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Bring us your work
State Highway Commissioner
Black getting Acquainted with
Pennsylvania Roads and the
Hon. F. B. Black, state Highway
«Commissioner, was in town yesterday.
He is in, company with Chief Engin-
eer Uhler and Second Deputy Biles;
they are trying to make themselves ac-
quainted with the roads of Penna.
Last week they went through the
northern tier of counties and yester-
day they started to find out for them-
:selves first hand something about the
highways of Fayette, Westmoreland,
Washington and Greene Counties.
Mr. Black says that he hopes to get
into every county in the state before
the next legislature meets and he:is
endeavoring to get acquainted with
the people in order that he may better
discharge the duties of his responsi-
ble office. :
The people of Pennsylvania may
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Swauger, three
miles fro mGrantsville on the Gideon |
Hersberger farm on August 22 cele-
brated the 50th. anniversary of their
marriage. A long table was erected
in the open under a canopy of bunt-
ing and flags, indicative as the aged
couple remarked “to show that we are
loyal citizens of Uncle Sam,” and
there ws put upon it all kinds of vi-
ands that are embodied in a many
course dinner and of sufficient quan-
itity to gratify the appetites of ono
hundred more had they come.
This worthy couple are the parents
of ten children, 6 sons and 4 daugh-
ters, five of the sons and two of the
daughters being present.
Mr. and- Mrs. Swauger received many
valuable presents. Those who respond-
ed to the call and were present are the
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Swauger and
family Ruth and John, Mrs. L. Prougi,
H. R. Strayer, of Johnstown, Pa. Mr.
and Mrs. John Golden and family of
Williams Station Pa,Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Swauger, Mr and Mrs. A. C.
Picquet, Mrs. R. W. George and child-
rest assured that they have a man at
‘the head of the highway department
thdt will give honest values for all
money expended. Mr, Black is cer-
tainly on to his work and is doing
At a meeting of the Berlin Chantau-
qua Association held in the Pastime
‘Theatre Monday evening a reorgaui-
zation was effected by the election of
the following officers to serve the en-
suing term: President, Ed. B. Walker
Vice President, Lewis §. Knepper;
Secretary, Alva B. Cober; Treasurer,
Jas. P. McCabe.
= Dum, C. P. Large of Meyersdale, ‘oc
ty medical inspector, is ‘nopeful that
the infantile paralysis visitation in’
Somerset County. has been chscked,
_ but he is taking no ihances. The quar-
antine established on all the affected
homes and sections is being rigor
ously enforced and it is believed these
measures will avail to check an epi-
demic “before it gets started.”
There are now eight cases in Som-
erset county, as follows: Three in Con-
fluence and one each in Addison town-
ship, Lower Turkeyfoot township,
Ursina, Cairnbrook and Windber.
The Somerset borough board of
health has inaugurated a quarantine
against any person living within a
radius of three miles of Confluence
entering the county seat town, on ac-
count of the infantile paralysis sit-
uation. The quarantine is made for a
period of two weeks.
‘The quarantine was established on
account of the county teachers’ insti-
tute being in session this week, and
it is feared the plague will spread to
other sections of the county. It did
not prevent teachers from the Con-
fluence region coming to the institute,
as the sessions of the same were held
in Edgewood grove, which is not with-
in the borough limits.
The quarantine may be extended
beyond the two weeks already pre-
scribed in which event it would inter-
fere with jurors’ going there for
September court opening.
Confluence was visited by a costly
fire about 7:30 o'clock Saturday even-
ing and before the flames were brought
under control damage estimated at
between $20,000 and $25,009 nad heen
The fire started in Fricks’ butcher
shop and in turn attacked Sellers’ res-
taurant, which was burned to the
ground; the Murphy building. The
first National Bank building. The bank
‘building was practically gutted. In it
postoffice, a barber shop,
Saylor’s Music store and the Bell and
County telephone offices. D. L. Miller
cashier, lived over the bank and lost
about all his furnishings. He is a son
of 8. J. Miller of this place.
The fire is said to have been started
dy a short circuit.
Dr. M. R. Milne will be absent from
bic dental rooms for four or five days |
of the week beginning Sept. 3.
i U. M.
ren, Leo Picquet, Elerslie Md. Mrs.
Ed Bealman and daughters, Mary and
and Edith, Medina Ohio, Mr. and Mrs,
H. A. Smith, Punxsutawney, Pa., Mrs.
C. J. Otto, Mrs. Margaret Miller, Mr.
Stephen, New Germany, Md., Mr. and
; Mrs. Phineas Boucher, Mrs. Cora hat-
ton and family, Mrs. Henry Durst and
family, Mr, and Mrs. J. C. Swauger
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Swaug-
{er and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
Swauger and family, Edward Hare,
! Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miller and family
Stanton, Lloyd Camp, Lee
Beachy, Lenard Custer, Theodore
Dye, Blanche Dye.
: state
Commissioner’ of Health
! Samael: ‘Pixon, following a careful’|
study of the infantile paralysis || sit-
uation in this state. Thursday night
decided that all schools in Pennsyl-
vania shall be closed until Monday,
Sept. 18.
The .state department of health of.
the commonwealth of Pennsylvania
has decided that all schools, public,
private and parochial, in this state be
closed until Monday, Sept. 18, 1916
with possible readjustments then
with reference to geographical posi- |
tion, age and attendance of resident
Dr. Dixon said that the words “all
schools” in the order includes all
Sunday Schools in the State, and be-
ginning with last Sunday and contin-
uing until September 18. every Sun-
day school in the state will have to re.
main closed.
Commencing on the order to close
the schools, the health commissioner
said that he and his advisory board
felt it would be far wiser to cut into
the school term at this end of the
year than to “close them later when
it was found the disease was making
inroads among the children ‘of the
commonwealth =. because of their
school associations.
The order will affect colleges and
academies as well as other schools,
said the commissioners, but he point-
ed out that most of these institu-
tions do not open their doors until
after the date set in the order.
Dr. Dixon also sald that steps will
be taken to close “objectional
movies” such as are poorly venti
lated, over-crowded, dirty, and oth:
disease. -
Somerset Borough has closed its
doors against Confluence, TUrsing,
and sections of lower Turkeyfoot and
Addison township. At the same Co.
Supt. of Schols, Seibert, ntified all
teachers of those sections that they
would -be excused from attendance at
County Institute.
Prof. Kretchman desires to an-
nounce that the meetings of teach-
ers and the examination dates for
pupils at the end of the present week
etc. have been cancelled, Later
notices will be given.
-nesday morning
the home of her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth .
‘Eisler, in Somerset, resulting from an
erwise conductive to the spread of :
Emma Siehl falls from Foot.
here. Dies in Somerset. Fun.
eral Tomorrow.
red in this place, by the death of Em-.
ma, the 13-year old daughter of Al-
bert Siehl, of Plum Bottom, on Wed-
at three o’clock at
The little girl for she was not large
for her age on last Monday evening a
sister aged-two years, about all she
could do, and when she came to the
foot bridge, very narrow, across
mother accompanying her with a
street, which leads to their home, her
grandchild, Emma fell off of the plank
leading to the bridge part and very
thoughtfully as she was falling thraw
not being injured at all, but in doing
so, she was unable to protect herself
and struck her head on a sharp rock,
causing quite a gash above he left éye
and producing a flow, of considerable
_blood; the little heroic girl fainted.
The mother called for help and Mrs.
cident occurred rushed to assist get-
the cry of
When they got Emma home she was
quite weak from loss of blood. The
next morning she felt better and went
to Dr. Wenzel who closed the wound
using one .stitch; and but little was
thought of the accident.
On wednesday of last week Emma
went with her mother to Scmerset to
take care of the children of her sister
illin. a hospital in that place. On Mo
day. night of this week blood poiso; ;
which resulted in her untimely dea*h.
Her father and mother were both
with her at the time of her death.
Besides her parents, one brother, Hen-
ry of Williamsport, and one. sister,
Minnie survive. -
The deceased was an active mem-
ber of the Reformed Sunday school
and was unusally bright. The remains
were brought to her home in this
place last evening.
The funeral will be held tomorrow
afternoon, services to be conducted
by Rev. Dr. Truxal 3
The Meyersdale Volunteer Fire
Company has accepted the challenge
of the Stove Township Fire Depa:t-
ment, to contest in a water battle for
a purse of $200 on Labor Day, next
Monday at Connellsville. The Stove
Co. has held the ionship cap
for five years against all comers and
our local boys won all prizes at the
recent Glassport convention. The con-
test that should have taken place at
Glassport will now be pulled off at
Arrangements are being made for a
special car from this place. It would
be a favor to the Meyersdale boys, if
a big crowd could go to root for the
local team, Let those who think of
going register their names on or be-
fore Saturday night at Dr. Thomas’s.
William Menges, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Menges of Berlin, and
Miss Orpha Opel, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs.-John A. Opel of Summit township
were married Sunday afternoon at the
home of the bride’s parens by the Rev.
L. N. Wilson of the St. Paul Reformed
church. After an elaborate dinner
was served the happy couple left for
their new home in Akron Ohio.
moe Ma {: =5/
ld Mas®
For Sale-—~Two good second hand
indian Motor Cycles. Also all kinds
of bicycle and auto suppilies.
GURLEY'S Sporting Goosog S'sre
Bridge cutting her Head. Home |
week ago was carrying a child of her
Flaughtery creek at the foot of North | *
the child .upon some sod, the latter
while her mother continued her jour
ney to Johnstown to be with her ¢
daughter, Mrs. Eisler who is critical E
developed and a little later, lockjaw,
Two young men of Garrett, Charles
(POrEbolder and William Fidler, on
il Saturday hired a horse and buggy in
this place of Liveryman Ickes. They
proceeded towards Rockwood but had
not gone far before some one alonz
the way realized that the men were
| not in a good condition to take care of
A very pathetic bereavement occur-
a horse owing to a certain degree of
intoxication, as they were abusing the
animal. Word was phoned to Mr. Ickes
thut his horse was being abused ry
being driven ‘too hard. Mr. Ickes at
once procured an auto taking with
him officer Smith and Constable Biti-
ner, catching up to the men near
“Rockwood. They were brought back to
‘Meyersdale and placed in the lockup.
On Saturday night they came to their
senses and by the payment of $25 in
‘costs etc. they were released.
On Monday evening at the home of
the bride’s sister, Mrs. Carl Reed, at
Ephrata, Pa, Mr. George Gilbert
Knieriem, a son of Dennis Knieriem,
. of this place was united in marriage
to Miss Bessie Claire Kresge, daugh-
ter of Rev. A. S. Kresge, of Meyers-
dale, the last named performing the
ceremony. The happy couple are now
enjoying a sojourn by the seaside be-
fore returning to this place. Both of
the contracting pair are very estima-
ble people and as such are cordially
While at Ephrata Rev. Kresge offi-
ting Emma home. The father heard ciated in baptizing his granddaughter have
distress and came alsosfisabelle Louise Reed.
Secretary D. J. Fike Secretary of
the Meyersdale Fair and Race Asso
ciation has secured assent from the
State Agricultural Department at
Harrisburg that expert judges will be
sent to judge the merits of Somerset
County stock, Paultry produce etc.
The managers of the Fair say that
t everything is Drogressing finely for a
t big, time at the fair ‘grounds, |
Toone %
The August meeting of Die Haus.
frauen met at the home of Mrs. Wal-
ter = M. Boose, Schoenfeld farm and
was largely attended. Mrs. Silas Walk-
er and her grandaughter Mrs. Norman
Hay of Brotherhood Farm entertained
with Mrs. Boose.
The most important work of the!
day was acceptance of an invitation
to join the State Federation of Penn. |
sylvania Woman.
This move makes Die Hausfrauen
National members of a great intelli- |
gent body of women = who are doing
things worth while, and entitles them
to sgnd delegates to Federation Con-
ventions where ever held in the
United States. Die Hausfrauen will
send delegates to Phila., to the State
Convention in Oct, at which place the
Somerset County President, Flora S.
Black has been invited to present this
new place of country womens work.
In a letter to Mrs. Black, Miss Di-
bert, Vice President of State Federa-
tion says “The Federation includes a
large variety of woman’s organiza-
tions, current event classes, alumnate
associations, village improvement,
civie, art, musical, literary, press.and
department clubs, all finding a plale
within its ranks. Joining it does not
hinder or limit the work of any club;
the Federation simply offers to its
members sympathy, help and co-oper-
ation in that which they are doing,
and brings them to a fuller and larger
life. To this body of women I welcome
your splendid organization, Die Haus
frauen, and God-speed yonr movement
may it bring both a spiritual and sv-
cial awakening in your community,
keep it doing in all directions.”
The day was concluded by a splen-
did talk by Somerset County’s new
farm agent, Mr. McDowell, setting
forth his work among us and his de-
sire to be service in making our farms
better paying and easier working pro-
The September meeting will be at’
the home of Mics Ada Mayers Upland
arm, Sum:it Township
19 to 23. Look for gd "in ‘next 2
TO PAY $2,000 |
To Avoic Litigation, Meyersdale
Council Decides Tuesday to
tion Dues.
For the past four years the Sand |
Spring Water Company of this place
had been trying to continue a 10-year
contract with the Borough of Meyers-
dale for furnishing the water for fire
protection, namely $500 per annum.
It was in October 1912 when the
previous contract expired and all
councils since that date had refused
to renew the contract on the ground
that the rate was excessive. To bring |
the affair to some sort of a finish last
week the water company enter suit
for the recovery of $2.000 back rental.
Rather than involve, the town in a
prolonged and expensive litigation,
day night voted to pay the amount
that towns of the same size are pay-
ing even more that what is asked of
Meyersdale, that while the company
is capitalized at $50,000 it has invest-
ed $95,000 in the plant they are pay-
ing the stockholders only 6 per cent.
on the capital stock or a little over
three percent on the actual Money in-
Meyers, wio lives near where the a.- ‘Welcomed to the list of home-makers. | vested that the company now has aa
| indebtedness of 116,000 and will soon
to make _e=iltional improve-
| ments involving $15,000 more that the
i law pressure of water in residences is
| due to old corroded pipes. :
Council as a whole is to be com-
mended indeed to try to secure as
low rate as possible and they would
be remiss in their duty, did they ih
do so.
Frank Herwig, of Garrett, was ar-
{rested at Plum Bottom, on Saturday
afternoon for trying to sell §00 Ibs of
copper wire to. Junk Dealer Shapairo
and it was through the skillful plans
of the latter that his arrest was ac-
‘A few days preceding the ' arrest,
Shapairo was approached by Herwig
and another man they telling him
that they had 500 Ibs. of copper wire
which they would sell him at a much
reduced price. As the markst price
cof copper. is now 20 cents per Ib.
‘there was some money invalvea in
| the t2ansaction. The men who had the
copper which they wanted to turn in
| ro coin came on Saturday morning and
told Shapairo that they must have a
j team to haul it and that he should ac-
company them to the place where
i they had the metal. Shapiro pleaded
that he could not go, but that he would
get a man to go with a team with
them. :
As soon as the men had gone Shap-
airo at once hunted up the officers,
Hare and Bittner, and proceeded to
Shapairo’s junk house on lower Broad-
way, but they found the copper de-
livered but. the men had apparently]
gone. Such was not the case for later
they found Herwig hidden in the barn.
He was put under arrest and late that
afternoon told all about the robbery
ceedings in September term.
A hearing was held on Monday be- |
: fore Squire Hay and Herwig in default
of bail was taken on Tuesday to the
county jail by Constable Bittner.
Mrs. Morris#Engle Warner, died at
her home near Pocahontas on August
18, aged 53 years. The funeral took
place on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
The service was held in St. Mark's
Reformed churen, Pocahontas, con-
Pay Delinquent Fire Protec: 3
for of the seven councilmen on Tues-|
Officers of the Water Company claim {president did not vote
which will appear in the court id
(Communicated Article.)
At a special meeting of Borough
Council held on Tuesday night, Aug-
| ust 29th, the recent suit of the Sand
Spring Water Company against the
borough was considered.
Upon motion of Shipley %nd secon-
ded by Deeter it was decided to pay
| the. water company, the amount of
$2,000 which it claimed since October
1912. Former councils objected to pay
ing at the rate of $500 per year for
fire protection, claiming that this rate
was excessive owing to the defect-
ive condition of the water plugs at
certain points and the very low pres-
sure at most plugs.
This setilement, if accepted by the
Sand Springs Water Company will re-
sult in an increase ¢f the taxes upon
the citizens of the borough.
The vote on the proposition was as
follows: —For settlement with the
B. E. Shipley, Harvey Emeigh, H! T.
Staub; Against the proposition:—
James Darnley, Howard Saylor, Chas.
H. Dia. As there was no tie vote, the
but agreed
with those councilmen voting against
settlement on the terms previous to
The pastor, Rev. A. S. Kresge, and
the congregation of Mt. Lebanon Re-
formed Church are directing their en-
ergies in part towards the placing in
their attractive templs of worship
fine family memorial windows. They
are costing $40 each and will greatly
enhance the esthetic effect of the
church. This congregition under the
present pastorate has accomplished
some remarkable work.
The sixtieth annual session of the
Somerset County Teachers’ institute
opened on Monday afternoon at Hdge-
wood Grove at: Somerset, being the
first time in tis history, that the orga-
nizaton was held out of doors, and
owing to heavy storms and a fall of
temperature the first part of the week
was none too pleasant. All had to
wear wraps. :
- The institute was called to order by
Co. Supt. D. W. Seibert, and following
a few remarks, introduced Prof. O. H.
Yetter who has charge of the music.
He is assisted at the piano byl [iss
Eleanor Colborn. Rev. S. G. Buckner
conducted the devotional services.
Prof. J. H. Fike, principal of the Som-
erset schools made an address of wel-
come reviewing in brief the history of
the public school system in the coun-
ty. He was responded to by Prof, A.
B. Cober of Berlin emphasizing the
need of a well trained teaching force.
Dr. W. S. Hertzog, principal of
California State Normal School spoke
on the boy and his Job giving strees
to evening and trades, schools. The
theme of Dr. J. W. Wright superint-
endent of the Uniontown schools was
“Teaching as one having authority,
holding Him up as a model.
Geo. D. Allen, of Massachusetts talk-
ed along the same line in the evening
urging a correction of inductrial
wrongs by exaiting the sermon on tke
| Mount. He was very witty.
On Tuesday following the devotion-
al exercises conducted by Rev. B. I.
Hoffmier, Dr. Hertzog spoke on Pemn-
sylvania History” showing the worth
of knowing local history, exalting piec-
nics, public gatherings etc.
Dr. Suhrie who is a native of Somerset
County dwelt upon: a more practical
education, for elementary schools.
Dr. Wright showed by statistics
that on 60 per cent of efficiency was
(attained by schools in the irregular
ducted by Rev. I. S. Monn of Salisbury.
Interment was made in the Greenville |
cemetery. The deceased was a life
long member of St. Paul’s Reformed |
church. She leaves to mourn her |
departure her husband, five daughters |
and one son, and a large number of |
Rev. Harry B. Angus of Washing-
! ton D. C., will preach in the Lutheran
church in this place next
| morning 10:30 o’clock. The
ble Class, both of the ladies and of
the men will meet at 9:30 a. m. for
the study of the lesson,
adult B-
attendance, saying that there were in
the county 21,508 pupils enrolled and
‘only an average daily attendance of
12,394. This is due to cf efficient or-
ganization and proper classification.
There are 504 teachers in the coun-
| ty, thirty of these are college grad-
uates and forty-two hold State Nor-
| mal certificates, while the remaining
four hundred and thirty-two bold
either permanent or provisional cer-
tificates. Seventy-two of the G04 have
had no previous teaching experience.
A list of all of the teachers of the
county appears elswhere in this is.
Company: —W. H. Deeter,