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War developments - are coming
rapidly in the Balkans. A Teport
" wia, Rome - is that King Constan-
tite of Greece has gent a ¥ arning to
his imperial brotherin-law & ' Potsdam
that the Bulgariins must retire from
the Greek territory occupied by them
oF he will be no longer able to «con
trol the ‘situation. © The’ ddie. Feport |
adds that thes kaiser ardered the Bul-
gars te reture to their old line. The
hing: Smid. to be alarmed at the; vol-
of. civilians to the, suppory
iy reek. erate, Jie: disroparihs
T 2 oC 3
i en'to Ai al Fuisesr.
miujtafioolsly with this a adits
a at Fug: fan guns ate droppi
shells in the outskirts of Ravdla and
that ‘Greek artillery is replying to the
_Plie Greek town of Dram, alse
cupied by Héllenie troops, is nile
‘under bombardment of Bulga: Jong-
range pieces, .:
- The British and mihi ‘have:
been. in touch on the Macedondan |.
front Bosticast. of Salonika. British
troops, 4 espite the Bulgarian, fire, de-
VC guts.
ofiide’ announced.
A8LiOhs in press. dispatches of a
possible extension of the French of
fengive south of the Somme for a dis:
tance of thirty miles from Estrees to
Lassigny, seem. further borne cut by
official, announcement. of the continu-
ation, of heavy bombardment in that
sector. The German lines in the vicina:
ity of ‘Lasigny and Roye are being
heayily, shelled,
The Brit on the Som me font
havé" pusteq further along’ ‘the Long-
weval-Bipaunie road, advancing their
lines several ‘Hindred yards each side
of that highway. This gain, effected
northwest of Guillemont, serves still
further to hem in that town, which .
“ the Germans are, stubbornly holding.
Although the Germans. made 2
feavy attack in the Maurepas sector,
north of the Somme, the Freuch hold
on Maurepas village, completely oc-
cupied By French troops, nas not been
shaken, according to a bulletin from
Paris. The assault, deliveted against
Hill 121, near Maurepas, was repulsed
with heavy loss to the &ermans, the
statement declares.
On the Austrian frontier, in the ‘Doi-
omite region, the Italians are centinu-
ing their effensive, despite bad weath-
er, and report progress in the Fassa
Alps, on the slopes of Monte Caurioi.
Kilossa, Central German East Af-
rica, 200 miles west of Dar-es-Salaam,
on the IndigR ocean, was occupied by
the British Aug. 22, says a British war
office statement, .
Eight persons were killed and thirty-
six injured in the latest Zeppelin raid,
{ was announced officially. - One hun-
dred bombs were dropped. One Zep-
pelin reached the outskirts of London.
A squadron of the entente allies’
aeroplanes bombarded the neighbor-
hood of Ghent, according te the Hecho
Belge, says ‘a Reuter dispatch from
All Germany Celebrates; Kaiser
Felicitates Intrepid Captain.
* The submarine Deutschland reached
Bremen in a slightly damaged condi-
tion. All Germany is celebrating the
successful conclusion of the voyage.
A message wag sent by Kaiser Wil-
fhelm, congratulating Captain Koenig
on his feat.
West Virginia Population Grows.
The peputation of West Virginia hes
reached 1,862,500, or a gain of over
141,000 einige the 1910 census. This
pumher is obtained by figures com
piled in the department of free school.
and 8 based on the school enumers-
tion for 1916-17 compiled in this de-
partment. The total population is
estimated at 3 810 times the enue:
three bridges over the Angista.
CE £ Koscnak, the London |
Nations in Conflict
Servians Gain Along the Vardar.
Something near a record has been
scored in declarations of war. Three in
twenty-four hours is crowding the
speed limit. Sunday Italy declared
War. against Germany and Sundav
night Roumania officially began hos-
t Austria-Hungary. The
| Bu t declaration was guarded hy
censors for many hours. Germany re-
taliated Monday by declaring a state
of war with Roumania.
The German declaration charges
perfidy on the part of Roumania. It
“After Roumania, as already report-
‘ed, disgracefully broke treaties con:
cluded with Austria-Hungary and Ger-
many, she declared war against our
“The imperial German minister to
Roumania has received instructions to
request his passports and to declare
to the Roumanian government that
Germany now likewise considers her
self at war with Roumania.”
. Roumania’s, declaration of wa:
against Austria was followed swiftly
by military action. The official Ger
man announcement indicates that «
new campaign, along the Hungarian
Roumanian frontier, is under way. The
statement says Roumanians have been
taken prisoner on the frontier. :
The frst clashes between troops of
Roumania and the central powers oc:
curred in southeastern and eastern
frontier mountain Passes of Hungary,
. says. an official Austrian statement
k given. out in Vienna. .The Roumanian
attacks are described as “treacher-
Roumanian prisoners were
Ina long dommunication from Bu
charest - the Roumanian government
states Her reasons tor entering the
First, the Roumantan population in
| Austrian territories ed to the
bazards; of war afid. of mvasion.”
".-Second, Reumania believes rhat by
pintepvoning she. ean shorten the war.
Wp] Reumanis Places. herself on
ose powers which she
ae oT assist her most [ef
“ideal, .
Bucharest - dispatches said King
Ferdinand of Reumania had convened
‘a eoniference of representatives of al’
‘the political parties, former premiers,
former .presidents,.of the legislative
chambers, ministers and, government.
Tepresentatives, with the idea of as
.certaining the views of all’ sections of
zublic opinion.
Roumania becomes ‘the ‘fourteenth
‘nation to join in the war. Her inter
wention eithér on thé side of the en-
‘tente aflies er the central powers ha:
been awaited with concern py beth
sides. This is due not entirely to Rou-
| mania’s. military streagth, but also to
! the strategic advantages of-.her geo
i graphical position and the, ‘fact that |
her entry opens to the Russian army
‘a gateway through Roumania to attack
the Bnlgarians from the north.’ .
Servian forces have made consider-
able progress near Vetrenik, in Mace-
donia, west of the Vardar river, says
a French statement on operations
around Salonika. Three Bulgarian at-
tacks against Servian pesitions on the
Banica-Ostrovo road have been re-
pulsed with heavy losses; it adds.
A repert is current from Athens that
hedvy German reinforcements held in
reserve along the Danube river have
been called into action.
ognize any great danger in the grow-
it 98 said. The Servian army is re-
ported engaged in a heavy action at
reports say, continues bitterly.
erations on the Somme front.
the attack. Paris reports that several
asgaults on French positions at Fleury
were repulsed.
first contingent ef Chinese who are to
be brought to France for work in
munition factories.
Lightning Sets Brockton (Mass.) Fac
tory Building In Flames.
Lightning struck an ammonia tank
Jn a building in Brockton, Mass., oc
cupied by ten business concerns, caus-
ing an explosion .and fire which quick
ly destroyed the, building.
One hundred "snd fifty persons, in
cluding ‘many girls, at work in ths
structure, made a mad rush for ths
Sm ————
Clbthesline Conduets Lightning.
Light tnfrtg attracted to a wire
plothesling killed Mrs. Grant Herring
ut Harrison bung, Va.
an approaching
jumped to a dc
Lin, and... then
/&y nearby an.
. Crew .
killed a ne! eghpos r’
np xe vay
Italy Breaks With Germany; 13:
¥ienna Reports Capture of Roumanian
Prisoners—Bulgars Continue Gains. |
ficaciously in realizing her’ _natiol I
au | Meyers, Sadie Engleka, David, 4
‘Adda Krissinger, Mary Coleman, Jen-{
William Snyder, Verna |
The Greek army staff does not rec-
ing Bulgarian penetration of Thessaly,
Sorovich. | The battle at Karadjovs,.
Bad weather is interfering with op-
Verdun the Germans have returned to
One thousand Chinese laborers have
arrived at Lyons. They constitute the |
a8 she was]
her washing in the face of
As to go to a place to, have a light lunch,
glass of Soda Water, or Ice Cream than to
THOMAS CAFE. The place where your
patronage is appreciated. Qur restroom is
opened to the public; you are welcome there. ?
I handle a full line of Pure Drugs, Medicines,£_
Perfumes, Toilet Articles.
Domestic Cigars.
Imported and
. ° #
Hg oo mem =tm
Opposite Citizens Bank
Leading Druggist
Fhe following are the teachers for
the coming year in Somerset county;
461 in number:
Addison Borough
William F. Null, Olena Wilhelm.
Addison Township
Mary Wass. Alice Glass, William
Keim, Arthur Lenhart, Olive Cramer,
Minnie Tressler, Kate Matthews, Fern
Cochrane, C. T. Smith, Toylie Snyder,
Nellie Vought, Mary Nedrow.
Allegheny Township
8S. G. Coughenour, Howard Keefer,
Anpa Coughenour, Florence Will,
Kathiryn Shaffer, Edith Clites, Pearl
Hillegas, Vesta Carver, Carrie Maust.
Benson Borough
R. IL Ripple.
Berlin Borough
J. C. Speicher, Supervising Prin.
Bert S. Walker, Margaret Glodfel-
ty, Florence Walker, Minnie Dickey, '
Leora Altfathedy, Margaret Knepper,
Elizabeth Zimmerman, ‘Josephine
Black Township
H. H. Newman, Charles Weimer,
Luella Brant, Harry Altmiller, Clar-
ence Miller, Mary Speicher, Calvin
Newman, Lousie Sterner Ernest Ho- |:
chstetler, Leora Snyder, Mary Me-
Boswell Borough
E. M. Baxter, Prin. Sarah E., Har-
man, M. L. Trexel, Matilda Temke,
Cora Gashaw, Irene Phillippi, Olive L.
_Shoff, Ethel Schramm, Iva L. SHober,’}
Allie Ream,
Brothersvalley Township
A. B. Coben, Supervising Prin,
_ Hazel Smith, Anna BH. Cober, Ruth
| Dickey, William Werner, HErla Brant, |
Charles ‘Brant, Mary Fritz, 8 2 ;
nie Walker,
Dickey, Alda Brant, Verna Long, Etha
Jefferson C. Glessner,
Casselman Borough
F. A. Harah, Pearl Fleming.
‘Conemaugh Township
E. J. Blough, Clayton Thomas, Ga-
‘len Blough, Florence Naugle, Pearl:
Vincent, Cora Livingston, Cora Thom-
as, Salome Yoder, Chester E. Weible,
Rachel Cassler, Earl Thomas, Paul
Rummel, Irvin Kaufman, Blanche Liv:
ingston, Lean Kaufman, Ralph Kauf-
‘man, Lloyd Kniss, Anna Absalom, R.
Shaffer, Edna Stahl, Oscar Naugle,
Robert A. Yoder, Gussie Ringler, C.
EB. ‘Shaffer, Charles Williamson, Mary
Yoder, - Alfred Rautman, Elizabeth
. Confluence Borough,
B. T. Frazee, Prin. Charles BE.
Koontz, Edith M. Showe, Amelia Van
Sickel, Susan Bowlin, Nellie Brown
Alice Dull, :
Elk Lick Township
A. G. Wahl, Florence Yoder, Velma
Pyle, Cora Hockman, Ada Glotfelty,
Ruth Cummins, - Elsie Sipple, Louiso
Compton, Elsie Miller, Elizabeth Beals,
Mary James, Elizabeth’ Newman
Grace Moser, Ezra Bender, Ruth Folk,
Esther Shumaker, Maurice Bittner,
Mae Dickey, Maud Hay, Sadie Maust, |
Ruth Beahm, Edythe Martz.
Fairhope Township
Naomi Emerick, Walter Tucker,
Stella J. Emerick, Lillian Shaffer,
Cora Smith.
Garrett Borough.
H. B. Speicher Prin.
F. Fike, M. C. Haer, Inez
Nell Brant, Verda Brant.
Greenviile Township.
“Luella Baker, Mary June Wiland,
Mary Dickey, Sadie Schrock, Minnie
E. Rembold, William Miller, Margaret
L. Shockey.
'Hooversville Borough
John P, Rodgers, Prin.
Newton E. Beabes, Mervin Powell,
Clara Shaffer, Naomi Smith, Myrtle
Ross, Bernice Dull.
Jefferson’ Township.
Gertrude Schlag, Elmer W. Miller,
V. B. Glessner, W. L. Shaulis, Edw.
K. Ankeny, Annie M. Miller.
Jennertown Borough
Percy F. Miller Hooversville.
Jenner Township
M. T. Miller, Supervising Prin.
Enola Fritz, P. L. Georg, Emma
Klifie, “Ira’¥riediine, Hdythe Lohr,
John Ash, Marie Fiek, Lloyd L. Lohr,
Galen _Shober, Emma Georg, P. M.
Hammer, Mabel Meyers, P. G. O'con
Shober; Hilda Beachly, Alda Bepelly,}
er W, J. Broadwater.
| Devore, Nettie Barkman, Della Sch-
nor, Mabel Shaulis, Ruth Glessner
Somerset, Genevieve Speicher; Eva |
Shaffer, Hazel Fleegle, Erma Speich- |
er, Elizabeth Wiltrout, John J. ‘Wal |
ter, Nannie J. Hay, Blizabeth’ Gindles- |
perger, Nancy Byron, H. M. Crithh.
field, Edythe Dively.
Larimer Township
Grace 'M. Pfeiffer, = Helen Shober;
Sidney M. Lenhart, W. A. Hay, John
Ravenscroft, Zelma ‘Shoemaker.
Lincoln Township.
Richard Henderson, Margaret Men-
ser, Clyde Darr, Nannie Bittner, Car-
rie’ Ogline, Pearl Glessner, Lenore
Gale Weigle, Elmer Heiple, Harry
Meyers, Harry Ash.
Lower Turkeyfoot Township.
Charles R. Henry, Sculiton, Mary
Lingenfelter, Nora E. Morrison, John
Rose, Ethyl Sylbaugh, Ralph Rose,
Sadie :' Pyle, Bell Ream, Fay Rush,
Mary Moon.
Meyersdale Borough.
W. H. Kretchmtn, Supervising Prin.
H. B. Weaver, Rena Lauver, Estelle
S. Broadhead, Thomas G. Arnold,
F. Maud Beck, Mary B. Piersol, Edith
Wilhelm, Mayme Forquen, Pearl Hay,
Ellen Lint, Hester Meyers, Regina
Reich, Hester Austin, Eleanor Lepley,
Mayme Platt, Emma Hostetler, Beat-
rice K. Weigle, Lucile Conrad, Martha
Diest, Frieda Daberko, Kate Coule-
han, Ruth Stahl, Pauline Grof, Ger-
trude Cofforth.
Continued on other Galley
.Middlecreek Township
Ira Z. Sanner, Rae Mognet, Bernard
of Elosteiter, .C., M. Hostetler, Harvey Q.:
' Dugan, Cloy Moore New Lexington.
Milford Township: b
Ina “Ankeny, Fleda Schler, Milton
Bowlby, Galen Meyers, Ernest R. Mil.
ler, Olive Koontz, Zelia Saylor, J. L.
i hu 2 Baltimore Borough.
Frank R. Coder,
oY, ‘Northampton Township
Ruth Bittner, C. B. Bittner, Ruby
Poorbaugh, J. E. Wernes, Nora Keef-
Ogle Township
a C. Beagley.
‘ ~ Paint Borough,
'P. W. Shaffer, D. G. Seese, Ella Bea-
Bes, Francis Hill, Mae Miller, Etta
Paint Township
Ruth Hammer, W. R. Thomas, Sar-
ah R. Frulinger, Ruth Eckel, Clarence
E. Naugle, Ruth M. Faust, J. D. Mey-
ers, Violet Shearer, Vivian Berkebile,
Luther Lehman, Carmon D. Seese,
Fred W. Yoder, Margaret Aldstadt,
George Seese, Merlo Johns, Freda M.
Stahl, A. G. Foust, C. S. Knavel, Lau-
ra Hayes.
Quemahoning Township
Paul Custer, Florence Canivan, J.
Ww. Mostoller, Marie Bowman, Luna
Sleck, O. S. Miller, Florence Custer,
May Miller. L'urry Croyle, Anns Bai-
May Miller, Harry Croyle, Ania Bar
ron Marian Maurer, Ursula Naugle,
Martha Dull, Mary Miller, Bessie Su-
ter, Edythe Miller, James Smith, Ger-
trude Shaffer, Mary Menser.
Rockwood Borough
H. S. Wolfersberger Principal.
E. D. Snyder, Ruby Harbaugh, Ethel
rork, Bessie L. Moore, Clara Saylor
Salisbury Borough
0. 0. Saylor Prinsipal.
C. E. Butler, Marguerite Miller, Car-
rie Pohnston, Myrtle James, Dorothy
Shade Township
B. F.-Lambert, Annie Brubaker, An-
nie Small, Hilma E. Ohs, R. G. Lohr,
Henry Fleegle, Ada B. Lohr, J. RB.
Umberger, J. C. Cassady, L.-K. John-
son, E. C. Oaks, N. L. Baldwin, Austie
M. Jordan, Leah, Custer, G. H. Berke-
bile,’ O. C. Berkebile, Rush Powell,
Maud Cable, N. D. Sebring, Grace Hit-
eshew, ‘Herbent' Gearhart, Lloyd Gor
don, Lizzie B. Koontz.
‘Shanksville Borough
George Lambert, Virginia Miller,
Somerfield Borough
Fannie Brashéar, Edna Tishue,
Somerset Borough.
Johns H: Fike, Supervisine Prin,
H.H. DeLong, Sue’ B. Berkey. lda
H. Dia; Clara HE. Shoemaker, Ralpk 1B.
Dickey, Mary Hay, Blantcie!Messter,
Mildred Bills, Carrie C. Rhods, Mag-
dalene, Woy, Bertha J, Cromwell, Ha.
~~ yh
zel Kimmel, Jennie Booss, Ruth V,
Smith, Blanche S i
Ida Rebecca Galla
Beams on the face of the
individual who Banks with us.
rE. ORg ad
make this a most désirable
The Second National Bank
of Meyersdale, Penna.
Eni 8OOt—C
Somerset Township.
C. W. Duppstandt, Principal High
E. G. Rhodes, Roy Saylor, principal
South Somerset.
Minnie M. Ridingen, Mary S. Emert,
Martht Mostoller, A. PF. Heiple, Alma
Walker, Rachael Coleman, Ruth Ross,
Oscar Mosgrave, Andrew Vaggo, Ed-
ward Coleman, Clayton Rhoads, Geo.
Menser, Lottoe M. Sipe, Mary K. Cupp,
Sadie Sechleh, George Dickey, M. A.
"| Baker, Alverta B. Menger, Hannah Ur-
ban, Barl ‘Schrock, Nina Peck, Webst- |’
er Fritz, Orie M. Béabes, Bruce Lichty,
Charles B. Long, April May Walker,
Nell B. Albright, Elwood Gastiger,
Bessie R. Schrock, Minnie Baldwin.
Stonycreek Township
T, G. Will, I. G. Carver, N. A. Lan-
H. K. Glessner, Perry Landis
Floyd Beeghly, W. G. Miller, Lester H.
Kimmel, Pearl Reitz, Edith Geisel,
Carrie Lambert, Marion Lambert,
Mary Ringler, Clyde Woodward.
Stoyestown Borough.
Joseph O. Spangler, Estelle Miller.
Southampton Township
Bertha Petenbrink, Mary, R. Er-
hard, Ida Getz, Nina Getz, Oren Poor-
Summit Township.
Ed. Hay, Minnie Swearman, Earl
Opel, Florence Smearman, Lloyd Shu-
mac, Mary E. Fike, S. C. Witt, Ada
Fiké, Frank Witt, May Moore, Anna
Miller, John ‘Meyers, Leora Gnagey,
Dalton Handwerk, Lester Sipple, Mary
Lichty, Alverda Growall, Elsie Shaffer,
Nettie Maust. be
Upper Turkeyfoot Township.
Charles Cramer, Forrest Hall, Mat-
thew Younkin, Jessie Henry, L. R.
Stoner; Lester Hostetler, Frank Ston-
er, Francis E. Wolfe, Mae Zimmerman,
Ursina Borough.
Carrie Forquer.
G. G. Gray who has been very ill
for several days, is able to be out
and around again,
The Lutheran congregation are
placing beautifud tile in their vesti-
bule. The money was earned by the
H. W. C. Club girls, comprising the
Junior choir, by holding lawn fetes
and selling shoe polish ete.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Groff, who were
visiting Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Mountain
here for several days, have returned
to their home in Meyersdale.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Campbell and
family of McKeesport, are amonz
those who are boarding at the Cough-
anour Boarding house, south of town.
H:‘B. Bown, a Baltimore & Ohio:
warehouseman, ‘is off duty on account
of severe illness, =
Constable Ed. Airsman of Boswell,
was taken to the Mercy Hospital in
Johnstown and "underwent an opera-
tion for appendicitis.
The Baltimore & Ohio railroad Wed-
hesday- announced that, Beginning ad}
‘once; ah ‘embargo would ‘be placed bad |
export grain through the ports of Bal-
timore. Lack of ships was given as the
cause of the embargo,
tit f6 from sng oe Ri It is th
fabricants, Furadine
Labi e Wax.
BIR ACUIYE WORAS =2- D. BH WEISEL -:- P. J. COVER & S0N Esersd ile Pa,
Ee that saves rim eyes and andres ron oie Poo oil cannot:
this kind of
She beet off made, the ofl that gives the steady 1
fibentO flicker, nos.
little more than joferior frades - Friple-refined:
ere in barreis shipped t from ous
FREE £33. aif about TH
ari re
Driving It Home
Let us drive home to you
the faci that no washwoman
can wash clothes in as sani-
tary a manner as that in
which the work is done at
our laundry.
We use much more water,
change the water many more
«ms‘ uee purer and mores
costly soap, and keep all the
clothes in constant motion
during the entire process.
It's simply a matter of
having proper facilities.
Meyersdale Steam Laundry
2 Economy Phone.
25, Jer. 8, 22 AND
AUG. 11,
Aug. 3-5t
Joseph L. Tresiser
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Meyersdale, Penna.
309 North Street
Office :
229 Center, tree
Both Phones.
Sur Job Wera Picessd ve A
SUNDAY, SEPT. 3, 1916
Special train leaves 11.10 A. ME.
Full information at ticket office
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