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, where they will spend the rest of the
Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Hay-
School Report.
First Primary, teacher—Nell B.|
Number of males enrolled. 25 On” January 24th, the B. & O. rail-
« «females “ 27! road refused open cars, such as gon-
Total 52 | qolas or flats to shippers who loaded
Per cent of attendance, males 83
it st ft females 70
Average attendance males 21
“ ke females 23
Per cent of attendance 13
Second Primary, teacl er—Verda M. |
Number of males enrolled 26
e “ females * 29
Total 49 |
dance males 90
females 93
Per vent of atten
“ « € “
Average attendance males’ 21,
ee te females19
First Intermediate, teacher—Inez
Grant. :
Number of males enrolled : 1
* “ femaleg “ nog.
Total £47
Per cent of attendance; males 90
aT s females 91-
Average attendance : “males19
“ i females 21°
Second Intermediate, teacher—June
Ringler. &
Number. of pupils re 23
Js ‘ females .“. : 23
Total 46
Per cent of attendance males 87
vio - . females 88
Average attendance ° males 17
: de alin females” 18
‘Total average ; i. 3B
First Grammar, teacher—M. 'C. Hoer
Number of pupils enrolled ="... 22}
“ “ females se J % 17
Total ; ; 39
Per cent of attendance males 94"
14. tor rm PridBo 3
Per gent of attendance males 98
. 4 females %
Per cent of attendance :
Per cent of attendance gn, 96
males 11
Average attendance
“ CWE females 9
Total average 20
Mr and Mrs. W. A. Merrill, left
‘Tuesday on train No. 6 for Jackson-
ville, Florida and ‘other points south,
Myr, 'and Mrs. Roy Landis and neice,
Marian Hendrix of Berlin, spent the
week-end as the guest of Nell B.
H. P. Jones, was a Garrett visitor
over the week-end,
Paul Kistler and Tom Tucker, left
Sunday for Youngstown, Ohio, where
they expect to procure employment.
Mr. W. J. Blair of Six Mile Run, is
visiting his daughters, Mesdames C.
Stevens and Z. Walters,
Mrs. Sadie Bittner of Cumberland,
Md., visited relatives at Garrett last!
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Blair, spent a
few days last week visited in Balti.
,more, Md.
Messrs. F. E. and R. Judy,
transacting business at the
seat Wednesday.
Wm. Bittner, was a Somerset visi-
tor Wednesday.
Miss June Ringler, spent the week-
end at Kantner with her pasents..
pur IN ‘sjueted 8.3o0Iqog ‘SIN Sia
MA £07) 8J0UA ‘WBWPUAH 10] ABpuUng
Pol ‘¥O0IUd] PAOIT ‘SIN puB IW
depinjeg jueds ‘JuBIP zou SSI
03 Luvpsoupe POALLI® “BA ‘AM ‘8mq
SUI JO 38918 joreIIel SSI
Mrs. J. Kenn
H. H. ag . Berlin, was a Garreit
visitor Thursday last.
Burton the oldest son of Mr. ard
Mrs. Wm. Pritts, died Tuesday after-
moon from diptheria, The child was
sged five years and eleven months,
. - - dein
he infant daughter of Mr. and| _ (REBUGS J : ae : Fe i
! Mrs. Richard Zimmerman, died from FOREST FIR > PROSECUTED Salisbu: y Siftings. ROCKW OUD
spasms Monday afternoon. Funeral p § SALISBURY i
services were held Wedneday after- Setting forest fires in. Pennsyiva-
nia is no longer pleasant pastime it Births.
| man, Sunday a girl.
| with teams.
On January 31st, a number of team
track men of Somerset, Berlin and
Shanksville met in Somerset and or-
| ganized the Somerset Track Team As-
sociation, and adjourned to meet on
Friday, February at M.
| at the ® of P. Hall i
Horles C. Gieer Esq. of johnstown,
will be present outline the most
effective method. of securing the fdr-
nishing of open cars by the B. & ©
Mr, Gieer is a former Dist. Atty. of
Cambria Co., and recently he, and two
others ‘represented the y. R. R. ship-
pers before the ‘Public Service Com-
mission, and won a decisjon in faver
‘of the small shippers from the com-
mission. He Bs ie3pected to win the
Thosé who are interested in secur-
ing open cars Is requested to attend
this meeting. gi
John Hotchkiss.
John Hotchkiss died in the West-
ern Maryland hospital on Monday,
February 5th; "aged 76 years, six
months aid. five days. :
He is survived by his widow and ten
children, who are David, of Middie-
sex, Pa.’ John of Westernport, - Ma,
James of Cannonsburg, Pa.; Andrew
of Coal ‘Run, Pa.; Mrs. Mary: Troy,
of Akron OHio; Mrs, ‘Altes ‘Miller of
Meyersdale, ang’ William, Robert,’ and
Misses ‘Margaret and * Catheririe at
home. He also Teaves one brother
Andrew, of Westariuors 3 Ma, and six
advanced. age. vou. we
conducte@ by He
prise party for Wer daughter, Harries
seventeenth birthday “on” “Friday last.
Those who: wére present are as fol-
lows. Misses: Beulah, Esther, Edna
Bender, Helen Engle, Eva Miller, Jaw
ette Price, Margaret Getty, Orpha
Beachy, Evelyn Beachy, Hilda Smouse
Lena Stanton. , Messrs William and
‘Allen Bender, Frank and ‘Clay Stan.
ton, Robert Price, Will" Gnagy,
Clarence Durst, Red Custer, ‘Dave
Broadwater, Foster Yost, Dan Hersh.
Personals,’ :
Dr. R. L. Robinson, spent Sunday
at the National hotel.
Mrs. L. F. Bittner is getting over
a very hard attack of la’ grippe.
Miss Ruby Beachy, spent last Thurs.
| day night with her friend, Chubby
The @Grantsville Basket-ball ten.
went to Mt. Savage last Wednesday
night and Clay Stanton was the only
unfortunate one, and he got his nose
broken. Lay says it don’t hurt very
bad. :
Mrs. H. C. Bonig and daughters,
Winifred and Mildred, spent last week
in Cumberland, Md.
Mr, Stark Dies.
Mr. John Stark of New Germany,
Md., died on January 81, and was bur
ied on Friday at the New Germaay
cemetery. He leaves to mourn hig
loss, a wife and several small chiid-
ren and a host of friends.
Goes to Baltimore.
Dr. R. C. Bowen, left on Thursday
for Baltimore for his health. His
health has been failing for some time
and we all wish that the doctor will
soon be able to return to his practice.
At the Catholic parsonage on Hign
street, Wednesday evening January | *
31st, Mrs Annie Kelly and Charles |
Brown both of Sand Patch, were mar-
ried by Rev. Father Brady. Attend-
ants were Mrs. Guy Baer and Mail-
che Kelly. After a two weeks trip to
eastern cities they will go to house-
15 in ‘much stienttion Jers, 108
{a i o
2 ody | was brought! to Mopar
‘dale on the Western: ‘Maryland traln | eo
|.om. Buesday geening and taken to his |
tn ste un Wriday'at 176/166 hig’
en 1 M6. B: ohiirol at*Sals: |
used to be. Since the legislature of
1915 put teeth into the forest fire law
and provided for the establishment of
bureau of forest protection within
the Department of Forestry, more
prosecutions and investigations in
connection with forest fires have been
‘started than in all previous years
since the creation of the Department.
In all, thirty-six cases. have baen
referred to the Attoiney General's De-
partment by the Conmu
| Forestry Wiring the past ygar.
ction we
| Yd aN
Legal |
5 authorized .in nineteen of |
in. ses eral addi-
criminal action was not 4
Attarne Sy Genera, be-
| tional cases
2cled by the
defendants "and the absence
dence of ¢riminal intent in
forest Breg. 0 nT oo em
No’ fewer than _thirty- -nine; ‘Hills for
the extinguishment of’ forest fires
were paid by those who were, Tespon-
sible for starting fires, and in these
cases where ‘fires were started ny
children at play; parents;®chool teach-
ers, and scout masters wes” i formed,
and the bills for extinglifshnieH : Were
submitted to he ‘parénts; As
in the report of the Chief Forest Fire
Warden . to the Commissioner of, For-
estry, “The Department ‘should . not
prosecute ner .impose-- heavy: pendi-
ties indiscriminately, for in -“migny
cases no criminal intent-exiSts:, We
simply ‘went it tot become “matter f
common knowledge that W
est fire does damage’fo
ties a penalty will, be meted .,
swiftly. and. surely. "Some of 0
of evi-
the rights of forest, lang owners ‘that
it is absolutely+ a
about ‘a change in aftitude
Two of the cases ‘which
terville.,, He has since epn:sén-
ed to the Huntingdon. Ret» ma- |
.. Venemensg fefused to assist a
¢ had no legitimate >
‘The Gounty Commisstaacrs: te
‘morning presented g petition to the:
‘court in’ which. they state they have’
decided to build an improved ‘highway
from Berlin to. Brotherton, on: the
Somerset & Bedford Pike, - The dis-
tance is 18,000 feet. . Judge Rupnel di-:
rected that the matter be lald ‘before:
a grand jury March 1at 10 o'clock in
The petition was presented “under
the ‘Act of 1811, empowering the coun-
ties to‘'build improved roads. ‘The State
Highway Department, through Com-
missioner Frank B. Back, ‘some time
ago agreed to bear all expense of a
road to connect Som rset and: Broth-
ertou, providing the county would
build the small stretch between Broth-
erton and Berlin.
The Brotherton-Somerset road would
connect with the four-mile State road
north of Somerset. The State High-
way, Department hag agreed to extend
the State road from Jennertown on
the Lincoln Highway. This would
complete about two-thirds of the
cross-country road planned from the
Lincoln Highway down to the old Na-
tional Pike along the southern bor
der of the county.
In the petition filled the County
Commissioners state that they have
had surveys of the route made, They
filed estimates on fhe cost of three
different kinds of road, as folliws:
missioner of |
13 have | at
ry {
re hay Been 1
innocent. pars * Lo
‘worthy citizens. have become ' sé ‘de: | pit
customed tc violating ‘with impunity’ | < A.
the. week-end visiting ‘his ites e
n, in extinguishinga. forest,
Po Fen: Alma and Bari, spent last Wed-
iif nesday with: Mrs. Christ Wah. .
§ Torr and -Grand‘mother ‘Werner of
-Saisbury. Junction, ‘spentilast. ‘Wednes-
+ day in Woodlawn ait the Bowe of Har-
Friday in Woodlawn with the former's
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Johns |
on Monday, a boy.
Among the Sick,
A number of the infants in town
and neighboring vicinity are very ill
| from a
| fever. } Those sick are the littie
daught#e of Ed. Newman, Louise, the
| infant gaughter of Mr,
| one of Bo
is co
4 while.
Mrsy B® ariche Hunt is somewhat Te
| provedsat this writing, She ‘is being |
{ cared t by.her sister, Miss Pauline
Rees of Pittsburg, who arrived here |
se of the extreme. poverty of the | | Saturddy evening.
‘Lift1§Paul ‘Woltz, infant son of Rev. |
and Mis: B! F. Watz, is suffering from |
a sevete cold.
‘Mrs. BE. H. Johnson, is~ also very ill
“at this s, wiiting.
: & wi Minor Mention ii '
Mrs. , Biijah Livengood, spent Tues
day at the home of her son, D. W.
Livengood, and We dnesday at the
home of Enianuel ader,” ¢
i Clarence King of Pittsburg, is
soning several Says. iy. town, yisi-
bmg: relatives. :
x: : Miss . Engle: of Ralpton, spent
the weekerld ‘at ‘her home,
MES, B.B- Haselbarth, spent Tues-
day ang Wednesday in Cumberland,
5. i Jor. Weekly lessons in
re spending ‘several days in
prising: frignds and hoy
ab n ot “8. Codnells-
the wéek-end at
is atthe home of her parents.
“Mrs. Martin Wahl and two child:
Miss: BHa Brow: : of: ‘Meyersdale,
spent: a few hours: in Weédanw on}
Sunday: with her: Totler, “Mrs! Jolin:
Brown. : % 9 10 gd EI 5 Pn
- Mrs. Herman. Baker,
Mrs. Sarah
vey Wahls. ~~ i
Mrs. Trimpey and daishter of Cas-
spent from’ Thursday until
sister, Mrs. Cyrus: Fike, who has been
Miss Ethel Seighnor of Somervilla,
spent Sunday in Woodlawn with her
friends, Miss Grace and Stella Wahl,
ill the past few weeks.
Mrs. Ephram Diette, who hag been
ill for some time is able to sit up
Roy Wahl, who was reported sick
over Sunday is able to be out again.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Maust of Meyers-
dale, and Mr and Mrs. Allen Fike and
daughter, Alice of Richters Knob,
spent Sunday in Woodlawn, with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Fike.
This office makes a specialty of de-
signing and printing personal ani
business stationary. If you desire a
correct letterhead for personal use
or for your business write for sam-
ples and prices. COMMERCIAL OF-
Concrete, . $61,101; brick and concrete
proportioned with 5,000 feet of brick
and 13,000 feet of concrete, $53,295;
brick road with concrete base, $63,-
270. The Commissioners also filed
a release from damage from the Road
Supervisors of Brothersvalley town-
ship, through which the proposed road
Worcester table and dairy salt the
purest made from 5c to 90c per bag
The funeral took placs or Wednesday,
keeping in in Sand Patch.
at Habel & Phillips,
/ i
Watches that ive been left for re
alady which is reported bra‘ n
Chas, Grones, ;
bhias Lichty’s little twins also |
| the Inf@at child of Karl Ringler. i
{ Mr. @¥thur Emerick of Akron, O.
ming to stey
er, Mrs. Jac- |
"Beachy and Mrs. hil
~ good" on
The regular monthly meeting of the w
Parent Teachers Asso ciation was held cal ehuich,
in the High School Auditorium,
day evening Februa ry. 2.
A special program was well rendcer-
ed. Music was furnished
first and second . school
Alger a few s ions by Se 5CC
ond orchestra, which made
public appearance Friday night.
by DOH
program was given ‘into the haqds
of Mr. U. S. Werner, who, as . cap.
tain of one of the wo tean 8, lost |
at the last meeting when a comt est |
| was held, or
| His program consisted of a
solo and encore by Mr. N. F. Meyers,
| an addréss by Prof. Colder of the
New Centerville High School and a
vocal solc and encore by Miss Eliza-
beth Waker. Mr. Wernar enlivened
the intermission by his humor, wi! high
is well known.
Mr: J. D. ‘Snyder, president: of the
association again taking charge.” The
first number ofi*general’ ‘program - ‘was
a debate between: Phrena” and” Philo
Litérary society debating t
solved: “That ‘immigration. Shou ul d. Ve
further restricteu by law.”. . has af-
firmative—Phrena;+ “Vlema, Thompson,
Earl Romesburg, Katherine ° Ohler.
Negative—Philo; Wm. Colbern, Agnes
Phillippi and’ Marie" “Miller. ‘The de-
cision was unanimous’ ‘in favor of the
‘affirmative. Each’ and every speaker
did very well, and, ‘the Subject was
well debated. . Whe
The awarding of. the P. T. & pens
nant to the room represented fe
most parents,’ No. 6. Other bust
of the meeting was then en:
a play entitled, “Ney A ‘Man in’ ‘the
House.” x
: The. cast of rr were’ wl
! od by the following teachers:
: a Saylor—As Aunt Belinda.
Mise 1 Bessie Moore—As Mrs. ‘Timothy
"Bings. (A' widow and a‘ man-hater)
|' Miss Della
B was _an exceptionally
) and wag divided into. two |
ard“ pianb solos, and. the. . second,
scenes from the “Mikaco”
The committe is to be congrata-
eseain only The company ‘consis*-
‘ed of: Rell wi
Llu ‘Hatfield Solomon—Manager. id
Anna States—Contralto,
Calvin Burghalter—Tenor.- Tr
"Harry Lombard—Baritone,
‘These proved to an exceptionally
well talented company, and it has
been well said of them, “They coma
with a smile, and go with a smile.”
Mr. Henry Werner, is seriously fll
at his. home on West Main street.
Miss Rae Millhouse has been seri-
ously lil at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Millkouse fof some
time, and will be taken to the hospi-
tal as soon as the weather permits for
an operation,
Miss Ella Snyder, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. D. Snyder and Mr. Harle
Fetters, son of Mr and Mrs. Wm. Fet-
ters, Were married Thursday morn-
ing at the home of the bride's parents.
The .young couple accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. Fetters Sr. departed om
No. ¢ for Florida.
The plan for the trip was that thn
first stop was to be Jacksonville, hera
Jowwmns £[1ee ey) up emir)
2WOoS you Suumier ‘semis m3
19730 OYY JIN0j off NIA Lemp “8802
o[lqomoIn®e uv osBvyoInd 03 pusjur Ley
8loyA “edwrs), J07 Jaedep uo} pue Ise
-J9U} JO 880erd II® 1ISIA 0} Puajur £91)
This trip is also hoped to benefit
Mrs. Fetter’s health.
The good wishes of all their many
friends accompany them.
Messrs. Norman Moore and Len
Colbornt Pittsburg students, visited
their parents over Sunday.
pairs and not called for and ‘have
been here over a year will be sold!
after January 20th,
T. W. Gurley the Jeweler.
Mr. Austin Miller wag a Somerset
caller Thursday.
Mrs. Ephriam Farling and daught-
er, Mary were business callers fn
Somerset Monday.
en + ri mr S—.
its first | i
vocal |
_ After ‘several selections hy the ‘or-|
chestra, the audience’ was treated by |
8, Sueock 4s Mis Lusy
The first was given to. SONES |.
dated for ‘gecuring such excellent en- |
l. ar Foster Walter, a B. & 0. en-
€er, was a Connellsville visitor
ow, week, at which time he consulted
§ ecialist Baily about his eyes, whieh
ave been troubling him for some
The funeral of Mrs, Chas. Wable,
as eld irom the United Evangeli-
Thursday Febru uary 1st, at
2 o'clock.
. The funeral services were conduct-
ed by Rev. Mr. Helrick and Rey. W.
A. McClelian of the United Evangelj--
i cal and Ref rmed churches,
Mrs, Wable was aged 33 years, and
1s survived by
2180 hier pare nts,
- 8S. Younkin and the
wil S sisters: Mr.
Grant Youn Mrs, G. BE. Winga d,
Mrs; George Mill 1 Mrs. Jonathan
or all of Hock wood.
Mrs. Wable was. :
ber of the
! her” death, it
io fo
ire long memnm-
Evengelies 1 church, thra
hag lost a faithful mem-
! ber and the commu nity has lost an
estimable woman and neighbor. Our
| So dgienass are wih the grieved fami-
ly. - Yeo
na “BOSWELL succumBss
wh 2 a S—————
w-Boswell, Jan, 29. George S. Hor
ner died yesterday at ‘his home in Bos-
well aftera brief illness, * aged - 90
yedars.- He was’ a son of Solomon 8.
Horner, ‘being born in Stoyestown,
Somerset county.” He leaves his wi-
dow, Mrs. Catherine Murray Horner, ,
and these children: William J. Bos
well; Louis F, Roaring Springs; Mrs.
Annfe Shaulis, Friedens; Mrs. Sadia
Hoke, Boswell. Funeral services will
be conducted tomorrow afternoon at
the Horner ‘home, Interment will be
in the Horner Lutheran SRIEoh ceme-
: Bard ‘Moore, “of Raw Rawlings, Md., and
Miss Jennie ‘Barbara Shockey, of Sand
Patch; Pa, were married at noon Mon.
day by Rev. H. H. Beidleman, pastor
of Bt. Pauls’ Lutheran church, The
‘ceremony was performed at the home :
‘MY. S. ‘William Hunter, West. -
ae the edig
| Served.
Bion secker, Prt
éProsident; “Robert
Retz, D: L. Miller, CW ig r.
:B. ‘Collins, Joe F. Reich, Jo ]
institute in Northampton Tw, >
Program for a an ‘institute. be held
on Saturday evening March 3rd 1917,
7:30 o'clock at Bridegum school,
Northampton township. “
Devotional Erercises.
Reading of the minutes of last seg
sion by secretary.
Address of Welcome—William Bross.
water Sr.
Response—Chas. Deist...
Recitation—James Broadwater.
Song—Deist sisters, . ..
Busy work, what and how ?—Ruthl
“Teachers Part,”
Juble Werner.
in an Institute
“School Essentials”—Ruby Poorbaagh
Reading—Katherine Broadwater,
Intermission. ; 1
Discussion—Robert Broadwater, 5
Queries. ™
Recitation— :
Song—Poorbaugh sisters. (H. M.)
Rural life and Needs of Today—arg
Discussion—Prof. M. R. Schrock,
Ass’t. Co, Supt.
Queries. }
School Efficieney—Wm. Broadwater,
Discussion—C. B. Bittner.
Reading of minutes.
All invited to come and participase,
To Teachers,
Please be on hand and Prepared te
begin work 7:30 sharp. -
at Doages’ Market § :
re rey