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NO. 11
A new world’s record for all breeds
for butterfat production in. the seven-
day division was established by the
| purebred Holstein-Friesian cow, Segis
Payne Johanna 114658, in a test end-
ing January 8, 1917. This remarka-
ble cow produced 50.68 pounds of hut-
ter in seven consecutive days, and the
official test was conducted by super-
visors of the New York State Agri-'
cultural College, Ithaca, N. Y. |
{ Segis Fayné Johanna, by her won. |
derful achievement, is now the most
talked of cow in the world, and her
sensational record marks a signal
triump in the forward march of the
Helstein-Friesian breed.
She was breed by A. A. Cortelyou,
«f Somerville, N. J., and her preseat
owner is Oliver Cabana, Jr., proprie- |
{ tor of Pine Grove Farms, Elma Cen-
{ tre, N. Y., at which noted establish-!
, ment four other world’s record hold-
ers have been developed during the
past six months. -
The new world’s record holder fresh-
ened at the age of eight years, two
months and seventeen days. She is
. four-fifths white, weighs about 1450
: pounds, and ig sired by King Fane]
Segis 46767. Her dam is Vikina Joi-
anna 64385, a daughter of Johanna
Rue 3d’s Lad and Vikina Clothilde.
The test was made under perfect
conditions, absolute quiet, systema-
tic feeding and milking, and a roomy
stall constructed of clean white ena-
meled walls. sf
Segis, Fayne Johanna’s seven-day
production of over 50 pounds of butter
sugpasses that of Hester Aaltje Korn
dyke, the previous world’s record hold-
er. by 3.91 pounds, In their prosert
3 D ta:
LB . V-
Mrs. Sophia Eichnor.
Mrs. Sophia Eichnor died at her
home in Gireenville township on Sat-
urday, March 10, aged 89 years, 1
- mw. nth and 8 days,
Mrs. Eichnor wag born in Germany
and came to America in early life.
She has no immediate relatives in
this country. Funeral services were
< : ducted by Rev. J. L. Frances and
interment was made in White Oak
cemetery, J. L. Tressler, undertaker.
Eobert L. Meyers, a soa of the late
Lr. W. H. Meyers, of Meyersdale,
"vac accidentally killed a few days
ago on the railroad at Painsville,
Mr. Meyers was recently discharged
from a hospital and was walking along
the track when he was struck by a
‘loceomotive. He leaves a widow and
several children. ;
Referee Jacob Snyder of the Work-
men’s Compensation Bureau was here
Tuesday for the purpose of hearing
the claim of Henry Kuhs, a Meyers-
dale blacksmith, who was injured some
weeks ago in the course of his employ.
ment. Mr. Kuh’s employer failed to
tale out insurance for his men. Kuhs
claim was disallowed because he was
found to have suffered from blood poi-
Church Notices.
Reformed—H. Hi. Wiank, pastor;
Sunday School 10 a. m. Church ser-
vices 7 p. m. )
Luthern—W. H, B. Carney, pastor;
i Sunday School 10 a. m. Church ser-
vices 7 p. m. Lenten services begin
w:th this service and continueg until
Faster Sunday.
Brethern—B. F. Waltz, pastor; Sun-
day School 10 a. m. Church services
7 Dp. m,
Evangelical—Rev.- Hetrick, pastor;
Sunday school 10 a. m. Church ser-
vices 2:30'and 7 p. m.
Pool Room Re-located.
H. E. Devore moved hig pool-room
furniture from the W. A. Merrill build-
ing to the 1. A. Long buiding on Jack-
son street. The room formerly used
is being remodeled to be used ag of-
fices by Mr. W. A. and C.A .Merrill.
Noted Evangelist Here.
Miss Jennie Smith, the well known
B. & O. Railroad Evangelist, spoke to
a large audience in the Luthern church
Monday evening. Miss Smith’g dis-
course was greatly enjoyed by all who
heard her, She left Tuesday for Rock-
wood, where she will conduct several
Attends Recital,
Quite a few people attended the re-
cital given in Amity Hall, Meyers-
dale, Tuesday evening. The follow-
Garrett girls took part in the pro-
gram: Misses Evelyn and Lueille
Bowlby, Emma, Liberty, Lula Walters,
Pearl Craig, Mr. John Romesburg.
Personals, ’
Mr. L. 'W. Pollard, spent from Fri-
Mr. C.
Mr, Earl ] dler, n
‘ment in the Western Maryland hos-
pital at Cumberland.
Mr. Roy Biddle, returned to his
home in Pittsburg last Friday.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Walters
last Thursday, a son.
Mrs. R. M. Miller returned to her
home last Friday afttr having spent
two weeks with friends in Baltimore.
Miss Jennie Graves of Meyersdale,
was the guest of Mrs. C. A. Merrill
last Thursday.
Mr. L. H. McLaughlin of Pittsburg,
is transacting business in Garrett this
W. H. Miller, who is employed at
Morgantown, W. Va., spent the week-
end with his family on Jackson street.
Misses Nell and Rene Brant, visi-
ted Berlin friends Friday and Satur-
day. :
Mr. Clarence Saylor was transacting
business at Berlin last Thursday.
Miss Violet Johnston of Meyers-
d2le, was the’guest of Misz Evelyn
Bowlby from Sunday until Tuesd iy.
Mr. Lloyd Schrock visited relatives |
ir Hyndman over the week-end.
Miss Sadie Stiles of Greensburg,
Pa. was the guest of Miss Hilda
Broewn last week, returning to her
hcme last Friday.
Mrs. Jolin Habel of Sand Patch; visi-
"Mrs. G. R. Cook is spending the
week with relatives in Mt. Savage.
Nettie Poorbaugh iq guest of
Mrs. H. Smith of Cumber-
ner sister,
land. :
Mrs. W. H. Miller, spent
end with her brother, Harvey Ley-
dig of Somerset,
Wes. Shipley is at at presen
ing camp-car life befween working
hours at Markleton. He is with the
wire ganag.
Karl Ranpach is reported lost at
least once per week. Something on
the mountain or Hyndman will “get
him” yet if he don’t watch out.
Bob Webreck is home from Hynd
man on the sick list.
Ben Leydig and Simon Webreek,
are seldom seen in this place they are
spending their time at Harry Beach-
ly’s sugar camp.
Rev. Kresge will deliver his fare-
well sermon here on Sunday. A fact
we are sorry te announce.
Marion Leydii, spent the week-end
with her sister, Mrs. J. H. Spicer of
t enjoy-
ted her sister, Mrs. D. F. Kimmel
Tuesday. >.
Mr. J. B. Schrock of Berlin, was in|
Garrett last Thursday transacting
Mrr. H. B. Speic
and children
Dorothy and Francis, y for
Martinsburg, Pa., to visi Speich
er’s parents, >
Miss Maude Meyers of
visiting her aunt, Mrs. C
this week.
Quite a few-Garrett people attend-
ed the household sale of Mr. M. A.!
Muller ‘at Smithtown Tuesday after!
Mrs. John Fiddler and child of Hoov- |
ersville, spent the week-end at the
home of her brother-in-law, Mr. B. J.
Fiddler. /
Rev. and Mrs. W. McClellen, spent
Thursday in Garrett at the home of
their gon, Dr. R. M. McClellen.
Indian Motorcycles and Bicveles. The
famous Blue Streak tire with nnfailine!
1 1D
C : Sunnlise
T. W. Gurley’s Spor
land BC. Kyle.
| Crone, and H.
undgk treat |
+ -
The Boosters in large numbers x
in their room, The attendance wa
large and all were very much in
ested. Bey
A vote of thanks was given the
& O. officials for the promptness a:
excellent and tasty manner in whi~
the sheds were enclosed and’ Atte
into convenient waiting roomg at. t
depot. SEE edly
The Committee on the North: ani
South State road reported that - the
matter had been unanimously report
ed by the Grand Jury and was now |
ur to the County Commissioners andi
the State Highway Department,
Rlack had promised the aid of thi
State Department at a very eary d X
The Committee on the Credit A
sociation reported that a total of
signers and also submitted a. blank
form for security rating. =. fi
A report wag made by numbers wha
Somerset Board of Trade, stating that
an invitation has been extended that
July 4th, which had been accepied
and a number had promised to be’
present on fthat occasion. rand
Various premliminary arrangements
were made regarding the celebrati
July 4th, : :
The firemen stated that it was the
intention to secure a Carmival com-
pany for that week. RR
As before mentioned the Booste
club is completing arrangements
Meyersdale’s Fourth of July cele
tion, which will be the largest in
The following ca
have been appointed:
e—J. F. Reich, R.
_ Finance—J
iY Si A i
Music —w. - H
Hay, and C. M. Bird. Em
Transportation—B. 8. Rush, P. D.
Clutton, J. N. Cover and W. H. Dill
Decoration—T. A. Weller, Levi Deal
R. B. Walker, J. L. Tresser and I.
R. Collins.
Publicity—Clay Donges, D: J. Fike
and B. E. Shipley.
Marshal®—Valentine Gress, F. M.
Shipley, Frederick Hare, W. H. Deet-
er, and John Weimer.
Pageant—Mrs. H. M. Cook, chair-
an. :
Protechnic—W. C. Price,
Shipley and R. D. Pfahler.
Rest Room—J. F. Nangle, R. IIL
[ Philson and G. W. Collins.
Car Parking—James Campbell, D.
R. Cramer, Harvey L. Bittner, John
Smith, ’
Ox Roast—F. B, Thomas, Edward
L. Donges, Simon Bittner, A. W. Poor.
baugh and D. J. Meyers:
| Fire Department—Robert Wardlaw,
j chairman,
B. B.
Foreigners will Sell the Goods.
in regular session on Tuesday evening |
7; . maond
were present at the banquet of the |
3 8
| eation—Wm. >
| Bducation—C. B. Bittner.
| ' Reading of Minutes,
It is true now and always has been
true that the man who can offer goods |
at the lowest price will get the pur-
| chaser’s trade.
‘America First” will buy pocket kniv.
Men who 1 rate
¢ !
es that bear the imprint “Mage in Cer
women who buy dress |
not reject cloth bec: e it is
I inglish labor. If
i the home market
for home products we must impose a
f which will repre-
he difference in cost cf
T in foreign coun-
‘igner will not te
goods here at a fig-
! many,” and
goods do
re than the American producer
can afford to accept. So long as the
foreign producer can name the lower
3 y sell the goods and the
American producer will lose trade in
short time.—Sheridan (Wyo.) Post.
| Clearing the Atmosphere in Mears.
Tt ~eems the editor was misinformad
ost week. For John Urtell is looke!l
Jes by the neighborhood as leading an
feriipiary life and the coanunity
Ww i greatly shocked to read that he |
joer been holding a married woman's |
i bard. It seems that instead it was |
Charlie Meredith.—Mears (Kan.) i
lof the busiast places in town.
‘Program for an Instifute to convene
Friday evening, March 23rd,
[§ Song “Twilight is Stealing.”
Jieacing of the Minutes.
‘School House Kéeping—Ruth Bittnr
Queries. 5
L School Efficiency—Miss Brown.
i Son “Swinging Neath the Old
pple Tree”
The °S tandard Rural School—Prof.
‘R. Scurock, Ass’t. Co. Supt.
> Queries.
Government—Miss Nora
Rufal Life Jand Needs of Today—
Mrs. G. R. Cook.
| Song—America.
t."Song. © # :
- Agriculture in the Rural Schools—
[Alfred Broadwater.
body to attend the celebration heref
| Teaching Pupils how to Study—Ru-
bie Poorbaugh.
" Recitation—Lloyd Cook.
. Value of Institute Work—William
| Song. 2 wh
Queries. - if
fmpromptu—Marion Leydig.
Rec. x PEN 3 : : RE
Fundamental Needs in Rural Edu-
) H, Miller.
. Queries.
Noteworthy Examples in Rural
“and ‘bring your. friends, we
solicit your interest,
Nsw ee Lge :
Frederick William Craver and Lot-
tie Leora Shaffer, both of Somerset,
Albert James Kingsley and Jessie
Lillian Harrington, both of Morgan-
i town, W. Va.
Remus Ligging Holmer, of Jacob-
W. Va, and Blanch Ester Brown of
Oscar, W. Va. :
Jacob Amos Martz of Glencoe,,Pa.,
and Ellin Smith of Chopinaus, Pa.
Tlarry Cayton Bates and Mabel
Schrock, both of Connellsville, Pa.
{Roy Lochire of Windber, Pa., and
Mary Leona Berkley of Johnstown,
Delbert Cochran and Ada Belle
Walls, both of Mosgrove, Pa.
Overholt Takes Land.
Isaac Overholt of Mt. Pleasant has
taken over a large tract of coal land
in this vicinity on which he has had
options for sometime, The followng
land is involved: Charles Duppstadt
tract, near Kantner: the Daniel and
Charles Will farm and the Norman
Meyers property. It ig said that Mr.
tiverholt is negotiating for other lands.
The Handle Factory.
The handle factory under the
of Ed.
erter Leonard
A hat
25 men are busy, and it is contem-
{ plated putting on another shift in the
| near future.
J.-C. Snyder is managing the busi-
nesg end and is also looking after the
sales. - He returned last
Buffalo where he succeeded in placing
a very fine order,
Governor Names Arbor Days.
Governor Martin G. Brumbaugh, on
Friday issued a proclamation setting
Friday, April 13th, and Friday, April
27th, as Arbor days. In urging citizens
J of the Commonwealth to plant trees
1x his proclamation Governor Brum-
said that “to face the task of restor-
ing these forests is a duty both im-
minent and practical.”
emer Jp emeeemen,
Dr. King’s New Life Pills will re-
move the accumulated wastes of win-
ter from your intestines, the burden of
the blood. Get that sluggish spring
| fever feeling out of your system,
brighten your eye, clear your com-
plexion. Get th vi 1 snap of
redd purifi 3 hz 1.1 3 Dr
Kin fo nT
ing lax: t re’s pro-
cers, try the At all drus-|
&gisis, 2bc
parture of the guests.
| nesg
Friday from |
Mrs. Blanch Hunt,
Mrs. Blanch Hunt, formerly Miss
Blanch Reese of this place, died at
the home of her mother-in-law in
Pittsburg on Tuesday. The remains
Patron’s Day was observed on Fri-
day, March 9th in the Meyersdale
Public Schools. The work of the pu
pils thruout the: year was exhibited
in the three school buildings. ‘The
primary rooms especially showed the
were brought to Salisbury on Wed-
nesday. The full particulars relative
‘to her death will be given later. |
, Social Doings. |
Mrs. William Reitz entertained a,
number of ladies on Wednesday even- |
ing. The time was spent in fancy |
work and gussing contests. Miss Eli. |
‘zabeth Rettz was the prize winner in
the latter, her rewand was a beauti- |
fui chocheted doily. Delicious rq-|
freshments were served at a late hour. |
The home-made ice cream was pro-
nounced the “best ever.”
Those present: Mrs. H. H. Reitz,
Mrs. Calvin Rumiser, Mrs. Albert
Reitz, Mrs. Lorena Reitz, and Misses |
Mary and Elizabeth Reitz.
On “Thursday evening the Methodist |
Sunday School and Epworth League,
a very enjoyable evening entertaining
themselves and their friends in" the
McKin.ey vuitding, Many games were
played after which ice cream, cake
and coffee were served.
Miss Charlotte McMurdo was agree-
ably surprised on Friday evening,
brate her sixteenth birthday anniv-
ersary. She ~ was the recipient of
many beautiful and useful gifts. Af-
ter playing gameg and generally hav-
ing a good time, delicious refresh-
ments were served just before the de.
Church Affairs.
Rev. Carmen Johnson of Pittsburg,
Brethren church on Sunday. ©
The Prayer-meétirig Rally of the
Church of the Bréthren held on
now in progress. Rev. Fishel is hold-
ing services in the Evangelical church
this week while Rev. Hetrick will con-
duct the services next week in the
Methodist church. The public is in-
vited to attend.
Mrs. Harry Garlitz has arrived at
the home of her mother-in-law, Mrs.
N. Garlitz, to care for Harriet and
William, who have typhoid fever.
Miss Margaret Glotfelty of Berlin,
spent the week-end with her parents,
Miss Bessel Mimna returned home
in Harnedsville, She was accom-
panied by Miss Josephine McMurdo.
Prof. J. C. Beahm of the S. Con-
nellsville schools, spent the week-end
with hig family. He reports besides
his regular work, a thriving evening
normal school for teachers about to
be examined for professional certifi-
Miss Amanda Martin, her music
pupils and a number of friends, speuit
Tuesday evening in Meyersdale at-
tending Miss Martin's recital in Amity
Miss Elizabeth Newman of Springs,
| spent the week-end at her home or
| Gay street.
when a host of her friends met to cele_ |
delivered a most able sermonifn the |
work of the children and the progres-
sive methods of teaching to have
broadened % a remarkable degree.
Many and varried were the kindg of
work shown among them, free hand
drawing, stencil work and paper cut-
ting. In the intermediate grades
about the same kind of work was ex-
Libited. Ee.e appeared the first maps
drawn by the little tots. In the ad-
vanced grades the work was not so
varied but was neatly and correctly
done. In the] High School the exhi-
hitiong were of different kinds. Of
special note was the work shown
| in mechanical and free hand drawing
and painting. In the Household Arts
department the work, consisting of
samples of canned goods, dresses, lin-
gevie, hand work and basketry,
attractively arranged.
In the afternoon a Program was ren-
dered in ‘the High School which ia.
gail at 1:30 and was repeated at 2:30,
The Assembly room was decorated in
the High School colors, red and black,
and the pennants ang colors of the
different classes, was crowded with
parents, relatives and friends of the
students. The program consisted of
musie, readings and sketches from
Shakesperean works, and was very
well rendered at both times,
During the day there were 412 viaj.
tors in the High School. The Seniors
banner was awarded to Miss Mayme.
Platt’s room and the Junior banner
:Miss Martha Diest’s room.
+1 the afternoon refreshments were
served in the Household Arts departs
ment, by the Parent Teacher Associa-
tion | der th upervision of Mrs, “y
Bruge 1 cho Mgr, Manka.
‘meyer a¥d ‘Mrs, or “O'Bryom, =|
the officers of the association, »
Of the many Patrong of the schools
who were present, there were none
but what spoke in the highest terms
of the Meyersdale schools, and of the
very excellent work being done by
the able corps of teachers,
Recorder of Deeds John E. Custer,
recently recorded deedg tranferring
the following real estate:
Harrison Snyder to Cyrus
Elk Lick township, $9,000,
John L. Saylor’s heirs to John Oo
Lease, Somerset township, $2,923.
Margaret J. Leonard to J. W. Wen-
zell, Meyersdale, $115.
Cyrus M. Bird to William Wiland,
Summit township, $1,000.
J. C. McSpadden, to James E. Wal.
ters. Ursina, $250.
William H. Koontz’s extrs.
vin Wolf, Black township, $1.
William Wiland to Cyrus M.
Summit township, $800.
George Walker, to George P. Wal.
ker, sheriff's deed, Elk Lick towns
ship, $50.
Estella Neiderheiser to A. K. Miller
sheriff's deed, Rockwood, $150. :
Margaret Warner to H. C. Umber.
to Jr.
Ground hog weather not over yot.
| Lots of sleet and snow for this time |
{ of the year.
| There is quite a lot of grippe in
| this vicinity,
A good m
attended the
Ixst week
Mis Frostburg
uncle and aun
rda Warnic of
is visit
Mrs. George F
| Miss Mary
r and Misg !
{| Thompson, spent Monday
in Meyersdale.
Mr. and Mrs, George Wahl of XMey-
ersdale, spent Tuesday in Woodiawn |
at the home of Albert Wahl.
Mr. and Mrs. Christ Wahl have
been sick for the past week with the |
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Fike, who have
been on the sick list for some time
are not improving very much at pres- |
Mr. Cyrus Bittner is suffering ret
a bad attack of asthma.
Mrs. John Miller is down with the |
grippe. |
Horrors of Peace.
ing to do the greatest good to the
greatest number of people he will put
another spring under th k seat
| From the Lake County
i 1.
i and twenty days, d
If Henry Ford is sincere in want. | on Wednesday,
ger, sheriff's deed, New Baltimore,
Mary A. Christner to
tury Feed
Lick t .
F. P. Rageor to William 1
West Saltg.
company, sheriff’
waship, $110
Turkeyfoot townshin
Edla Mayme Yoder to Solo
r, Linc T+ t ~ - ship,
Solomon - C. Baker to By 8
Yoder, Lincoln $5,000.
k Cosfe Couraratta,
ber, $100.
Alma Pyle to 0. Cc. Hockensmith,
Jenner- township, $500. {
Dennis Wistler tg William Bodes
Summit township, $800.
John H. Bird, to Noah
mit township, $250.
Thomas Perry Parnell to Noah Bird
Addison township, $650.
Pietro Vespa to Marie Cicciarelli,
to Joseph
Bird, Son-
Windber, $1,650.
| .
Infant Death,
Raymond M. g son of M
Tr. and Mrs.
Norman Knepp, s
aged one month and
ied of pneumonis,
| the home of the pa al
3 Te-
jong were brought here and taken
in charge hy R. Reich. Services wa o
1cted by Rev. J. L. France ana
lent made in the White 0 Tk