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Eid BE G5é #6 EEF 88 |
Church Notices.
Reformed—H. H. Wiant, Pastor;
nd/B. & O.milage book was tak. Sunday School 104. m. Church ser-
88 taken from the First National Vices 7 p. m.
a Farmers and Merchants, a Lutheran—w. mg. B, Carney, Pastor; x
Frome 8nd gmall amount of cash. Sunday School 10 a.m. Church ser Eg
oF first bank and about $30 in the sec- Will speak in behalf of the Anti-Saloon ors were present: ne
3 Ad ond one. Ringer's barber shop yleld- League. Every body is welcome to
1 1 in ch left over. At Hol. attend.
Hn Hest A they awakened Evangelical—Rey. Hetrick, Pastor;
Mr. Holsopple who was gléeping up Sr School oR m. Church ser-, rectors as fellows: Daniel
- stairs, and his movement frightened V'CeS 2 p. m. and 7 p. m, al
them a Brethern—B. F. walty, Pastor;
: 2-man, J. J. Reiman, Cyins Bird,
They called at Malsberry's’ jewel Sunday School 10 am. Church ser- Barclay, A. L. Miitenberger,
Iry ‘store but found every thing lock. Vices 11 a. m.
. | Powell, and a number of
ed up. Enos & Phillippi’s store was
ersonals, ; terested in the: work of
: - |
entered but nothing of value missed, . Miss Lillian Buckman of Berlin, j 2nd also in Cow Testing Cl
and they left the piano player in the Pent Friday in Garrett with gringe: The regular order of business
Nickelodean, Damico’s Fruit Store © Mr. Hugh McIntyre, left Tuesday | taken up, when under the h
Suffered the loss of some choice fruit for RiddleBburg, Pa. after spending | 4, Daniel Qtt, A. L, Mil
and cigars, but they left there a bun: 2 few days with his father, Mr. Jas. | apg Sylvester Powell. made
dle of canceled checks which had McIntyre, the Farmers’ meeting in, th
been taken from one of the bapks, Mrs. 8. A Blair, returned to her townships last week under
and ‘the total amount lost will not ex- home = io Ry, ane ans agement. of Nile
ceod $25.00. : : ers, Mesdames Stevens and Walters, | Crevident R.
That. quiet village visited by bur Mr. Lewis Christner, was. transact.
-8lars last Monday morning, evidently Ing business at Somerset several days
the work of the same gang which last week, returning home Sunday.
operated here a week ago. ‘They Mr. Jas. McIntyre, left Tuesday for
proved they were amateurs by enter- Huntingdon, Pa, where he wil visit
ing a printing offic FEvesting uy ind 0 ends. 1b the elfen Lif
money. The work was done | ween “to Mr. o Fas. w iy Mia
2 and 3 o'clock in the morning, The ad ith Sv orywhere ma
loot obtained was not much. Emp Wm. Brocht has been confined unquestioned that ihe w
i CL — “to his home with an attack of the|SY/vania wil pe ory. te]
CONSERVATION OF EYESIGHT. grippe.- ; 7 |e Shason of the
(By Sam %
In addition’ to ‘the
ends, returned to their home in
i : -1 Akron, Ohio, : i
tl it is crippled. oo oo 2 © > “I “Mr. Lioyg Schrock, spent the week.
Now that the price of paper is s0ar. ‘ond visiting relatives at Hyndman
: es, returned to hep
ing higheh and higher, small type is Mrs. Bruce
being introduced in alt kinds of read- home at Youngstown, Ohio, Friday,
ing matter. It exhausts the eye if after spending several days,
worked: long at' a time ' to decipher her grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs, 1. farmer srowing oats, and by
small letters or figures. This causes | Large. : : Ji tific an dsimple methods,
nervous disturbtnce; headaches, indi- smut can be eradicated.
gestion, sleeplessness, ete. We had
better be a little liberal in paying for
editions of books; magazines, and oth-
er reading matter with legible type
and economize. in other ways—tobac-
Co or imiiation flowers on our spring
hats, for instance,
Save your from dust as much as pos.
project for the treating of
Mr, Henry Hoover of Chadwick,
Hoover and family,
Miss Nell Brant ang guest Miss and sellers
Marie Weller of Rockwood, spent | :
Saturday and Sunday at the home
of Mr. and Mrs, Clanence Rowe.
Mr. H. B. Speicher, visited his par-
I tre best varieties of corn for
! erset county to the end that a com-
oibie ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Speicher at Som. ty 7
t Saturday.
If you have to read when riding in id] a, vids of Akron, Ohio
cars or trolleys do not rest your book : v y ’
Or arm: on any part of the seat. hug oy Visine friends and relatives in Which varities are the most
hold it in your hand or hands so that 5B. J. Lynch was i rett visitor
it will move with the body and not be es ? Garre
going one way while the head and eves
are swinging in another direction. | Nina. ons entertained a few
Never read with a bright light shin. Of ber friends at a 500 party Tues. which takes wp pruning,
Ing directly in your face, but try ang | 987 evening, thinning, paeking, ete,
get it over one or the other shoulder,/ MF Clyde Tydeball of Somerset, Seventh, Farm account
or shining down over your head, i Sag 2 Garrett Visitor Saturday and
Try and hold your reading matter unday.
es on the city markets,
Feeping for the farmer,
at an angle go that the light reflected Miss Effie Sterner of Rockwood, Eighth, Automobile excursions,
Ninth, Auto excursion to State Col-
from the paper will not shine directly | Spent Thursday Visiting her friend,
in your eyes, | Miss Mayme Tucker of this place.
The color of the paper is worth con. | Miss Pear] Hertzog, has just re-
Tenth. Boys’ and Girl's Corn Clubs,
sidering in account books and such turned from the Allegheny Hospital, Eleventh. Boys’ and Girls’ Pig and
things. The contrast between a pure land, where she was Calf Feeding Clubs,
hers ag and a jet black handwrit. : treatment for plural-pneumonia, -
along the lines between the white ani | returned to her home at Akron, Ohio, | mittee may be formed to
black. It is easier to follow letters | after having spent several weeks with more and better livestoc
Or figures if they are thrown on light | relatives and friends in Garrett. set county.
buff paper. Practical tests will soon Last Wednesday the Misseg Brants,
convince you that the lineg under ihe | entertained a number of their friends, siven full publicity at
latter the latter condition will be more | at their home ‘on Church street. work of each is taken up,
distinct than when the sharper con: | Cards
trast of black and white are made, chief diversions of the evening,
The desk upon which you have your| Those bresent were: Mr. and Mes, | shorter duration,
reading matter should be of a mater. W. Roy Landis, Mr. and Mrs, Frank |
ial that will not reflect the glare of Groff, Mr. and Mrs, Jas. Roy; Misses to
the light into the face, which will ir- | Marian Philson, Lillian and PEthel ma
When you have to seek artificial aid Golliger, Geo. Engle of Borin, Miss r
by the use of glasses, there is no one | Murie Weller of Rockwood, Margaret ot the works
too learned in the anotomy of the eye Seibert of Martinsburg, W. Va. June j cessfully,
and the many abnormalities to which | Ringler of Kantner, Pa., Messrs wr tr
r dolars was overlooked in the Vices at-7 p. m. at which Prof, Potta| The following officers
Hon. R. W. Lohr, Presideht,
| Watker, Vice-Presideht; Jobs ‘S
ler, Sec. D. W. Sefbert, Teche. Some and much valuable time is:
essner, John O. Ream, Alva B,
the following were adopted: A=
Second. 'Qats’ Smut eradicati
venting smut. - This project will be York. raves because it realizes it har-
pountry-wide and aims to reach every vores a gentleman burglar and does After playing a number of delight. | ©5t Of 20,000 acr
the scien. not know who he is, Could he reveal
his identity governors,
anthropists, money kin
IIL, isvisiting hig brother, Mr. Jag, Third... A list of purebred Mvestank social uplifters and others would
i Some un $ ‘ cake, coffee, and home-made candy.
: breeders in rset county, also with ouly scramble over each other to do
{data for use and reference to buyers
, lions for the purpose of determining
| Fifth, Potato variety demons-ia-
tions for the burpose of ascertaining
to the farmer ang will likely be in
Sreatest demand, and bring best prie-
Sxith. Orchard demionstration,
which is a system of symplified book-
Twelfth. The arranging for
ing or type causes a little confusion Mrs. H. C. Nedrow and daughter, | ing of the livestock breeders
k for Somer
All these several projects will he
the time the
year’s work while others will be of
The County Agent win have much themsel 1
do in attending to the ‘duties ug fo Susely (ns he
bped out for him by the @irecto-s,
ritate the eyes. Itickman; Messrs. J, 0, Ream, 0.|and the co-operation of the people
equested in every district in ord sr
may be carried o- :
Help ¢
re; 2
on, ‘a
all oats
gement, although there is stil}
‘money needed. :
is antiquated, and verv Cum | brothers and three siste
ting fires.
f the modern
he propose
Laddies .out,
all gratuitously,
rar, jbut : On Thursday, little Betty Deitz,
der control by the chemical engine , daughter of Mr.
WOposeed the present system
pie niet. serve witaout She wag taken to the Western Mary-
7 and it is a matter of economy to land Hospital on Friday by Dr. A, M..
sthem the. best tools possible for! Lichty, where the whol
The method proposed | ©f her broken<
method of fighting fires. | er cast, whic
d engine would be use ; weeks. She returned to
any part of the borough in a very | Sunday and
ort time after a blaze would start, | bravely—a real little
it could be extended to the town. | heroine, Lod
ip. surrounding, as well ag nearby Change in Central
John Kann of Pittsburg,
. law of Mr. ad Mrs. H. H.
he Fire Company, Death of John
Jing the past few days the mem-| On Saturday February 18th, Mr. | tO his home near
® of the Fire Company have been |
ed In an effort to secure funds i
@r the purchase of an auto chemical . place, died after suffering a little | ®0 8Dd ft
ne, and are meeting with much | over a week with Pneumonia. The
funeral was held on Tuesday at 2 ;
‘o’clock, The deceased was 52 years | 1
of age and is survived by a wife, a son |
this money. The apparatus now. Herbert and a daughter Pauline, two !' P3ss and then g
ine could be taken out by one Man beth Reitz, and Messrs. Albert and
be on the ground and at work be. | Will Reitz. ;
8 men enough could assemble to!
W out the pr
case th
A Fatal Fall,
and Mrs. Wm, Deitz,
could | fell backwards down the basement
| stairs, breaking her right thigh bone.
and the millinery store,
“building just below the
{es with Mi ke
© upper part
limb was put in a plast-
h she will wear for six!
her home on
ig bearing the heavy cast
8 year-old
FrOug nr The location of the Economy. Cen-
be farmers near realize the advan. tral office is being moved from the
building with the Maust Bros. office
to the small
parsonage of
Johns Reformed .chruch. The
£ sum paid formen i “Billo”. :
- burglar, in. the. yegu- | Misses Do
Blackjack a servant girl | phis Stotler ang Mary Reitz,
Then he
lected to leave a
0818. PEG-| | caring his
| gentlemanly way,
is jumping on hi
mayors, phil-
£8, Dpreac
rendered her firt aid in a
Now. all, New York
5 hecasies he neg. | , 5, SNe Tl
neatly engraved card ate 4
name and ddress.
ful games and partners
hers, o
ious luncheon sisti
tiot | us lune con ng
Birth-Day Party. .
Mrs. Samuel Livengood, entertained
younger set on Sat-
urday. evening on honor of her daught.
er Margaret's seventeenth birthday.
Margaret received many beutiful gifts
being found,
the young folks were served a deli-
of ice cream
. | Music was ‘furnished b three men
him first and highest honor. It is hard y
the coun, burg
a meet-
of Som-
- promote
Some of
it 1s subject for the task of glving ad- | py, Henderson, McKéesport, Pa. Wil
vice. Often more harm ig done bY | son McIntyre, Nevin Bowlby, J. Bdgar 2PRounced the engagement
glasses selected by those not educa- | ang George Brant of Garrett.
Av tmnt te a mr——
faker will “confess”
the servant girl on the bean and then Mae ay, gig |
| bound up her wound with gentle skill. Annabel Deitz, Mary and Jennie Li.
I he is a deserving Democrat he vengood of Meyersdale, Charlotte Mc. interest, and th
Will probably be made Postmaster os Murdo, Harriet Garlitz, Lulu Thomas, | Wi
forces which bring
public opinion.
Looked Like One,
country, we | w
put in command of the Brooklyn navy | h dus
yard. If he is after money he will | Elizabeth Lic ty, Margaret Krau Si salr< a.cne, to say
Lillian Wagner, Marion Beal, Elma lateral:
probably accept a million dollars a collateral
agner, Francis Fogle, Edith Robert- ters, conservens of rai
son, Harriet, Maust, Anna SpeicHer, ulators of stream flow.
Irene Newman, Elizabeth Johnston,
week to show us in the movies how
to knock the block off the hired girl
and still be a popular hero. Mary Lenhart, Fl Oretic
and Messrs. William Livengood Jr.,
With the new immigration law pass.
p . Levi Lichliter Jr., Robert Maust, Geo.
ed the next great corner” will prob- .
bly be on labor. Tho, ho held the Trevarrow, Bayard and Ernest Maust,
ably ben T, 26 w McClure Barchus, Albert Thomas,
swift a pace in overriding the Presi- Rou Blaser, Paul Corbet and Harvey
dent's veto, we trust, are now busy Tent.
planning how to meet the conditios |
likely to result from the legislation
they demanded,
three presidents
taken, and at a literacy test ig after Miss Mae Wilson of
all a good thing for the
shall be glad to have it so,
particular field of law-mak
clubs which drove congress at
but in
Those who were pres
this | Josephine McMurdo,
ing, and In| Migs Ruth Beahm and
ate the political | of
The little daughter of a homepath-
ic physician received a ring with a
pear] in"it on the Christmas tree. Two
days later she poked her head tear-
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bender
family or rooming house;
of her | fully in at the door of her fathers | business woman with
daughter, Verda M. to William M. | office.
| heat; strictly confidential.
ve los® the fit. ! Waa
g s 3 y Henderson of McKeespor | “Papa.” she wept,
E ted in medical science than would he Mr. Howard Merrill, entertained 8 Thode resent wer port Pa. fa pill out of my ring»
+ - a + 3 : rence | Ue i ut my ing.
done without fhe glasses. Further. few of his friends at a card part Ries Fo pl ° rs Clarence |
s : : . . "we, eyersdale ; : be
more, one is misled by a false sense Saturday evening. During the course Landis, Berli ra re. Roy TE ERY RP pp pp pe
’7 : o $ v v; AS erlin: Misse ep pe * ' y
of security, while an undiscovered ci of the evenng a dainty lune > . ; Misses June Ringler, | } 2 Hy
: pried, Tuosam t were Kantner, Pa.; Margeret Seibert, Mar. 5
ea Se Dp i ere !
inshuz Marie Wailer Rock.
or Tt Marie Weller, Rook
1 HK is the hurt i
f he was’nt hurt he would hay voll 2Lpotuiad ih |
to squeel. evening, Mrs. Ida V. Bran % a
{waxing warm)-—“Where
#i= ge= p= | DECI it had not been for
(looking aroun
1 4 | cerned.
Minor Mention.
as the week-end guest of Migs
Fort Hill, spent Salturday evening
about radical | gf pige Beahm’s home on Hast Ord
! nd doubtful c hould J
,» music end dancing were the them will cover nearly the entire and doubtful changes shou always | street,
be held largely responsible for | Miss Elizabeth Newman
sults. Otherwise presidents senators
and congressmen will never be ahle Mrs, Lorena Reitz and
r yielding to Lichliter, were week-end
spent the week-end at her home,
Here is a Hot One.
From the Quincy Herald.)
Wanted—Pleasant room in private
nodeh to find Fontloman. nN of the new orchestra and Miss Har. |
enough to a eman ew |
i ; Mau
Fourth. Corn variety demonstra- York, not to montioy a gentioiiny) riet Maust.
In a day or two some good
that he swatted '
It was conceded by all
to have been a most charming affair,
ent: Misses
John Peck,
of Springs,
Miss Edith
guests of
of Springs.
by a young
comfortable |
Lady Lecturer on Woman's Rights
would man
woman? 1
the hail)
McMurdo, enter: |
To . | tained at a delightful dinney on Sat.
ORK’'S SAD CASE urday evening. Those present wera:
While returning from Meyersdale
Glade Jacob Gehr-
accident by which
+ hart met with an
the son-in-
Relts, of this), lis team wag
elper engine was
Those from town who attended the 3 baa hat seen y
waiting for men enough to take ' funeral service Wwere:, Mrs. Ella Rum. Which struck his
ing rust Found and bk» a
killed, wagon demo]
Seemg almos. 4
that he escaped with his life.
; When he reached the railroad Cross.
& rear his ‘home
a train was pass.
waited ‘for it
tarted across... A
going west which
reason of the train
team, killing both
AN 8ULO | iser, Mrs. H. H. Reits, Miss Eliza. 1OT55. One was o
aught on the pilot
and carried a distance of 200 rg. Tha
wagon was a wreck. Mr. Gehrhart hag
dismounted and ran back out of the
way and thus avoided severe injuries,
The engineer saw the team attempt.
noise of the train just passed.
The team was g good o
conservative «estimate
places it at about $500,
budget of the Department of
counts show that
of 8,600 acres hag
investment, icluding
ne and a very
of the oss
In a statement i¥sueq today Com-
missioner of Forestry,
Robert S. Conk.
lin defemds his stand,
taken when the
TY Was issued, that the - appropria.
tions for Forestry are almost the om.
ly Pennsylvania appropriations -which
actually invested for ‘the 8taté, and
= | ‘which are certain to bring in a direct
©" | cash’ profit. Bole lg
al Mr Conklin’s direction: summa...
iW were made up of receipts
Denses for the Stuart State
in Somerset and Wes
ities, and for the Pin
e Grove Forest,
ho sou, | Wises, pore Ta rn SOR, Those wel
tmoreland cout.
paid to Jan; 1st,
purchase’ ‘price,
taxes, salaries, and labor charges, alf .
figured with interest at two per
the rate of the State receives for ite
invested funds, The Pine Grove For
es, with expenses and
returns calculated in the same way,
shows an income of over
cent on total ivestment,
Commenting on these
Commissioner says:
fact that the State
seven peg
figures the
“Considering the
Forests cogt only
$2,27 per acre and most of them had
been closely cut over before they were
bought by. the State, these returns
are decidedly encouraging.
roint to the time, not far distant, when
every cent of the money expended fup
forestry will return to the State Wilh
e forests will yield an
an annual cash profit fysm timhap
nothing of thejp
value as recreational ceg:
mfall, and reg.
“Results regularly obtained for a
quarter of a century in European for.
ests by the same methods We are use
ing in Pennsylvania give point to thig.
statement. The state forests of Frangs
bring in an annual net reveue of $2.08. -
ber acre, while those of
Saxony, on land much inf,
sylvania forest soil,
pay an
Prussia apg
erior to Peng
net profit of from $1.85 to $65.32 an *
“Pennsylvania’s millijon
which cost $2,275,000, are now
at over $6,000,000. Th
due to rising timber
ent improvement made
partment of Forestry, a
recognization of the
trees grow into big trees
actual money value whic
increasing. Surely
an established busines
is an invetment an
penditure.” :
| acres,
is ificreages 1g
values, Dermage.
by the De.
nd to tardy
fact that MNttlg
and have an
h is steadily
money put ing
readiness. The.
Everything wag in
Were gathered in the
ganist began to play
started for the door,
8 of this king
d not an ex-
vestry. The op
and the ministep
“Wait one moment, doctor,”
the nervous groom,
or left hand the ring
“The left,” hurriedly
“Is it the right
goes on?”
replied the
v to