The Meyersdale commercial. (Meyersdale, Pa.) 1878-19??, September 14, 1916, Image 7

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“THE CONSTITUTION SUBMITTED ated to supply deficiency in revenue
PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO |to pay existing debt; and the debt cre-
TO THE CITIZENS OF THE COM- shall never exceed in the aggregate
MONWEALTH FOR THEIR AP- at any one time, one million dol-
PROVAL OR REJECTION, BY THE lars,” be amended so as to read as
COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYL-| Section 4. No debt shall be crea-
VANIA, AND PUBLISHED BY OR-|ted by or on behalf of the State, ex-
DER OF THE SECRETARY OF |cept to supply casual deficiencies of
THE COMMONWEALTH, IN PUR-|revenue, repel invasion, suppress in-
SUANCE OF ARTICLE; XVIII OF |surrection, defend the State in war,
THE CONSTITUTION. or to pay existing debt; and the debt
Number One. created to supply deficiencies in rev-
A JOINT RESOLUTION enue shall never exceed in the aagre-
Proposing an amendment to Article gain, a A ous die, gue milion del
a ars: Provided, however That the
IX of the Constitution of General Assembly, irrespective of |
Pennsylvania. any debt, may authorize the State to
Section 1. Be it resolved by. the|issue bonds to the amount of fifty
Senate and House of Representa-, millions of dollars for the purpose of
tives in General Assembly met, That | improving and rebuilding the highways
the following amendment to thef{of the Commonwealth.
Constitution of Pennsylvania be, and Section 2. .Said proposed amend-
the same is hereby, proposed, in ac- | ment shall be submitted to the qual-
cordance with the XVIII article |ified electors of the State, at the gen-
thereof :— eral election to be held on the Tues-
Section 16. The State, or any wmu-|day next following the first Monday of
nicipality thereof, acquiring or appro-| November in the year nineteeen hun-
priating property or rights over or in |dred and eighteen, for the purpose of
property for public use, may, in fur-|deciding upon the approval and rati-
The following are the jurors drawn
for the September term of criminal
Grand Jury
Addison township—John A. Gower,
Berlin—Joseph B. Atchison, laborer.
Black—Charles Engle, laborer.
Brothersvalley—Peter D. Baer,
farmer; James W. Hauger, farmer;
Jacob J. Glessner, farmer. i
Elk Lick—Henry J. Opel, farmer.
Jenner—William J. O’Connor, farm-
Lincoln—James R. Ogline, farmer.
Meyérsdale—Christian Sides, car-
penter; S. C. Hartley, merchant;
Charles J. Hauger, painter; H. E.
Emeigh, carpenter.
Northampton—Charles Mishler, far-
mer. /
New Centerville—Samuel Boyd car-
Somerset borough—A. Kent Miller,
Justice of the peace; Edwin L, Fox,
clerk; Harry W. Bittner, laborer.
Somerset township—Samuel L. Shaf-
court, Jjanded in this country from Ireland, Li ;
therance of its plans for the acqui-
sition and public use of such proper-
ty or rights, and subject to such re-
strictions as the Legislature may from
time to time impose, appropriate an
excess of property over that actual-
ly to be occupied or used for public
use, .and may thereafter sell or lease
such excess, and impose on the prop-
erty so sold or leased any restrictions
appropriate to preserve or enhance
the benefit to the public of the prop-
erty actually occupied or used.
A true copy of Joint Resolution
No. 1.
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Number Two.
Proposing an amendment, to the Con-
stitution of the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania so as ‘to’ consolidate
the courts of common pleas of Phil-
adelphia county.
Section 1. Be it resoived by the
Senate and House of Representa-
tives of the Commonwealth of Penn-
sylvania in General Assembly met.
“That the following amendment to the
Constitution of Pennsylvania be, and
the same is hereby, proposed, in ac-
cordance with the eighteenth article
That section six of article five be
amended so as to read as follows:
Section 6. In the county of Phila-
delphia all the jurisdiction and
powers now vested in the several
numbered courts of common pleas of
that county, shall be vested in one of the Constitution be amended by
court of common pleas composed. of
all the judges in commission in said
courts, Such 2urisdiction and powers
shall extend to all proceedings at law
and in equity which shall have been
instituted in the several numbered
courts and shall be subject to such
change‘as may be made by law and
subject to change of venue as provi-
ded by law. The president judge of
the said court shall be selected as
provided by law. The number of
jndges in said conrt may be by law
increased from time to tire. This a-
mendment shall take effect on the
first day of January succeeding its a-
In the county of Allegheny all the
jurisdiction and powers now vested
in the several numbered courts of
common pleas, shall be vested in
one court of common pleas, com-
posed of all the judges in commission
in said courts. Such, jurisdietion and
powers shall extend to ‘all proceel-|vided by law. In ascertaining the
ings at law and in equity which shall
have been instituted in the seyeral
numbered courts and shall be subject
to such change as may be made by |tion and deducted from such debt :
law and subject to change of venue |so much of the debt of said city as|the Wm. H. Rink farm in Jenner
as provided by law. The presi-
dent judge’ of the sald court|proceeds thereof invested, in any $12,000. Previously, Mr. Lohr owned a
shall be selected as provided by |public improvements of any character farm of 200 acres, but he now has a
law. The number of judges In
said court may be by law increased city an annual current net revenue.
from time to time. This amendment
shall take effect on the first day of |be ascertained by capitalizing the an-| Somerset, were guests of their relati-
January succeeding its adoption.
A true copy of Joint Resolution
No." 2. i Te buds
Secretary Jf. the Commonwealth.
Number Three;
Proposing an amendment to article |ing-fund charges payable upon the | used in the construction of wharves or
nine, se-.ion four of the Constii- indebtedness incurred by said city | docks owned or to be owned by said
tution of . the Commonwealth of |for such purposes, up to the time of city, such obligations may be in an
authorizing the |such ascertainment. The method of amount sufficient to provide for, and
State to issue bonds to the amount | determining such amount, so to be deimay include the amount of, the in-
fication or the rejection of ‘said | fer, farmer; John Torpey, clerk;
amendment. Said election . shall be | Charles Frank, farmer. :
opened, held, and closed upon sald
election day, at the places and within | er.
the hours at and within which said| Windber—Blaine Allison, livery-
election is directed to be open-| man; Harry E. Dietz, jeweled.
ed, held and closed, and in accord- Petit Jury.
ance with the provisions of the laws Benson—Martin Carr, miner.
of. Pennsylvania governing elections, Berlin—John. A. Heffley, laborer;
and amendments thereto. Such a-| Henry J. Weyant, salesman.
mendment shall be printed upon the Boswell—Thomas J. McClellan,
ballots in the form and manner pre-| clerk.
geribed by the election laws of Penn- Black—John Marker, farmer.
sylvania, and shall in all respects Brothersvalley—Boden KE. Rogers,
conform to the requirement of such | farmer.
laws. Conemaugh—Tobias Eash, farmer;
A true copy of Joint Resolution |Amos Hershberger, farmer; Noah
No, 3. Kaufman, farmer. °
Confluence—W. H. Reiber, laborer.
Elk Lick—Albert Glotfelty, farme:;
David Glotfelty, farmer; Samuel Bak-
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Number Four. er, farmer.
“A JOINT RESOLUTION. Garrett—Mahlon A. Romesburg,
Proposing an amendment to section | minister.
eight, article nine of the Consti- Greenville—Christian Werner, min-
tution of Pennsylvania. er. ¢
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Jefferson—Lloyd M. Miller, painter.
Sonate and House of Representa-| Jenner—Earle §, Rhodes, undes-
tives of she Commonwealth of Penn-|t2Ker; ‘Ernest L. Berkey, farmer;
sylvania in General Assemh.y = met, James Kimmell, laborer; James A.
and is hereby enacted by the author- G. Shaffer, farmer; J. L. Sipe, painter.
ity of the same, That the Constitu- Lower Turkeyfoot—John Colbesh,
tion of the Commonwealth of Penn- | farmer.
sylvania, in accordance with the pro-| Middlecreek—William Mowry, mill-
visions of the eighteenth article | © Bide :
Meyersdale—George ~H. Hocking,
thereof: —
Amendment to Article Nine, Sectio coal operator; J. N, Cover, merchant;
Bight. | Gyrus A. Just, laborer; Charles Phil-
lips, merchant. :
Milford—George J. Hay, farmer. .
Northampton —H. F. Smith, farmer.
Quemahoning-—James D. Specit,
farmer; James Tber, farmer; Frank-
: til dicd A od lin Spangler, farmer; Henry Stahl, la-
Section 8.. The debt.of any county | porer.
city, borough, township, school dis-| Salisbury—John R. Brown, laborer.
trict or; other municipality orincorpo-| Somerset borough—Robert E. Beer-
ated district, except as provided here | its merchant; A. Beam Sellers, mer-
fn and in section fifteen of this arti-| chant; James S. Swisher, retired;
cle shall never exceed seven (7) per| john A. Lambert, editor.
centum upon the assessed value of the Somerset township—Joseph M. Mil-
taxable property therein, but the|ier farmer; Jacob Barron, retired;
debt of the city of Philadelphia may | garvey W, Woy, contractor.
be increased in such amount that the| gouthampton—James L. Lepley, far-
total city debt of said city shall not,
exceed ten per centum (10) upon the| gionycreek—Jobhn W. Piles, farmer;
assessed value .of the, taxable, prop-iyyther J. Hillegass, farmer.
erty therein, nor shall any such mu-{ gymmit— Preston Walker, farmer;
nicipality or district incur any new! Wilson Saylor, farmer.
debt, or increase its indebtedness to} yuinqher— Clinton Ishman, barber;
an amount exceeding two (2) Deri, ni pheasant, retired; William Loch-
centum upon such assessed valuation rie, mine foreman; R, W. Moore
of property, without the consent of|, ‘i. oonar ?
tse electors thereof at a public elec-
tion in such manner as shall be pro-
That section eight of article nine
striking out the said section and in-
serting in place thereof the follow-
borrowing capacity of the said city BUYS A BIG FABM
of Philadelphia, ‘at any time, there
shall be excluded from the calcula- Robert W. Lohr, Republican nomin-
ee for the Assembly, has purchased
shall have been incurred, and the Township, . the, consideration being
which shall be yielding to the said | total of 419 acres. .
The amount of such deduction shall Mr, and Mrs, Charles P. Lepley of
nual net revenue from such improve-| Ves Mr, and Mrs. James Darnley,
ment during the year immediately | Saturday and Sunday,
preceding the time of such ascertain- ti
ments; and such capitalization shall Chil dren Cry :
be estimated by ascertaining the
principal amount which would yield
such annual, current net revenue, at <> A S T. oO R i Aa
the average rate of interest, and sink- ”
over his veto.
Stoyestown—Edward Smith, labor- | Pa., has started operations. This year
| is understood.
Parting from his brother twenty-five
years ago, five years after they had
Thomas Conlin, aged seventy, a labor-
er employed in the Braeburn Steel
cempany plant at Braeburn, has just
learned that his brother, Frank Con-
lin, who went to Australia, died, leav- {
ing his vast fortune of $1,500,000 to Ams
Uniontown police have been notified
that Mrs. Frances Vavrek of West
Masontown, was robbed of papers and
cash valued at $14,000. Mrs. Vavrek
said she had gone to Uniontown to
close a real estate deal and was sitting
in the waiting room of the West Penn
terminal when she missed a handbag
containing the notes and cash.
Lawrence county courts will be called |
upon, to decide the legality of the ordi-
nance recently passed by the council’
of Ellwood City, making the salary of
the burgess, W. J. Kirk, $50 a month
fnstead of $2 for each arrest, as in
the past. The burgess has vetoed the
ordinance and the council will pass it
.Nearly every bottle plant at Kane,’
is expected to be the greatest in the
history of the bottle industry. The
surhmer shutdown this year was the
shortest on record, many of the plants
being closed less than a month during
which the capacity of many plants was
greatly increased.
Complaint has been filed with
the public service commission by
Louis Franke, mayor of Johnstown,
against the Johnstown Fuel company,
he alleging an unjustifiable increase
of rates by the company for supplying
gas to industrial and individual con-
sumers and the tentative violation of
‘Miss Margaret McDermott, aged
twenty, was killed and. three others
wife injured, one probably mortally,
as a result of an automowile sideswip-
ing two motorcycles, hurling the oc-
cupants into a ditch on the Lincoln
highway three miles west of Irwin,
Sunday afterncon.
Twenty persons were hurt when
two trolley cars on the high speed
electric line, connecting Pottsville and
Shenandoah, crashed together on 2
heavy grade just outside of Frackville,
The collision was caused by the fzil-|
ure of the signal system to work, it
. Altoona hospitals are crowded with
typhoid fever patients and there have
been six deaths to date. The state
health departmient has placarded the
city with warnings for everybody to
boil the water for all purposes as a
precautionary measure.
Get the
Returning home after accompanying
two girls home from a dance, Joseph
Fair and Lee Saddler, each twenty-
three years old, of Montgomeryville.
were killed when they were struck by,
a Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh
Striking laborers at the plant of the
American Steel and Wire company,
Braddock, returned to work when com-
pany officials’ granted the men the pay
"increase which’ they demanded. The
men demanded 30 cents an hour.
own” with “Bull” Durham.
For the first time in six years
Joseph Heintzelman, a miner of near
Greensburg, is able to open his mouth
and eat solid food. The long period
during which his jaws were locked
followed a siege of typhoid fever.
Failure to comply with demands. tobacco can give you.
made by the Black Hand society re-!
sulted in the death of Tony Mammona,
aged twenty-four, who was shot to
death while working with a section
gang near Bentleyville.
Anna, two-year-old daughter of John
Gildea of Coulter, died in the McKees-
port hospital, the resull of a copper-
head snake bite. The reptile attacked
the child as she stepped from the door
of her father’s home.
rettes, and a pa e of cigarette pagent.
An Illustrated Booklet,
showing correct way to
ill both b iled, t y &
wip S. bs mailed. fis hy
Durham N.C.
ne 9.
Fifteen hundred dollars’ worth of
diamonds, gold coins and jewelry were
stolen from Mrs. P. B. Breniser, pro-
prietress of the Hotel Breniser in
Ligonier. There is no clue to the
Six hundred members of eleven
Catholic ‘societies in the McKeesport
district took part in a parade which
preceded the dedication of the $30,000
Magyar Greek Catholic church in Mc
- Every F
Struck by an automobile and hurled
in the path of a motorcycle which ran
| over him, Edward Dunlap, aged thirty
five, suffered injuries from which he
died at the McKeesport hospital.
of fifty millions of dollars for the lducted, may be prescribed by the Gen- |terest and sinking-fund charges @&s
improvement of the highways of !eral Assembly. In incurring indebted- |cruing and which may accrue there-
the Commonwealth.
“ness for any purpose the city of Phila-|on throughout the period of construct
Section 1. Be it resolved by the delphia may issue its obligations ma- ion, and until the expiration of one
‘Senate and House of Representa- | turing not later than fifty (50) years |year after the completion of the work
tives of the Commonwealth of Penn-
sylvania in General Assembly met,
That the following amendment to the
i from the date thereof, with provision for which sald indebtedness shall
for a sinking-fund sufficient to retire have been incurred; and sald city
said obligations at maturity, the pay- shall not be required to levy a tax to
Constitution of Pennsylvania be, and ment to such sinking-fund to be in [Day said interest and = sinking-fund
the same is hereby, proposed, in ac- | equal or graded annual or other per- charges as required by section ten.
cordance with the eighteenth article iodical instalments. Where any in-|article nine, of the Constitution of
thereof: —
debtedness shall be or shall have Pennsylvania, uniil the expiration of
That section four of article nine, | been incurred by said city of Philadel said period of one year after the com-
which reads as follows:
“Section 4. No debt shall be crea- |ion or improvement of public works of
ted by or on behalf of the State, ex
cept to supply casual deficiencies of
Tevenue, repel imvasions, suppress in-
i the purpose of the comstruct-
Pia for pur pletion of said work.
A true copy of Joint Resolution No 4.
Secretary of the Commonwealth,
.|any character from which income or
revenue is to be derived by said city,
or for the reclamation of land to be
As the result of having been bitten
by a mad dog in Betroit three weeks
ago Marie Engls, aged six, daughter
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The Children’s Panacea—The Mother’s Friend.
_ #7 Bears the Signature of
ls |
223 'Livergood St.
of Henry Engls, died of hydrophobia
| her home in Brackenridge.
Loa tarantula, dropping from a bunch}
of bananas to the pavement in Pitts- | Mrs. L. M. Lininger is visiting her
burgh, bit a stray dog that wandered | sister-in-law and family, Mr. and Mis. |
within reach. The dog died a feW! y,4 peal near Addison.
minutes, Jeter. |" G.G. Gray of the West Side was |
Fire, supposedly incendiary, de: | operated on for gallstones last even-
stroyved two coal tipples of the | ing at Frant’s Hospital. He is ge'-
Diamond Coal corapany at Houstor ting along nicely.
Run, near Monongahela. |" @& R, McDonald and daughter, Mrs.
Bove : Teaver, received word Tuesd,y
Governor Brumbaugh has appoint: | John Weaver, r y org !
evening that the former’s daughter
ed Stacy Stephens to be justice of the | : a
peace in Perry township, Greene |and latter's sister. Miss Ida McDot-
LT - . -
county. | ald, was very ill at Findly, Ohio, re-
aa Vo Coe Ds
quested them to come at once. They
| left immediately for Findley and =i
this writing no ward has been receiv.
ed from them as to her condition.
A. GG. Black, Jr, has returned from
a business visit to Pittsburg.
Qur Job Work Pleases