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Many tell us they
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Mepersoale Tommercial.
Last Sunday was a galla day for the ——————— Horato Kimmell’s heirs to Joseph
members of the Slicer family. By pre- Kimmel, Somerset township, -600.
makers Hears Requests. Re- vious arrangements all relatives met | Firemen to Take the Attention Next Tuesday. Four Visiting Com-| Lamas to Veraos Weaver,
ports Received. Burgess asks here at the home of Mrs. Louise Sli- panies to be Here. Excursion on Western Maryland Ry. Conemaugh township, $600.
x about Confetti Throwing. oe a Isior left by Seon for Great Features at this Annual Event. The Acrobats, William Murray to Sherman D, Mur-
1 — | pe iow : EN Fan aes The Midway, The Exhibits, Everydody Going. =% Serer, ta, iv
5 opel . Murray 0. . Lun.
on on Se i hole affair being| . _ o1 is the week of weeks in | Reel Race; Hook and ladder race; ger, Larimer township, $1,200.
Somswlet in the form of a basket pic-| ,, =~, year in Meyersdale; it is | Fire Drill Contest; Hyndred yards John Grush to Wilmore Coal com-
% 3 ose present were Mr. S. H. Fair Week, and big things have been | dash. There will be a special train | pany, Paint township, $5,000.
: Dro Fr Hany vlan planned for the four days beginning | Over the Western Maryland on Tues- Michael Sakmar to Elizabeth
Olive. = Mis Loti ibs ay and | VitR Tuesday and ending with Friday, | day from Cumberland. Nimack, Boswell, $200.
Nrs ? D A Foie ee a child Elsefhere in thisi issue an ad will give| On Wednesday when the famous Elizabeth Koovolichik to Andred |at the Amity Reformed Church, by -:
tac an Tem, | ou some of the particuiars aud it is | Berlin Band is to play at the fair, | Baker, Jr. Boswell, $300. the pastor of the bride, the Rev. Dr...
Miss Alice and Nathaniel of Meyers- Albina Ronko to Cel
A t £ o Celestrine Rillo,| A. E. Trux ¢ this
dale; Mrs, William Slicer of Columbus, unnecessary to repeat them here. But |" there is to be a delegation of 75 autos al, at six o'clock, -
. .
| Y 1 Adjourned Session eazion of City Law- |
Miss Florence Gertrude Wilmoth
and Mr. Harry A. Baldwin,
Plight their vows before the
Alter at 6 O'clock this Even-
An adjourned meeting of council
a 1 ° was held on Tuesday evening, with
1 just a quorum present, namely, —
Messrs. Shipley, Staub, Saylor, Dee-
ter and Emeigh; absent, Dia and
Darnley. In the absence of President
Dia, B. E. Shipley was president
pro tempore.
Various Petitioners Present.
Emory George requested the repair
The nuptial rites uniting as man.
and wife, Miss Florence Gertrude,_.
daughter of Mrs. Jennie Wilmoth and. ./
of the late Henry J. Wilmoth, and Mr, _
Harry A. Baldwin, were solemnized-
we want to call your attention to| chuck full of humanity to visit the | Windber, $1. Thursday evening.
& of High street; also the matter of a > iT a Sherenh ere. Tuesday and make mention of some | fair, This is a sort of community Anthony Emerson to William Augus- The bride was led to the altar by
: new sewer for the street was con- : ss The esa 3 Ser ss iid ue Sitters besides. spirit that is getting hold of this end tine, Lower Turkeyfoot township | her eldest brother, Mr. Alfred Wil-
widered; and the grading of High Yok Foommin 9 _- i > S18 2. Tuesday is going to be Firemen’s | of the county and is indeed, commend- $350. moth, and she was attended by her
Stree! from Sih to Oran: sirest. ae Ro obit, | Day and it 1s going to be a big day, | able on the part of our sister town Andrew Ramsey to Peter Ramsey | sister, Miss Mary. The groom’s best
E. Bowser presented a signed petl- pk grt: I a Nell us; 22 ° a for the following fire companies hawe | Berlin. | company, Somerset county, $1. man was Mr. Cloyd Stottler. Miss.
tion by many of the property owners sole me an ede J > heise ; decided to be present and have s0 Then the races all though the S. H. Caufflel of David Ott, Cone-| Evalyn Truxal played the wedding
SSquesting to pave Wik rik fhe Grantsville i » °!| notified Pres. B. E. Shipey and Secre- | week, and the Japanese performers, | M2UEh township, $2,000. march and later sang, “For you
hey hihi : No bin { On Monday Dr, and Mrs, Ryland | 27 D. J. Fike, These companies are | and the Great Midway, and all of us Henry C. Umberger to Elizabeth | Alone.” The church was filled with
. H. g, : , §
Kudacik, Shade township, $900.
Charles - H. Weimer to Philip Ber-
kebile, Somerset, $350.
Elizabeth Lape’s heirs to Ross Men-
ges, Shade township, $500.
Frostburg, New Haven, Midland, Lon-
aconing, Westernport, and of course,
There will be a number of highly in-
terested contests Hose
to be there. Thursday is generally
called the great day, but it will have
to get some move this year ff it
wants to surpass some of the other
invited guests. The edifice was decor.
ated with fern.
The bride looked indeed handsome
attired in charmeuse and lace, bear-
entertained the party at a 12 o’clock
dinner at their home on Meyers ave.
The spacious dining room was beauti-
fully decorated and had two tables,
“Pire Corporation requested council
to vacate that portion of Pennsyiva-
nia street passing through the fac-
tory building and to the right of way
4ncluded the property and plants of | Hortscamp, assault and battery, was | Previously sold to the Miller Run! pn. Apnentown Fair and night stop at | Will be glad to have you promptly ad-{ come visit our store during Fa >
‘the Arrow and Reitz Coal companies, | nolle prossed, as were the cases again. | ¢0al Company for $3,000. Easton. On Wednesday September 20 | ise me if I can be of assistance 10 | \.ei and see some of our bargalfe,
1d along with the Elizabeth Supply com- | st Adam Trimble vs. Theodore Close,| Joseph Manges nas soid the 42inch | after leaving Easton there will be | YOU Very Fain o See what you can gét for a dim m en
v. pany, at Arrow. assault and battery with intent to | seam of coal underlying his own farm | stops at Stroudsburg and noonday WILLIAM A. ASHBR » 0+ L+ | even a nickel. Globe Electrip <
1S The Arrow mines represent a tip- | kill, and Angus Burkholder vs. Lizzie | for $450 per acre. meetings at Nay Aug Park and Clarks | Take Congressman Ashbrook’s 2d-| novelty Store. 222%
ple and four openings, fully equipped | Metts, assault and battery. ers Summit, near Scranton. The party will | Vice and employ your home attorney. cies » %.% =
with electrical machinery, three mines The following cases have been com- CHURCH NOTES stop t the Tunkhannock Farm and at Dr. H.C. McKinley is the only Pension $1.50 PITTSBURG AND URN.
gs of standard-gauge railroad, several | tinued until the January term of > | Dalles before reaching Wilkes-Barre attorney in this end of the county. Sunday, September 17 ay in 2,
he 0 ‘blocks of miners’ houses and a church. | court: CHRISTIAN CHURCH, Preaching for the night. On Thursday, Septem | = Maryland Ry. Special trim < Yea ave.
= “The mines at Reitz were only openéd Com. vs. George Saylor, Jr. charge | services, Sunday Sept. 17 morning at | ber 21, the noonday meetings will be | Pay your subscription to the Com- Meyersdale at 8:38 a. “md, ify,
. a few months ago and include B68 | assault and battery, Lawrence Bow-| 11 o'clock; Evening 7:80 by Rev. D. FP. | at Bloomsburg, and stops will be mercial during Fair week. arrives in Meyersdalg at 10 2p. “Be, 2%
he | ¥ houses and other property. man;~prosecutor. Morris Pastor. made at Danville and Selinsgrove. JOS. W. a RT, 4 @ SP %
7 Com. vs. Gilbert Tressler, carrying | The plans for the third tour rouge Coming soon—Beatrice Fairfax. Adv. K go: Gow 5% 2%
i Get for ten cents what you may | concealed weapons George W. Burk-| With you soon—Beatrice Fairfax. the southwestern and central part of vr | Westar, M and F RY, 2?
— i have to pay 25 cents elsewhere. Go | holder, prosecutor. res [ the State will be announced later. | | planned in all of the counties thru — eG Ge 2 %*
i to the Globe Electric and Novelty Com. vs. Emanuel Statler, misde- This tour
¥ e—— Com. vs. Emaune! Statler, resisting a | burg, Ebensburg and Mifflintown and | Chambersburg, McConnellsburg, Som- | Fine ling of, Sw 2a
ww) ¥ For a summary of the late Game | an officer, George W. Lybarger, gO Electric Supplies at theGlobe Elec- | night stops at Bedford and Hunting-| erset, Tyrons, Bellville, Mille: stow n| ware at ih alte El ecsrid
cone laws see the Gurley ad In this issue. | gsecutor. tric and Novelty Store. don. Elaborate receptions are being |and New Bloomfield. ity St 29
Wr ie, 3
my — ed Ell O Eel
of the B. & O. Railroad Company;
:gaid building is known as the Duu-
combe Brick Plant.
Austin Martz was present and stat-
ed that he put a sidewalk on High
street for the Western Maryland Ry.
Co. at the Long property. It was de-
«cided by council to ratify the grade
given by the street committee on the
above work.
Daniel Shultz made request that a
.gidewalk be laid from Broadway to
“Penn. street. No action was taken in oh Bank, there being about sixty persons | ed in & number of towns and cities key, both of Milford township. chestra furnished the music.
this matter. 11 o'clock. The hostess who celebrat- | present. along the route in order that the Joseph Deblise and Rosa Cianco,| The bride is an accomplished
Communications. ed her sixteenth anniversary was the ‘
A letter was received from the de-
one for the older folks and the other
for the children. This was another
happy day for the relatives. The out-
of- town guests left in the afternoon
for their homes with the exception of
Mrs. William Slicer who will spend
several weeks here visiting here re-
latives and friends.
Miss Mabel Baer, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C. P. Baer charmingly en-
tertained with a birthday party last
Thursday evening at her home on the
South Side. The hours were from 8to
recipient of many beautiful gifts. The
of health relative to per- amugements of the evening were par-
mitting council to have an extension lor games and music, and at 10 o’clock
«of time when the Borough must cease the guests were invited to the dining
to empty untreated sewage into state room where
a three course supper
waters. The secretary was directed to A Was served. The center piece was a
“write Commissioner Dixon, giving the ' bouglet. of pink and white roses.
The guests fielded the Misses
plans of council relative to the mat-
The Sand Spring Water Company
agrees to accept the proposition
made by the Borough Council by the
Katharine Aurandt, Mary Bolden,
Rhea O'Bryan, Verna Baer, Hazel
Rosenberger, Sstelle Rowe, Margaret
Hostetler, Sylva Ford, Hilda Lichty,
payment of $2,000 in full settlement ; | and Julia Hoblitzell.
of all claims to October 1, 1816,
A letter was received from Attor-
ney Boose suggesting that as soon as
a committee js appointed to act in
behalf of town council an ‘effort |
should be made to agree
upon the |
terms of the new -contract. The com- |
mittee of the water company will be
pleased to meet the committee of
council in this matten at such time
and place as may be decided upon by
~ them jointly.
Reports Received.
Chief Burgess Gress said that he
«collected for the month of August in
licenses and fines $22.10.
The Finance Committe’s report
shows that the active account has.
been overdrawn by -208.44; there is
in the sink)ing fund $1141.72; Bal-.
ance due -569.17.
It was decided to renew note in
Citizens National Bank due Aug. 16,
for a period of 60 days, amount $1500.
Burgess Gress spoke of the matter
. ers of the
of throwing confetti during fair week |
and asked about granting ilcenses for |
persons to sell merchandise on the
It was decided by council to vacate
Penn street at rubber tire factory: A
few bills were passed.
D— .
Last week Wm. Gahagen and his
friend disposed of a portion of their
‘holdings in Paint, Shade and Ogle
‘townships, comprising about 2,600
acres all told, nearly all of which is
wunderlaid with high grade coal, to a
syndicate of Pittsburgers for the tidv
sum of $485,000. In the transaction is
Regular September quarer sessions
count convened Monday morning at
10 o’clock, Judge W. H. Rupper pre-
siding. The calendar is one of unus-
ual size, almost 100 cases benig dock-
eted. Many of the cases were disposed
of at the opening session by agree-
ment between the parties.
Edward Smith, of Stoystown, was
appointed foreman of the grand ju-
ry, and following the presentation of
motions, etc.,, a memorial resolution
on the death of Dr, Valentine Hay
was offered. Nearly all of the memb-
bar paid a tribute to Dr.
Hay. who was the oldest member of
the bar association at the time of his
A plea of guilty to a charge of sell-
ing liquor without a license was enter-
ed by John Woods, et al, trading as
the Goenner Brewing Co., of Johns-
town. The charges was brought A by
County Detective Lester G. Wagner,
before he was elected to the office of
Sheriff, and was continued from time
to time. Sentence will be imposed
later. 3
Christ Koontz, charged by J. M.
Wilbur with assault and battery, en-
tered a plea of guilty and will be sen-
tenced later in the week. Koontz and
Wilbur quarreled while at work on
the new church now in course of erec-
tion on East street.
The case of Alvin Pritts vs. Hasry
meanor, Peter Siler, prosecutor.
as follows:
Club was held on Tueaday evening in
the basement of the Second National
The president of the club is H. M.
Cook and the secretary, Paul D. Clut-
ton. This organization which has thLe
welfare , of the whole community at
heart, though only reeently instituted,
has a membership of eighty-five.
| {dt was decided that the. club, coll.
actively and individually would do's
‘held next week, agreeing to deco-
Tate the town, and would urge upon
all to make exhibits at the fair and to
be there themselves.
Stirring talks were made by J. F.
Reich, Harry Philson, Frank Layton,
S. J. McClune, Dr, Milne, Alex John-
The chair appointed the following
committees; On Membership. B. H.
Shipley, W. H. Baldwin, F. B. Thomas;
Program and Social, Dr. Milne, G. W.
Collins, Dr. Lichty, Fred Rowe, Jr.
R. H. Philson; Education and Publici-
ty: W. S. Livengood, S. C. Hartley,
W. H. Kretchman; Credit and Refer-
ence, W. H. Holzshu, N. E. Miller, F.
A. Bittner; Look-out Committee, —
Every member.
While walking at the side of a four-
horse team Friday afternoon Em&m-
uel Meyers, of Ogle township, was
shoved against a brush pile pt a nar-
row place in the road, and the wagen
wheels passed over his feet, He was
rendered unconscious by.the pain and
shock. Lloyd Whitaker, who witness-
ed the accident, carried the injured
man toh is home. Mr. Meyers, who is
60 years of age, was engaged in haul-
ing bark at the time.
Joseph Manges, of Miller Run, near
Cairnbrook, recently purchased sever-
al tracts adjoining the Reading Coal
Company’s land near Stoyestown. The
tracts contain about 240 acres of coal;
the coal has a thickness of some 300
inches, the price paid being $24,000.
Manges has also purchased the John
Manges farm, for which he paid $2,400
The coal under the land had been
in its power to boost Fair t ;
po the 0. be Vier. “Hall
the Centér County Granges will be in
mercial during Fair week.
Pay your subscription to the
Arrangements for two of the agri-
cultural tours to inspect farms and
ways of Pennsylvania have been com-
pleted and ‘meetings. have been plan-
. and Mary E. Naugle of Youngwood,
farmers can congregate to meet Gov-
ernor Martin G. Brumbaugh, Secre-
tary of ‘Agriculture Charles E. Pa‘ |
ton and Highway Commissioner |
Frank B. Black as well as other iste)
officials. who will accompany the tour |
ur which starts at Har-
ugsday, September 12th.
nday stop ‘at Cen-
the annual ‘camp of
session. The night stop will be made
at Clearfield. On: Wednesday, Septem-
ber-13th..after leaving Clearfield there
will be a visit to the vocational school
at Beechweed, Jefferson county, and
the noon-day stop will be at Smeth-
port. In the afternoon there will be
stops at Port Allegany and Coudervs-
port vocational schools, and the night
stop will be made at Wellsboro. This
day’s tour through the northern tier
counties provides one of the most be-
autiful scenic trips that is to be found |
anywhere in the United States. Over |
part of this roote, the trip from Kane !
to Mt. Jewett reaches an attitude of |
2,400 feet above sea level and gradua- |
lly descends into the Genesee Valley. |
Most of the trip is through a splendid
agriculture district where dairy farm
lands blend with the mineral industry
of the section,
From: Wellsboro on Thursday Sept
ember 14th, the route will be a
short meeting on the fair grounds. A |
short stop may be made at Bloosburg. |
The Lycoming county delegation will |
meet the tourists at Trout Run and ac- |
company them to Muncy where the
noonday meeting will be held near
Hall’s Station,
From all the places where stops are
are to be made there will be reception
committees meet the Governor some
distance from the towns and act as an
escort. Plans for receptions at Clear-
field and Wellsboro are being made by
local committees.
The second tour will start from Har-
risburg on Tuesday, September 19th.
and a short stop will be made at Bau-
mestown, Berks county. The noonday
meeting will be held at Sanatoga,
Montgomery county. Other stops-ara
scheduled for Sellersville, an hour at
Ross Menges to E. A. Brewer, Shad=
township, $1,100.
Marriage ~ linenses have recently
been issued in Somerset county by
Register Charles I. Shaver, as follows
Joseph T. McCormick of Windber
Weldon Bungard and Ada Dumbauld
both of Scullton.
Benjamin Sheeler and Elmira Bris-
both of Windber,
Steve Tillinger of Scalp Level sad
Mary Rakozzy of Windber,
Paul Benna of Acosta and Sue Ha
puta of Boswell.
Albert Albright of Meyersdale and
| Elizabeth Bittinger of Finzel, Md.
William A. Petry and Grate Wright
both of Salisbury.
Harry B. Nair and Lona’ A Baker,
both of Lincoln township.
Henry C. Duppstadt of Listie and
Grace E. "Thompson of Lavansville.
Benjamin H. Haer of Akron, O., and
‘Mary Ella Bowers of Stoyestown.
Wasi Cernla and Anastrazia Kirpan
both of Windben
Charles Brant of Somerset township
and Mabel Hoover of Rockwood.
Washington, D. C., Sept. 9, '16
Editor Times-Gazette,
President Wilson
Ashbrook Widows’ Pension Bill and,
it is now the law of the land. It bene-
fits Civil and Mexican war widows
only. Widows now on the pension
roll or who may hereafter be placed
‘ thereon under the provisions of this
' bill who are 70 years of age are en-
titled to $20 per month. It raises the
! marriage limitations fifteen years or to
June 27, 1905, and restores to remar-
ried widows their former pensionable
status. - Therefore if you: married ‘a
| soldier before Jume 27, 1905, yeu are
entitled to $12 if under 70 and $20
if over 70. I expect to remain in
| Washington some days to look after
these claims. All beneficiaries should
write. to me at once for information
and blanks, giving your husband's
name, company and regiment. Pen-
sion agents and attorneys are prohi-
bited from charging a fee for those
who are now om the pension rolls but
may charge $10 for original claims.
If you have an original claim and you
employ an attorney don’t send to
Washington, but go to your local at-{
tormey or pension agent. With the
help of your congressman he can do
better for you than a stranger. I am
remaining here solely to help you and
has signed the
“lot Prof. C. W. Baldwin and is a ris-
ing. young business man, posessing
ing roses and lily of the valley. Her
only ornament was a bar of pearls
and diamonds, a gift of the groom.
The sister of the bride wore a pink
frock and carried yellow roses.
Following the ceremony, besides.:
the two immediate families about for--
¥y friends of the bride and groom as~-
sembled at Hillerest, the spacious:
home of the bride where dinner was.
served. At the bride's table covers.~
were laid for fourteen, at which werew.
six prospective brides. Bittner’s or-—
young woman having been a student
‘at Hood College. The groom is a son.
those sterling qualities which meaa
success, Following a trip in the east,
Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin will be at home .
to their many friends in one of the.
‘apartments in the Naugle building.
The out of town guests; Mrs. Quill-
man, of Norristown; Mrs. W. S. Da-
vis, of Pittsburg; Mr. Barney D.
Wilmoth of Glen Campbell; Mrs..
Lafayette, of Windber; Miss. Miller,
of Cumberland; Mr. George Clark of
Hastings, Pa.
Maine Republicans Monday elected
a Governor, two United States Sen-
ators and four Representatives in
Congress, and wresting control of the
state house of representatives from
the Democrats, will be able on a
joint vote of the legislature to elect
the other state officers not chosen by
popular vote,
The Republican drift extended to
county officers, the greater number
of counties choosing Republican coun-
ty attorneys and Sheriffs.
The vote was heavy as had been ex-
pected, for the campaign had been
waged with a determination not seen
in recent years. The fight was partic-
,ularly hot for the two United States
Senatorships and for the four places
held by Maine in the lower house at
The Progressives, who two years
ago cast 18,226 votes, returned al-
most solidly to the Republican pecty
and helped to swell the majority of
Milkin, republican candidate for
Governor, to 13,000.
This is a strong indication that the-
whole county is awakening up to the
needs of the hour, and Mr. Huges will
be the next President.
starts on September 26th. | which the final tour will pass. Stovs | Who Is Beatrite rho ©
co &
and includes noonday stops at Gettys- { will also be made at Lancaster, York, | |