decker has become known ail
over town as an expert cardplayer.”
| “Yes, he seems to have reached the
| pinochle of fame.”—Puck.
| Heartless Husband.
“It's a shame how Bliggins lets his
wife work?’ “Is she supporting the
family?” “No. But he lets her stand
out all day with a woman suffrage
banner instead of giving his time fo it."
Optimism consists in asking for
cream at a boarding house.
Praising your rival may be good
Christianity, but it’s poor politics.
Though the sun shines for all, the
moon is reserved for spoony couples.
Sprinkle a little salt of economy on
the tail of riches and they will not fly
Never court a girl whose father is a
pessimist, for he always has a kick
As long as you refrain from saying
anything you keep the other fellow
-Even though your congressman is a
vegetarian, he may have a hankering
for “pork.”
Though you may be satisfied to carry
a rabbit’s foot, your wife will require
a set of furs.
If it is true that children get their
growth while asleep, it’s no wonder
some babies grow so slowly.
A laborer makes a bargain for the
price of his work, but a lawyer sizes
up your pile and. charges accordingly.
Love may be blind, but it’s foolish
to attempt to work off a paste dia-
mond on a girl under the impression
that you have her hypnotized by your
good looks.
The friend who gives a card party
for which you pay entirely.
The friend who invites you to the
theater and buys only one ticket.
The friend who introduces you to
Miss Wallflower and then disappears.
The friend you ask to dinner on Sat-
urday and who stays over the week-
end. ’
The friend who insists that you visit
him and continually quarrels with his
The friend who welcomes you by
creeping up behind and knocking off
your hat.
~ The friend who greets you when
you're with the “only girl” and refuses
to be “shaken.”
The friend whe drops in to talk over
“old tipies” and incidentally borrows
all yoi Spore cash. v
The friend who telephones you in
the middle of the night that he’s been
It is easy enough to grind an ax if
one can get somebody to turn the grind-
In most country towns ash day is
the day ashes are set out, not the day
on which they are collected. 5
There are too many people who think
that their train of thought should have
the right of way.
Nothing will arouse neighborhood
‘ curiosity any quicker than going up on
the house and walking around on the
tin roof.
Have stacked up against many farm-
ers in oun time, but we don’t think we
ever heard one, outside of comic fiction,
exclaim “By Heck!”
Since the price of provender has |-
gone up, the poor old hobo finds it
just about as easy to work for a pork
sandwich as to beg for it.
California has 2,803,843 people.
Pennsylvania in 1916 mined 256,000,-
000’ tons of coal.
United States in 1916 produced 4,
75,000 tons of sulphurie acid.
January 1, 1915, there were 21,195,
000 horses on United States farms.
Pennsylvania is asked to spend $21,-
000,000 on highways in the next two
There were 31,288,139 pounds of
cheese in 322 United States cold stor-
ages January 1.
January 1, there were 45,996,514
pounds of creamery butter in 268 <old
storages in the United States.
Gambling fines go into the state
treasury in Montana.
A Carlisle, Pa.,, man uses a tractor
engine to heat a hotel.
Fairview, Ky., is to have a monu-
ment to Jefferson Davis.
Argenta, Ark. police courts are
daily opened with prayer.
New Jerseyites are extensively de-
veloping farming under glass.
es to vote by mall
‘A new plane is provided with a shield
for the hand to prevent it being
Cocoa shells are being fed to cattle
in course of experiments by French
For running an ice cream freezer an
electric motor has been invented that
can be supplied with current from a
light socket.
Of English invention is a magnifying
glass that may be attached to a pencil
or engraving tool to aid a draftsmafs
or engraver.
The germ theory of the transmission
of contagious diseases was entertained
as far back as 1657, when the plague
ravaged Rome.
Whalebone strips replace bristles in
a pew hairbrush that is intended to
last for years and to stimulate the
scalp of a user.
A periscope to be attached to field |
glasses and provided with lazy tongs
to regulate its height is the invention
of a New Yorker.
There are more than 85,000,000
sheep in Australia and nearly 25,000, |
000 in New Zealand, or more than 18
for each resident.
An artificial butter coming into use
in Europe to replace the creamery va-
riety is made of coconut oil and hydro-
gen, blended with milk.
Mounted on a new polishing machine
for jewelers is a suction fan to catch
and save the particles of precious
metals that are thrown off.
A kiss speaks all languages. |
To marry is human, to put up with |
it humane.
The greater love generally has the |
smaller purse.
= {
We will stone our Magdalenes—but |
with diamonds. i
There would be no fun in life if
one never took risks. ‘
It’s her lingerie a girl is really loved |
for, if she only knew it.
People hate to get a reputation for
being what they really are.
A sweetheart generally becomes
some other man’s wife, or is one al-
The modern girl has a vacuum for
a heart, and uses all her love affairs
to clean it. ’
Never believe in your first impres-
sion of a woman if it’s a night one;
take a good look at her in the day-
light before you make up your mind.
San Francisco has 400 jitney drivers.
Wilkesbarre, Pa., will cremate garb-
Bremerton, Wash.,, has a building
Kansas City, Mo., is eliminating vice
districts. 5 .
Allentown, Pa. is to have a new
city hall.
San Francisco wants to annex all
of San Mateo county.
Philadelphia is to have a convent
of the Poor Clares order.
Chicago finds 65,000 public Sclool
pupils with defective eyesight.
Atlanta, Ga., is being urged to abol-
ish one-third of municipal jobs.
La Crosse, Wis, in two years has
gained 10 per cent in population.
True patriotism is not always
Cold storage eggs usually have
a warm storage flavor.
A small man will occasionally
stumble upon a big idea.
In 40 years the sugar per capita of !
this country has increased from 18 to !
89 pounds.
The china used for state dinners at
the White House is the famous “Roose- |
velt set.” This set comprises 3,000 |
pieces and cost $22,000. |
Production of tungsten ores in the
United States last year broke all rec-
ords, being equivalent to 2,165 tons of
concentrates, worth more than $2,000,-
As weather prophets snails are valu-
able. As long as they are to be seen
yr ng alor n the orthodox manner
ither may be confidently looked
i ———
Gently cleanse your liver and
sluggish bowels while
you sleep.
ee —
Get a 10-cent box.
Sick headache, biliousness, dizzi-
ness, coated tongue, foul taste and foul
breath—always trace them to torpid
liver; delayed, fermenting food in the
bowels or sour, gassy stomach.
Poisonous matter clogged in the in-
testines, instead of being cast eut
of the system is re-absorbed into the
blood. When this poison reaches the
delicate brain /tissue it causes con-
gestion and that dull, throbbing, sicks
ening headache.
Cascarets immediately cleanse the
stomach, remove the sour, undigested
food and foul gases, take the excess
bile from the liver and carry out all
the constipated waste matter and
poisons in the bowels.
A Cascaret tonight will surely
straighten you out by morning. They
work while you sleep—a 10-cent box
from your druggist means your head
clear, stomach sweet and your liver
and bowels regular for months. Adv
Pockets in Shoes.
Small pockets for valuables, intend-
od to be fastened to linings of shoes,
have been patented.
Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets are the orig-
inal little liver pills put up 40 years ago.
They regulate liver and bowels.—Adv.
Some spiders in Java make webs so
strong that it requires a knife to sever
That Knife-Like Pain
Have you a lame back, aching day
and night? Do you feel sharp pains
after stooping? Are the kidneys
sore? Is their action irregular? Do
you have headaches, backaches,
rheumatic pains,—feel tired, nerv-
ous, all worn-out? Use Doan’s Kid-
ney Pills—the medicine recom-
mended by so many people in this
locality, Read the experience that
oily in
A West Virginia Case
R W, Clark, 212
Beasley St.. Blue-
fleld, W. Va., says:
“Heavy lifting and
being on my feet sO
much brought on
kidney trouble. I
was laid up for four
months and couldn’t
move without terri-
ble pains in my
had a_ poor appetite.
Two doctors treated
lief until I used
Doan’s Kidney Pills.
They restored me to gocd health and I §'
haven't suffered since.”
Get Doan’s at Any Store, 80c a Box
DOAN’S =ipnex
TAKE ~ooiimme—
Tut’s Pills
The first dose often astonishes the in
giving elasticity of mind, buoyancy of body,
better than cure. Tutt’s Pills if taken in time
are not only a remedy for, but will prevent
biliousness, constipation and kindred diseases.
| Large Bottle
For 25¢
When you buy
Yager’s Lini-
= ment you get
splendid value! The large
25 cent bottle contains four times
more than the usual bottle of lini-
ment sold at that price.
sciatica, sprains, cuts and bruises.
At all dealers — price 25 cents.
Baltimore, a 0.
Try it for rheumatism, neuralgia,
from a Bone Spavin, Ring Bone,
Splint, Curb, Side Bone, or similar
trouble and gets horse going sound.
It acts mildly but quickly and good re-
LJ) sults are lasting. Does not blister
€% ~ or remove the hair and horse can
gy be worked. Page 17 in pamphlet with
@3” each bottle tells how. $2.00 a bottle
delivered. Horse Bgok 9 M free.
ABSORBINE, JR., the antiseptic liniment
| for mankind, reduces Painful Swellings, En-
larged Glands, Wens, Bruises, Varicose Veins;
heals Sores. Allays Pain. Will tell you
more if you write. 1 and $2 a bottle at
dealers or delivered. Liberal trial bottle for 10e stamps.
W.F.YOUNG, P. D. F., 310 Templo St. Springfiela, Mags.
Operats yourow
Young Men legitimate To LS ness Inspare jie}
agent scheme; practically no capital required: ex-
cellent profits. Complete instructions 2bc -
ditional charges. UNION SPECIALTY €0., NEWARK, K.